The HOT Young Teen vs. The BARELY Legal Asian by Ginny (based on a suggestion by Bill)

Everyone knew the day would come and, frankly, they couldn't wait to see how it would turn out. The HOT young Teens and the BARELY legal Asians for months had been trying to elbow one another out of the preferred banner spot on Kim and Ginny's Celebrity Fight Site (/story/). Finally, after listening to both sides complaints of "dirty tactics" and "fraudulent representation" the owners of the Porncities server threw up their hands and said, "Enuf awready!" (Yeah, they really talk like that!)

The Porncities bigwigs, who we'll refer to as the "Sopornos", told each organization to send their top executives and best girl to a meeting to be held at "Porn Central" in New Haven, Connecticut (across the street from ESPN). They weren't told how the impasse would be broken, only that the girl would play a role in the final decision. On the appointed day, two girls, their bosses and the "Sopornos" met in the executive suite of Porncities, Inc. The visitors were stunned when they walked into a large conference room and found over 50 men seated around a large mahogany conference table.

A buxom blonde in a micro-skirt and a tight jacket with (obviously) nothing under it was serving coffee, bending over each man and thrusting out her bosom as she asked, "You want some fresh cream in your coffee?"

The Chairman of Porncities looked up at the arrivals and gestured perfunctorily to four empty chairs flanking him at the head of the table.

"Where do the girls sit?" the BARELY legal Asian's Chief Executive Officer asked, gesturing at his fresh-faced young companion.

"Myra," the executive snapped gruffly at the blond, "take the girls to the dressing room and see they get whatever they want."

The Dutch executive, representing the HOT young Teen, held up his hand and stopped the blond in her tracks.

"Not so fast dere! I'm not letting de girl outta my sight until you say what's going on."

His arm, wrapped protectively around the nubile teenager's waist, moved down and he gave her firm butt a reassuring squeeze as if to show he was there to protect her from these slobbering perverts. After all, she was quite a little money-maker for him and, while he couldn't care less if anything happened to her, he damn sure intended to be well paid for it - in advance.

"Relax fellas," the head "Soporno" chuckled as he opened a humidor and offered expensive Cuban cigars to his guests. "You boys want the choice spot on Kim and Ginny's web page, so we decided to let your girls settle it in the traditional way. We're going to let them fight it out. The winner gets the choice spot for her bosses and the loser gets - well, she pretty much gets whatever the winner wants for her."

The four guests exchanged surprised glances. Each company had brought their top girl in anticipation of some kind of "skills" contest but these company's specialized in sex for profit, not fighting. Nevertheless, both girls were tough from years of brutal treatment in an industry that routinely traps innocent young girls in the life, uses them up then callously discards them when they reach "old age" - twenty or twenty two at the outside. By the time they were teenagers, both girls had done and seen incredibly unspeakable cruelty and lived under the harshest of conditions.

The BARELY legal Asian had been sold to a "meat market" when she was 9 years old. She'd been trained by a harsh mistress in the employ of her masters, a woman who had labored in the porn mills of the Far East until her face lost it's youthful "bloom." But she'd shown managerial promise, so she was kept on to train new girls in how to look BARELY legal even after they passed the age of consent - sixteen. The BARELY legal Asian had engaged in "play fights" with other girls when customers paid for it and, like most girls in the work, had learned a few rudimentary self defense techniques from one of the other girls who studied judo.

The HOT Teen's story was dismayingly similar. A farm girl, she'd been sold at 12 since her parents thought a girl couldn't pull her weight on the farm and the money could buy a used tractor. Working in a red light ghetto in Amsterdam, she quickly mastered the art of making her customers feel all-important. She easily grasped the basics of her job and, unlike many of her sisters, had the mental discipline to avoid drugs and keep herself on an even keel psychologically. She'd had a couple of fights with girls who tried to steal her money or customers, but she took pride in her ability to avoid fights for the most part.

