Battle of Ireland: Kathy Ireland vs. Kylie Ireland by Irish

Kathy Ireland's career started back in the 1980's. Sports Illustrated had their annual swimsuit issue that outsold almost every other issue combined, and this magazine is published weekly! The magazine did some pretty risquÃ(c) shoots towards the end of the 70's; the one with Cheryl Tiegs in a fishnet swimsuit on the front cover is still an all time favorite. (Be honest, how many of you can close your eyes and see her large areola's peeking out from behind the white mesh?) But Cheryl had sold about all the sport magazines that she could and SI was looking for a fresh face to grab the torch and lead them for the next several years. They found their new champion in teenager Kathy Ireland. Her long legs, high cheekbones, and beautiful eyes, were just what they were looking for. And the rest of her wasn't bad either! The rest, as they say, was history!

Kathy modeled, acted in several movies, and became a licensed personal trainer eventually making daily appearances on ESPN's body shaping. Towards the end of her modeling career, Kathy got hooked up with K-Mart, and began to design her own clothing line. This also led to her line expanding to many different areas. About this same time, a young up-start was looking to make a name for herself in the porn industry. This woman, of Irish decent, thought long and hard for a perfect name people would remember. She liked the name Kylie, honoring singer Kylie Minogue and than decided on the last of Ireland, to honor of her heritage. So she became know as Kylie Ireland and in her first ten months she appeared in more than eighty porn films.

Kathy was standing in line at her local Blockbuster video one day when she came across a large poster advertising Kylie's latest movie. The name 'Kylie' was in very small print but the name Ireland, stood out like the Hollywood sign up on the hill. Kathy's face went white, then immediately turned beet red.

"That fucking tramp! I'm going to kill her!" Kathy muttered as she dropped her movie on the counter and fled in embarrassment.

That was the start of a perfect love-hate relationship (These two women loved to hate each other!) A few days after Kathy lost a lawsuit tryint to enjoin Kylie from using "her" name, Kathy's agent got a call from Barroca at the Porn Star Fight Club. Barocca asked if Kathy would like to get in the ring with Kylie and mix it up. Although he planned on advising Kathy not to fight Kylie, he already knew what his headstrong client's answer would be. A few phone calls were exchanged, terms negotiated and, within the week, the fight was scheduled. It would be held during half time on Super Bowl Sunday on a PPV opposite the 'Lingerie Bowl'.

It wasn't long before just about every 'A' and 'B' list celebrity and most of the movie executives were scrambling to get tickets to watch the live event. Hugh Hefner called the club and requested fifty tickets for the entourage he planned on bringing.

"Sure Mr. Hefner," current club secretary Sunny McKay said perkily. "We can send fifty tickets first thing tomorrow morning. I just have one question, is one of the tickets for you?"

"Of course," Hef huffed. "I plan on using one of the tickets! If you don't have luxury boxes, just put me in the front row!"

"I'm sorry Mr. Hefner," Sunny said, making a little mou as she rolled her eyes at Danni Ashe who was sitting on Sunny's desk wearing an impatient frown at having their 'session' interrupted by the phone call. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to cancel your order, Mr. Hefner. The Porn Star Fight Club rules are few, but the penalties for violating them are very, very severe. Rule Number One is, 'No men allowed in the club'. But we thank you for calling the PSFC," Sunny said, then hung up and dove back down between Danni's spread legs.

Hearing the abrupt dial tone, Hef blinked then slammed down his phone screaming, "We'll see about THAT!!"

He made a couple of calls to the two women's agents, then a call to Barocca at the PSFC informing her of a change of plans. The big Super Bowl fight was now going to be hosted at Hef's Playboy Mansion - and Sunny McKay would NOT be welcome! Requests for tickets flooded into the mansion and Hef quickly realized this event would have to be moved outdoors simply to accommodate all the people demanding tickets…even Sports Illustrated who not only wanted more than two dozen tickets, but media credentials for their photographers and writers as well!

"Hey! I got a great idea for this years swimsuit issue cover!" their editor insisted.

Super Bowl Sunday rolled around and guest started arriving at the mansion early. Besides the portable seating Hef had rented, he also set up a jumbotron screen so football fans in the crowd could watch the big game. The control room piped in the TV broadcast so they could start the fight precisely at the half time break - at least, as best as they could.

