Austin Powers #1: Ivana Pultitzov (Heather Donahue) + Majesta Krush (Rose McGowan) vs. Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham) by Kharis

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my underground lair...."

The room was sparse and sophisticated. The carved rock adorning a significant portion of the walls provided a distinct contrast to the solemn steel surrounding the sizable obsidian table in the center of the room. The metal walls were decorated with identical lighting fixtures casting a solemn glow on the motley guests seated in plush, bizarrely shaped leather chairs. An occasional work of art added to this ensemble contributed to the overall effect of their surroundings. Against the far wall was a table upon which smaller pieces of artwork and a bust of the Marquis de Sade provided more decoration. Above this, between two matching chandeliers, hung a single portrait of a bald man with a stern expression and a nasty scar gracing one cheek that he appeared to do his best to conceal from view.

The setting was Las Vegas, Nevada. High aboveground, tourists went about their business as tourists do when on vacation there, unsuspecting that beneath them lurked a presence they believed no longer resided there. Some time ago, a well-known criminal mastermind hijacked a nuclear warhead and threatened to detonate it at the earth's core unless the world's governments met his demands. In time, his plot to conquer the world failed and the man who hatched it disappeared without a trace - supposedly never to return. Little did anyone know he was now back and as determined as ever to conquer the world.

The place was the new Virtucon headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. The old headquarters had been destroyed years earlier and Virtucon had moved from its old location in the desert to a new one directly beneath the city. It took three full years and a great deal of money because the operation had to be conducted under low-key circumstances, so as not to attract attention from the international authorities. Since Austin Powers and Vanessa Kensington infiltrated their previous underground base of operations a move to another locale was not only necessary but the secrecy of the move was vital for the success of their current operation.

An austere metal table was situated directly in the center of the room. Those seated around it included dignitaries from a wide variety of capitalist countries, all there at the personal request of the host. They had arrived in Las Vegas in preparation to attend the state dinner now underway. They'd traveled to the city using pseudonyms to conceal their true identities with good reason. Their host was among the world's most wanted criminal masterminds!

At the head of the table sat the man who had issued the invitations; the same man whose portrait hung on the wall behind him. His most trusted aides were seated on either side of him. His bodyguard, known only as Random Task, stood behind him at a respectful distance, looking over the room coldly.

"I'd like to introduce you to my evil cabinet," Dr. Evil continued, indicating his aides one by one as he called them by name. Mr. Bigglesworth sat in his lap as Dr. Evil stroked him and nodded toward the man keeping a respectful distance behind him as he began, "My bodyguard, Random Task. A dedicated and ruthless assassin who prefers to leave his mark in the most obvious way known to him. Number Two, president of Virtucon, chairman of the Jefferson Mint and my right hand man in my evil dealings with the world. Number Two was recently featured on the front cover of Forbes magazine. Next is Frau Farbissina, Number Two's assistant and leader of the militant wing of the L.P.G.A......... Beside her is the man code named Fat Bastard, our top infiltrator in London, England's Ministry of Defense........."

And so it went as Dr. Evil introduced his evil minions to the assembled guests; Alotta Fagina, Mustafa Butros-Ghali, Patty O'Brien and finally the silent, scowling Scott Evil who sat at Dr. Evil's left hand, absently toying with his food and not looking at or speaking to anyone. That is until Dr. Evil introduced him.

"And finally, I'd like to introduce you to my son Scott, lead vocalist of the alternative rock band Evil Petting Zoo. Of course Scott has no actual function as a member of my evil cabinet," Dr. Evil added almost as an afterthought. "I simply keep him around as an example of how the youth of America have long since lost their sense of direction...."

"Blow me," Scott Evil muttered under his breath. "I came from you."

"Excuse me?" Dr. Evil turned toward Scott, an eyebrow raised.

"Nothing," Scott answered in a lower tone of voice, again sullenly playing with his food and not looking up.

Dr. Evil considered Scott for a few moments, then turned back to his guests, "Speaking of how the youth of America have lost their direction; the reason I invited you to my secret headquarters to tell you of my latest evil plot to take over the country, and then the world. As you know, my last plan to hijack a nuclear warhead and hold the UN hostage was foiled by Austin Powers. Now, our operatives working at Virgin Records, Fiona Snyder and Wyatt Frame, are working with a number of recording artists, including Josie and the Pussycats, Britney Spears and Christina Aguliera, to hide subliminal messages in their albums designed to make audiences even more mindless, conformist sheep.

"We at Virtucon have personally headed this project to encourage mass consumption of goods in order to weaken the American economy and eventually spread our operation to the European capitalist countries. Of course, a large percentage of the revenue will go to us to fund the recording and distribution of subliminal recordings in pop music. I believe when we're finished the world will be a fertile stomping ground for Virtucon to step forward and control all worldwide business transactions from the purchase of a pack of cigarettes to absolute control of the global stock exchange."

Dr. Evil finished, raising his little finger to his lips and stifling an evil laugh. Then, noticing the other guests were watching him intently, he stopped and spoke again.

"However, there's a small problem we must deal with. It's come to my attention that Austin Powers partner, Felicity Shagwell, is dangerously close to uncovering my evil plans. We believe someone from inside my organization has informed her of our plans! She's conducted a series of investigations that have brought her close to the information that'll uncover our involvement.. Thus, Frau Farbissina and I have secretly devised a counter-strategy to thwart her efforts."

Turning to his cabinet member, he gestured, "Frau Farbissina?"

"Thank you, Dr. Evil," Farbissina said. Then she called out, "IVANA!"

Dr. Evil flinched at the grating sound of her voice as, at Farbissina's summoning, a door to the right of Dr. Evil's portrait opened. In strolled a tall, slender woman with handsome angular features and sandy blond hair, coolly looking over the gathered guests in the hall as if silently appraising them. The woman was clad in a tight black vinyl catsuit that accentuated her sleek frame like a second skin. The material ended just above her modest, albeit well-proportioned, breasts. Her voluminous hair cascaded down over bare shoulders to her upper back. Seeming to ignore the stares her entrance elicited from the gathered guests, she held her head high as she continued walking forward. Without speaking, she made her way to Dr. Evil and stood by his right hand side, her hands on her hips.

"Majesta KRUSH!" Farbissina called out a second time, again eliciting a startled wince from Dr. Evil.

This time the door to the left of Dr. Evil's portrait opened and another woman insinuated her way into view, walking with a deliberate, suggestive gait. She was also clad in black vinyl but unlike her partner, her ensemble was far more revealing. A skimpy top covered only her pronounced chest, leaving her shoulders and midriff bare. A thick mane of hair, flowing freely to the middle of her back, was the night-black hue of a raven's wing. The tight-fitting costume called attention to the formidable curves of her lush body. Her alabaster skin was accentuated by bright red lipstick and the slight makeup around the eyes gave her a sinister appearance. Taking her place at Dr. Evil's left hand side, she stood in silence, looking over the room with a seductive air of suppressed danger. Patiently, she waited for Frau Farbissina to formally introduce them.

"Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to two of our top secret agents from the Soviet Union, code-named Ivana Pultitzov and Majesta Krush," Farbissina announced to Dr. Evil's guests, respectively indicating the sandy-blond and the raven-haired woman as she revealed their names.

Farbissina and Dr. Evil both noticed the dinner guests were staring at the two women in speechless, open-mouthed awe, clearly under the spell they cast over the vast room.

"Exquisite, are they not? Few men - or women, for that matter - have successfully resisted their natural charms and everyone who has come in contact with them eventually met their end. Their powers of seduction are matched only by their fighting ability as they will now demonstrate for you all. Bring in the FEMBOTS!"

Dr. Evil cringed a third time as a platform on the side of the room directly opposite his portrait began to rotate. Heads turned to see what was happening. A huge portion of the wall turned completely around to reveal six scantily clad blonde bombshells, each wearing big hair and flimsy, see through pink and white lingerie. Aside from their outwardly human appearance, these women were obviously cybernetic beings created by Dr. Evil's henchmen to deal with certain special agents who gave him too much trouble.