Now, as they were led away to be thrown together to settle a multimillion dollar dispute between corporations, both girls realized they were pawns who'd be cast aside if they failed - but they also realized they'd be well rewarded by their owners if they were successful. Both teenagers were mentally tough and physically gifted and, while neither had any formal fight training both were capable of giving and absorbing terrific punishment if necessary. They were considered the 'best" by their owners because in their young lives they'd done whatever it took to reach the top of their profession and weren't hesitant about fighting if it meant they'd stay there a little longer.

"Myra's taking the girls down to our studio level," the head "Soporno" said in a raspy voice while the men lit up their cigars. "She'll have them strip down and explain the procedure for the fight. There are no rules, so each can use whatever skills or talent she possesses to achieve her victory. When one unable to continue, Myra will stop the match. As her reward, the victor can take whatever she wants from her defeated rival. By your appearance here today, you gentlemen agree to abide by the results without question."

Both pairs of men looked at their partner and then across the table at their opposite number. They all nodded their acquiescence to the conditions laid down by the head "Soporno."

"One more thing," El Soporno said as he leaned back in his chair, picked up his remote control and activated a large screen TV on which they would follow the women as they fought, "the winner gets the loser as her personal slave and I keep both girls."

Seeing the four old men lean forward to protest, he slammed his fist down on the table.

"The conditions are NOT for discussion, gentlemen. These girls are about to make one of your corporations extremely wealthy and their freedom is the price YOU must pay. Both girls will remain here and be well cared for, one as the Mistress of the other, but both much better off than before. Now, everyone sit back and enjoy the fight."

A door opened and two lovely young women, both completely nude, came in with trays of drinks. The men loosened their ties and shed their jackets as a closed circuit TV came to life showing the locker room where Myra was talking to the two naked warriors. Both girls nodded when she finished, indicating they understood the conditions under which they would fight.

Watching Myra's face on the monitor as she briefed the young women, the head "Soporno" knew she was thinking of her own past when, years ago like the HOT Teen and the BARELY legal Asian, Myra had walked through a door to fight another girl. He saw her shudder at the memories as she hoped neither of these girls would have to kill her opponent as she had been forced to do.

Myra pointed to two doors through which they would leave the locker room. Once outside, they could start the fight. Behind the doors, just off the elevator lobby, was a reception area for several studios used by the various companies whose web pages were hosted by Porncities. The girls were free to move between the studios and could use any item they found in the room but they couldn't remove anything from it when they left. The fight would begin when they entered the lobby and continue until one of the proud young women was too badly beaten to go on.

The two youngsters were complete opposites in appearance. The BARELY legal Asian was slender, standing 5'2" and weighing 104 pounds. Her body was still a young girls although she'd just celebrated her 18th birthday. Small, firm, perky breasts were topped by small, seemingly permanently erect nipples. Her tan stomach was flat, hardened by years of exercises designed to hone her abdominal muscles to a peak of pleasure-giving potential. Her flat ass was hard, tightly muscled, and she had a reputation among her peers of being far beyond any of her contemporaries in using her body in ways many could only imagine.

By comparison, the HOT young Teen, the former farm girl, had the body of a young woman. At 5'6" and 120 pounds, she had advantages in height and weight over her opponent from half a world away. But her advantages were deceiving as the head "Soporno" realized when he watched them undress. The HOT young Teen's body was curvy alright, but those curves distracted the uncritical eye from the fact that her stomach was soft. Her larger breasts and prominent nipples would be an attractive target for her Asian rival whose own perky buds were far less vulnerable. The thing no one could know until the fight began was whether the heavy thighs of the HOT young Teen were muscle or baby fat. He knew it would be within those thighs that the outcome of this contest could likely be decided.