"Irish! What are you looking at?" Karen snapped.

"Huh? What babe? Oh I'm sorry; just thinking that redhead couldn’t drown if we got hit by a flash flood," he said, tearing his eyes away from one of the Porn Star Fight Club stars at ringside. "Hey isn't that Cindy Crawford over there?" he said, pointing in the opposite direction and hoping to change the subject.

"Where is old mole face?" Karen muttered. "Maybe I should go say hello…for old time sake."

"Not THE Cindy Crawford, THAT Cindy Crawford!" Irish said, nodding to a pneumatic blonde porn star who’d taken her seat in Kylie's corner. "What’ll they think of next, The Battle of Crawford?"

Scanning the crowd, Karen recognized several famous models and porn stars as well as actresses and actors. Very much in evidence were Bruce Willis and Jack Nicholson who Irish surmised were, "…looking for new talent for their club." But he was more interested in the game at this point because if New England held the Panthers to field goal, his half time box was worth $500!

Finally the big moment arrived. At the two-minute warning, Hef decided it was time to start the introductions and hopefully get his event up and running just as the two teams ran off the field at half time. He entered the ring and thanked everyone for coming and promised them an action packed evening, "Tonight two very beautiful women will meet to settle a feud that’s been brewing for the last few years. First, let me introduce a very special friend of Playboy Inc., none other then Irish who is overseeing the contest!"

Karen looked at Irish, who had a look of surprise on his face as he muttered, "Don't ask me; I don't know anything about this!"

He made his way to ringside and stepped between the ropes that were being held apart by Dalene Kurtis. Stumbling as he stepped through the ropes, Irish plunged face-first into Dalene’s chest and he struggled to regain his composure after the pleasant distraction. The beads of sweat on his head looked the size of Volkswagen Beetles on the jumbotron!

Kathy was introduced first and she made her way down to the ring in a Kelly green, one-piece swim suit from her own design collection. She had more then her fair share of supporters in the crowd and they all showed their appreciation as she posed and pranced in the ring in that show pony walk all the great supermodels had perfected.

When the roar of the crowd died down, Hef introduced Kylie and after a momentary hesitation, the silence was shattered by the very distinct sound of grown men in skirts, squeezing cats. The sound reverberated and echoed off the back of the mansion as, leading Kylie toward the ring was the LAPD Emerald Society Pipes and Drums followed by a full color guard of flag bearers carrying the green, white, & orange flag of Ireland. Kylie was trying hard to establish her Irish roots for this ‘Battle of Ireland.’

While the crowd was eating up the pagentry, Hef was getting annoyed at the long delay. They were five minutes into half time and Kylie was only just entering the ring and the band still had to make their departure from ringside. Then the pipers struck up ‘Amazing Grace’ and Irish instinctively stopped, stood stock still and covered his heart. Normally, he would have lifted his drink in salute, but he found himself in the middle of the ring without one.

"What are you doing? We’re here to support Kathy!" Karen screamed in protest, trying in vain to get his attention as he remained at attention until the band passed.

"Trust me, that had nothing to do with Kylie!" he said before he leaned over the ropes and explained to Karen.

Kathy was pissed at being upstaged by Kylie and now, more than ever, she looked forward to pounding the porn star into a Paddy pudding. Irish called the two women together in center ring and read the ground rules from a card Hef handed him. Looking to pour salt in the wound, Kylie taunted Kathy to take her mind off the game.

"Nice bathing suit Grandma! Hey look it even has my initials on it. KI!"

With Kathy staring daggers into Kylie, the porn star grabbed hold of Kathy's bathing suit just below the logo at the left hip and, before Kathy knew what was happening, Kylie gave the Kelly green material a rough tug, wedging it deep in the tender folds of her womanhood. As Kathy's dark bush became visible through the leg holes, the supermodel reached over and grabbed Kylie by the throat trying to choke her. Irish quickly jumped between them and facing Kathy with his back to Kylie, he began to shove Kathy back toward her corner, telling her to wait for the bell. But with Kathy tied up by Irish, Kylie took the opportunity to power a straight right over Irish’s shoulder that landed on the supermodel's chin, snapping her head back from the impact.

