Part One: Karen McDougal vs. Kitana Baker (boxing) by Irish

The E! Network was looking for a replacement for the departing Brooke Burke to host their hit show Wild On! The show had the beautiful Burke traveling to exotic places around the globe taking in the sites, the local culture, and of course the nightlife. The new girl would have to be daring for the hostess often performed stunts on the show. The replacement would have to be friendly, as she would have to mingle with the locals. And last but not least, the hostess would have to be as hot as the exotic locations the show traveled to. The search had been narrowed to a field of five beautiful women including former Playmate Kitana Baker and 1998 Playmate of the Year Karen McDougal.

The final decision would be decided on E!'s website so the fans could pick Brooke's successor. The Internet voting was fast an furious as people chimed in from around the world hopping that their favorite would win so they could get a weekly dose of her. Karen McDougal had a commanding lead in the tally and all was looking up for the beautiful brunette. There was just one problem with the direction the Internet vote was heading, Burke had already promised the job to blonde Cindy Taylor of Paraguay.

This week's episode would be filmed in sin city, Las Vegas Nevada. As it turned out the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino that E! Was using to house the girls and film many of the segments, was also playing host to the WBA World Heavyweight Championship title fight between John "The Quite man" Ruiz and Kirk "Bubba" Johnson. At the morning production meeting Brooke was read the riot act when it was discovered that she'd already named a successor without the knowledge of her bosses or taking into consideration the outcome of the web site voting. Brooke was in a jam on how she could weasel her way out of the predicament and make sure that Taylor got the roll as promised.

On the way to that days shooting, Brooke led the five women through the auditorium and past the boxing ring that was being set up by the boxing roadies. They passed into the area of the gym and waited near the exercise equipment for the camera crew to finish off their lighting test so that they could begin filming.

The woman congregated into small groups as friendships and clicks had developed over the time of the hostess search. Just then Kitana lifted a medicine ball up and called out to Karen. As McDougal turned towards the person calling her name, Kitana let go with the medicine ball striking the unsuspecting Playmate. The heavy ball struck her right in the gut and knocked the wind from her, as she was not suspecting the ball to be flying at her. Kitana laughed as Karen doubled over.

Inside Karen was fuming, on the outside she just smiled through clenched teeth told Kitana, "You and I will have to have a little talk about your attempts at humor." Karen said it just loud enough so that only Kitana heard her.

Burke had a brainstorm. Calling to her assistant to take over the taping of the segment, Brooke excused herself and left the gym area.

"Mr. King, Hi it's Brooke Burke from Wild on! We're sharing the same hotel and I wondered if you wouldn't like to do a little work together?" Don King didn't know where this was going, but he was willing to listen to any pretty girl's sales pitch over lunch as long as she was buying.

The two met for lunch and Brooke turned on the charm, "I was just wondering if your card was full for this weekends title fight?"

"Well Ms. Burke," King sighed. "It's kind of like this. Two of my boys already held their fight last night in the casino lounge over a showgirl. They're both intoxicated and are now unwilling guests of the great state of Nevada."

Brooke got right to the point, "I've got two girls I'd love to put in the ring with each other. The ratings for my show would be through the roof. And your ticket sales and pay per view revenues would set sales records. Just think, two Playmates going toe-to-toe. Waddaya think?"

"I want to start by saying America is the greatest country in the world! Predicated by the predicament that has be felled us, I think that it would behoove us to let the Playmates play! Yes! If I build it they will Cum! King babbled. "That is, if you agree to my standard contract of 90/10. That's 90% for me and 10% for you, plus you pay the fighters out of your end."

"Who said I was paying them!" laughed Brooke. "We have a deal," she said as she shook his hand.

Brooke ran off to see her producers and let them know about the latest hoop she would have the perspective hostess jump through. They were not exactly pleased at the idea of putting two models in the ring. "Would you just think of the liability we would have if they beat each other to the point were they lost their livelihoods?"

