Princess Aura (Ornella Muti) vs. Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) by Oberon

Emperor Ming of Mongo and Klytus, his most trusted underling were inside his private meditation chamber. The goateed man sitting behind the computer console had been in deep meditation for a good number of hours, but what he sought continued to elude him as if deliberately trying to frustrate his will. He considered satiating his desires with one of his concubines, but he didn't find that thought particularly appealing at the moment.

"Klytus," Ming intoned, "the day is filled with such overwhelming, relentlessly tedious, dullness. We are bored."

The simple, concise statement reflected his mood and required no further elaboration. He was bored, terribly; in dire need of some diversion - any diversion to provide him with some sort of amusement. More often than not, when Ming was bored he sought out an obscure body in the farthest reaches of the galaxy to toy with or simply obliterate. The urge only came occasionally and in most cases the extensive natural disasters and eventual destruction of the world he chose would curiously coincide with ancient native prophesies of global Armageddon. Just as frequently, his close confidant was there by his side to suggest an alternative to arouse his excitement. Stoically, Klytus stood vigilantly by his Emperor's side. He was dressed in a flowing black robe and cowl, his face almost completely obscured by a metallic silver mask except for two piercing, steel-cold eyes that stared out from inside. Klytus had seen the Emperor in this mood enough times to know instinctively what would raise his spirits.

Toward that end, he offered a suggestion to alleviate his boredom, "Perhaps a plaything to relieve your all-consuming boredom, Your Majesty?"

Klytus noticed his Emperor's countenance brighten somewhat at his suggestion. The tall man turned slightly in his direction and Klytus moved forward to the console. He pressed a small button and a screen miraculously appeared on the wall, taking up virtually the entire space from one corner to the other, floor to ceiling high. On the huge screen appeared a vast star field comprised of extensive number of galaxies spanning a seemingly insurmountable distance. As if at random, Klytus pressed another series of buttons on the console and the screen's computer enhanced and enlarged a galaxy situated toward the lower right hand corner. Klytus repeated the process with the southernmost section of this sector and so forth until the screen was filled with a single solar system. Finally, he zeroed in on the fifth planet from the sun.

"There's an obscure body in the ZX-823454 system that may provide some amusement, Your Majesty," Klytus spoke as the screen repeated the process yet again until the chosen planet filled the entire screen; lazily rotating on its axis in the endless blackness of space. The planet was a murky grayish color, giving an impression of being absolutely devoid of all life or animation. There was something about the obscurity of the dead-looking planet and its immediate surroundings that reinforced the Emperor's presently weary disposition as it just hovered there and rotated unceasingly; the blue sun casting a dim glow on its surface. The Emperor stared silently at the screen for quite some time before he responded, "How dreadfully dull this world appears...." Then, he was suddenly struck with another thought. "Tell me, Klytus," he queried. "Are there signs of life on this world? Advanced, sentient beings who might prove a danger to Us?"

Klytus knew the Emperor asked in the hopes of an affirmative answer, for if there were inhabitants of this desolate satellite they might decide to travel through space and discover the source of their impending devastation and meet their doom at the hands of its benefactor. Nobody passed through the doorway from the universe into his domain and lived to tell the tale; their fate - as well as that of their world - forever remained a mystery. Klytus looked up the pertinent information about the world on a nearby readout, gathering the data before addressing his Emperor. "The indigenous life forms of the planet - known as Dagobah to the inhabitants of its section of the galaxy - are primarily primitive creatures, Your Majesty. However, we've discovered a handful of intelligent beings have inhabited this remote planet for a small number of their years. Two of these them in particular have recently acquired a, shall we say, rather unique power they've learned to use to their advantage. They refer to it simply as.... 'the Force'," Klytus finished with detached interest.

"So," said the Emperor turning, his sense of curiosity apparent in his changed tone. "This 'Force'? It enables these beings to accomplish feats alien to their kind? Interesting," he reflected, then spoke up again. "Do you believe Our hand and that of the great God Dyzan would be recognized by these creatures? In all likelihood would they respond accordingly?"

"Most certainly, Your Majesty," Klytus agreed. "Surely they'd provide an entertaining diversion should We decide to, ahem, play with their home a while. Shall We probe their minds, Your Majesty?"

"Why not, my dear Klytus?" came the answer; the Emperor's interest growing exponentially. "Proceed."

Klytus pressed a series of buttons. Machinery came to life and invisible waves of energy reached out across the cosmos, traveling light years until they reached their intended destination where they sought out the brain waves and biorhythms of the intelligent individuals of the remote world of Dagobah. The images quickly returned through the channel opened across the vast reaches of outer space, revealing themselves on the gigantic screen as a montage of images as from a dream; blending and twisting in upon each other as the Emperor and his underling watched intently. The images that caught their attention in particular were those of an epic struggle recently waged between a vast empire and a rebel alliance including an image of a man clad all in black armor with a frighteningly grotesque breath mask. "Hmm," Klytus intoned with profound interest as the images of Lord Darth Vader flickered across the screen, "now HE showed promise...."

Fleets of enormous military vessels and a sizable space station laying waste to an entire world replaced the figure in black. Those images in turn were replaced with a host of others, including a young woman who was apparently in a position of importance in the political order of their section of the galaxy. An image of this woman in some award ceremony merged with another of her, inexplicably dressed in what closely resembled a harem girl's uniform. The Emperor and Klytus shared a wordless exchange as if considering the same thing as her picture was overlapped by another, and then another. The pictures incessantly exploded on the screen; the entire history of the apocalyptic conflict between two sides vying for control and freedom, until they finally ceased, leaving the Emperor and his underling with a clear impression of the identity of the two inhabitants of the planet Dagobah and its importance to the new democratic government they were instrumental in forming. But petty politics were, after all, of very little interest compared to the challenge they posed and the opportunity for an exciting game.

Now familiar with the beings occupying the distant planet, the Emperor announced, "My dear Klytus, soon we shall see whether either or both of the Skywalkers are worthy of Ming the Merciless. For the moment, I prefer to play with my toys before I annihilate them." Emperor Ming's private chamber echoed with his mocking laughter and that of Klytus as Ming leaned forward to work yet another series of controls. Unseen by the normal human eye, bright crimson waves of pure energy lanced out and struck the orbit of Dagobah, causing various natural disasters to occur on the planet as its orbit slowly shifted closer to the center of the solar system. "Most impressive, Your Majesty," Klytus chuckled as they watched as the surface of the planet buckled and erupted in molten magma as the chaos they were creating come alive on the screen right in front of them; earthquakes, tidal waves, floods and torrential storms filled the screen as they threw back their heads and roared with laughter.

As things were, it wouldn't be long before there was a response....
"General Kala. Single occupancy spacecraft of unknown configuration approaching from beyond Hawkman City."

General Kala approached the view screen. A tiny spacecraft of alien design was approaching from afar through the Sea of Fire which lay beyond the Hawkmen's floating castle A rather unexpected development, that much was certain, but still expected to happen around this time.

"Shall I blast it to atoms, General?"

General Kala turned to the lieutenant of Ming's Imperial fleet and withered him with a single look. She remembered that Klytus and Emperor Ming himself advised her an unannounced arrival would happen soon, leaving express orders to ensure any strange spacecraft be safely transported to Mingo City. "Negative. Secure a tractor beam on the craft and land it at these coordinates. Tell the Emperor and Klytus we have a visitor."

