Jaime Pressly (w/Alley Baggett) vs. Asia by jjj 3/5/01

Jaime Pressly received the phone call from her agent saying there was going to be a celebrity fight card for charity the weekend before Halloween. All the celebrities were going to be dressing up in costumes and would face various female dancers with the proceeds of the match going to charity. At first, Jaime was very hesitant as she had never been involved in an altercation, but her agent assured her the recognition she received from the charitable fight would be worth it for her lagging movie career.

Jaime found out that her opponent would be a topless dancer named Asia who had only a little ring experience. This helped bolster Jaime's confidence. She figured she would probably have a slight size advantage, since her opponent would be a petite oriental. She was told her costume was supposed to be as one of Santa's elves but she could dress as she saw fit.

The night of the match Jaime was extremely excited about making her ring debut. When the time came, she was instructed to head to the ring and she exited the dressing room to "Santa Clause is Coming to Town."

The crowd cheered loudly when they saw Jaime dressed as an elf and the announcer introducing her at 5'5", and 108 lbs. When she entered the ring, she removed her robe showing a tight fitting green mini skirt, sheer red halter top, white thigh hi's and a red and green elf hat. The crowd erupted! Jaime was stunningly beautiful and she blew kisses to the fans to show her appreciation as she pranced around the ring showing off, her confidence growing rapidly.

Suddenly, the lights in the arena dimmed and a techno song filled the arena. The lights began to flash to the beat of the music and Jaime saw her opponent emerge from the dressing room. She gasped when she saw Asia walking towards the ring dressed as a police officer.

The announcer introduced Asia as 5'9" and 240 lbs., but that may have been conservative. She had a jet-black hat and pale blue police shirt but she filled her officers costume to the point of straining the material. The crowd cheered as Asia brandished her nightstick in the air as she paraded around the outside of the ring, dragging a small black sack behind her. Panic swept throughout Jaime's tiny body as she wished she'd never listened to her agent when he talked her into entering the event. Jaime looked outside at Asia and could only wonder what the future held for her.

Asia put the nightstick down near her bag outside the ring, and then removed her hat. Long black hair cascaded down and she began to unbutton her police shirt, leaving her in a white T-shirt that could barely contain her ample bosom. She wore long black trousers that hid her powerful legs from Jaime's sight. Jaime could only stare in disbelief as she viewed the size of Asia's arms - they were bigger than her thighs. Asia made eye contact with Jaime for the first time and couldn't help but laugh. Jaime tried to assure herself that this was for charity and that no one would really expect much wrestling.

Asia climbed up the stairs and proceeded to her corner of the ring. The ref. called both participants to the center of the ring and called pulled out his microphone.

"The rules are simple...there aren't any," the ref. said.

With that he quickly left the ring and the bell sounded. Jaime began to walk after the ref., protesting this was supposed to be a charity match when she abruptly felt her hair being yanked from her scalp.

Jaime quickly turned around as Asia yelled, "I hate fuckin' blonde bimbo's!!"

Then she slapped the stunned Pressly across the face, knocking her off her feet and sending her elf hat flying across the ring. Jaime tried to scamper away on her hands and knees, but Asia was able to catch her by the hair again. Jaime squealed as Asia yanked her off the ground by her long blonde hair and abruptly set her on her feet.

"Oh, we are going to have a fun time with you blondie!" Asia taunted.

Suddenly Jaime felt herself being thrown into the ropes and she rebounded right into a stiff right arm across the throat, temporarily stunning the beautiful blonde. Asia walked over and picked up Jaime's elf hat, placing it on her head as she began to run around the ring mocking Jaime. The ring shook under Asia's weight as Jaime again got to her knees and tried to scramble out of the ring. Asia apparently wouldn't have any of that. She caught the back of Jaime's green micro skirt.

Jaime turned around and screamed, "This is supposed to be for charity, ease up you steroid freak!!"

Asia laughed as she stared down Jaime while still holding her by the back of the skirt. With her free hand, Asia sailed the elf hat into the crowd, then effortlessly lifted Jaime with her other hand, straining Jaime's tight skirt almost to the breaking point.

Asia put her hand between Jaime's legs, scooped her up and instantly body slammed her back down to the mat, leaving her staring at the arena ceiling, out of breath and in dismay. Asia ran into the ropes gaining momentum as she splashed onto the blonde's prone body. The wind left Jaime's lungs instantaneously and she struggled to find breath that would not come.

