Austin Powers #2: Attack of the Fembot by Oberon
Felicity Shagwell-Heather Graham; Vanessa Kensington-Elizabeth Hurley; Foxxy Cleopatra-Beyonce Knowles

Sascha Squeeze-Peta Wilson; Serena Squeeze-Famke Janssen; Ivana Pultitzov-Heather Donahue; Majesta Krush-Rose McGowan

It was a long time before Felicity Shagwell regained consciousness in the massage room after Agents Pultitzov and Krush had beaten her and taken Scott Evil away. The walls around her slowly came back into focus as her eyes fluttered and opened completely, narrowing a little as they tried to accustom themselves to the light. Slowly taking in her surroundings, Felicity realized she was still in the room where she fought Agents Ivana Pultitzov and Majesta Krush. Stirring, she moaned as the pain in her body washed over her from the scratches and punches her skin was subjected to from Dr. Evil's henchwomen, not to mention the constant compressions Felicity received from their arms and legs wrapped tight around her, mercilessly squeezing the breath from her body. Her ribs ached from the constant strain of the bearhugs and scissor locks they gave her to wear down her resistance as they sent her off to dreamland.

She stirred again, testing her energy as she felt things slowly but surely coming into sharper focus. Trying to breathe through her lips, she realized with shock and horror that something was stuffed inside her mouth. Almost gagging at the musty odor flowing in her nostrils and down her throat, Felicity spat out the damp bikini bottoms by pure reflex, disgusted by the thought that they had been there as she was passed out. She tried to turn over, wincing as the pain receptors in her brain registered her extreme physical torture. She rolled on her back, trying to move her arms before she realized she was still bound by the wrists. Resting until she worked up enough strength to try wriggling from her bonds, Felicity worked the bikini, twisting her wrists this way and that until she felt it loosening enough that she could pull her hands free.

It was even longer before Felicity could try moving again, as each move she tried resulted in more waves of pain coursing through her. The agony in her limbs and chest was almost too much to bear. With some effort, she struggled on the floor and finally managed to push herself back up to her knees, legs quivering with the motion. Felicity had to balance herself by leaning her open palm on a nearby wall until the shaking stopped. When the cobwebs in her head were gone, Felicity pondered her defeat, knowing she would have to explain her failure to obtain the information she promised the Ministry of Defense about Dr. Evil's latest plan to take over the world. All the while, she secretly hoped the opportunity would present itself for her to cross paths with those bitches that had made brutal work of her.

Wincing again as she moved, Felicity bent to retrieve both parts of her bikini, doing her best to shut out the waves of pain washing over her as she eased both pieces over her upper and lower body. Perhaps, she mused bitterly, some time spent in the sauna would clear her mind so she could decide how to benefit from this fiasco. Her bikini loosely repositioned over her sore breasts and crotch, Felicity forced herself to stand on shaky legs and quietly exited the massage room, ignoring the discomfort these movements caused as she peered both ways down the hall to see if there was anyone else present who would notice her scratched, bruised appearance and start asking questions. Seeing the hall was empty, she padded out, quietly shutting the door behind her. Wiping sweat from her face, Felicity did her best to hide the discoloration on her skin from the fists and fingernails of Dr. Evil's henchwomen as she headed unobtrusively through the hallways.

She thought of Scott Evil's agreement to meet her under the promise of a night of wild sex being found out by the Soviet agents in Dr. Evil's employ and couldn't help feeling a pang of guilt at the thought of what Dr. Evil might do to punish him for compromising the security of his evil operation once Pultitzov and Krush returned him to his headquarters at Virtucon. For all Felicity knew Dr. Evil might roast him alive in Mustafa's fire pit, or feed him to a horde of mutated ill-tempered sea bass to make him an example to the others! Felicity knew she was responsible for Scott's safety since it was her idea to get the necessary information from him, and resolved she would convince the Ministry of Defense to try and grant him immunity in some way, but first and foremost she decided she must devise a new strategy to infiltrate Dr. Evil's plans, all the while not knowing that there were plans that directly involved her being formulated at the moment.

Locating the sauna in a hallway on the other side of the health spa, Felicity pushed the door open, wincing again as the scratches on her skin acted up again with the movement of her arm and entered. Almost immediately, the waves of damp, hot air washed over her body, soothing her discomfort somewhat, but not by too much. The air felt good, but it also made her feel woozy and lightheaded, as if she might pass out again from the abrupt change in temperature. Fighting to keep her balance, Felicity headed for a bench situated on the far side of the sauna. Reaching it, she had to sit carefully so as not to hyperventilate as she regained her breath and not to inflame her throbbing wounds. Finding a comfortable position, Felicity immediately closed her eyes and tried to think of a way that she could present to the Ministry of Defense as to how to salvage her mission. She imagined if her path crossed with Pultitzov and Krush again, she would need backup from the other two agents from the Ministry of Defense. As much as she wanted to come across them again, Felicity wasn't sure if she could handle another encounter, for a few reasons that seemed painfully obvious to her, despite how she wanted to deny it.

As she leaned her head against the wall behind her, easing herself into more of a comfortable position, Felicity found her mind wandering back to the savage fight she had with Agents Pultitzov and Krush, that began with the massage Ivana had given her before raking her nails down her back and rudely jarring her from the state of near-ecstasy she had been in, before prodding her with an Uzi automatic to the room where she was forced to fight Pultitzov and her partner Krush until she was sent to dreamland to allow time for them to escape with Scott. Felicity thought back to the part of her fight when she inadvertently grew excited during the fight's more "intimate" moments, during the times she was caught in an agent's squeezing grasp, air being progressively forced from her body as bare skin ground against bare skin in close quarters.

As the memory of this grew clearer in her mind, Felicity found herself wondering whether the excitement she received as Agent Pultitzov gave her that stimulating massage, and the excitement that actually spurred her to assist the Evil agents in stimulating her to orgasm was simply her body reacting to the constant physical contact between them, or perhaps the result of desire she hadn't suspected existed. Part of Felicity questioned her body's reaction to their powers of seduction, but another part found the idea of competing against them sexually stimulating in itself, as if drinking in those powers of theirs, welcoming the effect they had on her. As she considered the latter, she closed her eyes and tried to relax herself more, absently beginning to run the fingers of her right hand along her inner thigh. Her fingers almost reached her crotch when her senses were suddenly alerted to the door being yanked open from the outside.

As Felicity regained her senses, focusing her eyes on the open door to the sauna entrance, two women whom she didn't immediately recognize walked boldly inside; one blonde, the other brunette; followed by a third figure whose features were obscured by a black latex mask and matching bodysuit that covered every inch of his, or her, body. For their part, the first women who entered the sauna were dressed in tight fitting black latex bikinis that clung to them like an additional layer of skin. Seeing Felicity sitting on the bench at the far end of the sauna, they smiled slightly, apparently eager to make her acquaintance. Judging by their demeanor and the confident way they regarded her, it was obvious that these newcomers meant trouble. Though her body ached after her thrashing by the Evil agents, she still was in no mood to be disturbed this soon afterward, especially if they were here for the reason she suspected they might be.

Straightening with some effort and glaring at the newcomers, Felicity's eyes narrowed to slits as she looked them over. "Go away, this is my time," she snapped, hoping she sounded bitchy and intimidating enough despite her exhaustion

"Agent Felicity Shagwell, of the Ministry of Defense, I presume?" the blonde inquired with a Soviet accent as the brunette followed, looking straight into Felicity's eyes. The third newcomer stood by the door, not moving. But at the moment, this was of no consequence for Felicity. Obviously, the first two women had an idea who she was. Not good.

