"DREW'S SECRET'' (author unknown - from Jeff's Catfight Celebrity Tournament on WRDWVR's web site)

On a popular area of the beach in Jamaica on the sight of the Semi-Final, hot blonde starlet Drew Barrymore was working out, getting in shape for her next movie. On the advice of her trainer, a beefy hunk named Brad, she had put on boxing gloves and was working out on the heavy bag. In her skin tight pink top and Spandex shorts, covered with a sheen of sweat, every guy on the beach was watching her.

As Drew pounded away on the bag, a tall, beautiful woman walked on the beach. It was Stephanie Seymour, the sexy model made famous by her Victoria's Secret pictures. Stephanie immediately noticed Brad, who was leaning against the tree, watching Drew work out. Stephanie was used to getting what she wanted, when she wanted it. And right now she wanted Brad. Soon, in the guise of getting some workout tips, the model was all over him.

As Drew took a break, wiping the perspiration from her brow, she looked around to notice Stephanie leaning far too close to Brad, her right hand in between their bodies.

"Hey, back off, bitch!" she told the slinky model. "Get your own trainer! He's mine!"

But Stephanie wasn't intimidated.

"Honey, I don't see your name on him anywhere!"

She turned to face the angry blonde.

"And by the way, don't ever call me a bitch!"

With that she threw a punch that landed with a loud smack on Drew's jaw. The surprised babe went down on her butt, flattened by the sucker punch.

The buxom brunette had a cruel smirk on her face as she turned to the surprised Brad.

"I guess that takes care of that little slut. You don't mind, do you? Now, where were we?" she asked, sliding her hand down the front of Brad's shorts.

But Stephanie had underestimated her foe. Drew was soon on her feet and was she ever pissed! She rubbed her sore jaw for a moment, then quietly stepped up behind the taller woman. With a wicked grin, she wound up and planted a tremendous kick right on Stephanie's shapely ass. Stephanie screamed in pain, whirling to face her angry opponent.

"Gawd, that hurt! I'll rip your cunt hairs out by the roots, you little whore!" she threatened, as Drew simply smiled.

Stephanie grabbed at Drew's hair, but the blonde held her off and then planted a hard right of her own to Steph's chin. The brunette's eyes got a little glassy and her long legs wobbled. Drew really packed a wallop, as a number of Hollywood starlets like Jennifer Connelly and Courtney Cox had learned, much to their regret. But unfortunately for Stephanie, she was unaware of Ms. Barrymore's reputation as a tough chick. She would learn better very quickly.

Then Brad stepped in. Also a boxing coach, he'd seen this sort of thing before, and he loved watching his best pupil, Drew, go to town on some other woman.

"How about a real boxing match, girls?" he asked.

"We've got a ring and gloves right here. You two can settle this thing like ladies!"

Drew quickly agreed, and Stephanie, still a little woozy from Drew's punch, nodded her head in assent. Soon both girls were in the ring, ready to go at it kicking sand a teach other. Stephanie has stripped down to her sexy Victoria's Secret duds. Her push-up bra, tiny G-string panties, garter belt and stockings were all in black.

"Oh, I'm gonna love this!" Stephanie sneered. "I'll beat those sorry tits of yours flat, you cunt!"

Drew just smiled.

"I doubt it. You see, Miss Lingerie, I'm going to whip your weak ass, then hogtie you just like the cow you really are. I'll pound you until you beg me to stop, you bitch!"

With that, Stephanie screamed "Don't you ever call me a bitch!" and charged her opponent.

Fists started flying and the air was filled with grunts and groans. The crowd, mostly men, began to cheer their favorites. Both women managed to land a few solid blows, but it was soon apparent that Drew was much more athletic than Stephanie. The taller woman swung wildly and missed more often than not. Drew bobbed and weaved, getting the model to wear herself out quickly. Once the blonde even took a punch and laughed.

"Hey, you hit like a girl!" she giggled.

This simply made Stephanie angrier and she doubled her efforts to put Drew away. She was not used to boxing, although as a model, she'd had her share of catfights. She had left Kathy Ireland on the floor, clutching her ravaged cunt, weeping over her loss to Stephanie. On the other hand, Tyra Banks had soundly defeated her once, sitting on her back and spanking her as she tossed and cried.

Stephanie began showing signs she was tiring, gasping for breath and sweating profusely. She threw some long, looping blows that Drew easily dodged, laughing at her.

"Hold still, you cunt!" the tall woman hissed.

"Yeah, right!" Drew said, dancing in front of her.

Ms. Seymour's eyes filled with tears of anger that she suddenly couldn't seem to lay a glove on her hated rival.

"Oooo, I'll kill you, you bleached blonde whore!" Stephanie screamed.

When the dark-haired woman eventually lowered her guard, Drew rocked her with rights and lefts to the face. As Stephanie covered, the blonde worked her way down to the model's jutting breasts. The tall girl moaned and whimpered as her tender boobs were used for target practice by the angry blonde.

Stephanie's black bra was by now in tatters and one big tit was poking out of the cup. Drew used that exposed nipple for a bullseye, landing a rapid tattoo of punches on it until the brunette screamed in pain. Drew took this time to pull off her own boxing gloves, but that didn't mean she was through with Stephanie. On the contrary, she was just getting to the good part.

