Tyra Banks vs. Catherine “Cat” Bell (w/Laura Prepon) by 2xifpkd

As the ‘Tyra Banks Show’ returns from a commercial, we see the hostess Tyra sitting with her previous guest, actress Laura Prepon. Tyra smiles at the camera as she introduces her next guest…

“And now, some Scientology slut - Catherine Bell - will join us to discuss her new Sci-Fi Channel mini-series, ‘The Triangle’.”

As the hostess waved off screen to her next guest and the audience greets Cat with warm applause, Laura leans over to Tyra and hisses loud enough for the microphone to pick up, “Bitch! I’m a Scientologist too!”

Tyra ignores Laura’s outburst as she turns to greet Cat. “My, my, you’re a big girl, aren’t you?” Tyra purrs as Cat glides gracefully across the stage and pauses in front of Tyra, turning slightly to smile into the camera. “Catherine,” Tyra says, getting right to the point. “So, you believe in all this Scientology crap? But I assume your show is based on some sort of fact as well, isn’t it?” she smirked, mocking her guest.

“There are accounts of paranormal activity in the Bermuda Triangle, yes,” Cat calmly replied, ignoring Tyra’s attempt to lure her into losing her temper.

“And you believe them, don’t you?” Tyra snickered, turning to the camera and rolling her eyes to show she didn’t believe a word of it. “Just like you believe in Santa, The Easter Bunny and L. Ron Hubbard’s wisdom, right Ms. Bell?” Tyra sneered as she suddenly grabbed Cat and hugged her, mashing their full, firm boobs flat between the two big bodies. “I feel so sorry for you!”

“Take your hands off me! I believe Scientology is the true path to enlightenment.” Cat growled, pushing Tyra away.

“HEY! Don’t mess with me on my set!” Tyra sniffed haughtily. “But, back to your silly sci-fi show. From the previews - it seems your character is the stock ‘over-awed chick without a clue’ - am I right?” Tyra sniffed. “Doesn’t sound like it calls for much acting…I mean, that’s why they cast someone as gullible as you, wasn’t it?”

“What’s that supposed to mean!” Cat barked, turning to glare at the hostess.

“I mean, you believe in any silly thing you hear - I suppose you can’t help it. You worked as a masseuse, then were stupid enough to go to Japan to model when you couldn’t cut it as a real model like….oh, ME, Naomi, Christy Brinkley, Kathy Ireland…even Charlize Theron got to model in Europe! But you just weren’t tough enough to get a job HERE, were you?”

“I wanted to travel,” Cat sniffed, unable to hide the flush on her cheeks. “Besides, the cultural opportunities there attracted me.”

“Such as Japan’s notoriously misogynistic culture - or was it simply the low competition? With all those flat-chested short girls, it was perfect for a plumped up tramp like you!”

“I could’ve modeled wherever I chose,” Cat snarled. “And I majored in the sciences in college, so please don’t question my intelligence!”

“And yet you buy into this Scientology BS - doesn’t seem very bright to me,” Tyra chuckled. “Laura here tells me she’s also a Scientologist. Let’s get her take on the whole Bermuda Triangle thing.”

“Don’t diss Scientology, whore!” Laura snapped.

“Just ignore her, Laura,” Cat told her co-religionist.

“Fuck you! The bitch is using fighting words and I’m not gonna take it!” Laura barked as she stood to confront Tyra.

“Just as I expected - Pussy Cat Bell is too intimidated to stand up to me herself!” Tyra gloated with a gesture at Cat.

“I didn’t come here to fight,” Cat blithely replied. “Not that you’d be much of a challenge.”

“We’ll be right back with more of this revealing discussion,” Tyra said. “Right after this word from our sponsors.”

(cut to commercial)

As soon as the red light went out, Tyra snapped back toward Cat and grumbled, “Nikki Cox didn’t think much of your fighting skills. She told me after yesterday’s show you thought you could just go on her show and guest star, stupid bitch! By the way, how’s your sense of smell these days?” Tyra laughed as she grabbed and rubbed her crotch with a gesture nobody could mistake.

“They jumped me!” Cat protested. “I can kick your sorry ass any day in a fair fight!” she snarled .

Tyra turns to the studio audience and reveals, “I’ve got a special treat for you folks - if Catherine is willing. You see, Stacy Keibler never was going to be a guest on the show today. The ring you see set up on stage is for my own use - if this stupid slut is brave enough to face the woman who destroyed the mighty Helen Hunt! You haven’t seen Helen for awhile have you Cat? Or is it ‘Pussy Cat‘?” Tyra peeled her suit off to reveal a silver bra and panties combo as she glared at her guest. Slowly running her hands over her voluptuous figure, Tyra hissed a challenge at Cat, “You want somma THIS bitch?”

