Battle Cats #2: Liz Hurley vs. Kelly Brook by Snowball

When you've been on top of the leopard skin wars for a while and have enough skins to make a throw rug, it is natural to become a little arrogant. When you are the top of your entire celebrity class (model, actress, musician. etc.) the size of your head swells as does the number of vassals at your disposal to protect your back. Elizabeth Hurley was one such Queen. She made her bones through the total destruction on Rachel Hunter many seasons ago. She was famous for using her leg powerful legs to make her victims scream their surrender and beg for mercy, which she never showed. The torture of Ms. Hunter was so complete she never competed again and Hurley reigned as supreme monarch over a stable of 'Page 3' girls: Melinda Messinger, Samantha Fox and Katie Price.

Elizabeth nabbed these girls as youngsters and taught them the ropes. They became the bullies of Europe, acting like a gang to beat back any challenge with ruthless aggression. Liz was the head of the family and she claimed the biggest kills; names like Claudia Schiffer and Elle "The Body" Macpherson. Often, these women had been weakened by two or often all three members of the gang before Liz even entered to claim her prize. The newest addition to Liz's stable was Kelly Brook, a delicious Page 3 girl who was gaining some notoriety.

Liz was preparing to meet a new substantial challenge from an English girl who moved to America and had not yet fallen under Hurley's influence. A leopard print match was set for the Brook Suite of Claridges hotel. This posh suite had a bedroom for Ms. Bell and a separate room where Melinda Messinger and Samantha Fox lay in wait to 'prepare' Kelly for Ms Hurley; dressing her, as it were, for Liz to sweep in and make a decisive, humiliating kill.

In the nearby Davies Suite Liz was being pampered and primped by her warrior valet Kelly Brook. Ms. Brook in a short silk nightgown used her firm hands to massage oil into Liz's sumptuous legs moving slowly from the calves to the upper thighs. She cajoled Liz telling her how beautiful and powerful her legs were. Playfully, she lightly slapped her firm round buttocks and Liz smiled as she let out a small, short, gasp. Kelly straddled her ass as she continued to message the small of her back.

As Kelly reached her shoulders she leaned forward resting her silk clad breasts on Liz's back. She whispered of how Liz was going to tear Catherine's breasts off. How large a portion of the trophy wall Cat's cups would cover? The two women laughed at their imitations of Cat begging Liz for mercy. Crawling off Liz the two beautiful women stood up. Kelly caresses Liz's breasts. How firm and luscious they were then she moved to the closet and almost ceremonially presented Liz with the Leopard print she had chosen for the battle. Liz put on the bikini as Kelly went to check on progress from the other suite.

Liz kept up her chatty banter. Kelly did not respond but stood poised holding the door ajar in her hands. She came out of the suite bedroom stretching and limbering her body.

"What's happening in the other room Kel?" Liz asked.

Kelly closed the door and clicked the lock shut. She took a deep breath and chained the door. Turning slowly she shrugged the silk robe from her body revealing a leopard print bikini.

"I don't think that should be your biggest concern right now, your highness," she said mockingly.

"You traitorous slut!" Liz hissed. "I'm going to show you why I am the Queen." The two women slowly circled with their hands formed into claws in front of their chests. "I'll pike your body to the tower bridge when we're done."

"You haven't beaten anybody in years, you washed up slut. We've done all the lifting while you took the glory. I'm going to split you like a wishbone," Kelly hissed.

"Fuck you!" Liz screamed.

Moving like lightning, Liz grabbed Kelly's hair pulling her in and simultaneously raising her knee into the pit of Kelly's stomach. The breath rushed from her lungs and Elizabeth clenched fists delivering a double ax handle to her back. Kelly fell to the ground with a grunt.