The fembots alighted from the raised platform with flowing athletic motions as they approached the head of the table and paused awaiting orders, all of them catching the eyes of the pair of female agents standing on either side of Dr. Evil. The women stared unflinchingly at the cyborgs, as if anticipating a sudden movement from them.

"Attack these women," Farbissina told the fembots, pointing to Ivana and Majesta with a slight nod of her head.

Immediately, the fembots formed an attack formation and advanced on the Soviet agents. Ivana and Majesta exchanged a brief glance, seeming to communicate with one another without speaking. Then sneering derisively and with fluid movements, they took defense positions to meet the impending attack. One of the fembots made a move for Ivana Pultitzov, executing a perfect spinning roundhouse kick at her midsection, which took the full brunt without feeling its impact. Grabbing the ankle of the advancing fembot, Ivana knocked the cyborg's other leg out from under her, dropping her to the floor and rolling up along the captured leg to deliver a penetrating savate chop to the back of her neck that knocked the fembot out cold.

One down!

Another fembot slipped up from behind Ivana as she knelt on the floor, performing a standing somersault and landing on the sandy blond agent's shoulders in a deadly leg scissors. Feeling the soft flesh of the cyborg's thighs pressing firmly against the sides of her neck, Ivana twisted her fingers into claws, which she used to viciously slash at the encircling limbs squeezing her windpipe before gripping the muscles at the back of the cyborg's legs to loosen them. Simultaneously, Ivana rose and pulled her head free of the leglock, instantly raining a series of kicks down onto the fembot, culminating in a roundhouse to the head that sent the second cyborg out of commission. A smile of malevolent joy crossed her face as she turned to face the third fembot.

Two down!

Meanwhile, Majesta charged the fembot attacking her, ducking to avoid the outstretched arms seeking to claw her naked skin and dove low to tightly wrap her arms around the waist of the female cyborg. Uttering a loud scream of pleased rage, Majesta lifted the fembot from the floor, flexing her arm muscles and constricting them around her midriff, pulling the buxom cyborg close into her to increase the pressure of her bearhug. The fembot arched her back instinctively, pushing at Majesta's shoulders to extricate herself from the hold. Seeing her efforts were futile, the fembot stopped pushing at the alabaster skin of her opponent to land viciously calculated blows to her face. One punch clipped Majesta on the mouth and, in response, Majesta sneered, spat blood and squeezed tighter and tighter still, until with the unmistakable sound of machinery breaking. the fembot went limp in her grasp.

Three down!

While Ivana was engaged in close quarters combat with her fembot, the remaining two cybernetic women calculated the highest probability for defeating the pair and rushed Majesta in unison. Turning to face them, Majesta lunged at the fembot to her left. Landing a hard punch to her lower stomach slowed the fembot's advance, then Majesta grabbed an arm and quickly spun her around, sending her crashing to the floor. The second fembot approaching from behind, grabbed Majesta around the waist and lifted her from her feet, tightening her own arms as the first fembot rose and headed toward Majesta to capitalize on the agent's perceived disadvantage. Just as the fembot came within range, Majesta kicked her legs out into the cyborg's chest, knocking her backward, then lowered her feet to the floor and bent forward at the waist, rolling to the floor taking the second fembot down with her.

The melee between Ivana and her adversary degenerated into mutual choke holds around each other's throat. Ivana gagged through clenched teeth, fighting the firm grip the fembot had on her neck. Kneeling above her, Ivana pressed her advantage as she managed to take over her adversary, alternating between tightening and relaxing her fingers around the fembot's windpipe. With a Herculean effort, the fembot rolled onto her side, using inertia to push until she was atop Ivana straddling her, her thighs and backside pressing down hard on Ivana's thighs. The fembot leaned her weight down onto Ivana, reinforcing her choke. As if in response, Ivana bucked and twisted her body underneath the fembot's sitting position, rolling over until she was once again straddling her.

Kneeling above the fembot, Ivana locked her fingers firmly around its throat, alternating between tightening and relaxing her fingers. Giving a heave, the fembot again rolled them over so she was straddling Ivana, her thighs and backside again pinning Ivana's thighs. Instantly, the fembot clamped down on Ivana's throat to strangle the life from her. Ivana bucked and twisted her sleek body underneath the fembot, rolling over and regaining her dominance. Again and again they rolled and shifted positions, one atop the other until Ivana eventually used her full body weight to pin the fembot underneath her.

She maintained the hold on the fembot's throat, even as the fembot reflexively tightened her own choke hold, refusing to allow the human straddling her defeat her. But the fembot's energy seemed fade, her arms beginning to quiver and tremble from the strain the choke was putting on her insides. The fembot's breathing grew increasingly hoarse; she coughed and gasped for air. This only encouraged Ivana to squeeze tighter, sensing victory was within her grasp, so to speak.

Finally, the sound of machinery breaking down was heard again as the fembot's body relaxed and went limp. Grinning wryly, Ivana looked down upon the unconscious fembot for a few moments, then twisted her hands into claws as she tore the fembot's pronounced artificial mammaries from her body in a sickening mortal tearing sound, accompanied by another sound of machinery screaming in protest, only much louder this time, and a shower of sparks erupting from the downed woman.

Four down!

As Ivana finished off their compatriot, the two remaining fembots had charged Majesta simultaneously and were currently engaged in a mutual effort to subdue the seductive raven-haired agent. One had Majesta's head between her thighs with her calf crossed over Majesta's throat in a tight figure four leg scissors; the other had draped Majesta's right leg over her left knee, trapping Majesta's legs with her own limbs. Majesta grimaced in pain as the first fembot's thighs crushed her windpipe. To compound this difficulty, the fembot reached over to cover Majesta's mouth and nose with one hand, cutting off her breathing. As for Ivana, she simply stood and watched for a time, seemingly confident in her companions ability.

Grabbing the fingers covering her nose and mouth, Majesta struggled against her first adversary for a few long, drawn out moments, then ripped the hand from her mouth. Taking a few moments to suck in as much oxygen as she could, Majesta used her own fingers to claw the fembot's thighs, loosening them enough for her to turn over within them. Moving with painstaking slowness, Majesta took the second fembot with her, reversing the figure four leglock! Feeling the painful strain of her right leg across her left knee disappearing, Majesta began to rain punches onto the first fembot, her fists smashing hard into the groin and crotch of the blonde sitting in back of her head.

Finally freed from the scissors crushing her throat, Majesta grabbed the first fembot's ankles and pulled her down a ways until her waist was within range of her arms. Wrapping her arms around the waist of the fembot, Majesta squeezed with her eyes shut, concentrating all her considerable strength into crushing the machine. As Majesta was doing this, Ivana strolled over to where the second fembot was sitting with her legs were still entwined with Majesta's. Grabbing a handful of blonde hair, Ivana yanked the second fembot upward, slapping her hard across the face, forehand to one cheek, backhand to the other. Then she twisted her hands into claws again and gripped the cyborg's large breasts, twisting and tugging furiously.

Sensing they had the advantage now, Ivana and Majesta pressed their mutual advantages channeling all of their energy into subduing their robotic adversaries. Ivana's fingers tormented the breasts of the second fembot while the waist of the first was trapped in Majesta's crushing embrace. Fingers mercilessly flexed and gouged at sensitive tit flesh while powerful arms compressed and relaxed, compressed and relaxed, over and over again. The eyes of both of the Soviet agents narrowed in their concentration to emerge victorious; determined to defeat their cybernetic opponents.

Dr. Evil's guests watched in rapt fascination. Finally, there was again the sound of the mechanical innards of both fembots breaking down now as the breasts were torn from the body of the second fembot even as Majesta squeezed the first fembot into incapacity. The demonstration of their strength completed, the Soviet agents stood up together, sharing a glance between them to wordlessly congratulate the other before retaking their places on either side of Dr. Evil while Random Task began disposing of the incapacitated fembots. The women's stoic postures were met with approving stares from the guests.

Frau Farbissina spoke again, "So, as you can see, ladies and gentlemen, Ivana Pultitzov and Majesta Krush are as deadly as they are beautiful. Their strength and fighting capacity is unrivaled, even by the most experienced agent the Ministry of Defense has to offer. Felicity Shagwell doesn't stand a chance against them."