Putting Kathy in her corner, Irish turned and scolded Kylie for her cheap shot, wagging a finger under her nose as he told her to, "…knock that shit off! I'm not gonna stand for any mora that!"

"Easy Dude! You better read the rules again," Kylie chuckled. "It says, ‘anything goes’!"

Irish gave Kathy a moment to shake the cobwebs, telling her, "I'm sorry Kathy, that was my fault. You OK?"

Kathy nodded, so Irish walked away and signaled for the bell to start the match. Technically there was no time limit but they were hoping to have a decisive winner by the end of the Super Bowl half time show. At the bell, Kathy charged right out of her corner with revenge on her mind. She slammed into Kylie and quickly shoved her back up against the ropes, flailing away at the porn star with both fists with all she had. Kylie weathered the early storm, then tied up with Kathy, forcing Irish to step in to separate them. Just as at the start the match, Kylie always had a little something extra, again throwing a punch over Irish's shoulder to the supermodel’s gorgeous face. The cat and mouse game continued for several minutes, Kathy overpowering Kylie and forcing her to the ropes, then getting bogged down as they clinched until Irish was forced to intervene only to have Kylie land some cheapshot, punch or kick as Irish wrapped his arms around Kathy. The only thing that was getting accomplished was that Kathy's frustration was growing with each passing second and with every indignity she was forced to endure..

Kathy charged Kylie again, expecting the coward to once more duck behind her gloves and wait for Irish to save her sorry ass, but this time as Kathy came rushing in on the attack, Kylie dipped her shoulder and blasted an uppercut up between the supermodel’s bulging breasts that caught ALL of Kathy’s chin. She was staggered and as she wobbled backward with her arms waving in front of her, Kylie took full advantage! She grabbed Kathy’s hair, pulled her forward and bent her over, then slammed her knee up in the supermodel's face over and over as she held her!

For the first time in the fight, the porn star was dictating the pace of the match! With Kathy on unsteady legs, Kylie easily grabbed her wrist and sent her for a ride to the ropes. When the supermodel rebounded back toward Kylie, the porn star showed her flexibility by raising her leg straight out in front of her and letting Kathy come crashing into her extended foot.

"Ooofff!" Kathy grunted as the air was driven from her lungs by Kylie’s foot in her gut.

Kylie, apparently favoring wrestling over Kathy's preferred boxing, dropped the supermodel to the mat with a swinging neckbreaker that left Kathy sprawled out on the mat, holding her head and writhing in pain. She was hurt and frustrated as hell that she hadn’t yet been able to effectively pound away on Kylie the way she wanted! The porn star walked over to Kathy, gathered a handful of her lustrous hair and pulled her to her knees. Kylie never in a million years could have guessed what happened next! Kathy blasted her tightly clenched fist right up into Kylie's moneymaker.

"Thata girl Kathy! Pound the bitch!" Karen called out as she clapped her hands excitedly as she uttered the encouragement.

Kylie's face instantly drained of color as she struggled to remain on her feet. On her knees, Kathy wrapped her arms around Kylie's waist and squeezed for all she was worth, her face buried in Kylie’s sweaty cleavage. Standing, Kathy lifted Kylie and savagely shook her body like a rag doll. Kylie, unable to catch her breathe, slumped forward her arms draped over Kathy's shoulders.

"Can't breath! Have to get out of this fast!" Kylie thought to herself.

At ringside, Oberon and TNT were arguing over the payout they could expect from the 3:1 odds they’d gotten. A waitress passed by with a tray full of drinks and Jermaine grabbed three bottles of beer, trying to use them to explain it to them. By the time both grasped the concept, the three beers had disappeared.

"So if I win, all I get is this lousy empty beer bottle?" TNT joked.

Kathy bounced a little, causing Kylie’s body to tilt backward, leaning away from her as she was easily dominating the porn star at this point. When Kylie’s body weight had leaned as far away from Kathy as possible, Kylie felt Kathy having to struggle against her increasingly heavy weight. When she was an arms length from the supermodel, Kylie swung her arms up and clapped her hands over both of Kathy’s ears at the same time as hard as she could. Kathy let out a scream and let go of Kylie, reaching up to cover her ringing ears! Kylie went crashing to the mat on her back as the supermodel held her ears as she staggered back towards the corner with the excruciating ringing in her ears feeling like her head was about to explode.