Silently General Kala watched as the tractor beam caught the small craft and guided over the landscape of Mongo until it was brought down approximately a mile from Mingo City.
In spite of her present predicament, Princess Leia Organa found Mingo City breathtakingly beautiful.

It had been barely ten minutes since her Y-Wing was landed by the tractor beam in front of the sprawling complex to which she was being taken by guards dressed in gold-crimson armor who had greeted her immediately upon her disembarking. Situated against a flaming red sky, the city rose tall and majestic as if defying the gods who created its builders. Leia and her escorts headed for the edge of the city that seemed to loom high above her, dwarfing her presence here as if she were insignificant by comparison. The effect was both striking and intimidating as Leia was escorted into the maw of the inner city that resembled a doorway to a vast palace beyond. The Princess reminded herself to not get too carried away while she took in her surroundings; after all, she was there for a reason.

"I sense a profound disturbance in the Force," Yoda had solemnly warned she and Luke Skywalker when his specter appeared to them the night before the cataclysmic events. When pressed, the Jedi Master simply explained the nature of the disturbance was one with which he was completely unfamiliar. Since the fall of the Galactic Empire, they'd begun training a new generation of Jedi Knights - "the New Jedi Order" - on the remote world of Dagobah. Now, the existence of this New Jedi Order itself was threatened by the tremor Yoda felt in the Force in the form of unseen waves of energy that shifted the orbit of Dagobah, pushing it toward the sun at the center of their solar system. The sudden shift in orbit caused major upheavals including earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters on a global scale. The inhabitants of Dagobah imagined the shift in orbit could well affect the gravitational forces of the rest of the solar system - and quite possibly beyond it as well, which could spell disaster for their part of the galaxy!

On the night of the first attack, Yoda's specter returned with that of Obi-Wan Kenobi and they told Leia her first test as a fledgling Jedi Knight would be to cross a vast distance and wage a great battle for herself and for her people. She would go where no one from her galaxy had gone before; leaving her known universe and piercing the veil of the fabric of time and space itself in a journey into another world beyond. Yoda and Obi-Wan had told her she would have to rely on every single ounce of her Force as well as her inner strength to see herself victorious in this battle. If she had faith in her powers, they told Leia she could prevent the impending destruction of the New Republic. When Leia agreed to make the journey, Yoda and Obi-Wan thought it best if Luke stayed behind to continue training the new Jedi's, so she left for the other world alone; remembering what she'd been told about keeping her inner strength.

So that's where we find her now, about to confront the evil behind the attack on Dagobah and fight to save the galaxy. Following her intuition, Leia found the source of the energy waves attacking Dagobah, passed through the doorway between universes and ventured to whatever lay beyond it.
The interior of the city was every bit as striking as the exterior, thought Leia as she was escorted by the guards into a vast throne room. There, she was presented to a variety of the varied species encompassing the kingdoms in Ming's domain, including Arboria, Ardentia, Frigia and the castle of the Hawkmen. In addition to this motley assortment of subjects, there were a number of the obligatory scantily clad harem girls, all of whom eyed the Princess warily as she strode into the throne room wearing her Rebel Alliance flight suit to be brought before Ming the Merciless. The only time any of them saw a woman in military dress were the members of the Emperor's military. Confronting Ming the Merciless face to face, Leia announced who she was and the purpose of her mission. In turn, Ming told the Princess that he and his confidant Klytus had been expecting her arrival, and they were aware of the test she'd have to take on behalf of her people.

Suddenly, a young woman emerged from behind Ming's throne, striding with casual confidence across the dais, coolly looking over the subjects in Ming's throne room. She appeared roughly the same age as Leia, and carried herself with an air of dangerous importance, as if hers was a voice no one dared ignore. She was dressed in a long, flowing gold robe attached to a prominent shoulder ensemble under there was a tight fitting, skimpy, bodice of the same golden material as the skirt which began low on her exposed midriff and fell to her sandals. It was slit up one side to expose her shapely thigh and calf encased in more gold material formed in various designs. Her lengthy auburn hair lazily cascaded over her ensemble and down over one side of her handsome face, completing the intended effect that her appearance had on the male members of the motley gathering of subjects and species. The young woman regarded the various species gathered here as if they were culinary pleasures and she was a connoisseur.

There was a lascivious manner in the way she gazed beyond the dais that simultaneously fascinated and repelled Leia. Her general aura as she assumed her place alongside Emperor Ming was both refined and animal at the same time. As if picking up on the Princess' mental vibrations via some unseen wavelength, the woman scanned the gathering until she noticed the outworlder looking her over. She met Leia's gaze across the distance between them, her soft features suddenly hardening and her expression taking on a look of annoyance and contempt as she regarded Leia coldly from the dais. As their eyes locked firmly, Leia mentally reached out with the Force as they stared one another down for several seconds. What she felt was a powerful combination of curiosity, hostility.... and a dawning interest in something Leia couldn't exactly put a finger on. The woman standing beside Emperor Ming regarded Leia intensely for a few more instants, outwardly unmoving while she studied the Princess over from head to toe, her hostility growing with each second. Growing on the borders of this hostility was that mysterious dawning interest again.

Leia noticed the woman looking directly at her, almost as if imagining what the Princess would look like wearing clothes that left far less to the imagination.... Then, with a superior air, she turned her back on Leia and leaned forward to whisper in Ming's ear.

"Father," she cooed seductively, as if already convinced she would get her way. " is it necessary to execute her outright? Perhaps, with my help, of course, she could provide Us with some amusement."

This seemed to pique Ming's interest somewhat. "Aura, my dear daughter," he said, "what are you suggesting?"

"I want to fight her," Aura continued eagerly, turning toward Leia to throw another hostile glare at her

Ming smiled slightly. For a long time the Emperor had been aware of Aura's penchant to pit herself against other women, though he was skeptical granting this opportunity for his daughter, the sole heir to the throne of Mongo, to match her fighting skills against this outworlder. "So, you've finally grown weary of combat with the members of my harem?"

"Obviously those sluts allow me victory, do they not, Father? They all know you'd have them executed if they dared do otherwise."

Ming surmised that might not be very far from the truth, after all. "Princess Leia Organa," he intoned, his voice booming throughout each corner of the throne room, "since your spirit seems most indomitable and you would rather fight for your people than allow them to be destroyed, I will grant you an opportunity to save your Jedi Master's home world."

"According to Article Seventeen of Ming's Law," Klytus added from beside Ming, "no captive of Mongo may be denied the right to a trial by combat."

Sharing a look with the Emperor, Klytus indicated Princess Aura with a courtly nod of his head as Ming's daughter stepped forward. Princess Aura glared openly at the outworlder, her expression and body language leaving no doubt as to her intention. Stopping at the edge of the dais, Aura looked Leia directly in the eyes as she proclaimed her terms for the trial in question.

