Kate Beckinsale vs. Beyonce: Teacher’s Pet by Tank

“Please stop, you’re hurting me!” Avril Lavigne found her teacher, Miss Beckinsale, a cruel taskmaster.


Kate did not spare the belt as she continued to spank a pleading Avril. She was a firm believer in “spare the rod, spoil the child” although her students at the Boarding School for Young Women were hardly children. Indeed, many had reached their 20th birthday but in Kate’s mind they were still young girls needing discipline. And lovely Kate was all to willing to provide it!

It was not that the sexy brunette headmistress wasn’t a fine teacher; she was an outstanding communicator and most who graduated from her ‘school for wayward women’ went on to become fine young ladies. A few kept in touch with their former teacher, indebted for the success they may have achieved as a result of her teaching and strict discipline.

But there were some in her class who perceived her as hypocritical. Kate demanded her students cover their bodies with ankle long, loose fitting dresses and blouses not below the neck while she wore skimpy micro skirts and low-cut blouses when she appeared in her classes. Kate would detain any student who spoke out of turn or showed the least lack of respect!

The students knew what being “detained” meant…Kate forcing them over her lap and dealing them a severe spanking with her belt. No student yet had found the courage to stand up to their sultry headmistress.

One of the students, Beyonce Knowles, gained the affection of her teacher and became her “pet” because of her humble, gracious demeanor. Beyonce would wear very modest white, frilly dresses and would speak to her teacher with her head bowed. She was the sweetest and shyest of students and would always be the first to volunteer if Kate wanted a favor done. Kate often referred to her as “my sweet little Beyonce” even though her student was only an inch shorter than her teacher who felt her favorite student was frightened and insecure, a girl in need of confidence.

As the year progressed, Miss Beckinsale continued to “detain” students after class and discipline them as she saw fit. Alexis Bledel was one of Kate’s victims who received a severe spanking and Kate went so far as to yank Alexis’s panties below her butt before disciplining her. After all, there was to be no talking in class and Kate always exercised her rule to the letter with no exceptions.

One day late in the semester, Miss Beckinsale caught Beyonce talking and giggling with another student while she was trying to communicate a point. Beyonce appeared frightened when her headmistress informed her she would have to detain her.

“Yes, Ma’am” Beyonce answered, her eyes downcast.

“I’m sorry, Beyonce, but there are *no exceptions* to my rules,” Kate explained.

Beyonce’s eyes stared at the floor as her classmates left. The shy young girl was now left alone to face the wrath of her dreaded teacher. It was a scorching hot day and the air conditioning was in need of repair. Kate sat at her desk dressed in a scarlet low-cut blouse and micro skirt as she looked up at her timid student in a long frilly white dress with pink trim. She looked so meek and innocent as she stared at the floor. The teacher, much as she liked her humble pupil, had secretly been looking forward to disciplining Beyonce for quite some time and was grateful the girl had finally given her an excuse.

Kate crossed her sleek, sexy legs behind her desk, glared at her student, and told her, “This will hurt me more than it will hurt you, Beyonce. I’m sorry it came to this. Remain standing until I motion you forward,” the sexy headmistress said as she loosened the belt around her waist.

“Yes, Ma’am,” her young pupil answered respectfully, her eyes still fixed on the floor as she humbly stood in the back of the class room.

Kate was shuffling through test papers on her desk when she glanced at her student and saw Beyonce unbuttoning the top of her dress, exposing a tight black bra.

“It’s very hot in here, Miss Beckinsale. I hope you don’t mind?” Beyonce murmured bashfully.

Kate thought to herself, “Such full breasts for a young girl.” She turned her attention to her papers for a few minutes and when she again glanced up at her pupil. Beyonce had slipped off her shoes and pulled her dress down to her waist. Kate couldn’t help gazing at her student’s midsection. “What well developed abs she has for such a sweet young thing!”

She was almost ready to motion her pupil forward to receive her discipline and as she returned her attention to the last of her test papers, Beyonce - her eyes fixed on her sexy teacher’s full breasts and nipples as they pushed out her tight fitting scarlet blouse - began to wiggle her hips while loosening her dress. Kate looked up to find her “sweet little pupil” naked except for her black bra and black thong.

“Oh my...what muscular thighs she has!” Kate thought to herself.

