Anna Nicole Smith vs. Amy Lynn Baxter by Southgate 15-Nov-99
Anna Nicole Smith

Evenly matched, the two big women move slowly from their respective corners. The new and improved Anna has been on a role lately. Lean and mean, she has taken apart most of her adversaries. Amy Lynn Baxter keeps herself in shape working as a stripper between 'B' movies and appearances on Howard Stern's shows. The women glare at each other as they wait for the fight to start. Anna has a large gathering of fans hooting and chanting her name. Amy has a smaller, but very vocal group of supports there to cheer her on.

Amy turns towards the ropes to sign autographs for some of her fans. Anna charges into her, pulling Amy half way over the ropes. Baxter fans scatter as Anna leers at them, holding Amy unceremoniously bent in over the rope. Smith grabs the rear of her thong and yanks it up, then slaps her hand across Amy's abundant cheeks.

"Baxter, you fat ass, I'm gonna crush you like a bug," Anna jeers as she reddens Amy's ass.

Baxter tries to kick free. Smith reaches across her back and rips off her bikini top. She tosses it to her hooting fans. Anna hoists up on Baxter's thong 'till it disappears from view, then throws Amy over the top rope. Smith parades around the ring, laughing and hooting.

Cursing, her face as red as her ass, Amy get up and climbs back into the ring. The bell rings. The women lunge for each other. Two voluptuous bodies slap together. Anna grabs Amy's left wrist as Amy takes a handful of Anna's hair and jerks the Texan's head back. Smith's knee shoots up into Amy's crotch, lifting Baxter off her feet. Before she can regain her footing, Anna thrusts her chest forward, slamming it into Amy. Four big boobs mash together. Amy trips backwards, lands on her ass and elbows. Anna leaps. As she splashes hard on top of Baxter, Amy pulls up her left forearm up and cracks Anna across the jaw. Smith rolls off of Baxter, lies on the mat beside her. Both women are momentarily stunned. Baxter rolls away and scrambles to her feet, rubbing her boobs. Anna stands, rubbing her chin.

Smith flashes Amy the bird and charges. Amy braces for the impact. Smith catches her in a bearhug and hoists her up to her toes, then off her feet. Amy grunts, yanks her arms free. Smith snarls as she tosses Amy's body from side to side, squeezing the daylights out of her. A pained Baxter yanks back on a handful of Smith's hair and slams her left palm up into Anna's chin. Smith is jolted. Amy slips free. As her feet hit the mat, she slams her left fist into Anna's left tit and follows with a right to Anna's belly.

Smith curses and quickly retaliates. Anna slams her elbow across Amy's chest; she grabs Amy around the back of the head, jerks her forward and drives her knee into Baxter's chin. Before Amy can hit the mat, Anna grabs her and hoists her up into a bearhug again. Amy rakes her fingers across Smith's eyes, breaking the hold. Though blinded, Anna immediately sinks her fingernails deep into both of Amy's tits, mashing them back against her chest as she twists the soft flesh violently.

Amy rips at Smith's bikini top. She grabs Anna's left tit, wrapping her long fingers around the tit, squeezing for all she's worth. As the captured tit turns blue, Amy twists and yanks on Anna's nipple. Tears well up in both women's eyes, but neither will relent. Smith's big hands crush away on Amy's tits. The strength of her hands quickly bruises Amy's soft flesh.

Slowly, Anna forces Amy Lynn backwards. Smith's fingers soon find Amy's nipples. Smith grinds and pinches at the pink flesh. Tears are streaming down Amy's face as she lets to of Smiths nipple and grabs at her right tit. Anna laughs, drops her hand for a moment, letting Amy pull at her tits. And then Anna charges forward, blasting Amy into the corner of the ring.

Smith slams a double ax handle down on Amy's chest. She shoves Baxter back over the top rope rakes her fingernails across Amy's boobs. Baxter screams as Anna slams an elbow across Amy's chest. Holding Amy bent across the top rope, Anna fires her right fist into Amy's already bruised boobs. Amy finally manages to cover up her tits. Smith plows a fist into Baxter's exposed belly. Amy Lynn's knees buckle and her big butt drops onto the middle rope. She sits there momentarily dazed with her knees wide apart.

Anna grabs Amy by the hair and slams her first into Amy's crotch. Smith yanks Amy to her feet by her hair, and drives her right into Amy's belly. Smith stops for a moment, a big smile on her face. But Amy's right fist flies forward and catches Smith squarely in the jam. Anna straightens, puffs up and roars. In a rage, Smith drives her right knee into Amy's gut, forcing her back into the ropes.

