Garcelle Beauvais vs. Debbe Dunning by 2xifpkd

A long time ago…in a galaxy not so far away…Garcelle awoke to find herself propped in the corner of an empty room wearing a silver bikini. The ebony woman was astonished to find her body looked much as it had when she was younger! She rolled her neck as her eyes adjusted to the dim light of the enclosure and she felt a bit unsteady as she got to her feet. She took a couple of baby steps toward another awaking woman and the buxom black beauty helped her fellow inmate up onto wobbly legs.

Garcelle was glad to see a familiar face, an actress who’d guest starred on the "Jamie Foxx Show" - Debbe Dunning! The redhead's figure was comparable to that of the busty black woman and both felt reassured when they hugged and their heavy chests molded together as they commiserated with one another.

"What's this?" Garcelle asked as her hand felt a note stuck to the bottom Debbe's pink two piece. The light in the room increased as the sexy starlet raised the paper to her eyes and read aloud...

"Welcome ladies. You must destroy your opponent before you can leave the premises," Garcelle stuttered as her pupils pinched down in reaction to the changed light conditions. "What the hell?! No way!" she muttered.

She handed the note to the stunned redhead who looked and said, "I'm with you! Let's find a way out of here!"

Debbe peered around the room, vainly searching for an exit. As they edged around the wall feeling for a doorway, a heat duct above began to fill the room with hot, dry desert air. The actresses moved away from the walls and sent distressed looks at each other and the hot air ceased. Both realized their only chance of escape was to fight.

"I guess we've gotta do this," Garcelle said, loosening her shoulders as she stepped toward her slighter built roommate.

"No! There's got to be another way,” Debbe insisted. “Crawl up on my back; see if you can squeeze into that vent."

Debbe got on her hands and knees to accommodate the attempt as Garcelle climbed up and wrestled with the duct for a few seconds before receiving another blast of tropical air.

"It's no use, we're trapped," Garcelle sighed as she dismounted and once more the heater shut off. The women's eyes snapped back and forth from the vent to the luscious form of their rival as the battle became imminent. "Hate to do this to you honey, but I gotta get outta here!" Garcelle said and raised her hands to chest level.

She started to stalk in a tightening spiral around the slim redhead who shuffled her feet to stay square with her rival. Debbe stood her ground as the silver-suited starlet's chest thumped into her own heavy rack. They pressed together and backed away in protest of their fate. The heater kicked back on to prompt the women to reconsider their reticence to fight.

"Let's do this!" Debbe grunted as she lunged ahead and bounced her right fist off an ebony breast. The redhead drove her left knee into the firm inner thigh of her foe as Garcelle timidly tried to protect herself. Tanned right shoulder bumped into tummy as Debbe locked arms around squirming waist and squeezed on the sultry starlet. Garcelle's waist pivoted below the hold to cling against rival ribs as the coffee skinned girl pressed hands to hugging shoulders. A jolt from Debbe's arms to the midsection drew a groan from her foe as Garcelle felt the air begin to leave her lungs.

The black woman forced arms under her attackers and bucked hips to gain separation as the women staggered across the room with upper bodies locked in combat. Debbe groaned as she felt helpless to stop the rise of her chest as rival arms powered upwards to secure a reverse full nelson. The woman in pink struggled as her neck was forced down and away from the knees which she soon was forced to rest upon. Garcelle huffed as she shot her legs backward to grind her rival's red face into the rug with plump brown breasts drooping over sweaty auburn tresses.

Garcelle grunted as she leaned ahead to rest her weight on the wiggling white girl's head as Debbe bleated in despair. The redhead drew knees under chest and kipped up into her attacker to bump the busty black beauty off of her. Garcelle tumbled to her rear end and bounced to feet where she wiped sweat from her brow as she awaited the fiery redhead's rising.

"You're one strong bitch. I've gotta give you that," Debbe huffed as she shook the moisture from her long locks. Garcelle rushed ahead with left shoulder dipped to whack tummy as Debbe nimbly stepped aside and slipped into a bear hug from behind. Garcelle wheezed as the oxygen once again rose from her lungs and departed pouty lips under the influence of slender arms. Debbe's grunts ceased as she tugged ebony feet from the floor and let her foe drop to a splattering stop on the rug. Pink panties pressed against tawny back as the redhead's arms wrapped across chest and crushed rival rack.

"Submit! Give or I'll ...HEY, leggoa my hair!" Debbe shrieked as her chest drew down in sympathy with her burning scalp as Garcelle reached behind and tugged tresses. Tanned thighs tried to clamp to brown ribs as the silver garbed girl drew auburn hair to her shoulder before flipping the buxom beauty ass over head to the floor. Garcelle creaked to her feet and approached the kneeling woman from behind as Debbe crawled for safety.