"Whose asking?" Felicity snapped again, figuring an attempt to cover her identity may prove fruitless since the newcomers had such an easy time finding her here. Tilting her head upward as she tensed, she returned the icy stares crawling over her face, trying to ready herself in case the women made any aggressive move toward her. "And how did you manage to find me here, may I ask?"

"Before we answer your questions, Agent Shagwell," the blonde replied, taking a tentative step closer as if warning Felicity to remain silent, "an introduction on our part is in order. I am Agent Sascha Squeeze, and this," she indicated the brunette standing alongside her, "is my partner, Agent Serena Squeeze. We are from the Soviet Union."

"We received top secret orders by Dr. Evil after Agents Pultitzov and Krush were dispatched to intercept your meeting with Scott," the brunette explained. "As such we have heard about your unfortunate encounter with them." She smiled coldly as the information registered in Felicity's mind. "They were ordered to leave you here. For reasons not even revealed to them we were sent to introduce you to someone who is going to help us foil the Ministry of Defense's plan to thwart Dr. Evil."

For some reason, the agents' thick Soviet accents became unbearable to Felicity. "Why do you two have to have Russian accents? First Pultitzov and Krush, now you two. Come on; the Cold War ended in the eighties for God's sake!"

"As I said," Serena offered Felicity in explanation, "we're from the Soviet Union. Besides," she added with a wicked smile, "we think Russian accents give us an air of sexuality unmatched by anything YOU have to offer, Agent Shagwell," Sascha placed her hands on her hips as she spoke, staring down condescendingly at Felicity. "Exotic accents always do so for an evil agent, especially while they are in a confrontation with the good guys."

"Never mind that. Why bother to tell me about all this?" Felicity demanded, snapping back to the situation at hand and still not making complete sense of what was being said. She was not able to take her eyes off the mysterious figure standing motionless by the door, but something about the person made her uneasy.

"Because it's highly unlikely that you will live to tell anyone about Dr. Evil's plans!" exclaimed Sascha, as she signaled the figure by the door to come forward, moving off to the side to allow an unobstructed path as Serena did the same.

Heading toward Felicity, the mystery guest who arrived with Dr. Evil's agents removed the latex mask, letting it drop to the floor. Watching her do this, Felicity experienced a few instants of confused vertigo, as if she was staring into a mirror! The smirking face staring into her eyes was exactly identical to her own, as if this doppelganger of Felicity was somehow cloned from her DNA by Dr. Evil's scientists in his underground laboratory. Felicity's eyes widened in shock as this carbon copy of her stepped closer; before she could utter any questions as to what the meaning of this was, the doppelganger moved close enough to her to deliver a devastating slap across Felicity's face that knocked her off her feet and sent her reeling across the sauna and to the floor, standing over her haughtily as Felicity fought to clear her head of the cobwebs

"Meet the woman who is going to help Dr. Evil rule the world!" Serena shouted jubilantly as she looked down on Felicity. "I am afraid there's been a change of plans as to your being allowed to return to the Ministry of Defense," she continued, her words leaving very little room for interpretation. "Dr. Evil decided he should have you in his company, to show you how he plans to defeat the plans the Ministry of Defense have to infiltrate his plot to control the media and the world's finances."

When she recovered from her shock, Felicity became angry upon hearing Serena's words. This was a development the Ministry of Defense had not anticipated, and therefore Felicity had not been briefed on the possibility. But she knew now that Dr. Evil had taken great pains to engage the Ministry at their own game and perform an act of counter-intelligence that would lead to undermining their efforts to thwart Dr. Evil's plans to rule the world. Apart from that, Felicity was pissed enough that she had not only been thwarted on her mission, not to mention being humiliated by being tied up inescapably with her own bikini, but now she was to be taken to Dr. Evil and forced to take part in his evil plot some way. And all this was happening despite her agreement with the other agents that she would be allowed to leave if she fought them!

Feeling her anger rising despite her physically weakened condition, Felicity hardened her face as she ignored the woman standing over her. Glaring up at the Evil agents who were now standing at either side of Felicity's doppelganger to prevent escape, if Felicity had considered escape an option. Clearing her head from the slap and rising from where she sat on the floor, she narrowed her eyes at Sascha and Serena. "Well," Felicity intoned, ready for a confrontation, "let me get up again; then you can come here an' try to take me in if you can. But, be advised that you won't take me without a fight!"

"There is no need to fight you, Agent Shagwell," Sascha assured her, "at least not to take you with us!" That said, Sascha and her partner stepped back and watched as Felicity saw her doppelganger pull a small, cylindrical object from inside her tight catsuit. Smiling into Felicity's eyes, the doppelganger pressed a small button on its side; an instant later, Felicity began to thrash convulsively on the sauna floor as the small cylindrical object in the woman's hand turned out to be a miniature taser. Fired into her chest, it frazzled Felicity's insides until she was shoved past the borders of dreamland.

The Soviet agents continued their evil laughter at her expense. Seeing she was now completely unconscious, the woman released the button on the taser and the business end of it extracted from her body. Knowing it was time to leave, they signaled their friend who bent and hoisted Felicity's unconscious body to her feet, lifting her like a rag doll and preparing to carry her from the sauna. As they left with their mysterious friend following close behind, carrying Felicity's unconscious body over her shoulder Sascha intoned, "Dr. Evil will surely be pleased to send a message to the Ministry of Defense that we have one of their finest agents in our possession!" punctuating her statement with some evil laughter.

"Let's see how eager Agent Shagwell is to fight AFTER she has recovered!" Serena agreed, adding some evil laughter of her own to the mix. "After all, fighting oneself is in itself a strange task; that much is certain…."


"Agent Felicity Shagwell, welcome to my underground lair..."

Felicity knew that voice. Turning her head to locate the source of it from where she stood in the makeshift fighting pit she was escorted to and ordered to wait, she beheld Dr. Evil and his henchmen staring down at her from a raised platform that was a fair distance away. Alongside of him were the members of his evil cabinet, all of whom she had been briefed on at the Ministry of Defense. As she looked closer, she saw the agents who had captured Scott and taken part in capturing her to bring her here; Ivana Pultitzov, Majesta Krush and Sascha and Serena Squeeze. They wore identical expressions of amusement and anticipation as they watched her wait in the pit for the show Dr. Evil arranged to begin. Upon awakening here she had been escorted from her room by two armed guards who made sure she showered and changed her clothes for her appearance where she was now, in an undisclosed area in Dr. Evil's Virtucon-fronted base of operations. The fighting pit Felicity was in and the room around her was as sparse and sophisticated as Dr. Evil's dining room. She wore a metallic silver miniskirt and top, and so far was alone in the fighting pit, but she wouldn't be for long.

"I hope you like your quasi-futuristic designer clothes, Agent Shagwell," Dr. Evil continued, "because they're the last thing you'll ever wear," raising his pinkie to the corner of his mouth as he realized the last words in both his sentences rhymed.

"Where's Scott Evil?" Felicity demanded, casting an icy, arrogant glare at Pultitzov, Krush and the Squeeze Sisters before turning to look directly at Dr. Evil himself, her eyes seeming to demand an answer. "What have you done with him?"

