Alley Baggett vs. Anna Nicole Smith by jjj 2/17/02

Alley entered the room confidently, as she felt there was no way she could loose the cover for the upcoming lingerie shoot. She strode into the office in a pink micro with a skintight white ribbed turtleneck and sheer white thigh highs stopping just above her knee. Her make up was perfect, her long hair looked stunning. Looking around, Anna saw there were a few girls in the room but not one that could even hold a candle to her. Things couldn't have been better!

Within a half-hour all the girls had entered the director's office and had left, leaving Alley alone to wait. The photographer came out and said that she'd be with her in 10 minutes. Alley picked up a magazine and began paging through it just as the front door opened and big, blonde, buxom Anna Nicole Smith strutted in.

Anna entered wearing a loose black skirt, white half shirt with a heart over her oversized chest and her long blonde hair done beautifully - it bounced with each confident stride she took. Alley's jaw dropped when she saw her.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Alley asked as she stood up.

Anna laughed and snapped, "I'm about to get another cover, what's it look like bitch."

Not one to be easily intimidated, Alley poked the huge blonde in the breast and yelled, "Over my dead body you fat slut."

Anna was instantly enraged at being called fat! She was already hyper-sensitive about her weight and Alley only infuriated her. She grabbed Alley's finger and quickly twisted her wrist. Alley elicited a sharp squeal, more out of shock than pain.

Anna looked directly into Alley's eyes as she hissed, "Get the fuck out of this office before you get hurt, bitch!"

Alley was giving up more than 9 inches in height at 5'2" - maybe 5'4" in heels; Anna towered over the her at 5'11" - possibly over 6' with her shoes. Alley looked Anna up and down, not sure how she should proceed for she was at least 50 pounds lighter than the Amazon before her. Alley turned on her heel and sat back down in her chair, crossing her thick, powerful legs. She was still thinking what to do when the photographer came back.

"Oh, Anna you're early we weren't expecting you yet, but you look great!" Then added, "Alley, I just have to run next door to get some more film for your shoot. I'll be back in a flash"

Alley glared at Anna and replied, "OK, I'll wait here with overweight Anna. Oops I mean Anna."

Whether or not she heard the comment, the photographer walked out the front door. But Anna sure heard! She rose from her seat and walked quickly over to Alley. Alley's heart rate quickened as she saw the huge woman advance and began to regret making the snide comment. Anna towered over the seated Alley, reached down and grabbed a long lock of Alley's hair and twisted it in her hand.

"Oww! You fat whore, let go of me!" Alley yelled out.

Anna twisted the hair tighter and after securing her grip on Alley's long hair she violently jerked her up out of the chair, again eliciting a yelp from the brunette. Anna put her other hand in Alley's hair, secured a firm hold, then viciously flung the smaller brunette clear across the room. Alley stumbled in her heels as she flew forward as Anna walked over and stopped, looming over her as she reached down and began to remove her heels.

Alley was still reeling from the shock of the initial attack. She gazed up at Anna, then scrambled toward the door after the photographer. Anna finished getting her shoes off just as Alley made it to her feet and began her dash for freedom. Anna chased down the brunette, catching her from behind as her full weight crashed into the smaller woman. They crashed to the floor with Alley pinned by Anna's big body covering her back.

Alley frantically tried to get up, but Anna's hulking weight was far too much for her. Anna made sure Alley didn't get out of her clutches as she repositioned herself lower on Alley's back. Alley began kicking, starting to become frantic as she was helpless under the large blonde.

"Stop squirming bitch, maybe I'll go easy on you!" Anna yelled.

"Get off me you fat cow!" Alley gasped and as quickly realized that he had made a mistake.

Anna became enraged at hearing the thin girl insult her again. From her position on her back, she grabbed Alley's long hair and viciously jerked her head up and back.

"You fuckin are gonna be so sorry when I'm done with you!!!" a furious Anna snapped.

Realizing she was in big trouble, Alley tried to mount some offense and raked her nails down Anna's legs. Small scratches were instantly visible on the large girls pale legs as she yelped in surprised pain. Alley, expecting just that reaction, instantly bucked up with all her weight and managed to dump Anna off her. Still surprised by the shock of the scratching, Anna was even more shocked when Alley rolled away from her and bolted toward a different door this time. Instead of the front door, Alley ran into the back off the studio where the shoot was to occur.

