The Tongue Thrashing! Lynne Austin vs. Monique Noel by kit

"I want you outta here NOW bitch!" said Lynne, pulling hair.

"Ooww! Ooww!" groaned Monique, pulling her own fistful of Lynne's hair. "Fuck you!"

A few minutes earlier, Lynne and Monique had been in Mrs. Jones' office getting the tongue thrashing of their lives. Monique had fucked up on some numbers she had given Lynne, and when Lynne failed to catch it, she added it to her report. The uncaught error was then applied to the customer's bottom line, resulting in the loss of money for the customer and the girls' company. The mistake had nearly cost the girls their jobs as Mrs. Jones put both of them on written warning. Lynne, the senior employee of the two, had received the harshest thrashing and was none too pleased with her ass chewing.

"In here, bitch!" she said, grabbing Monique's arm as they walked down the hallway together after leaving Mrs. Jones' office.

"Leggo, bitch," said Monique, jerking her arm loose as Lynne pulled her into the bathroom.

"Don't you ever fuck me up again," said Lynne, slapping Monique hard across the face after she pulled the younger employee in. Even though she was the root of the problem, Monique wasn't about to take any shit from her senior co-worker. SLAP! Lynne's pretty head turned as Monique slapped her right back.

"Fuck you!" Now toe-to-toe, Lynne and Monique had their hands deep inside of each other's blonde tresses and fighting.

"Fuckin' cunt," said Lynne, kicking the toe of her high heel into Monique's shin.

"Oouuch," yelped Monique, kicking back, but missing.

They spun in a circle, swearing under their breathes as their hands battled in each other's hair. Monique drove Lynne up against the door. Lynne groaned as her ass caught the door handle, but she jerked out a fist of Monique's hair and drove her back across the bathroom and against the paper towel dispenser. Monique grunted as her shoulders slammed into it, but she yanked Lynne sideways and into a stall divider. Lynne's eyes fluttered as her spine cracked against it, but another kick to the shin and she had Monique shoved up against the sink counter and beating her head against the mirror. Monique's head hit twice before she tore out a fist of Lynne's hair from the back and fought her way off the counter. Back in the middle of the bathroom, Lynne and Monique pulled on a fist of hair as they exchanged one more blistering slap to the cheek and fell to the floor in a heap. Once on the cold tile, neither slowed down as their lovely, nylon-clad legs hooked up and they went into a series of wild rolls pulling hair, blouses and skirts.

" fuckin'...bitch," Lynne swore as her hair was pulled and Monique rolled on top.

"Ssshhhit...bitch...I hate you...oooww," cussed Monique, pulled off by the hair.

"I'," barked Lynne, digging deep in Monique's hair.

"," Monique huffed, bucking Lynne off and then rolling on top of her.

They continued swearing, and fighting to tear out each other's hair. Lynne got her sexy legs scissored around Monique's foxy waist.

"Uuunnggg...can't...breath," puffed Monique, quickly dislodged and on her back with Lynne now straddling over her. Lynne slapped Monique hard across the cheek as Monique stripped open her blouse to the waist.

"Fuckin' slut!" squealed Lynn, grabbing Monique's blouse and ripping it open past her breasts. "I'm gonna rip your fuckin' titties off! Oooww!"

Monique squeezed a ripe melon and pulled on a chunk of hair as both of her fine, round jugs were slammed together and squeezed. "Gaaaawwdd! My t-i-t-s!"

Ava, shocked at the spectacle before her eyes when she entered the bathroom, quickly went to pulling Lynne off. "Lynne! Monique! Stop it!"

"Lemme go! I'm gonna kill the bitch!" yelled Lynne, still squeezing Monique's tits and tearing down her bra as Ava pulled on her arm.

"Get this bitch off!" shouted Monique, clutching a handful of hair and yanking down Lynne's bra.

Ava had hell breaking up her two friends as Lynne and Monique both came away with a handful hair and a few scratches across their beautiful, bouncing breasts.

"Girls, girls! Stop it!" screamed Ava, getting between her two kicking friends. "Not here. Not now. Not like this."

"She started it!" said Monique, trying to get around Ava.

"That's a lie! She's a stupid, fuckin' cunt!" snapped Lynne, lunging around Ava with a slap that missed.

"I don't care WHO started it," said Ava, pushing Lynne backwards. "You can't finish it in here."

"I want the bitch. Let me fight the bitch," said Lynne, slowly calming down but still trying to circle her way around Ava.

"Fuck you. I'll kick your ass, bitch," said Monique, brushing back her hair, but awaiting Lynne's attack.

Although she had been shocked at seeing her two friends catfighting on the floor, Ava wasn't surprised that they were finally going at it. She knew the two hated each other and had been talking to her about getting into a fight with the other. "Alright," said Ava. "You two can fight. You need to fight. But not here. Not at work."