Anna unloads a barrage of punches into Amy's boobs, putting her full weight into each punch. Amy's legs buckle; Smith grabs her the hair and throws her to the mat. Amy lands hard on her back. Anna quickly straddles her foe. Her hard butt slams down on Amy's belly. As the "oooff" escapes from Amy's mouth, Smith grabs two hands full of hair and bounces her foe's head up and down on the mat. As Amy's eyes begin to glaze, Anna goes back to work on her tits, twisting and punching at them. Intent on twisting Amy's nipples off, Anna bends forward. Her own tits dangle in front of Amy.

Baxter reaches up, slashes at the two big targets with her finger nails. Anna reaches for her foe's hands, but Amy slips her right hand from Anna's grasp and drives a fist into the side of Anna's face. Amy grabs Anna's tits and tugs the big playmate off of her perch and on to her side. Amy struggles to her knees, but the clear-headed Smith wraps her big thighs around Amy's waist. She drives Baxter back to the mat, her lean and mean thighs clamping down like a vice. They lie on their sides, faces just two feet apart.

Amy Lynn slashes at Anna's tits, but Smith reaches forward and sinks her fingernails into the soft underside of Amy's right tit. As Amy screams, Anna clamps her legs as tight as she can. Amy Lynn arches backwards, struggling for each breath as Smith's legs shake her like a rag doll. Anna again smiles. She loosens her vice, slips her legs up so that her right leg crushes down on Amy's chest. Locking her ankles together again, Anna scissors down on her foe.

As Amy struggles, her tits mashed flat, her chest constricted, Smith grabs her hair to hold her in place. Amy's right hand clutches Anna's right tit. Baxter digs her fingers deep into Anna's flesh. Smith coolly slides her scissors up around Amy's neck. Anna arches back as she pours on maximum pressure. Amy struggles violently, kicking her legs as she tries to escape before Anna renders her unconscious, but slowly, she slips into a foggy haze.

Smith sits up. Her right leg lies across Amy Lynn's waist. She looks down at her foe with contempt.

"I own your sorry fat ass," Anna roars.

Anna's right hand latches onto Amy's left tit. She grinds the nipple between her fingers, drives her knuckles into the soft flesh as Amy screams into consciousness. Anna, still sitting up, yanks up on Amy's hair, pulling her forward, so that Amy lies on Anna's left leg. Smith slams her right leg down against Amy's belly and again clamps her ankles together. With her waist scissors secure, Smith wraps her big hands around Baxter's nose and mouth, cutting off what little air supply Amy has left.

Baxter's body flails and jerks with whatever resistance Amy can muster, she's nearly spent. After several more minutes of domination, Anna stands. Amy lies flat on her back, gasping for breath and clutching at her badly bruised chest.

Standing over Baxter, Anna crows, "Guess we know who the best woman is here, slut! Are you ready to kiss my sweet ass?

"Drop dead," Amy stammers.

Smith smiles. Running her hands through her hair, Anna walks around the still prone Amy. She kicks Baxter in the ribs. Strutting up by Amy's head, Smith drops her big butt down on Amy's face as she settles into a reverse straddle, grinding her butt hard into Amy's face. Smith toys with Amy's tits, pinching, punching and twisting as she plays to her fans, taunts Amy's dejected fans and settles in to enjoy her apparent victory. But Anna allows herself to relax too much.

As she sits triumphantly on her perch playing to the crowd, Amy reaches up and seizes Anna by her hair, pulling her head forward. Amy curls her knees forward and drives them into Anna's head. A glassy eyed Smith falls to her side, holding her head.

Both women slowly rise to their feet. Amy wipes her face with her hands, trying to get Smith's stench off of her. Too soon, Anna charges again. Amy brings her knee up and nails Smith in the gut. Smith staggers forward and wraps her arms around Baxter, determined to reapply her bearhug. But Baxter is surging with adrenaline. She throws her arms around Anna and squeezes tight. Their bodies pressed together, the women grunt and strain as they struggle in the center of the ring.

Slowly, Baxter gains the upper hand as Anna's body begins to slacken. Amy bends Anna back as she takes control for the first time in the fight. She marches Anna into the ropes and leans heavily on her as she pours on the pressure. Smith, looking pale and spent, suddenly seizes Amy around the throat with both hands. The two seem frozen for an instant. Amy's arms slip from Anna's waist. Anna spins around, shoving Baxter against the ropes. Snarling, Smith chokes Amy for all she's worth.

Gagging and desperate, Amy hammers Anna in the chin with an unannounced uppercut. Anna's hands loosen. Amy nails her for a second time. Smith somehow has the presence of mind to clamp her hands around Amy's throat again. Amy thunders a fist into Anna's chin and follows with a left and right to Smith's belly.

