Drew Barrymore vs. Reese Witherspoon (Scissors Fight) by Oberon

Reese and Drew are standing at opposite ends of a thick Persian carpet in the middle of the living room of a luxury apartment. The room is almost completely silent except for the sound of crickets drifting in from the night sky. Each woman is sizing up the other before the contest, checking her out from head to toe, looking for her strengths and weaknesses which isn't too difficult since the skimpy bikinis they're wearing for their contest - white for Reese, black for Drew - leave little to the imagination. The rules of the bout are simple; a scissors only match - each trying to work the other with her legs until one of them verbally submits. After the verbal submission, the loser will be required to pleasure the winner.

Maintaining eye contact, Reese and Drew begin to inch closer together, anticipating the impending contest. Their semi-naked bodies seem to radiate their mutual enthusiasm as the space between them grows progressively narrower. The hard expressions on their faces are mingled with excitement at the prospect of forcing the other into submission, both physically and then sexually. The air around them seems to vibrate with increasing intensity as they ready themselves. For a few more tense seconds there is almost complete silence, which Drew opts to break with a verbal challenge; her eyes seeming to bore straight into Reese's, signaling the contest to begin.

"Let's do it, whore!" Drew yells as she lunges at Reese with startling suddenness.

Arms outstretched, she makes a grab for Reese's upper arms as she locks her leg between Reese's, seeking to trip her. As quickly as Drew moved in, Reese kicks Drew's leg away, shakes her arms loose and backs off a couple steps. Eyes fixed on her opponent, Reese circles carefully, her feet padding softly on the thick carpet, watching for any sudden movement as Drew responds meeting Reese's piercing stare with her own baleful glare. Sensing no impending rush, Reese takes the offense, launching herself at Drew and making an attempt to wrap her arm around her taller opponent's throat so she can take her down. Drew twists away at the last instant, slapping Reese's bare stomach for good measure.

Drew and Reese return to their quiet circling as a pall sets around them. The air seems to grow thicker with the tension they generate as, slowly, they close the distance between them. Both women are still at their peak of energy, and one of them will have to be weakened first in the next few minutes. As they close the distance between each other, Drew makes another play for Reese, reaching for her hair. Curling her fingers round Reese's tresses, Drew tries flipping her to the carpet; Reese reaches up to grab Drew's hair before the taller brunette can set her up, flipping Drew head over heels with her as she goes down. Both ladies crash land in a tangle of arms and legs, scrambling to their feet before either one can ensnare the other between her eager limbs. Regaining their footing, they circle warily.

Drew grabs for Reese's hair again, but Reese is quicker and manages to wrap her fingers in Drew's tresses, yanking her head down. Reese falls back on the carpet, plants her heels in Drew's gut and sends her flying over her curvy frame; crashing to the carpet over her head. The agile Drew rolls and scrambles to her feet before Reese can follow-up her attack. Hauling Reese up by her tresses, Drew deftly flips her to the floor again. Reese's back and butt hit the floor hard enough to send her defensively into a sitting position. Sensing Drew moving behind her to apply the first scissors of the match, Reese tumbles forward before Drew has a chance to initiate her hold.

Bouncing to her feet, Reese sees Drew do likewise and she tackles her, wriggling around behind Drew as they wrestle on the floor, then snaking her legs around Drew's waist from behind, locking ankles and squeezing. Drew gasps as Reese crosses her ankles, leans back on her hands and stretches her legs, arching her back and lifting her ass off the carpet to apply maximum pressure; clenching her teeth at the strain of maintaining her scissors.

Grunting from the tight compression of her waist, Drew torque's her upper body to the left, reaching behind to grab Reese's throat. Reese responds by kicking her scissors tighter on Drew's midriff, prompting a louder grunt from the trapped woman. Moving as much as her opponent's grasp permits, Drew twists left, right, then left again; straining against the crushing legs pressuring her ribcage. Grabbing Reese's thighs, Drew slides her hands under them, digging her fingernails into the back of Reese's thighs, forcing her to ease the scissors just enough for her to wriggle free.

