Halle Berry vs. Tyra Banks by Shanahan 24-Jun-99

On a Florida photo shoot involving both celebrity models and well-known actresses, black beauties Tyra Banks and Halle Berry ran afoul of each other, and decided to fight it out that very night in the beach house that Tyra was renting for the shoot. The bout was set for 9 p.m., one-on-one, with no one else present. Tyra awaited her opponent eagerly, dressed in a revealing two-piece bright orange swimsuit ...

Halle came through the front door precisely at nine bells in a red-and-black, floral-print bikini that was slightly more modest than Tyra's suit, but still striking. The actress immediately cornered Tyra behind the living room's built-in bar, but the model wasn't intimidated in the least. As Halle stepped forward and seized Tyra by the wrist, Tyra slapped Halle hard across the cheek with the other hand.

"Bitch!" cried Halle, and smacked Tyra across her full lips with the back of her free hand. Both women then made a beeline for each other's hair, hands grasping and pulling as the two combatants shrieked in pain and anger. They dragged each other back and forth behind the bar, both refusing to relent, until Tyra brought a knee up hard between Halle's legs. The actress yelped and was stunned by the sudden cheap shot, and she relaxed her grip on the model's hair just long enough for Tyra to pull free.

Reaching down with her own hands, Tyra ripped the bikini top loose from Halle's body, the actress's bare breasts lolloping out into the open, where the model got a solid grip on them and squeezed them viciously. Halle shrieked again, and then made short work of Tyra's top before returning the favor to the model's ample naked chest. The two black battlers cursed and wailed and struggled as they squeezed each other's melons without remorse, fingers sinking into soft flesh and sharp nails making long scratch marks on the smooth surfaces. Tears welled up in the corners of the two women's eyes, and sweat began to bead on their foreheads as they strained and suffered.

Halle ended their standoff by ramming the heel of her hand up underneath Tyra's chin, momentarily paralyzing the model, and they both broke off their attacks and retreated several steps each to recover. The two beauties rubbed their wounded udders gingerly with their fingers as they hurled insults at one another, stripping off their briefs soon after as they waited to renew their bout totally naked.

"I'm gonna shred you, slut!" promised Halle, panting with exertion.

"Yeah, sure you will, whore!" mocked Tyra, also panting. "They'll be dragging your unconscious ass out of here in the morning!"

They glared icily at one another, growling and snarling all the while, and advanced on each other. Hands raised, the two now-naked battlers pawed and feinted for a few moments, looking for a hold as they drew ever closer to one another, before screaming out loud and grabbing each other by the hair with both hands once more.

They pulled and tugged and twisted ferociously as they tried to rip each other's locks loose, but this time it was Halle who fired a knee into her opponent's unprotected crotch, eliciting a yell from the model.

"You'll pay for that!" snapped Tyra, and then she sank her right fist deep into Halle's unprepared gut, winding the actress, before clipping her foe on the chin with a right roundhouse that knocked Halle back against one of the column supports behind the bar. The actress struck the plaster surface hard, and was too dazed to offer any resistance as the model began clawing at her face. Tyra continued to work her hands downwards, pulling and prying at Halle's nose and lips and chin, before securing those hands about Halle's neck and squeezing hard. A wide-eyed Halle clawed at Tyra's wrists and gasped for air, but none was coming in as the model throttled her prey ruthlessly.

"Think you're better than me, Miss Big Movie Star?" growled Tyra as she tightened her hold, hands slamming the back of Halle's head against the column in the process. "Well, you're gonna need those big Hollywood bucks to take care of your medical bills, bitch!"

Pulling the fading Halle away from the wall, her hands still about the actress's throat, Tyra then bent her opponent back over the bar and continued to choke Halle mercilessly, hands gripping and squeezing the actress' throat furiously. The model felt she only needed a few more minutes of barehanded strangulation to finish the fight, and grinned in maniacal glee - until she felt a fist cracking into her face from below and knocking her senseless. Stunned by the blow, Tyra then caught a second fist from Halle square on the jaw, and released her stranglehold as she staggered back from the bar, nearly knocking several bottles of booze off the back wall as she bumped into it.

Next thing the model knew, she was being seized in a bearhug and crushed in Halle's arms, the actress squeezing the model's trim waist like a vise. Tyra cried out under the pressure and tried to push free, but only caught a head-butt in her face for her troubles, then another, then another. Blood began to trickle from Tyra's nose as the recovering Halle mangled her, the actress almost lifting the model up onto her toes in her spine-snapping assault. The model slumped against the actress, Tyra's head resting on Halle's shoulder, before she felt herself being released and pushed back up against the wall. Tyra then felt hands gripping her fabulous breasts from underneath, holding them painfully in place, before feeling a stinging, pinching sensation in her left tit. She looked down in horror to see Halle biting down hard on that soft fleshy mound, the actress engulfing most of Tyra's tit in her eager mouth.

The model wailed and pulled at the actress's short hair, but she was too battered from the blows to her head and face to offer much resistance. She suffered a while longer as Halle's white teeth sank deeper into her dark breast, until Tyra sensed her breast being released and her face being plunged downwards into Halle's sweated bust. The model smothered in her foe's breasts, Halle's hands holding Tyra's lovely face in place as she denied the model of oxygen, and Tyra thought this was truly the end as she felt herself passing out ...

Suddenly Tyra was seized under the armpits, and hurled bodily through the air and over the bar to crash hard on the carpeted floor in front of it. Slowly and painfully, Tyra rose to her knees and elbows, her still-throbbing breast stained with teeth marks, and she finally slumped back against the bar - only to have Halle drop down hard on top of her, the actress now sitting atop the model's shoulders. Tyra grunted under her foe's weight, but again did nothing as the actress reached down, interlocked her hands underneath Tyra's chin, and reared back hard. Tyra cried out again as she felt herself being broken in half, and she could only clutch feebly at her foe's fingers as she suffered in Halle's cruel grip.

Halle smiled evilly as she punished her opponent, alternately relaxing and rearing back to increase Tyra's agony, until she snarled, "Give, bitch! Give, or I'll break your goddamn neck!" Tyra weakly slapped the floor with both hands to signal her submission, and Halle wrenched her rival backwards one more time before letting go and dismounting. Reaching out with one foot, the actress sent the model tumbling over and over a short ways across the main floor.

Tyra rolled back and forth face up on the soft, itchy ground, the model whimpering and moaning as she wondered how her surefire victory had turned into such a painful defeat, until she felt a hand reaching between her legs and squeezing hard. She squealed in agony, and then heard Halle's low voice.

"If you ever screw with me again, bitch," threatened the shapely actress kneeling in front of her, "you'll be heading home in a stretcher. Got it?"

Tyra softly whispered yes, shaking her head up and down as her crotch was crushed; then she exhaled loudly as Halle gave it a final squeeze, and released.

"Good," remarked the dark-skinned nude beauty. Halle then stuffed Tyra's panties into Tyra's mouth, and got up.

"Don't be late for the shoot tomorrow," chided the victorious Halle. The actress then grabbed a white cotton bathrobe lying on the couch and whipped it over her naked body before heading home down the block a minute later.

Tyra continued to roll about on the carpet afterwards, her soft hands massaging her bruised face, her eyes closed tight. Her puffy, dry mouth still sucked cloth as the naked beauty sobbed quietly in the otherwise empty house ...