"The location of Scott is inconsequential, as far as you're concerned," Dr. Evil responded. "Even if you did know you would be unable to inform the Ministry of Defense of his whereabouts. What's important is you're to take part in a demonstration of our Evil technological advancements. We have been watching your movements for a long time, and we arranged for my agents to intercept you at the right moment, when you could be captured and taken here without the knowledge of Austin Powers and the Ministry. And now, we are about to show you why we went to such great pains to have you brought here." Turning to his left, he addressed the short woman standing alongside him, allowing her to call the other woman to show up at his little get together in his Virtucon headquarters. "Frau Farbissina?" he trailed off.

"Thank you, Dr. Evil," Frau Farbissina graciously conceded. Then, "Bring in the FEMBOT!"

As he'd done when she introduced Agents Pultitzov and Krush to his evil cabinet, Dr. Evil cringed at the grating sound of Frau Farbissina's voice as two armed guards present moved to a door on the other side of the room and admitted the final guest of the night's festivities. It was the woman who Agent Shagwell saw was perfectly identical in appearance when she was first introduced to her by the Squeeze Sisters. The woman was dressed in garb likewise identical to what Felicity was wearing, right down to the metallic silver boots she was wearing as she headed for the edge of the fighting pit where she stopped, regarding Felicity with her eyes before turning her gaze toward Farbissina and Dr. Evil, as if awaiting an order.

"Agent Felicity Shagwell," Frau Farbissina began carefully, "Allow me to familiarize you personally with the ultimate fembot technology. In order to defeat Austin Powers, we have constructed a fembot that resembles you in every way, right down to your appearance, your personality, your habits, everything. Once she has defeated you in this combat, we will send her back to the Ministry of Defense to infiltrate their intelligence network, and put an end to their meddling ways once and for all when we finally take over the world's finances. Of course," Farbissina concluded, "you won't be alive to see it happen, since this fight is to the death!"

"Your fembot replica will return to the Ministry of Defense, and no one will know she has replaced you until it's too late!"

"You'll never get away with this, I swear it!" Felicity exclaimed indignantly. "I'll find a way to beat your creation, and then I'll find Scott before I leave to tell the Ministry of Defense everything you've kept secret from them!"

"That is very unlikely," Farbissina admonished her, indicating the fembot at the edge of the fighting pit, "because this is the most powerful fembot we have created so far. She can outfight the top crack agents in the Ministry of Defense, and she is efficiently trained in many forms of lethal combat. Trying to defeat her would be like trying to stop a hurricane, as you are about to learn, Agent Shagwell." As she finished, Farbissina was about to order the fembot Shagwell to enter the pit, when she was suddenly interrupted as Sascha sidled closer to Dr. Evil, nudging his arm to draw his attention away from the pit.

"Before she dies, Dr. Evil," Sascha cooed seductively in her thick Russian accent, "may Serena and I have some fun with her first?" Looking over, she saw the expectant expression on Serena's face and knew she'd be amenable to the idea.

"Yes," Serena eagerly agreed. "Felicity has had plenty of time to recover from her beating at the hands of Agents Pultitzov and Krush, and since she made our acquaintance as well it would be appropriate for us to weaken her before your fembot finishes her off."

"As you wish," Dr. Evil conceded them the opportunity to fight Agent Shagwell before the demonstration of their creation's power. "I know how much you like to toy with your prey before its impending destruction. You may begin."

Grinning at one another, Sascha and Serena approached the pit as his henchmen moved away at a respectful distance. A moment later they jumped in to confront Felicity, beginning to warily circle her as if expecting an immediate response. For Felicity's part, she wasn't intimidated and still determined as ever to emerge from this encounter in one piece.

"Come on, you bitches!" she barked with more arrogant haughtiness than she'd spoken with since meeting them. "You won't stop me from warning the Ministry of Defense!"

Grinning wryly at Felicity's persistent defiance, Sascha and Serena exchanged another look as if they had been expecting such a reaction from her, even now. Looking back at her with unflinching eyes, as if wordlessly telling her they knew of her physically depleted condition and she didn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of fighting them off. Stretching their arms and legs with seductive airs as they physically and mentally prepared themselves for the task at hand, they spread out to move to either side of Felicity as their lazy circling continued and Felicity's fembot doppelganger looked on patiently.

Felicity kept her eyes on both agents as they slowly circled her, dropping into a defensive posture as she mentally readied herself for what might be a grueling physical contest. Carefully watching for any sudden movements that either agent may decide to make, Felicity tried to look in every direction at once, always managing to keep at least one of the agents in her line of vision at any time. Sascha and Serena stayed out of striking distance for the time being, stalking Felicity, testing her speed and reaction time with an occasional feint, but never directly attacking. The lights above the fighting pit reflected brightly off the quasi-futuristic black miniskirts and tops they wore as they wordlessly continued the game, eyes narrowed, expressions calculating as they worked together to determine the most effective course of action. Finally, they rushed Felicity in unison, fists raised, meaning to knock her to the floor where they could make better use of their fighting abilities!

As they came within range, Sascha aiming punches to Felicity's back and Serena kicking her leg between Felicity's calves to trip her to the floor, Felicity unexpectedly surged forward, enduring the painful blows to her back as her sudden motion caught both agents completely by surprise! Felicity ducked another series of punches from Sascha, swinging her fist to hit Sascha in the head as she used Serena's momentum and lack of balance to trip her to the floor in her place while her leg kicked out to trip her. As Felicity somehow lost her balance and fell on top of Serena's prone body, bare skin slamming together, Sascha descended upon her to retaliate. Burying her fingers in Felicity's hair from behind before she could do something to capitalize on her advantage over Serena, Sascha harshly yanked her from atop her partner and hauled her to her feet. Spinning Felicity around and wrapping her arms around her waist, Sascha applied a rib crunching bearhug!

Felicity's scream was abruptly cut off by the strong arms compressing her waist; she found herself gasping and fighting to regain air as the bearhug tightened around her midriff. Their half-naked bodies ground harshly as Felicity squirmed to escape Sascha's grasp. Sascha's clenched fists pressed remorselessly into the small of Felicity's back, fists pressing into her navel, muscles and forearms constricting tightly around her ribs, the tight grasp pushing its way into Felicity's yielding waist and forcing more oxygen from her lungs. Having regained her feet, Serena walked forward, slamming her fists into Felicity's shoulder blades as Sascha renewed her efforts to squeeze the fight out of her. Frustrated by her predicament, Felicity screamed in rage and agony, reared back to ram her forehead hard into Sascha's nose! Sascha's head snapped back and the bearhug loosened as Felicity drew in a long huff of air through her mouth and nostrils.

However, before she could follow up on her counter attack, Serena slammed a fist into her temple, then surged forward, clamping another bearhug around her waist, building on Sascha's previous efforts to force the wind from Felicity's lungs. The sudden shock of her waist being crushed again as Serena's breasts ground into her own caused Felicity to squirm in protest at the crushing pressure mounting around her waist. Spurred by the sight of Felicity being compressed in Serena's arms, Sascha lunged at her from behind again, twisting her hands into claws as she reached around and plunged her fingers into Felicity's face! Her fingers sought Felicity's eyes as Serena maintained the brutally tight bearhug, raking her nails down in a harsh scratching motion as she found them before subjecting Felicity's back to the same treatment!

