Catherine Bach vs. Tanya Roberts by kit (23-Feb-00)

After screening dozens of actresses the powers-in-charge narrowed their choice down to two for the role of Daisy Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard. Both finalists were virtually unknowns in showbiz. One of them was a beautiful brunette named Catherine Bach, and the other was a sultry, auburn-haired babe named Tanya Roberts. The two fortunate foxes were asked to return for a final screening in this all-important casting decision.

Tanya and Catherine were given separate dressing rooms in which they were to prepare. Both women were then called into the large, spacious room for their final screening. Each had to watch as the other did her best performance for the role. After the intense screening was over, Tanya and Catherine were called to the center of the carpeted floor where they faced the men sitting behind the table at the back of the room.

Standing shoulder-to-shoulder the young actresses felt six pairs of eyes gaze upon their hard bodies. Both women had on the tight Daisy Duke shorts and high heels. Tanya wore a blue tank top and Catherine wore a red one.

They were quiet a beautiful site as they flashed their teeth and beamed their eyes. The tops of their full, round breasts heaved above the tank top as their hard, erect nipples poked out through the material. Both had a nice, trim waist and hips that flared out just right, and their long legs looked lean and sexy all the way from their thighs to their ankles. When instructed to turn around their smiles faded from their faces as they mumbled insults under their breath while their backsides were being viewed. Each of them had a nice ass, and the tightness of the shorts caused the crease of their lovely butts to drip out from underneath.

A few of the men simply rubbed their chins as they marveled at the sight before them. Now turning face-to-face for the profile shot, the girls smiles quickly returned, but the fire from their eyes shot back and forth between them. Both bodies seemed to curve and tuck in all the right places and had the men scratching their heads in amazement.

When told to face forward, one of the men asked, "Tanya, tell us why you believe that you should be chosen for the part of Daisy."

"Well," said Tanya putting her hands on her hips and stepping forward, "I think I've shown that I'm a much better actress and that my body is simply much, much better than hers."

"Ha!" snapped Catherine, snatching Tanya by the arm and pulling her to face her.

Tanya jerked her arm free and put it back on her hip as Catherine struck a like pose.

"My body is waaaay better than yours."

"Don't be silly, bitch," laughed Tanya shaking back her dark red hair. "You don't hold a candle to me!"

"Bitch?!" said Catherine giving Tanya a shove in the shoulder.

"Girls! Stop it," said one of the men.

"Shhh," said the executive producer grabbing him by the forearm. "Let 'em decide this for us if they will."

Pushing her chest into Tanya's, Catherine went on to say, "You better watch who you call a bitch, bitch."

"Oh yeah?!" said Tanya with a thrust of her breast that knocked Catherine back a step.

"Yeah!" spat Catherine as she tried to shove Tanya in the shoulders again.

Tanya's hands clasped onto Catherine's hands as the two struggled and twisted for a few seconds. "I'm much better for this part, you bitch!" said Tanya, bending Catherine's wrists backwards.

"Fuck you!" barked Catherine, squirming to break her hands free.

"Not hardly, bitch!" said Tanya with fiery eyes.

"Bitch, yourself!" hissed Catherine as her right hand suddenly broke free and slapped across Tanya's cheek.

The auburn beauty was surprised, but did strike back with a slap of her own across Catherine's face.

"Ouch!" cried Catherine as her other hand came free and sank into Tanya's hair as she delivered another 'smack' that reddened Tanya's cheek some more.

"Shit!" cursed Tanya as her hand lost itself in Catherine's long hair and she replied with an equally hard 'smack' of her own on Catherine's face.

The two sexy actresses stumbled about the room with one hand tugging on hair and the other hand attempting to strike the face of her rival. Several good smacks could be heard above the shrieks and screams as the brunette and redhead struggled uneasily on their high heels. With their feet and legs tangling together, the girls gripped each other's hair with both hands to steady their balance.

"Yeeeooo!" cried Catherine as Tanya jerked her head back and forth by the hair.

"Oooooeee!" squealed Tanya as her head was slung side to side by the hair.

"Bitch!" screamed Tanya as she managed to yank out a fistful of brunette hair.

Catherine pulled hard on Tanya's hair, trying to return the torture, but Tanya slammed her up against the wall very hard. Catherine moaned and then was bent over at the waist as Tanya planted a fist in her firm belly.

"You slut!" cursed Tanya as she hair-jerked Catherine upright and was about to strike her across the face.

"UGH!!" Tanya suddenly grunted as she released Catherine's hair and cupped her crotch.

Tanya staggered backwards, slightly bent, with her hands between her legs and a surprised look on her face.