She yanked off the model's bra completely, letting those big knockers swing free. The crowd watching the match cheered to see Stephanie getting stripped, and no one seemed to care that Drew was beating the hell out of the supermodel.

"Um, Drew, maybe we can call it a draw, huh?" Stephanie asked. "I -I don't want to fight any more. Okay?"

She was embarrassed and exhausted and she knew if the battle continued, she was in deep trouble. So did Drew.

"Oh, no, you're not quitting now, you horny bitch! You picked this fight and you're gonna take your beating like a woman. Now come here!" she commanded.

When Steph held back, the blonde grabbed her by her boobs and pulled her close enough to give her a tremendous head-butt.

"Oooo, wow!" Stephanie muttered.

Her knees felt rubbery and little lights danced in front of her eyes. Drew didn't give her time to recover. She planted a crunching right to poor Steph's jaw, causing the brunette to stagger back and stand swaying before her.

"Say, honey, you don't look so good," Drew cooed, taunting her out-classed opponent. "And didn't you say you were going to beat my tits flat? Well, come and get some of this, you skinny brunette bitch!"

Stephanie gave it one last try, rallying enough to throw a few feeble punches at the blonde, hurting Drew just enough to make her angry. Drew really began to pound on the pale white boobs in front of her, working them like speed bags and giggling at Stephanie's gasps and whimpers. Ms. Seymour was weeping helplessly and tried to talk her way out of the mess her raging hormones had gotten her into.

"P-p-please! Stop beating me!" she yelped. "My poor boobs will be black and blue after this! Oww! Uhhh! Please, Drew! Let me go! You're ruining my looks! I'll never be able to model after this!"

Finally Drew grabbed Stephanie by the nose and led her to the ropes, where a final punch left the brunette hanging face-down over the ropes with her luscious ass sticking up. The blonde slapped, punched and pinched the model's ass as Stephanie sobbed and begged.

"Somebody help me! Make her stop beating my ass!"

Drew gleefully pounded away as the crowd cheered and whistled. Finally, with Stephanie a beaten, sobbing wreck, Drew dragged her to the center of the ring and forced her to stand on her wobbly legs. Drew looked great, with hardly a mark on her. Her nipples protruded against the thin material of her top and she had a huge smile on her face. Stephanie, though, was a mess.

She was bruised and scratched all over, her hair tangled and her big breasts sagging. She peered at Drew through puffy eyes and her long arms hung limply by her side. Glistening with sweat, her breath came in labored gasps.

"Okay, we're almost through here, bitch," the victorious blonde told her victim. "But first there's something you have to tell the crowd."

She leaned close and whispered in Stephanie's ear.

Poor Steph didn't have any fight left in her to resist. She nodded slowly and looked out at the jeering crowd.

"I'm a bitch" she mumbled through puffy lips. But Drew angrily bopped her in the back of the head and she said, "All right! All right! I'm a skinny, ugly, worthless airhead bitch!"

But then Drew showed her a balled-up fist and the super model quickly added, "Drew Barrymore is prettier and sexier than me and she can whip my sorry ass any time she wants! She's the best and I'm a dumb cunt!"

This seemed to satisfy Drew.

"There, now that wasn't so hard, was it, honey?" she smiled sweetly at the brunette. "Now, here's your reward!"

Steph saw what was about to happen and tried to beg off.

"No, w-wait! I said it all! Don't knock me out! UHHH!"

The wicked blonde planted a teeth-rattling right cross to Stephanie's jaw. The tall woman tottered, out on her feet. Her eyes blinked several times and she stepped back, swaying gently. Drew giggled and held up her index finger to the crowd. Then she pushed that finger into Stephanie's bruised nipple. That was all it took.

The super-model went down with a crash, dust rising from the sand. Her shapely legs flew up in the air, then came back down, spread wide.

Drew strutted around the ring, laughing and gesturing to her fallen foe as the crowd cheered her victory. Stephanie gave a little groan and rolled onto her stomach, trying to push herself off the beach with her arms. But she didn't have it in her to get up and continue the fight. With a groan, she collapsed back to the sand, out cold.

To cap off her win, Drew got some rope and tied the brunette's arms behind her back. Then she pulled Stephanie's legs up and tied them to her arms. So there she was, the most famous Victoria's Secret model ever, trussed up like a calf at a rodeo.

The blonde firmly planted one foot on her victim and struck a muscle pose for the photographers. She even shed her own top and flashed her beautiful breasts for the fans.

A groggy Stephanie finally came to and began begging for mercy.

"Please! Pleeeease! Enough! I can't take any more!" she whimpered. "I'll never live this down. Just let me go, Drew! I'll never bother you again!"

"Oh, I know you won't, you skinny wimp!" Drew laughed. "But I guess you've learned your lesson, so you can go now. Just remember who's the boss around here!"

"Yes ma'am! Yes! You're the boss! You are!" Stephanie babbled.

Drew let her ramble on for a while, them finally released her. But as the dark-haired woman started to stumble out of the ring, the blonde stopped her.

"No, no, bitch, you're not walking out of here. I want you on your hands and knees, crawling out the door like the sorry, whipped bitch that you are!"

With choking sobs, Stephanie Seymour had to crawl away in the shredded Victoria's Secret undies, her pale beaten ass quivering.

As she went out the door, Drew yelled, "Hey, bitch, you're really out of shape. You need a good trainer!"