Anna Nicole Smith vs. Tyra Banks by Southgate

These two women hate each other. Anna Nicole resents Tyra Banks's success in her dual acting and modeling career. Tyra has had two plumb modeling jobs 'stolen' by the new and improved Anna Nicole. When Banks is offered the opportunity to fight Smith, she jumps at the chance. They wait at ringside for the match to start.

Tyra taunts her adversary, "Smith, you may be half the cow you were, but you're still just about as dumb as dirt."

Smith hisses back at her, "I know black girls got big butts, but yours has got to be the fattest ass I've ever seen-and your thighs look like chocolate pudding that's been sittin' in the 'fridge too long."

Tyra, hands on hips, stiffens, then smiles half-turning away from Smith. "Take a good look at this black butt, white-trash, you're gonna spend the night under it."

Smith unhooks her bikini top and slowly massages her tits. "I think I'll smother you with these perfect tits," Anna coos.

"Perfect plastic tits," Tyra hoots. "Your phony tits are nothing." Cupping her hands under her own boobs, Tyra continues, "these are real deal, bimbo."

The women appear evenly matched. Both tall, Tyra does look softer than the slimmed down and pumped up Anna Nicole. Her belly is taut and hard, her hips and thighs considerably trimmed down.

Smith, still playing with her tits, marches forward and slams her boobs into Tyra's chest. Banks stands her ground and four big globes squash together. Smith leans forward, shoves her tits from side to side and up and down. As she rubs away, Tyra's bikini top gives up trying to hold its charges. Usually modest, Tyra is too caught up in the challenge to worry about a little extra exposure. Smith thrusts her chest up. Her slightly bigger, harder boobs flatten Tyra's tits against her chest. Banks backs off a couple of steps, then reaches forward and grabs both of Anna's tits. Smith immediately retaliates in kind. But Banks's long fingers literally dig into Anna Nicole's taut, overstuffed tits, her big hands crush the blonde's melons.

"Bitch," spits Smith, frantically scrunching her fingers into Tyra's soft, natural boobs. Banks with a clear advantage, forces Anna Nicole backwards into the corner. Smith's tits and her face are red. Banks seizes Smith's left nipples between two fingers and twists violently. The big blonde screams in sheer agony. Smith let's go of Tyra's tits and slaps her across the mouth. Banks, momentarily stung, slams a double ax handle down into Anna's chest, then drives her right knee into Anna Nicole's belly three times in rapid succession. Banks snaps a head lock on Smith, runs across the ring and bull dogs the blonde into the mat. The blonde hits hard but scrambles to her feet quickly, holding her head and rubbing her bruised tits. Tyra already on her feet, waits, confident and smiling.

"So how are those plastic tits doing, blondie," Tyra taunts.

Smith charges at Banks, fists raised. She stuns Tyra with her prowess, as quick and strong uppercut crashes through Tyra's defense, explodes on her chin, snapping her head back. Smith, having spent nearly a year working out with a power bag an hour a day, goes to town. Her fast jabs mash into Tyra's tits, arms and belly. Banks is retreating, hurt and still under fire, absorbing some considerable damage. Against the ropes, Banks covers and starts counter punching with reasonable effectiveness, catching Anna in the ribs with several hard punches, but paying a heavy price as Smith pounds on her arms, sides and belly. Having softened up her foe, Smith goes head-hunting. She lets fly a looping right aimed at Tyra's head. The brunette, slips it and rocks Anna with a straight arm to her chin.

Anna Nicole backs away, trying to shake off the blow. Tyra moves off the ropes. Smith attacks again, nailing Tyra with a left jab that catches her in the side of the head. This time, it is Tyra who is shaken, but she reacts quickly and slams her left fist into Anna Nicole's chin, spinning her 180 degrees around. Tyra slams another ax handle down on Anna's back, then, raising her left foot high, kicks Anna squarely in the ass, propelling the big blonde head first into the corner turnbuckle. Tyra charges in behind her and drives her shoulder into Smith's back squashing her body against the turnbuckle. Tyra slams her fists and knees repeatedly into the big blondes low back. Tyra grabs

Anna's hair, yanks her back, then drives her headfirst into the turnbuckle. Smith slumps to her knees.

Banks steps over her, trapping Anna's head between her formidable thighs. Holding onto the ropes for leverage, Banks clamps her legs tight shut around Smith's neck. Smith wails out a litany of curses. She reaches back and rakes her fingernails down the sides of Tyra's legs. Banks relinquishes her standing scissors and jerks away. As Anna tries to stand, Banks throws a headlock on her, spins her around and again bull dogs her into the mat.

