Bad Angel: Cheryl Ladd vs. Heather Locklear, etc. by tommy d

Young Heather Locklear was thrilled to get a part on Charlie's Angels and was justifiably proud of herself as she drove to the studio. Heather looked gorgeous as she was presented to the cast and co-stars Jaclyn smith and Kate Jackson were thrilled to have her join them for the episode. Cheryl Ladd on the other hand, wasn't impressed at all for she saw blond Heather as a threat to her as the show's No. 1 glamour girl.

Kate and Jaclyn shook Heather's hand and greeted her with warm smiles while Cheryl just gave her a cold glare and went to her changing room. Cheryl was barely dressed when the door opened and Heather walked in. Cheryl was standing in front of the mirror adjusting her clothing, looking particularly sexy with her slim body tucked into a black body suit and shiny black pantyhose.

Cheryl turned around and snapped, "Don't you know it's rude to just bust in? What are you looking at anyway, you sumkinda fuckin dyke or just a pervert?" she snarled.

Heather too looked gorgeous, her slim figure encased in a white leotard and matching leggings.

"I'm really sorry Cheryl. I thought this was Jaclyn's room, she asked me to drop by for a chat."

"Are you really that stupid," snarled Cheryl, taking Heather's arm and dragging her to the door, opening it and pointing to a large sign. "See, it says 'Cheryl Ladd' right here on the door. What're you, another high school drop out who gives blow-jobs to get work?"

"Look, I said I'm sorry," Heather said, her pretty eyes misting. "What's your problem with me anyway?"

Cheryl stepped up to her until their bodies were touching.

"Lets get one thing straight, shall we, hon. I don't like you, I can't stand you. All kinds of wannabe's come on this show and think they're special, well they're NOT. I'm the primo glamour girl on the show, not Miss Perfect Smith or that ugly dyke bitch Jack-off-son. And certainly not you, you little bimbo!"

Cheryl grinned arrogantly at having put this two-bit bit player in her place.

"I was only trying to be friendly," Heather huffed. "But what's the point with a bitch-on-wheels like you!" snapped Heather as she turned around to leave.

"Hey Locklear," said Cheryl.

When Heather turned back, she was met by Cheryl's fist sinking into her stomach .

"Orrrrrrrrrrfffffff," cried Heather stumbling back grabbing her churning belly.

Cheryl lunged, grabbing the younger blonde by the hair and bending her head backward.

"Just remember doll face, you cross me and I'll rearrange that pretty face of yours so you won't find work in horror films. OK pussycat?" Cheryl snarled as she tugging Heather's blonde locks.

"OK, OK!" whined Heather. "Leggo my hair, you're hurting me," she cried.

Cheryl let her go and sent Heather on her way with a hard kick to her tight little ass. Cheryl felt great, she felt a sense of power, and for once she was the intimidator instead of the punching bag being bullied by other woman jealous of her terrific good looks .

Heather was in the washroom washing the tears from her eyes when Jaclyn Smith walked in and said, "Here you are, I've been looking for you." Then seeing Heather's tears, she asked, "Hey, what's wrong? Why are you crying sweetie?"

"It's nothing," sighed Heather, wiping her face.

"Now, now; come on you can tell me."

"Tha.... that horrible Cheryl Ladd hit me for no reason."

"Why that little bitch," Jaclyn snarled. "She can be a nasty little cow. You should have hit her back Heather, it's about time that big headed cut learned a lesson."

"Oh sure," Heather said, trying to smile. "And if I'd hit her back, she'd really have beaten me up," pouted Heather. "Besides, she's the star of the show and I'm just a guest. Nobody would take my side against her."

"Mmmmmm, she is quite tough for her size," Jaclyn admitted. "She beat me up once and I'd still love to get revenge on her myself. But this your fight and you have to stand up to her or she'll be picking on you forever. If you want to make it in this business, you have to learn to stand up to women like her, no matter how often you get this sweet little butt of yours kicked," said Jaclyn as she reached down, ran her hand over Heather's ass and give her a little spank to cheer her up.

Just then Cheryl walked in and saw Jaclyn fondling Heather's ass, then watched her put a consoling arm around Heather's waist.

"Oh," purred Cheryl cattily. "Am I interrupting something? Were you two about to get it on right here on the ladies room floor? Well, don't let me interrupt, go on Smith, slip her your tongue. Hell, everyone on the show figure you swing both ways anyway," laughed Cheryl .

"Your a disgusting bitch, Cheryl......Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Jaclyn cried out when Cheryl slapped her hard across her beautiful face, sending her crashing into the wall. As Jaclyn's body slid to the floor, Cheryl ran at her and kicked her several times. Cheryl looked down at Jaclyn curled up in a ball groaning in pain and grinned. Jaclyn was dressed the same as Cheryl, her long legs incredibly sexy in black pantyhose.