Alley's flight was a shaky one due to her tight dress but she managed to reach the door ahead of Anna. Just as she opened the door, Anna grabbed her arm, painfully digging in her equally sharp nails. Startled at being caught so quickly, Alley was off guard as Anna fired an open handed slap to the side of her face.

"You want to play cat and mouse games bitch," Anna shouted. "Well, I don't have the time or the energy for that!"

Alley realized that she couldn't run from Anna in the confined office, so she decided to try to mount an offense. Without warning or even looking up, Alley lowered her shoulder and charged into Anna. The move caught Anna by surprise and Alley's shoulder slammed into her soft belly, knocking the air out of her. Not having much fighting experience, Alley hesitated before following up with another move. Her slight hesitation gave Anna the opening she needed to fire a punch to Alley's much more toned stomach. Alley gasped as Anna's punch connected with most of her weight behind it. The wind flew from her lungs.

Anna was furious, "Now you've pissed me off, you're one fucked bitch."

With Alley hunched over clutching her belly, Anna stepped behind the brunette, grabbed the back of Alley's skin tight mini-skirt and jerked it down around her knees with a single pull.

"You call this a skirt? Well, maybe for a slut!" Anna shouted.

Still struggling to breathe, Alley was doubled over as Anna eyed her white T-back thong. Alley was gasping, but she spun and leaped up, firing an elbow that connected squarely with Anna's cheek, throwing her head violently to the side. Now it was Anna's turn to feel pain as her head rang from the elbow. Alley tried to suck in air as she got a much-needed break while Anna held her cheek.

Alley couldn't do much with her skirt around her knees, so she decided to try to get out of it before Anna could use it to her advantage. Alley struggled with the skirt, bent over with her ass wiggling seductively, the thong barely covering anything. She finally managed wiggle out of the skirt and step out of it, leaving her in her heels, white thigh highs, matching thong and tight white turtleneck. With her legs unencumbered, Alley grabbed a handful of Anna's hair as Anna hunched over. Even bent over, Anna was still almost as tall as Alley!

Alley tried to sound confident as she snapped, "Not so tough now, are you lard ass?!"

Alley used her handful of hair to hold Anna's head as she brought her rising knee up and caught Anna in the same place her elbow had. Anna's legs wobbled and she appeared to be stunned by the sharp blow. With each passing second, Alley was gaining more confidence in her ability to handle th big, soft blonde.

"Well you wanted to see ME naked so bad," Alley hissed. "How 'bout we see what you're hiding under these clothes, chubby."

Alley pulled Anna's shirt off over her head and when she saw Anna's oversized bra, Ally gasped in amazement.

"What the fuck? Whatta ya got in there, watermelons?" Alley giggled as she threw Anna's shirt aside.

Anna was still hunched over, reeling from the sudden turn off events, when Alley grabbed two handfuls of her hair, jumped in the air and slammed her head down onto the coffee table. The table splintered when Anna's big, busty body broke it in two. The pain Anna felt was intense as she kneeled on the floor over the shattered table, her head throbbing.

"Time to get this skirt off your fat ass," Alley laughed. "I can use a new sleeping bag this summer!"

Alley had to use both hands to pull, tug and work Anna's skirt down over her wide hips and big ass until she got the skirt down around Anna's knees, leaving the big blonde in black bra and black bikini briefs.

Alley began to chuckle, "Well, if I was a elephant, I'd wear gramma underwear too I guess."

But Anna wasn't listening to what the gloating brunette was saying, instead she was figuring how to mount an offensive attack of her own that would turn the tables on the bitch. Though her head was ringing, Anna had been put through much worse from a lot tougher girls in her day. Alley stripped off her heels to give herself better traction, then backed up and charged into the blonde as Anna stood up. Alley connected squarely with the small of Anna's lower back, slamming her into the desk and tipping it over.

Anna lay face down on the floor as Alley got up and grabbed a large dictionary off the floor. She slammed the heavy book into the back of Anna's head and the blonde's body jerked under the loud impact. With hear reckless abandon, Alley climbed onto the larger blondes back, dropping the book as she grabbed the back of Anna's bra and quickly unhooked it. Alley pulled the bra up under Anna's chin and hauled back, bringing the blonde back up to her knees.