Infuriated, Anna steps back. She raises her fists to challenge Amy. But Baxter's pre-Penthouse years as a foxy boxer pays off. She blocks a hastily thrown Smith left and clubs Anna in the jaw. Her fists beat into Smiths' body and boobs. Baxter backs Smith across the ring as she hammers away as the big blonde tries unsuccessfully to cover up. Baxter belts Anna in her right ear, then thunders a fist deep into her belly. Anna staggers to her knees. Amy wraps her left hand around Anna's head. Holding her in a reverse headlock, Baxter lifts Anna off her knees as she beats her right fist into Anna's ribs and belly.

Smith manages to rake her fingernails down Amy's back. Amy yelps and loosens her headlock. Smith pulls her head free, seizes Amy's arm and twists it behind her back.

"I'll kill you, you bitch!" shouts an enraged Smith as she twists hard on Baxter's arm.

Amy slams her free elbow backwards into Anna's gut. Pulling free, Amy spins around and drives her knee up into Anna's crotch. Amy's fists beat repeatedly into Anna's belly. Amy backs off a step and lunges forward as she slams her right fist into Anna's left ear. As Smith straightens up, Amy hammers her fist into Anna's jaw. Baxter's left hand clamps around Anna's neck. She drives her right fist repeatedly into Anna's belly. But Smith stands her ground, taking Amy's best gut punches. As a frustrated Amy cocks her arm back for another punch, Anna drives forward, her shoulder crashing into Amy Lynn's chest as they tumble to the mat. Anna quickly straddles her foe, pinning Baxter's arms under her thighs. Smith locks her fingers together, raises her hands high and thunders an ax handle down into Amy's chest again and again.

Amy bucks wildly but cannot unseat Smith. Smith starts to enjoy herself. Slapping Amy's face and tits, pulling up on Amy's nipples, stretching the tits into contorted shapes while Baxter can only scream. Smith leans forward dropping her huge tits on Amy's face. As she rubs her big boobs on Amy's face, she taunts her beaten foe. Smith stands up, grabs Amy by the hair and yanks her to her feet. She throws Baxter into the corner.

Holding Amy's chin with her right hand, Anna measures the distance and ploughs her fist in on her target. Anna hammers her fists into Amy Lynn's chest, and then into her belly. Amy slumps against the turnbuckle, holding on to the ropes. Smith knees Amy twice in the gut, leaving her gasping for air. Anna steps away, then charges at her pigeon. As she launches herself, Amy grabs hold of both ropes, pulls her knees up. Anna hits with terrific force and ricochets backward.

Baxter moves slowly, as Anna lies winded. Amy drops a knee into Smith's belly. Standing quickly, Baxter lifts Anna's legs by the ankles, spreads her legs wide like a wishbone and proceeds to stomp down repeatedly on Smith's crotch. Stopping occasionally to grind her heel into Anna's pussy, Amy works relentlessly on Smith's crotch, bruising her foe's pubic bone badly.

Finally dropping Smith's legs, Amy leaps up and lands with both knees square in Smith's belly. Amy lies next to Smith, wraps her big, solid thighs around Anna's chest and clamps her ankles tight. As Smith howls, Amy grabs Smith's right arm, twists it and leans backward while maintaining the scissors. As Anna begins to fade, Amy unlocks her ankles and slams her right leg up and down on Anna's chest, neck and face.

Amy stands up, pulls Smith to her feet. Anna wobbles on rubbery legs as Baxter spins her around, clamps her hands around Smiths chin. Baxter shoves her big ass backward, into Smith's, and bends forward. The playmate struggles, realizing that Amy is trying to trap her in a hangman, Smith tries vainly to reverse the hold. She reaches backward and grabs Amy's head. As their big butts grind together, the two evenly matched women struggle for a moment, but Smith has nothing left. Amy bends her backward. Smith howls as the pressure on her neck is crippling. Finally, Amy Lynn drops her to the mat.

"Enough, please, enough," Anna begs.

Baxter walks around the prone and whimpering Smith.

"Fine. You can kiss my ass and we'll be done." hisses Amy.

Amy squats her big broad ass down on Smiths face. Her fleshy ass cheeks clamp down on Anna's face. She draws Smith's nose up into the crack between her cheeks, nearly breaking it as she presses her ass down. Amy holds Anna's wrists as she butt smothers all resistance out of the big blonde. Anna stops struggling. Amy Lynn spins around on Anna face. Fixing her hair, Baxter leans back, smiling for her fans as her big ass and thighs cover Anna's face.

"Light's out Anna. You lose," proclaims Amy.