"Yes, Frau Farbissina," Dr. Evil agreed. "Soon she and Austin Powers will be thwarted from uncovering my evil plans. I will rule the world."

With this declaration, Dr. Evil began to laugh, signaling his minions and the others in the hall to join him. Still standing on either side of him, Ivana Pultitzov and Majesta Krush joined in and soon the entire room was filled with echoes of evil laughter from everyone, everyone that is, except for Scott Evil. No one noticed that he sat staring sullenly downward, not joining in on the laughter from Dr. Evil, his underlings and the gathered guests....
Scott Evil didn't share his enthusiasm with the others at Dr. Evil's meeting with his assembled partners in crime. He'd been waiting on pins and needles for the dinner to end because there was someone he had to contact immediately after the meeting concluded. The person in question had approached him under risky circumstances concerning Dr. Evil's latest plot to seize control of the world's financial situation.

Scott didn't really concern himself one way of the other as to whether Dr. Evil's scheme would come to fruition, but the thing that interested him in particular was that she promised him something as a reward that he had wanted his entire life. The promise Scott was given was that if he successfully assisted her to thwart Dr. Evil's endeavors, she'd not only grant him immunity from his corporation but would, as she put it, 'give him the wildest experience of his lifetime.' Scott was still a virgin at this stage of his life, which made him a consistent target of his ridicule at the hands of his friends considering he was in his late twenties. Of course, the anticipation of losing his virginity was very appealing and Scott was eager to cooperate with Felicity.

Special agent Felicity Shagwell had a pretty good idea that her promise to Scott would be the perfect bait to draw in Dr. Evil's son to help her uncover the plan Virtucon was currently hatching to cripple the world financially. Needless to say, it worked like a charm! Scott instantly jumped at the chance to help Felicity, possibly with all sorts of lascivious fantasies knocking around inside his mind. He agreed to give Felicity a top-secret outline of each part of Dr. Evil's strategy along with a detailed progress report revealing which of Virtucon's secret agents had been planted in which record company, recording studio, record store, et cetera, in addition to which recording artists were involved, knowingly or otherwise, in Virtucon's wide-ranging conspiracy.

Tonight was to be Felicity's rendezvous with Scott at a secret location she would instruct him to meet her. Dressed in inconspicuous street garb, Felicity headed to a pay phone to call Scott at his living quarters, at a number he had given her. Felicity was herself anticipating the commendation she'd no doubt get from the Ministry of Defense when her undercover work was finished - with a successful conclusion. She found a pay phone and approached it to contact Scott. Of course Felicity didn't have the slightest intention of bedding Scott Evil; her promise of a night of sheer ecstasy with her was simply a means to achieve the end of getting the information she wanted.

While she made the phone call, believing she was unobserved, Felicity wasn't aware that a pair of cold, calculating eyes was watching her every move from a distance, staring at her intently from under a mane of night-raven hair. The nameless woman watched in silence as Felicity inserted a coin and made the call; taking care not to be seen, the woman slipped inside a nearby restaurant to make a call of her own - to a certain sandy-blonde haired partner of long acquaintance. If Felicity thought she was adept at reconnaissance, the unseen woman silently mused to herself, she'd soon learn she wasn't the only one!

Late that night, Felicity entered a local massage parlor where she had arranged to meet Scott. She arrived earlier than the time they agreed, confident the night would turn out exactly as expected and she'd return to the Ministry of Defense with the documents to uncover and put an end to Dr. Evil's plans. Checking under a fake name at the front desk, Felicity passed through the reception room and went to the locker room where she found a locker and removed her street clothes; changing into a white bikini that left little to the imagination. Exiting the locker area, she headed to one of the massage rooms where she was to wait for Scott who should arrive soon. Entering the massage room she'd chosen, Felicity crossed to the far wall and lay face down on a soft table, awaiting her masseuse.

A short time later, the door opened and Felicity heard the sound of feet padding across the soft Persian carpet. The footsteps stopped by the massage table and Felicity started to turn her head to greet the girl who'd come to give her massage. Before she could turn to see the visitor face to face, she felt a hand lightly brush the back of her neck and press her head to the table top so she couldn't turn it. The hand was female, warm fingertips ever lightly brushing her neck and down her back to where her bikini was fastened. The touch was gentle and oddly comforting and it took Felicity off guard, seeming to relax her body as if by magic. Letting out a long, comfortable sigh, she stretched her body on the massage table like a cat, allowing the stranger to continue.

"I will remove your top," the voice said in a low, matter-of-fact tone as Felicity felt the string holding her bikini top loosen and open.

The woman's fingertips seemed to tickle her sides as the material was pulled away from her body. The voice sounded formal enough to Felicity, but there also was a certain seductive quality to it as well; almost as if the woman were making a deliberate attempt to ease her into a state of arousal. Or was Felicity just imagining it? Considering for a moment, she thought the latter was more likely, since she had become quite adept at using her own wiles to get what she needed. Perhaps she was simply feeling jumpy from her mission. If so, this massage would be just what she needed to relieve herself of those feelings.

Allowing herself to relax, Felicity felt the woman's hands begin to knead her shoulders and neck. She could feel the expert manner in which the massage was given as the faceless woman's bare palms gently but firmly pushed their way into the skin of her bare back, encouraging a greater sense of relaxation as they slowly moved down Felicity's spine to the small of her back where they lingered a few moments. The masseuse worked the small of her back before moving upward again to work her shoulders and neck once more, the expert way she massaged Felicity suggested she'd done this many times.

In time, the massage gradually became firmer as the hands expertly worked her back, leaving no part untouched. The woman continued for long minutes that felt as if they were stretching out for much longer. Eventually, the intense kneading of her back seemed to become more and more slow as the woman shifted her position in order to get a better purchase, so that she was now straddling Felicity's thighs. Those experienced hands pressed into her harder still, kneading her muscles and working out the kinks in them.

Unexpectedly, the entire tone of the massage began to change. Giving Felicity's bottom a little slap, the masseuse hooked her fingers under the waistband of the bikini and said softly, "Lift up." For reasons that she couldn't explain, Felicity raised her hips to let the hands pull her bikini down her legs and off her feet. Then the woman climbed onto the table straddling her waist. For the first time since it started, Felicity noticed her benefactor's legs were bare, possibly clad in a bikini as they glided softly along her thighs. The woman's backside was pressed against her own posterior and Felicity felt smooth black vinyl brushing against her bare bottom and assumed her masseuse had on hot pants. The hands that were kneading her naked back maintained their firmness, but now there was the unmistakable sensation of erotic suggestiveness in the motions as they moved down and up in an almost hypnotic pattern.

Under normal circumstances, Felicity wouldn't tolerate this kind of behavior from anyone, much less another woman, but there was something about the hands that not only broke down her defenses, but when Felicity felt a warm breath on her neck she was beginning to realize she was getting sexually aroused by the massage! The smooth, slender legs pressing lightly but firmly against her own thighs felt almost like heaven as Felicity sensed the woman was leaning close to her; an instant later the woman's tongue was lightly brushing against her bare skin, as if teasing her, then it was gone again. Felicity shuddered at the sensation. She realized she was falling under a spell of seduction, and it shocked her that she didn't want it to stop - ever!

Felicity's eyes widened as she felt the masseuse rise up slightly, then wedge her knee between Felicity's legs. After a brief resistance, Felicity allowed her legs to open as the masseuse settled down straddling her right thigh with her left knee pushing lightly against the inside of Felicity's left thigh. She could feel the woman's skillful fingers kneading and digging into the knotted muscles at the back of her thighs just below the fold of skin where her ass cheeks met her upper leg. Then one hand crept between her legs and Felicity's body tensed!

Felicity tried to turn her head to look back over her shoulder at the masseuse, but the woman's other hand slid quickly up her back, entwined itself in her hair, pulled her head up slightly and held it staring straight ahead as the hand between her legs stroked and teased her to a higher stated of arousal. Felicity tried to resist the sensation building in her loins, but the skilled fingers knew exactly the right way to touch her, to stroke and fondle her.

The masseuse spread Felicity's swollen labia with her second and fourth fingers, then slowly ran her middle finger back and forth, up and down the moistening slit between as Felicity's eyes closed and she gasped softly, "ooohhhhhhh!"

