Fairuza Balk vs. Josie Bissett by Blizzard

Kristy Swanson's car skidded to a stop at the security gate. She slid her identification card into the magnetic reader and quickly punched in her four digit security code.

"C'mon," she screamed at the ornate steel gate at the entrance to the club. "Hurry an fuckin' open!"

The gate slid open after approving her identification code and the 5'7" California blonde punched the accelerator and her car shot up the driveway. As she slammed on the brakes and turned the wheel sharply, the car skidded sideways into a parking space at the end of the paved area. Kristy jumped out of her car and hurried toward the two security staffers posted at the club's entrance. She gruffly returned their greeting as she strode past and went inside the renovated estate, now an exclusive club for celebrities to view and participate in challenge catfights.

Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty were the masterminds behind the concept. Both had the clout, financial resources and, most importantly, the interest of fellow celebs necessary to make their dream a reality. Catty women weren't hard to find in their profession, Hollywood broke many actresses hearts on near daily basis and the intense competition for roles and recognition guaranteed bad blood between many of the beautiful women in the business.

Nicholson and Beatty were long time buddies; friends who shared a passion: catfights. They searched for and bought the expansive estate and, after several years of planning, renovation and greasing palms of city officials, their dream finally came to fruition.

The concept was simple - membership was restricted to celebrities approved by the owners, security being paramount to prevent outsider's from penetrating the club's property. Memberships had started timidly but after several matches, the word got out and currently membership numbered well over one hundred. There was a large lounge on the ground floor of the club, with the battle room in the basement. Women who desired to issue a challenge entered their ID number on a computer keyboard behind the bar, followed by the woman they were challenging. Sometimes both celebs were in attendance at the time of a challenge, but more often the woman being challenged was on location for a shoot or film or on perhaps on tour. If she didn't check in at the club within a week, she was privately notified of the challenge. If she accepted, a mutually agreeable date for the fight was set.

The battle room could seat 50 people comfortably around a 20 by 20 foot mat. Rarely were there any more spectator's since the celebrity's schedules and other commitments prevented it. The battles were pure catfights - no rules, no time limit - a flat out fight to the finish. Medical personnel were on hand in case of injury and they were generally kept busy. The fact that female celebs would actually participate didn't surprise the owner's in the least. They'd witnessed some epic catspats in their careers. The concept for a club was brilliant; fantasy transformed into reality; all the catfight enthusiast's in Hollywood came running.

Nicholson had come up with the name of the club, affectionately referring to it as 'Put Up Or Shut Up!'

Kristy stormed across the floor of the busy club, making a beeline for the keyboard at the bar. Beatty and wife Annette Bening were seated at a table chatting with their guest Dana Delany. They greeted the irate blonde warmly, receiving a quick 'Hello' as she strode past them and bellied up to the bar.

"Hey Kristy, long time no see!" greeted part-time bartender Bruce Willis. "What can I get ya?!"

Rebecca Demornay sat quietly a few stools away, sipping a drink. She glanced over at the agitated Kristy, shrugged and sipped her drink.

"Gimme the keyboard, Bruce. I want that loudmouth bitch Charisma Carpenter and I want her now!" Kristy growled.

Kristy had read an interview with Carpenter in an entertainment magazine where the brunette insulted the hell out of her, saying Swanson should be grateful she hadn't been given the television Buffy role or the show would have flopped. She called Kristy a 'talentless has-been who struggled for minor roles now.'

Bruce grinned subtly as he wiped down the bar with a towel. He loved this shit.

"You can issue the challenge, doll, but Fairuza Balk and Josie Bissett are scheduled tonight," he said matter-of-factly.

"Fairuza Balk?!!! That's another bitch I can't stand," snapped Kristy. "What's their beef?"

Bruce picked up a drink glass and held it up to the light, studying it looking for water spots.

"Josie issued the challenge," he shrugged slowly. "Somethin' about Fairuza playing footsie with her husband Rob Estes."

"Balk's gonna hurt that little blonde cutie pie," purred Rebecca, wiggling her hips on her stool. "Mmmmmmmmm....."

Then Rebecca eyed Kristy and asked, "Are you sure you want a match with Charisma? She's showed she's one bad-ass babe."

