“Still in Love”: Lynne Austin vs. Cristy Thom by kit

"You know we don't have to go to Ron's party tonight if you can't handle it," said Jason, putting his arms around his girlfriend's waist as she came out of the bathroom.

"No, I wanna go," she said, shaking her head. "I'll be alright," she added, slipping out and turning her back on him as she walked towards her dresser.

"Hey, Cristy," he said, following after her. She turned around and he took her by the hands and pulled her up close. "We're together now...Jimmy's with Lynne...there's no reason we all can't handle this...unless of course you're still in love with him."

"Nnnooo," she purred into his eyes. "It's just that I haven't seen Jimmy since we broke off our engagement, and Lynne and I used to hang out. I just don't know how I'm gonna feel seein' them together...that's all."

Jason smiled at her warmly and suggested, "Look at it like this, how are they gonna feel 'bout seein' us together?"

They kissed, and kissed again until they were very soon back on the bed and making deep, passionate love. Jason couldn't help but feel lucky enough to be driving his long, hard shaft into Cristy's tight, wonderful hole. He had thought he'd never have great sex again after losing Lynne, but now that he was dating Cristy, he didn't miss the blonde's box at all.

"Mmmmm," moaned Cristy as Jason stroked her sex with long, firm thrust.

"Ooohhh...Cristy you're the...best," he whispered, feeling her strong walls pulsating on his shaft as he worked it in and out.

Cristy loved sex, and no matter who it was she was sleeping with, she always poured her best into it, and although Jason was a good lover, it was Jimmy she was thinking of. Their sex had always been fantastic, and now that they had broken up, she couldn't help but miss him and be very, very jealous of Lynne and the love that they were sharing.
Cristy checked herself in the car mirror as they stopped in front of Ron's house. She had dressed her best for the night in hopes of making Jimmy regret their decision to split up and to make Lynne envious that she was now sleeping with her ex (Jason).

"You look beautiful, Cristy," Jason said, smiling and amused at her attention to detail.

"Thank you," she said, leaning over and kissing him on the cheek. Rubbing off her slut-red lipstick she said, "Now promise me you won't get into that competitive nature with Jimmy tonight."

He chuckled and drew back. "Oh, and like you and Lynne aren't competitive with each other."

"No. Why should I be? I've got nothin' to prove," she said, smiling.
Lynne and Cristy met each other a couple of years ago when they worked at the same department store in the mall. At first the two girls had some problems dealing with their natural blonde/brunette rivalry and the fact that they were both very good-looking and drop-dead sexy. But once they muddled thru their private differences, they started to become something of work-friends, and occasionally go clubbing together after work. Then one night they meet Jimmy and Jason. Two guys that also worked together and had gone out clubbing as well. Like the girls, both guys were attractive and handsome, but Lynne and Cristy both went after Jason and Cristy was the one that reeled him in. From then on whenever the two girls were together with Jason and Jimmy, there was always a bit of competitiveness in the air as Cristy and Jimmy were very much in love while Lynne and Jason were just casual lovers.

"I think you've got the hotter babe," Jason said one day at work.

"Yeah, Cristy's definitely a hottie," agreed Jimmy. "But Lynne's no slouch."

"Yeah, she's pretty damn good in the sack, but I'll bet Cristy's awesome," said Jason.

Jimmy smiled and nodded, "Dude, she's the bomb!"
Cristy's stomach turned sour as she spotted Lynne draped over Jimmy's arm like a dirty dish rag. Lynne looked over and noticed the raven-haired beauty staring at her. She simply smiled and then cast her eyes on Jason walking in behind.

"Are you okay?" Jason asked Cristy, realizing that Cristy had just seen her ex and the blonde together for the very first time.

"What? Yeah, sure. I'm fine," nodded Cristy, shaking off her daze and regaining her composure.

"I guess we better go say hi," he suggested.

"Uh, yeah, I guess we better," she reluctantly agreed.