Heather couldn't believe what she was seeing as Cheryl stood over Jaclyn kicking her as she lay on the floor. Heather ran to Cheryl and aimed a solid kick right up the crack of her ass. Cheryl lurched forward, one hand bracing her against the wall, the other reaching back to grab her cute little butt.

Heather was both furious and scared stiff at the same time, but she knew she had to take on Cheryl even at the risk of suffering a beating. Before Cheryl could recover, Heather kicked her again, this time across the back of her legs. Cheryl staggered and fell on top of Jaclyn as Heather kicked her again, this time in the stomach. Cheryl rolled over in agony, her body doubled up in pain.

Heather pushed Cheryl off of Jaclyn and bent over her, trying to help the gasping brunette to her feet. Cheryl saw an opening when blonde Heather knelt down beside Jaclyn and she grabbed Heather's hair with both hands. Heather couldn't match Cheryl's strength and Cheryl dragged the younger blonde away from Jaclyn by the hair and swung her around. When Cheryl let go, Heather flew backward, crashed through the cubicle door and landed with her narrow ass wedged in the opening in the toilet seat.

With Heather stuck firmly, Cheryl laid into her with both fists. Heather was groggy and dazed when Cheryl finally dragged her up by the hair, spun her around and plunged her face down into the toilet bowl .Cheryl felt really powerful and was on a high. For once she was the bully and was getting off, loving the thrill of dominance over two beautiful woman.

Once Heather had been dealt with and was too weak to fight back, Cheryl turned her attention back to Jaclyn. But as she turned around, Cheryl felt an arm wrap around her from behind and put her in a head lock.

"Looking for me you evil little cow?" snarled the enraged Jaclyn.

Now Jaclyn wasn't a tough little dirty fighter like Cheryl, but she was a competent wrestler and had studied judo. As Cheryl was struggling to break free, Jaclyn grabbed the back of her hair and rammed her face into the wall. Cheryl saw stars and her legs went wobbly as Jaclyn twisted the smaller blondes arm up behind her back. Jaclyn slowly forced Cheryl face down into the wash basin.

"Arghhhh! Bitch, you're breaking my arm," protested Cheryl.

"If I let go, will you promise to stop this nonsense?" asked Jaclyn.

"Yes, yessssssss!" groaned Cheryl.

Jaclyn released the blonde but the sneaky little bitch instantly turned and drove her knee into Jaclyn's crotch. Jaclyn staggered back as Cheryl lunged at her and the two woman tumbled to the floor with sexy nylon-clad legs kicking as they rolled and writhed on the tile, tugging and pulling the others hair.

Jaclyn managed to wrap her long legs around Cheryl's waist and Cheryl wriggled frantically trying to break her scissors but Jaclyn's legs were strong from years of prowling runways on the fashion show circuit. Finally, Jaclyn was forced to release the blonde when Cheryl pounded the leggy beauty's slim thighs with her fists until they were nearly numb.

Both woman got to there feet, Jaclyn a little slowly as she tried to regain the feeling in her lower limps. Cheryl lunged at Jaclyn and both of them grabbed each other's hair again, pulling and tugging furiously. Cheryl began kicking Jaclyn's legs but the taller brunette had to stagger back in agony when one of Cheryl's feet caught her squarely between the legs with a well-placed foot.

Cheryl grabbed Jaclyn by the hair and backhanded her across the face, sending her crashing back into the corner. Jaclyn was pinned in the corner as Cheryl drove her fist over and over into the brunette's firm belly. Cheryl stepped back laughing as Jaclyn's knees buckled and she squatted in the corner moaning in agony.

"Want some more of my fist work, Miss Perfect," Cheryl cooed. "Or has pretty face had enough of me - again?"

"N...n... nooo! Please Cheryl, more," sobbed the red-faced and gasping Jaclyn, shaking her head.

Cheryl was so pleased with herself she'd forgotten about Heather who was at that very moment creeping up behind her wielding a heavy broom. Cheryl's smiling face was quickly changed to one of painful when Heather hit her across the back with the broom handle. Cheryl staggered and Heather hit her again, this time across the back of her legs sending her crashing to the floor. Heather laid into Cheryl, kicking her round the floor and Jaclyn joined in as Cheryl curled up in a ball, protecting her face with both hands.

Jaclyn hauled Cheryl up by the hair and twisted both arms up behind her back while Heather launched into a frenzy, punching Cheryl's stomach and slapping her face from side to side until the battered little blonde passed out. The coup-de-grace was when Heather stepped back and ran in, driving a knee into Cheryl's pussy .