"I challenge you to a contest of physical strength, stamina and fighting ability," Aura announced, her voice carrying across Ming's throne room almost as effectively as Ming's had. "Unlike the women belonging to my father's harem, you not only seem unintimidated by my presence, but willing to fight for your freedom, which makes you a worthy candidate for what is - shall we say - a favorite pastime of mine: physical combat with women. My father's wives make engaging opponents but too often they allow me to win because they're afraid of what might become of them otherwise. You, of course, seem to have no compunctions of allowing a fair fight between us? The only similar occurrence before your arrival here," she continued, "was when the Princess of Frigia agreed to fight me under like circumstances. She eventually lost, and my father blasted her kingdom!" she finished with a triumphant flounce of her long hair. "To make it particularly interesting for both of us, the stakes for this contest shall be your life for the lives of your brother and your New Jedi Order. If you win, their lives and the planet of Dagobah will all be spared. In the event you lose, they will die, Dagobah will be no more and YOU will be publicly executed in this palace as an example to those who dare defy my father."

Leia was unimpressed by Aura's bravado, but conversely she didn't much care for the terms - or the probability of what could happen if she chose to refuse the challenge. "I take it I'll be executed if I refuse?" Leia said with a tight smile.

"Precisely, Princess," Ming confirmed. "In other words, you have no alternative. A chance at life, or certain death for you and your friends. Which shall it be?" the Emperor finished, leaving his question hanging in the air. Leia Organa, knowing all too well that her own fate - not to mention the fates of Luke, the New Jedi Order and quite probably the fate of the New Republic - hung on her next words, conceded.

"In that case.... I accept."

Ming smiled, almost warmly, at Leia's assent. "Splendid," he said. "The contest will commence tomorrow evening and, as they say on a planet known as Earth, 'may the best woman win.' "

The Emperor imagined the idea of a physical contest between this outworlder and Ming's daughter would prove very interesting indeed, as he and Klytus watched Aura who was still standing at the edge of the dais glaring openly at Leia as the palace guards led her away to prepare for the fight.


The first combatant entered the throne room which had been cleared to make room for a fighting circle. She wore a look of fierce determination as, accompanied by several scantily clad females and clad in a flowing electric gold robe, Princess Aura strode confidently to the middle of the throne room. The overhead lights reflected brightly off her long auburn hair, which provided a stark contrast to the bright quality of her robe. Aura carried herself with the utmost confidence, eager to test her mettle against the outworlder. The opportunity to destroy Leia Organa in front of her father and his subjects burned within her mind as she calmly looking over the gathered subjects.

The circular fighting area was in the throne room's center and was twenty feet high and twenty feet in diameter, with soft padding lining its bottom. Aura could feel her excitement grow as it always did at the prospect of a grueling match against another woman. She felt her excitement rising just walking around the circumference of the fight area awaiting the arrival of her opponent. There was an audible murmur from the audience as the outworlder entered. Like Aura, she too was accompanied by several scantily clad females as she made her determined way to the fight area. In contrast to Aura, Leia was clad in an electric silver robe made of the same material and length as Aura's. Locking eyes with Ming's daughter, Princess Leia returned Princess Aura's fierce glare calmly.

Knowing what a tough competitor Aura was reputed to be from the stories she'd heard from the female slaves who dressed her for the impending fight, Leia was fully prepared to give this contest absolutely everything she had to save Luke, the New Jedi Order and the New Republic from annihilation at the hands of Ming the Merciless. Leia was all too aware that to accomplish her task, she'd have to channel her energy as well as use the best physical tactics necessary to win the fight. Leia noticed the arena was marked by an elaborate crisscross of metal girders with spaces wide enough to walk through and a padded floor that appeared it could withstand a great deal of pressure As they faced one another at the edges of the fight area, Leia saw how exhilarated Aura was by the impending fight as her female slaves peeled off her silver robe to reveal an electric silver thong bikini that hugged her voluptuous figure like a second skin. Aura's attendants removed her gold robe, revealing a similarly revealing electric gold thong bikini that accentuated her curvaceous body.

Eyeing the outworlder confidently, Aura intoned, "I must admit, Princess, you have quite an alluring body," as her eyes seemed to crawl over Leia's half-naked frame. Her eyes taking on a decidedly darker hue, the Mongian princess added, "It will be a great joy to crush it with my legs."

"Confident, aren't we?" Leia quipped sardonically at Aura's spoken thoughts, fighting the urge welling up inside her to use the word "overconfident" as she carefully studied the Mongian for any possible physical weaknesses. She shivered as in the back of her mind she felt Aura's eyes crawling over her body like small, groping fingers. Leia could only wonder what lascivious fantasies Ming's daughter was concocting.. "Keep in mind I'm perfectly capable of 'crushing' you as well," Leia reminded her, flexing her bare thighs ominously, staring into the Mongian's eyes as she did so.

"We shall see...." Aura retorted, flexing her own thigh muscles in display for Leia, returning the outworlder's stare. "When you are suffering between my thighs, pleading for mercy, I shall remember your boast."

As Aura finished speaking, the throne room around them suddenly erupted into frenzied cheers of "Hail Ming, hail! Ruler of the Universe!" heralding the arrival of the Emperor of Mongo accompanied by his cohort Klytus as he took his place on the dais. Eyeing the two scantily clad females on either side of the fight circle, Ming regarded his daughter with a courtly nod before he shifted his gaze to Leia. The look of lustful ardor in the Emperor's eyes gave the Princess a stab of self-conscious regret about her minuscule vestments, almost as self-conscious as when she'd been the "guest" of a certain infamous gangster by the name of Jabba the Hutt. For a fleeting moment Leia considered the possibility of wrapping a chain around the arrogant Mongian princess' throat and strangling her with it, wondering what else she might do with it if there was a chain on hand.

Ming raised his hand, calling for silence from his subjects who were gathered to witness the fight, then Klytus cleared his throat and intoned a simple proclamation, "Our guest, Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan, has agreed before Us and Our subjects to engage Princess Aura, daughter of Ming the Merciless in physical combat. The stakes of the contest are her life as well as that of her brother, Luke Skywalker, the existence of the New Jedi Order and the New Republic." His tone becoming solemn, Klytus concluded, "Combat will continue until one is unconscious; then...." He trailed off as he fixed his glare on the Princess, his unspoken alternative all to plain to the outworlder as the silence grew almost unbearably thick

At a signal from a guard, Leia and Aura entered the fight area as Ming, Klytus and the Emperor's subjects leaned forward eagerly to watch their preparation of the fight. When they were both inside, another guard activated an invisible force field behind them in order to ensure there was no escape for either. Leia randomly chose a spot on one side of the fighting area. Having claimed her corner, Leia watched Aura as she stared across the open space between them, then began to dance, writhe and sway seductively to music she imagined inside her head. The erotic dance that Aura performed was an obvious attempt to gain an early advantage by upstaging Leia before the fight started, to intimidate the Princess with a showing of her physical prowess and to gain the audience's support. Smiling wryly to herself as Aura glared at her from across the vast fighting area, the Princess opted to take Aura up on her unprecedented challenge, performing fluid movements that rivaled the most seductive motions Aura could muster, taking care to focus all her thoughts on what was necessary to defeat her opponent-to-be in combat.