“Cunt! I’ll kick your ass into next week for what you said about my religion!” Laura bellowed, stepping between Tyra and Cat, ripping her dress off to reveal a maroon bra and black leather panties.

“Relax. I’ve got it under control, Laura,” Cat said, pushing Laura back down in her seat. Cat unbuttoned her dress to reveal a green knit bra and panties. “I figured this would happen so I dressed for the occasion,” she purred. “Laura, you referee and keep it clean…if Tyra doesn’t object to actual rules.”

“I’m not an Objectivist or whatever - let’s do this .... in two and two people…sorry.” Tyra shrugged as she told the crowd about the need for commercials.

(After another commercial, they return to find Tyra and Cat standing in opposite corners stretching before the fight.)

Suddenly, Tyra bounces forward and wraps her fingers around Cat’s throat as the two join combat.

No choking!” Laura yells.

“Make me stop bitch!” Tyra laughs as she tackles Cat and slams her down on her back on the mat. “How you like me now, slut?” Tyra gloats as she wriggles atop Cat and presses her impressive cleavage onto the brunette’s red face.

“Mummmmpf….wuffffff…” Cat mumbles as she writhes in torment, unable to escape Tyra’s heavy-hanger’s all-encompassing smother.

“I can’t hear you!” Tyra giggles as she switches to a choke hold.

“No choking , you damned whore!” Laura bellows as she circles the grappling women. She tries to pull Tyra off of Cat who gags as her hands are unable to pry the Ebony Goddesses strong hands from her throat.

“That was a chin lock- a clean move, damn it!” Tyra protests to Laura as she rises and lets Cat flop down on her back caressing her throat. Tyra drops her ass on Cat’s head and quickly pulls the brunette’s legs up to her shoulders in a Reverse Face Sit. “You like dark chocolate, don’t you?” she mocks as she grinds her ass on Cat’s face. Cat’s eyes are wide with terror as Tyra’s Ebony ass surrounds and then squeezes her nose shut. After a fierce struggle, Cat finally bucks Tyra off, rolls onto her side and gulps in a breath of un-pantied air.

“You suck! Big time!” Tyra gloats just as her right knee SLAMS into Cat’s ribs and her fingers grab and pull Cat’s lips back with a ‘Fish Hook’ hold.

“Oooff! AAAgghh!” Cat bellows.

“Scream bitch!” Tyra demands as she forces her left leg under Cat’s body to lock her in a Breast Scissors. Cat howls in anguish as the dusky hellcat’s strong legs crushes chest between her strong thighs until Cat’s full left breast is slowly squeezed up out of it’s green hoslter like toothpaste from a tube.

“Scientology is for lesbians...say it!” Tyra demands as she reaches over and admires her victim’s wayward breast with her fingertips

“Never ... screw you!” Cat gasps as she finally turns around to face Tyra and breaks her scissors.

Tyra rolls away from Cat and springs to her feet, eyes aglitter. Cat rolls onto her stomach and uses her body to shield her from the camera as she adjusts her top. The brief delay proves her undoing when Tyra springs forward, grabs her hair with both hands and starts to pull.

“No hair pulls!” Laura screams as Tyra drags Cat clear across the ring, then jerks her to her feet.

(cut to a commercial about the dangers of being home, work, or elsewhere during a terrorist attack; then another about a drug user’s fit of munchies)

As they return, Tyra has Cat in another scissors. “Welcome back. Here’s something you may not want your kids to see,” Tyra happily coos as she reaches down and pulls both of Cat’s breasts from their cups. Cat grasps her top and struggles to tuck her titties back in, allowing Tyra to slither around behind her and catch her in a full nelson!

“Admit you worship a false idol !” Tyra bellows as she locks her fingers at the back of Cat’s head and powers her arms upward, Cat flapping them uselessly like a wounded bird.

“Uggh.. never.. unggh” is Cat’s reply; her huge chest heaving as Tyra straightens her up and bends her back in the full nelson.

“Beg for mercy - missy!” Tyra snarls as she drives a knee into the small of Cat’s back- slamming the busty brunette brusquely to the mat. Cat tumbles onto the canvas and there’s no immediate reaction to the landing as her breasts bounce wildly after escaping their confinement.

“’Please Mistress Tyra - Let me be your slave’,” Tyra snickers. “That’s all you gotta say slut!” Tyra chortled as she dropped and drove a knee into Cat’s chasm of cleavage. Laura, struggling to suppress a smirking grin, quickly moves in behind Tyra as if to count for a pin.

