Kim Basinger vs. Brittany Murphy By Blizzard 1-20-02

Brittany Murphy leaned back, closed her eyes and melted into momentary oblivion as she effortlessly swung through the afternoon air in the swing. The breeze ruffled her black miniskirt and felt good on her bare feet, having stepped out of her flats before getting into the swing. It was her form of conscious relaxation, far removed from the elbow rubbing and ass-kissing going on just up the hill from where she swung.

She knew she should have graciously bowed out of the invitation, but decided at the last minute to go to a famous director's summer soiree at his posh estate outside Hollywood. She'd mingled with the crowd of celebrities for a while, but eventually reached a point where she had to get some space. Her mood had quickly deteriorated, witnessing the schmoozing and false posturing always associated with such an event. She was ready to blow an attitude. A short walk across the lawn and down a well groomed path had led her to the swing and welcome solitude.

"Do I know you?" asked a female voice, shattering Brittany's dream world.

The "currently auburn" 24 year old snapped her head around to look at her visitor. There stood Kim Basinger with a perplexed look on her face. The blonde was dressed to the nines in a flowing white knee length dress, pantyhose and heels. Brittany had pegged her as the fakest bitch present after seeing her work the crowd. Brittany continued to swing as she addressed the blonde.

"I don't know, do you?" she asked with more than a hint of smart-ass.

Kim gave her a steady glare, irritated by the girl's response to a natural question.

"Were you invited, because I've never seen you before in my life?!" Kim said brusquely. "I'm a very good friend of the host."

Brittany tipped her head back and closed her eyes, still swinging.

"Imagine that!" Brittany said in a blasé tone. "So am I."

The 5-7 blonde was put off by the petite young girl's attitude. She folded her arms across her chest and sighed.

"You must know who I am, right?!" Kim asked.

Brittany tipped her head toward Kim and gazed at her blankly.

"Right," she responded, continuing to stare at the blonde.

Brittany was in no mood for this bullshit! She'd thought she had escaped it by going to the swing, apparently not. Her New Jersey mean streak was beginning to rear it's ugly head. When she got this way, she just couldn't help herself.

"So tell me, does your husband have a big dick or what?!" Brittany asked, smirking at Kim.

The blonde's face flushed red, shocked by the tasteless query.

"I ought to paddle your ass for that, you little tramp!" Kim snapped, stepping toward the swing.

Brittany grinned devilishly at her, her hackles raised and ready.

"Well, I guess you ARE old enough to be my mom," she said. "But just try spanking my ass, you snotty bitch, and see what happens."

Kim erupted in anger, foolishly rushing straight at the redhead just as Brittany reached the apex of in her back swing. The young woman put her bare feet together as she rode the swing downward, catching Kim in the chest with her feet and knocking the groaning blonde backward, sending her sprawling on the ground. The 5'3" redhead hopped out of the swing and walked over to her flattened intruder. She stood beside the distressed blonde and laughed at her.

"You really are a dumb blonde, aren't you?" she teased.

Kim stared up at the smaller woman, her hand massaging her soon to be bruised chest. With a flash of her pantyhose encased leg, she knocked Brittany to the ground beside her with a leg sweep. Infuriated, Kim lunged atop her rival, who grabbed Kim by the shoulders. They rolled over one another across the ground, grappling for supremacy. Kim's high heels flew from her feet as she and Brittany struggled mightily on the ground in a shrieking mass of hair and legs.

Brittany clawed at the front of Kim's dress, popping several buttons off and peeling it back to expose a satin bra. The blonde's rage spiked, incensed at this snotty redhead. Kim used her weight advantage to finally force the smaller redhead to her belly, face down. Kim mounted the wildly thrashing redhead backwards, sitting on her shoulders facing her rear.

Kim eventually managed to unzip the back of Brittany's miniskirt, despite her fierce struggling. Grabbing the redhead's ankles, she pulled her legs back at the knees and tucked them under her armpits, then whisked the miniskirt off the girl's body. Brittany screamed in frustration, but she was securely pinned face down to the ground by Kim's ass.