Asia easily peeled off Jaime's red halter top leaving her lying in a white lace bra, that matched her thigh hi's. Jaime tried to get up but couldn't find the breath or the strength to move yet. She knew she was in deep trouble, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Asia stood over Pressly staring into her frightened eyes before she dropped to her knees and began choking Jaime with her own blouse. Jaime's feet thrashed while precious air was denied her again as Asia choked the defenseless actress. Soon, Asia tired of this and pulled Jaime up by hair, putting the petite girl's head between her legs. Jaime's perfect ass was raised high in this position, so Asia paused briefly to peel up her little skirt, exposing her white thong. Asia began to laugh as she spanked Jaime's firm ass, leaving red welts almost instantly.

"Please stop!!" Jaime begged as her red cheeks jiggled as her bottom began to swelling with each powerful crack of Asia's callused palm.

Without warning, Asia then performed a textbook power bomb. Jaime's body splashed to the mat with a resounding thud, her perky breasts jiggling with the confines of her sheer bra. Jaime was barely coherent when she felt the skirt being torn from her limp body. Asia stared in disbelief as she pulled away the skirt from Jaime's body.

"How the fuck did you get your bony ass in this slut?"

Jaime was left in just a matching white bra, thong, and thigh hi's and the crowd was left in a frenzy. The blonde beauty lay motionless as Asia again lifted her again, this time yanking her up by the hair. Asia executed another power move, as she picked up Jaime in the air, held her upside down for at least ten seconds and then gave her a massive suplex. The crowd was chanting, as Jaime was again plastered to the mat. This time, Jaime actually bounced up when she hit the mat.

Asia rolled the petite girl onto her stomach, and sat on Jaime's lower back. Jaime's eyes rolled up in their sockets as the weight strained her back. Asia pulled Jaime's arms back and draped them over her knees, then reached around and pulled back on Jaime's chin. The blonde shrieked as the camel clutch racked her body with pain while her little white lace bra struggled to keep her perky breasts from escaping.

Jaime's spine and vertebrae were being put to the test and she couldn't take the pain for long. She squealed out her submission but to her dismay the ref. had completely left ringside and was nowhere to be seen. Asia laughed at Jaime whose face was by now, contorted with torture.

Asia abruptly released the clutch, stood up and walked around the ring with her hands raised to get a response from the crowd. Then she sat next to Jamie and placed her enormous thighs around Jaime's breasts. She began to squeeze, at first with no effort, like a cat toying with a trapped mouse, but as Jaime begged her to stop, Asia's response was to increase the pressure. Suddenly, Asia leaned back and squeezed with all her might, crushing Jaime's breasts between her legs.

Finally, with Jaime getting light-headed, Asia released the pressure on her breasts and allowed the actress to gulp some badly needed air into her lungs. Jaime's rest ended almost as soon as it began, however.

Asia yelled to the crowd, "Who wants to see the bitches tits?"

The answer was deafening as the arena went ballistic with its approval. Asia lifted Jaime again and threw her into the corner turnbuckle. Asia walked slowly over to her, relishing every minute of her domination of the petite blonde. Reaching Jaime, Asia picked up Jaime's arms and draped one over each top rope, then she teased the crowd by pulling down Jaime's bra ever so slightly. When the crowd screamed encouragement Asia didn't disappoint, ripping the bra completely off Jaime's chest. The blonde realized what had happened and immediately covered her chest, unfortunately, exposing the entire rest of her body to attack.

Asia spun Jaime around and put her in a reverse bear hug. Jaime couldn't breath as the powerfully built woman crushed her chest including her now fully exposed breasts. Jaime again was on the verge of blacking out form the pain when Asia suddenly slid her arms down beneath Jaime's breasts, relieving the numbing pain. The hold displayed Jaime's perfect breasts for everyone in the arena, however. So Asia began to bounce up and down, causing Jaime's perky breast to bounce up and down vigorously as the crowd roared their approval. Again, Jaime begged to be let go but Asia just kept jumping up and down as the crowd went wild at the exotic display.

When she tired of that, Asia tossed Jaime on the mat on all fours, her ass sticking up almost pornographically in the air. Pressly suddenly screamed when she felt herself lifted into the air by her thong. The little white triangle, which was not much to begin with, instantly disappeared in the crack of Jaime's ass. Asia smiled from ear to ear as she began to slowly bounce Jaime up and down, increasing the pain in her genitals while again making her breasts bounce. Asia timed her final jump perfectly. As Jaime's body was descending, Asia jerked and the thong seemed to disappear. Jaime screamed as the thong sliced into her ass and up between her spread pussy lips, exposing them for the first time in the match. Jaime collapsed limp and lifeless on the mat, sobbing softly.