"First let me say that I hope they kill each other. Second, read the contracts you guys had 'em sign. They'll have to get in the ring if we tell them to! See the section on performing live stunts and look at that disclaimer at the bottom; we've got zero liability. Zero! Think ratings!"

They couldn't argue with Brooke's reasoning. She was turning out to be a shrewd and conniving businesswoman. They had better watch out before they offered Burke her next contract. And the ratings, this was a home run. Could they get a cut from the hotels and odds makers that would handle the betting?

The night of the fight arrived. Each of the five women were issued skimpy outfits to wear and told that they each would be part of the boxing events of the evening. Karen had grown suspicious of Brooke's bubbly façade and wondered what she was up too.

"What's up Brooke? Karen asked, you look like the cat that just swallowed the canary." "Oh, they just told me about a signing bonus for my new show. Maybe if you're lucky you'll get one too." Yeah-right Karen thought as Brooke walked away. She already knew that Burke was pushing for Taylor to take her slot.

Karen's spider sense was tingling all night sensing that there was more to this then Brooke was letting on. She tried to relax the best that she could and when the first of the girls was called to ring side and given the card to prance around the ring between rounds with, she thought this couldn't be that bad.

Kitana and Karen were kept in reserve as the other three girls shared the spotlight smiling for the big wigs and cameras at ringside and from around the world. Then just before the main event, Karen and Kitana were told to report to ringside.

Karen knew that something was up when Kitana confidently slipped under the bottom rope and reported to on of the corners. Karen was pushed under the rope and told to take her place in the opposite corner. As soon as she arrived to her corner, Karen was pushed backwards onto a stool that appeared out of nowhere.

Looking across the ring Karen saw that Kitana was already lacing on a pair of boxing gloves and thought, "Well if it's a fight they want, it's a fight they'll get! Her corner person slid gloves on each of her hands as the ring announcer started his dialog. Mills Lane, the referee, stood in the center of the ring.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we have a very special match on the card. Brought to you by Don King productions, E! Entertainment, The Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, and the Nevada State Boxing Commission it brings we great pleasure to announce the Battle of the Babes!"

"Fighting out of the red corner dressed in hot pink sequined shorts and halter top, Kitana 'Taste Great - Less Filling' Baker."

There was a loud roar from the crowd. "And fighting out of the blue corner dressed in a silver metallic bikini, 1998 Playmate of the Year Karen 'Fightin’ Irish' McDougal."

Again the fans showed their appreciation for the lovely ladies. Most were pleased to have the women strictly as eye candy to watch between rounds but now they were going to have two of them pounding away at each other. Nice, very nice! Mills Lane called both women to the center of the ring and explained the rules of the match and how the fight would be scored. There was no love lost between these two warriors as they just stood staring daggers through each other. Both women returned to their corners and awaited the bell to start the match.

As soon the bell sounded, both women charged the center of the ring where they stood face to face in an all out slugfest. The battle seesawed back and forth as both women connected early and often peppering her rivals body. Neither woman was an experienced boxer so the experts figured it was just a matter of time until the pace was reduced to a crawl. With her last blow to the body Karen had hurt Kitana knocking some of the wind from her sails. Baker, the larger of the two women locked up with McDougal and bulled her into the corner.

Mills stepped in and called for the break and tried to separate the two hellcats. Kitana released Karen's arms but only backed up far enough to drive a sharp foot into the brunette's womanhood. Kitana was forced back by Lane as Karen slumped in the corner trying to hold herself up by the top rope. Lane issued Baker a warning but the damage had already been done. Lane approached Karen and asked if she was all right to continue. She nodded in the affirmative and Lane instructed the judges to deduct a point from Kitana.

As the two women approached each other to continue the round the bell sounded sending them both back to their respective corners.

Round two started with Karen seeking to even the score. Again she tried to work Kitana's body, but the reach of Kitana was keeping her at bay and frustrating the smaller Playmate. Near the end of the round she was able to bounce a right off of Kitana's chin that slowed her reflexes down enough that she was able to score with a couple of good shots to the ribs. The judges scored this round for Karen.