"You're the one staying here slut!" Garcelle whooped as SMACK, she delivered an open palm to Debbe’s right ass cheek.

A weak downward shove to the head kept Debbe still as Garcelle wound up and drove a right knee into the plump pink covered butt which sent the redhead chest first to the carpet. Debbe's hands dug into the rug as she slithered away until her eyes detected a shadow above her head. The redhead tried to lurch forward as brown buttocks dropped onto her shoulders, Debbe's hands arrived too late to stop toned thighs from snapping shut on her ears as the attacking vixen shifted her rear a bit further down squirming back.

“Get offa me! Lemme GO!" Debbe screeched as she dug nails into the side of crushing legs while her eyes watched brown ankles cross ahead of her. Garcelle leaned back to increase the pressure on starlet skull and whooped triumphantly as she captured flailing tan knees.

"I always wanted a rocking horse," Garcelle giggled as she pulled up on the knees, flexing thighs against the howling woman's skull.

Debbe's face turned crimson as her lower back burned from the stretch while her breasts burned from the friction of rubbing rug as Garcelle shifted weight to punish her opponent. The woman in silver loosed her head scissors and laughed derisively as she tugged Debbe's knees overhead cruelly bending back while placing the weight of both fighters on burning bosom and mewling face. Garcelle let the legs flop to the floor and smiled as she sat contentedly on the middle of her rival's back. The ebony fighter slid legs back and lay atop her battered adversary as she soaked in the powerless feeling which was overcoming the proud redhead. Garcelle rose and placed hands on hips with left foot atop her foe's back as she looked around the room for an indication of approval. The black woman walked the perimeter of the room seeking the exit as Debbe slowly got to hands and knees .

"What do you want from me? I kicked her ass! It's over! Lemme out!" Garcelle roared towards the heat vent as she looked for the camera which surely had seen the events of the evening. The ebony vixen turned in response to a noise from behind and bent to protect herself too late from the right shin which Debbe drove into the silver clad crotch.

"I'm not done yet, honey!." Debbe grunted as she threw a weak jab to brown chest which toppled her rival. The black haired fighter landed on her ass and slumped to her back with hands above her navel as Debbe achy lowered her rear end onto tawny midriff and leaned back to snare spasming legs. "Payback's a bitch, isn't it?" Debbe rasped as she wrenched down on the captive spindles while pivoting waist ground against brown ribcage. Garcelle whined in anguish as her foe folded her mercilessly, heaving pink covered breasts inched ever closer to gasping pink lips as the hold proceeded along the lines planned by the resilient redhead.

"Leggoa my HAIR bitch!" Debbe roared as her frantic foe again grabbed dangling locks and pulled tanned cheek aside huffing ebony cheek. The redhead put all her energy into folding her opponent while tender nose rubbed rug and gasping mouth slobbered on brown shoulder. Garcelle screamed as she overcame the agony racing through her body and rocked herself left to topple her opponent who lay groaning on her chest, forehead on carpet, ass raised above trembling legs while her silver clad opponent lay flat on her back sucking in air.

Debbe pivoted on her weary chest as she spun to face the brutal black hellcat. Debbe eagerly crawled towards her motionless rival and crawled atop with knees tucked against brown ribs, Garcelle got left hand onto her gut as resplendent redhead rack plopped atop tired tawny head.

"Please staummphh!" Garcelle begged as her nose descended into the cavernous cleavage of her well endowed opponent. The black woman's legs slapped at the carpet as her mind raced with thoughts of mortality while her lips gratefully sucked air when they weren't pressing against soft breasts or gagging cotton bra top.

"Let go or I'll smother you to death!" Debbe hissed as the silver fighter's hand gripped and jerked up on pink waistband while smacking lips tried to evade the redhead's chesty assault. Garcelle let go the garment and Debbe swiftly grabbed the hand and pinned it above black hair to mirror the other hand trapped earlier. "Good girl!" Debbe grinned as she playfully batted her breasts back and forth across Garcelle's face before dominantly laying lactic sacs atop brown mug. Warm damp breath caressed Debbe's cleavage as the redhead felt the wiggling of rival legs grown fainter in effort as the hold wore down the last vestiges of brown skinned hope.

"Had enough? You put up one hell of a fight. Good luck after I get out of here," Debbe spoke as she lifted up just far enough for her quarry to answer. The ebony vixen feebly nodded in defeat and cried pitifully as a panel of the wall opened to let her conqueror exit. Debbe gave the attendant a weary smile as he took her hand and guided her into the Time Machine, closed the door and spun the dial that sent her ‘back to the future’ then turned and hauled the drugged bodies of Cat Bell and Jenny McCarthy into the hallway.