Cindy Crawford vs. Tyra Banks by Southgate 11/19/00

Cindy shadowboxes in her corner, fast hands slicing the air. Her kicks whiz out higher than the top rope. All business, she's deep inside herself as she limbers up. At 34, Cindy is perhaps the most feared woman in the ring. She has faced so many models, Playmates, actresses, porn-stars that tonight is just another fight for her. She runs down a mental list of the women she's beaten and shrugs. Facing Tyra is no big thing. Cindy has only a cut-off tee shirt and a skimpy bikini bottom to show off a body hardened by exercise to it's best advantage.

As the crowd roars their approval, Tyra Banks, jogs down to the ring. She hops up on the apron, stops to wave to the crowd, then hurtles the top rope. She marches around the ring waving. Tyra is in a green bikini that doesn't even attempt to contain her boobs and hips. Pumped up and ready, Tyra ignores Cindy as she chats with her fans. At 27, Tyra is ready to make a name for herself. While she's had no where near the number of fights Crawford has, she's ready to put down the veteran fighter.

As the bell rings signaling the start of the fight, Cindy, with a broad smile, extends her hand and walks towards her opponent, "Good luck to you, Tyra, let the best gal win."

Tyra is surprised at Cindy's sportsmanship. It's not what she expected. Tyra reaches out to shake hands.

"Sucker," taunts Cindy, who lunges forward throws a head lock on Tyra.

Cindy's left fist jabs hard at the black woman's face. Cindy slams her hip into Tyra, shoving her off balance as she works the headlock, trying to wring Tyra's neck. Just for fun, she reaches back and unhooks Tyra's bikini top, freeing the usually modest Bank's big boobs. Cindy's initiative has taken Tyra off guard and she makes the best of it as she torments her. Skillfully, Cindy keeps Tyra off balance, cranks up the pressure on her neck and periodically jabs at Tyra's face as she marches the dark-skinned beauty around the ring.

Finally regaining her composure, Tyra wraps an arm around Cindy's waist and draws it tight. Cindy counters by grabbing Tyra's nose and twisting hard. Enraged, she literally lifts Cindy off her feet, holds her mid-air for a spectacular moment, then slams her down, tailbone first across her extended knee. Cindy lies on mat cursing and clutching her ass. Tyra hauls Cindy to her feet, crouching low, she slams a big fist deep into Cindy's belly, driving all the air from the brunette's lungs. Tyra hammers three more fists into Cindy's gut.

Before the rubber legged and doubled over Cindy can fall to the mat, Tyra seizes Cindy in a bear hug and hoists her off her feet. Tyra shifts Cindy from side to side, mashing Cindy's soft, small tits again her big, firm boobs.

"You're getting' soft all over, you cheating old hag," Tyra laughs.

But Tyra has not trapped Cindy's arms and the wily veteran rakes her fingernails down Tyra's back. Tyra, reacting quickly, lifts Cindy high and slams her down on her knee. The atomic drop leaves Cindy rolling on the mat clutching her crotch, cursing.

"You bitch! Oh you fuckin' bitch!" Cindy moans.

But Tyra is on a roll. Hair-hauling Cindy to her feet, Tyra slams a fist into Cindy's injured belly, doubling her up once more. Trapping Cindy's head between her thighs, Tyra sinks her claws into Cindy's butt.

"Oh my, getting' pretty flabby, here, girl!" the black lingerie model laughs.

"You don't have the boobs to go along with an ass this big. There's no work for pear-shaped models. I think its time for you to retire," Tyra jeers.

Cindy digs her fingernails into Tyra's thighs. Tyra screams, but keeps her legs wrapped tight around Cindy's head. She knits her fingers together, raises her arms high, then slams an ax-handle down on Cindy's back. Leaning over her trapped foe, Tyra wraps her arms around Cindy's waist and, with a grunt, lifts Cindy upside down. She squeezes her strong arms tight around Cindy's waist and demonstrates her strength as she carries her slowly around the ring.

Cindy flails her legs, trying to break free and moans as Tyra increases the pressure on her waist. Tyra stops in the center of the ring, takes a moment to secure her grip, then pile-drives Cindy headfirst to the mat. Cindy lies prone on the mat as Tyra walks across her back, then stoops to grab a handful of hair. Tyra jerks Cindy to her knees and looses a huge left hand that cracks onto Cindy's jaw, sending her sprawling to the mat on her back.

Proud of her handy-work Tyra stands, hands on hips, posing for the crowd.

"Get up if you can, or I'll dump you out with the trash. You're just old news, Cindy," she jeers.

"Black bitch, I'll kill you," Cindy hisses, rising to one knee and rubbing her jaw.

Once Cindy is on her feet she races across the ring and leaps at Tyra. Tyra catches Cindy round the waist and throws her to the mat. Cindy lands heavily on her back. Tyra launches herself in the air and splashes her. Tyra's big body splats down on top of Cindy with her full weight knocking the wind out of the smaller woman.