Round three started and Karen charged in trying to pick up where she had left off as she threw a blow to Kitana's midsection. But Kitana caught Karen's arm and pulled her forward and down towards the mat. With Karen off balance, Kitana threw an elbow to the back of her neck driving Karen to the mat face first. Once again Lane was a step to late separating the two women and only got there in time to issue Kitana her second warning of the fight.

The round ended, as Karen had to be helped back to her corner. During the break in the action, Brooke approached King at ringside and asked him if Lane and the judges were really necessary. He smiled a toothy grin and called Lane over to speak to him. As Mills reached King, one of Don's bodyguards reached under the bottom rope and pulled the referee out of the ring by his ankles. Don called for the bell to start round four and the fight was back on.

Kitana once again used her size to her advantage and locked up with Karen in the center of the ring. As she held Karen by the back of the head and neck with her gloved hands she powered her knee repeatedly into Karen's belly. Karen was on the losing side of this exchange, as Kitana hammered away at will. Kitana then took Karen and flung her across the ring and sent her through the ring ropes crashing to the floor. Brooke made sure that she was the first one to reach Karen's side. While intentionally standing on the fighter's hair, Brooke was putting on quite the act of trying to help her to her feet.

Karen shoved her away and made it back up to her feet. Karen's gloves were now loose as she made her way back into the ring. Karen was on the offensive now hitting Kitana with some pretty solid body shots but once again the larger woman tied her up and attempted another knee to the belly. This time Karen was expecting the low blow and caught Kitana's knee with her hands. Keeping her foe off balance, Karen lifted and shoved sending Kitana to her ass in the middle of the ring.

Kitana was back on her feet and advancing on Karen again. Karen threw her gloves to the mat like a hockey player looking to mix it up and ducked under Kitana's telegraphed roundhouse and threw a bare fisted blow right between Kitana's legs. Kitana's mouth opened wide as a pained grunt came from her lips. The bigger Kitana dropped her gloves to the mat in response to Karen's attack and again shoved Karen sending her back peddling across the ring.

Seeing that the boxing match was getting out of hand, one of the officials was calling for the bell to end the fight. When he looked to see why the bell hadn't sounded as he instructed, he noticed that another of King's henchmen had taken over for the timekeeper. The three minutes of the round had come and gone and the fight was still in full swing.

As the fight progressed, Karen was establishing herself as the better puncher as Kiana was using brute strength to shove Karen away whenever she began to work inside. Boxing took a back seat, as this was rapidly deteriorating to an all out catfight. The pace had slowed down and both women latched onto each other hair to help hold themselves up. Kitana scooped up Karen and body slammed her down to the mat. Kitana ran for the opposite rope as Karen held her injured lower back. Rebounding off the rope Kitana charged back and dropped an elbow to Karen's belly inflicting further damage to the Playmate.

Kitana rolled the wreathing Playmate onto her stomach by her ankles and began to fold her in half in a Boston crab. Karen's injured back was taking some serious abuse and she struggled to break the hold. Brooke had crawled into the ring and lay on the mat facing Karen only inches from her face.

"I just want the two of you to know that you're both being eliminated from future consideration for the hostess position. You should be ashamed of your selves carrying on like this. It's an embarrassment to the entire E! Network!" scolded Brooke.

Karen had enough of this shit! Drawing on her remaining strength she powered forward with her legs sending Kitana crashing into the top ring rope with her throat. Ignoring Kitana for a minute who was on the mat struggling to breath, Karen tried to capture Brooke by the hair as she quickly scampered out of the ring to safety. Karen turned back towards Kitana who was just coming to her feet rubbing the pain from her neck. Grabbing a handful of hair, Karen threw Kitana backward smacking her head against the mat. Karen climbed to the top rope and leapt off dropping a knee to Kitana's chest.