With the situation at hand, Ava suggested they fight this weekend at her place. They both agreed, and she made them promise not to fight anymore at work.

"Good," said Ava. "Now fix yourselves up and try and act like ladies for the rest of the week."

Ava watched and helped her two blonde friends and wondered just which one of them would come out on top this weekend when they fought. Physically the two girls were very even. Both were in their mid-twenties with beautiful faces and great bodies. Lynne was 5-61/2 and 110 pounds, and measured a fine 35C-24-35. Monique stood 5-7 and weighed 114 pounds, and had a shapely 36C-23-35 figure and although Lynne was on top when she entered, Ava knew Monique would give her all she wanted - and then some! In private conversations with both, Ava knew about past fights and if she believed what they'd told her, she'd see a great catfight come the weekend when they settled things.

"OK!" said Ava as they left the bathroom. "You two behave and control yourselves until Saturday."

They both nodded, and went their separate ways. Lynne was still fuming when she returned to her desk. Sitting down she became madder and madder as she thought about the ass chewing and the catfight. She wanted to whip Monique's sweet, sweet ass right now, today. Why wait until Saturday when all her problems could be solved shortly.

"Hey, bitch," Lynne said over the phone. "I can't wait until Saturday to kick your ass."

"Fuck you!" snapped Monique. "Me neither, slut!"

"Then my place after work, bitch?"

"And Ava?" asked Monique.

"Fuck her!" said Lynne. "I don't want her pullin' me off you again."

"Fuck you, bitch!" said Monique. "You didn't show me nothin'."

"Oh yeah, bitch?"

"Yeah, bitch, that's right!"

"Well, I'll show you plenty tonight after I tear out your hair and rip off your tits, bitch," growled Lynne.

"Fuck you," fumed Monique. "You're the one gonna be bald and flat-chested after I beat the livin' shit outta ya."

"Fuck you, you fake blond slut."

"Bitch, you're the one with the black roots," snapped Monique. "I'm a true blond all over."

"Then you'll be bald on both ends, bitch!" promised Lynne, getting wet just thinking about plucking out Monique's pubic hairs.

"You better watch your own pussy, bitch."

"Shit, bitch, my pussy will be just fine."

"Not after I get done tearin' out your uterus. You'll never fuck again," Monique threatened as her nipples turned hard with excitement.

Lynne and Monique bashed each other a few more minutes before agreeing to meet at Lynne's apartment after work and getting it on with each other in the catfight of their lives. Both knew the victor would show the loser no mercy as one would be begging for her life at the teeth and fingernails of the other.


Lynne snuck away from work a few minutes early so she could prepare her living room for the catfight. Taking down the breakables, she shoved what little furniture she had up against the wall and waited for Monique who showed up ten minutes later.

"C'mon in, bitch," said Lynne when she opened the door.

Monique glared at her. "Thanks, bitch."

"I hope you're ready for the beatin' of your life," said Lynne, closing the door as Monique turned in the center of the living room.

"No, but I'm ready to give one."

For a second the two lovely blondes stood and stared at each other before Lynne began to unbutton her blouse. Monique pulled her blouse out of her skirt and undid the buttons.

"I want you gone," said Lynne, removing her blouse.

Monique gazed at her rivals firm, shapely breasts under her pale-blue bra. "That's fine. I think the loser should leave."

Now it was Lynne's turn to be mesmerized at her rival's full, round breasts and white silk bra.

"I've been waitin' for this for a long time," said Lynne, unzipping her skirt.

"So have I," echoed Monique, sliding her skirt down her curvy hips and creamy thighs.

Stepping out of their skirts, both blondes perched their hands on their hips and puffed out their chests. The envy burned in both as they shook back their hair and examined each other hot, lovely bodies. Lynne looked at Monique in her white bra, panties and sheer nylons. "I must admit; I've always envied your body."

They started to circle, and Monique's heart raced as she eyed Lynne in her pale-blue bra, panties and sheer hose. "Well...I've always been very jealous of you too."

Lynne stopped. Monique stopped. They spread their legs and shook back their hair. "No rules!" she said, itching to get her hands in Monique's fine, blond hair.

"Anything goes!" agreed Monique, dreaming of tearing off Lynne's tits.

"You stupid slut!" growled Lynne, stepping forward and reaching for Monique's hair.

Monique snapped out a quick jab and nailed Lynne on the point of the chin. The blow rocked the surprised blonde as her head snapped back and her hands went to cover her face. "You're the stupid slut," instantly grabbing Lynne's tits and squeezing.

"Yeeeooww!" cried Lynne, her bra half down as Monique twisted her tits.