Myra sent the girls through the doors, the HOT young Teen to the right and the BARELY legal Asian to the left. The girls took deep breaths, exchanged a look and disappeared. The monitor quickly changed to a view of the girls in the reception area. There was a desk with the usual items on it, some chairs and a settee with a magazine table. As they stood nervously staring at each other the telephone on the reception desk rang. Both girls started. At first they were confused about what to do, but the BARELY legal Asian walked to the desk, picked up the phone and said, "Herr-oh"

She pursed her lips and squinted, then murmured, "Hai! Dozo" and held up the telephone. "Is for yours," she said to the surprised HOT young Teen.

Her expression quizzical, the HOT young Teen hesitated, then shrugged and walked over to see who had called her and why. When she was a few strides from the Asian, the sneaky Oriental snapped out her foot and caught the unprepared Teen squarely between her full, fleshy and jiggling thighs. The Dutch girl grunted, clutched her groin with both hands and slumped forward to her knees.

"You one dumb round-eye cunt," chuckled the Asian as she drew back and slammed the telephone against the temple of her already wounded opponent.

The Oriental executives came to their feet cheering as their girl struck the first blows. The sleazy executives around the conference table heard the "THUNK" of the phone on the Teen's head and the two Europeans slumped in their chairs, visions of lost profits flitting through their minds as their hand-picked girl's sturdy body slumped under the Asians attack.

The Teen's body turned with the impact of the phone to her head and sprawled on the floor. The Asian swung the phone again, but the cord was at the end of it's tether and as she swung it flew out of her hand, clattering against the side of the desk. The Asian turned instinctively, trying to catch the fallen phone. Her brief hesitation gave the groggy Teen a chance to get to her feet and stagger, unsteadily, to the closest door looking to escape and gain time to recover her senses.

As the Teen stumbled through the door, her eyes strained to see in the subdued light. She moved along the wall, hands groping ahead of her in the dimly lit studio. As her eyes adjusted, she realized she'd entered some kind of dungeon, obviously one of the Porncities BDSM web sites. Her eyes darted from object to object, desperate to find anything to use as a weapon to defend herself against the wily Asian who was coming through the door, screaming in her fury at allowing her prey to elude her.

Like the European girl, the Asian's eyes needed a few moments to adjust in the subdued light. She turned left when she entered the room, putting her on the opposite side of the room from her opponent. Chance always plays a role in these affairs and this was no exception. The Asian girl tripped over a coil of electrical cables in the darkness. As she got to her feet, her hand brushed an object. She felt it and recognized it was a leather whip. She quickly coiled it and held it ready as she moved carefully along the wall, feeling ahead of her with her free hand, her ears cocked for the tell-tale sounds of her adversary.

The Asian girl paused and peered into the inky blackness, her ears cocked for any sound that would betray the Teen. She could hear heavy breathing in front of her and as she squinted she thought she could make out the vague outline of her prey. Raising her arm, she flicked out the whip into the blackness. The whip exploded with a loud "CRACK" followed by a pained yelp. Smiling, the Asian snapped the whip out again and was rewarded with another cry, followed immediately by the sound of bare feet slapping on the uncarpeted floor.

The Asian stalked until she heard a crash, the grunt of someone falling and the unmistakable cursing in an unfamiliar language. She could make out the Teen's body lying across a pile of toppled shelving and spilled video tapes. As the Teen struggled to her feet, the pale globes of her naked bottom were visible in the dim light and the Asian let fly with the whip again. The Teen screamed as her ass was lashed by the cruel leather. She tumbled headfirst over the downed shelving, rolled across the floor, rose and (rubbing her ass with both hands) scrambled to the door and out of the darkened studio.

The Asian carefully maneuvered around the toppled shelving, nearly slipping and falling when she stepped on one of the black cassette cases in the darkness. As she rushed out the door, she ran into Myra who held out her hand and demanded she surrender the whip, reminding her of the rules about not removing anything from the rooms. The Asian pushed the whip at her and looked around but the Teen had disappeared. Myra helpfully nodded toward a door across the hall and the Asian quickly scooted over and opened the door.

