Amy Lynn Baxter vs. the Barbi Twins by Southgate

Howard Stern's birthday beach bash guest list includes his 'wish list' favorites, Penthouse Pets Amy Lynn Baxter and the bombshell calendar blondes, the Barbi Twins. Howard can't resist raising the heat at his party as he interviews the three bikini clad woman. Howard's banter has focused on the twins.

"God, seeing double has never been so rewarding. Look at those bodies. Four of the best tits I've ever seen. Sia, your sister's tits and ass are a little bigger than yours, are you the runt of the litter?"

Amy, who has not gotten much air time pipes in, "Howard, their both runts compared to a real woman."

Comparing their anatomies, Howard asks them women to rank themselves, "Who has the best tits, I mean not just the biggest, but the best overall. . . and best ass-biggest, hardest buns here? Shane, you got some ass. It's really big. I use to think that Amy Lynn had the best big ass on the planet, but I think you beat her, Shane-your ass has got to be the best on the planet."

Shane strikes a pose for Howard, thrusting forward her big butt. Amy steps forward and thrusts her own ass forward, bumping hard into Shane and throwing her off balance.

Amy coos, "Naughty Howard, how fast you forget, no one beats my ass!"

"Hey" yells Shane, recovering her balance.

She confronts Amy. Standing chest to chest, hands on hips.

"Girl fight, girl fight!" shouts Howard. "Shane are you going to take that from her?"

Shane is glaring at Amy. The big blonde is taller than the 5'9" Shane by three inches.

Amy has never backed down from a fight, "Howard, this little girl is trembling, don't scare her or she'll run away."

Shane steps forward, her big boobs mash into Amy with enough force to push her backwards, "Right here, right now is fine with me."

Sia Barbi, stung by Howard's 'runt' remark, moves forward to help her sister but Howard takes her arm firmly, "One at time, please."

Sia looks at her sister, tired of being compared to her slightly bigger twin. She interjects, "Shane, I want to take on this bitch first."

"OK by me, just save me a piece," laughs Shane.

A circle forms around the women. After a bit more shoving and posturing, the women grab each other by the hair and struggle to throw each other down. Amy lets go of Sia's mane with her left hand and slams a fist into the twin's belly. Sia's stomach is rock hard from years of the belly dancing act she performed for years with her sister. Amy is surprised at how little damage she did with her punch.

"My turn," snarls Sia.

Amy feels a fist slam into her gut. All the air leaves her body, she falls to her knees. Sia is right on her and drives her knee into Amy's head. The big blonde falls backward like a felled tree. Sia straddles her foe, grabs her hair again and slams it repeatedly down into the sand. Amy is struggling to clear her head. She had underestimated this wildcat. Amy succeeds in bucking Sia off balance. Amy grabs Sia's throat with great force and rolls her onto her back. Straddling Sia, Amy chokes her with her left hand while her right hand slips backward and into Sia's bikini briefs. She finds her target, mauling Sia's pussy wickedly. As Sia writhes under Amy's attack, Howard asks Shane if she want to help her twin out.

"No, Howard. She needs to learn to finish what she starts."

Sia tries to buck Amy off, but the big blonde is very strong. Her choke hold has Sia immobilized while the pussy attack is rapidly taking the fight out of Sia. Sensing that the fight is nearly over, Amy Lynn stands up and drags Sia to her feet. Scooping the mauled woman off her feet, Amy crashes her back down across her own outstretched knee. Sia lies motionless on the sand. Standing at Sia's head.

Amy turns to Howard, "Howard, no one beats my perfect ass." With that she squats down on Sia's face, in a reverse face-sit.

Howard goes wild, he announces, "Now I'd love that ass sitting on my face."

Amy is grinding down hard on the hapless Sia. Amy pulls Sia's bikini top off and grabs Sia's tits.

"Howard, these things might be big, but they are all flabby and squishy. Look."

Amy's big hands are squeezing and pulling Sia's tits as hard as she can.

"I've got much better tits that this witch, don't you think?"

Amy pounds on Sia's tits for a full minute. Amy finally stands up, pulls Sia to her feet and lifts her into a punishing bear hug. Finally, she slams the twin's crotch down hard on her knee, a perfect atomic drop.

"Howard, this fight's over," Amy proclaims.

"Think again," says Shane, walking forward towards Amy. . .

Shane circles Amy Lynn, her fists raised in a boxing stance. As she moves in to throw a punch at Amy's head, the taller blonde blocks it and counters with a jab that bounces off the top Shane's head. Shane backs off and then moves in again. Amy launches a kick that lands hard in Shane's side. Stung, Shane moves out of range for a moment, then, crouching low, comes in again. This time, she lands a wicked shot to Amy's left tit, but again Amy tags her with a jab to her head and a quick kick to her belly. Amy's longer reach is proving a tough barrier for Shane to penetrate. Resolute, Shane charges in again. As Amy's left once more crashes into the top of her head, Shane's momentum carries her forward. Her fist slams into Amy's jaw and the big blonde crashes to the sand.

