Kim Basinger vs. Brittany Murphy (rematch) by Scott

Kim Basinger had been down in the dumps for several years and things were just now turning around for her professionally and spiritually. Jaclyn Smith and Connie Sellecca, once rivals of Kim's in the wrestling ring and for acting roles were trying to help Kim getting back to her old self. The three of them had become good friends over the years. It wasn't unusual to see the three of them out on the town. This being Wednesday the three of them could be found dining at a reclusive Hollywood restaurant for dinner.

"I haven't seen you this happy in years Kim. It's nice to see you this way. Don't you think she looks good Connie?" Jackie asked trying to be upbeat

The three former rivals (Connie Sellecca, Jaclyn Smith and Kim Basinger were all sitting down at a nice restaurant enjoying a girls' night out.

"Yeah," Linda said. "I think she's got a man she's keeping a secret from us."

"No that isn't it at all," Kim explained. "Things really have turned around in the last couple of years.

“My career is going great; I've been in two critically acclaimed pictures and ….oh…" Kim suddenly stopped and lifted her napkin over half her face, tears filled her eyes. Something she’d noticed had obvious upset her.

Jaclyn and Connie turned their heads and saw what made Kim so upset. In walked in Brittany Murphy who had humiliated Kim in a few years earlier in a rough catfight, news of which quickly spread through Hollywood. The loss made it impossible for Kim to work with younger actresses; all of whom would threaten and harassed her. Many a night Kim would come home in tears and she suffered a deep depression for several years. Brittany caught Kim's eye and gave her a long glaring stare until Kim turned away, unable to meet the haughty youngster’s malevolent gaze.

"How DARE that bitch! Who the hell does she think she is? I'm going right over there and give her a piece of my mind!" Connie declared as she came up out of her seat.

"No, don't Connie; please, I…I don't want a scene," Kim pleaded, touching Connie's arm and still visibly shaken.

Connie sat back down, then she and Jaclyn tried to console Kim.

"Don't let seeing Brittany upset you Kim. Everyone knows you weren't yourself back then,” Jackie said encouragingly.

Indeed when Brittany beat her, Kim was having marital problems with her now ex-husband Alec Baldwin, problems that were made worse after her loss to Brit which damn near caused her to have a mental breakdown to the point Kim had sought professional counseling. She wasn't eating enough nutritious food, was drinking more than she should and taking prescription sedatives that kept her drowsy much of the time. Having worked on "Eight Mile" together, Brittany noticed Kim's condition and took advantage of Kim when she was vulnerable, coaxing her in a fight; knowing Kim was a physical and mental wreck and would pose little challenge to her youthful athletic body.

Although Kim hadn't been an active wrestler in the Women's Celebrity League for several years, losing to Brittany still was an embarrassment for the actress. Back in her prime Kim was always a serious contender for the crown. In fact after an upset victory over then ex-champion Linda Carter she earned a match against Jaclyn Smith for the crown defeating her in an back and forth match after an exhausting hour-long battle. Months later Jackie re-claimed the crown but Kim was a top contender for several years. Now Jackie, Kim and Connie (who also had an impressive win-loss record) all were good friends. Kim and Jaclyn in fact had been friends for many years since they were both "Breck" (hair shampoo) girls back in the early 70's before their acting careers took off. With the exception of when they met in the squared circle they had always got along. Even when they fought in the ring their matches were clean and each woman had tremendous respect for the other.

"Kim, if seeing her upsets you so, you know what you have to do," Connie said.

"You’re going to have to meet Brittany in the ring," Jackie agreed. "Face your fear and show the bitch who’s boss."

"You guys are right; you're right!" Kim said wiping away the tears. She smiled, somewhat relieved. She would take another shot at Brittany and this time she wouldn’t be burdened with physical of mentally problems. The ladies walked by Brittany and Kim stared at her with a look of disdain.

"What are you looking at you old hag? You want some more of me?" Brittany snarled as the ladies walked up.

Jackie, still on the Board of the Celebrity Wrestling Association, stated, "As a matter of fact she does! How’s a week from Thursday at the arena sound?

"Fine with me! That’ll give me the opportunity to embarrass grandma in from of a large audience and end her sorry (wrestling) career once and for all."

News of the match brought out a large crowd. Could this be Kim's last match ever or would the vulnerable veteran have enough to overcome Brittany's youthful energy and a well-deserved reputation for a mean streak, to steal a victory over her and teach the youngster some new tricks?

Brittany made her way down the arena floor first. She was wearing a purple silk bathrobe. She removed the robe as she stood outside of the ring apron revealing a black sheer lace teddy that covered little. She grabbed the top rope and leaped over it to the ring. Her smallish tits jiggled as she hopped around like a boxer throwing punches warming herself up. She was full of energy and looking incredibly healthy and sexy for being a thin girl.

