Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach) vs. 'Charlie's Angel' Kris Munroe (Cheryl Ladd) by TNT

"Giitttt her Daisy, geiiiit her!" the haggard old duffer shouted as he held his bottle of moonshine up, waved it wildly then lifted the bottle to his parched lips. The firewater burned his mouth and lit a streak of "lightning" throughout his tired old excited body. The real excitement he was feeling though was not from the joy-juice but from the hot, exciting action a few feet away.

"Eeeeickkkk! Noooooo, not my hair, you're hurtin' me stoppppp, pleaseeeee," the petite gorgeous blonde beauty screamed as the busty brunette grabbed a handful of long silky blonde hair, pulled and twisted the luscious locks painfully, wrenched the lovely head and flipped the woman into the rough ropes.

"Poor girl, she should have never messed with Daisy; she may be an Angel, but now she's messin' with the devil!" an excited observer noted as she watched Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach) grab the front of Cheryl Ladd’s tight low-cut top by the shoulder straps, jerk her forward and fire a perfect uppercut to her chin snapping her head back.

"Nuuuuh-uhhhhhh," Cheryl grunted as her lovely eyes rolled, dizziness overtook her and her leg exploded. Daisy fired a kick to her thigh, brought her leg down, hooked it around Cheryls', pulled hard and sent the long legged blonde smacking into the rough canvas.

"Unggggggh." Two long lovely silky smooth legs bounced apart and shot upward as Cheryl' lovely derriere landed hard. Her full breasts jiggled erotically inside her top; the two stiffening nipples duly noted by all the lucky ringside fans.

"Just love Fight Night at the Boars' Nest, don't you Jonesie," one fine country gentlemen asked his friend as he grabbed a bottle of shine from a sexy waitress. The full figured blonde was dressed like all the other waitresses; identical to Daisy Dukes famous outfit. Same skimpy, tight lowcut, cleavage revealing top, and those soon to be infamous short, tight, cheek revealing, luscious leg displaying, "Daisy Dukes."

"Poor Charlie. His little Angel is gonna be history very, very soon, ain't she?" one noted with a lustful glint in his eye.

"Yeah sweetpea, maybe we'll get to see her totally lose, like right down to her very being," his girlfriend whispered with a mischievous look in her eye. She hoped that Miss Daisy would relieve the lovely blonde of her skimpy 'stolen' outfit. Seemed Miss Cheryl was trying to steal Daisy's favorite shorts-they were identical. The top was close enough, but a bit more modest; more like one of those fancy, expensive high-faluttin' city bought tops. It just had to be cheap fabric, not country style. The girlfriend cut loose with a spiel about good country stuff versus cheap city things.


"Looks like you're right darlin', it WAS a cheap top; but the stuff beneath sure looks pretty pricey," the guy said as his eyeballs widened as big as saucers and his gaze focused on Cheryl’s firm braclad wonders. He gasped as Daisy grabbed her rivals' bra and with a hillbilly holler that seemed most erotic, tore the bra clean off exposing the embarrassed 'Angel's' beautiful breasts.

"Uhhhhhh...ouchhhh....hey, that hurts!"

The guy's second gasp and yell was one of surprise, pain and agony as his girl smacked her foot down hard into his, then kicked his shin.

"You're not supposed to look at her, look at me, you dog! Well, at least look at Daisy; not that trampy blonde city gal," she demanded, though she herself couldn't take her eyes off of Cheryl's beautiful, full, pleasure mounds sporting a perfect pair of upturned, hard pink nipples. The blonde screamed, turned and tried to get away. She lunged towards the thick coarse ropes; ducked and leaned between them.

"Nooooo, you don't; get your cute butt back here honey."

"AIIIIEEEEEE!!" Cheryl screamed as Daisy grabbed a handful of long blonde hair and reached for the back of her sexy cutoff shorts with the other.

"You just ain't gettin' away from me girl," the sexy brunette country girl whispered in Cheryl’s ear. Cheryl screamed as she reached back and tried to swat Daisys' hand away from her shorts. The blonde groaned as her full dangling breasts pressed against the coarse rope. Her beautiful upturned derriere wiggled most erotically; her two lovely twins jiggled against the rope bringing cheers from the crowd; finally Daisy's strong firm backward pulling and jerking brought her tumbling backward. Daisy hooked her leg around Cheryl’s, gave a mighty tug and threw her to the mat.

"Giiiiit her Daisy; wallop her goooood!"

"Fight!" "Get up and fight, Cheryl!"

A host of cheers and catfight strategies were offered, almost all favoring Daisy, few encouraged the downed blonde. Daisy looked at her groaning topless rival, held up her hands, began to prance around and smile. She thrust out her beautiful full chest, flexed her gorgeous leg muscles, raised a lovely foot and wiggled her toes.

"Jeeeeepers, she's drivin' me wild," one old feller said suddenly deciding to sit down. He reached out, pulled and pushed several out of his way so he could get a good look.

"Have some respect for your elders," he snorted. "Lemme have a good look-see."

"I'll be a mules' uncle! I knew it! I just knew it. Miss Daisy's wearing pantyhose….never used to! Must be Hollywood's gone tuh her head," another exclaimed just before he took a big guzzle of moonshine.

"Well, I dare say I do approve, greatly; but by the look a things, Hollywood’s gotten to more things than just her heeeaaad, Buford."

"Shhhhh…lookit, Daisy's gettin' ready to pounce!"

Daisy circled Cheryl, snarled, then whispered a threat, "Now honey, I'm gonna give you a good old fashioned woman to woman country welcome."

"Eeeeyahhh!" Daisy darted in, jumped in the air, raised her arms, made two fists and at the same instant, kicked her legs out and prepared for a soft, pain-delivering landing.

"Grrrrrrrwwl." Cheryl's blurry eyes blinked, tried to focus.

Whoosh. Two long beautiful legs shot upward.

Thunk! "Argggggggh…Uhhhhhhh."

Daisy gasped in pain as two incredibly hard bare feet slammed into her. Gravity, and a powerful kick from Cheryl combined to send the countrygirl into a world of hurt. One foot slammed into her groin; the other her lower abdomen.

"Ooooooooh….Now THAT musta hurt reaaaaaal baaaaad," a waitress said wincing as she set down her tray of vittles to rub her own groin in deep empathy as Daisy seemed to hang in midair for an excruciating lonnngggg second before she dropped to the canvas writhing in pain.

"Get her Cheryl! Giiiiit herrrr." Much like Dame Fortune, the crowd had switched sides!