As Reese is slowly rising to her knees, Drew charges, slamming her to the carpet and falling beside her. Drew crosses her legs across Reese's midriff from the left as she faces her, then applies fierce pressure; chuckling at the sound of Reese's gasps and groans as her muscular thighs compress Reese's lower stomach and small of her back. Making an effort to buck free of the crushing submission hold, Reese winces when Drew tightens her legs, thigh muscles bulging as she strains to flatten Reese's hourglass figure. In pain, but still undaunted, Reese tries kicking her way out again, inviting Drew to squeeze harder still, increasing the pressure each time Reese's legs flail in the air. Letting loose with a guttural groan, Reese raises her arms and brings both elbows down on Drew's left thigh. The pain of the impact forces Drew's scissors to spring open.

Rolling away massaging her stomach as Drew rubs her thigh, Reese returns Drew's glare as they crawl on hands and knees toward one another seeking an opening. Both women lunge when they're close enough, and Reese grunts aloud as their bodies slam together; firm young breasts mushrooming as they tumble to the carpet where they roll around fighting for an advantageous position until Reese manages to break free and hurl Drew to the floor. Slipping quickly behind her, extending her legs, Reese forms her legs in a figure four around Drew's neck. Before she can secure the hold, however, Drew powers Reese's legs, pummeling them with her fists. Spinning around, Drew flings herself on Reese, knocking her to the carpet and landing on her upper chest. Before Reese can stop her, Drew sits up and wraps her legs around Reese's neck, pulling her chin into her crotch.

Reese gasps for air as Drew cinches the scissors tight, nearly crushing her windpipe. The shorter actress claws Drew's thighs fighting to ease the pressure but Drew captures her wrists, pulling her hands away. Thrashing her legs, Drew tightens her neck scissors as Reese bucks and squirms, desperate to unseat her. Drew bears down on Reese's neck with all her weight, slowly constricting her scissors until Reese is forced to bite her thigh in a last-ditch effort to avoid the inevitable blackout. Cursing from the pain, Drew releases her neck scissors, again batting away an attempt by Reese to trap her in a leglock as the shorter woman attempts to scissor her neck from behind.

An instant later, Reese again gasps for breath when Drew's legs find their way around Reese's midriff, higher up this time. Grunting, Reese struggles like a wildcat to extricate herself, eventually squirming free as she forces the scissors to open by grasping the muscles in back of Drew's legs as her taller opponent had done earlier. Immediately retaliating by grabbing Drew and throwing her face down on the carpet, Reese wraps her shapely legs around Drew from the right side, facing the back of Drew's head as she stretches her legs and tightens the scissors with brutal strength. Groaning, Drew pushes up on her hands, arching her back to relieve the pressure. Reese just squeezes harder, pulsing her thighs and snapping her legs with sudden, vicious jerks to Drew's midriff, pouring the pressure onto the taller woman's body as Drew writhes with increasing fervor.

After a time, Reese releases the scissors and prepares to apply another but Drew immediately attacks as she wraps her legs around Reese's throat, after knocking Reese onto her back, forcing the shorter actress to gag as Drew's ankles cross one over the other and her legs compress Reese's windpipe. Clawing and scratching at Drew's thighs as she gags from the extreme compression, Reese tries to bite the leg across her throat but Drew grabs Reese's hair, pulling her head back as she redoubles her effort to strangle the fight out of Reese with her strong, sexy legs. Reese makes another attempt to bite as soon as Drew releases her hair to concentrate on choking her - and this time her teeth find soft flesh!

Drew cries out sharply as Reese's teeth sink into her skin, instinctively uncoiling the scissors. Fighting to clear her head, Reese crawls on top of Drew facing her feet as she applies a reverse neck scissors - retaliation for the leglock Drew had on her a few moments ago. Sputtering from the powerful compression as Reese's ass and thigh muscles work to strangle her prone opponent, Drew slaps her thighs around Reese's head, squeezing with even more vigor than before. Groaning, Reese is forced to loosen her neck scissors just enough to slip her legs up to wrap them around Drew's head. Once in position, she closes them around Drew and grits her teeth against the pain of Drew's thighs pressing over her ears, putting even greater pressure on Drew.