“Let her go bitch!” Laura howls as she smacks her open palm across Tyra’s cheek. “Unnnngghh!” Laura grunts as the dark hostess hammers her forearm into her gut. ”Take that!” Laura snarls as she fires her fist into Tyra’s bulging bra! “And that, bitch!” she barks as she drills Tyra with a backhand to the same shimmering sack. “And THAT!” she growls, slammed her forearm into the Ebony hostesses battered udder.

“Skank!” Tyra barks as she wraps her fingers around Laura’s neck. Tyra pushes away and raises up as she swings her legs out snapping them together over Laura’s ribs. They slam to the mat with Tyra body scissoring Laura.

“Get off me!” Laura groans as she fires her right hand down on Tyra’s tit.

“Make me, lard ass!” Tyra snarls as she clamps her thighs tight against the pale flesh.

Laura turns into Tyra and frees herself from the scissors using both hands between their bodies. As they struggle for supremacy, Laura grabs Tyra’s elbow and draws the woman onto her back, then gains control of Tyra’sother arm and crawls up her body in a schoolgirl pin - her heaving chest hovering menacingly over Tyra’s face.

“Scientology is real, whore!” Laura exclaims as she releases arm and squeezes sack on the stunned beauty.

“So is the grinch!” Tyra snorts as she throws the blonde off. But Laura adeptly grabs arm and puts Tyra in an abdominal stretch.

“OOH! Stop bitch or I’ll beat your ass ‘til tomorrow,” Tyra groans as Laura applies pressure. Laura pulls up and out - toppling Tyra and slamming her face into the mat. She reaches out and hoists the hostess up by the hooters.

“Apologize and I’ll let you go!” Laura demands as she torques Tyra’s tits.

“Screw you, skank!” Tyra snivels; her chest burning with finger force. Laura monkey-flips Tyra who lands with a loud THUD in the ring corner.

“I’m sorry . You know best what’s for you..” Tyra snivels as she tenderly tucks her jiggling tits back into her top.

Laura smiles as she hears Tyra’s apology, then scowls as she approaches Cat who is still down struggling for breath. “Great job representing us,” Laura mocks as she steps over Cat’s body, straddling her as she reaches down offering her a helping hand to her feet.

“Like you would’ve done better, bitch!” Cat grunts, slapping the proffered hand away. Cat grabs a fistful of dangling blonde locks, pulls her head down and then rips a right uppercut into Laura’s ribs. Laura winces at the blow, but fires back as she drops to her knees astride Cat’s waist and hammers her fist down into Cat’s soft tummy.

“Fuck you! Maybe I should leave you two to settle your differences without my help,” Laura chides, climbing off the gagging, gasping Cat and stomping across the ring. She slams her fist into Tyra’s chest taking her breath away as well, then slides out of the ring; leaving Cat and Tyra to settle matters without her help.

“Here kitty, kitty, kitty!’” Tyra taunts as she gets up and stalks the buxom brunette. “Beg me to let you lick my pussy and MAYBE I’ll let you leave in one piece…slut !”

“I’m not a supermodel like you - I don’t do tongue tacos,” Cat wheezes as she rolls onto her stomach, then gets to her knees facing Tyra. Tyra gains her shaky legs and tugs Cat to her wobbly legs by a handful of hair.

“Take that back! Look when your mistress speaks to you!” Tyra fumed as she pulls Cat’s head down, then rakes her left hand across Cat’s right breast, her fingernails carving four parallel furrows in the soft flesh. Tyra grabs Cat’s chin with right hand and jerks her head up, forcing eye contact. “Beg to eat me, pussycat!” Tyra snarled as she pressed her nose against the wobbly brunette’s.

“Damn lez; let me go!” Cat demands.

Tyra rakes her fingernails across both of Cat’s wildly bouncing bare breasts, then latches on and shoves the beaten brunette babe back into the corner. As Cat’s back is slammed into the turnbuckle, her head snaps backward; her hair flying.

“Please stop...you win ... please…” Cat sobs her body slumps against the padding.

“Tell me you’re sorry,” Tyra says, then she spits in Cat’s face and yanks the brunette’s top down around her waist, “Say you’ll make me forget all about men.”

(cut away to another commercial - this one about misfortunes of the clap.)

While they’re away, Cat struggles to escape.

“Never you bitch! Let me go!” Cat grunts as she tries to push Tyra back.

“Have it your way honey!” Tyra giggles as she Monkey Flips Cat over and down on her back. THUMP! Cat lands hard and as lays still trying to catch her breath as her unfettered mammaries roll and flop around on her chest. While Cat’s trying to get a breath, Tyra spins around and grabs her ankles, lifting her legs by the ankles and spreading her arms wide.

(The commercial ends and viewers return to the sight of a topless Cat flat on her back with Tyra towering over her olding her legs spread wide.)