Felicity screamed in agony again, the cry being cut off by the bearhug around her waist as Sascha's fingernails assaulted her unsuspecting face, tearing into her eyes, nostrils and cheeks. Feeling the grasp around her midsection tightening as the pain of those fingernails assaulted her sensitive back, Felicity desperately twisted her body in an effort to escape the tight bearhug so that she might mount a counter-offense, her legs pumping furiously until they caught Serena in the crotch more by pure luck than calculated skill. Her eyes bugging wide open, she loosened her arms from around Felicity's waist and staggered backward to regain her breath as Felicity spun around to contend with Sascha, who was reaching for her hair with both hands. Ducking the outstretched fingers, Felicity used her legs like pistons, charging Sascha with her head ducked low, trying to ram it into her stomach. But Sascha lifted her knee at the last instant, slamming it into Felicity's chest as Serena charged her from behind!

Serena jumped on Felicity's back, deftly coiled an arm around her throat and pulled backward harshly. As her forearm pressed her windpipe, Felicity struggled furiously to escape until their legs became entangled and they crashed to the floor. Making sure she maintained a firm enough purchase on Felicity as they fell, Serena signaled Sascha with her eyes to wait until the right time to contribute to the assault and threw herself backward, wrapping her legs around Felicity's waist and squeezing down hard! Feeling Felicity give between her muscular legs, Serena beamed a smile as her grip on Felicity grew stronger, her legs resetting themselves each time Felicity whipped convulsively to get out from in between the crushing vice grip on her midsection. Screeching from the tight legs around her waist, she tried to move her head to the side in order to bite at the arm choking off her air, but Serena just chuckled and pulled the choke tighter as her legs kicked outward, squeezing Felicity's waist even more as the inertia of the kick brought her legs closer together.

Gagging as Serena compressed her body and throat tighter, Felicity desperately tried clawing her back in an effort to take her focus off the energy she poured into her painful holds. Seeing this was to no avail, she used her other arm to strike at the exposed waist of her brunette tormentor, her balled fist plunging into the yielding area of her midsection, hearing grunt after grunt as her fist connected with Serena's flesh. As Serena tried to shift position to where she could maintain a tighter hold on her, Felicity used the inertia to roll Serena onto her back, coiling an arm around her neck in retaliation. But Serena reset her legs again and squeezed harder, pulling her head closer as she rolled Felicity on her back. Pouring more energy into the brutal scissors, she laughed in the trapped blonde's face as she leaned in and sank her teeth into Felicity's nose, pulsing the legs around her waist tighter still as Felicity's fruitless struggles to free herself intensified.

Crying out from the teeth sinking into her nose, Felicity grabbed hold of a handful of dark hair, yanking backward fiercely in an effort to force Serena to relinquish her grip. But Serena responded by compressing her legs tighter still around her, releasing a savage roar of excitement as she suppressed Felicity's feverish struggling, delighting in feeling her soft waist giving way farther between her powerful thighs. Seeing Serena had Felicity trapped in the dual holds with no chance of escape, Sascha approached her prone body as Felicity glared defiantly in her eyes. When she came within range, Sascha proceeded to repeatedly stomp the trapped agent's chest! "How's that feel, Agent Shagwell? Find it difficult to breathe?" Serena taunted from underneath her as Sascha continued her merciless stomping of her sore chest, chuckling at Felicity's predicament as the trapped agent sandwiched between them began to squirm like a fish out of water, fighting to regain her breathing, even more desperate to escape their clutches!

Serena's tight limbs seemed like steel cables around her yielding waist and neck, and Sascha's feet slammed into her gut like a maniacal jackhammer. Felicity was struggling feverishly to escape the physical punishment, but Sascha and Serena realized their mutual tactic was beginning to take effect on her. Felicity began to slump in their grasp, gasping to catch her breath as Serena's muscular limbs squeezed harder and Sascha's stomping tactics kept still more air from reaching her lungs. As Felicity's feverish struggles persisted, the agents pressed their advantage, smiling conspiratorially at each other as a spasmodic jerk came from the trapped agent between them. A long-winded roar of pain and frustration escaped the squirming Shagwell as Felicity reacted to the persistent squeezing and stomping. This sound was followed by a series of short, ragged gasps as Serena squeezed tighter still!

"Give it up, Agent Shagwell," Sascha mocked the struggling Felicity with that thick Russian accent as she continued driving her foot into Felicity's chest. "You cannot even hope to defeat all of us, much less your carbon copy!"

"Uuuuunnggggghhhhhhh… biiiiiittttttttcccchhhhh… unnnnnnhhhhhhh… let… goooooooooo..." Felicity screeched through the tight choke as she felt the crushing pressure increasing with each second.

Laughing as she saw the squirming blonde caught between her legs was turning beet-red in the face, her body undulating with less energy, Serena released her, uncoiling her legs from around her waist while she let go of the tight choke around her neck. Hauling her up by her sweat-damp tresses, Sascha kneed Felicity in the gut, reaching over her back as the blonde doubled over and lifted her upside down in the air by the waist. Holding her suspended there for a few moments, arms compressing Felicity's waist to push more air from her lungs as Felicity gasped from the lack of breath, Sascha positioned Felicity's head between her thighs and dropped to the floor of the pit, slamming Felicity's crown hard! Felicity was too dazed to fight back as Sascha hiked her skirt up to her hips and lowered her ass firmly into Felicity's face, cutting off her breathing once more!

As Sascha's firm ass cheeks pressed down onto Felicity's face, she fought the instinct to panic as the Evil agent riding her began to rock back and forth, grinding herself into Felicity, adding humiliation to her pain and loss of breathing. Before she knew what was happening, Serena sat down alongside her prone body, sliding her legs across Felicity's midriff and began to squeeze her yet again, crossing her ankles firmly and stretching her limbs as far out as they could go, compressing the taut waist between them! In vain Felicity kicked her own legs to try and thrust herself out of it, but Sascha reached behind her to grab a generous portion of Felicity's hair, holding her in place as she pressed her ass down harder onto her face. A smile crossed Sascha's face as she lifted up a few seconds later, crossing her ankles so that her inner thighs and calves pressed against the sides of Felicity's head, and lowered herself back down, increasing the smothering force she exerted to subdue Felicity as Serena's legs pulsed around her waist with increasing strength.

The combined assaults on Felicity's waist and air passages took their toll as the scissors ground her into a more compact space, depriving her of a place to store her breath as most of the air was blocked from entering or leaving her body by the posterior planted over her flushed face. In desperation she tried moving her head up and down, from side to side in order to get at least some air in her depleted lungs. But Sascha and Serena wanted to keep her from passing out so they could maintain their advantage in putting the Ministry of Defense's top agent through the wringer before the fembot designed to take her place finished her off. As they continued torturing their prey, Sascha would lift up slightly as Serena retracted her legs a little, allowing Felicity's breathing to return somewhat to normal; then they pressed down and reestablished the leg scissors for as long as it took to make Felicity feel lightheaded and on the verge of passing out. They repeated the pattern for what seemed like eternity, each convulsive extension of Serena's legs and pressing down on Sascha's ass seeming to grow worse.

"Squeeze her! Show her no mercy!" Frau Farbissina encouraged them from the edge of the fighting pit as Sascha and her partner redoubled their efforts to force all the air from Felicity's body, and the fembot kept watching from the other side.

By this point, Felicity barely heard this from Dr. Evil's henchwoman as all the blood rushed to her ears from the persistent crushing she received from the two Soviets. Agents Pultitzov and Krush, having already fought Felicity back at the health spa, likewise shouted encouragement to their comrades on how to further punish Felicity, but Felicity barely heard this either. She resisted the panic welling up inside her as the firm ass cheeks pressed into her face, secured by the crossed ankles, and the muscular thighs compressing her waist squeezed and squeezed some more, with no sign of weakening or letting up anytime soon. Still, with violent defiance Felicity kicked her thrashing legs as high in the air as she could as the agents' crushing and smothering continued, thrusting her lower body in tandem with her legs in the hope she'd somehow escape her confinement and find a better position to counterattack at least one of them while keeping the other at bay. But Serena caught her kicking legs as they came close enough, securing them with one arm as her legs constricted her again.