Rebecca turned one of the monitors mounted on the bar to face Kristy and asked Bruce, "Can you bring up that pic of Locklear after her fight with Charisma?"

Bruce grabbed the mouse of the main CPU and with a few clicks, the image of Heather Locklear appeared on the monitor. The 'Spin City' blonde lay spread-eagled, naked as the day she was born and out cold in the center of the mat. Her sweaty pink thong was stuffed in her bloody mouth, the final humiliation Charisma had bestowed on her after their battle.

"Locklear's a pussy!" spat Kristy, looking at Heather's horrifying image. "I'm going to destroy that dark-haired cunt Carpenter!"

Rebecca chuckled, turned to look at Bruce with a raised eyebrow and cattily said, "Wish ya luck, sweetie."

Kristy snatched the keyboard out of Bruce's hand and furiously typed in her challenge.

"Balk and Bissett are slated to start within the hour." he said. "Are you gonna stay for it?"

Kristy released a frustrated sigh, and growled, "Fuck that. I'm so fucking wired, I'm going for a drive."

Rebecca turned to look at the blonde with a coy grin curling her lips.

"And don't you fuckin' say a word!" warned Kristy, shaking her finger at the blonde.

As Kristy spun on her heel and headed for the exit, Bruce called, "Charisma may be in tomorrow - whenever she shows, she'll respond yes or no to your challenge. Now, you be careful on the road, darling."

"Oh, don't worry, she'll accept!" laughed Rebecca, finishing her cocktail in one gulp.

An hour later..........Jack Nicholson stepped into the overhead lighting that illuminated the mat in the battle room. He held an index card in one hand and a glass of scotch in the other. The place was relatively packed, considering tonight's card didn't really feature any big names, so to speak. He sipped his scotch and cleared his throat in front of the buzzing crowd.

"Our featured catspat for this evening will be between two cute little kitty's. Fairuza Balk, 5'3" 105 lbs., you've seen her in 'The Craft', and 'American History X', amongst others. Her challenger is Josie Bissett, 5'5" 101 lbs. who you've seen in 'Melrose Place'........along with one of our lovely guests, Ms. Jamie Luner."

Jack motioned at Jamie, who winked and blew him a kiss. He countered with one of his patented wicked grins.

"Uuuhhh....where was I.......oh yeah, 'Melrose Place', and about 20 of those fucking Lifetime Channel sob stories."

The spectator's responded with hushed giggles at the piercing remark.

"Now," continued Nicholson, "if we have any first-timers here tonight." He shielded his eyes from the lights with the index card as he gazed into the audience. "Ahhh, I see the beautiful and talented Ms. Kelly McGillis - welcome Kelly, I hope you enjoy your first show........and we hope to see you on the mat soon!"

Kelly nodded at him and flashed him a smile.

"Like I was saying, any of you that don't know the rules, here they are."

Jack paused, sipped his scotch and rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet as he scanned the crowd. The spectator's broke into laughter as he stood there with a boyish grin.

"That about covers the rules here, doesn't it?!" he said slyly. "There are no damn rules! This is 'Put Up Or Shut Up', and it's time to let the kitty's out of their cages!"

The crowd roared as Fairuza and Josie appeared from their dressing rooms on opposite sides of the battle room and made their way toward the mat. Each actress had a generous share of supporter's who yelled encouragement as they converged on the squared circle. Fairuza wore a bright red thong and bra set, the dark maned woman showing off her wiry frame. Light blonde Josie was clad in a lacy black string bikini panty and matching bra, the contrast with her hair creating a stunning image. She had a few inches on Fairuza, but looked softer and not nearly as toned. The look on her face as she stared at the brunette said it all, however. Josie was pissed, the slut was going to pay!

"Let's go Josie, kick some ass!" yelled husband Rob Estes.

Rob's 'Silk Stalkings' costar and former Baywatch lifeguard, sexy brunette Mitzi Kapture, sat with him, squeezing his arm as she asked, "Do you think she'll be okay?"
"Yeah, she'll do good," Rob said confidently, smiling at his gorgeous former costar.

The combatants stepped onto the mat glaring at each other as Jack stood in the center of the mat, his eyes roving over each provocatively attired woman.

"It's time to settle this, ladies!" he boomed. "May the best woman win!"