Tyra stands, flexes for the cheering crowd, then hauls Cindy to her feet. Squatting slightly, she wraps her arms around Cindy's waist, then lifts her up in a punishing bear hug. Tyra's arms crush Cindy's waist. Cindy's legs flail, wide apart. Tyra bends Cindy backward, enjoying the sound of her moans and wails.

"Give, or I'll break your back," Tyra challenges.

Cindy suddenly tenses up, jerks her arms free. Grabbing Tyra's hair with her left hand, she pumps her right into Tyra's right ear. Stung, Tyra throws Cindy to the mat.

Cindy holds her back. Struggling, she can only mange to get up on one knee before Tyra marches over and grabs her by the hair.

"Time to teach you a lesson, witch," Tyra threatens.

Cindy slams her right fist up into Tyra's crotch. Tyra doesn't move, riveted to the spot by shooting pain so Cindy nails her again.

Tyra's hands drop down to protect her crotch, but she's too late. Cindy's strong fingers dig into her flesh. Tyra opens her mouth to scream, but nothing comes out. Cindy springs upright, maintaining the paralyzing crotch claw.

Then Cindy's right first rockets straight up and crashes into Tyra's jaw. Tyra stumbles backward and falls against the ropes. Cindy charges. Twice she drives a knee into Tyra's public bone. Pulling Tyra's head down, Cindy's knee smashes into the Black woman's chin. Tyra hits the ropes and ricochets off directly into Cindy's double ax-handle to her chest. Tyra slumps against the ropes and slides down on her butt. Cindy hauls Tyra to her feet and judo chops her throat. As Tyra sputters, Cindy wraps her right hand around Tyra's neck, slips her left up between her legs and hoists her up shoulder high.

"You weigh a ton, lard ass," Cindy taunts.

This time Cindy carries Tyra around the ring. The veteran supermodel's right arm chokes tight around Tyra's neck. With a big smile, Cindy slams Tyra down over her knee. She holds the young woman bent over her knee a moment, then drives her elbow down on Tyra's left boob. Cindy tosses the moaning woman to the mat. Tyra curls up on her side, but Cindy quickly drives a knee into her ribs and rolls Tyra onto her back.

Cindy lifts Tyra's left leg up, twists it violently, then drops to the mat with her full weight on the leg. As Tyra writes in pain, Cindy stands, spreads Tyra's legs wide apart and leaps - driving her knee repeatedly into Tyra's crotch.

Dropping down to straddle Tyra's belly facing her foe, Cindy pokes her fingers in the young model's considerably bigger boob, and taunts the beaten Black model.

"So I guess the lesson here is that your fat Black ass and big cow hooters don't mean squat in a fight with a real woman. Wouldn't you agree, Ms. Banks?".

Tyra gamely tries to buck free but Cindy chops her across the throat to put a stop to it. Wrapping her left hand around Tyra's throat, Cindy's right digs into Tyra's soft left tit. She grabs the nipple and twists, tugs and pinches as hard as she can for several agonizing seconds.

"I said, wouldn't you agree, Ms. Banks?" Cindy asks again, giving an especially cruel pinch to punctuate the question.

In every fight she's been in, Tyra's oversized boobs have been a target, but nothing had prepared her for the vicious all out assault on them this veteran was inflicting.

"Please, enough," cries a thoroughly disheartened Tyra. "You win!"

"Thought you'd see it my way," laughs Cindy. "But we're not done yet."

Cindy tightens her grip on Tyra's throat, watching as the younger woman's eyes bug wide.

"I'm not gonna kill you, you stupid bitch," Cindy laughs. "But you owe my world class ass an apology for the nasty things you said about it."

Cindy sits upright on her foe, reaches back with her left hand and grabs Tyra's pussy, clawing her strong fingers into Tyra's already sore crotch. Abruptly, Cindy stands and delivers a series of knee drops to Tyra's belly. With the precision of a craftswoman, she folds Tyra into a matchbook and squats down heavily on her foe's face.

Sinking the fingernails of both hands into Tyra's butt, Cindy hisses, "Perfect ass, isn't it."

Cindy wriggles and grinds her butt on Tyra as she jeers, "I mean mine, of course! Not your sorry big Black butt!"

Tyra tries to muster her strength and pull her legs free but Cindy jams her fingers into Tyra's pussy, forcing her thong to disappear.

With her left arm holding Tyra's left leg, Cindy grinds her butt on the hapless woman's face while she tightens the grip on her victim's pussy.

"When I'm ready to retire, I'll let you know," Cindy chortles. "But for now, I'm sitting just where I want to be!"

For emphasis, she pounds her fist down into Tyra's wounded crotch. Then she stands, shoves Tyra away and struts around the ring victorious once more.