Between sobs, Jaime screamed her submission several times, but again Asia lifted Jaime in the air upside down. This time Asia held Jaime in the air until she abruptly dropped her down on her back across her knee in an excruciating back breaker. Jaime's hands reached to her sore back though she was barely conscious from the pain.

Again the mammoth Oriental lifted the blonde into the air, this time extending her arms with Jaime suspended in the air. Jaime wouldn't stay suspended for long - she was again slammed to the mat in a huge power slam. Asia rolled Jaime onto her stomach and tugged playfully at her thong, not getting any response from the dazed blonde, but certainly getting one from the crowd as the thong wedged itself deeper into Jaime's body crevices. Asia walked to the ropes, turned and ran, then jumped in the air and landed on Jamie's back with her knees - trying to cause permanent damage to the blonde. Jaime lay still, her only movement, her hands clutching her back.

Asia rolled Jaime over again, this time onto her back. She held both of Jaime's ankles and opened her legs wide. Jaime could never have prepared for what happened next. Asia leaped in the air holding Pressly's legs apart and crushed Jaime's crotch beneath her knee. Jaime almost blacked out from the extreme pain! Her breasts quivered as she sobbed uncontrollably. Then Asia ripped off Jaime's thong off to reveal the blondes brunette pubic hair - to the delight of the crowd.

"So you're a fake blonde!" Asia shouted and dropped a vicious elbow on Jaime's brunette crotch.

Jaime's hands instinctively shot to her crotch as a pain unlike anything she'd ever felt racked her whole body. Left in just her sheer white thigh hi's and nothing else, Jaime was a sight to see. Asia sat on Pressly's breasts, completely engulfing the blonde under her massive ass. Then, Asia held up one finger to the crowd - and rammed it into Jaime's pussy!

Jaime bucked and shrieked at being violated (in public, no less) by this cruel, massive woman. Jaime received no pleasure from this and indeed was begging for someone to help her while she cried like a baby. Once Asia grew tired of this, she finished off the beaten blonde, backing her ass up onto Jaime's beautiful face and sitting down - hard! Jaime struggled for twenty short seconds before she lay motionless.

Asia grabbed Jamie's discarded bra and shirt, and began to tie Jaime to the ropes with her arms behind her. Jaime came to abruptly when Asia mercilessly twisted her left nipple, stretching it away from her breast and then letting it snap back. Jaime's shrieks filled the arena again as tears once more welled in her eyes. Asia reached down and took hod of Jaime's brown pubic hairs and slowly started to pull it strand by strand as the defenseless Jaime sobbed, cried and begged Asia to stop but she wouldn't hear of it. Jaime futilely tried to kick Asia, but all she did was infuriate the mammoth woman who abruptly ended resistance when she brought a quick knee up into Jaime's unprotected pussy.

Asia left the ring briefly, then returned with her small black sack and nightstick. Jaime begged the audience to come to her aid when she realized what was about to happen to her. Asia pulled out four pair of handcuffs from the sack and stalked to the defenseless blonde. Asia untied Jamie's wrists but at the same time handcuffing each wrist to a different rope in the corner. Next, Asia started on Jaime's ankles, managing to secure the spread-eagleded Jaime in the ring corner. Jaime's pleading for the crazed woman to stop was answered by a sharp slap across her face, leaving her cheek red.

Asia picked up the nightstick and ran it tantalizingly over Jaime's perky breasts. Suddenly, she rammed the stick into Pressly's tight midsection knocking the wind out of her. All Jaime could do was grunt and gasp for air as Asia stepped back to watch in delight as Jaime's chin slumped down between her heaving breasts. Sweat trickled down Jaime's glistening nipples, dripping onto the ring apron.

Barely conscious, Jaime watched Asia walk to the far corner of the ring, stop, then without warning run full steam and splash the unprotected Pressly in the corner. The impact snapped her back horribly across the turnbuckle. Jaime could no longer stand and was only being held suspended by Asia's handcuffs. She looked like she'd been crucified. Jaime's lifeless body hung in the air, her shoulders strained unmercifully to support her lifeless body while Asia rammed the nightstick into her ribcage causing her to buck to the side, her ribs possibly cracked by the blow.

Suddenly, the crowd erupted in cheers as they saw former Playmate Alley Baggett running to ringside. Alley, who was scheduled to fight later that night, was already in costume; a schoolgirl outfit, with black shoes, white knee high stockings, a plaid skirt and white shirt tied under her breasts. Alley had her long brown hair pulled back in pig tails to emphasize the little girl look.