When Kim walked down the aisle both Jackie and Connie accompanied her. Connie and Jackie spread apart the ropes allowing Kim to enter the ring. Kim took off a luxurious robe showing off a mostly firm albeit fuller body than she had in her prime. Her breasts drooped a bit and traces of cellulite were visible on her thighs, but she certainly she looked more like a woman in her mid 30's than one nearly 50! She was wearing a leotard print suit with ‘Golden Lady’ pantyhose (for whom she modeled years ago) hiding some of that cellulite that caused the men in the audience to drop their jaws in awe of her beautiful body.

"Look who's wearing support hose!" Brittany cracked. "You hags need a support bra for those sagging tits too!" referring to the other ladies. Jackie was, of course, wearing K-Mart brand hose and Connie, who also had a bit of cellulite showing up, wore dark blue hose. Of course neither Kim’s bra nor her hosiery were support type, but the comment still made her blood boil.

"Keep your cool lady," Connie reminded her rubbing her arms as she spoke. "She’s just trying to upset you and distract you. Don't let her. Keep your mind on the task at hand.”

Truth was before both appeared in the movie"8 Mile" neither of these women had a real reason to despise the other. As filming progressed however, it became obvious each was a little jealous of the other. Brittany was envious of Kim, whom she saw as nothing more as a ditzy model turned Academy Award winning actress. Brittany, not a beauty by Hollywood standards, felt she’d earned her way to stardom and that if Kim wasn't such a beauty in her younger days she’d never had been given a chance to act. She also didn't much care for how many times Kim threw hissy fits on the set, demanding certain foods and certain perks that no one else in the cast got.

For her part, Kim was envious of Brittany's acting ability and her bubbly personality really got on her nerves. She was annoyed with how much the younger woman flirted with crew members to get her own special favors. She thought Brittany was getting too much screen time and she knew it was due to her flirting with the director if not performing sexual favors for him.

Now the ladies were in the middle of the ring face to face. Kim, feeling confident with the support of her friends, stood nose to nose with Brittany as the two exchanged glares as the referee shouted instructions. Then they went back to their corners to await the bell. DING! DING! DING!

Kim walked cautiously towards the middle of the ring looking to lock arms and shoulders. Brittany knowing she couldn't win a contest of strength with her small frame against the much bigger Kim, rushed out of her corner and slid between Kim's spread legs like a baseball player. Before the lumbering actress could react the smaller blonde slammed an arm up between Kim's legs as she slid in between them. As Kim slumped forward covering her crotch, Brittany - still lying on the mat - turned over and wrapped her arms around Kim's shapely legs, tackling her and sending her crashing face first to the mat!

She quickly scampered onto Kim's back getting hold of Kim's left arm securing an arm bar. Kim yelled as the sharp pain ran up her arm and down her back but she was able to roll to her back as Brittany didn't have the strength to hold her in place. With Kim now on her back, Brittany was right on top of her where she proceeded to land one punch after another into Kim's face. Kim managed to get a foot under Brittany's upper body and kicked her off, but only a few feet.

Brittany was right back on top of Kim before she went far. Murphy was again throwing fist after fist into Kim's face. A stunned Kim moved her arms over her face and blocked some punches but not before her lip had been bloodied. Since Brittany couldn't land clear shots to Kim's face she reached down and sank her fingers in Kim's soft tits. Kim screeched as she felt the sharp nails tear at her skin. She reacted by reaching up and tearing open the top of Brittany's teddy exposing her breasts. The target was too inviting and Kim hammered her right fist into Brittany's breasts. Brittany grunted as she absorbed the blow but kept twisting and digging into Kim's breasts while Kim kept punching Brittany's breasts.

Kim came close to knocking the smaller woman off her but Brittany lifted her leg and drove a knee to Kim's crotch. Kim dropped her hands too late to protect her aching crotch, but Brittany forced her hands away and began clawing Kim's throbbing mound. When Kim raised her upper body, Murphy moved forward, knocking her back down, then grabbed a fistful of Kim's golden locks and began pounding her head on the mat.

Kim was getting a taste of just what a hellcat Brittany could be, as she was being knocked senseless. Once she had Kim dazed, Brittany stood up and pulled Kim up by the hair, setting her on her feet; then she connected with another kick to the groin, doubling Kim over. She followed with a knee lift CRACK to Kim's jawm dropping her back to the mat. The younger blonde leaped and sent an elbow drop down onto Kim's breasts. Kim yelped and thrashed around on the mat, frantically looking for an escape route while Brittany scrambled up and attempted another elbow. But she took too much time as she measured Kim and the older actress rolled out of the way just before Brittany’s elbow hit the mat.

As the young star sat rubbing her elbow Kim was on all fours trying to shake the cobwebs. Brittany got back to her feet and walked over to Kim who was rocking back and forth on her knees massaging her aching pussy.