Even though she was in pain, Anna was far from giving up. Anna realized she was in no immediate danger from Alley's half hearted choke and decided to wait for a better opening rather than expend her energy trying to buck the smaller girl off of her. As she began to formulate her plan. Anna struggled weakly and then her body suddenly went limp. Alley continued choking for a few more seconds until she was confident the mammoth blonde was unconscious.

Satisfied that Anna was out, Alley rose off of Anna's body. She was very proud of herself; not only had she won a fight, she'd beaten a huge Amazon to boot. Standing off to the side, Alley pushed her foot under Anna's shoulder and used it to roll the blonde over onto her back. Alley was truly amazed at the enormous size of Anna's breasts once she saw them released from the confinement of the heavy duty bra

Alley was so amazed, she couldn't help but stare and mutter, "Well, I guess when you're that fat, big tits ain't that hard to come by."

Alley looked around the room for something she could use against Anna when she realized she was in no shape for the photo shoot. Hell, she thought, there'd be other shoots. For now, she just wanted to have some more fun with this huge blonde bimbo. When Alley turned her attention back to Anna, however, Alley's world went black and she instantly dropped to her knees holding her throbbing crotch which had been pounded by Anna's uppercutting fist.

As Anna rose to her feet, she sneered, "Here is a tip slut. If you're in a fight make sure the other girl is really out before you take your eyes off her!" The words were lost on Alley who was gasping in pain and massaging her throbbing pussy. "You shoulda left when you had a chance," Anna chuckled confidently. "After this, you may not be able to walk for a while." She stood behind Alley and sarcastically asked, "Does your little pussy hurt, baby? Gee, I heard wedgies from these dental floss thongs can help take your mind off the pain."

Anna grabbed Alley's thin thong at both hips, arched her back and violently jerked it up. Alley's shriek filled the room as the pain in her crotch was amplified by the wedgie slicing deep between her already swollen pussy lips. Due to the size and strength difference, by the time Anna was standing upright, Alley's feet were barely touching the floor.

Anna let go of her thong and grabbed both of Alley's arms, pulling them behind her back. With her arms behind her, Alley's chest and big breasts were thrust forward by the awkward angle of her torso. She was screaming from the pain in her crotch as Anna maintained the hold and ran Alley chest-first into the wall. Alley hit the wall with her chest, followed by her face and then her belly. With Anna still holding her arms back, Alley's face and chest smashed into the wall and her chest did little to cushion the blow to her face.

"Let the fun begin!!!" the topless Anna hollered.

Alley was in too much pain to realize the predicament she was in. Her crotch was on fire, her head was throbbing, and worst of all her arms still were pinned behind her back. For some reason, Anna paused her offensive, though she kept her hold on Alley's arms.

Anna leaned over Alley's shoulder and rubbed her cheek on Alley's as she asked sarcastically, "How're you feelin' now sweetie pie? Better?" Alley just groaned, so Anna told her, "Oh, too bad. Well, then this should hurt real good for ya darlin."

Without warning, Anna dropped and stuck her knee between Alley's legs, slamming Alley's crotch down onto her knee. The pain was instant and intense! Alley screamed as tears swelled and filled her beautiful eyes. Anna released Alley's arms and pushed her off her knee. Alley's hands instantly shot to her throbbing crotch.

"Did that feel good baby?" Anna taunted, as she prodded Alley's ass with her toe but failing to get an answer.

Alley just thrashed on the floor trying to massage away a pain unlike any she'd ever felt in her life. Anna scanned the room quickly and saw what she was looking for. She pulled the belt from her discarded skirt and stalked back to the helpless Alley. She viciously whipped Alley's legs, some lashes catching bare skin while others left runs in her thigh high stockings. Even the ones that landed on the stocking felt like hundreds of bee stings, and Alley tried to roll away to safety. Anna walked after her as Alley's screams filled the room, mixing with Anna's laughter. After about ten lashes, Anna dropped the belt and stood over the quivering brunette's body.

"Next time you get into a fight," Anna advised with a smug grin, "You better bring someone along who knows how to fight, you stupid bitch."

Alley lay twitching on the floor, completely oblivious to what Anna was saying. Pain wracked her flawless body as she tried to tell herself it would be over soon. Unfortunately, Anna had another opinion, she was only beginning her fun. Anna decided to wait for the right opportunity before beginning her next assault and her wait was short lived.

