Kathleen Turner vs. Kim Basinger by Goliadmike

Kathleen turner walks through the lobby of the luxurious Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where she's spending a few days. As she passes the front desk, she hears the shrill voice of Kim Basinger screaming at a young woman behind the desk.

"These towels are pitiful! Feel this, does it feel soft to you? This could be used as sand paper!" screams Kim, trying to attract as much attention as possible.

The woman behind the desk bites her tongue to keep from telling the actress what she really thinks of the irritable blonde.

"Sorry about that ma'am," the young clerk says. "I'll send more towels to your room."

Clearly, the woman is doing all she can to appease the stressed out Basinger.

"Yes, well see that you do! One other thing. I found a single hair in the drain of my shower. Have someone come up and remove it at once!" adds Kim.

As she passes Kim, Kathleen thinks to herself, "That whiny bitch needs to be taught a lesson."

Kathleen steps on the elevator and heads back to her room. There she takes a shower and prepares herself for a night on the town. She dons a short black, slinky, strapless sequined dress that shows off her toned legs to best advantage. After dressing, she gets back in the elevator to head down stairs. Just as the doors are closing, a furious Kim Basinger comes charging into the small compartment wearing a bathrobe and screaming into her cell phone.

Kim bumps into Kathleen but continues yelling at Alec. Kathleen's blood boils as she stares at Kim for a minute, waiting for an apology. When she realizes the self-absorbed blonde isn't going say she's sorry, Kathleen decides to take action. She steps up behind Kim and snatches the phone out of the blonde's hand. Kim turns to say something but gets shoved into the corner by Kathleen.

"Alec," Kathleen says into the phone. "Kim will have to call you back later, much later."

Kathleen drops the phone on the floor and smashes it with her spiked heel. Then she pushes the 'stop' button and the elevator jerks to a halt between floors.

"What the..." a stunned Kim starts only to be cut off by a slap to the face.

"You need an attitude adjustment Blondie!" states Kathleen.

Kathleen backhands a stunned Kim and the blonde's head twists sideways as her hair goes flying in all directions from the blow. As Kim reels from the slap, Kathleen follows up with a swift kick to the blonde's crotch. Kim lets out a gasp as she drops her hands to her injured crotch. Kathleen takes the opportunity to redden Kim face with a few more slaps.

When Kim gets over the initial shock of being attacked in a public elevator, she decides to retaliate.

"Fucking bitch!" yells Kim who charges Kathleen and returns a couple of slaps to Kathleen's face.

Kim's slaps are answered by Kathleen grabbing hold of the blondes beautiful tresses and the older woman jerks Kim's head form side to side. Kim returns the favor, digging her claws into Kathleen's well coifed hair. The two hellcats engage in a test of wills in the tiny elevator for a moment. Kathleen is able to bend the blonde's head back and slowly force the slim prima donna to her knees. Once she has her on her knees, Kathleen knees Kim in the face, dropping her to the floor on her back.

Kathleen steps over the now crying Kim and hits the stop button.

"I'm going to teach you a lesson!" states Kathleen.

Kathleen reaches down to grab Kim by the hair again but is stopped in her tracks when the downed blonde sinks her teeth into one of Kathleen's well-developed legs.

"You bitch!" screams Kathleen as she wrenches her leg free and looks down at the ring of red teeth marks.

She angrily kicks Kim in the stomach and Kim curls up in a ball at her feet. Hiking up her skirt, Kathleen takes a seat behind the fallen blonde on the floor. Once seated behind Kim, Kathleen drags the crying woman back until she's seated facing away from her between her legs, the wraps her long, sensuous legs around Kim's body. Kim screams in agony as Kathleen applies pressure. The blonde beats on Kathleen's legs with her fists in desperation as she squirms and struggles tries to free herself from the older woman's python-like grip. As Kim struggles, Kathleen laughs at her feeble attempts at escape.

"When I'm done Kim," Kathleen hisses as she puts her lips close to Kim's ear. "We're going down to the lobby and you will apologize to that desk clerk!"

Kathleen ratchets up the pressure on Kim's ribs another notch and Kim gasps. The breathless blonde doesn't respond to Kathleen's threats but she winces at the awful pain in her ribs. Kim gives up on trying to free herself and her head falls back on Kathleen's shoulder as she moans in anguish. Kathleen uses both her hands to cover Kim's mouth and nose. It isn't long before Kim's oxygen is depleted and her body goes limp. She lays in Kathleen's arms like a sleeping child.

Once Kim is unconscious, Kathleen lets her go and strips her of her robe and panties (all she's wearing). Kathleen uses the belt to bind the unconscious woman's hands behind her back, then she stuffs Kim's panties in her mouth to keep her from screaming for help. When Kim comes to a few minutes later, she looks up to see Kathleen looking down and laughing at her.

"I'm going to teach you a little lesson in humility," states Kathleen.

She presses the button and the elevator resumes it's trip down to the lobby. Once the elevator reaches the lobby, Kathleen hoists Kim to her feet by the hair and marches the naked blonde through the lobby. Kim can hear catcalls and laughter as Kathleen pulls her along holding one of her beautiful tits. Kathleen leads the defeated woman to the front desk to face the clerk Kim had chewed out earlier in the day.

"Mrs. Basinger has something she would like to tell you," says Kathleen tells the grinning desk clerk.

She removes Kim's pink panties from her mouth and Kim screams, "Call the police! This woman's nuts!"

"That's not it Kim!" says Kathleen.

She sinks her claws into Kim's prized tits then gives them a sharp twist.

"Tell the woman how sorry you are for your actions this afternoon," Kathleen orders her.

The blonde refuses at first but after a couple more twists of her tits, Kim is putty in Kathleen's hands. She apologizes to the woman behind the desk who beams in gratitude at Kathleen.

"Well Kim, that wasn't so hard now, was it?" Kathleen asks rhetorically.

Then Kathleen says to the desk clerk, "Ma'am, would you see to it that Mrs. Basinger is properly taken care of? I have a party to attend and won't be able to look after her myself."

The woman behind the desk laughs as she quickly promises to, "...look after Kimmy here."

"Thank you and goodnight" says Kathleen who spins on her heel and heads for the exit to the lobby.

As Kathleen leaves, she hears the desk clerk barking orders to Kim. Kim protests until the woman stuffs her panties back in her mouth, muffling her. Kathleen looks back over her shoulder to see some of the hotel staff leading Kim back behind the desk toward the office. Kathleen smiles, knowing she has taught one more snotty bitch a valuable lesson in humility.