The spectator's erupted in cheers as Jack moved to his seat in the front row beside an unidentified LA Lakers cheerleader. Fairuza smirked at Josie, further angering the petite blonde as she pursed her wide lips in a mock kiss as she jiggled her tits.

"Fight!!!" yelled Jack, signaling the start of the battle.

Amidst encouraging cheers, the two women cautiously circled, their hands raised in front of them defensively.

"Your hubby's going to see you get your scrawny little ass kicked, honey," snarled Fairuza.

"The hell he is, slut!" retorted Josie.

Josie lunged at the brunette who met her charge head-on as both women's arms intertwined as they grasped each other and grappled on their feet. They grunted and squealed, each fighting for dominance as they surged back and forth across the mat. Josie surprised Fairuza when she swiftly hooked one of her legs behind the brunette's and tripped her to the mat, landing atop her. Josie's fans roared their approval as she grabbed Fairuza's wrists and pinned them above her head as she straddled her waist.

Josie rammed her knee into Fairuza's ribcage, agonizing the brunette and forcing a shriek from her. The blonde released Fairuza's wrists and clamped her hands around the gasping brunette's throat, choking her as she violently banged her head against the mat. Fairuza's friends screamed encouragement to their girl, taken aback by the lithe blonde's early offensive.

"Do you still want to screw my husband?" growled Josie as she choked the brunette pinned beneath her.

Fairuza looked up in shock and disbelief, her hands clutching Josie's wrists. Her gaze zeroed in on the blonde's small, firm, round breasts, wiggling just above her face in her sheer bra as Josie continued to bounce her head on the mat. Fairuza reacted quickly, her hands shooting out to grasp Josie's tits, then she began to mercilessly squeeze and claw. Josie squealed as her sensitive mounds were subjected to sudden, relentless torture.

"C'mon baby, get her!" urged Rob, watching nervously and unintentionally squeezing Mitzi's knee.

His former costar glanced at him, then her hand clasped his and gave it a gently, reassuring squeeze.

Josie was forced to release her choke hold as her hands defensively went to Fairuza's to try and break the brunette's painful grasp on her boobs. Fairuza raised her knees, planted her bare feet firmly on the mat and arched her body, bucking her hips powerfully in an attempt to unseat Josie from her waist.

"Aaaaannghhh!" cried the blonde as she was sent tumbling forward over Fairuza's head.

Josie slammed face first to the mat, landing with a solid thud. Fairuza was on Josie immediately. As the stunned blonde scrambled to her knees and turned to face the brunette she was met with a savage kick to the jaw. With a sharp groan, Josie collapsed backward, her body bouncing on the mat, then laying half conscious. Fairuza's fans loudly voiced their approval as she confidently approached the downed blonde with fire in her dark eyes.

"Shit!" cursed Rob as he watched his wife laid out flat on her back and dazed.

His hand remained on Mitzi's knee and she caressed it lightly to allay his concern. Their eyes met amidst the crowd's screaming and yelling for the combatant's and their gaze remained fixed on one another momentarily. Rob gently squeezed Mitzi's knee as he looked into her eyes. The brunette casually slid her folded coat from her lap onto his, covering his hips and thighs. As the throng cheered loudly, their attention riveted on Fairuza and Josie, Mitzi's hand moved to the growing tent in Rob's pants.

Josie was in trouble. Her head was foggy as Fairuza approached her although she weakly kicked at the brunette from where she lay sprawled on her back. Fairuza deftly caught both of Josie's legs by the ankles, splaying them open apart. Josie's eyes bugged out in fear for an instant, then squeezed shut against the pain as she screamed in agony from a brutal cunt kick. Fairuza let go of the blonde's legs as the crowd sat bolt upright with a gasp. Josie wailed in nauseating distress as she flopped over onto her belly, trying to shield her damaged pussy by clutching it with both hands.

"What's the matter, hon, numb cunt?" sneered Fairuza as she reverse straddled Josie and scooped her legs up in her arms.

Fairuza tucked Josie's legs into her clasped arms and leaned back, applying a nasty Boston Crab that ripped a squeal of sheer pain from the crimson painted lips of the tortured blonde. Fairuza cranked up the pressure, bending Josie's back in a direction it wasn't designed to bend. The tormented blonde's hands left her pain-pulsed pussy as she slapped and clawed the mat while the pressure in her spine increased. Josie's supporter's were in a panic, realizing the cute little actress was in huge trouble.