Leia instinctively suspected the heat inside the palace would cause her to use a great deal more energy than normal and she didn't want to waste it unnecessarily before the outset of the fight. Already, she felt herself breaking out in a light sheen of sweat, and she knew there was far too much at stake here for her to waste too much of her energy on a silly dance contest, even if it was a pre-fight show that catered to her rival's ego. As Aura continued her erotic dance, directly trying to outdo Leia in front of her father Ming and his subjects, Aura found herself longing for the thrill of using her legs to squeeze the fight out of Leia and feeling some strategic part of Leia's body - perhaps her waist or her neck - slowly giving way between her crushing legs. The thought excited her all the more as she continued her pre-fight exhibition, her movements becoming progressively more and more pronounced as Leia intensified her own movement. Aura felt an exhilaration that grew in intensity with each kick of her curvaceous legs as she redoubled her energy, feeling her animosity toward Leia simmer to the surface where it threatened to explode like a reactor. Aura anticipated a fight that neither of them would forget as she felt the erotic effect her movements had on the male members of the audience.

Aura could feel the heat from the overhead lights on her curvaceous body, warming her skin. After a few more brief moments she found herself absently rubbing her breasts through her bikini top, feeling her nipples harden beneath the material. Breathing more heavily, Aura allowed her hand to drift down to her crotch as Leia noticed for the first time that her rival was masturbating herself. Aura either failed to notice the shocked look on Leia's face or ignored it as she continued to masturbate through her bikini bottom, eventually bringing herself to a mini-orgasm before the match started so there would no longer be the possibility of that distraction. Once her orgasm subsided, Aura sneered as she walked to one side of the fight area and watched Leia continue to dance, until she eventually stopped her movements as well. It wasn't long before Klytus gave the signal for the fight to commence. Stepping away from her side of the fight area, Leia made her way toward Aura, the overhead lights reflecting off her electric silver bikini as she stopped in the center of the arena and taunted, "Now that you're finished pleasuring yourself, can we get down to business?"

Unimpressed, Aura gave a single nod of assent, left her side of the area, walking forward to stand toe to toe with Leia only a few inches apart. Both women seemed less than intimidated by each other's attitude and disposition and Ming imagined this fight would probably turn out to be very intense and hard fought indeed. Studying Leia for a few brief moments, Aura moved in a circle around Leia who in turn watched every move Aura, tensing herself for the coming fight. Neither were taking any chances rushing into things half-cocked. A few more moments then their arms intertwined as Aura, digging her fingernails into Leia's biceps, reached forward to grab her hair. Leia twisted her body aside to avoid Aura's hands, attempting to snare a bearhug on her but Aura surged forward to avoid the outstretched arms. Leia suddenly dropped to the floor, kicking her legs in between Aura's thighs and causing her to stumble and crash directly on top of her. Wrapping her slender legs around Aura's midriff, Leia sharply pulsed her thighs, flipping Aura over flat on her back.

Grabbing Aura's wrists and pinning her arms above her head, Leia shifted her legs, sliding them down so they grapevined Aura's legs. Leia looked directly into Aura's face as she bore down with all her weight onto her prone adversary. As their eyes locked, the Princess of Mongo looked up defiantly at the Princess. Whipping her body convulsively back and forth, Aura finally managed to flip Leia over onto her back, shifting their positions. Instinctively, Leia wrapped her legs around Aura's bare midsection, scissoring her tightly and using all the strength she could muster as if her life depended on it, which it did! Groaning audibly as devastating hold crushed her, Aura slithered her hands up Leia's thighs over her belly to her chest, digging her sharp fingernails into the Princess' succulent breasts, delighting in the sudden pained cry from Leia's throat. Squirming furiously to extricate herself from the tight leg scissors, Aura repeatedly twisted her upper torso from one side to the other, her fingers buried in Leia's breasts offering her no respite.

Aura's struggle to escape Leia's leglock graduated to again convulsively trashing her half-naked frame trying to loosen the constricting leg muscles around her midriff. Leia was having none of it, however, as she gritted her teeth against the pain of Aura's nails assaulting her breasts. Reaching up, Leia seized the back of Aura's head in double handfuls of hair. Using her legs around Aura's waist for leverage, Leia again flipped Aura onto her back, landing directly on top of her. Leia's bare stomach smacked against Aura's in an audible slap as her breasts flattened those of her opponent. Getting up on a pair of shaky legs, Leia jumped in the air and dropped across Aura, their naked flesh smacking together as their stomachs met with another resounding slap. The impact knocked the wind from Aura and, in an instinctive reaction of her own, she grabbed Leia's braid, tightening her fingers and yanking harshly backward. During the twisting movement of her body, Leia suddenly found herself trapped beneath the Princess of Mongo. Leia twisted and squirmed to prevent her shoulders from being pinned though Aura seemed to move in unison with her.

Wrapping her legs around Aura's midsection a second time, Leia rolled with a smooth movement until she was straddling Aura, now the one viciously fighting to prevent her shoulders from being pinned. Again, Leia tried to grapevine Aura's legs but the Mongian hellcat spread her powerful limbs wide and Leia was unable to get a grip on them. In the same motion, Aura raised her legs and wrapped them around Leia's waist, trying to close a leg-scissors around her. Quickly, Leia managed to twist and turn around within Aura's grasp, grabbing two handfuls of hair and pounding her head on the floor. Not wanting to lose her advantage, Aura fiercely squeezed her legs together around Leia's waist, bringing a gasp from the brunette Princess. Before Leia knew what was happening, Aura released the waist scissors and twisted her body to the side again, trapping her neck between her forearm and bicep and pinning her shoulders to the floor with her body as she struggled successfully keep her pinned.

Flexing her arm muscles, Aura worked the headlock tighter, choking off Leia's breathing as she leaned forward to increase the pressure of the pin. With her arm clamped tightly around Leia's windpipe, Aura bore down on the struggling woman until she is able to press both of Leia's shoulders on the mat. Using her body weight, Aura overpowered Leia's fierce resistance as Leia strained and bucked trying to extricate herself from under Aura. The pin that Aura secured on her was more for the sake of psychological effect than a tactical advantage, however, since as long as Leia was conscious the fight continued. Aura looked into Leia's eyes, her own eyes blazing with fierce animosity. Then, as suddenly as she had gained it, she released the scissors and abandoned her advantage over Leia. Standing, Aura pulled Leia up to her feet by the hair - in an oddly gentle but nonetheless firm manner - suddenly kicked out her leg, slipping it between Leia's and toppling her to the floor with a resounding THUD.

As Leia's head hit the floor, she still somehow managed to grab the leg tripping her. Now both were down and Leia was prepared to take advantage. Holding onto Aura's ankle, Leia bent it over Aura's other knee, trapping her in a figure four leglock. Aura winced in pain as Leia poured on the pressure, straining to twist her body and turn over onto her stomach, taking Leia with her to reverse the agonizing hold. With a Herculean effort, Aura successfully reversed the hold, sending the pressure back upward along Leia's legs as Aura lifted her own legs and thrust them down again for added effect. After repeating this two or three times, Aura slithered her legs away from Leia's, stood and posed with her hands on her hips, striking a seductive pose as she flashed Leia a malevolent, mocking grin. Aura's grin seemed like an obvious attempt to frustrate the Princess into unbalancing herself by allowing her anger to overcome her.

