Kim Basinger vs. Sharon Stone by Kit (Dec 2000)

From across the room Kim Basinger eyed Sharon Stone for the umpteenth time that evening. Sharon was visiting with a small group of guests as Kim once again wondered where she stood in terms of being offered the movie part. She loathed at the site of the younger blonde. Sharon's black, off-the-shoulder dress with a v-neck clung to her curvy body as if it had been made with her in mind and her delicious legs were encased in matching hose and high heels.

In her mind, Sharon had the body and slutty looks that drives men wild. Watching her red lips talk, Kim guessed that Sharon could probably suck the chrome off a trailer hitch and she'd heard Sharon was a tiger in the bedroom.

"Huh? What was that?" asked Kim as her attention was suddenly pulled back to the conversation around her.

Sharon glanced toward Kim and the group that she was huddled with. Kim was definitely a problem, Sharon thought as she watched the beautiful actress converse within the group. She felt was just too sweet and sexy for her own good. Men drooled at the site of her; and that red dress, with its razor thin spaghetti straps showed ample cleavage as it swept down over her breasts.

Kim's legs were highlighted by a pair of sheer nylons and red high heels and as Kim's full, pouty lips spread wide into a smile that showed her perfectly white teeth Sharon thought to herself, "Those lips! Who knows how many cocks they've been wrapped around?"

Earlier that evening, Kim and Sharon had shaken hands and traded sugar coated smiles and pleasantries. Since then, however, the situation between them had been tense. Both ladies needed, and dearly wanted, the leading role in this movie.

After nearly two hours of working the crowd, Sharon walked down the hall to find a bathroom. Like an eagle searching for prey, Kim had noticed and followed.

Seeing the line of six people standing outside the bathroom, Sharon grimaced and rolled her eyes. That's when she was tapped on the shoulder from behind.

"Come on. I know where another one is," said Kim as Sharon turned around.

Taking the staircase to the top floor, Kim led Sharon down a hall to a bedroom at the end. Off to the side of the room there was a large, spacious bathroom with both a shower and sunken tub. As they entered in, Kim shut and locked the door behind her. Sharon wasn't sure what to think about all this, but she was ready for anything.

"Now, we're finally alone," said Kim as she faced Sharon.

"So? What does that mean?" Sharon asked puzzled.

Kim started to explain the importance of this role to her. Sharon folded her arms and shrugged. Kim didn't like the disrespect the younger actress was showing her.

"Listen, honey," Kim said closing the distance between them. "I know you want it also, but I've been around a little longer, and this part is mine."

"Hey, as far as I'm concerned it's dog-eat-dog out there," Sharon stated as she put her hands on her hips and leaned towards Kim.

"Well, this dog bites," snapped Kim. "So unless you want a chunk taken out of your ass, back off bitch."

"Get out of my way, bitch," Sharon said as she gave Kim a shove away from the door.


"Ooooowwwfff!" grunted as Sharon as she dropped to a knee, doubled over and holding her stomach.

Kim stood back and watched as Sharon gasped for air and slowly rose to her feet.

Shaking a finger in her face, Kim said, "I'm the top dog at this party tonight, and you best keep that in your little, dim mind, bitch."

"Fuck you!" cursed Sharon as she lunged forward and got her hands in Kim's long blond hair.

Kim yelped as Sharon shook her back and forth by the hair. She dug her fingernails into Sharon's wrists and forearms. Sharon winced as she lost her grip on a handful of hair, but she used that hand to rip down the right side of Kim's dress.

"Bitch! Eeeeeoooowwww!!" cried Kim as she felt her nipple suddenly pinched and tugged. For a few seconds, Sharon tossed Kim in circle as she controlled her by the hair and nipple alike.

Finally Kim fought back, sinking her hands in Sharon's hair. Like two schoolgirls, the blond actresses shook each other by the hair and stripped each other's dress down to the waist. Losing their balance, they fell to the floor in a heap of tangled limbs and hair. They shouted and screamed in each other's face as they wrestled tightly entwined, pulling hair and tearing at clothing.

Since both women were braless that night, there was no difficulty in attacking the soft, ripe humps on their opponents chest. Angry painted nails flashed across pale flesh. Pink, hard nipples were pinched until they were blue. Hair was pulled and yanked as a tool of pain and with which to control and nylon clad legs whispered as they scissored and laced about each other.

What seemed like hours was merely minutes when they finally untangled themselves. Sharon and Kim each rose to their feet sucking air and rubbing tears from their eyes. Wearing only little panties and torn nylons, the two ladies glared at each other. It didn't seem to matter their hair was tussled and disheveled…or that their breasts were red and ablaze with pain. The movie too no longer seemed to matter. The only thing each cared about now was emerging victorious - proving one's self superior to her rival. And so with that thought in mind, the fight resumed.

They came together with a combination of hard slaps and more nasty hairpulling. With red, stinging faces they locked down in a wild and woolly hairpulling catfight. Neither lost more than a few loose strands, but the pain was intense. Kim was biting her lower lip and Sharon was gritting her teeth as each blinked back the tears filling in their eyes.

Kim suddenly switched tactics and doubled up her fist. First, a right pounded against Sharon's ribcage then a left sliced underneath the right tit followed by another right that sank into the belly.

"Uuuugghh! Aaaarrrfff! Oooowwff!" grunted Sharon as her body absorbed the punches.

With Sharon doubled over, Kim let loose a left uppercut to the face that lifted her rival straight up. A big red splotch could be seen under Sharon's right eye as she staggered back against the bathroom door. Kim sucked in a few deep breaths before advancing.

"Eeeeoooowwww!!" Kim cried out as Sharon's sharp talons flashed out of nowhere across her left tit.

"You bitch," mumbled Sharon as her nails raked Kim's soft flesh, drawing blood.

Kim backed away, but kept Sharon off her with two crisp slaps to the cheek. But Sharon wasn't going to stop. Charging ahead, she hooked a fist across Kim's bloody boob, flattening it and painting her knuckles red with traces of fresh blood.

With her back against the shower door, Kim was pinned as Sharon fired a combo of punches across her face, leaving her pouty lips swollen and pulped.

Throwing herself into Sharon, Kim took two huge sums of hair and fought her way off the shower door.

"Aaaaaarrrgggg!!" cried Sharon as a large wad of blond hair was ripped from her head.

The struggle caused the actresses to fall to the floor where Sharon somehow scrambled her way onto Kim's backside, pinning her face down on the floor.

"You fuckin' cunt! Damn you! I'm gonna rip you bald!" yelled Sharon as she wrapped her hands in Kim's long hair beyond her wrists.

"Fuuuuuuucccckkkk!!! Yyyyyeeeeeooooowwwww!!!" Kim screamed as her neck was bowed back by the force on her scalp.

Leaning and pulling back as hard as she could on Kim's long hair, Sharon wrapped her legs around Kim's neck and scissored. Kim clawed her nails into Sharon's calves, tearing huge runners in the nylons as she bucked and kicked to escape.

Suddenly the bathroom door was kicked open and several men rushed in to pry Sharon away from Kim. The ladies continued to cuss and kick even as they were separated and led out of the house from the party.

Even though Sharon appeared to be winning when the door was broken down, it turned out to have been Kim's earlier bedroom antics that night that won her the starring role in "91/2 Weeks."

If she'd known that, Kim Basinger could've been saved the disgrace of being seen trapped nearly totally naked beneath Sharon Stone.