“I’ll get you bitch!” Cat sullenly snarls as she tries to sit up, swinging her arms, unable to reach Tyra’s hands on her ankles.

“But your old man won’t get any for awhile!” Tyra guffaws. She delights in the panicked expression on her face when Cat realizes too late what’s coming as Tyra drops and her right knee descends down onto Cat’s open groin. Cat spasms on impact and Tyra giddily surveys the sobbing brunette’s heaving bosom and contorted face as she lets go of Cat’s legs and she slowly draws up her knees while Tyra rises and stands straddling her. “SAY IT!”

“May I ...eat…your pussy…Mistress Tyra. Please...” Cat whimpers as her hands instinctively rubbing her burning bush.

“Give me the mike!” Tyra snaps gruffly. “What’s my audience think? She had enough…or should she pay for her stupidity?” Tyra shrugs her shoulders and while the audience screams their answer, she turns to the camera to promo her next show. “You’ve been a great audience, thank you. On tomorrow’s show, Kaley Cuoco will tell us what it’s like to be a has-been at twenty.” Tyra held her flex as she bowed to the crowd while still straddling Cat’s cowering body.

(Roll credits and ads for furniture - The network cuts to next program but in the studio, the cameras and video records keep rolling, capturing all the action for a future broadcast.)

Cat gloweringly gazes up at her conqueror - her mind racing as she tries to envision the end, ‘Please let her wrap those gorgeous thighs around my waist and be done with it.... although a breast smothers not a bad way to go - if the girl has the tools , and man does she ever have them!’

‘Shit!’ Cat thinks as she weakly struggles to escape as Tyra’s bottom drops onto her neck. ‘I’m NOT going to eat her out on television! Damn models…always posing! Get it over with already; rub your smelly crotch in my face and let’s end this.’ Cat thinks to herself as Tyra parades around her limp form. ‘Wasn’t so bad when Rose McGowan did it.” Memories of Rose’s shaved clit rubbing her lips actually bring a tight smile to Cat’s lips. ‘What the hell is this crazy bitch doing?’ Tyra tugs the fallen Cat’s bottom off and starts a small brawl by tossing them into the crowd.

“Ready to fulfill my desires slut?” Tyra asks as she stands straddling Cat’s waist.

“Yes ma’am!” a relieved Cat sobs. Cat thinks, ‘Breast smother...she’s not so mean after all…a few seconds and she’ll let me go.’ “Ooff...please you’re hurting me,” Cat stammers as Tyra drops her ass onto the brunette’s belly.

“Charlize said you like rough stuff...” Tyra laughed. “And Tori Spelling said you nearly came when she stopped you with her titty twister...let’s see,” she menacingly says as she tears into Cat’s chaotic cleavage.

“Please get it over with...you…you’re the better woman… I’ll do what you want….please…” Cat sobs as her breast flesh is stretched, pulled and twisted. Her brain tells her not to fight back - it’ll only anger Tyra ..then she thinks... ‘Tori had the best foreplay ever .. until she shoved her hand down my crotch the way that crazy Doherty taught her…maybe Tyra will be just as good.’ Cat struggles to find pleasure in the pain as Tyra twists and punches her battered boobs. ‘Thank God ..it’s over…’ Cat thinks as Tyra eases her chest down over her face.

“How ‘bout a little something for me you psycho skank?” Tyra laughs as she grinds her tits into Cat’s - then drapes her cleavage over Cat’s face.

Cat misinterprets Tyra’s wishes and fondles the smothering sacs. ‘This is a good way to go ..not like the time Alyssa Milano kept kicking me until I went down, then head scissored me and raked my tits ‘til they bled. Tyra isn’t the nasty cunt everyone says she is.’

“OK you damn dyke - here you go!” Tyra snarls as she humps her body up Cat’s limp frame. “Eat up!” Tyra orders as she grinds her groin in Cat’s face .

“AAGH!” Cat grunts as the desert climate of the studio is replaced by Tyra’s swampy crotch. ‘Finally it’s over,’ she thinks as pubic stubble grinds into her face. Cat greedily gulps in air when Tyra finally raises off her. ‘She’s good people after all - not even going to get off on me or take me all the way out.’

Tyra flips over and drops her ass onto the shocked face of her victim. ‘The stench...oh .. I can’t take it!’ is Cat’s last thought before Tyra’s booty cuts off her air and she passes out.

Later that afternoon, Cat awakens on a sofa in the green room. She’s naked; her face is redolent with the familiar scent of aroused womanhood and when she licks her lips, she tastes the familiar tang of pussy and knows when the second half of the show airs later in the week she’ll be the talk of the town!