"Get off me, you old skank!" she screamed, her body bucking and squirming.

Kim had an evil grin on her face as she grabbed the waistband of Brittany's leopard print string bikini panties and yanked them down, exposing her firm, smooth, creamy white ass. Brittany shrieked, sensing what was coming. Kim giggled as she delivered a stinging slap to the naked fanny, drawing a sharp yelp from the pinned young girl.

"Old skank?" teased Kim, smacking Brittany's ass again. "I'm still one hot piece of ass at 48. Let's see what you look like when you're my age. You'll probably be sweeping the floor in the local high school."

Brittany kicked and squirmed as the blonde continued to spank her. Brittany finally freed one arm so she could reach up behind her and grab a handful of Kim's long blonde hair. She tugged on it with all her strength. Kim cried out as her neck was snapped back and she fell off to the side. Kim barely had enough time to get to her hands and knees before Brittany mounted her like a horse, wrapping her legs around the blonde's hips and clamping her hands on her throat. Kim gagged as she was choked by the savage girl, bucking her hips in a desperate attempt to dislodge her.

"You.....little.........bitch!" grunted Kim who displayed impressive strength, gradually getting to her feet with Brittany still on her back with her legs wrapped around her and administering the choke.

The choke hold was taking it's toll, however, and the faltering blonde knew it was now or never. She threw herself backward on the ground, crushing Brittany between herself and the hard sod. Kim smiled as she heard a devastated groan from Brittany's lips on impact.

The smaller girl wheezed for air as she lay on her back while Kim got to her feet. She kicked the redhead in the ribs, jolting her and further hindering her attempts to catch her breath. Kim looked down at the tattered front of her dress and the dirt and grass stains. She frowned.

"Fucking tramp, this dress is ruined!" she growled.

"Kiss... my....... ass!" gasped Brittany, clutching her abdomen as she sucked in air.

Kim knelt beside her on one knee and hiked up her dress to her crotch, exposing a shimmering, hosed thigh. She grabbed the redhead by her hair and hauled up the squealing girl, draping her over her outstretched knee.

"I wasn't kidding, girlie, I'm putting you over my knee," Kim said coldly.

The blonde rubbed Brittany's bare ass, then smacked it harshly. Brittany yelped and when she turned her head to look back at the blonde, Kim's unprotected crotch beckoned. Brittany slid her right arm under her torso and between the blonde's legs until her hand felt the heat of Kim's pantyhose clad crotch. Like a wildcat, Brittany clawed and slashed at the blonde's pussy through her pantyhose as Kim cried out in grief. Brittany mauled the blonde's pussy viciously, forcing Kim to fall backward to the ground.

Brittany quickly straddled Kim's legs and continued to traumatize her pussy with her fingernails, shredding her pantyhose. Kim was screaming in agony, her crotch under fierce attack while Brittany used her other hand to tear the blonde's dress front wide open, sending the large white buttons flying. She spun around and dropped her bare butt on Kim's face, pinning the protesting woman's head to the turf.

"Egotistical cunt!" hissed the redhead as she went back to shredding the crotch of Kim's pantyhose, tearing open a wide slit and pulling her white lacy panties aside to expose her quim. Brittany savagely attacked, clawing and raking the sensitive pussy as Kim's screams were muffled by her ass. The petite girl slid forward onto Kim's full bosom and began to bounce up and down upon it, forcing gasps of breath from her pinned foe.

As Brittany humped her ass up and down on the blonde's fleshy tits, she pounded punches to her cunt, overwhelming the tortured blonde. Then she rotated back around to face Kim, sitting on her numbed cunt and leaning into Kim's red face.

"You chose the wrong day to fuck with ME, Miss High and Mighty," Brittany snarled.

She snatched down and pulled Kim's bra until her perky tits popped out, then sunk her fingers into the mounds of flesh. Kim's expression displayed her agony as she emitted high pitched squeaks as her rival focusing her nasty attack on her breasts. Brittany ravaged Kim's globes until the blonde was a quaking, whimpering slab of meat beneath her. Then she ceased her attack and stared down at Kim's filthy, tear stained face.