Brooke made her way over to were Taylor was sitting and said, "Cindy I just want to be the first to congratulate you on being named the next hostess of Wild on! It seems these two can't be trusted to put personal differences aside and act in a professional manner when called upon." Cindy was ecstatic and began to well up with tears of joy as, in the center of the ring, Kitana was beginning to well up with tears of pain as she cried out her submission as Karen repeatedly drove her knee into her belly and she was being choked towards dreamland.

The ring announcer entered the ring and began his speech, "The winner by submission, Karen 'Fightin’ Irish' McDougal!"

The crowd cheered as he attempted to raise her hand in victory. But as quick as lightning, Karen was out of the ring and had chased down Brooke and cornered her near the far side of the ring. Grabbing Brooke by the wrist, Karen whipped her into the side of the ring. Brooke struck the corner back first and slumped to the floor. Karen pulled Brooke to her feet by her hair as Brooke pleaded with her to stop. Karen let go with a wicked back handed bitch-slap that left a bright red hand mark on the side of Brooke's face.

The crowd was cheering Karen on as she cocked her arm back to deliver another blow to the evil Brooke's face. Karen was surprised for a moment when an unseen hand suddenly stopped the forward movement of her arm. Her arm was twisted behind her back and lifted till her feet were brought up off the floor.

Karen was shoved face first into the steel ring post and with her arm still trapped behind her back; she was unable to get her hand up in front of her face to stop her momentum. Karen's had crashed into the post with a solid CLUNK that could be hear around the entire arena and she crumpled to the floor. The next thing Karen knew, she was lying flat on her back with a pounding headache. As her eyes were just beginning to focus, she saw a pair of legs that were covered with black thigh high stocking that seemed to go on forever. As her eyes traveled further up her attacker's body she saw she was wearing a sexy black one piece.

She struggled to regain her senses and thought, hey wait Kitana wasn't wearing stockings. She was roughly pulled to her feet and held in a full nelson. The person holding her tightly was none other than Cindy Taylor, the new hostess of 'Wild On.'

With Karen restrained by her new allies, Brooke found a new sense of bravery and began to work Karen's face over with backhanded slaps of her own. The brawl with Kitana had taken much of the fight out of her and the shot to the head by the ring post finished off the job. She had no way of defending herself as Brooke continued to torment her. After several moments of slapping Karen around, Brooke delivered a knee into her undefended crotch. Taylor released her allowing her to crumple to the floor. On last kick to the ribs and Brooke and Cindy left ringside to celebrate.
Part Two: Karen McDougal vs. Brooke Burke/Cindy Taylor (bar fight)

As Brooke predicted, the ratings for "Wild On's Las Vegas Battle of the Babes" had turned the Nielson ratings upside down. Kitana Baker after the contest got discovered as a catfighter and went on to star in a famous Miller Lite Super Bowl commercial. Brooke made sure Cindy Taylor was named her successor and they partied into the next morning celebrating. Karen dropped off the radar; many saying because of her disappointment at not being named hostess of 'Wild On' - others said she was embarrassed to show her face in public after Brooke Burke slapped her around after the boxing match; rumors that had a direct tie back to Brooke and the E! Public relations bureau!

For the first couple of weeks Cindy took over as hostess of Wild On, E! continued to send Brooke on location with her, figuring it'd make for a smoother transition from one to the other - and quite frankly - Brooke wanted to spend time with Cindy to get to 'know her' better. This week, Wild On was in Manila, Philippines and Cindy and Brooke spent the afternoon poolside having the E! production staff and the hotel staff where they were staying wait on them hand and foot. The two prima donnas enjoyed the attention and bitched when they had to return to their rooms to shower and change for taping. After they were both fussed over by hair and make-up, they made their way to the Manila Hard Rock Café were they'd be filmed partying with locals to show the "wild side" of the hot Asian city.