Fairuza screamed at the crowd, enjoying her dominance over this slight blonde who had dared challenge her. She finally released Josie's legs and they flopped to the mat limp as the poor blonde moaned in agony. The dark-haired terror turned and quickly released Josie's and ripped it off the helpless blonde, exposing an exquisite pair of small, but firm breasts to the leering, jeering crowd.

Fairuza squatted over Josie's upper back and jerked her up by her hair, draping the blonde's limp arms over her outstretched knees. Josie groaned as Fairuza clasped her hands together under Josie's chin and hauled her head back, putting in the cruel Camel Clutch. The blonde cried in pain, her feet weakly slapping at the mat as her naked breasts, now exposed to the delight of the jaded crowd when her torso was lifted from the mat and arched back, jiggled wantonly below her heaving chest.

"Maybe I'll snap you like a little twig, you pathetic wimp!" sneered Fairuza as she ratcheted up the pressure.

Enveloped in the noisy oblivious crowd were Rob and Mitzi, the brunette's hand slowly stroking his rock hard cock through his pants, the action hidden beneath her coat. Rob's breathing was rapid as Mitzi skillfully opened his fly with a practiced hand and her warm fingers touched his fevered flesh as they delved into his briefs and brushed his throbbing member. Rob moaned as Mitzi stroked the underside of his cock, immersing him in an erotic trance.

"Do you want me to save her?" cooed the sultry brunette.

"Nah, she's doing fine," Rob moaned.

Fairuza wore down what little resistance Josie had left with the Camel Clutch. The blonde was limp in her grasp, softly moaning. Fairuza unclasped her hands and Josie's body slumped forward, her face thumping to the mat as she groaned in relief as the pain in her back eased somewhat. Then Josie yelped again as her head was suddenly yanked back up by her hair.

"You should've known who you were fuckin' with," hissed Fairuza maliciously. "Member what I did to that bitch Locklear?"

The brunette held Josie's head using a handful of hair as she rammed her elbow into the blonde's temple, forcing a sickening cry from her. Fairuza released the barely conscious blonde who flopped facedown on the mat and lay still. She stood over the blonde and stomped on her ass as she wind-milled her arms to the cheering crowd, receiving thundering applause from her fans and boo's from Josie's disappointed supporter's.

"C'mon Josie.....," muttered Rob breathlessly as Mitzi expertly teased with his aroused cock.

Josie lay face down in an exhausted fog as Fairuza straddled her legs, grabbed the waistband of the blonde's panties and teased the crowd as she lifted the edge of her panties and peeked inside at her ass with a devilish grin. Her fans chanted for a stripping, and she gave it to them, peeling the blonde's panties down her slack, unresisting legs and whipping them off over her bare feet. Fairuza received a delirious response from the spectator's as she held Josie's panties to her face and inhaled deeply. Nicholson was beaming a wide grin as the brunette strode over to him and presented him with the blonde's fragrant, sweaty unmentionables.

"You're a doll." said Jack as he sampled Josie's scent before tucking the panties into his suit coat pocket do a disapproving glare from his date, Lara Flynn Boyle.

Fairuza removed her own brassiere, tossed it in Jack's lap before she strutted back to her moaning opponent amidst whistles and catcalls from the frantic crowd. She grabbed Josie by her hair and hauled her up to her knees. The blonde had yet to fully recover, and looked pitifully into the superior brunette's eyes. Fairuza just blew her a big kiss, then forced Josie's head into her crotch, muffling a half-uttered protest by the squirming blonde.

"This is just a warm up, cupcake," snarled Fairuza as she scrubbed her hips against Josie's red face.

Fairuza leaned over and lifted the weakly struggling blonde to her feet under the arms, then wrapping her wiry arms around Josie's back and squeezing her in a tight bearhug. Josie's feet were held just off the mat as Fairuza applied the python-like bearhug, squeezing the air from Josie's overtaxed lungs. The two women were breast to breast, face to face as Fairuza crushed the last resistance from her hapless foe. Soon Josie's vapid struggles ebbed and the blonde's arms hung limp at her sides as her head tipped back and she hovered somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness.