Then Beyonce began to slowly stalk toward her with a mischievous smile on her face - a confident, even an arrogant smile that Kate had not seen before. “Are you ready to discipline me, Miss Beckinsale?” Beyonce asked with a pout as she stalked toward her teacher until she was just a few feet away.

Kate appeared nervous and took a deep breath. For the first time she realized her student was not afraid of her. Beyonce began to gyrate her hips with her hands on her waist as she smiled at her teacher. She was perspiring in the hot, humid classroom and as her eyes became fixed on her student’s sweat- glistened thighs, Beyonce flexed them in her black silk thong.

“What’s wrong, Miss Beckinsale? Aren’t you gonna *discipline* me? I’ve been a naughty girl and I really should be punished for it!” Beyonce advanced another step.

Kate’s lovely legs were crossed tightly together but she was becoming more unnerved by the moment. Her sweet and shy little pupil who she was secretly looking forward to discipline since she’d first set eyes on her, suddenly appeared to her in her black bra and thong, as a strong and well muscled young woman who looked fully capable of causing her a serious problem if she wanted to. K

ate had always thought of herself as a mature, authoritative and domineering with her younger students but now, to her chagrin, she found herself short on courage; her sleek body lacking the musculature necessary to physically confront this tawny - and very confident - student who continued to press her.

Beyonce lifted her right leg and slowly began to climb on her teacher’s desk. “C’mon, Miss Beckinsale. I hope you’re not afraid of a little pupil. Aren’t you gonna give me the spanking a bad little girl deserves? Hmmmmmm?”

She reached out and cupped her teacher’s face in the palm of her hand. Kate pushed her chair away from her desk as Beyonce lifted her strong, sensuous body onto her desk.

Kate felt intimidated and began to tremble. “Uh..look...uh....Beyonce. I…I’ve had a change of heart. I’ll let you ...uh...off the hook. You can leave. We’ll discuss your behavior tomorrow. Alright?”

“Ohhh...are you afraid of a shy little girl like me, teacher?”

Kate stood up and began to backpedal until her tight butt bumped up against the wall. Her micro skirt came barely below her panties and the beads of sweat that had formed on her breasts - breasts which were now heaving anxiously - were visible in her low-cut blouse. She was also trembling noticeably. Suddenly, Beyonce stood up on Kate’s desk and leaped into the air with a scream.

“AHIIIIIEEEEE!” She came down on Kate and knocked her to the floor on her back.

“OOOOHHHHHH....Beyonce....please!” Kate tried desperately to squirm away out of her student’s clutches and she almost did. But Beyonce grabbed her by the back of her skirt and pulled her back to her - yanking the skirt completely off in the process. Then she mounted the back of her headmistress as Kate struggled.

The student taunted her teacher as she overpowered her, twisting her like a pretzel into very compromising positions. “Aren’t you gonna spank me, Miss Beckinsale? I’ve been a bad girl today!”

“Beyonce....please...please... let me go!” The dark vixen wrestled her headmistress onto her lap and Kate’s worst fear was realized when her pupil clamped her muscular thighs around her frilly white panties and literally began to squeeze the juice out of her as she twisted her right and left, up and down, and every which way in between.


Kate was now bawling loudly. “PLEASE...BEYONCE...NO MORE....NO MORE.. (Boo-hoo-hoo!)”

The student finally released her headmistress and proceeded to pull her onto her lap to administer a long and severe spanking.


“How does it feel being spanked, Teacher? I’ve been wanting to do this since my first day in class!” Beyonce revealed.

Kate lay over her student’s lap in her panties, bawling like a schoolgirl. Then Beyonce pulled her panties down below her butt and finished disciplining her thoroughly conquered teacher with another round of blistering spanks.


“Boo-hoo-hoo!” Kate couldn’t stop crying - and Beyonce loved every minute of it.


Beyonce pushed Kate off her lap. The teacher landed hard on her red rump and let out a girlish squeal of pain. She sat covering her red face with her hands, her body racked by sobs as Beyonce slowly got dressed. Kate was still on the floor crying uncontrollably when Beyonce strode confidently out of the classroom.

The humiliated headmistress felt too ashamed to ever return to her class. Years later at the class reunion, several classmates ‘swore’ that they knew “for a fact” that Miss Beckinsale had been living with Beyonce as her lesbian lover and submissive. But that was dismissed as just too fanciful a rumor to be true!Mr. Skin