It didn't take a Force-sensitive to figure out that half of Aura's fight was psychological as well as physical and, even as she lay prostrate on the floor, Leia resolved that she wouldn't allow herself to be baited into something that would lead to an inevitable defeat, especially considering the stakes! Leia's thoughts were suddenly, rudely, interrupted by Aura who had been standing over her gloating as she suddenly jumped in the air and came crashing down onto Leia with her full body weight, belly splashing the Princesses midriff. The force of the impact knocked the breath out of Leia who, in spite of her profound discomfort, looked up at Aura as the Mongian woman got to her feet and gave her a mocking, smile of her own that rivaled the most malevolent grin Aura could muster.

Leia decided to try shifting the psychological effect as she sharply slapped her stomach with one hand, wordlessly conveying the message, "Is that the best you can do?"

The insolent gesture infuriated Aura. With a primal roar she jumped in the air again, bringing all her body weight to bear down on the Princess. This time, however, Leia was ready for her. Having calculated the length of time Aura was in the air, she brought both legs up and drove her heels into Aura's soft, yielding belly as she descended. Leia grunted with satisfaction as she felt her heels sink deep into the fleshy underside of Aura's stomach. Aura's eyes bugged wide, her jaw unhinged in a rictus of agony as Leia's heels smashed into her belly. Rolling off the flushed Princess, Aura lay face up on the floor, clutching her belly in pure agony. Getting up, Leia walked over to Aura, bent down and pulled her up by the hair. But Aura wasn't as hurt as Leia thought and she receiving a sharp punch in the jaw for her efforts. Visibly dazed from the blow, Leia was unable to stop Aura who shoved her back down on the floor, knelt down beside her and grabbing her around the throat with her left arm and bending her body over backward with Leia's legs curled beneath her.

Desperately, Leia reached up and grabbed a generous handful of Aura's voluminous hair, yanking harshly as her teeth buried themselves in Aura's bicep, sinking in to the soft flesh deeply enough to force her to release the choke. Rolling onto her knees and then getting back to her feet, Leia faced Aura who was scrambling to her feet ready to lock up again. As their arms intertwined, Leia attempted to force Aura back as their feet searched for purchase on the heavily padded floor. With an equally startling suddenness, Aura kicked Leia in the stomach. As she tried to get her breath, Aura spun her around and wrapped her arms around her so her full firm breasts were pressed into Leia's back. With her arms clasped tight around Leia's midsection, Aura lifted her in the air and brought her crashing down onto the floor on her chest. Aura hooked Leia's arms over her thighs as she sat firmly astride her butt. Grabbing Leia's wrists, her features set in determination, Aura pulled harshly back, bending Leia's body as she gasped and gritted her teeth against the waves of pain racking her while Aura mercilessly increased the pressure.

A few moments of respite occurred when Aura released her wrists to slide her hands along her body and force them under her armpits. Shifting her grip to under Leia's chin and dropping her butt in the small of Leia's back, Aura began bearing down with her ass and pulling Leia's chin viciously backward. Leia gritted her teeth tighter, trying not to cry out from the painful submission hold as Aura increased the pressure on her spine by bouncing up and down on Leia's back while pulling her chin. Desperate to free herself of the pain of this hold, Leia began to struggle to get her knees on the floor for the leverage necessary to rise up and throw Aura off. In response, Aura increased the pressure even more! Frantic to escape, Leia began to torque her body side to side again, causing Aura to slide forward as she wrapped her legs around Leia's waist, her thighs seeking a firm purchase.

Thinking she finally saw a chance to escape Aura's agonizing clutches, Leia hooked an arm under each of Aura's thighs, arched her body and pushed violently back. Somehow, this caused Aura to lose her balance and fall over backward and Leia grunted with satisfaction when she heard Aura's head THUMP on the floor. Despite her profound discomfort, Leia managed to turn facing Aura who again grabbed Leia by her braid and pulled her forward, leaning in to bite her face. Meeting directness with directness, Leia tried to wrap the squirming Aura in a bearhug, but Aura changed tacks and slipped under her arms, coming up from behind Leia, snaking her own arms under Leia's armpits and locking her fingers behind Leia's neck. The full nelson secured, Aura slowly forced Leia to her knees despite Leia's best efforts to keep her feet. First one knee, then the other touched the floor. Then with a sudden surge of power, Aura slammed Leia to the floor, straddling her body. Leia writhed and twisted until she was flat on her back staring up at the smiling Princess Aura.

Leia's legs flew upward and she wrapped her calves around Aura's throat, pulling her over backward and toppling her from her perch, slamming her back down to the floor where she lay choking and gagging for oxygen as Leia's thighs constricted her throat. The tightly cinched scissors wasn't enough to cut off Aura's air entirely, but was causing her significant discomfort as she bucked her hips and flailed her legs trying to escape. Aura scratched and clawed Leia's encircling thighs as Leia tightened the hold. Aura squirmed furiously, swiveling her hips from sided to side in attempts to escape the tight scissors. Suddenly, Leia felt Aura's teeth sink into her thigh and instinctively her legs popped apart. She rolled away, allowing Aura respite to catch her breath as Leia bent over and ran her fingertips over the smooth, soft skin inside her thigh. Getting to their knees, both women edged closer together until Leia ducked and dove between Aura's legs, catching the Mongian by surprise and flipping her onto her back.

Finding herself flat on her back with Leia straddling her and attempting to get her knees on her shoulders to pin her, Aura curled her fingers into claws and raked Leia's sensitive inner thighs, scoring the smooth skin with her sharpened nails. Sharply twisting and arching her body as Leia cried in pain, Aura attempted to get her long legs around Leia's midriff. Moving with the deftness of a cat, however, it was Leia who wrapped her legs around Aura's, exerting enough pressure to make her relinquish her attempt at gaining an advantage. Leia's act of constricting Aura's legs seemed to open the window of opportunity she desperately needed to turn the fight around. In fact, the only thing that kept her from passing out despite her waning energy was the high stakes. She hadn't wanted to take any risk that could result in defeat. Now, as she watched Aura prostrate on the floor, Leia knew the moment to take a chance had come! She moved forward, grabbed Aura's hair and secured her head between her thighs.

Grabbing Aura around the waist, Leia flipped her upside down, dropping down hard to her backside and slamming Aura's head into the floor. Dazed from the impact, Aura was able to do little to prevent Leia from wrapping her legs around her throat and locking her ankles. As Leia extended her legs, she began to choke the breath from Aura as her thighs tightened inexorably around her neck. Enraged at being trapped by the outworlder, Aura began to squirm and thrash madly to escape. But Leia had already gained a clear advantage over her exquisite rival and she wasn't about to relinquish it so easily. She had Aura right where she wanted her and planned to take full advantage of this. Enjoying her position, Leia twisted and wrenched Aura's squirming body to seemingly impossible angles despite the pained grunts and groans the Mongian princess couldn't suppress despite her clenched teeth. Aura grew angrier still as her fervent struggles only gave Leia a firmer grip on her thrashing limbs.

"Just relax, Princess," Leia taunted. "I don't think you're going anywhere for a while."