Asia thought the crowd was cheering for her so she never had a clue what was happening until Alley jumped on to her back. She stumbled slightly then recovered and realized what happened. When she regained her footing, Asia wrapped her arms around Alley's small body and ran her back into a turnbuckle, crushing the 5'2" brunette with her massive frame. Air shot from Alley's lungs as she struggled to breathe beneath the weight of Asia, who was still crushing the brunette between her and the turnbuckle. Alley was trapped in that position for a good half minute before Asia moved out and let Alley drop to the mat.

Asia dragged Alley up from the mat and whipped her back to the turnbuckle. Alley almost collapsed from the impact as her body crashed into the corner. Asia charged and landed a perfect body splash on top of the brunette who felt as though a Mack truck had run her over. Alley's eyes became glassy as Jaime looked on helplessly, handcuffed and in to much pain to do anything anyway.

Jaime's heart sank as Alley slumped to the mat under the accumulation of punishment that had hit her.

"So, a little school girl thought she could help this slut!" Asia yelled. "Well if you want to be a school girl then you'll get spanked like one!"

Asia pulled Alley up by her pigtails. Alley winced as Asia yanked her long brown locks, then Asia tossed the small brown girl over her knee, pulled down her plaid skirt to reveal a perfect ass and a light blue g-string. Asia proceeded to spank the bare ass with all her considerable strength. Each spank brought a shriek and an instant reddening to Alley's ass. Asia continued until her hand began to hurt and Alley was in tears.

When Asia pushed her off her lap, Alley lay on the mat with her cute ass in the air, holding one of her perfect ass cheeks with each hand. She hadn't realized what a mistake that was until Asia grabbed each of her legs and twisted her into a Boston Crab. Alley's eyes shot open as pain shot up her back. Alley quickly began begging for mercy. Her pleas fell on deaf ears though as Asia only increased the pressure. Asia maintained the hold till she heard Alleys back go, "POP!"

Then Asia got up and went over to Jaime, who was still crying from her pain.

"You're lucky you're handcuffed or that would have been your back, bitch!" Asia screamed as she pointed to a motionless Alley.

But Asia wanted to have some more fun with Jaime, so she wiggled her finger up into Jaime's exposed pussy. Jaime was crying hysterically as Asia wedged three fingers deep into her tight pussy. The pain was unbearable for Jaime, but Asia was surely enjoying this game. She kept fingering until she felt Jaime's body shudder in an unwelcome and unwilling orgasm. She pulled out her fingers and wiped her hand on Jaime's chest.

Asia walked back to the motionless, but quietly sobbing, Alley and lifted her by her shirt. Unfortunately, Alley hadn't had time to tie it correctly and the shirt was the only item that left the mat. Alley stayed behind, now in just black shoes, white knee high socks and matching light blue g-string and bra. This time, Asia hoisted up Alley by the hair and threw her against a turnbuckle, her face twisting in pain when her badly injured back cracked into the buckle.

Asia walked over, propped Alley up and began to slap her chest, backhand, forehand, backhand, forehand. Alley quickly developed large red welts on the topside of each breasts.

Next, Asia picked Alley up with her hands on her waist like a little girl and sat her butt on the turnbuckle. Asia stood on the bottom ropes and wrapped her tree trunk-like arms around Alley's chest. Alley begged to be put down, but Asia executed a brutal belly-to-belly suplex anyway. Alley was crushed by the devastating move, her back now facing serious trouble. It was now Alley's turn to be humiliated by the mammoth woman, and she helpless to do anything to prevent it.

Asia walked around the ring, stopped in front of Jaime and slapped her across the face to get her attention. Then she picked up her nightstick and hit Jaime in the other ribs, eliciting a scream of anguish as the club cracked on her exposed ribcage. Asia grabbed Jaime's breasts and pulled her out of the corner, stretching her body until the handcuffs cut into her wrists while her breasts were stretched farther than flesh was next meant to stretch.

When Asia released her grip, Jaime's body sprang back into the corner. Asia grabbed Jaime's long blonde hair and tried the same maneuver using her hair instead of her boobs. Jaime screamed as pain filled her scalp and the handcuffs again cut into her wrists. She was unconscious before she hit the corner again and Asia was disappointed she'd gone under so easily.