"Look out Kim!" Connie warned.

The actress lifted her interlocked arms over Kim ready to strike when the alerted Kim threw a punch that dug deep into Murphy's lower belly. Brittany took a few steps back doubled over as she and Kim a few moments to regain their composure. Brittany sauntered back Kim's way and once again was ready to land an overhead blow only to have Kim land another gut punch.

"That a girl!" Jackie shouted as Murphy doubled over again stumbled backward landing on her ass.

Still in pain Kim rolled to the ropes and pulled herself up while Brittany also got up slowly having her wind knocked out.

"Come on Kim. Go get her!" Connie yelled out encouraging her friend to take advantage of Brittany's condition.

Slightly embarrassed and angry, Kim charged Brittany who was still bent over at the waist trying to catch her breath. But Brittany was playing possum and as Kim approached her, Brittany connected with another low blow to Kim's crotch. The blonde doubled over and her hands once again reached down to her crotch.

Brittany quickly followed up rights and lefts landing on the bigger woman's mid-section, breasts and face. Brittany landed several snap kicks and had Kim reeling. Kim was being forced backwards on unsteady legs trying to escape the younger woman's attack. She kept her arms high trying to block Brittany's flying fists and feet. In seconds, Murphy had forced the vulnerable veteran against the ropes continuing to throw one punch after another into Kim's mid- and upper body. Brittany was all smiles hearing Kim's grunts and yelps that was music to her ears as bright red welts appeared on Kim's milky skin.

Having softened up the bigger woman, Brittany grabbed her arm and slung her across the ring where she bounced off the ropes back to the middle of the ring. Brittany was moving towards her and landed a drop kick right on Kim's jaw knocking her down to the mat. The actress went for a quick pin but Kim slipped a shoulder free breaking the count. Brittany gave Kim a couple of quick punches to the face and went for another pin but Kim pushed her off just enough to break the count at two.

Brittany got to her feet and landed to elbow drops to Kim's upper body. She then landed a leg drop across Kim's chest. With Kim lying on the mat moaning Brittany could have gone for another pin and possibly a quick victory. Instead, Brittany went to the corner and climbed the turnbuckle. Jackie went to the corner and tried to interfere but the ref made her retreat to the opposite corner. Still Jackie delayed Brittany's climb buying Kim some time and the actress staggered to her feet as Brittany made her way to the top turnbuckle. Even though Kim was on her feet, Brittany leaped anyway!

She came towards Kim legs first spread wide and caught Kim in a flying neck scissors taking both ladies down to the mat with Brittany's legs still holding firm around Kim's neck. As the women lay on the mat the younger woman crossed her ankles tightening her grip. Kim gasped trying to pry the thin but lethal legs from her neck. For several seconds it looked liked the bewildered older blonde might be choked into submission. Connie and Jaclyn were pounding the mat yelling encouragement. Kim kept pushing and pulling against Brit's legs with no success. Connie sensing the end could be near went to the other side of the ring and stood up on the outside of the ring and put one leg inside the ring. The ref saw it and rushed over to keep her out. That allowed Jackie to slide like a snake into the ring unnoticed by the referee.

She reached for Brittany's hair and started pulling her towards the ropes. Even as Smith was pulling Murphy's hair the slender blonde kept her scissors around Kim's neck. Every time Kim would look like she could pry apart Murphy's legs the smaller woman would find the strength to clamp back down. The referee finally turned around and Jackie let loose of Brit's hair for fear of a disqualification. Connie and Jackie continued to pound the mat screaming encouragement, complaining to the ref that the hold was illegal. Murphy was worried one of them would get in the ring and it became distracting for her making it tough to maintain the scissors.

Connie once again slid into the ring, gaining the ref's attention. Once again Jackie was able to slide in and grab Murphy by the hair. Instead of trying to drag her to the ropes Jackie threw a viscous right fist into the side of the unsuspecting blonde's face jarring her senses, then slithered back out of the ring a split second before the ref turned around. The blow caused Brittany to unlock her ankles around Kim's neck and allowed the older actress to free herself from between Brittany's legs as the young blonde lay on the mat holding her face trying to shake off the blow.

As the lightheaded Kim stumbled to her feet,she wasn't ready to launch a full-scale attack. This is where her vast experience came in handy as she reached down for one of Murphy's legs and just allowed herself to drop on her leg. Brittany let out a yelp like a puppy dog and quickly rolled away before Kim could repeat the move. Brittany got to her feet quickly but it was evident that 130 or so pounds landing on her leg did some damage as she favored one leg over the other; a fact noticed by both Connie and Jackie.