Upstairs, the HOT Teen's backers protested Myra helping the Asian, but the Porncities executive waved his hand to silence their protests. They turned their attention back to the monitor where the European Teen was in a well-lit room with a bank of computers along one wall and a bookcase lining the opposite. In between, there were a couple of tables with rolling chairs for the operators to sit while performing their programming responsibilities. At the present time, the room was empty except for the Teen, but that changed a moment later when the fiery young Asian burst through the door, wild-eyed and her hands curled into claws.

The Asian smiled at the sight of the retreating Teen's back. She could see red welts where the whip had hit the mark. The Teen ducked behind a desk, crouching defensively as her eyes scanned the room looking for anything she could use as a weapon. As the Asian tip-toed closer, the Teen saw a modem cable and quickly yanked it out of the wall, wrapped one end around her fist and let the remaining 4-5 feet swing free. Now, she thought, I've got the whip in MY hand.

The Teen stepped out to face the Asian girl with the length of plastic cable in her hand, lips curled in a cruel smile. The Asian smiled when she saw the red mark on the Teen's breast from her whip, but her smile faded when the Teen slashed at her with the plastic cable. Her body bent over as she jumped back, but the tip of the wire still hit her rounded belly and left a searing welt on the soft, supple, young flesh. The Asian's eyes widened in surprise and shock and she almost fell over one of the chairs as she scrambled away from the vengeful teenager. The Teen slashed the Asian's thighs back and forth as she ran, each bringing a yelp of pain from the frightened young black-haired girl.

The Asian had never felt anything like the burning in her quivering bottom and jiggling thighs. Desperate to find something, anything, to throw at the teenager chasing her, the Asian grabbed a plastic diskette box off a desk, pulled out a disk, spun around and threw it at her pursuer the way she'd seen Ninja's throw their stars in the martial arts movies she loved. Surprisingly, the diskette hit the Teen in the breast and she stopped in her tracks, looking down at the bruise on her sensitive orb.

The Teen hissed something in Dutch that the Oriental girl didn't understand, although its meaning was unmistakable, the disk hurt when it struck her. Figuring that if it worked once, it may work again, the BARELY legal Asian took out another disk and skimmed it across the space separating them. The Teen raised her hand defensively but the disk flew beneath it and hit her in the stomach hard enough for her to grunt in pain and surprise. The Asian quickly flung three more diskettes, one missing, the second hitting her in the forehead and the third in the back as the Teen turned and ducked back behind the desk to protect her from the flying plastic missiles.

After a few seconds when the disks had stopped flying, the Teen peeked over the desk. The Asian threw the entire contents of the diskette tray at her and ran toward the door with the Teen in hot pursuit, slashing her back and butt with the thin plastic wire. The Asian flew out the door and tumbled across the lobby, coming to rest against the far wall. She quickly got to her feet and ducked into the nearest door. Close behind her came the teenager, dropping the wire as soon as she saw Myra start toward her.

The Asian stopped short as she looked up in surprise. This was the first Porncities site she'd seen that was occupied. Not just occupied, it was FULL. There were cameramen, grips, lighting technicians, soundmen and a director in one of those canvas back chairs. Not only was there a full crew, there were actors and actresses. It looked like they were in the middle of broadcasting a scene. Everyone stopped where they were and stared at the two naked young girls who had suddenly appeared in their midst.

Upstairs in the conference room, the Porncities executive was going ballistic. He screamed at the monitor for Myra to, "Get those bimbos out of there, dammit!" Naturally, since Myra couldn't hear him, she was a bit slow to react. By the time Myra realized what had happened and followed the girls through the door, the Asian had already rushed onto the 'set'. She rushed a pretty young blonde costumed as a maid, grabbed a tray with cups and a teapot out of her hands and shouldered the surprised actress aside.

The Teen charged the Asian who pivoted and stuck out a foot, neatly tripping the onrushing teenager. The Teen flew headlong over a table and landed face first in the lap of a startled "Lord." The Teen jumped up and turned around just as the Asian threw the contents of the teapot on her!