"Does that feel good?" the faceless masseuse asked Felicity in that low, throaty, voice, every bit as seductive as the hands edging her farther and farther into her blissful euphoria. "Are you enjoying yourself?"

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, yes," Felicity sighed, unable to respond any other way.

"Then tell me how THIS feels, bitch!" the woman yelled as she took both hands and raked her long, sharp fingernails down Felicity's bare back, tearing furrows in her pale flesh from her shoulder blades to her hips.

The woman's fingernails felt like claws ripping into her skin. Her back was on fire from the sudden swift movement. In bare instants the pain of her nails became overwhelming, rudely shattering the absolute euphoria Felicity had been feeling just instants ago. Screaming aloud in pain, Felicity pushed up from her face down position on the massage table as the woman jumped off the table down to the carpet, possibly to retrieve something. Covering herself with her sheet, Felicity whirled around.... only to find herself staring up close and personal down the business end of an Uzi automatic. The bore of the gun appeared to her as big as the Holland Tunnel, and it was pointed directly between her eyes.

A few inches above the business end of the weapon in Felicity's line of vision was a vaguely familiar face with her hazel eyes firmly fixed on her. Felicity recalled the face from a briefing back at the Ministry in London on Dr. Evil's known and suspected minions. The woman standing alongside the massage table spoke and it suddenly dawned on Felicity exactly who she was; as instantly it dawned on her the predicament she was in.

"One wrong move, one sound and you're dead, cunt," Agent Ivana Pultitzov snarled.

Felicity was staring directly into the piercing, cold eyes of one of Dr. Evil's most deadly agents. The agent was indeed dressed in tight black leather hot pants and a matching tank top that accentuated her slender body. Felicity was well aware of Ivana's reputation, and she knew that she wasn't dealing with a lightweight. Ivana was an expert fighter, well trained in a wide variety of martial arts techniques and called into action only when special circumstances required her unique talent. Felicity was also aware that Ivana preferred to operate with another of Dr. Evil's most dangerous agents. Her mind worked she began to suspect the other agent in question was quite probably close by.

As if reading Felicity's mind, Ivana spoke, "Majesta and I have your little coconspirator in the next room, Shagwell. If you want him to live to see tomorrow, you'll do exactly as I say."

As much as Felicity didn't particularly care to bed Scott Evil, the thought of his death weighing on her conscience didn't much appeal to her either. Plus there was the little matter of the information he probably still had in his possession.

"What have you done with him?" Felicity demanded, forgetting her own well-being for the moment.

"As I said, he hasn't been harmed.... much. However, make no mistake. I plainly meant what I said. And," she continued, her eyes narrowing, "if you wish to stay alive long enough to see him, you will come with me....NOW!"

Keeping the Uzi pointed at her head, Ivana told Felicity to pick up her bikini, then prodded her to head- still wrapped in the sheet - down the empty hallway. The walk down the hall was shorter then Felicity expected and there was no one to witness her humbling walk. It seemed a perfect opportunity to try an escape, but the Uzi automatic was pressed firmly into her back and she knew an attempt would prove not be fruitless but possibly fatal. They entered another massage room, like the first also furnished with a Persian carpet. On the massage table lay Scott Evil with another woman sitting close-by keeping an eye on him. He was gagged and tied to the table, a nasty looking gash on his forehead apparently from a vicious blow one of the women had given him.

Felicity recognized the second woman as Ivana's infamous partner, Majesta Krush. As she entered, Majesta regarded her for a few brief moments, a small smile playing on her full lips. Felicity stood her ground, staring back at the dark-haired woman with equal intensity Shutting and locking the door, Ivana prodded Felicity with the Uzi, ordering her to move forward as Majesta rose to approach them. She was dressed like Ivana, making the pair appear more formidable to Felicity. The raven-hair's curves were every bit as accentuated as Ivana's sleek frame was by the tight black vinyl hot pants and tank top, the material in stark contrast to her alabaster skin. With a chillingly inviting smile, Majesta slowly closed the distance between herself and Felicity as Ivana prodded her with the Uzi yet again.

Majesta stopped two feet from Felicity who demanded, "How were you two able to intercept us?"

Majesta laughed sharply and derisively at Felicity's question, "Despite your caution to ensure you weren't discovered, Agent Shagwell, Ivana and I are far more adept at reconnaissance than you know. It would be safe to say we've been a step ahead of you, ever since you first began to infiltrate Dr. Evil's operation in the first place. We know everything about you conspiring with Scott to expose him."

"Well," Felicity shot back defiantly, refusing to be intimidated by Dr. Evil's agents despite their awesome reputation, "now that you've found us, what do you intend to do?"

"Simple. You have to fight us if you wish to escape," Majesta intoned, her eyes staring right through Felicity.

"You may consider the thrashing you are going to receive from us a message to your superiors at the Ministry of Defense; a message from Dr. Evil himself," Ivana added. "Further, you will return to your superiors empty handed, without the documents you planned to take from us and without Scott Evil."

Then, moving close enough to Felicity that their bodies were almost touching, Majesta intoned, "Agent Shagwell, I must admit that Ivana and I have always found the prospect of pitting ourselves against you in hand-to-hand combat exciting."

"As have I, Agent Shagwell," Ivana echoed as if she and Majesta were operating by the same brain, "In fact, I can sincerely assure you we've very much looked forward to this opportunity since we discovered you were infiltrating Dr. Evil's organization. So here are our terms; they are quite simple, actually: you will fight us both at the same time, and the fight will continue until one side or the other is unconscious."

"There will be no special techniques used," Majesta added, "just a good old-fashioned all-out no holds barred catfight - or cat-brawl to be more appropriate. All we need is our wits, the physical strength we can muster to stay in the game.... and the will to win. I hope you're prepared to give this your best effort, we are!"

"By the way, did I forget to say anything is allowed, including hair pulling, pussy clawing and stomping?" Ivana added as an afterthought, punctuating her question with a sardonic laugh.

Listening carefully to all of this and deciding she didn't care much for their sense of humor, Felicity answered the two female agents with a question, "And if I refuse to fight?"

"In that case," Majesta explained, "we'll take you with us to Virtucon to meet Dr. Evil. Rest assured, he's far from pleased with your snooping."

Felicity knew she had little choice but to accept their terms for the time being, but still she had something to say, "I'll agree to this for the present, but you should be advised the Ministry of Defense won't cease our investigations until Dr. Evil is stopped."

"Then I imagine our paths will cross again," Ivana retorted in an impatient tone, eager to begin the fight. "And next time, I doubt we'll be in as charitable a mood."

"I believe we'd like to be alone for the time being," Majesta announced as she approached Scott Evil. "Dr. Evil will deal with you later," she said softly as she reached for his neck and pinched the nerve at its base that sent him to dreamland.

That done, Dr. Evil's agents slowly moved to surround Felicity on both sides, as if mentally preparing themselves for what was to come next. Felicity tossed aside the sheet she'd been covering herself with and faced the two agents in the nude, glaring at Ivana and Majesta defiantly, attempting to ascertain if the movement would be enough to distract or intimidate her opponents. If they were distracted or intimidated, Ivana and Majesta showed ho outward signs of this as they continued to stare down Felicity. There were a few moments of painfully tense silence between the three women in the seconds that followed as Ivana and Majesta studied Felicity's naked figure, then, as if sharing the same thought, the two agents moved closer to Felicity.

"Are you ready to fight?" Ivana asked, her tone suggesting great anticipation.

At this point there was only one word Felicity could properly give in answer, "Yes!"

Felicity's spoken assent as she glared openly at the two seemed to herald the start of the fight. Felicity firmly stood her ground, taking caution to watch every move her adversaries made as they began to slowly circle. Felicity had had enough experience in her lengthy career to acquire awareness that most secret agents such as these used a variety of stealth or intimidation tactics to psych out or instill nervousness and indecisiveness in their adversaries to gain an edge. But this was her first face-to-face meeting with Ivana and Majesta and she wasn't entirely sure what to expect so she knew she must exercise caution.