They held her indefinitely, loosening their holds a bit whenever they sensed Felicity was losing consciousness, then letting her revive just enough before clamping legs back around her agonized stomach and pressing ass cheeks into her face when she began struggling again. When they tired of tormenting Felicity from that position, Sascha and Serena lifted off of her, allowing Felicity to collapse on the floor. As she lay there, sucking in air desperately, gagging and fighting to stay alert, Felicity was sure the two agents were going to work her over until she was beyond fighting. Her fear was confirmed seconds later when, sliding up to Felicity's head, Serena clamped a scissors around her neck as the fembot sat down behind her head, Serena's powerful thighs pressed on Felicity's throat from all sides, eliciting horrible choking sounds from Felicity as her body whipped from side to side, over and over again in furious efforts to wrench herself from between the legs.

To further suppress Felicity's struggles, Sascha grabbed her thrashing legs, twisting them into one painful position after other, finally tangling them into a figure four ending her kicking so she was reduced to convulsive jerks that caused pain more than serving their intended purpose. Encouraged by the sensation of having Felicity right where they wanted her, Serena tightened the scissors on Felicity's throat as Sascha tightened the figure four, bringing another agonized cry that was quickly choked off by the legs crushing Felicity's windpipe tighter and tighter. Then, almost thankfully, the pressure on Felicity's neck and legs suddenly vanished and air filled her lungs so fast she almost hyperventilated from the sudden rush of oxygen. Despite her reeling mind Felicity instinctively knew this ordeal was far from over. She lifted her head with some effort as she heard two more pairs of footsteps coming her way.

Fighting to get up to her knees, Felicity was rocked with a brutal forearm smash across her chest that knocked her back down to the floor. Gasping and sucking air into her lungs, Felicity suddenly felt pressure in her scalp as hands gripped her hair, yanking her to her feet. Before she could react, she was looking into the grinning face of Majesta Krush, who jumped into the fighting area with Ivana Pultitzov to join in on the fun the Squeeze Sisters were having at her expense. In the next instant the raven-haired agent's arms encircled her pained torso, meeting at the small of her back at the wrists and closing around her ribcage, rudely shoving the oxygen Felicity had somehow managed to draw into her lungs. Her back arching at a painful angle from the force of Majesta's bearhug, Felicity threw her head back, her mouth hanging open in a soundless cry as their stomachs ground together. The muscles in Majesta's arms clenched her waist, cracking her bones as Majesta leaned in close to whisper, "Remember me, Agent Shagwell? I missed our intimate moments together, as did Ivana!"

"Majesta is quite correct," Ivana agreed with a wide, beaming grin on her face. "But I knew we would meet again!"

"Would you like to give her another demonstration of your… talents?" Sascha Squeeze asked her sarcastically.

"In time," Ivana answered patiently. "For now, I prefer to watch Agent Shagwell being KRUSHED!"

Ivana and the Squeeze Sisters shared a laugh at that as Majesta persisted in her physical torture of Felicity. Tightening her arms around the blonde's waist, she crushed Felicity's squirming body hungrily, reveling in her frenzied struggles. In response to her efforts to tear herself from her grasp, Majesta pulled Felicity closer into her body, abrading the bearhug to increase the pressure around Felicity's yielding midsection, arching her further backward in the process as the squeezing continued with no sign of tapering off. Their breasts fought to engulf each other as their stomachs were pressed so tightly they appeared glued together. With each second Majesta's grip grew tighter, Felicity's mouth hung open wider until a cry of terrible agony and frustration was wrung from deep in the pit of her gut. But Majesta's grin just broadened at the sound, her teeth showing as if she was utterly pleased with herself. "Your screams are music to my ears, Agent Shagwell! You're weakening, and when you face Dr. Evil's creation, you will be utterly helpless to stop it! But first, I believe it's time for you to face the collective fury of all of us!"

With that, Majesta pitched forward, slamming Felicity's back spine first into the floor with a sickening THUD! As the impact rocketed through her body, the shock waves immobilizing her, Majesta crawled around above her head, pulling her to a sitting position as she wrapped her legs tightly around her sore midriff. Motioning for the others to join her, Majesta thrust her legs closed around Felicity's body as Ivana approached her from the front, kneeling down between her splayed legs. As Felicity desperately kicked her legs upward to wrap them around Ivana's waist in retaliation, Sascha and Serena took hold of an ankle, pulling her legs apart to allow Ivana to grasp Felicity's womanhood with her curled fingers! Felicity let out a wild shriek of pain as Ivana's fingers tore into her snatch and the Squeeze Sisters rained furious kicks on the back of her thighs, heels driving hard into the sensitive muscles. Majesta released the scissor lock around Felicity's waist and deftly wrapped them around her throat in a figure four pattern to cut off the screams of pain pealing forth from her throat!

"AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!" Felicity somehow managed to screech through her clenched teeth, fighting back the tears of pain and feeling rage overcoming her, drowning out the piercing agony of the four-pronged attack as she fought against the agents' merciless assault. "I'LL… URRKKKKK… FUCKING GET YOU BITCHES FOR THIS!!"

"Not likely, Agent Shagwell!" shot back Majesta as her legs tightened reflexively around Felicity's throat. I'm afraid you've met your match, in more ways than one!"

"Quite right, my dear Majesta!" Ivana echoed her partner's sentiment as she withdrew her fingernails from Felicity's crotch and moved her hands to her chest. "But before she dies, I want to give her something to remember Ivana Pultitzov by!"

On the heels of that came the searing pain of Ivana's nails plunging into Felicity's sensitive breasts as Majesta persisted in using her legs to crush her windpipe and the Squeeze Sisters continued kicking the muscles in back of her thighs! Once again Felicity screeched, her voice cut off by the strong thighs choking the life from her as Ivana's talons ripped and tore into her nipples, twisting and wrenching at them mercilessly. Growing more enraged by the second at her predicament, she squirmed and kicked her legs furiously to escape her confinement, to which the Evil agents responded by steeping up their efforts to physically weaken their prey for the fembot doppelganger. Again and again the feet of the Squeeze Sisters rained upon the backs of her thighs while the powerful legs coiled around her throat squeezed tightly enough to turn her face beet red and the fingernails embedded in her breasts pulled and twisted, with no sign of stopping anytime soon.

As the Evil agents persisted in wearing down her physical resistance, the fembot watched with expectant patience for her cue to enter the fray until Frau Farbissina called out in a loud voice for the four women tormenting her neck, chest and legs to release her, announcing it was time for Felicity's doppelganger to join in on the fun. Felicity barely heard this as the agents suddenly let go of the parts of her body they'd been punishing, standing up to form a loose circle around her prone frame as the fembot jumped into the fight pit; its demeanor had now become one of eager arrogance. Striding confidently to the spot on the pit's bottom where Felicity desperately struggled to regain her equilibrium so that she could continue fighting, the fembot approached close enough so she could hear now, and snarled, "Now it's MY turn, Agent Shagwell!"

