Drew Barrymore vs. Liv Tyler by Stranger

A couple of days after her humiliating defeat by Angelina Jolie, Liv Tyler called her friend Drew Barrymore and invited her to come over. She was planning to find out why Drew hadn't helped her when she was being dominated by Jolie. When Drew arrived, Liv greeted her with a grim look and invited her to sit down. Liv sat across her. Drew sensed that Liv was mad, but couldn't quite figure out what her problem was.

"What?! - stop staring at me like that!" said Drew, starting to get uncomfortable.

"Why the hell didn't you help me ?" Liv asked, raising her voice with a look of hate in her eyes.

Drew didn't know what to say, she lowered her head and said in a low voice, "I….I was scared of her."

"God....you're such a wuss! both of us could have kicked her ass easy!" Liv shouted in disgust.

Drew couldn't believe what she was hearing and started giggling.

"I'M the wuss?!!? if I remember correctly, you were the one crying like a little pathetic girl, begging her to stop beating you up! And you have the nerve to call ME a wuss?!"

Liv was really pissed. She felt mocked by her friend and wanted to prove to herself as well as to Drew that she CAN fight.

"Well...at least I didn't run away like a chickenshit ! I fought her and I almost kicked her ass! She gave me a cheap shot that I wasn't ready for or I would've!" Liv was obviously lying and Drew knew it.

Drew laughed hard now, "Phhht, YEAH RIGHT! I remember you being SO nervous that night. You wanted to get the hell out of there when you realized she overheard what you said. I bet you didn't even hit her once!

"YES I DID!" Liv stood up screaming, fed up with Drew mocking her.

"Oh really? So I bet you wouldn't mind me telling Angelina the next time I see her, that you claimed you kicked her ass! Right?" Drew answered with a wicked smile.

Liv never saw that coming. her whole body froze. She realized the trouble she was getting herself into. She knew she couldn't let Drew tell Angelina what she'd said or else Angelina would kick her ass again which was like so very much the last thing Liv wanted to have happen.

Liv was standing there, not saying a word, thinking how to get out of this mess. Drew was just waiting for Liv's response, finding the whole situation amusing.

"What happened smartass?" Drew teased. "Your body can't backup what your mouth is babbling? Afraid Angelina will kick your ass again?"

Liv knew what she had to do. She had to teach Drew - the real wimp - and scare her so she wouldn't dare tell Angelina.

"THATS IT!!! Get up! I'll show you who's the wimp around here!" Liv screamed as she started moving the table away, making room in the middle of the living room for the fight.

"I'm warning you Liv....I don't want to hurt you...don't make me kick your ass!" Drew warned in a calm, threatening voice.

It seemed she wasn't scared at all of fighting Liv. Hearing Drew's tone, Liv hesitated for a second, considering her options. She knew Drew would tell Angelina about what she'd said, so it was a matter of being beaten and humiliated by Angelina again, or fighting Drew and taking her chances of winning. She had no other choice.

"Get up!" Liv said again, more determined now.

"Alright....you asked for it bitch!"

Drew got up quickly, taking a boxer stance. They girls started circling, Drew moving like a tiger, Liv more heavily, her hands at her sides. They kept circling for half a minute, Liv afraid to launch an attack, Drew waiting for Liv to act. Suddenly, Liv fired a right hook to Drew's head. The punch was kinda slow and didn't have much power. It clearly showed Liv had no fighting experience whatsoever. Drew dodged the blow easily by taking a quick step back. Liv almost lost her balance as she plunged forward, blocking herself with her left leg.

"Quite impressive!" Drew teased. "Next time I'll take advantage of such situations. I'm too quick for you bitch!"

Drew was right, Liv was taller and heavier, but with the pounds she'd put on lately, her soft stomach was a perfect target. Liv became frustrated and in her anger took another swing, this one with her left trying to hit Drew in the head again. Drew quickly ducked and dodged the blow again but this time, she fired a 3 punch combo to Liv's unprotected, soft belly.

UGH ! UOFHH! OUGH!! Liv grunted, doubling over, holding her stomach; totally paralyzed by the quick punches.

"You gotta work out girl ! You can't let yourself to get in fights with that soft, chubby belly of yours!" Drew mocked her, patting her on the head as Liv coughed and struggled just to breathe.

Drew kept standing there for a minute, her hands on her hips, looking at her pathetic friend. Suddenly, Liv fired a punch square into the unsuspecting Drew's stomach. The shot made Drew take a step back, grunting quietly, but wasn't close to being hard enough to hurt her. Liv looked at Drew and couldn't believe the punch hadn't affected her. She knew she was in deep trouble now. That shot was all Drew needed. She fired a hard right hook to Liv's cheek, sending Liv flying backward sprawled on the couch behind her, seeing stars. Liv lay moaning softly, barely conscious as Drew came close and looked at her from above.

"So that's how you kicked Angelina's ass huh ? You can't beat a six year old girl you wimp!" Drew said, slapping Liv on the head.

Liv just laid there, whimpering quietly. She was beginning to realize and accept the fact she couldn't fight. She was about to get beat up by her friend but she had to try one last time. In a sudden quick move, Liv raised her leg, sending a hard kick to Drew's crotch. If there was one thing that wasn't weak about Liv, it was her long legs.