The room reverberates with the pained grunts of the two combatants as they twist and pull at each other's legs, trying to work free as their legs channel more and more force. Finally the stalemate is broken and the women's legs spring open and they fall away from one another. Regaining their breath, Reese and Drew again stalk like jungle cats, awaiting the right moment to pounce.

Drew lunges first, trapping Reese in a body scissors, but Reese's not too dazed to avoid the intended snare and she slips out from between the dangerous legs before Drew can wrap them around her! Seeking to gain an advantage, Reese is quick in hurling Drew to the carpet, working around behind her and applying a tight figure four to Drew's head. In moments, Drew is groaning in pain as Reese's right leg clamps tight over her ruddy face, the ankle tucked behind her left knee, compressing her taller opponent's head with the power of her shapely thighs; her teeth gritted, her eyes squinting in brow-furrowing concentration.

Then, a few moments later, it's Reese who cries out sharply as Drew's teeth bury themselves in her gorgeous, flawlessly smooth thigh. Drew tries to catch Reese with a body scissors, but Reese deftly avoids her legs and backs off, resets herself, then lunges again. The taller vixen manages to move out of the way as well, Drew lunging again to wrap a devastating body scissors around Reese from the front as she sits on Reese's thighs; the two rivals facing one another, sweat-slick abs pumping in and out with their labored breathing, glistening bosoms heaving with the exertion of combat.

Lifting up her butt to apply maximum pressure, Drew stretches her muscular legs taut around Reese's midsection, making the shorter actress groan out loud from the merciless compression. Punching and clawing Drew's legs until she gains space, Reese wriggles out of the trap and falls back on the carpet. Then as Drew rises with her back to her, Reese lifts her legs and wraps them round Drew from behind, pulling her backward to the carpet with a loud crash, then scissoring her neck for all she is worth.

It takes no small effort for Drew to kick out of the hold, but eventually she does - not before experiencing the crushing power of Reese's legs as they choke the life from her. Gagging and gasping, Drew dives on Reese again, plowing her to the carpet and trying a new maneuver! Holding Reese firmly by the hair, Drew positions her for a move she hopes will sap Reese's energy enough to give her the final advantage. With Reese's neck behind her knee, Drew leans back into her, crushing Reese's larynx between her calf and the back of her thigh. Reese's desperate choking noise is the reward Drew had hoped for as Reese struggles wildly to escape. Kicking her legs up around Drew's neck, Reese wrenches Drew from her perch, repositions herself and the compresses the hold.

Reese maintains the neck scissors until Drew kicks free, attempting a head scissors in retaliation but Reese easily blocks Drew's legs before they can wrap around her head and then Reese attempts a body scissors which Drew avoids with equal speed. Maneuvering around behind Reese as she fails in another attempt to trap her with her legs, Drew quickly slams her legs around Reese's waist, roaring as she crosses her ankles and squeezes.

Reese writhes and undulates furiously to get out of the body scissors, clawing Drew's thighs and straining to pry them apart. Drew's legs crush the curvy midsection, squeezing tighter and tighter, until Reese slams the back of her head into Drew's nose, driving her elbows one by one into Drew's breasts, then writhes free as Drew's legs loosen and fall away from her waist.

Pummeling Reese's thighs with both fists when she moves to apply a body scissors, Drew flips Reese off her knees onto her back, rolls behind and wraps her legs around Reese's neck - holding her head by the hair as she arches her back to power the leglock. Choking and gasping, Reese fights to pry Drew's crushing limbs apart, prompting Drew to roll onto her side with Reese's neck still wedged tight in her thighs, pulsing them around her throat. Again Reese has no choice but to beat on Drew's legs with her fists and finally Drew releases the scissors when the blows become unbearable.