As Alley moved her hands back to her still aching crotch, Anna too the opportunity to stomp Alley's tight stomach. Alley gasped in pain and surprise. She couldn't believe she was in this mess after just moments ago dominating this same blonde. How quickly things changed! Alley moved her hands from her crotch to her stomach and Anna, expecting it, quickly fired another stomp into Alley's crotch. Alley was now screaming from the pain that wracked her whole body as she thrashed and flopped on the floor like a fish out of water, screaming in agony.

Having not exercised much during the last few month's, spending nearly every day in court or some attorney's office working on her estate lawsuit, Anna was getting winded from beating the smaller brunette. She pulled up a chair and took a few seconds breather as she watched Alley's thrashing brunette's body. Anna knew better than to take her eyes off her opponent as she took satisfaction in how much damage she'd done and thought about how much more was in store for Alley.

Satisfied that she had rested long enough, Anna decided to turn her attention back to Alley's punishment. What a sight Alley was! Anna wished that photographer would return. Alley was laying on her back, moaning and rocking from side to side still wearing her thigh highs, thong and turtleneck; surely a great photo for all the world to see. Better yet a video!

Anna looked around the office and found what she was looking for. On a tripod stand a video camera was already set up. 'My lucky day,' Anna thought. She turned the camera on and zoomed out so the whole room could be seen. 'Ah yes,' she thought, 'Alley's thrashing can be seen on camera.' Anna hit the record button and was about to refocus her attention, when she realized there was no tape in the camera.

"Shit!" she screamed.

Anna scanned the room until eyes came to rest on the overturned desk. She walked over to it and flipped it right side up. In one of the drawers she found what she was looking for. She returned to the camera, inserted the tape and this time it started recording. She decided to have some a little fun and zoomed in on Alley who was still moaning on the floor. After recording Alley she zoomed back out so the whole room was again in frame. Then she walked back to the brunette and grabbed a handful of her hair.

"Look at me bitch!" Anna shouted.

Alley refused to look at Anna, she just kept holding various parts of her body, trying to massage away her pain. Anna twisted Alley's hair until she'd it tangled around her hand then forced the brunette to look into her eyes.

"See that camera over there, that is going to record me fuckin' destroying your bony little skank ass. When I'm done, it's going to Playboy for sale, on the Internet, to as many people as I can find that want to see a slut getting destroyed."

This somewhat sank in on Alley as she realized what the vicious blonde was saying.

She whimpered, "P..p..pple....please don't do that Anna. I'm sorry. P..p..pleeze no more."

Anna just laughed, "Not a chance sweet thing. You wanted to fight, now you have one. I'll make this a fair fight though. I'm gonna give ya three minutes before I do anything. I won't take my eyes off you, and I'll be holding my belt sitting in that chair over there. If you move in the next three minutes, I'm gonna use the belt and kick your ass. If you play fair an' three minutes are up, then you and me fight one on one in front of the camera and I won't use the belt on you."

Alley had no choice so she meekly accepted the optionless proposal. Figuring that at least in three minutes she may think of a way out and it would give her more time to catch her breath and recover. Anna released Alley's hair and went back to her chair. Alley, on the other hand was in much worse shape than Anna. She slowly picked the thong out of her ass crack, then tried to sit up to see how bad she'd been hurt. She was in really bad shape and had only three minutes to devise a plan or strategy to avoid being completely destroyed...worse, in front of a camera.

"Two minutes sexy," Anna yelled. "Then your beating continues."

Alley's mind raced as she tried to think of a way out of this predicament.

"One minute, baby doll!" Anna purred like a cat ready to pounce on a helpless mouse.

Alley decided to beg her way out of her mess, "Please Anna, I'll do anything, just let me go. I'm so sorry I said those things; you're a much better choice for the photo shoot."

That made Anna laugh, "Oh, Alley you really are naïve. You start somethin', then hope to beg your way out? It don't work like that where I come from. Down Texas way, you start something, you had better finish it."

Anna rose feeling completely rested, "Well sweetie pie, your three minutes is up; time to face the music for the camera."

Anna laid the belt on the desk as promised and started toward Alley, "Don't you plan on getting up? It's kinda hard to fight sitting on your ass baby cakes?"