Grinning similar wry, evil smiles, Dr. Evil's henchwomen continued to slowly, deliberately circle Felicity, with seductive cat-like movements, watching Felicity's every move in case she decided to make a sudden lunge. In turn, Felicity kept her eye on both of them, her movements assuming a confident manner that was similar in many ways to the posture and body language of the two women facing her, but strikingly different in the sense that given her predicament she appeared much more preoccupied with the prospect of fighting two opponents at once.

Felicity could hear their bare feet padding on the soft Persian carpet underneath them as Ivana and Majesta continued their intimidating, cat-like circling, stalking Felicity with increasingly quick movements. There was something about the display of the two henchwomen and the animal sensuality they exuded that was quite erotic. Not to be outdone, Felicity walked lightly on the balls of her feet as she alternated between backing out of reach of one of the agents who came too close and circling, moving with the air of a coiled serpent prepared to strike at the right moment.

Finally tiring of the ongoing game, Ivana paused in mid-step directly in front of Felicity, tensing herself as Majesta followed suit behind Felicity. Then, with startling suddenness, Ivana hurled herself at Felicity, using her slender legs as pistons, her hands twisted into claws. Choosing for the time being to meet directness with directness, Felicity lunged forward also. She and Ivana met in the center of the massage room. As they came together, Felicity threw a looping fist at Ivana's face. Ducking, Ivana moved deftly out of range of Felicity's fist. Majesta crept up from behind Felicity driving her fist directly into the middle of Felicity's back, dazing her for long enough so that she was able to wrap her arms around Felicity's naked body.

Locking her wrists together, Majesta secured her bearhug just above Felicity's abs, constricted her arms tightly around her midriff. Instinctively, Felicity threw her head back, gasping for air as Majesta crushed her like a ravenous boa constrictor, forcing the air from her lungs. The bearhug was unbearably strong as Felicity felt the silken limbs compressing her waist and her own breath being forced from her body. The women briefly danced and stumbled around their general area, each trying to force the other into some position of disadvantage. Their faces were flushed as they struggled for dominance, Majesta's muscles straining to subdue Felicity.

With startling suddenness Felicity lashed out, the back of her head connecting with Majesta's nose. The impact from the maneuver visibly dazed the raven-haired one and her crushing hold slightly loosened. Felicity opted to capitalize on the advantage, spinning around within Majesta's grasp to assume a better position from which to retaliate. Face to face with Majesta, Felicity wasted no time landing three quick, sharp jabs to her face followed by a wild roundhouse. Majesta had much stronger arms than Felicity had anticipated and the compression she felt while caught in the bearhug wasn't to be taken lightly. But the punches succeeded in dazing Majesta enough that Felicity made another attempt to wriggle from the tight grip squeezing the oxygen from her lungs.

Ivana had been stalking Felicity with the calculating movements of a deadly, venomous spider, watching as she and Majesta engaged in their contest of strength. Seeing Felicity throwing punches, Ivana lunged for her, raking her nails down Felicity's back, leaving another row of red furrows on her pale skin beside the first. Felicity cried out at the unexpected attack from Majesta's partner, feeling the nails digging into her like fire. She continued her efforts to wriggle out of the bearhug, but not before Majesta prepared to reinforce her harsh grip around her midriff. The thought of her body enduring more crushing didn't appeal to Felicity while Majesta seemed eager to dish out some real punishment.

Throwing caution to the wind, Felicity landed three hard jabs to Majesta's face, following with a vicious uppercut. The first jabs were meant to distract Majesta from successfully locking her arms around her and so she'd be unprepared for the blow that followed. Thankfully, the calculated blows achieved their intended effect as she shortly felt the crushing bearhug fixed on her beginning to loosen.

Felicity's uppercut caught Majesta under the left eye. Releasing the bearhug, Majesta staggered back, collecting herself. As Ivana silently watched, seeking an opening, Felicity lunged at Majesta, seeking to take full advantage of her surprise attack. Calculating where her next blows would have the best effect, Felicity decided a few more body blows would help solidify it. She threw a hard punch connecting with Majesta's stomach and was preparing to throw another, when suddenly Ivana crept up from behind her and seized her under her armpits, securing her arms painfully above her head. Majesta struck quickly, driving her foot straight up into Felicity's crotch where it connected solidly between her thighs.

Pure agony exploded in Felicity's womanhood as Ivana's foot slammed into the sensitive tissue. Her mouth gaping open, Felicity found it hard to breathe. With her arms helplessly immobilized, she was unable to prevent Majesta from advancing upon her again. Glowering at Felicity, Majesta sidled up as close as possible to the blonde then coiled her powerful arms around her midriff again. After the punches thrown by Felicity connected with her face, Majesta was decidedly angry and clearly itching for payback. From behind Felicity, Ivana chortled malevolently as Majesta tightened another crushing bearhug around their hapless adversary. Gritting her teeth, Felicity suppressed a pained cry as she felt Majesta's arms brutally crush her waist, forcing the breath from her body.

Although the advantage was theirs, their adversary controlled with her arms secured over her head, her midsection ensnared in Majesta's unaffectionate embrace, Felicity still struggled trying to power her arms down as she squirmed feverishly, trying to escape the bearhug. Felicity continually repositioned her feet, seeking to gain better leverage but Ivana wasn't about to allow escape to be that easy. Redoubling her efforts, Ivana tightened the muscles in her upper arms to an uncomfortable degree, reveling in the pained grunts emanating from Felicity's throat as she struggled to free herself. Deciding to compound her advantage, Ivana lifted one leg, pressing a knee in the small of Felicity's back. As Felicity groaned and fought to catch her breath, Majesta opted to exert greater pressure on Felicity's midsection, her fleshy stomach pressed firmly against Felicity's, her eyes burning with pure animosity.

Reveling with equal enjoyment at the sound of Felicity's agonized groans, Majesta proceeded to slowly, painstakingly undulate her lower body as her arms tormented Felicity. The motions of Majesta's lower body served to tighten the hold all the more around the blonde's midriff. Their naked skin harshly ground together with Majesta's movements, and each time Felicity exhaled, Majesta's arms squeezed a little tighter! Looking upward to lock eyes with the tormented Felicity, Majesta grinned with dark, malevolent enjoyment at the look of utter agony on Felicity's flushed face.

"What's wrong, whore? Finding it hard to breathe?" taunted Majesta through her clenched teeth, eyes narrowed, as her arms compressed tighter still against the small of Felicity's back and sides.

As a sudden expulsion of air escaped Felicity's lips, Majesta's grin broadened and she squeezed tighter, "That's it, Agent Shagwell. Exhale, so I can increase the pressure!"

Felicity found the holds acutely painful; the tight arms around her torso and the powerful grip on her arms were growing increasingly uncomfortable. Still, she appeared to be biding her time trying to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of her opponents. Felicity's legs were stiffened as she remained standing, gathering strength for the counterassault she knew she had to make now before she surely fell under the onslaught of pain she was being subjected to. She stopped struggling against the holds, waiting to find an opening to exploit. Ivana and Majesta took this as a sign that Felicity was beginning to falter and pressed their advantage. Felicity was in fact beginning to weaken from the dual assault, though she refused to allow this to show in her face, and she knew she had to do something immediately.

Suddenly, Felicity backpedaled, propelling her leg back and making Ivana lose her footing and stumble. Screeching like a madwoman, Felicity pulled Majesta forward with her in a harsh jerk as the raven-hair's arms were still wrapped around her. As Felicity tripped Ivana, driving her into a nearby wall, she crushed Ivana behind her and in front the inertia caused Majesta's body to collide against Felicity's with a resounding slap, her pronounced chest crushed against Felicity's bare skin. Majesta expelled a sudden huff of air at the impact of their bodies colliding.

As Majesta fought to regain her footing and continue her merciless crushing despite the harsh impact, Felicity backed Ivana into the wall a few more times with resounding force, finally powering down her arms as she attempted to squirm and slither her way from the tight grip holding her arms until she was finally successful in extricating herself. Glaring hard-faced at Majesta, Felicity propelled herself backward as far as she could, ramming her butt hard into Ivana's groin. Taking the full brunt of the impact, Ivana seized double handfuls of Felicity's hair, sharing a fleeting look with Majesta before she advanced upon Felicity again. They pushed and pulled at Felicity simultaneously, forcing her down to the Persian carpet as their bodies entwined in a jumble of arms and legs.