Surprised for only an instant, Shane rushes forward, dives on a now kneeling Amy Lynn. Wrapping her left arm around Amy's throat and pressing her the full weight of her body down on top of Amy. Shane's right fist twice slams into the side of Amy's face. As Amy turns away, Shane grabs Amy's hair with her right hand and slams her left fist into Amy's turned face. Holding Amy's hair, Shane slams her head down into the sand repeatedly. Now straddling Amy's back, Shane is pulling up hard on Amy's hair. As Amy's head comes up, Shane's fist slams into it.

Amy's nose is bleeding and her lip is split. She is desperate to get free. As Shane again pulls up on her hair, Amy forces herself up with all her strength, lifting Shane up with her. Almost to her feet, Amy's mind is racing as she hopes to seize the momentum from Shane. But the tough twin is fast to react. She rises up with Amy still holding her hair and then throws the big blonde back down on the sand. Trapping Amy in a half nelson with her right arm, Shane rolls Amy onto her belly. Shane lands three shots with her left hand into the side of Amy's face. Shane straddle's Amy's back again. Amy's left tit is pressed out into the sand under their combined weight. Shane's left hand reaches down and claws at the tit. Shane leans forward and is taunting Amy.

"After I finish beating your face and tits, I am going to beat your fat ass."

In agony, Amy reaches up and grabs Shane's hair, but the tough twin slams her left fist repeatedly into Amy's side until Shane lets her hair go. Shane decides to try something new. She slides off Amy's back onto her right side, wrapping both arms around Amy's head while she wraps her thighs around the big blonde's waist. With total concentration, Shane tightens her thighs as Amy convulses.

With total concentration, Shane tightens her thighs as Amy convulses. After more than a minute of this torture, Shane releases Amy's head, grabs her hair and pulls her head up to look at her badly beaten foe.

"You don't look too good, girl. Would you like me to end this soon?"

"Fuck you," is Amy's reply.

"You're not a particularly smart gal, are you," Shane taunts as she holds Amy's head up by her hair and launches a left into her face.

Yet even while Shane's left is crashing into Amy's face, the big blonde succeeds in twisting her body around until she is facing Shane. With all of her reserve, Amy struggles to her knees. Shane maintains the scissors for as long as she can, but Amy drives forward, lifting Shane's body up with her and finally breaks free. In a desperation move, Amy slams her head forward-and a crashing head butt leaves Shane momentarily out cold. Amy rolls away from the twin and struggles to her feet. She wipes the blood from her face. As she turns back toward her foe, she sees Sia kneeling by her twin, trying to revive her.

Incensed, Amy charges forward and tackles Sia. Pinning her down, Amy devastates Sia with four elbow smashes to her face and chest. She slams her knee into Sia's belly again and again. Amy pulls Sia to her feet by her hair, measures her and then launches a thundering uppercut that lifts Sia off her feet. Still holding her hair, Amy drags Sia over to the still dazed Shane. Amy reaches down and grabs Shane's hair, pulls her to her feet and slams the twins' head together. Amy lets the twins fall. Surveying the damage, she lifts Sia up and pile drives her into the sand. Shane receives the same treatment.

"Now Howard, you watch want this ass of mine can do."

Amy pulls Sia to her feet; positioning herself so that they are standing back to back, Amy reaches backward and wraps her hands around Sia's chin, thrusts out her big butt and lifts Sia onto her back in a neck cracking hangman. Sia is screaming that she has had enough. Wanting to get on to twin number 2, Amy drops her foe to the sand. She punctuates the beating with a kneed drop onto Sia's belly that leaves her out cold.

But Shane is already on her feet. Amy moves over to her quickly, spins her around, wraps her hands around Shane's chin. Before she can lift her off the ground, Shane reaches back and traps Amy's chin. The struggle begins. Back to back, butt to butt, each woman tries to bend the other backward. While Amy has a height advantage, ass to ass they are dead even. Amy seems to be gaining an advantage, as Shane is slowly bending backwards. But Shane manages to thrust her ass backwards with enough force to seize the momentum. Now Amy is being bent backwards.

Shane overpowers her taller foe and lifts her off her feet. Maintaining the torture hold for more than a minute, Shane feels Amy's resistance fading. Shane leans forward, sliding the big gal up her back and shifts her into a back breaker. Amy is screaming, but unwilling to submit. Shane carries Amy about for 30 seconds and then slams her to the sand. Amy lands on her back with a thud.

Trying to clear her head, Amy looks up to see an immense ass crash down on her face. Shane tightens her formidable butt muscles and grinds down on Amy's face. Thinking quickly, Amy bites into Shane's ass. Howling, Shane leaps off of Amy's face.

"God you stink," shouts Amy as she rises to her feet.

Shane charges at Amy, having forgotten how the fight started. Amy's right leg lashes out and catches Shane squarely in the face. Shane goes down hard. Amy leaps into the air and comes down with both knees landing squarely on Shane's belly.

"You're mine, now, bitch," hisses Amy.

She squats down on Shane's face and slams her fists into Shane's belly. Convinced that there is no fight left in twin number two, Amy turns to Howard.

"Now Howard, you bastard you, look at these miserable saggy tits. They're big but oh so ugly. How dare you compare them with mine."

Amy mauls Shane's big tits for several minutes, punching, twisting, slapping at the bruised boobs, all the while chatting it up with Howard.