Lynne Austin vs. Sybil Danning by Kit

The cute centerfold and the B-movie queen met only once because of the one sidedness of their match. Their match took place on a deserted stretch of white sand beach. Sybil wore her black leather one-piece thong which laced up in front, enhancing her cleavage. Lynne wore a Brazilian cut orange thong bikini, showing off her deeply tanned body. The rules were simple. Go until one submits.

The taller Danning pressed the issue right from the start and Lynne was forced to try to keep her at bay with kicks aimed at the midsection. A few landed, but with each one Danning smiled disdainfully, and early on the concern was apparent on Lynne's face. As

Austin fired off yet another kick, Danning grabbed the ankle in mid air and twisted it throwing the blonde to the sand. Before Lynne could scramble to her feet, Danning was on top of her, pushing her face down on the hot sand and wrenching her left arm into an agonizing hammerlock. Lynne bucked and twisted but Danning held firm. Finally desperate that her arm would be broken, Lynne grabbed a handful of sand and flung it over her shoulder into Sybil's eyes. The tactic worked. Temporarily blinded, Danning released the hammerlock and Lynne scrambled out from underneath.

"You'll pay for that," Danning hissed.

While Lynne fired some half-hearted slaps, Danning responded with a powerful slug to the blonde's midsection, driving the air from her lungs. When Lynne doubled over, Sybil reached out and ripped the brief top from her pained opponent. While Lynne was still gasping for air, Danning slipped behind her and applied a full nelson, forcing her chin down onto her chest. Sybil paraded her around in the hold showing of the playmates ample chest.

When Lynne had recovered she began to struggle against the painful hold. Danning stuck her leg around from behind sending the blonde face down on the sand. Using the full nelson for leverage, Danning rolled over onto her back and swung her muscular thighs around Lynne's midsection. Lynne was totally helpless now and Danning knew it. Sybil slowly began to tighten both holds. Lynne felt like her ribs were being crushed by the python like pressure being exerted on them. Sweat began to ooze from her pores, bringing a sheen to her tanned skin. Danning turned her first to one side, then to the other, then over onto her face.

The sand clung to Lynne's wet flesh and ground agonizingly on her sensitive nipples. Danning began to stretch her like a rubber band, driving down with her legs and up with the nelson. Lynne's abdominal muscles felt and looked as if they were going to snap from the pressure. The combination hold slowly sapped the strength from the tiny centerfold, but it didn't lead to a submission.

After about five minutes of this torture, Sybil released both holds. Lynne's muscles were so numb, she merely flopped over on the sand. Setting her up for the finish, Sybil grabbed the blonde's slender ankles and flipped her over onto her belly. Then crossing Lynne's ankles, she bent the shapely limbs up and sat on them, forcing Austin's heels into her buttocks. In the same motion, Sybil lunged forward and grabbed Lynne's limp wrists and then pulled back.

The gorgeous Playmate looked like a pretzel as her torso was lifted clear off the sand. Lynne's now erect nipples rocketed skywards due to the severity of the hold, and sweat dripped off them and onto the sand. Long after she had screamed her submission, Sybil released her from the torturous surfboard. Before leaving, she stripped the blonde's thong bottoms and stuffed them into the beaten girls mouth.