It seemed to many as if Brooke didn't want to hand over the reins to Cindy who pushed harder and harder to phase Brooke out so the show could be hers alone. The producers loved the catty power struggle and felt if another showdown were looming, it'd sure help the shows ratings. Cindy started her dialog as she toured the restaurant showing off the relics displayed on the walls while load music blared in the background. In the meantime, Brooke sulked at the bar as the blonde had the spotlight all to herself. As Cindy stood in front of one of Elvis' rhinestone suits, she was cut-off mid-sentence when she was hit over the head by one of Jimi Hendrix's guitars. She dropped to her knees feeling like her head had exploded from the painful blow. She was clearly disoriented and wouldn't be getting to her feet soon.

At the bar, Brooke's daydreaming was suddenly interrupted from the sound of a crashing guitar. Her head snapped around and she saw Karen McDougal standing over her fallen blonde. Karen scanned the room for Brooke but didn't see her right away. Brooke ducked behind one of the larger cameramen as Karen began to seek her out. Brooke went unnoticed by Karen as she walked the length of the bar looking for her. After Karen passed her by, Brooke picked up a cheaply made bar stool and smashed it across her back. Karen dropped to the tile floor and Brooke moved in, grabbed a handful of hair, pulled Karen to her feet and began banging her head on the bar. After the third shot, Karen stopped the forward momentum of her head by kicking back and blasting Brooke between the legs with a mule kick.

That turned the tide of the fight and with Brooke on her knees, her hands between her legs, Karen was able to grab Brooke by the hair and hold her as she powered a couple of knees to her chin. As Brooke started to crumple, Karen scooped her up and dropped her on the bar with a THUD! She used Brooke's hair to drag her off the bar until Cindy came up behind Karen and wrapped the guitar strings around her neck. As Cindy pulled the strings tight, Karen struggled to breath. With great difficulty, she worked her finger between the strings and her neck to end her choking enough so that she was able to take a couple of badly needed breathes.

Confident that she’d taken the fight out of Karen, Cindy maintained the choke with her left hand while her right hand reached around in front of Karen and started to grope Karen's chest beneath her blouse. Finding paydirt, Cindy worked her claw between Karen's delicate tit flesh and the fine imported lace covering it. Karen bellowed in pain as Cindy tore at her breast while the cameraman moved in to get a nice close-up. Karen slipped a hand from under Cindy’s noose and grabbed Cindy's hand to spare her breast further damage. As Karen struggled with the breast claw, Cindy tightened the noose on her neck as she began to violently shake her head from side to side!

Cindy felt Karen's grasp on her hand weakening and released her choke. Now, her left hand went to Karen's left breast as she bellied up to Karen from behind and rammed her stomach-first into the bar. Pressing her body against Karen's as she pinned her to the bar, Cindy began to ravage both of Karen's breasts mercilessly. The cameraman was standing across the bar from Karen with his elbows on top as he slowly panned the camera up and down Karen's lush body; alternating between her pained expression and the damage Cindy was inflicting on her breasts. After several anguished moments, Cindy's hands left Karen's tits to roam down to the waistband of her shorts where she unbuttoned the top button and slid the zipper down.

"Hey,” complained the cameraman. “I can't see what’s going on down there!"

Cindy took a step back, pulled Karen away from the bar, then slowly and seductively worked Karen's shorts and panties down to her ankles. As the cameraman leaned over the bar and zoomed in on the Promised Land, Cindy spread Karen wide open. At first her wandering fingers were soft and sensuous as they probed between Karen's legs but then without warning Cindy dug in her sharpened nails in and snapped Karen screaming back to reality! This was NOT what Karen had planned when she came looking for Cindy and Brooke!

As Cindy's confidence grew, she began to claw and tear into Karen’s sensitive flesh while she cooed and smiled at the camera. The next thing the cameraman knew, he heard an awful CRUNCH as Karen snapped her head back into Cindy's face. He raised the camera just in time for it to catch the sight of the blood freely flowing from Cindy's crushed nose. Karen reached back, grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Cindy into a side headlock. She rotated her hips and drove Cindy’s head into the bar over and over until Cindy stopped struggling and slumped to the floor at her feet. Karen stripped Cindy and used her own bra to tie her hands behind her back. She kicked Cindy over onto her back and straddled her waist, then began to pay her back for the tit torture Cindy had inflicted on her. She slapped Cindy ‘til she came to begging Karen to stop.