The Teen screamed as the hot liquid splashed against her bare breasts and stomach. She stumbled back with her hands over her bosom, tears welling in her eyes. The Asian wildcat stepped forward, raised the sterling silver serving tray and crashed it over the teenagers head. The tray bent grotesquely and the Teen dropped face down to the floor at the Asian's feet. The Asian raised the tray to finish off her rival but was grabbed from behind by Myra and the director before she could deliver the coup de grace.

"Stop! We're not supposed to be using *this* studio," Myra said as she pulled the struggling Asian away from the dazed Teen.

The director was screaming at everyone, demanding to know who these naked women were, why they were in HIS studio interrupting HIS movie and demanding that Myra get them out of there. Myra grabbed the groggy Teen by the arm, helped her to her feet and hustled both girls out the door into the reception area/lobby. There, she apologized to both girls and explained that the door to that studio SHOULD have been locked, that Porncities had subleased it to PBS who was using it to film an "Upstairs-Downstairs" primetime movie for the fall fundraising schedule.

Myra checked the knot growing on the Teen's head and told her she'd give her a 30 second head start as a way to even things up. The HOT young Teen looked down at her chest which was already red where she'd been burned by the hot tea thrown on her by the BARELY legal Asian. She protested in Dutch that she needed more time. Myra wasn't sure what she said, but shook her head and pointed to her watch, indicating to the still woozy Teen "30 seconds."

The Teen nodded she understood, looked around at several doors assessing her options, then ran to the far end of the hall and looked in the first door. She took a moment, then slammed it and went to the next one, assessed it's contents and ducked inside, closing it behind her. Myra kept her eyes on her watch and when the thirty seconds had passed, she tapped the Asian on the shoulder and she bolted off in pursuit of the Teen.

As she reached the door behind which the Teen had disappeared, the Asian paused, opening the door cautiously. When nothing flew out at her, she poked her head around and took a quick peek to see if the Teen had set up an ambush. The room was decorated like a bedroom, apparently it was used for 'live sex on demand' broadcasts over the Porncities net. The Teen was nowhere in sight, so the Asian slipped inside the door and stood with her back to the wall as she scanned the room looking for information about where the Teen had gone. The Asian girl knew the Teen was hurt. A wounded animal was dangerous and she had no doubt it was equally true of the Teen.

The Asian tip-toed slowly across the floor, making use of video camera tripods and light standards for whatever protection they might give if the Teen threw something at her in an attempt to inflict equalizing injuries to her firm, tight, young teenage body to offset the scalding she'd received.

As she reached the bed, the Asian saw a wardrobe door ajar and knew that her Teen rival was hiding there in hopes of surprising the Asian from behind when she searched the bathroom at the back of the studio. Holding her breath so she wouldn't reveal her presence, the young Asian stealthily approached the wardrobe and prepared to fling open the door and drag her startled opponent out, then kick and slap her burned flesh until she relented.

Suddenly, something wrapped around the Asian's ankles and she felt her feet pulled out from under her! She crashed to the floor, stunned, knocking the breath out of her.

Back in the conference room, the Asian executives leaped to their feet when their girl went down, their cries of astonishment and frustration matched only by the hurrah raised by their opposite numbers from Europe as the HOT young Teen crawled out from under the bed, pulling herself upward along the stunned Asian's body hand over hand, digging her fingernails into the smooth flesh as she pulled herself up the Asian's body.

The Asian desperately kicked at the Teen who crawled up her legs to her hips. Both girls grunted with the effort of the hand-to-hand struggle. The Asian's knee hit the HOT young Teen in the chest and her face showed a flash of the pain it caused to her burned and aching chest. Nonetheless, she kept crawling up the Asian's nubile body until she reached her chest. The Teen closed her hands on the throat of the smaller, lighter Asian and her legs opened to straddle the black-haired girls waist.