The comment further enraged Aura who uttered another choked off cry as she increased her struggles to break free of the agonizing hold Leia cinched around her throat. Leia rewarded Aura's writhing by lifting her legs with Aura's neck still trapped between them and slamming them back down again. The Princess repeated the move a few more times with near mechanical precision, until loosening her legs, she moved upward a little, her smooth thighs gliding softly across the soft skin of the Mongian's throat. When she was satisfied that Aura's neck was far enough up between her thighs, Leia hooked one ankle behind the other, stretching her legs as far outward as they would go to apply fierce pressure on her neck, cutting off her breathing all the more. As she felt Leia's thighs close remorselessly around her windpipe, Aura gasped and choked for air as she felt the crushing pressure. Caught between Leia's legs, Aura could feel her muscles working overtime to strangle her as she renewed her struggle to free herself. The Princess' legs felt like a pair of hungry serpents constricting around her neck as the Mongian squirmed and kicked her long legs trying to break Leia's leglock. Another pained groan was choked off by a pulse from Leia's constricting thighs until Aura's fingernails dug their way into the soft flesh, desperately clawing and scratching at the encircling limbs choking her. Suddenly, a scream of pain escaped between Leia's clenched teeth. Once more, Aura's teeth had clamped down on her thigh as it rested across her throat. This time, the Mongian princess was attempting to return the favor by assuming a position of dominance over Leia.

As much as the teeth sunk into her thigh sent waves of pain shooting through her, Leia refused to release the scissors constricting her opponent; persisting instead in squeezing Aura's windpipe tighter and tighter. In response, Aura's teeth bit deeper into Leia's inner thigh as she clawed and scratched the flesh choking the breath from her. Finally, Leia could take no more and tried to move her legs away from Aura's teeth. Aura, timed her move precisely and kicked her legs, slipping her head out of the vice and gaining her freedom. The next thing anyone knew the animosity boiled over and both women rolled around on the floor hurling fiercely calculated punches at the other's face, head, chest or stomach. Their faces etched with their mutual hatred for the other. Leia rolled atop Aura and kneed her in the groin, feeling the immediate rush of air from her lungs as her knee was driven home. Standing, Leia hair-hauled Aura roughly to her feet, slipped an arm between her thighs and grabbed her tightly around the neck with the other. Lifting the Mongian in the air, Leia dropped to one knee, Aura's back dropping on her thigh with an audible SLAP!

Aura sucked in breath, feeling Leia pressing down on her throat and crotch, increasing pressure on her lower back as the hold intensified. Aura's midriff was thrust upward, the sweat on her pale flesh glistening in the harsh arena light; her generous breasts pooching out of her top as if in defiance equal to the fire in her eyes. Aura remained hard faced even as Leia increased the pressure on her back. Aura's teeth clenched, refusing to cry out in pain. As if In response to her resistance, Leia released her hold on Aura's crotch, then curled her fingers into a claw and dug her fingers into the Mongian's midriff, pushing her digits into the soft flesh as Aura sucked in air, clenching her teeth and fighting against the awful the pain of Leia's dual assault on her body. Leia maintained her hold for several long, drawn-out moments, then drove her fist into Aura's navel, jackknifing her body. With a deep sigh, Leia pushed Aura off of her knee onto the floor. Slipping her arms under her armpits and clamping onto her breasts, she heaved her back to her feet. Released her breasts, she slid her hands behind Aura's head into a perfect textbook full-nelson.

Seeing Aura was held fast with no chance of escape, Leia began delivering fierce knee shots to her lower back and right side until Aura began squirming in pain from the repeated impacts. Releasing her, Leia spun Aura around and began raining fierce punches and kicks onto her stomach and upper chest! Each blow from a fist or foot forced Aura back with an agonized grunt of air from her lungs. Still, in spite of everything, Aura's face remained proud and defiant. Moving in closer, Leia twisted her hand into a claw again, this time clamping onto Aura's flushed face, her fingers digging into the Mongian's eyes as Leia moved her face within kissing distance of her adversary - if that was what she had in mind. Then, as if she'd been biding her time during Leia's ferocious assault on her body, Aura in a sudden, swift movement, half-dropped to the floor; grabbing the still unsuspecting Leia by the front of her harem garment and driving the heel of her foot into her lower abdomen and flipped Leia over her head. With a startled cry, Leia sailed over Aura and hit the floor behind her on her back with a resounding THUD! Reflexively, her body rolled up and she sat with one hand massaging her back and the other her throbbing butt.

Defiantly, Leia struggled to her knees and was turning around just as Aura gathered her remaining energy and charged toward her. Aura ran with her arms spread to seize Leia in a bearhug. Leia chose to meet this by spreading her own arms and the two women were quickly engaged in a mutual death grip; their arms wrapped around the other's torso, striving to crush the life from her. Powerful arm muscles flexed and squeezed as, with their heads thrown back and their teeth bared, they poured all their energy into their battling bearhugs! Aura's breasts and stomach ground harshly against Leia's as their bodies compressed together. Leia seemed to be getting the worst of it, agony registering on her face, but Aura seemed unsatisfied for some reason. Leia's head was thrown back, her teeth gritted in agony from the bearhug. Aura seemed to sense she might be weakening from the dual effect of the bearhug cinched on her and the energy she exerted to keep her bearhug cinched on the Mongian.

Leaning in closer to the out-worlder, the Mongian cooed seductively, "Are you ready to plead for mercy? I may release you."

Leia knew Aura was lying. At her demand she brought her face at a level with her opponent's, and intoned one word: "No."

Even now Leia's verbalized defiance of Aura filled the Mongian with the fierce inferno that burned deep within her soul, the fire of anger and rage. The sight of Leia's lips moving when she verbalized her refusal to give Aura such an admission of her superiority made her want to tear the Princess limb from limb! Instead she cinched her bear hug tighter with a sudden spasmodic jerk. "You will beg me sooner or later," the Mongian snapped as she steeped up her attack. Leia's chin was resting firmly on Aura's shoulder during her adversary's soliloquy as she concentrated hard on maintaining her own bearhug on Aura. The crushing, all-encompassing pain of Aura's bear hug was almost too much to bear for her, but underneath that, there was the possibility of never seeing her brother again, and losing everything they fought and defeated the Galactic Empire for. It would not end here! In the meantime, Leia feared she would soon pass out from the pain being inflicted upon her.

But at another spoken demand from the Mongian princess, she painstakingly turned her mouth was at level with Aura's ear, and said, "I.... WON'T!"

Leia's stubborn refusal to beg for mercy aroused Aura's anger again. She wrenched the bearhug tighter! With another swift movement, Aura lifted Leia off her feet, ran a few steps then dropped to one knee; the other smacking with an audible WHAP into Leia's groin. Aura released Leia and let her body slump to the floor with her hands wedged firmly between her closed thighs. But as Aura advanced on Leia she was suddenly met by Leia's leg slipping between her legs and tripping her. As Aura fell, she felt Leia's heel smash into her nose. Pain exploded in Aura's brain like a thousand-megaton warhead and the Mongian reeled from the unexpected retaliation as she felt blood trickling from both nostrils, down over her lips and dripping off her chin. Putting a hand to her nose, Aura took it away and gazed at the blood covering her fingertips. She just stood there and stared in shock until a fist pounded her temple just as suddenly as the foot had crushed her nose.