Shaking the cobwebs out, Reese replies with her own neck scissors. Squeezing Drew with all the strength she can muster, Reese suppresses Drew's furious struggles until she is finally satisfied. Reese and Drew have been expending a lot of energy into out-squeezing each other and the sweat is lathering both women's bodies, their faces are flushed, their hair disheveled and their breathing labored, but neither is willing to give in to the other which is evident from their expressions as they glare into each other's eyes, crawling closer as they look for an opening to resume the struggle.

Drew takes the initiative, initiating a heated struggle for dominance that ends with a crushing body scissors to Reese's waist from the side. It pains Reese, but she eventually wriggles her way free. Wasting no time in returning the favor, she wraps her legs around Drew's waist, giving it all she's got, jackknifing Drew's body with the initial compression before she falls on her back fighting to breathe. The hold is agonizing, but Drew fights her way out of the ensnaring trap, capturing Reese with another neck scissors. Reese responds in kind after she manages to escape, concentrating her remaining energy in choking the taller hellcat.

Kicking free, Drew makes a thwarted effort to scissor Reese's waist, forced to fight her way out of a brutal body scissors by her tenacious opponent. Not to be outdone, Drew applies another body scissors on Reese who is forced to expend still more energy in her attempts to break free, barely having enough to clamp a head scissors on Drew. Scratching and biting Reese's thighs, Drew escapes and traps Reese in her own head scissors, forcing Reese to beat her fists on Drew's tits and stomach.

Sucking in air from the impacts, Drew responds with some vicious breast and stomach shots of her own. The struggle continues as it is evident both are nearing the end of their endurance; drawing on all the fight remaining in their bodies just to stay in the match for long enough to find the decisive advantage. Reese makes another thwarted attempt to secure a head scissors on Drew; Drew's attempt to secure a head scissors is also thwarted. Reese's next attempt at a head scissors finds its mark, however, and Drew grows more desperate to remain in the game as Reese's shapely thighs crush her ears and face.

Biting and struggling her way out of the leg hold, Drew returns the favor with a figure four scissors around Reese's head, holding on for dear life as Reese takes to bucking against the pressure like a crazed mare, seeming to know by instinct that this could be the deciding move. Drew seems to know this will all be over as well, and if she is unable to maintain this hold she will likely fall to Reese's fierce determination to come out on top. Cruelly, she channels her waning strength to making sure that doesn't happen. Reese squirms, kicks and thrashes, frantically trying to free herself from Drew's deadly clutches, but Drew is every bit as determined to keep the hold locked tight.

The final stage in the contest seems to last forever, until Reese shows signs of faltering. Encouraged by this, Drew squeezes tighter, asking Reese if she's ready to submit. The headstrong Reese refuses to give Drew the satisfaction, but it becomes more apparent as the seconds tick by that she has reached the end of her endurance. This only encourages Drew to squeeze tighter still, now demanding Reese submit to her. It takes a while, but at long last; Drew has to loosen the figure four to hear Reese murmur, "I…I give..."

Haughty and triumphant, Drew uncoils her figure four from around Reese's neck, taking her time and letting herself catch her breath while Reese collapses against the carpet, exhausted and out of breath. After what seems an eternity to Reese, Drew crawls to her and slowly strips off her bikini, then straddles Reese's flushed face., demanding Reese eat her out. Angry and defiant, Reese nevertheless complies, working Drew's clit with her flashing tongue like a real pro. Drew's pleasured moans grow louder as she holds Reese in place by the hair, her body shuddering as Reese's tongue probes the recesses of her womanhood. Drew's moans become cries, then screams of pleasure until she finally climaxes. In the heat of the moment, Drew whirls and leans forward, trapping Reese's head in a reverse neck scissors, squeezing and squeezing until Reese passes out!

But as she's fading away and slipping into dreamland, Reese mutters, "Next time, you'll eat ME, bitch!"

By the time Reese finally regains consciousness, she finds Drew is long gone; but the vivid memory of submitting and then pleasuring her remains…as does the acrid taste of Drew on her tongue!