Pushing herself to her knees as the fembot approached her, Felicity struggled to rise to her feet before it was in range, knowing she'd have to be careful since she was, in essence, fighting herself. As Frau Farbissina said, the fembot was an exact replica of Felicity, right down to her voice. She had to get out of this situation to alert the Ministry of Defense, but this would be a very difficult task, since the fembot was created with all the knowledge and fighting abilities she had. Besides, since this fembot was probably created in a more advanced state than the others in Dr. Evil's employ, which meant it was stronger, quicker and more intelligent, thus making it deadlier than Dr. Evil's other robot assassins. The last thing was that this was a fight to the death, and no one but Dr. Evil and his henchmen knew how they meant to put her to death as the conclusion of this fight. In the instant before the fembot was upon her, Felicity noticed that neither Sascha nor Serena had left the pit, and this meant she'd be fighting all three opponents since Dr. Evil had not ordered them out.

Felicity had pushed herself to one knee when the fembot grabbed hold of her hair with both hands, pulling her to her feet. Summoning all the energy she could, Felicity threw a series of punches and kicks at her doppelganger, most of which the fembot managed to block without effort. It countered them with a roundhouse kick to Felicity's midsection that doubled her over, and another that sent her flying back into Sascha's waiting arms. Clamping a bearhug on her waist, Sascha lifted the crying Felicity off her feet as she pulled in on her waist, forcing a harsh expulsion of oxygen from her lips before slamming her butt-first to the floor. Sascha moved aside as Serena leaped in the air and came crashing down on Felicity, her elbow slamming down hard on where the fembot kicked her in the stomach. Dazed from the ferocity of the triple assault, Felicity could do little to stop Serena at the moment as the brunette hauled her up by her ribcage, grabbing on the front of her top and arching her backward so that she could apply a tight leg scissors to her ribs with one leg on either side. Serena threw her head back and roared hungrily as her thighs crushed Felicity's ribs.

Arched by her back, Felicity was hardly in a position to retaliate as Serena's powerful legs pressed in on both sides of her ribcage. But she tried to reach up and grab the throat of the woman squeezing her body into a smaller space. Serena just laughed, retracting her legs and thrusting them together again, increasing the pressure of the leg scissors after a moment of respite for the trapped agent. Another lusty smile surfacing on her face, Serena looked down at the pained expression on Felicity's visage, enjoying the effect the leglock had on her. Serena's smile quickly became a grimace of concentration. Her thighs retracted and slammed together again, pressing into her sides even harder as Felicity cried out, again trying to take hold of Serena's throat. But Serena lowered her head, ramming it into Felicity's forehead, dazing her for long enough to be able to slam her to the floor, landing on her stomach with a loud WHUMP! that knocked even more wind from her.

An instant after Felicity's back slammed into the floor, Majesta moved alongside her, dropping down and slamming her left elbow into her gut as she hit the floor next to her. Felicity's body jackknifed from the impact and Ivana slipped behind her, digging her fingers into her face and raking her nails hard across her eyes! Blinded, Felicity could do little as Ivana's legs wrapped around her ribcage, crossing at the ankles and squeezing down hard, causing Felicity to rear her head back in a sudden jerk that would have connected with Ivana's nose had she not lowered her head in her concentration to squeeze the life from her. Again Ivana's nails tore into Felicity's eyes, blinding her a second time as the fembot approached to kick her heel down into the trapped blonde agent's groin, causing a sudden expulsion of wind to spew through her lips with an accompanying "UUNNNGGHHHH!" that was harshly cut off by a sudden spasmodic jerk from Ivana's slender but powerful legs. Ivana sneered and leaned back on her hands as her strong legs crushed Felicity's sore ribcage, allowing the fembot doppelganger free access to scratch and claw her flushed, sweat-drenched face. Felicity whipped her head back and forth as she fought to free herself, defiant as ever, but Ivana subdued her movements with a pulse of the leg scissors.

When Ivana and the fembot finally released Felicity from their clutches, Sascha slipped alongside her before she could react, securing a scissor lock on her upper chest. Sascha locked her ankles closed and proceeded to compress Felicity's breasts against her, crushing them against her chest while this scissor lock tightened. Again Felicity tried to kick out, but Serena grabbed her ankles and began to stomp her boot on Felicity's groin, eliciting a series of loud grunts that mingled with the groans that were forced out of her by the scissor lock flattening her breasts as Sascha's thighs pressed her chest and back. Signaling Sascha to roll out of the way, Serena sat down next to Felicity's quivering body, extending her legs to cross them over Felicity's waist and exerting fierce pressure! The strength of this maneuver that came almost immediately upon the pressure on her breasts vanishing caused another sharp cry of agony from Felicity as she winced from the thighs that now crushed her midriff again. Her own legs still made their violent kicking motions in protest against Serena's efforts to crush the life from her. Serena was leaning back on both her hands, lifting her ass off of the floor and setting it down periodically to increase the force of the hold.

Serena's teeth were clenched tightly in her efforts to squeeze Felicity, who in turn clenched her own teeth in her efforts to fight the constricting pressure on her tortured midsection. Felicity tightened her stomach muscles to this effect, but Serena just laughed at her again and squeezed harder, saying, "It will do you no good to resist my legs, Agent Shagwell!"

Felicity's first response was an incoherent jumble of words as Serena tightened her legs around her waist, forcing breath from her body that pushed those words out of her with equal inertia. As Serena's legs retracted, Felicity fought to draw her breath, and defiantly voiced her will to emerge from the fight in one piece. "Resist… what, bitch? I don't...feel… a thing..."

Serena knew Felicity was baiting her, but elected not to respond. "Then, perhaps your... 'body double'... will change that," she replied amiably, almost cheerfully, as she signaled Felicity's robotic doppelganger to join the fray again.

Releasing the leg scissors around Felicity's waist, Serena drove her heel into her groin, forcing her to sit up in a reflexive motion. The fembot Felicity approached, plopping down into Felicity's lap, wrapping its legs around her from the front and crossing her ankles behind the small of her back. Feeling the crushing pressure on her waist begin, Felicity threw a hard punch to the fembot's face, which was returned with a sharp SLAP! to her cheek which stung her skin and made her eyes tear. The fembot followed this by pressing her upper inner thighs together around Felicity's ribcage, expelling more wind out of Felicity's sails as she reared her hand back and delivered another SLAP! to Felicity's other cheek. Again and again the slaps to Felicity's face continued WHAM! BAM! SLAM! contributing to her mounting discomfort as the legs squeezed tighter and tighter, feeling like a pair of iron cables wrapped around her, threatening to crush her ribs to sawdust.

"Now you are being crushed, Agent Shagwell," Frau Farbissina mocked from the edge of the pit, having watched the fight from alongside Dr. Evil, and clearly enjoying every second of it. "The fembot is stronger than you anticipated, is she not?"

"Frau Farbissina is quite right, Agent Shagwell," Dr. Evil agreed, raising his finger to the corner of his mouth again. "Your replacement's stamina will far outlast yours," he added, stifling an evil laugh from coming out on the heels of that.

Exhausted but still defiant, Felicity opened her mouth to respond but the fembot rained still another SLAP! to her cheek that cut off her answer. It was preparing to land another when Felicity somehow managed to block it, turning to Dr. Evil and Farbissina and saying, "You still won't succeed at your evil plans! I will get out of this, one way or another!"

"As your opponents said, that is very unlikely, Agent Shagwell," Dr. Evil countered, "since you still haven't experienced the crowning moment of this little get-together." As he finished, the fembot landed a punch to Felicity's head that further dazed her. "When I said 'crowning,' I did not exactly mean to be THAT literal," commented Dr. Evil, stifling another evil laugh with his pinkie.