"You're no better than me, bitch." said Brittany. "In fact, you're nothing but a candy-ass windbag."

Kim sniffled, humiliated by the beating her smaller opponent was handing her.

"No!" she shrieked as the redhead raised her arm and rattled the blonde's face with a loud slap. Brittany brutally slapped and backhanded the blubbering blonde back and forth, leaving her stunned and moaning pitifully, her face ablaze in color. Kim's resistance was gone as Brittany pulled her into a seated position by the hair and ripped off her bra.

Brittany grunted as she pulled the flaccid blonde to her feet, whisking her open dress off her bare shoulders and letting it fall at her ankles. The redheaded wildcat shoved Kim back, stepping out of her dress and leaving it in a bunch on the ground as she forced her against the trunk of a nearby tree.

Brittany buried her fist in Kim's belly, striking her just above the waistband of her ruined pantyhose. The blonde gave a horrible groan as she pitched forward, kept from falling only by Brittany who grabbed her by her golden hair. She straightened Kim up and shoved her back against the tree. She slumped against it on wobbly legs, her arms hanging at her sides.

Brittany clutched Kim by the throat, holding her in place while she used her free hand to brutally whip the woman's bare tits with her fingertips. Kim shrieked and cried uncontrollably, nearly passing out from the incredible torment she was absorbing. Kim looked woefully into Brittany's eyes, her tear-filled eyes silently pleading for mercy.

"Maybe I'll go find out if Alec has a big one or not!" Brittany said nastily.

"You little slut!" sobbed Kim, humiliated by her foe's complete mastery of her.

Brittany's eyes flashed malevolently as she unleashed another slapping attack on Kim's firm tits, pummeling her without mercy. Kim's hideous squalling was short-lived because she soon went limp in Brittany's grasp, collapsing against the tree trunk unconscious. The winded redhead paused to catch her breath, smiling as she gazed at her foe as she held her body to the tree, her chin was resting on her chest above a pair of battered and discolored breasts.

The petite powerhouse set her legs in a wide stance, braced herself as she leaned forward and put her shoulder in Kim's belly, allowing the unconscious blonde to fold forward over her shoulder. Brittany fidgeted around briefly, adjusting Kim on her shoulder before she stepped away from the tree, her hand clutching the blonde's pantyhose encased ass.

"Christ, you fat ass, maybe you should avoid the dessert tray for a while!" she grunted under the strain of the load.

Brittany carried Kim to the swing, her rag doll head bumping against her fanny and her arms swaying free. She approached the swing from behind, guiding Kim's feet between the chains before squatting down and leaving the blonde's body draped over the seat face down.

Brittany went around to Kim's legs and slowly peeled the blonde's destroyed pantyhose down her legs and pulled them off. As Kim lay suspended over the seat out cold and helpless, Brittany used her pantyhose to securely tie her wrists and ankles together beneath the seat. The giggling redhead slid Kim's lacy panties down over her hips, off her butt and left them bunched around her knees. She gazed at her target of choice, the blonde's exposed, lily white ass. It beckoned for a beating.

"You've been a very naughty little bitch," said Brittany as she lightly smacked Kim's ass.

Brittany held the swings chain near the seat and pulled it back. Releasing it, Kim slowly swung back and forth still tied in her vulnerable, defenseless position.

"Hey!......What the......OUUCHHH!!!" blurted out the blonde as she awakened at Brittany's first hard spank on her ass.

Kim shrieked each time she swung to the redhead, who met her with a stinging slap to her ass. Brittany continued blistering the blonde's backside as she swung back and forth, laughing wickedly as Kim cried in painful embarrassment.

"I'll bet you've needed a good ass paddling for a long time," teased Brittany. "Don't tell me Alec's never put you over his knee. He sure should've!"

"You fucking cunt!" screamed Kim as her little foe ravaged her ass with spank after spank, rapidly turning it deep crimson.