"Go after her leg Kim!" Connie instructed

Brittany was massaging her leg when Kim moved towards her. The actress wasn't going to back down and she tried to slap Kim but the older woman saw it coming and caught Brittany's wrist. Brittany brought her right knee up into Kim's crotch doubling the model over. As Brittany shifted her weight back on her left leg, however, her knee gave in and she lost her balance, groaning as she stumbled backwards to the ropes.

"What's wrong there Brit, your leg hurt?" Kim taunted.

"It's plenty good enough to beat you old woman!" Brittany snorted.

"Come on let's see what you got!" Kim said making a motion for Brittany to come to her.

When Brittany was slow to approach her, Kim moved menacingly forward. Brittany had counted on her speed to help her win this match but now her legs went from being an early strength to her Achilles' heal. Unable to elude her foe the young actress threw punches and slaps at Kim as she moved in. Like a boxer going for the knockout Kim just lowered her shoulder and charged towards Brittany and the two exchanged blows. Kim being bigger and stronger was getting the best of it and had Brittany reeling on wobbly legs when Murphy got lucky. One of her fingers accidentally caught a part of Kim's eye. Brittany trudged to a safe corner as Kim wiped her eye. Jackie and Connie demanded a disqualification but the ref said the contact was accidental, further angering the women.

Brittany again climbed the turnbuckle and waited for Kim to turn towards her. When Kim turned around and spotted Brittany the blonde jumped off and landed feet first against Kim's chest knocking her down. Although limping slightly Brittany was able to make it back to the turnbuckle and climbed her way back to the top again. Kim was slow to rise and when she turned towards Brittany the young woman went flying and again slammed into Kim' chest feet first knocking Kim back down again.

"One more time ought to finish her," Brittany said to herself as she climbed the ropes again.

This time before she could get to the top Connie distracted the ref and Jackie shook the ropes near the turnbuckle. Brittany slip and her left knee (the same one Kim had landed on earlier) hit the turnbuckle awkwardly. She screamed in pain and fell to the mat holding her leg close to her body trying to protect it. By this time Kim had regained her senses and advanced on the downed female.

She grabbed Brittany by the hair pulling her to her feet. Brittany was in tears from the pain in her leg but kept fighting throwing a flurry of punches in Kim's gut causing the older actress to grunt but the blows didn't have much behind them and did little to stop the determined actress. Kim shoved Brittany against the corner turnbuckle lifting her knee to Brittany's midsection. Brittany doubled over but Kim roughly forced her back up. Kim landed a vicious slap across the face that echoed throughout the arena and had Brittany sliding down the turnbuckle. Kim kept her up lifting another knee into the blonde's midsection. Four more times Kim landed brutal slaps to Brittany's face followed by knee's below the waist until she finally allowed Brittany to double over going down to one knee gasping for air.

"Now you got her!" Jaclyn yelled. "Don't let up!"

When brave Brittany tried to stand up Kim interlocked her hands and landed a double ax-handle onto her back. Brittany dropped to one knee again but when Kim turned around to listed to instructions from Jackie, the gutsy girl steadied herself and threw an uppercut punch connecting between Kim's crotch and naval, surprising the actress and doubling her over. Both women took a few seconds to recover. Unable to put much weight on her leg Brittany had to stay put and hope for the best. Then two women then traded several punches. The match had taken its' toll on both wrestlers so neither was fresh enough to land a knockout punch so Kim changed tactics. She backed off a few inches and kicked Brittany in the side of her bad knee.

"Owwww!" Brittany screeched in pain as her left leg gave in and it was all she could do to stay on her feet.

Kim now got behind Brittany, put her hands around the back of Brittany's neck and began kicking the back of Brittany's knee. Brittany was also being choked slightly given the fact that Kim's hands and fingers were so long and Brittany's neck wasn't exactly thick. Each time Kim kicked her Brittany's leg would buckle causing her to fall to one knee but she gamely got back to her feet. With Kim holding on to the back of her head Brittany could only throw wild elbows hoping to connect with Kim's face. None landed on their intended target and although some landed on Kim's shoulders, most hit nothing but air. Each time Brittany made it to her feet, Kim would march her a few feet kicking her small ass or to the side of the bad knee. After several connections to the now swelling joint, Brittany could no longer put any weight on the leg and Kim could not hold her up. With Brittany lying on the mat Kim looked to advice from her friends.

"Keep up the attack!” Jackie screamed. "Go after her leg; destroy the hussy!!"

Kim returned and grabbed Brittany's bad leg and kept kicking her injured limb, then dropped drown with her knees landing on the injured joint. Brittany now on her back was writhing in agony; Kim grabbed her bad leg and dragged her a few feet before dropping an elbow to the side of her knee. Tears flowed from Brittany's eyes as she screamed hysterically in pain, her tendons and ligaments being abused unmercifully.