The three women seemed to undulate together as one on the carpet, Felicity whipped and twisted her body against the powerfully encircling arms around her waist as her hands beat and clawed at the fingers trying to rip her hair out of her head. Despite the profound discomfort her adversaries were causing her, Felicity remained defiant! She was determined to emerge victorious from this fierce melee between them.

"You two think I find you a challenge?" Felicity snapped as she continued to struggle against her captors. "Not a chance!! I've faced far tougher opponents."

If she hoped the remark would cause her opponents to react in anger and lose their focus, she turned out to be wrong.

"Not to worry, darling," Ivana snapped back from beneath Felicity. "We're just getting started."

With that, Ivana whipped and twisted her own body so that she was laying half on top of Felicity as Majesta lay within kissing distance by Felicity right side. Ivana endured a couple of jabs in the face before she returned the favor, slapping Felicity hard across the face. Then she firmly locked her hands around the blonde's throat. As Ivana prepared to tighten her fingers, Felicity retaliated with a series of blows low to her midsection, pounding her fists over and over again into her stomach. Meanwhile, Majesta was attempting to slide her leg in between Felicity's legs to hinder her movement.

The repeated impacts on her stomach forced pained breaths from Ivana, even as she steeled herself and refused to let go of her choke. Finally wrapping her legs around Felicity's thighs to immobilize them, Majesta slipped underneath the blonde and wrenched Felicity's arms behind her back, clamping her fingers around her wrists from under her, twisting Felicity's arms painfully behind her as Ivana tightened her fingers around Felicity's windpipe yet again, prompting pained choking sounds from her lips.

Gagging from Ivana's fingers joined at her windpipe, Felicity reeled psychologically from the double assault of the two vixens fighting her. She was aware it was vital to keep her head if she expected to endure the pain being administered to her, much less unhinge her neck from the tight choke. Feeling the soft flesh of Majesta's legs draped over her own thighs and the harsh inertia of the double hammerlock sending waves of pain shooting through her body, Felicity tried not to panic as she grunted and found more even air being forced from her burning lungs.

Felicity tried to arch her back up to ease the pressure from Majesta, trying to fix the raven-haired agent's attention on her upper torso. She hardly anticipated what happened next as Ivana released the choke, grasped Felicity's face and raked her nails over the blonde's eyes. Felicity screamed as the sharp talons assaulted her sensitive orbs, yet she was still unable to move freely as Majesta's hands and legs still held her firmly trapped. Seeing Felicity was helpless, Ivana reached for her heaving chest, seizing her pale breasts as an evil gleam came to her eyes.

"And now, Agent Shagwell," Ivana intoned in anticipation, "you will see how I earned my code name!"

With that, Ivana sank her fingers into Felicity's sensitive breasts while Majesta held her fast, her sharp fingernails digging into her nipples. Felicity screeched through her clenched teeth as she feared that Ivana would tear her breasts from her body, her tormentor grinning malevolently at the shrill sound escaping her lips. Ivana's unyielding fingers clawed their way into Felicity's tender flesh, fingernails tearing into sensitive flesh as Felicity fought to suppress the agonized scream from escaping her esophagus.

The merciless assault of Ivana's unforgiving talons continued incessantly, forcing another long-winded scream through Felicity's clenched teeth. Tears of agony welled in her eyes as Ivana's nails tortured her bare breasts. Ivana let out low, mocking laughter at the sound, apparently believing that soon Felicity would either pass out from pain or scream for mercy. The thought of being at the mercy of these two vixens infuriated Felicity. Thinking quickly, she began to twist her hands in Majesta's grasp, seeking to weaken the tight grip on her wrists. Channeling her energy into her lower body, Felicity thrust her groin upward in short pulses to try extricating herself from Majesta's legs coiled around her thighs. But Ivana and Majesta knew they had Felicity exactly where they wanted her now and weren't about to be denied in their quest for dominance so easily.

It had become a contest of wills between the three of them, with Dr. Evil's henchwomen exuding seemingly boundless energy as they kept Felicity trapped in their clutches and she fighting to match them while facing the task of enduring the pain of Ivana's fingernails tormenting her flesh. By twisting her body, Felicity was able to plant her feet on the Persian carpet beneath her. Despite having Majesta's legs wrapped around her thighs, Felicity twisted her body sideways in a swift, sudden motion, pulling Majesta along with her so that her large breasts were pressed against Felicity's back. The vicious struggle continued, with Felicity twisting her wrists within Majesta's grasp.

The struggle between the three vixens had reached a stalemate, with neither side willing to give in to the other. This was until with a supreme effort Felicity was finally successful in wrenching her wrists from Majesta's tight grip. Taking little time to collect herself, she buried her hands in Ivana's thick mane of hair, holding tight as she pulled Ivana's head forward and smashed her forehead into her tormentor's nose. As Felicity's forehead connected with its intended target, the searing grip on her agonized breasts loosened and then vanished.

Although relieved the pressure was gone, on the heels of that came a sneaking suspicion that the worst wasn't over as Majesta's legs uncoiled themselves from her captured thighs. Felicity was about to separate herself from the scuffle and return to her feet when suddenly Ivana's sharp fingernails were clawing into her face, scratching downward along her unsuspecting eyes. Blinded, Felicity was unable to react quickly enough as her adversaries regained their footing and she was pulled to her feet by two pairs of rough hands. Then, as suddenly as Ivana and Majesta pulled her to her feet, they released her.

Unseen by Felicity, the agents in Dr. Evil's service backed off and surrounded her, preparing to mount another assault. Standing on shaky legs, Felicity struggled to open her eyes, her vision clearing just in time to see Majesta headed for her, arms outstretched for another unaffectionate embrace. Felicity's stomach muscles tensed as Majesta snaked her arms around the yielding area just under her rib cage and above her hips. Affixing the bearhug, Majesta tightened the hold, pressing her bare stomach firmly against Felicity's, her balled fists digging into the small of Felicity's back. Felicity's grasp of pain cost her valuable oxygen from her deprived lungs once more. Felicity's head snapped back, suppressing another involuntary cry as Majesta's strong muscles compressed her sides and lower back.

Felicity was learning this fight would be more difficult than she had anticipated. The muscles in Majesta's upper arms bulged in rigid definition as she sought to force the breath from Felicity's body but despite the limbs firmly encircled around her, Felicity's hands formed reflexive fists that she drove toward Majesta's face and upper chest in wide arcs. The desperate blows thrown at her rocked Majesta and seemed to daze the raven-hair slightly, but not quite enough so the pressure around Felicity's waist eased. They two combatants remained locked in their mutual position as Ivana crept up behind Felicity to seize her hair in one hand as the other arm coiled around her throat.

Gasping as Ivana's arm compressed her windpipe and the crushing bearhug forcing the air from her lungs, Felicity reached behind her, her fingers desperately seizing and yanking at Ivana's hair. Holding on with bone-knuckled hands as her opponents squeezed fiercely, Felicity yanked and pulled remorselessly at Ivana's hair. Eager as ever to subdue the woman, Majesta made sure her arms were tightly coiled around the blonde's waist as she pulled back to open a small space between their bare stomachs, then she slammed forward, punching her belly into Felicity's as she squeezed her arms together tighter.

Felicity winced in pain as the raven-hair repeated the motion again and again, brutally slamming their bellies together with increasing strength as her powerful arms crushed her midsection into a smaller and smaller space with rapid pulses. As Felicity and Majesta's feet scuffled over the Persian carpet seeking a better purchase, Ivana proceeded to systematically loosen and tighten her choke hold around Felicity's throat, working in perfect synchronicity with the repeated impacts of Majesta's belly striking her own stomach.

Felicity struggled to lessen the ever-increasing pressure inflicted upon her, her legs becoming inadvertently entangled with Ivana's as Ivana sought to undermine Felicity's balance. Felicity rained incessant punches onto Majesta's face and upper chest as the crushing bearhug persisted. The blows echoed in the small massage room as the evil agents maintained the pressure on the blonde. Ivana repositioned her legs to uproot Felicity while Felicity fought gamely under the merciless twin assault. Despite her best efforts, though, Felicity eventually found herself toppled to the carpet by her opponents, again crashing to the Persian carpet underneath her with Ivana and Majesta falling on top of her.

