[Editors Note: The following story is based on a vote on our celebrity fight page. It's the "will of the voters", not the opinion of the author. Both characters are assigned roles which may not portray their "real life" characters. K&G]
Sharon Stone vs. Angela Basset by Mars

The awards show was a great success. Sharon had garnered several trophies for her portrayal of the two-fisted prisoner in her latest film. She had seemingly solidified her reputation as one of Hollywood's most talented and toughest actresses. All seemed right, but not for everyone.

Angela basset seethed with envy at the sight of the golden statues in the hands of the golden goddess. She wanted those statues for playing the evil warrior woman in her sci-fi flick and she didn't care who knew.

As Sharon smiled for the flashing cameras, Angela stewed bile.

"I'll get that blonde bitch when she comes back here," she thought malevolently.

Meanwhile, Sharon said her good-byes to the press and walked backstage, directly into Angela's cross-hairs.

"You didn't deserve those," began Angela, "they just didn't want to give an award to a sister!"

Sharon just laughed off what she thought was a petty remark, maintained her dignity, and began to gather her things.

"You heard me, bitch," yelled Angela, "I'm a better actress than you!"

Blonde fierce and pale, Sharon glared at her Ebony rival. Her sharp blue eyes shot darts at the dark orbs of her enemy.

"You're a better actress than ME?" laughed Sharon.

"Damn straight, bitch," answered Angela. "And I'm a better woman too."

"Honey, ten years after I die, I'll still be twice the woman you are right this minute," countered Sharon.

"Why you little lily white cunt!" seethed Angela. "I'm jus' gonna mess up that pretty pale face of yours for makin' that crack."

"Bring it on, you old sow!" growled Sharon, flipping her long blonde hair haughtily.

Angela tore into Sharon with animal fury. She dove her shoulder into Sharon, knocking her down on her back. Straddling the blonde, Angela scratched and slapped Sharon's face, leaving red streaks and pink hand prints on her cheeks. Angela grabbed Sharon's short, golden locks and shook her head back and forth as she taunted the shocked blonde.

"I'm gonna rip your red neck off, blondie!" yelled Angela.

Sharon was stunned by the ferocity of Angela's swift attack and unable to get her bearings. Angela seized the momentum further, punishing Sharon with backhand slaps, then letting rip a punch to Sharon's mouth with her fist. Sharon's lips began to drip blood. She was being overwhelmed by Angela's 'Black Power' attack.

"You white girls can't never fight," laughed Angela.

She pulled herself off Sharon still holding her hair, then spun around behind her. Angela hauled Sharon to her knees then kicked her in the back, sending the blonde beauty reeling forward. As Sharon fell on her chest, Angela dove on top of her and grabbed her in a headlock from behind.

"You're finished, bitch," mocked Angela as she tightened her arms around Sharon.

The air and consciousness seemed to be leaving Sharon when she summoned the last bit of her strength to send an elbow to her Ebony tormentors ribs. Angela gasped and loosened her hold. Sharon turned at a 90 degree angle and let loose a hard hook to Angela's now hurting ribs. Angela released Sharon's hair and staggered back, rubbing her bruised flesh.

Sharon scrambled backward and rose unsteadily to her feet, pausing a moment to catch her breath. The anger welled within. The fury of the blue of her eyes sent steam radiating from her golden hair.

Angela charged her but Sharon met her charge with a brutal right cross to Angela's face, stopping her in her tracks. Like a White tigress, Sharon pounced; leveling Angela with a left-right-left combination. As she fell back on her ass, Sharon lunged on top of Angela's prostrate body.

"We'll see how well White "girls" can fight now, bitch," huffed Sharon, menacingly.

She pounded Angela's face with vicious fury; her knuckles turning red with their tightening and, eventually, with Angela's blood. It was Angela who began to lose consciousness now, but she dug her nails into Sharon's sides below her ribs with the last bit of strength she had. Sharon groaned in pain and Angela bucked her off. She rolled over to get as far away as she could to give herself time to recover and regroup.

Sharon stood up, holding her side. She felt her own blood and looked down at the damage Angela's fingernails had done. Then, smiling, she lifted her hand to her lips and licked her own blood. Her eyes burned.

Angela's eyes widened in shock at the site of this blonde drinking her own blood. The woman seemed possessed, she thought. A twinge of fear passed through her as she slowly got to her feet.

Sharon moved toward Angela in slow, measured steps. She lunged in and Angela went for her eyes. Sharon closed them a bare split second before Angela's nails reached them, but her lids and sockets were cut. Angela tried to take advantage of Sharon's temporary blindness and grabbed a handful of Sharon's golden hair.

"This straight blonde hair won't help you any now," Angela growled as she tightened her hold.

She tried to pull Sharon towards the wall beside them. Sharon grabbed hold of Angela's hands to try to wrest herself free. Angela pulled her towards the wall and kneed her in the crotch. Sharon doubled over in pain and Angela ripped into her cheeks with her nails, then jumped on her, knocking her to the ground.

"It's on now, bitch!" screamed Angela.

Sharon wasn't about to let Angela get the advantage on her again so she returned fire by kneeing her in the crotch. Angela rolled off her and grabbed hold of her throbbing, purple womanhood. Both women crawled away from each other and staggered to their feet.

Sharon was boiling with fury and ready to punish her foe once and for all. The two women lunged at each other, Angela with fingers curled for a grab or scratch, Sharon with fists clenched for a pounding. Sharon landed first and landed hard. Her punch connected square on Angela's jaw and sent her reeling backward.

Sharon smelled blood and liked the scent. She pounded the reeling Angela in her stomach, reversing her direction and doubling her over. A hard shot to the jaw and a vicious punch to the cheek. Angela's back slammed hard against the wall. Sharon was merciless. She sent blow after brutal blow to Angela's wide open face until Angela's body slid down on the floor. Sharon launched a final crushing kick to Angela's temple, knocking her unconscious.

Then Sharon stood over her beaten foes face, her fist clenched at her sides and her chest heaving from the exertion of battle.

"Time for a wake up call," she snickered as she let fly a stream of golden pee.

Angela woke, gagging.

"Hello, bitch," grinned Sharon. "So white girls can't fight, huh? Well, we're gonna see if Black girls can give pleasure."

Sharon then grabbed Angela's hair and shoved her pink womanhood down onto Angela's mouth.

Gagging, Angela pleaded, "No, please. Don't make me do that."

Sharon smacked her and tears welled up and flowed from Angela's eyes.

"Too late, honey," mocked Sharon. "I need release right now and I think I've earned the right."

Sharon got what she felt was her right as she rubbed her glorious blonde pussy on the face of her beaten Black foe as she enjoyed herself the rest of the night.

Stone won our vote 343-329