Kim then lifted up the younger woman's leg while she stomped her large foot down on Murphy's thigh just below her crotch. Brittany rolled over trying to get into a fetal position but Kim grabbed both of Brittany's legs spreading them like a wishbone. She brutally stomped on her exposed womanhood causing a hot, piercing pain to shoot through Brittany's body. Brittany's body quaked but Kim held on to her legs and dropped a devastating knee between her legs.

Brittany's body jerked away from Kim and she rolled away from her Kim was just getting started. She grabbed Brittany's bad leg and dragged the kicking and screaming girl over to the ropes placing Brittany's left leg on the middle rope. She then straddled the injured limb, grabbed the top rope, and jumped, landing with all her weight on Brittany's knee. Brittany's foot was tangled up in the ropes so Kim repeated the moved crashing into the injured leg again. Brittany's knee and ankle sustained terrible damage. Her voice was getting hoarse from constantly screaming.

Kim was proud of herself taking time to hear applause from most of the crowd. The younger celebrities in the audience were growing uneasy seeing the devastation to one of their own and at how much support the older actress was receiving. Brittany meanwhile lay on the mat yelling hysterically but unable to move with her damaged leg still dangling on the ropes. Kim menacingly moved towards her foe hauling Brittany to her feet. Brittany could no longer put weight on her leg and Kim just laughed watching her hop around on one leg.

"Take care of business!” Connie shouted reminding Kim there was work still to be done.

Kim stalked towards her foe. Poor Brittany tried hopping away but didn't get more than a few feet before Kim reached her. She lifted the smaller actress in the air by her bad leg bent at the knee. Then the older actress thrust her own leg out and drove Brittany's injured knee on her outstretched thigh. Brittany flew off Kim's body screaming bloody murder holding her leg writhing in agony around the ring.

As Connie and Jaclyn ecstatically high-fived, Kim had the look in her eye she had twenty years before when she was as tough as a warrior as anyone in the business. She grabbed both of Brittany's legs and dragged her to the middle of the ring. Brittany pound the mat with her hands and tried kicking Kim with her good leg but her feeble kicks bounced harmlessly off the big woman's muscular thighs. A couple of elbow drops to Brittany's good leg ended her resistance allowing Kim to execute a step over toehold. She started wrenching Brittany's left knee that sent a riveting pain throughout her body. Brittany could take any more and screamed her submission but Connie and Jackie were distracting the referee and she did not here it. The referee though, thought Kim might have pulled on Brittany's clothing to maintain the hold and order her to break which she did after driving her knees into Brittany's knee joint!

Brittany tried to roll to the ropes but Kim got hold of her legs and dragged her back into the center of the ring where she executed another step over toe hold but went one step further by intertwining her legs with Brittany's in a devastating Figure-Four leg hold. This was one of Kim's specialties back in her prime and was the hold she used on Jackie to win the championship, and later to fend off challengers Cybill Shepherd and Lindsay Wagner, the Bionic Woman. In fact she sent Wagner into an early retirement with the figure four by snapping her fibula. If Brittany didn't get out of this she too might suffer the same fate. Brittany was screaming and thrashing about now trying to reach the ropes.

The ref asked, "Do you want to quit?"

"No! Never!" the ref heard….but it wasn't Brittany’s voice; it was Connie.

Brittany was just plain screaming and didn't even here the ref ask the question. Through sheer will and desperation Brittany was making slow and painful progress to the ropes. Kim was loosing some leverage on the figure-four. Connie went to ringside and stood outside the ropes making sure the referee could see her. When the ref went over to move Connie away, Jackie came in the ring and dropped a knee to Brittany's forehead then scooted out of the ring. The blow was devastating and ended Brittany's torturous struggle. Kim broke the hold momentarily and dragged Brittany back into the middle of the ring only to re-establish the Figure Four.

This time, Brittany immediately screamed out her submission. This time the ref heard her and called for the bell but Kim did not let loose. Brittany was pounding the mat shrieking and sobbing feeling like her leg would break at any moment. For certain some ligaments might be torn if the hold was not broken soon. Her knee area was swollen terribly and turning blue.

The ref warned Kim to let go or she would reverse her decision but Kim ignored the command.

"This is your last chance, Basinger. I'll give you to the count of 5 to break the hold or I'll forfeit the match. One, Two, Thr...."


Jackie and Connie came from behind knocking the young female referee to the mat with a chair then lifted her to her feet and threw her threw the ropes where she landed with a thud to the concrete floor below out cold. With the referee out of the way Connie and Jackie turned their attention to Brittany. They both dropped elbows landing on Brittany's chest and her battered body shuddered upon impact, then began to spasm as the elbow drops continued. After a dozen drops, Connie stayed down on the mat getting behind Brittany where she pulled back the actress's arms placing her feet on her shoulders which allowed Jackie to drop an elbow across Brittany's upper chest and neck. With her arms and legs tied up, Brittany couldn't even curl up in a ball to protect herself and another leg drop across her throat had the female gagging for air.