The two girls scoped each other out and felt their areolas paste up and stiffen as this was the first time all four would be together since the big break up of Cristy and Jimmy.

Cristy just hoped she wouldn't crack and show her jealousy. The blonde sure looked hot in her black mini-skirt and lime-green blouse.

Lynne was 5’61/2” tall and 110 pounds of pure, blonde honey. She had straight, shaggy hair with slut-black roots, and her hair hit just past her shoulders. A lean, tan frame with great legs, a tight ass, and a set of beautiful, round breasts. She measured a very sexy 35C-24-35.

Lynne grew more jealous of Cristy with each step the Oriental-mix girl took towards them. Her siren red dress and swooping neckline showed off every curve and line of her hot, crafted body.

Cristy had jet black straight hair that fell to her breasts and long, sexy bangs that hung well past her eyebrows. She had a beautiful brown complexion due to a mix of Southeast Asian heritage and her body had no equal. Her legs were streamlined and her ass solid and shapely. Her breasts were full and firm as she measured a picture perfect 36C-23-36. She was 5’6” tall and tipped theh scales at a svelte 110 pounds.

"Hey Jimmy, you ol' dog!" greeted Jason, extending out his hand.

"Jason! You sonna-bitch!" beamed Jimmy, shaking his hand as they one-arm hugged.

"Hi," Cristy said meekly.

"Hi," said Lynne just as softly.

They looked at their boyfriends and Cristy moved around to Jason's right, away from Lynne.

"Hi, Cristy," said Jimmy.

"Hi," she managed to muster.

"My you look great! How have you been?" he asked, sincerely.

"Good. You look great too," she said, noticing his affection.

Lynne was quick to notice it also as she and Jason had been exchanging greetings. She also knew that Cristy was trying to avoid her now. That little move to Jason's right didn't go unnoticed. The foursome stammered around as conversation was difficult to start and carry on. Jimmy and Jason didn't have a problem with each other, but Jimmy was uneasy trying to talk to Cristy with Lynne hanging on his arm. Cristy was also having problems as she realized that she was still very much in love with Jimmy and wished she could tell him so. Lynne and Jason were fine together because they’d never been in love, merely lovers. But Lynne was very nervous about Jimmy being around Cristy because she had fallen madly in love with him even though she was sure he wasn't over Cristy yet.
"Oh, Cristy," he whispered in Lynne's ear one night a few weeks ago as he came in her.

"What! What the fuck did you just say?" shouted Lynne, trying to push him off of her.

"Shit, Lynne. I'm sorry."

"Are you fuckin' me and thinkin' of her?"

"No, no, no, baby. It just slipped. It just slipped out. You know I'm thru with her," he tried to explain.

For a few days Lynne was livid, but because she was in love with him and afraid of making a big deal about it and possibly losing him back to Cristy, she forgave him.

"I swear. I'll never say her name again," she made him promise before they made up and made love.
Lynne and Cristy continued to exchange looks whenever they thought the other wasn't looking, but when they were caught, they quickly looked away and pretended not to be staring. Lynne desperately wanted to work up a conversation with Cristy and determine whether or not her raven-haired rival had any intentions on taking her man away.

Around 10:30 p.m. a little arm wrestling contest broke out in the kitchen. Jason and Jimmy were dueling back and forth as their women stood behind them cheering them on. It was a lengthy battle as both were strong and fit, but in the end it was Jason slamming Jimmy's hand to the table.

"C'mon, Lynne. Let's you and me battle," suggested Cristy, anxious to put the blonde down in front of the guys and show Jimmy that she was the better woman.

"Sure thing," accepted Lynne, just as eager to put Cristy down before Jimmy's eyes as well as Jason's.

Sitting across the table from each other, Lynne and Cristy locked eyes as their soft, slender hands clasped together. Cristy's slut-red nail polish clashed violently with Lynne's light-frosted pink polish as both girls tried to get a fingernail or two into the back of each other's hand. Scooting up in their chairs, Lynne stuck out her right knee and found Cristy's right knee sticking out. The firm, silky limbs hooked behind the other's knee so that their calves connected and flexed on each other.

