Fairuza Balk vs. Rose McGowan by Jackflash 4/25/01

It had started as something of a joke in Hollywood. Rose McGowan had a habit of letting her temper get the better of her at parties, so after a few drinks and the usual cattiness between actresses, the Italian-born beauty usually would usually end up "cleaning the clock" of some luckless starlet. It got to the point where Rose would specifically be invited to soirees just to provide the entertainment for the rest of the guests!

In time, however, it became almost institutionalized in the movie colony. And it certainly wasn't doing Rose's career any harm. In fact, producers and studio execs seemed to be so thrilled by her combative exploits they were offering her more work than she could handle! And it was a badge of honor for many young hopefuls to engage in a brawl with Rose, because even if they lost the possibilities available for the woman who finally did beat her would be boundless.

The fights were never set up in advance. Rather, Rose would glide through the party like a shark through a school of tuna, engaging in small talk with the other guests, seeking out a woman who had that certain "vibe." Then, literally without warning, she would strike and the battle would be on!

Fairuza Balk didn't simply want to have that vibe, she wanted to be the woman who finally beat Rose. She had faith in her ability to put up a good fight, but she is also the kind of woman who leaves nothing to chance. It wasn't enough to merely provide Rose with a challenge...no, to beat her, Fairuza knew she had to outsmart her as well.

There had never been any love lost between them, probably because they're so alike in so many ways. Indeed, a confrontation between the two of them has seemed inevitable for years. But it would finally materialize on a spring night at a lavish gathering in Malibu. Fairuza would make sure of that.

From the moment Rose arrived, Fairuza stared daggers at her. Rose picked up on her attitude immediately and they repeatedly traded glares across the room. The air was thick with the anticipation of a titanic battle between two of Hollywood's resident "bad girls." Finally, after finishing her glass of Chablis and wrapping up a conversation with a director about a script he wanted her to read, Rose began to saunter across the room toward Fairuza. Both women had sly smiles upon their faces and the guests began to back off to give them plenty of room.

All but one guest. As Rose neared her quarry, another woman suddenly stepped in front of her. She seemed passingly familiar to Rose, but she couldn't place her.

"You got a problem?" asked Rose.

"The problem's all yours," replied the intruder.

"Well then," snapped Rose, her ire suddenly fixed firmly upon the woman in front of her. "Have you got a name?"

"China Chow. Remember it, because it's the name of the girl who's going to kick your butt!" came the reply.

Anyone else would have made a cheap joke about China's name but Rose didn't waste time with words. If this bitch wanted a fight, she'd give it to her...and that's just what she did!

With animal fury, Rose tore into China. After several moments of stumbling around grappling for position, they both fell to the floor, with Rose firmly on top. With one hand, she yanked Chow's hair while the other slapped and clawed her face.

Desperately, China reached up and attacked the most easily available target...Rose's large bosom. The thin silk spaghetti-strap top...and no bra...Rose was wearing offered no protection against China's nails as she dug into each breast. The startled actress let out a whine and stopped her own assault, seemingly paralyzed by the pain.

Chow was able to sit up and force Rose over on her back. Straddling her, China finally let loose her death grip and wrapped her hands around Rose's throat to strangle her.

But before she could inflict any damage, Rose's right hand darted like a cobra; her fingers gouged China's eyes, stunning and blinding her. The Eurasian beauty fell off of Rose and tried to scramble away to safety but there was no safe refuge now. Rose was on her in an instant, wrapping an arm across China's throat from behind with a choke of her own. The brunette coughed and gasped, growing visibly weaker as her air was cut off. Before long, her body went limp. The fight was over.

Or, rather, that fight was over. With bloodlust still in her eyes, Rose looked up at Fairuza.

"This is was friend, right?" she asked.

Fairuza didn't answer, but the smug look on her face answered the question, and infuriated Rose even more.

"What?" Rose said. "You figured she could soften me up for you?"

If Fairuza was prepared to answer, Rose wasn't about to give her that luxury. With a howl, Rose charged at her real target. But Fairuza held her ground, and as the two beauties collided, they wrapped their arms around one another and tumbled down to the carpet.

Rose was right, having China fight her was a part of Fairuza's scheme. She had no illusions that China Chow might actually beat her, but she hoped China would wear Rose down somewhat (in this, she failed since Rose had barely broken a sweat). However, more importantly, Chow's first task was to uncover some Achilles Heel of Rose. Fairuza scrutinized every moment of the brief match, hoping to find a chink in Rose's armor.