"Holy shit!" Hef thought. "Deacon Jones would’ve been proud of that head slap!" referring to the former defensive lineman's signature move.

Kathy’s body slumped in the corner with her tight butt on the second rope, her shoulders hunched forward as little flashes of white light blinded her wincing eyes momentarily.

"What the fuck did she hit me with?" Kathy thought. "It felt like two bricks!"

Kylie's breathing was beginning to return to normal and she knew that she had to go on the offensive while Kathy was still in the corner struggling with he pain.

"Look out Kathy!" Karen shouted too late as Kylie charged forward as if shot out of a cannon and drove her shoulder into the belly of the supermodel, the heavy impact driving all the air from her lungs.

"Yeah Kylie! Kill that pampered superbitch!" hollared Jenna Jamison from the porn star corner.

Kathy's hands dropped from her ears to attend to this new source of pain, her famously fit abs! Kylie grabbed the supermodel by the shoulders, straightened her up and slammed her back into the corner, then pulled the shoulder straps of her own-design swim suit down over her shoulders, trapping her arms at her sides while baring her full breasts.

"Hey now! Wouldya take a look at those titties? You might just make it in the business after all. But you will havta find a new name for yourself…" Kylie hissed. "Because Ireland is already taken!" Then she grabbed Kathy’s bare breasts and taunted, "They don't look like they get much sun, do they prude? Glaring at Kathy's milky white breast, she hissed, "Lets give ‘em a little touch of color! OK?"

Kathy had just realized her breasts were exposed when she felt the cool air make her proud nipples stiffen to attention. She looked down to confirm her suspicions just in time to see the blur of Kylie's open hand as she slapped her breast, sending the mountain of tender flesh flying upward toward her wide eyes. The pain immediately registered in Kathy's expression and after four or five more brutal slaps as she squirmed and wriggled trying in vain to free her arms, tears began to well in her beautiful eyes.

Kylie stood back and took a long, proud look at the fruits of her labors, laughing.

"Kathy? Are you alright? You wanna continue?" Irish asked the supermodel.

Kylie shoved him aside, hissing, "Take it easy dude! I'LL tell you when she’s had enough!"

Kylie stepped in and drove her fist low into Kathy’s belly, taking her breath away. Kathy was too winded to do more than gasp and whine as Kylie grabbed her suit and pulled it down her body, over her hips and then let it slide down her legs to puddle around her ankles on the canvas. Kylie’s eyes bulged as she got her first good look at Kathy's thick bush.

"Damn girl! You even own a razor, you hairy bitch?"

Kylie grabbed Kathy by the hair and put her into a side headlock, then took three quick steps as she pulled Kathy along before she dropped and drove the supermodel facefirst into the mat with a perfectly executed bulldog. Kathy was just about out when Kylie got up, stood over her and kicked the dazed, breathless supermodel over onto her back. Kathy flopped over, her arms flung wide and her legs splayed.

"That's better Kathy! Lets make sure that everyone gets a good look at those sad old sad sacks and that bush!"

"Get up Kathy! You have to move!" came the advice from Karen in the supermodel's corner, but Kathy could barely lift her head off the mat; the whole ring seeming to be spinning at warp speed. Kylie began to take a victory strut around the ring, shaking her tits and ass in front of her own fans, but spending even more time in front of Kathy's while the shattered supermodel rolled over onto her belly, then slowly got up on all fours. "That's it Kathy! Get up and kick that sluts porno ass!"

Kylie untied the top of her own suit, gave her large breast a vigorous shake from side to side and then took up a position on her knees directly in front of Kathy; waiting for her to shift her weight to her knees as she tried to stand up. As soon as Kathy's hands lifted off the mat and she rocked back on her haunches, her eyes tried to focus on the blurry image before her.

"Good morning sleepy head!" Kylie hissed. "I got a very special treat for my new bitch!"

As her vision began to clear, Kathy realized that was Kylie in front of her, but that realization came too late! Kylie grabbed the supermodel’s hair and yanked her forward, plunging her face into her cleavage and wrapping her arms around her head, trying to smother her out.

"Mummpfff!" Kathy mumbled as she struggled with her remaining strength, trying to push herself away from Kylie.