Anna Nicole lands hard and rolls onto her back. Tyra already on her feet, hauls Anna Nicole to her feet and punches her in the belly. Banks easily hoists Smith up to shoulder height and body slams her to the mat. Twice more, Banks displays her impressive strength, lifting Anna Nicole high before driving her into the mat. Again Tyra hauls Smith to her feet. Twisting the blonde's arm, Banks holds her in place while she uses her thick legs to launch a kicking attack on the blonde's belly and boobs. As Anna weakens, Tyra cranks up on her arm, twisting it to the breaking point. She spins the blonde in circles and then throws her into the ropes. As Anna Nicole rebounds, Tyra catches her with a close-line. Smith is knocked flat on her back. With a big smile on her face, Tyra squats down on Anna's face, reaches forward and latches onto each of the blonde's boobs and squeezes as hard as she can. Smith bucks and gyrates violently. Tyra realizes that she cannot maintain her seat.

Rolling to her side, Tyra grabs Smith before she can escape. Banks wraps her legs around Anna's waist and traps her in a full nelson. For a full minute, Banks bears down on her victim while Smith struggles, cursing and threatening, but unable to break free of the cobra that crushes her. Anna's thrashing weakens as Tyra saps her strength. Finally, Banks loosens her vice, rolls Anna over. Banks forces Smith's face into her chest and clamps her legs tight shut. Tyra wraps her arms tight around the back of Smith's neck, holding her head securely in place

"This is just the start, Smith. I'm gonna smother you and break all your ribs. Then I'm gonna introduce you to my black ass,' threatens Tyra.

For an agonizing minute, Smith tries to break free, but Tyra has her immobilized. Anna stops struggling much and begins to slip away. Tyra lets up a bit on her head vice, giving her arms a break. Anna is alert enough to be able to turn her head and sink her teeth into Tyra's left tit.

Banks screams, yanks back on Smith's hair, desperate to pull Smith off of her. Smith won't let go. Banks pounds her fist into Anna's head, finally forcing the blonde to let go. Banks rolls away, kicking Smith in the head as she rolls. Banks cups her wounded boob. Blood trickles around a ring of teeth marks. Smith is on her feet, advancing.

Tyra rushes Anna Nicole, but the blonde thrusts out her hips to toss Banks over to the mat. Tyra scrambles to her feet but again the big blonde hip-checks her to the mat. As Tyra hit's the mat, Smith leaps up and lands with both knees slamming into Tyra's gut. Straddling the brunette, Smith slams her elbow across Tyra's chest, then grabs onto Tyra's wounded tit. Tyra reaches up and ear claps Smith. Backs bucks the blonde off of her but Smith is quickly on her feet. Banks is sitting up when Anna rushes in and slams a knee into the back of her head. Smith hair-hauls Banks up to her feet. Smith throws Tyra backwards into the corner. As Banks hangs their, trying to recover, the tough boxer advances on her and slugs away at the brunette's belly, pounding her repeatedly in the gut. Banks can muster no counter attack by the end of the 45 second pounding. Smith stops, pulls Tyra out of the corner and twists her into a hammerlock. Anna slowly marches her across the ring to the far corner, pounding her fist into Tyra's lower back as she drives her forward.

This time, it is Anna's turn to splatter Tyra's body against the turnbuckle. Smith shoves up hard on the hammerlock, pressing her body into Tyra's, laughing as the turnbuckle mashes Tyra's boobs. Smith spends a full minute punching Tyra's lower back with her free hand. Banks stands on Gumby legs. Smith drives her big knee up into Tyra's back. Banks falls to her knees but Smith hauls her back up, spins her around and slams an elbow across her throat. The boxer goes back to work, using a nearly helpless Banks as a workout bag.

"You're too soft," taunts Smith, as her fists bury themselves deep in Tyra's belly. Working the crowd while she works over the brunette, Anna demonstrates that some white girls have rhythm as she systematically lays into Banks as if she were using an exercise bag in the gym. Tyra's boobs flap left and right, up and down as Anna finds her groove and does her thing. Five hard right hand jabs to Tyra's left , boob are followed by five hard left hand jabs to her right boob. Picking up the tempo, Anna uses both fists to beat a staccato pattern on Tyra's belly. Anna steps back, shuffles her feet in a quick dance and uncorks a huge left hand that thunders into Tyra's chin. Banks slumps down but Smith hauls her right back up, handing her in the corner once more.

"Watch my combinations fly," hoots an exhilarated Smith.

Two left hands slam into Tyra's belly, an uppercut right snaps her head back, and a devastating left slams into Tyra's pubic bone. Smith repeats the combination. As Anna steps back to consider her next attack, Banks, in a desperation move, launches herself forward, head-butting Smith as she seizes the blonde around the waist. They tumble to the mat with Banks on top. Banks wraps her hands around Smith's throat and spreads her legs wide, trying to pin Smith under her. Anna is groggy from the butt, yet fighting back. Banks is too tired to hold the big blonde. Smith wriggles loose and rolls her over. On her back, Banks manages to slip her arms around the back of Smith's head and pulls her down on top of her. As Smith struggles to break free, she lifts up her pelvis enough to allow Tyra to pull her legs up and open. The brunette clamps her thighs tight around Anna's waist. Banks squeezes her thighs as tightly as she can.