"We have a bikini shoot tomorrow!” she whimpered. “Please! Please leave my tits alone!"

But Karen wasn't feeling very charitable after Cindy tore her tits and cunt up for the benefit of the cameras and sneered, "I don't think so bitch! You should've worried about your own health and welfare before you messed with…"

CRASH! Another flimsy stool shattered on the back of Karen's head.

"Fuck you Karen! This bitch is with me!" screamed Brooke as she reentered the fight.

Karen was knocked forward by the unexpected blow and she fell into Cindy breast to breast. As Karen struggled to lift her head off Cindy’s chest, she got help when Brooke grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head up. Brooke staggered Karen who was wobbling on jelly legs trying valiantly just to remain upright as Brooke shoved her around from the back. Karen tripped over her own shorts and was sent crashing to the floor tits first. Brooke stomped the heel of her boot down on Karen's lower back as she pulled her arms back by her wrists in a painful surfboard, forcing Karen to groan louder when Brooke ratcheted up the pressure as she tormented her hated rival.

"'S'matter cunt, cat got your tongue?" teased Brooke.

When Brooke thought she’d weakened Karen sufficiently, she released her arms, pulled Karen to her knees and sat down behind Karen with her legs wrapped around her waist and began to squeeze the life out of the brunette.

As Brooke leaned back on her elbows and squeezed, the cameraman screamed, "Her tits! Get her tits!"

Responding to his directions, Brooke reached around Karen and latched onto both tits just as Cindy had. The scratches and wounds from Cindy’s claws were again torn open by Brooke’s claws as Karen’s eyes welled up with tears of pain. Karen grabbed Brooke's wrist and tried like hell to loosen her grip on her breast but it took all her strength. With Brooke still in a dominate position behind her crushing her middle with her legs, Karen was finally able to free her breasts by bending Brooke's hands painfully back at the wrist. Brooke was the one howling now and she thought Karen was going to break both wrists. Brooke's waist scissors began to weaken as Karen kept up the pressure. Then Karen again snapped her head back and head butted Brooke flush in the nose CRACK just as she had Cindy. Brooke’s legs snapped open as her face exploded in a shower of crimson!

Karen spun on her ass without releasing Brooke's arms and rolled around behind her. With her own arms wrapped around her neck and over her shoulders, it looked like Brooke was applying a sleeper hold to herself when Karen drove her knee into Brooke's back and pulled back on both arms. Karen pulled Brooke to her feet and pounded several knees to the small of her back. When Karen lifted her up and pile drove her onto the hard tile floor Brooke was just about finished. She was out when Karen kicked her over and over, rolling her across the floor until she was sprawled beside Cindy’s limp, unconscious body.

Looking at the two fallen women and their swollen, bleeding, noses, Karen couldn't help but wonder if E! had a plastic surgeon on retainer.

Then, not forgetting the unfortunate cameraman's participation, Karen stalked over to him, backing him into the corner where a very sharp, and very lethal snap kick, flashed out and scored a direct hit! All she heard was a high-pitched squeal as his voice rose several octaves higher than previously! He dropped like a tree in the forest being felled by Paul Bunyon, crashing through a small table. A candle on the table ignited his clothing and he panicked as he smelled the hair on his arms burning. Cool as a cucumber, Karen grabbed a flower vase from the bar, dumped the flowers on Brooke and Cindy’s chests and then poured the water on his shirt, extinguishing the flame.

He looked up through tear filled eyes and asked in a wavering falsetto, "Why? Why'd you kick me?"

Karen smiled her impish smile as she explained, "Like my friend Irish always says, when you play with fire, you can get burned."

Then she dropped the vase on the cameraman’s head knocking him out, arranged her clothing as best she could and confidently strode out of the restaurant having had finally gotten her revenge!