Fairuza dropped her naked, lifeless, opponent's body unceremoniously to the mat, where she lay with her arms and legs splayed, emitting barely audible whimpers. The brunette placed a foot on Josie's wispy, light blonde bush and leaned on her, forcing another low moan from the vanquished woman.

"Many fighter's here would tie up their opponent before finishing them off," Fairuza announced. "You know, to make sure they don't cause trouble. But I've whipped your powder puff ass so bad, I don't need to do that, bitch."

"Finish her!" screamed the frenzied crowd of celebrities, wanting to see the brunette complete the destruction of the outclassed blonde.

Fairuza grinned at the crowd, making eye contact with Josie's former cast mate, Jamie Luner. The auburn tressed wildcat's expression was one of disdain at the sight of the brunette humiliating her old friend. Fairuza smiled smugly at Jamie as she caressed her wet crotch, loading up the cotton panel of her thong with fluid. She slowly peeled the thong down her legs and straddled Josie, bending to face her. She turned her thong inside out, exposing the damp crotch panel and pressed it to the blonde's lips. Josie gazed up through hazy eyes, her expression one of total defeat.

"Now, lick 'em, bitch," snapped Fairuza with an evil grin.

The blonde whimpered and closed her eyes, completely conceding. Her battered body could take no more - the brunette had beaten her.......badly. Josie's tongue flicked out from between her lips as she lapped the slimy crotch of the thong, licking up Fairuza's juices from the fabric. Fairuza's fans were beside themselves now, shocked and delighted by their favorites utter humiliation of poor Josie. A few glanced suspiciously at Rob, wondering how he was taking having to watch such a brutal beating being inflicted on his wife. He seemed oblivious to the going's on, his eyes closed and forehead glistening with sweat as Mitzi leaned very close beside him.

"Let's wrap the carnage up, what da ya say, creampuff?!" snarled Fairuza as she lowered her pussy to Josie's face.

Fairuza carefully spread her wet pussy lips as she settled onto the blonde's nose, framing it with her puffy dark pink labia. Josie's struggling was nearly non-existent as she shamefully accepted her defeat. She was ashamed and embarrassed that Rob had witnessed her total destruction at the hands of this flirtatious brunette. Josie just wanted the humiliation to end. The heady aroma of Fairuza's aroused pussy overpowered Josie, restricting her breathing passages and leaving her defenseless.

"This is what your hubby is gonna be snacking on later," teased the brunette loudly as she squashed her cunt on Josie's face.

"Don't count on it, slut," thought Mitzi as she gently caressed Rob's pulsing prick.

Fairuza ground her hips on Josie's pink face, working herself toward a climax, gasping and squealing, then crying out as she released herself on Josie's face and into her mouth and nose. Fairuza breathed heavily as she sat atop the limp blonde's unmoving body, slowly recovering from her explosive surge of bliss. There was no visible response from Josie who had mercifully passed out just after her opponent's orgasm.

Fairuza's clit finally calmed down from it's electrified state and she eased back, still seated firmly on Josie's unconscious face. Her fans cheered wildly in victory as she nonchalantly posed with Josie, checking her blue nail polish and running her hand slowly through her ebony mane. Jack strolled over to her with a satisfied smile on his lips, his camera in hand.

"Here's your winner, folks......Fairuza Balk!" he announced to the cheers and whistles.

He knelt down, facing the posing brunette and raised his camera.

"A little memento for the old scrapbook, if you don't mind, my dear," he said winking.

Fairuza posed proudly seated on Josie's face, her arms flexed in triumph as she ran her tongue around her full lips.

"Poor thing.....," said Mitzi quietly as she surveyed the carnage on the mat as her fingers squeezed Rob's cock while her thumb teased the head, now slick with pre-come.

"Hmmmmnnn?" he moaned, his eyes closed and his member throbbing in response to Mitzi's talented manipulation.

"I'd better go home with you and help tuck that poor little girl into bed," Mitzi whispered in his ear. She couldn't stop smiling, her plan had worked out even better than she'd expected and now she and Rob could be alone without any possibility of interference from that mousy little pussycat Josie.

"Mmmmhhmmm...." Rob moaned with a sly grin as he opened his eyes and saw Fairuza had started to grind on Josie's face once more. It was going to be a long, and interesting night, that much he knew for sure.