Liz took a step back and kicked her in the side screaming, "Get up, bitch." Another punt and another caused Kelly to curl into a fetal ball rocking. Liz went down to her hands and knees woofing with her face in front of Kelly, "You silicon filled fucker. You didn't think you could screw with me!" She grabbed her hair again and smacked her face back and forth. Kelly's hand went to her hair and then to cover her cheeks. Liz shook her hair menacing her, "Bitch, I haven't even started yet!"

"You bitch," Kelly moaned.

This was NOT what she'd expected. Her hand went back to her hair. The pain was intense but she was able to regain her breath. Liz continued shaking Kelly's hair trying to bald the bitch and continuing with her incessant verbal barrage. She pulled Kelly's hair up and slammed her face to the carpet. She lifted Kelly's hair again, but in desperation Kelly's hands shot out at the extended upper body of Liz, her nails finding the tops of Liz's breasts. Her thumbs curled around the bottom of the breasts and she digs her nails in. The sudden shock stops Liz's taunting. A twist of Kelly's wrists free her hair as Liz's hand go down to Kelly's hands.

"Let go of my tits!!!" Liz screamed, trying to pull away.

Kelly hung on desperately as Liz dug her nails into her wrists. The tug of war brought tears to the eyes of both combatants. Liz slowly powered Kelly's hands away from her boobs. But the nails left long scratches on the orbs. Both women scurried backwards to opposite ends of the room. Liz tucked her scratched boobs back into her bra. Kelly rubbed her sides and stared at Liz as her breasts rose and fell with each deep slow breath she took.

"This is you last chance bitch. Give me your leopard print and I give you a quick and merciful smothering with my beautiful breasts." Liz offered. "Or else you'll feel pain like you've never known."

Kelly replied, "You slut, you had your chance and blew it. I'm going to earn a reputation through your pain."

The women started to circle. Kelly raised her hands offering Liz a test of strength. Liz raised her hands and they wearily continue to circle getting closer and closer. There hands clasp as each woman drops a foot back for leverage. As there arms flare to the sides, the women get closer bumping chests as each strains to get control. Their nipples press against one another as they both grunt with exertion. Kelly twists her chest slowly back and forth pushing Liz's tits around on her chest. This distracts Liz and Kelly slowly forces her to her knees bending her wrists back. As she fell to her knees Liz let out an exasperated little gasp.

Grinning, Kelly recalled Liz's taunts. "Bitch! I think you said these breasts are silicon filled? You need a closer look!" Moving closer she slaps Liz's face back and forth with her boobs

"Fuck you!" spits Liz.

"You're going to get an even closer view later Liz baby!"

Kelly steps back and crushes Liz's left breast flat with her knee. Liz screamed but has nowhere to go as Kelly maintains her hold on Liz's hands. Taking her time Kelly measures and repeats the blow three times to each breast forcing the nipples against Liz's rib cage. Liz lets out a scream with each blow until she finally begins to cry.

When Kelly released Liz's hair, her arms fell limp at her sides. Kelly grabbed the hair atop Liz's head and threw her on her back. She raises her leg and stomps on Liz's exposed stomach. She stomps twice more before she drops her knee into the softened pit of Liz's stomach. The breath completely knocked from her, Liz canít respond as Kelly straddles her stomach and lifts her head up by her hair.

"I'm going to destroy you, you worn out old hag!" Kelly hissed.

Liz reached up and grabbed the breast of Kelly. Kelly threw her head back and crashed her ass onto Liz's stomach. Liz gasped her hand falling to her abdomen. Kelly brought her fist down in furious rapid succession upon Liz's breast. She aimed her knuckles at the nipples and areola. Twisting in as they found their targets.

"My T-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-TS," wailed Liz, desperately trying to kick Kelly off of her.

This only caused Kelly to turn around. She rose to her knees and dropped her splendid ass onto the ravaged tits. Then she turned her fists to Liz's womanhood. She rose to her knees to get more power into each punch.

"No, no, no, no no..." Liz sobbed. Her hands searching for some way to stop Kelly. When she reached up to grab Kelly's hair. Upon feeling the hands in her hair, Kelly again drops her ass onto Liz's tits ending the threat.