Instinctively Lynne's hands flew into Monique's hair. "Oouucchh!" wailed Monique as her head was jerked back. She let go of Lynne's tits and scratched her down the forearms. Lynne winced and let go of a handful hair and clawed Monique across the back of the shoulder.

"Ooowww!" yelped Lynne, her hair pulled.

"Ooohhh!" Monique barked as Lynne yanked back on her hair.

"I can pull hair too!" shouted Lynne.

"So can I, bitch!"

For several long, intense moments, Lynne and Monique braced their legs around each other as they pulled hair like only two blondes can when they hate each other.

"Ooohhh...ssshhhit! Leee' ggoo...bbbbitch!" screamed Monique.

"Oooowww! Fuuuuuck! You leee' gggooo!" Lynne wailed as Monique stunned her with a knee between the legs. "Uuummpphh!" grunted Lynne as her inner thigh caught the initial impact, but her crotch still felt the kneecap.

"I told you to le' go," said Monique, still shaking Lynne's hair as her own hair was suddenly released.

"Fuck you," gasped Lynne, jarring Monique with a sudden left uppercut to the chin.

Monique's hands fell from Lynne's hair as Lynne punched her again across the jaw with her right. Monique doubled over holding her face as Lynne brought her right knee up. Only Monique's hands kept her teeth from getting knocked out as Lynne's knee hit her hands covering her mouth. Still, it was a jarring shot and had Monique on her knees at Lynne's legs.

"Fuckin' cunt," said Lynne, sinking her hands in the top of Monique's hair.

"Ooowww!" cried Monique, running her fingernails down Lynne's thighs.

"Ooooww," Lynne wince, lashing out with her leg and kneeing Monique in the left tit.

Monique grunted deeply as her left boob was busted from her bra. Lynne then hair hauled her up, and they got into another hair pulling match. Around and around they spun. Their breasts slapping together as they violently tore at each other while trading kicks and knees to the shins and thighs. Bowing each other backwards by the hair, Lynne and Monique screamed as first Lynne and then Monique tore out a chunk of each other's hair from the back.

"Oooohhh...fuuuuuuuck!!" cried Lynne, throwing a pair of punches into Monique's midsection as her hair was ripped from the back of her scalpe.

"Uummpphh! Uuunngg!" grunted Monique as her right tit and stomach caught Lynne's tight fists. But still the blows weren't enough as Monique tore out even more hair from Lynne's pretty head.

"Aaahhh fuuuuck! S-T-O-P!" screamed Lynne, one hand in Monique's hair and the other going between her legs.

It wasn't the kind of 'stop' that meant surrender and Monique knew it as she felt her snatch suddenly squeezed by five curling fingers while the top of her hair was getting yanked.

"Yeeeoooowww! Mmmy puuuussy!" cried Monique, dancing, but still tearing into Lynne's hair with both hands.

The two continued screaming as Lynne worked her hand inside of Monique's panties and pulled on her thick, golden rug, and long, blond tresses with the other. Just as she had promised, Lynne was pulling Monique's hair at both ends as Monique shook Lynne's brains out with both hands.

"Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggg!!!" screamed Monique as Lynne pulled out a wad of pubic hairs from her precious mound.

Monique nearly tore Lynne's head off, forcing her to let go of her pussy and punch her in the face instead.

"B-I-T-C-H!" shouted Lynne, busting Monique in the cheek with her left fist.

Getting the shit kicked out of her at this point, Monique threw her left arm around Lynne's neck and pulled back on her hair with the other, trying desperately to tie her up. Lynne wrapped up with her, and in seconds both girls were doubled over and locked in a duel headlock.

"You fuckin' cunt," cursed Monique, running her right hand between Lynne's thighs and grabbing her pussy. "How's that feel?"

"Ooooww!" wailed Lynne, but going for Monique's snatch. "You tell me!"

Monique cried, but shoved her hand inside Lynne's panties.

"Ssshhhhit!" bellowed Lynne, digging her hand in Monique's panties.

Twirling their fingers thru each other's fuzz, Lynne and Monique swayed up and down, staggering on their heels with their faces touching as they kept an arm locked around the other's neck.

"Ooooowwww!" screamed Monique as Lynne pulled her hairs.

"Fuuuuuuck!" Lynne cried, her hairs stretched out.

"Leeeegggoooo!" bawled Monique, putting her fingernails in Lynne's vulva.

"Aaaaarrrrggggg!!" howled Lynne, letting go and punching Monique in the cheek.

Monique pulled her hand out and returned fire, popping Lynne right on the nose. Lynne's eyes watered as she broke loose and scrambled back. Monique landed a wicked slap across her face just as both girls stumbled backwards from each other.