Succeeding elbows across the chest had Brittany's upper body spasming. A drop down knee to the head ended her spasms and Brittany's head moved to the side a bit. A second knee to the side of the head nearly knocked the small woman out. Kim finally let loose of the figure four and the women stood over the nearly unconscious female. Smiles and high fives were in order as Kim received congratulations from her friends….but the ladies weren't finished!

They took off their tops leaving them naked except for their hosiery. Although no longer in their prime each one still looked magnificent as sexy as ever. Brittany was groaning as she began to stir. Jaclyn stood above her legs spread on either side of Brittany's body and butt dropped her landing just below her breasts. Brittany's head shot up and Jackie grabbed her hair.

"You have to learn to respect your elders, young lady,” she said as she punched her in right in her kisser. Brittany's head thudded down against the mat and she moaned softly. Jackie got to her feet but both Connie and Kim repeated the ass drop and punch to the jaw maneuver

Brittany just lay spread-eagled as Kim stayed on her after her ass drop straddling her body. Connie and Jackie relieved the beaten woman of her clothes including her panties. Kim stayed put while Connie got behind Brittany and locked her legs around her head in a Figure Four Head Lock. She intermittently applied pressure severe enough so that she was cutting off the blonde's blood supply to her head. She would let up when Brittany's eyes began to flutter indicating she was about to lose consciousness. Kim licked her hands then placed them over Brittany's face covering her mouth and nose smothering her with the foul smelling scent.

Like Connie, Kim would let up when Brittany's eyes' began to roll back in her head. The slender blonde woman's legs flopped about uselessly; her eyes struggling to stay open as she tried to catch a breath between Kim's fingers. Her eyes grew heavy as they fluttered trying to stay awake. That she hadn't succumbed yet to the triple teaming was a testament to her toughness. But moments later, her eyes went wide and she gave a muffle scream when something penetrated her pussy. It was Jaclyn Smith fingering her slit, then thrusting her fingers into her love hole and pumping at a rapid pace.

Kim, hot with excitement from the battle, told Connie - who still had Brittany's head in her Figure Four - to lift Brittany's face up, then Kim inched forward and placed her nylon-covered cunny over Brittany's mouth and began to grind away like she was waxing a prized automobile.

Jackie meanwhile, placed her crotch against Brittany's and started pounding it like a sex crazed teenage boy. Poor Brittany was having her blood supply cut off, smothered and pussy fucked all at the same time. Her body quaking as Jackie rammed her, her arms dangling uselessly to her side. She was nothing more than a sex toy to the women. Kim asked Connie to release the figure-four so she could sit full weight against Brittany's face. Jaclyn stopped her violation for a moment and the two ladies became observers.

"Oooohhh, that feels good," Kim cooed as she ground her nylon crotch against Brittany's features. Then she suddenly leaned back and tore a small opening in the crotch of her pantyhose. Brittany's mouth opened wide for air but her eyes were still shut; she was barely semi-conscious so Kim slapped her a few times, then shook her roughly until Brittany's eyes fluttered open.

Kim placed her naked and soaking wet cunny firmly on Murphy's open mouth. Kim sighed feeling Brittany's hot breath against her naked sex. Brittany reacted by reaching up with her arms in protest, but all she could manage was bending her arms at the elbow before they flopped to the mat. Kim gasped at the sensation of pressing her privates against Brittany's soft mouth. The blonde slithered upward a bit covering the woman's nose. The dominating female slid back and forth a bit giving Brittany a modest bit of air the grind in a side to side motion for a few minutes warming herself up. She then threw her head back and closed her eyes as she grabbed the back of the actress's head pulling it up as she slipped her hand down her hosiery and worked her swollen clit with her other hand. In a few moments she eased Brittany's head back to the mat and grind her clit faster up and down the beaten woman's face. Starting to shudder as she felt her orgasm arriving, Kim slowed down her pace as Brittany drifted into a semi-conscious state

"Oooooh,” Kim gasped again as she felt Brittany's mouth open and her teeth press against her clitoris.

Kim grabbed Brit's head, pulling it against her as she began thrusting her sex faster and faster against Brittany who was running out of air. She again lay spread-eagled, her body moving only as a result of Kim's bucking movement. Closing her eyes, Kim lowered Brittany's head to the mat, then began working herself in a slow rotating, grinding motion, gasping as she enjoyed the spoils of her conquest. The bigger blonde again began to pick up the pace as she humped Murphy's face, her motions growing more frenzied as her groans and moans of pleasure grew louder and more frequent.