Kelly strips the panties from Liz's ass and shoves them in Liz's mouth shouting, "Shut up bitch." She then leans forward and sinks her claws into Liz's pussy. She uses her other hand to increase the power of her grip focusing the strength into her wrists. Liz jerks violently, spasmodically in tremendous pain. Kelly's thumb nail drives into Liz's clit.

Liz manages to spit the panties from her mouth, "Get out of my pussy you skanky, flea bitten, motherfucking, whore. GET OUT!"

She feverishly rakes her nails down Kelly's back. Kelly rears back in reaction to the scratching pulling Liz's butt off the floor with her claw hold. Both women are screaming threats at the other. Finally the strap on the back of Kelly's bra broke and Liz's hand fell away. Kelly smashed her hand down with its heel crushing her lips.

Kelly stood up removing her bra. She cradled her breasts examining each one. Then she reached down picking up Liz by the hair and throws the sobbing woman on to the king size bed. Kelly got behind Liz and rapped her long legs around Liz's middle. She snapped them shut and locked her ankles. Liz just moaned. Kelly removed Liz's top without encountering much resistance. Then she reached round crossing her arms so her right hand sunk into Liz's left boob while the left grasped the right boob. This brought more of the screaming reaction Kelly desired. Kelly's tits pressed firmly into Liz's back.

As Kelly continued to tit torture Liz, pulling the right over the left, she started whispering in Liz's ear, "You old worn out cunt; I own you! Your tits are nothing and your pussy is even less. I can make you do anything I want. If you ever try to get back at me I will hurt you even more. You are nothing!" She punctuated each comment by squeezing Liz's breasts or pulsing her stomach. She didnít know what was more demoralizing, her taunts or the physical beating. After all, Liz was once a proud Goddess but now could only sob in disgrace, her sobs occasionally punctuated by a pained wail whenever Kelly turned up the pressure. "One more thing Liz baby," Kelly teased. "I believe you thought my breast were silicon enhanced. I promised to show you these 35D's are one hundred percent Grade A, natural, premium beef."

ďNo, please no! Oh win. I believe you. more. Kelly...please?" Liz begged softly.

Kelly unwrapped herself from Liz and threw her on the bed. Then she slithered on top pressing thigh to thigh, cunt to cunt, stomach to stomach and luscious full firm breasts to defeated, deflated breasts. She used her hands to prop up her head as she looked into the pleading eyes of Liz and laughed, "All right bitch, you worship at the altar of my breasts. Kiss them with the awe and reverence they deserve." She moved up and dropped her pendulous breasts over Liz's face.

"Yes, yes my lady..." Liz sobbed as she began to kiss Kellyís breasts, using her tongue to gently tease the nipples. She nuzzled them pushing them carefully up with the front of her face and brushing them tenderly with her cheeks. The salty wetness of her tears cooled Kelly's hot breasts. Kelly tingled all over and pressed the rest of her body onto Liz. After a few minutes of this caressing, Kelly lifted her chest up even higher arching her back as she looked into Liz's questioning eyes.

"Good dear; but not nearly good enough."

Liz's look went from questioning to desperation. Kelly raised her knee and sent it pounding down twice into Liz's pussy. Liz's scream was cut short as Kelly rolled over onto her back pulling Liz on top. She secured her by wrapping her legs and pulled her screaming head into her boobs. Liz frantically tried to twist her head to draw a breath. It was no use. She began to cry as her head began to spin. No one could hear the last sobs as she passed out.

Kelly shoved Liz off of her and onto the floor. She stood up and went to the mirror examining her gorgeous body. She tossed her hair and with a glint in her eyes picked up her leopard skin trophies. As she dresses Kelly wondered what had happened in the other suite. Would the others be after her or fear her? She really didn't care. Pausing to look at the defeated lump of womanhood sprawled unconscious on the floor, she knew she could take on - and defeat - any of them!.