"Uuummm...shit," moaned Monique with teary eyes as she doubled over holding her burning bush. Lynne swabbed the back of her hand across her nose and found a dab of blood. She threw back her head and held her nose with one hand and her pulsating pussy with the other. It would've been a great time to attack, but Monique was winded and hurting. "Uuummm, my pussy," she whimpered, on both knees clutching herself. This brief break allowed both girls to collect their breathes, examine their bodies and put their bras back in place. They'd been in catfights before, but neither had one this wild or woolly.

"Had enough, bitch?" asked Monique, slowly getting up from her knees.

"Have you, slut?" Lynne returned, her nose drying, but her eyes still running.

Panting, Monique just looked at Lynne who wiped away her tears. "I fuckin' hate you, bitch!"

"Yeah, well...fuck you, bitch!" Lynne puffed. It was obvious neither was going to back down as they slowly started to circle and get their second wind.

"Why don't you just give while you have the chance," said Monique.

"Why don't you just make me," answered Lynne, as they eyed each other.

"Fine, bitch. I will," said Monique, raising her fists.

"Do it, bitch!" said Lynne, lifting her fists.

Boxing wasn't something either did well, but using their fists was. Kicking off their heels, both began to circle and move in and out. A few jabs were stuck out and missed, but when Lynne lunged in with a hook, Monique blocked it and popped her across the chin with her right fist. Lynne's head snapped, and Monique followed up with a left that slammed against her ribs.

"Uuuugghhh!" grunted Lynne, cut sideways by the slicing fist.

Monique hesitated, admiring her work for a second too long, and when she stepped in to punch again, Lynne drilled her in the right tit with a stinging jab. It was a good blow, but not as effective as Lynne hoped. Monique quickly recovered before Lynne could get off another punch.

"Bitch!" Lynne swore, stepping in with a swing that Monique ducked under and came up with an uppercut of her own that jettisoned Lynne's left tit up and out of her bra. Lynne groaned as she desperately grabbed Monique by the hair.

"Oouuch!" howled Monique, sending another fist into Lynne's body.

Lynne grunted as her belly absorbed the fist, but still she jerked hard on Monique's hair.

"Sshhit," Monique winced, yanked over by the top of the hair.

"Yeeeeeooowwww!!" screamed Lynne, jerking Monique up and doubling over before her as her pussy was suddenly squeezed.

"Aaaaarrrrgggggg!!" screamed Monique as her left tit was biten thru her bra.

Monique slapped Lynne's face, knocking her off as they now tore into each other with reckless abandon. Lynne pulled Monique's hair, and once again they wrapped up in a duel headlock. Getting their hands on each other's tits, the girls tore down the bras and traded nipple twists. Lynne bloodied Monique's mouth with a punch. Monique bloodied Lynne's nose with a sock. Lynne squeezed Monique's pussy. Monique screamed and went for Lynne's pussy. Lynne screamed, and then screamed again when Monique leaned down and bit her bare areola. Lynne fired off two hammering punches into Monique's ribs. Monique lost her bite, but tore out a handful of Lynne's hair from the side of her head. Lynne screamed, and then bit Monique's arm.

"Aaaaarrrrggggg!!'' cried Monique, grabbing Lynne's arm and biting. "Aaaaarrrggggg!!"Lynne bit Monique's arm again, harder, and jerked back on her hair. "Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggg!!!" Monique jerked her arm from Lynne's teeth and grabbed her by the hair. Lynne cried out as she clawed at Monique's left arm with one hand and cupped a handful of pussy with the other. Both screamed as Monique tore out two fists of hair and Lynne ran her nails up the pussy.

''Bitch!" Lynne yelled, squeezing Monique's snatch.

"Fuuuuuuuck!" cried Monique, slugging Lynne in the belly. She doubled over slightly, but raked her fingernails over Monique's eyes.

"Yeeeoooowww!" howled Monique, bending over and grabbing her face.

Lynne grabbed the top of her hair with both hands and guided her face into her rising knee. WHAM! Lynne's kneecap busted Monique right between the eyes and dropped her to her knees.

"Slut!" Lynne shouted, flinging Monique facedown on the floor by the hair. Kicking Monique in the ribs, she slung her over onto her back by her hair, then plopped her ass down across her hips. Monique lashed out with a backhand across Lynne's cheek, but Lynne balled up her fist and clocked her on the chin! Groggy and dazed, Monique went limp as Lynne took her by the hair and beat the back of her head against the carpet until she was out cold. "You...fuckin'...bitch," panted Lynne, taking Monique's pretty pink areolas in her fingers and stretching them as far as they would go.

Monique whimpered as her body wiggled out of control until Lynne fell off and sprawled beside her, exhausted but victorious.