The Amazon returned to the defenseless Alley and grabbed her by her firm C-cup breasts. Alley screamed as she was abruptly lifted off the mat by the mammoth woman using her breasts as handles. As soon as Alley was upright, Asia's hand shot to her hair, grabbing one pigtail while the other hand and stripped off her tiny light blue bra. Alley's strained tits immediately sprang free and, modestly, her hands rose to cover them. Asia held Alley by both pigtails, pulled her head down and smashed her face on her knee. Alley saw stars immediately and again tears filled her eyes, mercifully clouding her vision for what was to come.

Asia removed her hands from Baggett's head and switched her attack to Alley's perfect breasts. She started by grabbing as much as her hands would hold and started crushing Alley's tits like beer cans. Tears streamed freely down Alley's cheeks as the crowd went wild at what they'd seen so far. Asia kept the intense pressure on her tits until Alley lashed out and raked Asia's eyes with her nails. The mammoth woman was caught by surprise and quickly backed away. As soon as she was freed, Alley fell to the mat; one hand holding her breasts, the other clutching her injured back.

Suddenly Alley heard Jaime yell, "Alley, quick - the nightstick!!!"

Alley was only semi conscious when she heard this, but Asia heard it loud and clear. She glared at Jaime who knew she'd made a critical mistake. Asia backed into the corner opposite the petite blonde and ran full steam into the helpless Jaime. Her body crumpled under the weight of the Oriental and she seemed to go numb from the pain. Out of the corner of her eye, Asia saw Alley trying to rise, so she re-focused her attention on the brunette.

Asia laughed at Alley who was wearing just black shoes, white socks and a reveling G-string. She realized Alley's exposed breasts deserved more attention than she'd given and so she grabbed Alley by her enormous nipples and took the opportunity to give her a titty twister. With Alley's nipples between her thumb and forefinger, Asia sharply twisted the nipples clockwise until Alley shrieked as pain filled her bosom. Then, Asia twisted the large, dark, nipples counter-clockwise. Alley's screams could have shattered a glass. Then Asia dropped down , sitting on the mat still while holding the nipples. Alley's supple breasts stretched an unbelievable length until her body followed down Asia to the mat.

Asia rolled over and sat on Alley's back. She began to bounce up and down as Alley shrieked at her already damaged back being further brutalized. Asia pulled Alley's arms back over her knees and clamped on a camel clutch until Alley's breasts swelled out when her back arched. That's when Asia grabbed and began squeezing Alley's breasts as she kept pulling her torso backward. Between the pain in her back and breasts, Alley went out in seconds. Asia got off Alley when she felt her go limp and looked back at Jaime, who was still semi conscious after all she had been through. Asia went to her bag and took out a small container, then picked up her nightstick and walked back to Alley who still lay unmoving.

She grabbed the back of Alley's G-String and lifted her off the mat and onto to her feet even though she remained unconscious. Asia bouncing Alley by the G-string, each time higher as the G-String worked itself deeper into her pussy. Alleys pubic hair and then her puffy pussy lips worked their way around the panty out into view and the pain pulled Alley back to semi-consciousness. Realizing what was happening, she begged Asia to stop but she kept bouncing Alley until the G-String tore, sending Alley once more to the mat. That's when Asia picked up her nightstick and unscrewed the top of the container. Asia scooped out a handful of the contents, which looked like Vaseline, and liberally coated the end of her nightstick.

Looking at the crowd she asked the audience, "Who wants to see this slut take it up the ass?"

They responded loudly and positively to the mammoth's question. Asia draped Alley's body over the bottom rope so her upper torso hung outside the ring and her legs inside while her perfect round ass was displayed in the air. Asia's first few attempts to wedge the nightstick in Alley's ass were unsuccessful, but persistence paid off! Soon, the stick was well inside her. Alley was jolted back to full consciousness by a pain like she'd never experienced before. Asia kept pulling the stick out and then ramming it deeper and further up the beautiful brunette's ass until the stick would go no farther. Satisfied she'd caused permanent damage, Asia forcefully removed the stick that was now covered with Vaseline, shit, and blood. Alley was sobbing uncontrollably and her ass was bleeding. Her back was too damaged even to allow her to move.

Asia slowly stalked over to Jaime who was screaming as the crazed woman waving a nightstick approached. Asia grabbed a handful of long blonde locks and kneed Jaime's pussy. Her mouth opened in a scream and that's when Asia shoved the filthy nightstick in her mouth. There was no way Jaime could remove it, not with both hands cuffed to the ropes. Asia looked around the ring, seeing Alley bent over the bottom rope wearing her black shoes and white socks, blood dripping from her ass. She saw Jaime in her thigh hi's, breasts black and blue and the nightstick in her mouth. Asia proceeded to gather her things and leave the ring.