As they fell to the carpet, Majesta slithered on top of Felicity as Ivana snaked her way underneath her, again wrapping her legs around Felicity's thighs in order to hinder their movement. Finally releasing her embrace around Felicity's waist, Majesta grabbed her wrists, holding them tightly and wrenching them behind her back. Straddling Felicity's thighs, her own legs pressing against them while her vinyl-clad backside pressed against her crotch, Majesta looked down into the eyes of the trapped Felicity.

Smiling seductively into Felicity's eyes, Majesta persisted with slapping her bare belly against Felicity's, the soft skin of her midriff impacting again and again with the blonde's. As she imagined she felt the growing wet patch between Felicity's thighs, Majesta intoned with a sardonic, humorless laugh, "If this is exciting you a bit too much, sweetness, just let me know."

Glancing down at her crotch, Felicity noticed for the first time she was indeed growing wet in her womanhood. Angered all the more by the erotic effect Ivana and Majesta were having on her, she was about to retort when the words in her mouth were replaced by a piercing scream as Ivana grabbed hold of her tits from under her. Felicity's teeth gritted in pain again as she fought back a second cry as Ivana clawed and squeezed her sensitive breasts. Felicity fought to clear her head of the cobwebs from the endless punishment, reeling from the dual torture they inflicted. Determined, she rebelled against the pain of Ivana's torturing hands on her chest while desperately steeling her stomach against Majesta's belly-busting assault. Although Felicity could feel her resistance being systematically worn down as Ivana took to digging her fingers deep into her breasts, Felicity began to twist and turn, trying to free her breasts from Ivana's agonizing grasp.

Another inadvertent cry issued from Felicity's lips as she arched her body backward and Ivana clawed her breasts as if refusing her any respite. Ivana's attack shifted from raking her nails in the sensitive flesh to pulling at Felicity's tits with increasing strength until again it seemed she was literally trying to tear them from her chest. Doing her best to shut out the pain, Felicity suddenly bucked upward against Majesta who kept her pinned, her midriff slamming into Majesta's, causing a short expulsion of air to escape her lungs. Snaking her arms around Majesta's waist, her forearms and then her upper arms gliding along Majesta's upper arms, Felicity clasped her wrist with her other hand as she pulled Majesta to her as she began to squeeze with her own bearhug, saying, "I can give just as good as I can receive, bitch. Let's see how YOU like being squeezed!"

"You think you can crush ME?" Majesta mocked her, then she felt her words cut off as Felicity's arms forced the breath from her body. Majesta gasped as the force of the bearhug slowly but surely robbed her of her ability to breathe. Felicity's hands were pressing tightly into the small of Majesta's back, the base of her spine the focal point of the pressure. Majesta arched her back as the unforgiving muscles in Felicity's upper arms crushed her. She was being inexorably pulled into her opponent where it caused the most discomfort and Felicity's own bearhug was tightening with each passing second. Majesta considered slamming a knee into Felicity's crotch to free herself of the bearhug, but every time she tried to move her legs, her thighs brushed over Felicity's and she realized she couldn't mount an effective offensive. So Majesta finally opted to fight fire with fire, tightening her own bearhug around Felicity's waist.

Felicity let out a long winded screech as in retaliation for her partner Ivana poured more pressure onto Felicity's breasts, clawing at Felicity even as Majesta persisted in compressing Felicity's body tightly. Since Felicity pulled Majesta to her with her own bearhug, Majesta's body was pressing into her and thus adding to Ivana's pressure and her fingers dug deep, entrenching themselves into her sensitive tits. Tears welled up in Felicity's eyes at the pain and the only sounds in the massage room were the labored breathing and occasional gasps, curses or short, sharp cries of the combatants as each sought to defeat their respective opponent.

Majesta's eyes locked with Felicity's in mutual animosity as they exchanged identical glares that seemed to bore into one another's consciousness. A sudden jerk of Majesta's arms pulled Felicity even closer to her as the bone-crushing double bearhug persisted, her larger breasts pressing into her, ballooning and engulfing Felicity's. Looking down between their bodies at her breasts being engulfed by her opponent filled Felicity with frustration; uttering a scream of rage and pain she tightened her bearhug as if seeking to pull Majesta right through her.

This turned out to be all the distraction Ivana needed; moving with a sharp, sudden motion she quickly shifted her weight and rolled all three women over on the Persian carpet, Majesta completing the movement with Ivana as if they had planned it out together without needing to speak to one another. Ivana ended up squarely on top of Felicity between her legs. Sensing her opportunity had arrived to regain an advantage, Ivana repeatedly pounded her knee over and over and over again into Felicity's unprotected womanhood even as she continued to claw Felicity's breasts and Majesta's bear hug persisted, forcing more and more air from her lungs.

Felicity's groans grew progressively louder and louder as her body reacted to the waves of agony shooting through her. Once Ivana was satisfied with the effect the knee shots had on Felicity, she locked eyes with Majesta, the two women seeming to silently agree to change their tactics. The two agents worked together to roll the trapped woman between them on the carpet over and over again, systematically wearing down Felicity's resistance until she appeared on the verge of losing all ability to retaliate. A few more rolls and Ivana and Majesta extricated themselves from Felicity and stood up, harshly hauling Felicity's gasping, limp body up between them.

Felicity knew her resistance was being worn away little by little, but she was nonetheless still determined to go down swinging if she had to go down at all to these merciless agents. Hard-faced, she drew on her fading reserves of energy and threw a series of punches at both women, most of which connected with one or the other to some part or other of their bodies. Exchanging a surprised look that Felicity was still fighting, Ivana and Majesta advanced on her and proceeded to hammer Felicity with fierce, calculated blows to her black and blue chest and her red belly. Hard fists hammered deep into bare bellies as the three women dished out equal amounts of punishment upon one another.

Then, as if at yet another unspoken signal, Dr. Evil's agents charged Felicity simultaneously! Majesta's hard body collided with Felicity's with yet another resounding SLAP of bare flesh on bare flesh as Ivana's body slammed into Felicity's back. The impact of the double collision knocked all three women to the soft Persian carpet yet again, with Ivana landing on top of Felicity. Snarling, Ivana flipped Felicity around by the hair and delivered a series of stinging slaps to her face before reaching downward to grab hold of her breasts once more as she began to brutally yank and tug. Screaming again as Ivana punished her, Felicity plowed a fist into her face, knocking her head back. Felicity reached down and pried Ivana's fingers from her breasts, then rolled over, taking Ivana with her so she was now on top. But Majesta had been underneath her; now that she was on top she stood and grabbed Felicity around the waist from behind and jerked her upright.

Majesta wrenched the bearhug as tightly as she could, lifting Felicity off her feet and forcing a long-winded huff of air from her lips as she shook her like a rag doll. Ivana rose and advanced to help as Majesta reached her arm under Felicity's armpit and grabbed Felicity's throat, trapping her in an inescapable choke hold. Majesta bent Felicity backward while wrapping one leg around her thigh. Ivana balled her hands into fists, stood in front of Felicity grinning and repeatedly slammed her fists into Felicity's exposed and vulnerable stomach. The combined effect of the blows and the choke around her neck was almost impossible for Felicity to bear. Felicity felt herself slowly but surely weakening under the endless assault and knew she could pass out at any moment.

Ivana steeped up the force of her punches until she drove one straight into Felicity's solar plexus, knocking all the breath from her body so that when Majesta finally released her Felicity slumped to the floor and toppled over against the wall, breathless and beyond fighting back. To make sure Felicity wouldn't be any more trouble to them, Majesta collected herself and charged her again, thrusting her arms hungrily around Felicity's torso. Felicity's eyes bugged wide open; she gulped in one mouthful of air as her waist yielded to Majesta's strenuous grasp. Felicity writhed with desperate fervor to break free, succeeding only in inviting Majesta to tighten her arms even more. The grip was agonizing, but Felicity could see the look in Majesta's eyes and could tell she was enjoying her position much more than she was letting on.