Catherine's knee had just bought her some time to get her wind back, but she was in no shape to press her advantage. The brief pause in the fight allowed both ladies time to regroup before attacking each other again.

"Slut!" yelled Tanya charging.

"Whore!" screamed Catherine attacking.

The redhead and brunette waded into each other with flying slaps that popped across tender cheeks until their lovely bodies collided together and they locked down on each other's hair and pulled like hell. Both beauties screamed and cursed as they each yanked out a couple of wads of the other's hair before loosing their balance and tumbling to the floor.

Once on the carpet, Catherine and Tanya rolled wildly across the floor trying to gain the dominate position while controlling the other by the hair. Back and forth they went as they pulled out more hair. Their hard, sexy bodies wiggled and grinded together from the fullness of their round, firm breasts all the way down to their shapely toned legs.

Catherine finally proved superior as she managed to snake her legs around Tanya's legs and pin her wrists above her head. Lying on top of Tanya tit-to-tit and crotch-to-crotch, Catherine began grinding and humping Tanya's body.

"What were you saying about having the better body, bitch?" asked Catherine in Tanya's ear as their faces touched cheek-to-cheek.

"Eat shit, bitch," huffed Tanya struggling.

Tanya's right hand suddenly broke free and she immediately grabbed the bottom of Catherine's tight Daisy Duke shorts and pulled them up her shapely ass.

"Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!" squawked Catherine as Tanya spanked her butt red.

Tanya finally forced Catherine off and she quickly managed to straddle herself upon Catherine's waist and bang the back of the brunette's head into the floor by the hair.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Went Catherine's head as she bucked and struggled in vain to topple the angry redhead.

"Eeeeeoooo!!" screamed Tanya as she felt the fingernails of Catherine sink into her breasts through her tight tank top.

Tanya pulled her tits free and rolled off clutching her orbs. Catherine took advantage and sat upon her knees reaching for Tanya's top.

"I'm gonna rip those little titties right off of you, bitch," she threatened grabbing the garment.

"Oh no you don't, bitch," remarked Tanya sitting up on her knees and reaching for the brunette's top.

The thin, cotton cloth could be heard tearing above the girls curses as their tits soon exposed themselves to each other's angry clutches. Tanya and Catherine screamed as they twisted, pinched and pulled on one another's hard nipples. The men were now cheering them on as they started wrestling across the floor digging and scratching into each other's firm tit flesh.

"Yeeeeoouuu!!!" wailed Catherine as her tits took a savage raking down them.

"Eeeeeeaaaa!!!" bellowed Tanya as her pink nipples were being turned like knobs on a radio.

Catherine sent an uppercut that caught Tanya under the chin and knocked her onto her back. The brunette rolled after her and scissored her chest between her strong, tan thighs as she took two handfuls of hair and jerked back.

"Aaaaarrrggg!!!" screamed Tanya as her tits were pancaked into her chest and her hair was pulled out by the roots.

Tanya dragged both sets of fingernails down Catherine's thigh. leaving several long, bloody marks in its wake. Catherine howled as her thigh was being clawed and she released her leg lock.

"You cunt! Come back here!" yelled Catherine pulling Tanya back by the hair. "You'll pay for that, bitch."

Catherine sat to her knees and sank her left hand onto Tanya's right tit and squeezed. Tanya howled as she tried to free her tit, but the real assault came against her left tit as the brunette sank her pearly whites deep into the milky white flesh of the breast. Tanya let out a blood curdling scream as her hands frantically pulled on Catherine's hair.

"Eeeeeooo!!" cried Catherine as she was forced off by the powerful loss of two huge clumps of hair jerked out by the roots.

Tanya tried to roll away, but Catherine pounced on her back and straddled her. Taking Tanya by the hair, Catherine proceeded to slam her face into the floor until her nose bleed and she was in tears.

With her left hand, Catherine pulled back on Tanya's hair as hard as she could, stretching the neck to almost a breaking point, and she slipped her right hand behind her and between Tanya's legs. Getting a handful of pussy, Catherine squeezed and dug her nails in with all her remaining strength.

"Aaaaarrrrggghhh!!!!" screamed Tanya as her neck was almost snapped and her cunt violated. "Pleeeaaase, Daaaaisy, pleeeaaase. I give! I give!"

"What did you call me, bitch?" asked a shocked Catherine.

"Eeeee! Daaaaisy! Yooouuu wwwwin! Aaaaarrrggg!!" cried Tanya with tears pouring from her eyes and blood flowing from her nose. "You're Daaaaisy Duuuuke!!!"

The rest, as they say, is history.