"Ready...set...go!" said Jason, letting their hands loose.

Both girls grunted and leaned in with their shoulders. Instantly their legs drew up tight together as their calves balled up and squeezed.

"Uuummm," grunted Cristy, her arm muscles popping hard and sexy.

"Uunnggg," the blonde huffed, her arm flexing and showing off.

Their legs stiffened but their calves wrestled up and down. Each grabbed the corner of the table for support as first Lynne's arm wavered and then Cristy's. The small crowd of people that had been gathered around and watching, now encouraged on their favorite as half pulled for Cristy and half pulled for Lynne.

They looked up and locked eyes. What friendship they once had seemed to be gone. They'd slept with the same men. Their bodies and abilities had surely been compared. Each acknowledged the other's obvious beauty, but how they behaved in bed was something they didn't know. They knew their sex was hot, but was it hotter than the girl's across the table. Only Jimmy and Jason knew for sure, and only Jimmy was the one that mattered.

Jimmy had been with both, and secretly he was rooting for Cristy to win. There was nothing wrong with Lynne. She was blonde, beautiful and good in bed. But the truth of the matter was that he was still in love with Cristy and that Lynne simply couldn't pump it home in bed the way Cristy could.

"...ow," squeaked Lynne, catching a nail in the back of her hand.

It was just enough to break Lynne's concentration as Cristy rolled her wrist over and started the downward drive to the table. Lynne jerked free and pulled her leg out from Cristy's leg. She wasn't about to get her hand pinned to the table.

"I won!" expressed Cristy.

"You did not," said Lynne. "You poked me in the hand with your nail."

Lynne lost as it was the consensus of the group that if you jerked your hand away, you lost. Rules are just rules, and everyone should understand that.

But winning or losing the arm wrestling wasn't really the issue here at all, and Jimmy could care less that Lynne lost as he watched Cristy take her victory kiss from Jason.
About a half-hour later, Lynne saw Cristy going into the kitchen alone. If she was going to talk to her tonight, now seemed the perfect time to do it.

"Hey, Cristy," said Lynne, entering the kitchen as Cristy took out a beer from the fridge. "I think we need to talk."

Cristy glanced over at the back door leading out to the porch and Lynne followed her outside.

"Okay, so talk," said Cristy, folding her arms under her breasts.

Lynne walked past her, heading for the steps that led to the yard. Cristy turned to follow her.

"We've been friends too long to let what's happening come between us," said Lynne as Cristy walked with her down the steps.

"Friends?" questioned Cristy as they stepped out onto the lawn. "Okay, Lynne, explain to me then what's happening between us."

The two continued to slowly walk further into the backyard, veering off a little more to the side of the house.

"Okay, so maybe we never were great friends," admitted Lynne, "but it's obvious to me that you're hurt and angry that Jimmy and I started sleepin' together after the two of you broke up."

"It doesn't bother me a bit," spat Cristy, walking ahead of Lynne now as they approached a row of bushes and shrubs.

"Oh really? So you're not sleepin' with Jason to get back at me then?" accused Lynne as they walked around the bushes.

Cristy wheeled around on her heels and planted her hands on her hips. "Why? Does that bother you?"

About a foot apart, Lynne instantly squared up with her as their breasts jutted out towards each other. "I was never in love with Jason," said Lynne calmly, then lifting an eyebrow she added, "we just had great sex together."

Cristy shifted her weight. "That's not what Jason told me. He said sex with you was a dead-fuck compared to the way I make love to him."

"Oh! Is that so?" asked Lynne as Cristy nodded her head. "That's funny then, because that's exactly what Jimmy said 'bout you."

The two beauties shifted their weight as they simply fired darts with their eyes. They were at a crossroads now. Either they'd fight together or they'd back down together.