Nodding to Farbissina, Dr. Evil watched as his henchwoman signaled a guard standing by a control panel. He depressed a button, and instantly a large circular area in the center of the fighting pit opened, revealing a watery grave reserved for the Ministry's finest filled with mutated, ill-tempered... and hungry... sea bass. From where Felicity watched the tank open by looking over her fembot doppelganger's shoulder, her eyes widened in shock and horror as she spotted the sea bass under the water's surface, leaping a fair distance above as it smelled fresh meat. Then she was shocked and horrified to learn that the fembot had grabbed her top, having released its scissors around her and was dragging her to the mouth of the tank! Her desperation heightened, she began rebelling against the fembot's efforts to feed her to the sea bass! Kicking her legs just as she reached the mouth of the tank, Felicity managed to trip the fembot who was dragging her to the tank; kicking it in the stomach as it crashed to the floor. The fembot retaliated with a pair of judo chops toward Felicity's upper chest but Felicity caught the first and raised her arm to block the second.

A few moments later, Felicity and her doppelganger were roiling around in the pit, throwing everything they had into their combat, trading ferocious punches and kicks between one another as the mutated sea bass jumped and thrashed in their confinement in the center tank and Ivana, Majesta and the Squeeze Sisters stood watching from a few feet away. Felicity and her doppelganger thrashed and bucked and threw fierce, calculated blows upon each other, their movements growing increasingly intense as Felicity somehow managed to get a second wind to launch an assault on her carbon copy. In the barest matter of seconds, it was close to impossible to tell which of them was the real Felicity and which was the fembot; both fought like wildcats and whichever was Felicity, was drawing on all the energy left in her body to block the punches, chops and kicks from the fembot. Impact after impact after impact was inflicted on both woman and doppelganger. It was surreal to see two women who looked exactly alike engaged in this furious close quarters battle, yet neither seemed to be faltering in their struggle to outfight the other. But the fembot seemed to have more resilience than her human counterpart and was able to steep up her attacks as Felicity's energy again began to waver…

Suddenly, every head turned toward the door from which the fembot emerged. The audience was rudely interrupted from their show as the room erupted in fierce gunfire and a legion of guards barged in, weapons blazing. A few moments later, out of nowhere came another legion of armed guards, sent by Dr. Evil to engage the guards from the Ministry of Defense who had showed up in what would seem to have been the nick of time! They reached Dr. Evil's Virtucon headquarters on a top secret mission to storm it when Felicity failed to check in earlier that night. Most of those still unarmed ran for cover, including Dr. Evil, his cabinet and all his guests.

Everyone that is, with the exception of the battling agent and her fembot doppelganger - and the four Soviet agents who ducked against a wall, peeking over the lip of the pit to try and see who was leading the attack. Two figures walked into the room with the sounds of a heated battle still crackling around them and the Squeeze Sister recognized them instantly. Sharing a look between each other and then Ivana and Majesta, they all had a meeting of the minds without uttering a sound. Right, The Squeeze Sisters would engage the agents first, then Ivana and Majesta would engage should Sascha and Serena be overpowered. The Sisters vaulted from the fight pit as Ivana and Majesta managed to slip out undetected, leaving Felicity and her robotic combatant to each other as they sprinted into battle to confront the leaders of the invading Ministry of Defense forces. Spotting the two Soviet females heading straight toward them, one of the female agents from the Ministry of Defense got the attention of her partner as she turned to face the new threat. The partner promptly followed suit and the Squeeze Sisters stopped a few feet away from their new adversaries.

"So," Sascha intoned as she and Serena stared the two women down. "Agents Vanessa Kensington and Foxxy Cleopatra! You came to foil Dr. Evil's plans for your fellow agent, Felicity Shagwell, eh?"

"That's the general idea, yes," Agent Kensington answered. "When we didn't hear from Shagwell when we were supposed to back at the Ministry of Defense, we guessed Dr. Evil was behind her disappearance and organized an assault team to rescue her."

"Well, I fear you have arrived too late," Serena uttered with a mocking laugh. "Agent Shagwell hasn't fared all too well in our company. Look into the pit over there and you will see what I mean!"

Keeping their guns trained on the two Soviet agents, Vanessa and Foxxy edged close to the fighting pit and saw Felicity in furious battle with her fembot impostor, rolling around the floor as she fought to prevent herself from being thrown in.

"I doubt your Agent Shagwell will survive the fight," Serena offered, her voice cold as ice. "The fembot Dr. Evil constructed has superior strength, speed and agility in addition to all the knowledge she needs to defeat your friend."

"And as for the two of you," Sascha added, "if you hope to save Agent Shagwell, you will have to get past us first."

"Another difficult task," beamed Serena. "Since we are the Squeeze Sisters, two of Dr. Evil's most powerful and formidable agents. No one has ever been able to defeat either of us in combat!"

"You two bitches may be good," Foxxy retorted. "But I'M afraid you've met your match, because this is Vanessa Kensington, the Ministry's most experienced female agent, and I'm Foxxy Cleopatra, a WHOLE lotta woman!"

That seemed to finalize things between all four women; a contest of physical strength and endurance for a chance for Vanessa and Foxxy to save their fellow agent - which they'd do only if they won. They were going to be fighting two Evil agents with near impeccable track records and reputations so whatever they could do if they hoped to beat these women, it would have to be soon, because Serena Squeeze seemed to be right about the Felicity's physical state. Without another word, the two Agents dropped into fighting postures, ready to do battle with the Squeeze Sisters.

Just as when they fought Felicity, Sascha and Serena rushed Vanessa and Foxxy simultaneously as the gunfire raged around them, confident in their ability, intending to make quick work of the Agents. Vanessa met Sascha's charge by spinning so her back slammed into the statuesque blonde's chest. Serena leaped in the air and landed on Foxxy's shoulders, clamping her legs around her neck with Foxxy's face wedged in her crotch. Constricting her formidable legs on Foxxy's throat, Serena suddenly leaned back, rolling to the floor pulling Foxxy with her as she flipped the agent over her head. But Foxxy reversed at the instant she hit the floor, using Serena's inertia against her to toss the Soviet head over heels to the floor in front of her. Foxxy clamped a scissors of her own around Serena's neck and held her there as Serena fought like a madwoman to break free; angered at having the tables turned on her. Scratching and clawing at the squeezing thighs, using her teeth for leverage when possible, Serena rolled over onto her knees, prying at Foxxy's legs until she was able to gain enough space for an out.

Vanessa and Sascha, meanwhile, threw each other all over the place, flipping the other head over heels in the close quarters, each of them channeling all their available energy of their Amazon bodies against the other. Lifting her knee in an attempt to subdue the enraged blonde trying to take her down, Vanessa plowed it into Sascha's stomach, slowing her vicious assault so she was able to capitalize, since from the looks of things it seemed it wouldn't be long before the on-going fight between Felicity and the fembot reached a conclusion!

Catching Vanessa's leg, Sascha wrapped her arm under the thigh and used her own leg to kick Vanessa's support leg out from under her. Vanessa hit the floor with a reverberating THUD, quickly rolling away just before Sascha's falling body landed on her. Rolling and spinning, Vanessa threw a sharp kick to the side of Sascha's head that sent the blonde reeling away. Mounting a counter assault, Vanessa was surprised to find Sascha's legs coiling themselves around her midsection, closing behind her back and then crushing her body inward from all sides! The scissors was quite strong and was forcing the breath from her. Thinking quickly, Vanessa leaned back before it would got worse, wrapped her legs around Sascha's thighs and exerted pressure until the scissors was broken.