With Kylie's breasts glistening with sweat, Kathy was able to shift her head down, freeing her face from it’s prison and gaining much needed air. Kathy's long hair shielded her face, so neither Kylie nor anyone else realized she was no longer being smothered. In a move that would have shocked the other soccer moms in her car pool, Kathy suddenly pushed a hand down over Kylie's belly and shoved it in the front her bikini bottom! The move went completely unnoticed by everyone but Kylie until the look of dominance and satisfaction on Kylie's face turned to one of utter shock and surprise as Karen began to work her fingers expertly in and around Kylie's love box.

Kylie’s expression slowly changed from one of shock to one of satisfaction very quickly as she became caught up in the moment and the death grip she had around Kathy's head began to loosen. Soon, Kylie’s arms feel completely away from Kathy’s head and Kylie allowed herself to be pushed backward onto the mat where she lay like a puppy getting its belly rubbed. The entire audience could now see that it wasn’t Kylie's belly that was being rubbed - but rather a region somewhat further south!

All the porn stars as well as Kylie’s other supporters were screaming and yelling for their champion to get her head back in the game and finish off the supermodel. Tommy B. was screaming that he’d throw himself on the grenade and pick up where Kathy left off after match if only his porn star would just regain her composure and, as he so elequently put it, "…get the fuck back to business!"

But like a river at flood stage, stemming this flow wouldn’t be an easy thing for Kylie to do! In fact, within minutes, that’s pretty much what Kylie unleashed, a flowing river of hot, molton love lava as the porn star's body shook, tensed and then went completely limp after a tsunami of an orgasm shot out from between her limp legs.

Leaving Kylie sprawled on the mat like a jelly fish, Kathy stood up wearing nothing but a silly grin and wiped Kylie’s girl goo off of her hand onto Kylie's baiting suit top. Then Kathy stepped over to the downed porn star and placed one hand, palm down, on either side of Kylie's body just above the nipple line. Using a trick she’d learned in high school gymnastics, Kathy kicked up her legs and pushed herself up into a handstand! Craning her head as far back as she could, Kathy made eye contact with Kylie who was just now starting to become aware of her surroundings as the last quivers of her orgasm subsided.

Kathy waited until Kylie opened her eyes and looked up at her. When it finally registered in the porn star's sex-addled mind that she was in big trouble, Kathy released her handstand and swung her legs back down in an arc. Just before her legs made contact with the mat, she pushed one knee slightly forward - and pounded it into Kylie's crotch with such force that the sound of the bone on bone impact echoed through the Playboy Mansion grounds!. Kathy's legs had picked up so much speed and momentum, and Kylie’s money-maker was so engorged after her mind numbing orgasm, that it was obvious to all this was the decisive move of the match!

Kylie offered no show of resistance as Kathy removed her suit bottom and hauled the sobbing porn star to her feet. Kylie wobbled in place, slumping against Kathy’s naked body as the supermodel held her in a firm grasp on the back of her neck with one hand and her elbow with the other. Taking a running start, Kathy rammed the porn star’s face into the corner turnbuckle.

As Kathy stepped back and swung Kylie around and pushed her back into the corner, everyone could see that Kylie's face was a mask of blood from her now flat nose. Kathy used Kylie's bathing suit to bind the limp and unresisting porn star's arms to the top rope to keep her from falling then when she had her foe securely trapped in the corner, Kathy began to rain haymakers onto the porn stars belly and ribs.

"Damn honey! Those big old titties look like they could use a little color!" Kathy teased as she repaid Kylie in spades for the brutal beating her own tits had taken earlier.

Irish waited as long as he could before he stepped in and pulled Kathy away with his arms round her waist, then he raised her arm high over her head as he lead the grinning, still naked, supermodel back to the center of the ring. Kathy glared back at Kylie and realized she’d gotten her ‘pound of flesh’ from the porn star and she didn't try to break away from Irish. A big smile lit up her face as she raised her other arm, her bare breasts heaving as she absorbed the cheers from all her supporters.

The football game had restarted on schedule and was now late in the fourth quarter but no one seemed to care that they were missing the big game. Hef walked up to Irish and handed him an envelope stuffed with cash.

"What's this for Hef?" Irish asked.

Hef let out a big smile and said, "You won our side bet. Seems there WAS a catfight in the lingerie bowl. Who woulda guessed it!"

Final Vote: Kathy: 381, Kylie: 244