"Did he really say that?" asked Cristy, her eyes piercing for the truth.

Lynne had lied and she could see that Cristy still loved him. Jimmy's whisper in her ear a few weeks ago was haunting her again. "You're still in love with him."

"Yeah, I am," nodded Cristy, speaking softly.

Lynne now knew that she'd never be able to keep Jimmy and Cristy apart. As much as she loved Jimmy, he was still in love with Cristy. It hurt, and it hurt badly.

"You love him too," said Cristy, sensing it in Lynne's eyes.

Lynne nodded, and Cristy wondered if Jimmy would have her back if she asked him.

"Then I guess we need to fight," said Cristy, slowly reaching for Lynne's hair.

"It doesn't matter," said Lynne, reaching for Cristy's hair.

"Why not, bitch?" asked Cristy, running her fingers thru Lynne's locks.

"He still loves you over me, bitch" said Lynne, up to her wrists in rich, black tresses. "He said your name the other night in bed."

"During sex?" asked Cristy, pulling Lynne's hair and looking hard into her eyes.

"Uh-huh...as he came," confessed Lynne, firmly gripping Cristy's hair and staring back.

With the truth now out about Jimmy loving Cristy, there was really no reason for the two girls to fight over him. It was clear that win or lose, Cristy was getting her man back and that Lynne would have to settle for someone else. But now that this was settled, there was more to it. Another dimension moved in as Cristy now needed to put Lynne in her place for sleeping with her man and Lynne was jealous that Jimmy loved Cristy instead of her. Besides, they'd always been competitive and secretly longed to fight each other.

"You s-l-u-t," muttered Cristy, giving Lynne's hair a good jerk.

"Ouch. Fuckin' bitch," winced Lynne, trading yanks with her now.

Their bodies came together as they spread open their stance and put a leg between the other's legs. Lynne's right thigh rubbed against Cristy's right thigh as they pulled each other's head backwards by the hair. Their proud, perky breasts wedged together and jiggled back and forth as they both fought to keep their balance in their 4" pumps.

"I'll bet you...ow...felt like shit when...uumm...Jimmy said MY name," grunted Cristy as they pulled firmly on each other's hair.

"Ouch...you'll feel like shit...ow...after I get done with you...ooww," winced the blonde, arched backwards by the hair.

Their breasts rolled across each other as both pushed her thigh higher between the other's legs.

"At least...ouch...at least I know that I fuck better...ow," huffed Cristy, getting her head twisted.

"You won't be fuck...ouch...fuckin' when I'm...uumm...when I'm done with…your ass," grunted Lynne, her head now pulled over.

Staggering somewhat, Lynne and Cristy backed up and pulled each other over at the waist. Both girls had her hands high and deep into the back of the other's hair. Their pulls and tugs were very firm and rigid as they now methodically took turns tugging each other back and forth in a hair-taffy contest that lasted close to a minute.

"Ooww, you bitch," winced Cristy as they jerked each other upright.

"Uumm, fuck you," swore the blonde as they turned sideways into each other and bumped sexy hips.

Lynne quickly tried to step her leg over Cristy's leg, but the Asian gave her a knee in the thigh and then hip-tossed her to the ground. Naturally Cristy went down with her by the hair, and both gave a little groan as they impacted with the ground. Lynne tried to roll on top, but Cristy yanked her by the hair and threw her leg around the blonde's hip. Lynne pulled Cristy off by the hair as the brunette tried to roll on top. Trading knees to the inner thighs, the two girls coiled up their legs and started rolling back and forth on each other as they pulled hair and banged bodies. It was classic girl-fighting at it's best as neither lovely lady could stay on top for long.

"Uuummm, you fuckin' cunt," groaned Cristy catfighting.

"You slant-eyed slut, ooww," the blonde moaned catfighting.