Even as the Teen started to bang the Asian's head on the thinly carpeted floor her backers were on their feet applauding and cheering her efforts while the Asian executives slumped in their chairs as their smaller, lighter girl disappeared beneath her European foe out of sight behind the bed. "Is there sound?" someone asked the head Soporno and he smiled as he turned a knob that brought up the audio from the studio feed.

The first sound the executives heard was a scream and then they saw the Teen roll across the floor clutching her left breast in both hands. The Asian sat up, blood smeared on her mouth and chin from the bite she'd inflicted. Both girls sat on the floor breathing hard for a moment, then the Asian scrambled to her feet and ran at the Teen who sat numbly staring at the tawny girl who drew back her foot and sent a devastating kick to the chest of the Teen.

But the Teen turned her body and bent forward as the Asian's foot came up, wrapped her arms around the Asian's calf as she fell over and trapped the smaller girl's leg under her. The Asian yelped in pain and sat down hard on her bare ass as the Teen twisted her ankle beneath her. The Asian was forced to roll onto her side to keep from breaking her leg as the Teen rolled over her foot and bent it, then kicked her knee to the small of the Asian's back. The Asian's body jerked as the knee impacted with her spine, throwing her head back and pushing her chest out.

Even as the Asian moaned in pain, the Teen reached around her shoulder, grabbed her perky breast and dug her well-manicured nails into the soft flesh. While she twisted and squeezed the amateurish breast claw, the Asian girl writhed in pain and struggled to free her foot from under the European teenager's body. While the Asian was struggling to free her leg, the Teen ripped and tore at the sensitive little boobs with her nails, making the Asian scream in pain to the distress of her backers watching in the conference room upstairs. They could see dollar signs flowing away from them like the blood flowed from their girls breasts.

In desperation, the Asian girl threw her head back into the face of the Teen. The move brought a loud "crack" and a satisfying grunt from her opponent. When she felt the grip on her chest loosen, the Asian girl drove an elbow back into the burned breast of her rival, gaining enough room to fall forward and pull her foot from under the Teen's body. She rolled over and lay on her side, holding her chest and glaring at the Teen who was likewise clutching her own bruised boob.

The Teen got to her feet but when the Asian tried to rise, her badly sprained ankle buckled and she fell to one knee with a cry of pain. Seeing her opponent's disadvantage, the big Teen kicked the Asian in the pit of the stomach, sending her sprawling on her back into a dresser against the wall of the bedroom set. She hit her head on the wooden dresser as she fell and the blow stunned her momentarily. She lay leaning on the dresser with her head to the side and her legs extended.

In the conference room, the executives were on their feet staring silent and open-mouthed at the monitor as the Teen stepped over and pulled the Asian up grasping her under the arms. The Teen dragged the Asian's limp body to the bed and threw her belly-down over the foot of the bed with her head and shoulders on the bed, her hips resting on the footboard and her knees on the floor. Even as the Asian began to regain consciousness, the Teen rummaged under the mattress for something. Then she found what she'd been looking for.

The Teen pulled a leather cuff out from under the mattress and wrapped it around the Asian girl's right wrist, stretching her arm out full length before attaching it to the bedpost. As the Asian begin to awake, the Teen found the cuff on the other side of the bed and attached it to the Asian's left ankle, pulling on it until the young black-haired Asian was spread out between the two posts of the bed by her ankle and the opposite wrist. The men watched intently as she struggled vainly to free herself from the bondage as the Teen searched the night stand and dresser for something.

Then the Teen found a three foot long, double dildo in a dresser drawer. She brandished it for the camera, then she smiled wickedly as she showed it to the Asian who stopped squirming and stared open-mouthed at the gigantic implement. The Teen walked slowly around her prisoner, swinging the heavy dildo like a club; letting the Asian girl hear the 'hiss' as it cut through the air as she swung it. Then she slammed the thick rubber club down across the Asian's back, making her buck and arch from the pain.