It was more than an hour later when Cheryl came to, her body aching like mad. As she tried to get up, panic set in when she suddenly realized her hands and feet were tightly bound. She looked around and saw Jaclyn and Heather sitting on the floor watching her and giggling hysterically.

So, are you ready for another beating Cheryl?" laughed Jaclyn.

"No, no, please no more," Cheryl cried, squirming and tugging futilely at her bonds.

"Alright," laughed Heather. "Here's how it's going to work. We have a little job for you and if you don't do exactly as your told, you get another beating."

Heather yanked Cheryl's hair to get a response.

"OK, OK," Cheryl groaned. "I'll do anything you want."

An hour later, the door bell at Jaclyn's apartment rang. It was the third Charlie's Angel, Kate Jackson.

"Hi Kate," said Jaclyn, greeting her co-star with a peck on the cheek. "Come in."

"So, what's this surprise meal about Jaclyn?" Kate asked, wondering about the big surprise Jaclyn had mentioned. Then she saw Heather Locklear, "Hi Heather how are you. Hey, that's a great black eye you're sporting. And Jaclyn are those scratches on your arms? Just what have you two been up to?" asked Kate. Then she added laughing, "And why didn't you wait til I got here, we could have made it a threesome, you know how I love that, Jackie-poo!"

"Oh just sit down," laughed Jaclyn. "We'll tell you all about it over dinner."

When the three woman were seated at the table, Jaclyn clapped her hands and announced, "OK, we're ready for you to serve the wine now."

Cheryl walked in dressed in a short French maids outfit wearing a ball and chain on one ankle.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat the hell is this?" laughed Kate, clapping her hands enthusiastically.

"Well, its like this," Jaclyn explained. "It seems our Cheryl has been a really bad girl again. But Heather and I have explained the facts of life to her, she's promised to be a good girl from now on....haven't you Cheryl?"

Cheryl pouted and just grunted, a frown furrowing her flawless face.

"I beg your pardon," snapped Jaclyn as she picked up a riding crop from the table and whacked Cheryl across the back of her full thighs.

"Yike! I... I said I'm sorry mistress," Cheryl chirped as her body jerked, her full breasts almost launching themselves out the top of her low cut bodice.

Cheryl sullenly served the three woman the meal, bending deeply from the waist as she served each woman and clearly not liking it, but not protesting, as Jaclyn and Kate ran their hands up her legs whenever she stood next to them. Jaclyn made sure to call on Cheryl often to top up there wine glasses if they were so much as half full. Kate loved every minute of it, she couldn't stand Cheryl's personality, but she'd lusted for her body for years and now she had it at her whim.

Kate took out a cigarette from her purse and purred, "Oh slavegirl, light my fire," she laughed.

When Cheryl bent over to light her cigarette, Kate plunged her hand in Cheryl's cleavage, grabbed her boob in her hand and squeezed it, then twisted her nipple.

"Aarghhhhhhhhhhh you, you bitch," gasped Cheryl, struggling to pull away.

Kate stood up and glowered at Cheryl with a furious look on her face. "What did you call me you worthless little tramp," she shouted .

"I...I...I...I'm sorry Kate," Cheryl gasped as the peril of the situation became clear.

Kate sighed as Cheryl kept backing away from her.

"Guess you'll have to give me your riding crop Jackie," hissed Kate.

"No, no. Please not that," gasped Cheryl as Jaclyn laughed and tossed Kate the crop .

"Bend over blondie," snarled Kate. "I've wanted to have that sweet ass for two years and tonight it's mine."

", please I said I'm sorry!"

Kate grabbed Cheryl's hair and forced her face down on the table with her head in a bowl of trifle Cheryl had made for desert. Jaclyn, Kate and Heather were all laughing hysterically when Kate pulled Cheryl's head up and her face and hair were covered with the trifle. Kate pushed her head down again while her other hand flipped up Cheryl's skirt to bare her sexy little bottom.

"Now its time to teach your first lesson," laughed Kate as she began to give Cheryl's butt a good thrashing. When Kate let her up, Cheryl's bright red bottom was stinging like mad.

"Now, clean up this mess you've made or I'll let her give you another one," shouted Jaclyn.

"Y...y...yes mistress," cried Cheryl as she scrambled around picking up overturned glasses and dirty dishes.

"And in the morning," Kate said ominously. "I want you at my house at 9am sharp. I hope you're good at thinning bushes, my garden needs a LOT of work." Kate laughed at Cheryl's wide eyes as she ran her hand between her legs and her fingers disappeared in the thick, lush growth between her legs.

"Oh, and when you've finished with Kate's bush," laughed Heather. "I have this monstrous pile of clothes that need ironing."