Unlocking their legs, Cristy rolled up on her knees and jerked Lynne into a tight side headlock. Lynne squeezed her arms around Cristy's waist and tried to pull her head out, but the Asian shoved her hand inside of the blonde's lime-green blouse and clamped down on her full, round c-cup.

"Uuummm, ggaawwdd," groaned the blonde as her breast oozed out over her white satin bra.

"Squeeze out all this silicone, bitch," promised Cristy, giving the globe a tight twisting.

Lynne clutched at Cristy's forearm and managed to free her tit as more of her buttons popped off and opened up her blouse to the waist.

"Blond fuck," swore Cristy, shoving Lynne in the shoulders and then grabbing her by the top of the tresses. "I fuckin' hate you, bitch," she added, falling over on her shoulders but pulling Lynne's head between her legs and scissoring it.

Cristy's foxy brown thighs clamped down like a vice across the blonde's pretty little throat. Lynne dug her frosted-pink fingernails into the meaty thighs as her body wormed and twitched and tried to screw free. (Her black skirt was high around her wiggling hips, and for anybody watching, it was quiet a sight to see her white cotton panties flashing in the dark shadows of the moonlit bushes.) Cristy bit her lower lip as she firmly pulled on a handful of blond hair while running her right hand over Lynne's exposed chest and pulling her left tit out from it's cup.

"Oooowww...fuck mmmyyy...fuckin' t-i-t-t-i-e," cried Lynne thru tightly cinched teeth as Cristy's slut-red nails penetrated the tan flesh of her breast.

Cristy flexed her tone thighs as she worked her sharp talons deeper and deeper into Lynne's oozing breast flesh. She hated the blonde for sleeping with Jimmy and was determined to make her pay for it with her flesh.

Gasping for air, panic sent in and came to Lynne's rescue as she managed to find the strength to scratch Cristy's legs loose and pull her hand off her throbbing, red tit.

"Oooww! Bitch," winced Cristy, her thighs stinging and cut up.

Throwing her legs open, Cristy dropped back-to-back chops with her forearm across Lynne's left breast.

"Ugh! Ugh!" grunted and grunted the blonde, swinging her elbows and trying to get free.

A luckier shot couldn't have landed as Lynne's right elbow speared Cristy right square in the right areola. The bone sunk in deep, driving itself into the cone of the breast and forcing it to split open and suck in the areola.

"Uuummpphh!" groaned Cristy, her eyes rolling over as she fell slowly back to her shoulders.

Finding herself suddenly free, Lynne rolled out from between Cristy's lovely, but lethal legs, and got up on her knees gasping for breath as the Asian lay right next to her clutching her busted tit.

There was a slight pause. It seemed like a long time, but it was just a few seconds as both girls knew that striking the next blow would be a great advantage.

"Bitch," swore Cristy, about to sit up.

"Fuck you," cussed Lynne, closing her left fist and putting it directly into Cristy's right cheek.

Cristy clutched her face and fell back, rolling over on her stomach. It was a terrible mistake as the blonde now had her chance at winning the catfight.

"Oh you fuckin' cunt," swore Lynne, wasting no time in straddling the Asian's backside and taking her by the back of the hair. "I'm gonna scalp your fuckin' ass bald. Jimmy won't have you now after I tear out this fuckin' nasty hair."

With her red dress hiked up around her hips, Cristy's red silk panties humped the earth as she bucked and reached behind her head and clawed at Lynne's hands in her hair. The blonde gritted her teeth and stretched the brunette into a bow, lifting her chest off the ground as she tried to keep her positioning.

"Uunn...bitch," grimmaced Lynne as her hands and wrists took a scratching.

"Oooww...le' go my fuckin...oouuch," winced Cristy, still bucking and clawing.

Lynne scooted up Cristy's back and shoved her face into the ground. "Give it up, bitch," she demanded, pushing and pressing the brunette's face over the grass. But Cristy wasn't about to give up as she managed to thrust herself up on her knees and elbows and fall sideways, forcing Lynne over with her and on to her back.