She continued to beat the Asian's back, sides and buttocks with the rubber club, stopping every so often to reach up between her captive's spread legs and give her a feel, then she'd whack her pussy with an upward swing of the dildo. Each time, the Asian girl's body would jerk the men could hear her groan from the pain in this most sensitive area of her nubile young body. She started to sob as the Teen hit her, picking out new areas for each blow and working slowly, taking her time so the Asian could think about it between swings.

The Asian men in the conference room watched in silence with their heads bowed and their hands clenched as they listened to (but couldn't bring themselves to watch) the beating their young girl was being forced to endure at the hands of the cruel Teen. They looked up as the other men murmured at something that was happening on the screen. Myra had entered the room and was kneeling on the bed in front of the Asian. She lifted the sobbing girls head and waved her hand, asking if she'd had enough and wanted to quit. The stubborn Asian girl shook her head, unwilling to suffer the loss of face that she'd suffer by submitting to her bigger rival. Myra looked up at the camera and shook her head.

The teenager's face darkened in frustration and she grabbed the Asian girl by the hair and pulled her head back sharply. As the Asian girl gasped in pain, the Teen slapped the end of the dildo into her open mouth and shoved! The Asian girl gagged, her body shaking as it reacted to the thick rubber object lodged in her throat. The men in the conference room moved closer to the monitor, some of them grabbing their crotches while others, the more sensitive ones probably, put their hands over their mouths in horror as the Teen worked the dildo further into the Asian's windpipe.

Myra couldn't take any more and she pushed the Teen away from the Asian and carefully pulled the double dildo out of her throat leaving the black haired Asian girl limp and gasping for air. When she asked if she would submit, however, the proud Asian shook her head slowly, then slumped on the bed. The angry Teen glared at Myra a moment, then snatched the dildo out of her hand. She stepped behind the Asian, reached down and parted her labia with her fingers, then began to work the saliva-slick rubber monstrosity up into her un-lubricated pussy.

The Asian girl had never experienced such awful pain. Her sensitive tissues were being split apart and shredded by the rubber dildo as the Teen reamed it roughly in and out with no thought or concern for the pain it caused in her victim. The Asian's body jerked and twitched as blood started to run down her leg from the Teen pounding the dildo in and out. A maniacal grin creasing her pretty young face when she saw the crimson rivulets on the tanned flesh of the Asian's inner thigh. Myra bit her tongue and looked up a the camera through which the executives were watching the spectacle like Roman officials in the Colosseum.

Unable to stand the sight any longer, the Asian executive-in-charge turned to the head Soporno and nodded, then slumped in his seat. The Soporno thumbed the switch on a microphone and told Myra to end the fight. She quickly grabbed the wrist of the Teen and pulled her away, leaving half the length of the dildo inside the limp body of the Asian girl. When she realized she'd won, the Teen raised her hands over her head and let out with a scream, then she walked over and patted the Asian's butt.

"You belong to me now, slut," she muttered in Dutch.

The Teen folded the free end of the dildo over and pushed it into the Asian's butt until just the middle third, looking like a "U", was still exposed. She untied the Asian's ankle and wrist and used her hand on the girl's shoulder to force her to her knees. The Asian knelt before her conqueror, her head bowed in shame and her legs wide apart to ease, somewhat, the pain in her groin. The Teen took a length of rope from the closet, looped it over the downcast Asian's neck and proudly led her out of the room to rejoin her bosses in the conference room.

Later, the Teen and the Asian were given to the Sopornos where they will work as the new 'postergirls' for their former owners links on Kim and Ginny's web page. The Asian girl became the slave of the Teen who continued to treat her with the same lack of feeling and disdain for her comfort and pleasure as she had during their fight. Surprisingly, the Asian girl not only accepted it, but seemed to relish the harsh treatment.

In your voting, the HOT young Teen easily beat the BARELY legal Asian 173-123. Her sponsors firm therefore gets the prime (top left hand) position in our banner. Congratulations to all the HOT young Teens!