Across the room, Serena had Foxxy in a bearhug, her wrists locked at the small of Foxxy's back, squeezing down hard when Foxxy slammed her open palms over Serena's ears forcing her to release the crushing grasp. Foxxy tried a savate kick to Serena's chest, but she blocked this and launched a karate kick of her own at Foxxy's face. Foxxy ducked the spin kick, dropped to the floor and tripped Serena's foot out from under her! Taking advantage of Serena being down, Foxxy kicked her onto her belly and dropped straddling her back. She was just about to hook her fingers under Serena's chin for a backbreaker when Serena bit the probing digits, causing Foxxy to instinctively yank her hands back. Serena flipped over between Foxxy's legs, swinging her own legs up and around Foxxy's neck, clamping tight and yanking her to the floor! Resetting her legs as Foxxy tried to kick out, Serena gritted her teeth as her scissors clamped down with all her brutal strength! Beating her fists on Serena's thighs until they weakened, Foxxy kicked out, flipped over and rose up on her knees at the same moment Serena did.

Vanessa's legs were clamped tight around Sascha's midsection, her ankles crossed over the blonde Soviet's navel, contracting and squeezing the yielding region between Sascha's hips and ribcage. Sascha dug her fingernails into Vanessa's knees in an effort to weaken her grip, but Vanessa was determined to keep the hold and drain the blonde of her energy by flexing her thigh muscles each time Sascha made an attempt to loosen the limbs pressing into her sides. Seeing her actions were fruitless, Sascha drove her elbows back at Vanessa's face, but she leaned back out of range, slipped her arms under Sascha's armpits and trapping her in a full nelson that further hindered the blonde's attempts to free herself from Vanessa's strong thighs slowly beginning to subdue her. Growling in rage, Sascha writhed and twisted in Vanessa's grasp until she managed to roll both herself and Vanessa to the floor, powering down her arms with a Herculean jerk she finally broke the full nelson. Wedging her hands under Vanessa's thighs, Sascha began to claw the muscles in the back to force Vanessa's legs apart while Vanessa fought to maintain her scissors.

Foxxy and Serena had been stalking each other like wild animals until they finally crashed together in a savage blur of fists and legs, screaming at the top of their lungs at each other like banshees as they proceeded to roll around on the floor in their efforts to defeat each other, punching, scratching and kicking! Grabbing double handfuls of Serena's night-dark hair as they came together, Foxxy flipped her over, standing up on her feet while Serena was still on her knees, slipping a leg around her neck and under her arm, leaning over to stretch Serena's body like a piece of taffy, placing most of the strain on Serena's ribs as the caught brunette snarled in rage and agony, squirming fruitlessly to escape. Seeking to deny her a chance to break out of her confinement, Foxxy bore down with all of her weight as she stretched Serena's body at a wider angle, exerting still more pressure on Serena's ribs as her knees were pressed down on the floor, unable to move.

"Well," Foxxy taunted as she steadily increased the pressure, "it looks like your legs are no match for Foxxy Cleopatra!"

Enraged by the mockery, Serena continued rebelling against the brutal abdominal stretch that was slowly tearing her side apart, wincing at the waves of pain washing over the ribcage that was seemingly being stretched out of shape.

Vanessa and Sascha had spent most of their time rolling around at close quarters once Vanessa's scissors of Sascha's waist had been broken. In the feverish heat of battle, they'd ended up with their legs wrapped tight around each other's throats; their faces and teeth clenched in grim concentration, straining to out-crush the other and send her sailing into unconsciousness. Thigh muscles bulged in definition; legs stretched and squeezed as both women poured all their remaining energy into their respective holds. Vanessa was on top of Sascha, the advantage she got from her position was something she was grateful for as she was able to push herself up by her hands to give her the leverage to pour more energy into her scissors around Sascha's neck than Sascha could from below. Both agents grunted with the exertion they put into the leg holds, their red faces showing the strain of staying awake until the other passed out from lack of oxygen. It seemed to last forever, neither seeming to give an inch until, finally, Sascha began to falter; her legs slowly, steadily, weakening and finally loosening completely as she slumped to the floor; at last giving Vanessa respite.

Having taken Serena to the limit of the Soviet agent's endurance, Foxxy body-slammed her on the floor and sat behind her, applying a tight figure four scissors to her throat while she held her wrists, pulling back harshly so there was no leverage for her to use thrashing from side to side. Foxxy squeezed harder while Serena gagged and choked, sensing victory was within her grasp. Pressing her calf up under Serena's chin, Foxxy kept the scissors wrapped tight even when Serena leaned over to bite at her leg. In a matter of minutes, the choked cries from Serena's lips grew hoarse as more and more air was prevented from getting in or out. Sensing Serena trying to bite her again, Foxxy opened a small space in the figure four and stretched her legs as far out as she could, compressing Serena's neck more tightly. The strain on Foxxy's face showed as she poured all of her remaining energy into the scissors, but her exertion was rewarded when Serena's frantic struggles slowed, then stopped completely and she slumped motionless.

Seeing how effortlessly Vanessa and Foxxy had beaten the Squeeze Sisters, Ivana and Majesta shared another look and briefly slipped aside to retrieve a pair of .45 caliber firearms from two fallen guards in Dr. Evil's employ. Quickly emerging back into the scene of battle, they immediately opened fire on the two Ministry agents who ducked for cover at the sound of the bullets, as if they seemed to instinctively know they were meant for them specifically. Pulling their own firearms from their clothes, Vanessa and Foxxy aimed at Ivana and Majesta and returned fire as the gunfire between the warring guards raged all around them. The Soviet agents' faces were twisted into matching grimaces of clenched-teeth animosity as they exchanged fire with the Ministry's finest, with neither side of the conflict gaining an immediate advantage over the other as each side aimed, fired and missed their intended targets by varying degrees of distance. In time, the exchange became a stalemate as it became obvious to all four agents that there would be nothing decisive in this contest. Itching for a physical contest with the two Ministry of Defense bitches, but knowing the time would most definitely not be now since Dr. Evil's guards were being methodically repelled by the advancing Ministry guards, Ivana and Majesta glared openly at Vanessa and Foxxy, as if marking them both for some future encounter, then hastily absconded from the room as the Ministry men began to secure the area.

After the Soviet agents vanished for parts unknown, Vanessa and Foxxy rose from their firing positions and collected each other as the two fighters in the pit reached the pinnacle of their own combat. One of the combatants effortlessly flipped the other over her prone body by planting her foot in her gut and using her inertia to fling her headlong into the tank where the mutated sea bass awaited their dinner. The tank immediately closed as the thrashing body disappeared underwater. At roughly the same time, the gunfire died out and the agents from the Ministry of Defense leaned over the lip of the fight pit to seeing what was apparently Felicity Shagwell rising slowly to her feet to greet them with a warm smile as she climbed out. It was a smile that seemed quite uncharacteristic for a woman who had just spent a great deal of energy fighting five opponents bent on destroying her.

"Wow, what a fight!" she announced. Then briskly turned toward the door. "Now, let's go find Scott Evil."

Vanessa and Foxxy stared at the woman who appeared to be their fellow agent doubtfully, then looked back at the closed tank in the pit's center; unaware that somewhere below the pit, a trap door opened into an abandoned hallway, releasing the water from the tank along with the mutated sea bass and one very wet, human appearing female!

Did Felicity Shagwell win? Did she survive? Did the fembot take her place? What happens next? To find out, you'll have to write your own sequel because this is...THE END!