Alley hadn't even thought about getting up, shocked at how fast her three minutes had passed. Her mind raced! Anna was only a few yards away when she decided her best course of action would be to stand. Alley attempted to take a fighting stance, but found it harder to support her own weight than she would have thought. Red welts were still visible on her shapely legs and ass, and her crotch was still numb, making it hard to move her legs.

Anna was three feet away when she stopped and asked, "Well how do you want to do this, boxing, wresting, or catfight. I think your fans would like to see you get fucked up boxing, but it's up to you cupcake, what'll it be?"

Alley couldn't speak as her mind raced, and no words would come to her mouth.

Anna again poked fun of her, "Cat got your tongue? Oh and by the way I'm just in bra and panties while you still have that turtleneck on with your dental floss. Take it off now!" Anna commanded.

", what are you demented? This has gone on far enough Anna, please - let's stop this now!" Alley pleaded.

Anna gave no indication of hearing Alley's plea, "Well I guess catfighting could eventually remove that cumbersome top of yours. Catfighting it'll be then. I'll even let you make the first move baby. You've got three seconds to make some candy ass move. Time starts, NOW!"

Alley's mind was spinning, she was still in no shape to fight.

"Please Anna I'm begging," she muttered, as she saw Anna begin to charge.

Her claws bared, Anna grabbed the shorter brunette by the hair as she crashed full force into her. Alley slammed to the floor on her back with Anna's full weight on top of her. Alley's slim, firm, body was crushed from the impact and Anna's weight. She tried to move but to no avail.

Anna snickered, "Let's make this fun for the camera baby!" She began to bounce up and down, crushing Alley more with each impact. Alley sharply exhaled each time the large blonde landed on her, the breath being driven from her body. Growing tired of this, Anna stood up, dragging Alley up with her. She viciously pulled Alley's head between her legs, leaving her near bare butt seductively pointed at the unblinking eye of the camera. Anna began to wave at the camera, loving every minute as she playfully slapped Alley's exposed asscheeks. Alley whimpered with each slap as Anna truly enjoyed the fun she was having.

Anna looked into the camera and yelled, "Time to get rid of her confining top!"

Hearing that, Alley begged to be released, as she tried to squirm free from Anna's massive thighs. Anna grabbed the back Alley's turtleneck and began to pull it up her back. When it reached her head, Anna released her legs and as Alley's head came out, Anna whipped the turtleneck off over the shorter girls head. Anna stared at Alley in her white thigh highs, matching thong and sexy lace bra.

Anna couldn't help but look jealously upon the brunette's body as she threw Alley's top aside. Again Anna focused her attack to the sore girl, grabbing Alley's head and pulling her into a crushing side headlock. Alley dropped to her knees, nearly choking herself in the process, but Anna's shear strength held her up on a pair of rubbery legs. Anna began squeezing as hard as she could and Alley could only gasp at the immense pressure being applied to her head. When Anna tired of this, she released Alley and let her fall to the floor for a short-lived rest. Alley landed face down and moaned weakly.

Anna bent over and casually released the catch on the back of Alley's bra, "Payback's a bitch pumpkin!"

She tossed the bra aside and picked up her belt from the desk, wrapping it around Alley's neck as she planted a foot in Alley's upper back.

"Get ready for some pain baby" Anna teased as she jerked the belt up, and pressed her foot down on Alley's back.

Alley began to frantically gasp for air as she felt like she may pass out. Alley's back arched, her bare breasts thrusting out at the camera giving it a perfect view of her over sized nipples. Anna kept the pressure up as Alley desperately clawed the carpet trying futilely to find an escape. Anna pushed down on Alley's back until the brunette was motionless. Still Anna continued to squeeze for a few seconds before she was satisfied Alley was really lifeless.

Anna dropped the belt and while Alley was fading in and out of consciousness, she looked around the room again. Stopping in front of the camera, Anna posed like a competitor in a body building show. Giggling, she stopped and rolled Alley onto her back. Anna was amazed by Alley's body; her tight, flat, stomach, her full, perfect breasts, hard, dark nipples. Anna took it all in with a jealous rage.