Kim was frantically struggling against her secure bonds, desperately trying to escape further punishment. Brittany wanted to prolong the snotty blonde's agony, so she picked up one of her flats from where she'd left them beside the swing and went around to the blonde's head. She trapped Kim's head between her thighs, squeezing them around her head to hold her in place. The flustered blonde squealed obscenities from between her rival's thighs, her ass squirming as she vainly tried to wriggle free.

"That's the problem with you old folks today - you don't respect us up and comers," said Brittany as she tapped the flat, worn sole of her shoe on Kim's ass.

The blonde's body jerked whenever the shoe touched her, her ass already afire from the spanking. She whimpered pitifully between her foe's legs. There was no way out of this; the nasty little redhead had her right where she wanted her.

"OK, look," Kim finally murmured submissively. "If you want an apology than I'm sor…."


The redhead whacked her with a resounding slap of her shoe, jiggling the crimson flesh of the shrieking blonde.

"Shut up and take your ass whuppin', bitch!" snarled Brittany as she hammered Kim's burning butt with a hard series of shoe spanks.

The sadistic redhead beat Kim's ass with fury, leaving the delirious blonde bawling uncontrollably, her ass a quivering mass of dark red flesh.

"Oh God, puleeaasse!!!" whimpered Kim, her body shaking with her sobs.

The pain in Kim's butt was overwhelming! Finally, Brittany relented, tossing her shoe aside and giving the blonde's ass one last hand slap for good measure.

"All right, naughty girl, you're obviously overdue for a nappy poo!" she teased. "Maybe you'll wake up with a new attitude."

She grabbed Kim's disheveled mane and yanked her face up so her teary eyes were level with the crotch of her leopard print panties.

"Say hello to my kitty cat, whiny girl." said Brittany as she pushed Kim's blubbering face to her crotch and clamped her thighs on it.

"Mmmnnnnfffff!......" mumbled the smothered blonde, her mouth and nose jammed into the redhead's damp, fragrant crotch.

Kim's muffled protests continued briefly, her body squirming as the little redhead smothered her into oblivion. She gave a final weak moan before her body went limp as she passed out.

"Have a nice nap, honey," laughed Brittany, smiling proudly as she looked down at the blonde's decimated ass.

She opened her legs and stepped back. The blonde's head dropped forward and hung limp, facing the ground. Brittany walked around the suspended woman to her butt, taking in the sight of the haughty, destroyed, trussed up bitch. She pressed her index finger into Kim's crimson ass cheek and laughed.

"Sssssssss!!! You're right! That's one hot piece of ass!!!"

The exhilarated redhead stepped back into her miniskirt and her shoes, brushing herself off and straightening her soft curled hair. Then she walked over to Kim and ran her hand slowly over her hot fanny.

"I'll go find your hubby. I think you'll need a little help extricating yourself after your snooze."

She walked back up the path and across the lawn toward a group of notables. She spied Alec and went over to him. He looked at her and smiled.

"Loved you in 'Girl Interrupted'," he said. "Not to mention your Maxim layout. You look a bit flushed, hon, feeling all right?"

"Just a little tired - probably gonna call it a day," answered Brittany.

"Well, I hope you're feeling better soon. Hey, by the way, have you seen my wife?!"

Brittany pointed across the lawn toward the path leading down to the swing.

"She's getting some air down at the swing. You can't miss her," she purred cattily.

As Alec began to walk across the lawn he muttered, "Dammit, she's still struggling with this agoraphobia thing."

"She's struggling with several things at the moment!" called Brittany. "Hey, see you later, Alec!"

Brittany burst into a girlish giggle as Alec headed down the path.

A final note.....sad but true! Kim filed for divorce from Alec shortly after this party, citing irreconcilable differences. One wonders if what transpired between them when he found her beaten, red-assed and tied naked to the swing that fateful afternoon played any part in their break-up. Did he mention he'd bumped into Brittany just before discovering her? Did Kim seek/get revenge for this humiliation?