Kim Basinger vs. Jaclyn Smith (2004) by simguy

Women come out of retirement one last time to renew a four-decades old rivalry. Smith dominant in the 70s, slowly losing ground in the 80s, Basinger dominant in the 90s - this is their first contest in the new century. "I'm looking forward to it," breezes Kim in prefight, availing herself of Krusher facilities to get back into fighting trim for Jaclyn. "Smith always brought the best out of me and I'm looking forward to put her into her place once and for all." Similar story for Smith - 6 month training regimine just to get into condition - she looks toned and ready.

"I wouldn't get back in the ring for just anybody," Jacky admits, "Kim's one of the few I'd make an exception for. It's rare to get a chance to compete with a woman over the full length of a lifetime, but I knew from that first fight we had on the set of Charlie's Angels that Kim and I were joined at the hip. Most people define my career in terms of my wars with Farrah, but personally? I've always measured myself against Kim Basinger."

Basinger in sturdy black bikini, one inch leopard print bordering, leopard print boxing hightop shoes with tassles, leopard print cuffs on smallish black gloves. Jaclyn in white bandeau bikini, white boxing hightop shoes, smallish white gloves. Scheduled for 8 rounds. Farrah working Jaclyn's corner - Victoria Principal acting as second for Kim.

Round 1: Some stepping, jabbing, woman flat-footed, economical early. Kimmie stooping to probe jabs to body: Jacky sweeping poke off her tummy with a deft right hand. Fight graduates inside: dukes come up, girls leaning in behind high guards, taking turns. Biting stuff - not real hard, but relatively high work rate from both aging vixens. Kim pushing with her guard and shoulder, working to the body chup-chup with either hand, reforming her guard after getting off. Smith looking for short clouting hooks up top, tucking a short right into Kimmie's ribs beneath the jug line. Tidy stuff - neither girl moving upperbody much - both trying to work off the guard, basically stationary, toe to toe.

Round 2: Similar stuff - women working outside for a minute, stepping in hard jabs, then slowly graduating to sterner stuff behind high guards. Tummies available, both women having no trouble cuff-clouting offending paunch with swatting right/lefts. Ribs tougher to get to, but both work hard to fit in short, jagged rights - dipping right to get an angle on flank. Jacky trying a series of right uppercuts to chin to try to steal the round late: Basinger tight behind her guard, blocks all three herky-jerk blows.

Round 3: Basinger constructive with her jab - not scoring flush with it, but guiding Jaclyn into one quarter of the ring, hemming the brunette in, then pressing her at the apron. Again, ladies lean in behind high, rigid guard, swatting at straining, pale tummies, scuffing and scraping punches off shoulders and guard, occasionally scoring to cheeks and chin with persistent little hooks and uppies. Patting impacts, but consistent - both women settling in to wear the other down with attrition tactics, neither really opening up huge through three.

Round 4: Is Basinger starting to get to Smith's body. Jacky backing up pretty consistently now, outputting starting to drop: tell tale grimace on brunette lips as she stoops behind her mitts, absorbing Kimmie's steady pik-pak-pek work to flanks and breadbasket. Smith still working, but getting outthrown - Basinger dictating pace, trying to find a level she can sustain that Jacky can't. Round ends to the sight of Basinger penetrating Jacky's guard with jerky little left uppercuts, picking up Jacky's face at the bell.

Round 5: Smith rallies - out-jabbing Basinger in early-round negotiations, stepping Kim to the apron. Wide right hand to the body fits in snug behind Kimmie's elbow - blonde issues fight's first clinch as she soaks up the shot. Same steady, scraping toe-to-toe stuff, Smith keeping Basinger hemmed in at the ropes - brunette steadily outworking blonde to the body, finding some room up top to knock at Basinger's skull. Late the round, Kim unintentionally drags a hook across Jacky's trunks, bunching up the white fabric and freezing Smith - Basinger able to capitalize with a series of extended overhand rights to the head to put Jacky wobbly butt at the bell.

Farrah enraged - pushing Kim in the immediate aftermath which draws Victoria Principal into a shoving match - bout delayed as tempers flare until order is restored.

Round 6: Kimmie's found a right hand; semi-looping it over top, clanging away upside Jacky's head and moving the brunette sideways. These are good hard licks - Kimmie's right bicep and tricep quivering as her fist makes jarring contact with Jacky's jaw or scalp - Smith backing off with a worried expression. Basinger walking Jaclyn down, forcing her to cover up with right hands, then squaring up close to work guard-to-guard on Jacky. Smith grunting, shifting weight from foot to foot - she's not answering back much as Kimmie romps to the bell.

Round 7: Kim artfully setting up the overhand right with jabs and feints - she's catching Smith hard, buckling her knees, making her shy away. Kim walking Jaclyn down and forcing that grinding guard-to-guard trade - mostly one way now as Jacky hunkers down, suffering as Kim's consistent mitts pat her down. Basinger getting off chup-chup-chup against the body, pushing Jacky big-girl in her shoulders, working to jam short uppies through the tight guard and clouting Jacky's ear the hook - steady blonde work has brunette lumping up, discouraged through seven.

Round 8: Kimmie busts jabs to Jacky's mouth! Smith's head recoiling and lolling dangerously - she's not taking the shots well. Basinger steps Smith to ropes, goes aggressively and greedily to gut: thick, batting rights and lefts spank off abs and hips as Jacky leans into the ropes to soak. Blonde opening up, getting a little more on her shots to the body - mitts really biting into flesh, then snapping off Smith's body as Basinger starts to tear it up. Brunette collapse comes in stages. Weepy Jacky takes a knee a minute and a half in - Basinger batting her mitts together, stalking to neutral corner all business like. After the eight-count, more beatdown follows; Smith cowering now, allowing herself to be shunted sideways to the ropes and beaten like a mule: sMITH takes another knee, trembling and openly blubbering. After the eight, Basinger - breathing hard now - pours it on, laying into Smith at the ropes as a dazed, dopey Smith leans back, trying to evade punches with her gloves at her chest. Basinger swinging away, clouting Jacky's face side to side and busting her up until the ref jumps in! IT'S OVER! Kim Basinger pounds out Jaclyn Smith in dramatic TKO8 fashion.

Afterward: More pushing and shoving as Vicki P and Farrah haggle over rights and wrongs - but Kim Basinger leaves no doubt in the minds of most who reigns surpeme between she and Jaclyn. "I can finally retire knowing that I've trumped Jaclyn for all time," says a puffy, winded, but exuberant Basinger in post fight. "I beat her outside of the ring - you can't compare her filmography with mine - and now I've decisively finished her in the ring. It's total victory - I can't believe it!"

Smith badly shaken - beaten up and stopped by Kim Basinger - hurts no matter what era it happens in. Women reportedly approached by representatives of Tom Enterprises for future specialty bouts; including a possible apartment wrestling tag team event involving Basinger/Principal and Smith/Fawcett.

"There's a niche appetite for this kind of cougar action, where the combatants have a lot of shared history," Kiana explains. "I…that is WE… can make money with these girls, given the right promotion and venue."/BODY>