The punch snapped the Mongian princess back to reality, but by then Leia was on her, digging her fingernails into Aura's eyes, gouging and tearing and raking harshly downward. Blinded by Leia's assault, Aura could do little to stop her as Leia backed her up under an unrelenting assault. Leia smashed her forehead into Aura's nose, increasing the flow of blood from her nostrils. Aura returned the favor, driving her fist to Leia's face, then grabbing her hair after Leia replied in kind. They dragged each other around the fighting circle by the hair until Leia pushed forward and pinned Aura to the floor, then repeatedly pounded Aura's head on the floor until Aura lashed out with her foot, catching Leia in the groin. Squirming out from under Leia's limp body, Aura secured a hold on Leia's auburn braid as, with her other hand, she proceeded to rain repeated slaps to Leia's face and head. Aura reared up on her knees as she prepared to flip Leia onto her back, but Leia reversed their positions at the last instant, throwing Aura head over heels as she slumped to the floor.

Leia jumped on Aura, rolling them over so that she straddled Aura's waist. Securing her position, Leia roared with pure animal rage as she did everything she could to inflict gruesome pain on Aura, her thighs scissoring Aura's waist, her fingers digging and clawing into Aura's throat. Aura's eyes bugged wide as she gagged and choked from Leia's merciless punishment. In retaliation, the Mongian hellcat balled her fists and plowed them upward to Leia's face, breasts and stomach. Gritting her teeth, Leia endured the pain Aura inflicted upon her while her legs tightened about Aura's heaving midriff, her fingers increasing the pressure on Aura's throat. Leia rolled to her right with her legs still wrapped around Aura's waist, her fingers still clawing at her neck while Aura's fists continued slamming into her. A few seconds later she was straddling Aura again, digging her claws in Aura's breasts. Leia twisted her hands, first clockwise, then counter-clockwise, as if trying to tear the Mongian's breasts from her body.

Leia bore down with her weight on Aura's belly, bouncing up and down to force the air from her lungs. It seemed to go on forever, Leia showing no sign of letting up when suddenly Aura's legs flew up and wrapped around Leia's neck; her shapely thighs tightening and cutting off Leia's breathing with an abrupt compression. Giving a Herculean thrust of her hips, Aura toppled Leia from her perch and threw her to the floor where she landed with a resounding THUD! Exhausted, but none-the-less determined, Aura crawled atop her fallen adversary while she was laying face up on the padded floor, clamping a hand over her mouth as, with the other, she pinched Leia's nose shut depriving her of life-giving oxygen. "I much prefer you in this position, bitch," she snarled at Leia. As Leia's resistance faced, Aura released her dual holds on Leia's face and delivered a series of stinging slaps before rolling the both of them over again.

Aura slithered her legs around Leia's calves and, seizing hold of her wrists, pushing herself upward into Leia's body while holding tight to her limbs, locking her in an agonizing hold with Leia's chest thrust upward and her arms and legs bent back behind her. The pain was excruciating, and Leia screamed in pain as Aura extended the hold as far as her limbs would allow. Leia's scream was nearly drowned out by cheers of the audience as Aura maintained the hold indefinitely, reveling in the sobs of pain escaping Leia's gritted teeth. Aura gleefully taunted the Princess. "I enjoyed that immensely. I want to hear it again!" She began to alternate loosening and tightening her devastating hold around the hapless Leia's body, payback for her earlier treatment. Then Aura remorselessly stretched her creamy limbs as far as they would go, stretching Leia's limbs backwards. But no matter how hard Aura wrenched the hold, the Princess refused to give in! After what seemed an eternity of this pain, with the Princess desperately holding on and trying not to pass out from the searing agony. Wrenching the hold again, Aura demanded, "Now, will you plead for mercy?"

Remaining defiant, Leia breathed through her clenched teeth, "I.... said... NO!"

Aura seemed to know they had reached an impasse. In frustration she rolled to the side, slamming Leia's arm and thigh down solidly to the floor. Aura released the hold and rolled away, sitting up. Aura watched Leia lying prostrate on the floor, her chest heaving rapidly... eventually crawling to her hands and knees, her muscles screaming in protest as she painfully sat up on her haunches and dragged her feet up under her. Glaring defiantly at Aura while collecting her energy, the utterly exhausted Leia slowly, painstakingly, struggled back to her feet, waiting and watching as Aura did the same as her own strength returned. Painstakingly as Leia had, Aura dragged herself to her feet, wiping blood from her face as she stood and waited for whatever Leia would do next. Walking over to Aura, Leia punched her square in the face then, as she reeled, Leia half-wrapped, half-slammed her arms around Aura's midriff and hoisted her up off of her feet in a bone-crunching breast-to-breast bearhug, her muscles screaming in protest. The women were so tightly pressed they seemed to be glued together.

Aura's breasts flattened against Leia's, her stomach pressed into Leia's waist, her thighs brushing against Leia's thighs as she thrashed and struggled to free herself; her breathing being sharply shut down by Leia's crushing hold. Her head thrown far back, her teeth gritted in agony against the power of Leia's crushing, unaffectionate embrace, Aura squirming and kicked her legs furiously trying to somehow wrench herself free of the bearhug. All her struggling proved to be ineffectual as Leia's hold was cinched far too tight for her to shake herself free, much less mount any kind of counteroffensive. Holding Aura until she was satisfied she'd squeezed the fight from her, Leia jerked as she heaved Aura up shoulder high, then fell forward; bodyslamming the Mongian Princess to the floor and landing on top of her. In a reflex, as she bounced off the padded floor, Aura managed to twist her body so that once more she was astride Leia. Lowering herself, Aura began to harshly grind her chest into Leia's, her motion forcing short bursts of air from the Princess' lungs as the Mongian's larger breasts threatened to engulf Leia's. Leia lifted her legs and hooked her feet behind Aura's knees in an attempt to grapevine her so she could re-establish herself in the position of dominance. She was halfway there when Aura kicked her legs free and thrust them forward, trapping Leia's waist between her thighs again and SLAMMED her down to the floor, dazing the Princess for long enough for Aura to secure her limbs to effectively apply another leg scissors, this one tighter than before. Aura locked her ankles and scissored Leia's waist tightly from the side. Leia gasped as she winced and sharply sucked in air when Aura's long, strong legs began to crush her. The intensity of the scissors was growing stronger with each passing second as Leia struggled futilely against Aura's muscles.

Aura demanded her odd form of surrender once more as her thighs clamped down on Leia's waist with surprising strength. Her teeth clenched, her face drenched in sweat, Leia locked eyes with her tormentor, and refused again

In response, Aura quickly shifted her position, changing her scissor lock to a figure four that she tightened harder than ever around her enemy's waist Leia groaned as the compressing thighs pressed against her flesh with renewed vigor. As if to provide more incentive for her demand, Aura reached around and grabbed hold of Leia's breasts, digging her fingers in and twisting her hands to the left and to the right as she yet again made her demand of Leia. No verbal response this time, but instead a violent shake of the head, still defiantly refusing to give in. Aura squeezed her legs together tighter still, causing Leia to groan in agony again. Then, as Aura was preparing to mount another attack while keeping the scissors locked on Leia, the Princess dug her fingers into the undersides of Aura's thighs, causing the scissors to loosen a bit. With her remaining energy, Leia twisted around, and seized hold of Aura's hair as the Mongian released the scissors completely, then grabbed double handfuls of Leia's hair, pulling the Princess up with her.