At the moment, though, Fairuza's thoughts were filled with the more immediate task of warding off a wildcat. Legs entwined, the pair rolled across the floor, tearing hair and hurling insults. For more than a minute, this savage embrace continued until Rose finally broke it and, with a blur of motion, captured Fairuza's left leg with her hands.

Twisting the limb into unnatural positions, Rose delighted in the screams of her rival. When she tired of this, Rose stood, grabbed Fairuza by the hair and pulled her up to her feet. With all of the skill of a Golden Gloves boxer, Rose began to pummel Fariuza's face with punches. The brunette's head snapped with every blow until her legs began to wobble.

If Fairuza had discerned any weakness to be exploited in Rose, now was the time to act on it. And there was something that had caught her attention. It was a long shot, but at this point, she didn't seem to have many other options.

Gathering her own fast-fading strength, Fairuza unleashed a powerful fist that caught Rose square in the left breast. Rose moaned and abruptly quit her attack on Fairuza's leg, momentarily stunned. So that was the key! For all of her strength and stamina, Rose's breasts were particularly sensitive. When China had attacked them earlier, it had halted Rose in her tracks. Now, she intended to use Rose's weakness to her advantage.

Fairuza began to pepper Rose's breasts with punch after punch, occasionally landing a blow to Rose's face or belly just to keep her guessing. Fairuza's small, hard, fists sank deep into Rose's large breasts again and again, causing the brunette to stumble backwards, moaning and mewling in pain.

Grabbing Rose's top, Fairuza pulled it off, exposing her battered orbs. Then Fairuza pinched her foe's nipples between her fingers, bringing forth a screech of agony from the dazed actress. Before anyone realized what was happening, Fairuza had Rose flat on her back, straddling her chest. Fairuza bounced up and down a few times, forcing a groan from Rose's trembling lips. The sinister smile on Fairuza's face made it apparent how much she enjoyed the sound of a woman in discomfort.

Pinning Rose's shoulders with her knees, Fairuza held Rose's face between her thick thighs.

"I should ask if you want to give up," Fairuza said, her voice dripping with condensation. "But I'm really hoping you'll say no."

Through gritted teeth, Rose spat back, "Go...fuck...yourself!" as she kicked her feet and twisted her hips from side to side in a fruitless attempt to escape from beneath Fairuza's ass.

"Hmmmm...yeah, something like that," replied Fairuza with a girlish giggle. "But not quite."

Sliding herself further up Rose's chest, Fairuza wedged Rose's startled face into her crotch, smothering her! Rose's eyes widened in horror, but there was little she could do. To add to Rose's suffering, Fairuza reached back behind her and continued to maul her tender breasts.

Rose's body thrashed wildly, but with Fairuza shutting off her oxygen Rose's strength rapidly diminished until her movements finally ceased altogether, her legs slid down and stretched out and her eyes fluttered shut.

Fairuza had won!

Not only had Fairuze won, she'd done far more than that. Not only had she thoroughly humiliated Rose in the process, she'd exposed Rose's vital weakness to a legion of young actresses bent on revenge and cemented the legend of her tremendous victory over a woman once thought to be 'unbeatable.'

Now, standing up over the body of her defeated rival, Fairuza planted her foot on Rose's chest in a gesture that was symbolic not only of her triumph, but it highlighted Rose's glaring weakness to everyone who would see the photo of it in the tabloids around the world. Fairuza acknowledged the cheers of the crowd as everyone clamored for her attention...including the director who earlier had promised a plum film role to Rose. Now he insisted that only Fairuza could do the part justice.

Almost unnoticed, overlooked in the hubbub surrounding Fairuza, Rose McGowan slowly stirred as she regained consciousness. She rose slowly, needing to put a hand on the wall to steady herself while she pulled up her dress before limping alone and ignored, out to her car.

The next day as Rose tended to the bruises and scratches Fairuza had inflicted on her lush young body (her breasts were sore for several days) her phone sat silent. No producers called with new roles; no agents offered to put together million dollar deals for her approval.

But it was just as well. Rose needed the solitude to plot, to plan and to prepare. Fairuza Balk was the Queen for now, but Rose intended to regain her throne...someday.