Kim reached in her hose once again dipping her fingers into her cunt. She shivered in pleasure. She no longer can contain herself exploding her orgasm on Brittany's face. Kim body continues to quiver as her juices flow freely flooding Brittany's face. Kim's orgasm goes on for several minutes and her nylon thighs soon become soaked with her own fluids. Brittany's body begins to spasm uncontrollably as she fights for air. Finally she lay Brittany's head down and continued to smear her love juice over her face for several minutes until her orgasm subsided. Only the occasional twitch of Brittany's legs indicates she is alive.

"Oh that was great. Who's next?” Kim asked out of breath as she rolled off Brittany and collapsed exhausted.

Jaclyn was next as she gently blew on Brittany's face until her eyes fluttered opened, then straddled the blonde's prone body. Brittany could do nothing but plead with Jackie, "I'm sorry…I'm sorry,” she whispered, her face streaked with tears as an unforgiving Jackie placed Brittany's arms to her side and slowly rubbed her crotch up and down Brittany's chest up to the bottom of her chin.

With the crowd stunned into silence by what they were witnessing, The rasping noised made from Jackie's nylon covered legs could be heard all the way in the upper section of the arena as they rubbed against Brittany's flesh. Jackie massaged her clit through her hose spreading her lips apart making sure the blonde could see what would be smothering her. Some hairs from Jackie's thick bush poked through her hose and Brittany sobbed as Jackie held it inches above her face before slowly and gently easing down covering the blonde's mouth. Slowly she rubbed her sex over Brittany's face; her cries of protest muffled and merely vibrating through Smith's nylon sheathed cunny, sending chills up her spine as she continued to grind, side to side and back and forth, making sure to give Brittany a brief breath of air every now and then to ensure she’d stay awake for this pay-back.

"Will you hurry up!" Connie needled her friend as the crotch of her pantyhose was wet from her fingering herself as she watched. She couldn't just watch any longer she sat down on Murphy's midsection and began rubbing back and forth as Jackie concentrated on the facesit. Jackie began to grind away in earnest as the warm fluids began to rush down demanding release. Her nylon cover crotch was thinning out from the constant rubbing and wetness. Brittany was now being totally suffocated. Brittany subconsciously opened her mouth giving Jaclyn a tingling feeling as Jackie's genitals met Brittany's warm wet mouth and tongue. Connie reached behind her and was fingering Brittany's cunny. Instinctively Brittany spread her legs wider allowing Connie easy access. Connie didn't want the brat to be enjoying herself so she formed her hand like a claw and plunged it into Brittany's pussy digging, pinching and scratching the insides of Brittany's sex.

The pain brought Brittany back to her senses and she screamed into Smith's hose cover pussy that did nothing but give Jackie a thrill and caused her to go faster. All Brittany could do was to kick her legs in the air and flop her arms about as she was in the process of being smothered out.

Jackie was now slowly rubbing side to side, back and forth only to speed up until she was about to come and then slow down again purposely not wanting to end her pleasure so soon. Brittany's air was now scented with the wet musky, perfumed; nylon covered pussy covered with old woman sweat and cum. But this air was precious little as Jackie devoured her breathing passages with her sex.

Connie moved forward and kneaded Brittany's tits. Kim, now recovered from her orgasm, took Connie's place on Brittany's mound and fingered her cunt at a furious pace. Kim chuckled as she felt Brittany's body stiffen as her digits penetrate into her hot, moist pussy and squeeze her large clit between them. Brittany bridged her legs her heels digging into the mat in a hopeless effort to escape this torment. She was out of reserves and soon her futile struggles ceased. Her legs now lay flat on the mat with only a slight shuffle. Her moaning had quieted to a soft whimper that no one could hear under Jackie's mound. Sensing that Brittany was ready to come Kim inserted four fingers deep in Brittany's love hole pumping bending them at the knuckles pumping in and out of the blonde. Minutes later the blonde succumbed to Kim's violation moistening her fingers with a slow stream of girl juice for several minutes before a rush of fluids drenched Kim's hand and splattered on her body.

All this time Connie had been busy sucking Brittany's little tits hoping to be rewarded with some tittie juice. Despite her prodigious efforts (Connie's face looked like a fish out of water) her furious sucking provided no measurable results as Brittany's little tit was dry. Upset she punched Brittany's tits several times and kneaded them roughly (not that Brittany could any longer feel any of this) The experienced Jackie was still thrusting her pelvis against Brittany's face and she began moaning on the verge of an orgasm.

Now, she grabbed the back of Brittany's head pressing and smearing it as hard as she could in hungry crotch, rotating her pelvis gasping in pleasure as she felt Brittany's mouth press on her quivering cunny. Although Jackie hadn’t been humiliated by Brittany, she was sympathetic for Kim and despised the arrogance of young hot-shots like Murphy who dissed aging actresses - who’d paved the way for her success - as “…has-been's who should be seen and not heard.”