Together they began to dance and stumble horribly around the fight area until they crashed to the floor again. The impact caused them both to roll away from each other a few feet apart. They lay there for several moments until they began to crawl to their feet, making their way toward each other on their hands and knees until they met. Their bodies slapping together, Leia and Aura squirmed and shifted position until they were laying head-to-toe with one another. Almost in unison they wrapped their legs around each other's necks, locking their ankles together and squeezing with all the fading energy they had left. Over and over they rolled around on the floor until they ended up in one position with Leia laying on top of Aura. Thigh muscles clenched and tightened as each woman sought to out crush the other. For what seemed an eternity they worked on crushing the other out as their movements grew increasingly fervent, choking and strangling one another with their legs until they both were at the brink of unconsciousness....

Then, as if at a mutual signal, they sprang apart again. Both women were drawing on their last reserves of their energy now - it seemed only a matter of time before one or the other faded and lost. They came together again, and again Aura slammed her legs around Leia's midriff. In desperation, Leia dug her fingers into the back of Aura's thighs once more, trying to break the leglock around her waist. In a matter of seconds the pressure began to ease and Leia was able to squirm out of the hold. She shifted her body and slid her legs to either side of Aura's midriff, hooking her ankles and exerting fierce pressure. Now it was Aura's turn to jerk and squirm like a fish on a hook as her panting body was trapped between Leia's legs. Eventually, Aura ended up flat on her back with Leia beside her, one leg across her rapidly pumping stomach and the other pressed into the small of her back. Aura choked back an agonized cry as Leia redoubled her effort to squeeze out the last of her rapidly fading strength; closing her eyes, leaning back on her elbows and throwing her head back sharply, her six-pack abs contracting in her exertion to tighten the leglock until she broke Aura's will to fight on.

he Mongian Princess hands flashed out as she raked and clawed at the encircling limbs squeezing the breath from her lungs, then slamming her fists on Leia's thighs; all to no avail! Leia's eyes were closed and she appeared to be deeply concentrating, her thoughts going deep inside of herself to find the strength to maintain the painful hold on Aura as her leg muscles burned and screamed for her to release the hold, yet tightening it all the while. Still, Aura wasn't willing to give up! She continued her violent struggle to break free, thrashing and squirming furiously as if caught in the jaws of a ravenous Arborian monster. Aura seemed to sense her own energy fading between the compressing legs of her opponent, yet she was fighting with all she had to turn the tide of battle once more. But Leia's legs squeezed tighter and tighter - the Princess sensed she had Aura exactly where she wanted her and wasn't about to relinquish the advantage. The muscles in her thighs pressed deep into Aura's waist and back with no sign of easing the pressure on the Mongian's lush body. Princess Leia's flushed, sweat-slick face twisted in a grotesque caricature of strain and concentration as her tight scissors forced the first cry from Aura's pale lips.

The sound bolstered Leia's resolve and she increased the pressure further still with a fierce determination to win and save the lives of her brother and the New Jedi Knights. Toward that end, Leia squeezed fiercely, wrenching a second pained cry and a long, drawn out moan from Aura's lips. Aura looked as if she was about at the end of her resistance as her struggling diminished; but amazingly, her fierce determination didn't appear to waver in the slightest. Leia, however, sensed the force within her growing and she knew the fight was finally hers.

Opening her eyes and looking deep into Aura's, Leia gasped out a single word, "Give, Aura?"

Aura responded, returning Leia's stare with her own piercing eyes as she roared defiantly, "NEEEVER!"

An oddly satisfied expression crossed Leia's face as she released her devastating scissors. An instant later, Aura was struggling to get to her knees as Leia leaned back as if collecting herself for the final confrontation. Not a moment too soon Leia opened her eyes and saw Aura crawling toward her to mount an offensive of her own. But before anyone knew what was happening, Leia sprang on Aura like an Ardentian wildcat, performing a seemingly impossible maneuver as she leaped over Aura's advancing crawl just as the Mongian Princess pounced. Leia landed on her feet facing Aura's backside. She coiled her legs around Aura's windpipe from behind, securing the grip with her ankles and squeezing fiercely with her face set with the same fierce concentration she'd shown before. Aura emitted a choked cry of surprise as Leia's thighs tightened on her throat, pushing herself up with both her hands in her exertion.

With her last remaining energy Aura squirmed and struggled like a madwoman, clawing and biting at the thighs choking all the breath from her body; her near exhausted body thrashing more violently than ever. Aura ended up on her back again with Leia sitting behind her on the floor, her right leg curled firmly across Aura's throat and locked behind her left knee to maintain the hold. Leaning back on her hands, Leia grunted as she concentrated all her bodily energy into her thighs pressing against Aura's neck harder and harder until there was an unmistakable sound of the Mongian princess gagging and choking. Aura's face slowly began to turn a noticeable shade of crimson. Still, the stubborn Aura persisted in clawing and tearing the flesh of Leia's crushing thighs even as the choking sounds emanating from her throat increased in volume and frequency and her struggles grew progressively slower and weaker.

Leia refused to give up her leglock; she knew she had Aura and the fight was certainly hers. The thought of victory encouraged Leia to squeeze even tighter and Aura's struggles slowly to almost nothing. The nails that raked Leia's thighs moved with decreasing strength, Aura's kicking legs moved with less and less energy as her breathing was cut off by the tight hold constricting her windpipe. As if to pose a challenge to her own fading strength, Aura - at the end of her endurance - whipped her body back and forth in a desperate effort to extricate herself. The movement was less energetic than before as her sweat-drenched body seemed to resign itself to defeat. Teetering at the threshold of unconsciousness, Aura looked up into Leia's eyes and snarled, trying to hurl a final epithet at Leia:


Then Aura's body collapsed and want limp. Her hands dropped to the floor - she was out cold!

Sliding her right ankle out from behind her left knee, Leia collapsed on the floor, utterly exhausted and out of breath herself. She hardly noticed when the force field was deactivated and the female slaves who'd escorted she and Aura to Ming's throne room quickly entered the circle to carry Princess Aura's unconscious body away. Leia just laid there, her chest heaving with each breath she took until the females approached her and helped her to her feet. She stood on trembling legs, every muscle in her body protesting her movements as the women took her by both arms to support her as they escorted her from the throne room and back to her personal quarters. When she reached the edge of the fighting circle, however, Leia steadied herself and remained defiant despite the searing agony of her body, the proud Princess shook off the attendant indicating she'd walk on her own two feet.

The next morning, Leia stood in front of Ming's dais again, this time wearing her flight suit and surrounded by the subjects of his kingdom. Emperor Ming was a little disappointed by the outcome of the fight between Leia and his daughter, since Aura had been defeated. Nevertheless, he was also honor bound by the promise he'd given in front of his subjects. He announced he was calling off the attack on Dagobah and allowing Leia safe passage home to her galaxy. Klytus glowered, but appeared to accept his Emperor's judgment as he stood on the dais and heard his proclamation. Ming's daughter was there as well, standing at Ming's right hand, hard-faced and silently fuming, glaring defiantly at the smiling Princess Leia Organa as she was escorted by the guards from Ming's throne room back to her spacecraft. As she watched Leia's firmly muscled butt move in the tight flight suit, Princess Aura silently swore revenge on the only woman on Mongo who'd ever bested her in combat....and lived to tell the tale!