Anna plopped her large ass on Alley's face and seductively began to run her hands over Alley's breasts. Anna realized that she was getting turned on, and soon began to squeeze Alley's breasts harder, working out some of her frustration with their beauty in the process. She thought she heard a groan from Alley, but couldn't be sure in her current position straddling her face. Anna's fondling became rougher and more violent and as she squeezed and mauled Alley's breasts they bulging flesh oozed between her fingers.

Alley's body was now showing signs of life as she began to stir. Anna looked Alley's prone body up and down again, then released her grip on her breasts. Anna saw Alley's thick, dark pubic hair sticking out around the bottom of her thong. Instantly, Anna jerked Alley's thong up into her pussy. As the thong wedged itself, true to sight, Anna realized Alley didn't shave! Anna again pulled on the thong, harder this time and it buried itself almost all the way in. Alley was bucking her hips and she began to scratch Anna's legs again.

This minor annoyance angered Anna more than hurt and her response was another vicious pull on Alley's thong. This time an ear-piercing scream escaped from Alley as the thong had almost disappeared from Anna's view. Anna got off of Alley's face and hauled her up by the hair. As Alley reluctantly rose to her feet, Anna pulled on the thong and used her knees to lift Alley into the air by the thong. Alley was screaming as the pain in her crotch returned powerfully instantly. Anna started to bounce and in turn Alley's body was bounced and jerked up and down painfully. Anna pulled again, this time apparently too hard, and the thong's string snapped. Alley was dropped to the floor crying and massaging her crotch, screaming.

Anna grabbed her belt and walked over to Alley, standing calmly over her. She watched the brunette for a few seconds before raising the belt above her head. The smack from the belt cracking Alley's back echoed through the office - instantly followed by a shriek. Alley was sobbing as Anna brought the belt down again this time across her ass. The two marks it left were huge and covered Alley's backside as she tried to roll over onto her back to escape the pain. Alley was kicking her feet, beating the floor with her feet, as she lay helpless. Anna used the belt to tied Alley's legs together, securely knotting it to prevent escape.

Grabbing Alley's discarded sweater, Anna rolled Ally onto her stomach and wrestled both of Alley's arms behind her back after a brief struggle and bound them together. Anna didn't want to take any chances so she used her own shirt to tie another knot to prevent Alley from freeing up her arms.

Then Anna kicked Alley onto her back and stood up. Alley lay on the floor only in just her thigh high stockings, her legs tied together, her arms pulled back and bound painfully behind her. Between sobs, Alley begged Anna to stop, but Anna only laughed at her. Again Anna surveyed the room, scanning for any item that would satisfy her current needs. Anna found what she was looking for. She grabbed the phone and removed the cord from the receiver which gave her about ten feet of phone cord.

Anna cheerfully waved to the camera on her way back to Alley, then straddled her body and dropped her ass on Alley's crotch. As she looked at Alley's eyes, Anna could see her fear, but she laughed instead of showing any sympathy. Anna wrapped the cord tightly around the base of Alley's large breast making sure it would stay in place. Satisfied Anna pulled tight once the loop was complete. Alley screamed - her breast was on fire, but Anna pulled the cord tighter, then knotted it at the base of the breast. With another seven feet of cord left, Anna did the same to Alley's other breast; all the while Alley screamed as she was losing the feeling in her breasts.

Anna cackled, "Darlin it's better if you can't feel these cow tits of yours. That way the pain won't be so bad."

Alley was shrieking as she struggled to free her arms or legs to no avail. Growing tired of Alley's irritating noise, Anna stood up and looked at the camera. Smiling, she began to dance seductively, slowly removing her panties, then she rubbed them up and down over her pussy. Turning back on Alley who was still screaming, Anna crammed the panties in her mouth. Her cries were muffled but could still be heard. Anna looked down at Alley, her breasts growing purple from lack of blood flow.

"I bet my pussy tastes good, don't it baby. Now you keep those in your mouth like a good little girl."

Anna sat down on Alley's body again, this time with her broad ass on Alley's numb breasts. She ran her fingers through Alley's bush for a few seconds, then pushed a finger into Alley's pussy. Anna, extremely turned on, forced another finger into the bucking Black woman and began pumping her fingers in and out, as Alley was helpless to do anything except wave her bound legs and squeal.

Anna was enjoying herself when a ringing sound interrupted her pleasure. She looked around and saw a cell phone that had fallen out of Alley's purse during the struggle. Chuckling, Anna climbed off Alley's body and grabbed the ringing and vibrating cell phone.