Although Jackie was doing fine with her K-mart ads she was now an older actress herself and did not care a little bit for these young starlets. Harder and Harder she ground her sex into Brittany's unresisting face until the ex- Angel's breathing became ragged and she began moaning loudly until finally shrieking in pleasure as she felt the hot fluids rush through her groins engulfing them. Jackie's screaming startled the crowd as the powerful orgasm raced through her body shaking her body like an earthquake.

"EEEEEE! YES, YES YESSSS! AHHHH!" Jackie had climaxed with her juices soaking through her hose onto Brittany's unconscious face. Her body trembled several minutes during her orgasm lasted several minutes and she didn't have the energy to get off Brittany for several more minutes as she still shivered noticeably.

"How to you like it? You little piece of shit!" Jackie yelled, finally gaining her composure, as she thrust her hips down further degrading the actress and drenching her with the afterwaves of her orgasm

"Is it my turn yet?" an anxious Connie asked wet and excited from fingering herself as she watch Jackie's domination. The crotch area in Connie's hose was already soaked with sweat and her own pre-cum not to mention the mixture of the other women's juices her hose absorbed that was scattered about Brittany's body. Really into the spirit of the event Connie even wiped some more of Jackie's and Kim's love juice on the crotch area of her hose. Connie had to slap Brittany's face several times before her eyes fluttered open.

"Have you learned your lesson yet?" Connie asked. Brittany was technically awake but she was totally wasted. Her face was puffy and her nostrils and mouth were full of the women's juices. She had no idea where she was.

Connie wasn't disappointed though as she was nearly ready to explode. The fact that Brittany was a zombie was OK with her. She eased her immensely hot bottom into a reverse face sit position taking time to cradle Brit's head between her feet. She spread her cheeks and slowly descended down as saliva and female cum slowly trickled out of Brittany's mouth. The shadow on Murphy's face grew larger and larger until nothing but the top of her head was visible under Connie's nylon covered ass. Being dampened with her own excretions plus those of Jackie's and Kim's caused Connie's crotch area to have a strong odor that could wake the dead. The terrible stench must have awaken some of Brittany's senses has her body began to buck and thrash about much like someone who was being electrocuted. Brittany's protests didn't bother Connie and she began rocking slowly up and down the blonde's face, slowly at first lifting up slightly so as not to suffocate her new play toy completely.

When she lifted up a smacking sound could be heard as Brittany's face was covered in what looked like a paste like substance that was made up of sweat, salvia and female goo. Thin lines of this mixture were clinging from Connie's nylon covered bottom down to Brittany's face when she lifted up. Bubbles made of the concoction would form then pop from Brittany's nose and mouth. This just drove Connie mad with sexual deviation and she sat back down on Brittany rubbing up and down getting her nose nestled in her hot spot suffocating the poor actress into oblivion. Soon she increased her velocity and was humping and pumping the prone woman like a horny schoolgirl who hadn't had sex in years. Brittany's cum filled mouth was being covered by Connie's slimy and suffocating sex and the raven hair beauty was now smothering her thoroughly showing the young actresses in the seats how it should be done.

The young woman's legs shuffled about mildly but in less than a minute her arms and legs became still. Her only movements came in reaction to Connie's thrusting, grinding and humping. Once again she was about to lose consciousness. Kim and Jackie meanwhile were alternating fingering and sucking Murphy's cunny trying to drain her of her remaining love juices and Connie looked like she was riding a bucking bronco; squealing and cursing like a sailor ready to explode. Within a few minutes she gave Brittany another cum bath as her juices poured through the silky nylon giving Brittany another coat of old woman slime.

"Mmmmmmm," Connie purred as she slowed down to a slow rubbing motion enjoying the inanimate woman's features pressed against her sex.

Loud slurping noises could be heard as Kim and Jackie got Brittany off again seconds after Connie came taking turns sucking the young star dry. Kim and Jackie resembled lionesses eating a Zebra as the sucked Brittany with her legs dangling on their backs.

Connie slithered off Brittany's face with a loud “SMUCK” as a suction had formed on Brittany's face due to Connie's and Jackie's and Kim's cum and other excretions as they’d secured the young actress's face deep in their bottoms. Kim and Jaclyn got to their feet helping a drained Connie get to hers. They put there robes back on gave each other and kiss and hugged as they exited the ring, leaving Brittany spread-eagled on the mat, her face scratch by the nylon, red and puffy and drenched in cum with small bubbles still forming and popping from her mouth and nose as she breathed; her hair soaked and matted to her face and the mat between her legs drenched with fluid.

As they left the ring the younger actresses looked at each other nervously. The ones that have fought and humiliated older actresses before were concerned that they could be the next ones to feel the wrath of these old timers. If nothing else Kim, Jackie and Connie gave some of the hotshot young actresses something to think about: older doesn’t necessarily mean weaker, and the young ladies had better think twice before picking fights with veteran actresses - or two or three!