"This almost feels as satisfying as when I crushed Scott in my loving grasp," Majesta hissed.

As if to reiterate her sarcasm, Majesta's arms clamped tighter still about Felicity's waist, causing her to rear her head back, eyes squeezed shut, gasping for breath. Majesta began to unmercifully cudgel Felicity's chest against her own, grunting with animalistic fervor each time their breasts slammed together. Felicity's head fell back, crying out in pain and anger as Ivana slipped up from behind them, wrapping her own arms around Felicity and sandwiching her between the two powerful women's bodies. Sharing one final look between them, Ivana and Majesta crushed Felicity's body, mutually delighting in her diminishing struggles.

As much as she found this dual bearhug painful for her, Felicity discovered to her profound distaste that the constant rubbing and grinding of the agents' vinyl-clad frames against her own naked body was growing increasingly exciting to her. Desperately she attempted to keep a clear head so as to successfully match the two agents' fighting ability, but with each passing second she could feel her body responding to the close physical contact between herself and her two combatants. Ivana and Majesta seemed to sense that Felicity was falling victim to their powers of seduction, as if at an unspoken signal they began to grind themselves into Felicity's front and back, their skin abrading against Felicity, grinning a pair of malevolent smiles as Felicity found herself edged closer and closer to a devastating orgasm.

Soon Felicity was far beyond trying to resist the erotic manipulations of her two adversaries; to her own surprise she began to run and grind her naked body against the two women pressing their advantage as Ivana and Majesta ground themselves harder and faster into Felicity, laughing evilly at the now obvious fact that Felicity was now aiding them in their quest to wear down her resistance! If Felicity had heard their laughter, she gave no outward sign of it, as her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, her sweat-covered, naked body whipping and grinding convulsively against those of her adversaries, harder and harder, faster and faster.... until, finally, screaming in absolute ecstasy, she came, and came hard, her body stiffening in the throes of her orgasm.

Holding her there for a few more agonizing, drawn-out moments as the orgasm subsided, they finally opted to release Felicity from the painful holds they cinched upon her slender body. Felicity slumped to the floor, eyes still squeezed shut, fighting desperately to regain her inner equilibrium as she sensed her adversaries were not quite finished yet. Ivana approached Felicity again, bending over and hauling her up by the hair. Grinning wickedly at Majesta, she seized Felicity around the waist, applying a fierce bearhug of her own that forced yet another huff of oxygen from her lungs. "Tell me, bitch," Ivana taunted. "Do I squeeze as well as Majesta?"

The remark elicited a great deal of evil laughter from Ivana and her raven-haired partner, but Felicity didn't find it anywhere near as amusing. "Fuck.... you, Agent Pultitzov," she snarled through her gritted teeth, still fighting to keep her head clear and remember that she was fighting two of Dr. Evil's agents and this was no erotic encounter. Desperately, Felicity reared back and thrust her head viciously forward in one of her few remaining defiant moves. She delivered a hard head butt directly on Ivana's face, her forehead connecting solidly with Ivana's nose. Releasing the bearhug, Ivana stepped back to evaluate her condition as Majesta stepped forward to continue the assault. Felicity whirled to face her as Majesta delivered a spinning round kick into her bare midriff.

The kick knocked much of the wind from her, but Felicity managed to grab Majesta's calf as it impacted her exposed skin, falling forward as she rolled upward along Majesta's thigh, trapping her under her. She was in control again, albeit only temporarily, but the orgasm that had rocked her body robbed her of much of her remaining strength, and Felicity was now operating solely on her fierce determination. She was almost finished by now, and seemed to instinctively know she would soon fall to her persistent adversaries and return to the Ministry of Defense empty-handed. Well, if she was going to lose, she grimly decided, she would expend the last of her energy into putting as much of a hurting as she could into her enemies.

Sitting squarely on Majesta's neck, Felicity wrapped her legs tightly around Majesta's throat, locking her ankles together and leaning forward, stretching her long limbs as far outward as they would go, the muscles in her thighs constricting relentlessly around her throat. In retaliation, Majesta balled her hands into fists that she used to repeatedly hammer the muscles in back of Felicity's thighs in an effort to loosen them. But Ivana was far from finished and she approached the scene of battle from behind Felicity, twisting her fingers into claws and raking her long fingernails harshly down Felicity's back from her shoulder blades to the small of her back. Ivana repeated this action twice more as Majesta sunk her teeth into Felicity's thigh, forcing the scissors to come apart.

Majesta turned over and reared up on her knees, her fingers digging deep into Felicity's legs, gripping the muscles to alleviate the steady pressure of the scissors until it was completely loosened. Spinning around, Majesta reached up and slapped Felicity as hard as she could across her flushed, tear-stained face; once, twice, three times in a row. Then, she pulled Felicity on top of her by the hair, kicking her legs upward and slamming them as tight as possible around Felicity's midriff, in that sensitive, yielding area between her ribs and her hips. Majesta's thighs pressed into Felicity's sides with a fierce, unforgiving ferocity, reveling in the expression of agony that surfaced on Felicity's face as she gasped, "Majesta ... I ... can't ... breathe..."

"That's because she is CRUSHING you, Agent Shagwell!" laughed Ivana from where she watched her partner squeeze her foe mercilessly with her alabaster-hued legs. Coming up from behind her, Ivana twisted her fingers into claws that she used to rake and tear at Felicity's back, delighting in the agonized screams issuing from Felicity's throat. Ivana's fingernails left fresh, beet-red scratches in downward patterns along Felicity's back. Ivana maintained the torment she was inflicting upon Felicity until Majesta finally uncoiled her legs from around Felicity's agonized waist, rolling out from under Felicity and letting her naked body slump to the soft Persian carpet, utterly exhausted and out of breath.

Felicity was almost thankful that the carpet was there to break her fall and offer some comfort, however brief it would be. Ivana approached Felicity again and grabbed one of her calves, deftly flipping Felicity on to her back while spinning around to secure Felicity's calf over her opposite thigh with her own limbs, trapping her in a figure four leg lock. Felicity gasped, reflexively sitting up as the pressure on her legs commenced, her mouth hanging wordlessly open. Grinning, Ivana grabbed hold of Felicity's hair and slapped her hard across the face, knocking her back down to the carpet. The muscles in Ivana's legs bulged in rigid definition as she pressured Felicity's limbs as Majesta sat behind her.

Majesta positioned her thigh behind Felicity's neck as she rested her other leg across Felicity's throat. Then she leaned backward with Felicity's neck trapped in a second figure four leglock. Felicity gasped and did her best to suck in breath as the crushing legs fixed around her neck tightened with seemingly relentless force, cutting off Felicity's breathing. Her face turned beet red as she felt Majesta's muscular thighs squeezing and choking her, constricting her neck like steel cables. As they held Felicity hopelessly trapped between them, Ivana and Majesta took turns raining fierce blows down onto Felicity's tortured stomach while applying equally fierce pressure to her with their mutual scissors locks.

Ivana's hold on Felicity's legs was devastating, but she couldn't cry out as Majesta's thighs not only cut off her breathing but hindered her from making a single sound. Little by little she felt herself falling to the tormenting holds applied to her until she was beyond staying awake. Finally, unable to resist the double assault, Felicity's struggles diminished until she lay unmoving on the Persian carpet, offering no further resistance to her tormentors, out cold. Ivana and Majesta kept the holds locked on until they were sure Felicity wasn't playing possum, then released her. Ecstatic with their victory, they signaled one another one final time with their eyes, agreeing to clean things up before leaving.

Ivana headed for Scott Evil, picking him up and tossing his limp body over his shoulder while Majesta dealt with Felicity, tying her hands tightly behind her back with her bikini top and stuffing the bottom into her half-open mouth. Smiling at her handiwork, Majesta joined Ivana in gathering up Scott's files and their own belongings before they departed, leaving Agent Felicity Shagwell on the floor: naked, bruised and battered, passed out and humiliated... to ponder her defeat and try to figure out how to explain her failure to obtain the information she'd promised the Ministry of Defense once she came to and wriggled out of her bondage.