Smith's body wiggles and flops. Each time Tyra squeezes tight, Smith screams in shear agony. In between Tyra's squeezes, Smith's fists are pounding away into Tyra's ribs. The brunette grunts under the constant pounding. Smith struggles up her knees, trying to break free of Tyra's scissors, lifting the brunette up with her. For the next several minutes, Anna fights to her feet and tries to twist Tyra over. Banks holds her off, three times her strong legs throw Anna back to the mat. Tyra gathers her strength, cracks up the pressure on Anna's waist and rolls to her side, taking Anna with her. Bearing down, Banks shakes her legs and crushes into Smith's bruised ribs. Tyra lets go of Anna's head. Her left hand grabs a handful of blonde hair and pulls Smith's head away.

"I'm going to snap you in half," Tyra threatens, looking into Anna's glazing eyes.

As Tyra squeezes, Anna's bosom heaves. Tyra can't resist the targets. Her right hand reaches across, grabs Smith's right nipple and twists away. The shooting pain seems to snap Anna back into the fight. She cracks her left elbow across Tyra's cheek.

Twisting her body around, Smith is once more on top, though Banks maintains her scissors. Tyra throws her arms around Anna's head but Anna twists her body violently, managing to spread her legs wide, she finally slips free of Tyra's scissors. Her thinner, but muscular legs wrap around Tyra's thick right leg. Banks tries to secure Anna with a head lock, but Anna is now pressing forward from her knees, leaning heavily on Tyra, pinning her to the mat.

Banks grabs the blonde's hair but Anna slams her right elbow down across Tyra's chest and leans into it. Snarling, Smith wraps her arms around Tyra's chest and squeezes her hard. Tyra's tired body trembles. Smith unloads a left hand that crashes into Tyra's face. Banks again grabs her hair and tries to pull Smith off of her, but Anna Nicole launches a rapid fire attack, relentlessly pounding her right hand into the black woman's belly, ribs and crotch. Smith lands more than thirty blows but Banks still yanks at her hair. Smith grabs onto Tyra's hair and hauls her to her feet. Smith throw a punch into Tyra's belly but Banks slips around, catching Anna in a reverse headlock. The brunette's right knee thunders into Anna's belly. Smith drives forward and both woman fall back to the mat. Anna straddles Tyra's waist and unleashes a two fisted assault on her head. Banks is battered senseless.

Smith stands slowly as Tyra lies on her back sprawled on the mat with her legs wide apart. Anna drops her knee into the black woman's crotch. Standing again, Anna spreads Banks's legs apart and stomps her left foot repeatedly into the beaten woman's crotch. As Tyra wails, Anna stops, hoist up on Tyra's legs to bend the brunette into a reverse matchbook. Pulling the bent-in-half brunette between her thighs, Smith drops her big ass on Tyra's face. The blonde digs her fingers into Tyra's big black ass, clawing and scratching viciously. Whenever Tyra's screams become audible, Anna Nicole bears down with her big butt to muffle her foe's screams.

"How do you like my Lilly white super buns, you fat chocolate cow?" scoffs Smith.

Anna Nicole stops suddenly, stands quickly and pulls Banks to her feet with two hands full of hair. Holding Tyra bent over, the big blonde slams her knee in the brunette's head, and then pulls her head forward, trapping Banks's neck between her thighs.

Smith slams three ax handles down into Banks's back and then reaches down and grabs Tyra's hanging tits. Anna Nicole works over Tyra's tits, pulling, pinching, scratching and twisting. Banks, trapped between Smith's thighs, is barley able to draw a breath. Anna Nicole reaches forward and grabs onto Banks's thong bikini bottoms and yanks hard, as the material wedgies itself deep into Tyra's crotch. Finally, Smith wraps her arms around Tyra's belly and lifts the supermodel upside down.

When there is no resistance, Anna Nicole lets her go. The blonde stands up, rips off her Tyra's bikini bottoms. Hoisting Tyra off her feet, Anna slams her down across her knee, nearly breaking her back. She leaves the hulk of Tyra's body across her knee, rolling her onto her stomach. With Banks draped across her knee. Anna proceeds to spank Tyra, striking her with harder and harder slaps.

"Look at this stuff shake," hoots Anna, as her hand slaps down against Tyra's flesh. "This girl's ass is so big that it'll take me all day to beat it." When she has had her fun. Smith shoves Banks off of her knee. The blonde stands up and hoots, "Anna Nicole is back and she is BAD!"