"Umph," grunted Lynne, her head hitting the lawn.

Both girls scrambled to their knees, grabbing for a fist of hair while trading a slap across the cheek.


Down to the lawn they fell, two hands buried in hair as their legs locked up and took them into a roll. Back and forth Cristy and Lynne wrestled in one spot. Firm, sexy thighs and legs slithering and flexing as their bodies rubbed on each other and they pulled hair.

"Oouuch, you bitch," moaned Cristy.

Lynne rolled on top. Cristy pulled her off and rolled on top.

"Uuumm...fat pig," grunted Lynne, jerking her off by the hair.

They rolled over on their sides. Cristy tried to hook her leg over the blonde's waist, but Lynne closed her right fist and stuck it in the brunette's ribs.

"Uunngg," groaned Cristy.

"I hate you," growled Lynne, yanking Cristy by the back the hair.

"Ooww," winced the Asian, yanking right back as she managed to get up on her knees and pull Lynne into another side headlock.

"Ooooooo," wailed Lynne thru her teeth as Cristy slipped her hand over her right boob and twisted her areola.

Lynne jerked hard on the back of Cristy's hair, pulling her to the ground as both girls now wrestled and pulled hair again. Over and over the two beauties fought, pulling hard on hair as their breasts crushed and mashed together. Lynne on top. Then Cristy. Lynne again. Cristy. Lynne. Cristy. With their skirts and dresses high over their hips, their little panties banged crotches as their hips ground and rocked with each turn and flip of being on top.

"Uumm...you bitch...ow...give it up," gritted Cristy, emerging on top and straddling the blonde.

"Ouch...bitch...never," winced Lynne as her breasts were grabbed. With her tits already exposed, Lynne was at a disadvantage because Cristy's breasts were still hidden behind her dress and bra. Planting her ass over Lynne's squirming crotch, Cristy dug her nails into the blonde's flesh as Lynne was trying to pull/rip/tear the brunette's dress past her tits. "Oooww...ggaawwdd," groaned Lynne, her pink areolas oozing between Cristy's scratching fingers. Cristy felt her straps come down her arms as the blonde's hands now dove inside her bra and yanked her 36C's out. "Ooouucchh...it huurts," moaned Lynne as her pink areolas were painfully pinched and stretched.

"Uunnggg," gritted Cristy as she felt ten nails sink into her tits. "Give...it up...noowww."

Lynne turned all ten nails into Cristy's flesh as the Asian returned to digging in with her nails as well. "Oooooo...sshhhit...you're...killin' mmmeee!" Lynne cried out, flopping and bucking between Cristy's legs.

Cristy slapped Lynne's hands off her tits and then regrabbed the blonde's tit. "Give it up! Give it up!"

Bucking and kicking, Lynne regrabbed Cristy's titties and put her nails into them.

"Ooowww!" cried Cristy, her flesh sliced open.

"Fuuuuuck! Oooooo fuuuuuck!" screamed Lynne, letting go of Cristy's tits and trying to pull her hands away.

By now the sounds of a catfight had been heard in the house. Realizing that they didn't see their girlfriends around, Jimmy and Jason bolted out into the backyard and ran to the sounds of the screaming.

"Oooooo ggaawwdd...please!" they heard a voice cry from behind the bushes.

"Bitch, give it up! Give it up!" yelled Cristy from on top.



Jimmy pulled Cristy off his pinned, sobbing girlfriend while Jason knelt down beside her.

"Oh Jimmy, Jimmy," wept Cristy. "It was all for you. I fought her all for you." Jimmy and Jason looked at each other. "I love you, oh how I love you," said Cristy, hugging him close around the neck as he held her around the waist.
Jason sure missed having sex with Cristy. He and Lynne slept together a few times later, but it wasn't the same. Cristy was all woman when it came to making love and having sex; and obviously all woman when it came to catfighting too!