"What number are you calling?" Anna answered pleasantly.

The voice at the other end seemed taken aback by the unfamiliar voice, but after a moment of hesitation a woman's voice answered, "Uh, ummmm, I was calling 555-1234. Who's this?"

Instead of telling her, Anna hung up on her and then ran to her own purse and grabbed her cell phone. Dialing quickly, she called the number that the caller said she was calling. Sure enough, Alley's cell phone began to ring. Holding both phones in the air and grinning madly, Anna played to the camera. Then turning back to Alley, who was still securely tied, Anna noticed that both of Alley's breasts were even darker purple than before.

Again Anna sat straddling Alley's breasts facing her feet, feeling them squish and flatten under the weight of her ass as she wiggled her hips and settled in comfortably astride them. Then Anna leaned over and returned her fingers to Alley's pussy. She easily pushed three fingers into the now moist, slippery opening and was trying to get a fourth in. Once she had Alley opened up nice and wide, Anna took Alley's cell phone and rammed it into her pussy!

Alley was still screaming through the thong when the phone entered her body. Anna got the phone in about halfway when it appeared it was as far as it was going to go. Not satisfied with her progress, Anna began to viscously pump the phone in and out, working it deeper and deeper till it disappeared completely inside Alley's stretched pussy. Anna even stuck her fingers back trying to push the phone even deeper. To no avail, it appeared it wasn't possible for the phone to go any further.

Anna stood up, then she smiled and winked at the camera, "Be right back baby," she said to Alley. "Gotta make a call."

Anna dialed up Alley's phone and burst into laughter as she could barely hear the ringing. The phone was defiantly vibrating though as Alley's body was thrashing back and forth and bounced up and down as she frantically tried unsuccessfully to dislodge the vibrating intruder. Anna continued laughing, re-dialing Alley's phone over and over, each time watching Alley's reaction to the sudden buzzing from inside her.

"Look at those purple tits of yours dear, what can we do to fix that?" Anna asked with clearly fake concern.

Tears streamed down her face, running makeup across Alley's perfect face as Anna bent and grabbed her pubic hair.

"Didn't mama tell you to shave, dumplin'? Well, Aunt Anna's here to help you out."

She ripped out a handful of pubic hair as Alley's body thrashed in forced response. Again Anna re-dialed Alley's number, placing her phone next to her on the floor as she decided where to focus her attention next.

Anna grabbed one purple breast and said, "I'm going to untie this one because I want you to feel this sweetie pie."

True to her word, Anna unwrapped the phone cord from around Alley's left breast, but she left the constricting pressure on her right. Blood flowed back into the breast and the color slowly returned to it. Anna looked at Alley's hard, swollen nipple and gently pinched her fingernails around it.

"Now I won't lie baby, this is gonna hurt just a lil' bit!" she commented.

Alley almost passed out from the pain as Anna's fingernails dug into the tender nipple. Anna kept the pressure up till she saw blood while Alley's screaming was clear even through the thong. Anna fired open handed slaps across the brunette's face until Alley seemed to be losing consciousness.

"Anna, wh...what the hell is going on here?"

Anna spun around to confront the source of the voice; the photographer had returned. To her shock, the office was in a shambles and there were two naked girls on her floor. Anna got off the beaten brunette, who was now unconscious. Anna scurried around grabbing what of her clothes she could find, then began to get dressed as the photographer stood staring open-mouthed at the mountainous blonde.

"Sorry about the mess, but Alley'll reimburse you for any damages. She just made a new movie which should cover the cost."

Anna walked over to the video camera and popped out her new tape. The photographer stood stunned, as she looked from Alley, still tied up in only her thigh high's then back at Anna who towered over the petite blonde shutterbug. Alley's right breast was a dark shade of purple when the photographer finally collected her wits and rushed to her, knelt and untied the phone cord, causing Alley to stir slightly.

Anna chuckled, "Alley's expecting a call on her cell phone, but she may not be able to answer it."

The photographer had no idea what Anna was referring to as she stared at the large blonde as she left her to tend the destroyed brunette. When she reached the street, Anna took out her phone and punched 'redial'. Then she laughed as she heard the phone ring....and ring....and ring! She just wished she could be a fly on the wall seeing the photographer's face when Alley's pussy came alive!!