Drew immediately doubled over, her hands moving to assuage the pain in her hurting cunt. A total look of pain covered Drew's face as she slowly turned her ass to Liv. Liv took a few more moments to regain her strength and get her thoughts together, then she stood up, kicking Drew in the middle of her round ass and knocking her over forward to the floor.

Drew laid there in fetal position, her hands protecting her crotch, as she groaned. Liv looked at her fallen foe, really cheered up. For the first time in her life, she'd managed to cause another woman pain. Liv circled Drew, trying to figure out what to do next. She kicked Drew several times in the back and, getting bored with that, she stupidly decided it was time to ask Drew if she's ready to give up. She rolled Drew over on her back, leaned forward and took hold of Drew's shirt, pulling her upper body off the floor, staring at Drew's face with a cute little grin.

"Had enough bitch? Ready to give up?"

"Yes....," Drew said meekly, looking at Liv with pleading eyes.

"Good girl, so tell me now......who's the wuss?!?" Liv said with total confidence, totally euphoric.

A vicious smile rose upon Drew's face as she screamed, "YOU ARE!!!!" and gave Liv a devastating to the forehead.

Liv's head flew backward, the whole world started spinning around her. She lost her balance and dropped backward on the floor holding her head and whimpering as Drew sat up quickly, totally unhurt.

"You stupid cunt!!! you cant even win using cheap shots like that!" she laughed.

Liv wasn't even hearing her, she was totally out of it, holding her aching forehead and moving her head from side to side.

Drew leaned forward and lifted Liv to her feet. She was barely able to stand, rocking back and forth on her feet, her hands totally limp at her sides. Drew shoved Liv up against the wall and started raining punch after punch into the pit of her soft belly.

Liv was too weak to even try to defend herself, she just stood there and groaned each time Drew's fist sank into her soft body. After ten blows, Drew ripped off Liv's shirt, exposing her red stomach. Then Drew punched Liv ten more times square on her round navel.

Liv's head slumped limp on her right shoulder, her eyes closed - as she slid down and landed on the floor on her ass. She barely managed to speak, but after Drew stopped the assault for a minute, Liv managed to moan her words out, with a soft destroyed voice.

"Please........enough.......I cant take it anymore!".

Drew wasn't ready to stop just yet, but she taunted her, "So you want me to stop, huh?".

"Yes!!! please....please stop! I'm sorry about what I said....," Liv gasped, looking up with pleading eyes.

"Good! So tell me Liv....who's the biggest wuss in the whole world???" Drew asked making a fist and pointing it at Liv's head.

"I am!!!! I am!!!" Liv gushed. "Please don't hurt me anymore! I'm sorrrryyyyyy!"

Then Liv began to cry now fearing Drew will punch her again.

"Yeah I know you're sorry. You're also pathetic, and you can't fight!" laughed Drew.

"I know......," Liv said in a sad, pouty voice. "I thought I could beat you, but I cant....I give up..."

"So tell me, what really happened in the bathroom with Angelina?" Drew asked. "And you better not lie this time!"

"OK OK......she kicked my ass....I wasn't even trying to fight back....I was too scared...," Liv cried.

"Ha-ha, I knew you were just a lying wimp!. Be sure I haven't forgotten about that cheap shot yet, missy" Drew said with a cruel smile.

Liv began crying hysterically now, begging Drew not to pay her back, "No!!!! No, please, I'm begging you!!! I'm sorry I did that !!!! I was desperate!!! please let me go!"

"Go where?!" Drew laughed. "Its YOUR house!"

"I don't know....I don't know pleaaassseee don't hurt me...."

Drew thought for a moment, and then said, "OK, I'm gonna give you a choice. first option, is to open your legs like a women, and take a kick right there, just like the one you gave me. Or the second option is you don't get kicked, but I go to Angelina and tell her you lied and said you kicked her ass!"

"NOOO!!! Don't tell her please!!!!! She'll kill me!!!! Please!!!" Liv begged pathetically as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Then just choose the first option, stupid cunt!" Drew got angry.

Liv was desperate, she was very afraid of either option.

"Why are you doing this to me? I said I'm sorry.....leave me alone! I learned my lesson! don't be so cruel !" Liv pleaded.

"Next time you better watch your mouth. NOW CHOOSE," Drew snapped. "Or I'll kick you in the cunt AND tell Angelina!".

Liv took a moment to think about her options. The thought of Angelina beating her up and humiliating her again in front of other people was much more scary then getting kicked in the cunt.

"OK......kick me.....but please! Not so hard! You already beat me enough!" Liv was sounding really pathetic now.

"OK open your legs," ordered Drew.

Shaking all over, Liv slowly opened her legs, her soft exposed belly pumping up and down rapidly in her excitement.

Drew took her time examining her target, then shot a hard kick flush to Liv's cunt, striking it with the pointy tip of her shoe.

Liv tried to scream but all that came out was a tortured weak yowl before she mercifully passed out from the pain. Drew walked over to the couch, picked up her purse and took out the card of her own personal trainer. Disdainfully, Drew flipped it onto Liv's sweaty, heaving belly, whispering into her unhearing ear. "Don't worry, I'll tell him what a wimp you are!"

Still smiling, Drew left Liv's apartment, leaving her unconscious body sprawled on the floor with her dress rucked up around her waist. She hopped in her car and flipped a CD into the player as she turned into the heavy traffic on Santa Monica Blvd and pointed her convertible toward her next stop for the day, Rose McGowan's.