Kate Beckinsale vs. Jennifer Garner by The Lopper

Jennifer and Kate had been auditioning for an upcoming action movie for weeks, but the producers and director could not decide on which actress would get the lead role. After several auditions, Kate finally asked the director what the deal was.
"Well, Kate, we just can't decide whether we should give the part to you or Jennifer Ga...." he stopped abruptly, realizing he shouldn't let Kate know who she was competing against.

"Jennifer Garner? That TV actress? Well! She and I will have to have a little chat. And since you boys can't make a decision, I guess I'll make it for you!" Kate responded.

She stormed out of the room and it didn't take long for her to find Jennifer. It did, however, take a while to find Garner when she was alone. Kate tracked Jennifer to her home, then waited until her husband and the nanny had left. Kate walked up and rang Jennifer's doorbell. Thirty seconds later, Jennifer opened the door and Kate forced her way inside, brushing Jennifer aside as she barged in.

"Can I help you?" Jennifer said in an irritated tone.

"Yeah, as a matter of fact you can!" Kate replied cattily as she walked into the living room and sat on Jennifer's couch. "It's my understanding you and I are auditioning for the same role and I've..."

Jennifer interrupted, snorting, "So THAT’S what's taking so damn long."

"As I was saying," Kate continued. "I've come here so we can decide for ourselves who is going to get the part."

"And just how do you suppose we do that?" Jennifer inquired with an arched eyebrow. "There’s no way I'm just going to let walk into my house and take my role away from me!"

"Oh really?" Kate said as she stood up and glared down at Jennifer. "Just what do you intend to do about it…sweetie?"

Jennifer stood up to Kate and pointed dramatically toward the door, "Get out of my house! NOW!"

"Not a chance love," Kate purred.

"Get out before I throw you out!" Jennifer threatened, her hands planted on her hips.

"You better get to throwing then," Kate chuckled smugly.

"Gladly!" Jennifer retorted as she swung her fist toward the side of Kate's head. Kate ducked Jennifer's right but got nailed with a left uppercut. Her head snapped back and she stumbled against the wall. Jennifer put her hands back on her hips and laughed as Kate struggled to regain her balance. "Last chance Kate; either leave willingly or you’ll be here until I decide to LET you leave."

Kate didn't respond verbally, instead she ran at Jennifer and tackled her to the floor. Kate straddled Jennifer and started punching her in the face. Jennifer's head was rocking back and forth and she was putting up less and less resistance with each blow. Jennifer was finally able to bring her leg up behind Kate and snake it in front of her face and bring Kate down to the floor and off of her.

Both women started to get to their feet, Kate was the first up and again lunged at Jennifer. Jennifer was ready this time and stepped to the side, letting Kate fall face first to the floor. With no hesitation, Jennifer pounced on Kate's back and scrubbed her face on the carpet. Jennifer then grabbed Kate under her chin and started to lean back. She placed Kate's arms over her thighs and continued to lean back. Kate was screaming at the pain in her back and neck. She knew she was in trouble if she couldn't escape Jennifer's camel clutch.

With tears in her eyes, she screamed in agony as she began rocking back and forth. Kate was finally able to roll back far enough that Jennifer lost her seat on Kate's back and fell on her back but, unfortunately for Kate, Jennifer still had her arms around her neck. Kate was on her back on top of Jennifer who had her arm around Kate's neck, choking her. If that wasn't bad enough, Jennifer tightened her powerful legs around Kate's waist.

"What's the matter, Kate, having a hard time breathing?"

Kate's only response was soft cough. She could feel Jennifer's tits digging into her back and refused to be beaten by this woman, but she wasn't exactly in a desirable position. She had to do something fast, before she was rendered unconscious by Jennifer's choke/scissor hold. Kate struggled and struggled against Jennifer's thighs, but Jennifer kept her long legs tight around Kate's middle. That plan had failed and Kate's last shot at getting out of this hole conscious was approaching quickly. She had one last idea and brought her head up and slammed it back down into Jennifer's unprotected face, a few more reverse headbutts and Kate was finally free. Jennifer rolled Kate off and wriggled away in the opposite direction holding her face. With blood beginning to trickle from her nose, Jennifer was still on the floor when Kate walked over and hair-hauled her up.

Holding Jennifer by the hair and studying her bloody nose, Kate mocked, "Awww, did I do that? Poor thing, let's see if we can't take your mind off the pain."

Kate sent a devastating kick to Jennifer's crotch. She let out a mumbled groan as she dropped to her knees. But Kate didn't let her fall all the way and jerked her back up, then slammed her back up against the wall. Kate held Jennifer with her left fore-arm across her throat as she began punching Jennifer’s belly, breasts, and ribs over and over. Jennifer would gasp, grunt or groan each time Kate's fist slammed into her toned mid-section.

After pretty much destroying Jennifer's stomach, Kate drilled her with a hay maker that landed flush with Jennifer's left cheek and she slid down the wall, bounced once on her butt and rolled onto her side holding her stomach and sucking air.

Kate put her hands on her hips and cocked one leg, then asked, “So, had enough….bitch?”

Jennifer looked up at Kate and gasped, “I sa...said before th...th...that you’re not coming into my house a...nd taking my role.”

“Ooooh the little skank still has some fight left in her,” Kate chuckled as she walked over and again snatched Jennifer up by the hair. She turned Jennifer around and put her in a reverse front face lock. Unfortunately, Kate had underestimated just how much fight Jennifer had left in her.

With an extreme show of strength, Jennifer got her feet under her and stood straight up, lifting Kate in the process and holding her upside down in front of her. Then Jennifer dropped to her knees, piledriving Kate’s head into the carpet! She was completely out of it, making random sounds like a person experiencing a vivid dream while Jennifer staggered around, struggling to recover before straddling her prone prey.

Jennifer grabbed Kate’s wondrous breasts and started pulling and pinching, bringing Kate out of her stupor right away. Kate opened her eyes and screamed and tried to throw Jennifer off, but Jennifer had her arms trapped under her knees. Jennifer continued mauling and mashing Kate’s breasts, pausing only to get a tighter grip.

“Is there something you want to tell me Kate?”

“Yeah! This isn’t just about a movie role now, you fucking whore. You can HAVE the role for all I care, but I’m going to kick your ass just for the hell of it!”

“It’s funny,” Jennifer chuckled. “Because I see you down there, beneath me; all busted up; and I am NOT gonna let you up!” She resumed her domination, switching from Kate’s breasts, to punching Kate’s face. Kate was quickly losing her strength, and knew, once again, that she needed to escape, and escape quickly if she wanted a chance to win this fight. Clearing her head, she rocked to one side, then the other, until she was able to get one of her arms free. Kate got her right arm free, but Jennifer recaptured it with her left hand and powered it back down above Kate’s head. “Almost sweet cheeks!” she sneered.

Jennifer then grabbed Kate’s hair with her right hand and stood up, bringing an unwilling Kate with her. Jennifer slammed Kate face first into the nearby wall and proceeded to scrub Kate’s face against it while her breasts dug into Kate’s back. Kate had had about enough until one of her errant kicks caught Jennifer square in the crotch. Jennifer let go of Kate and fell to her knees. Kate wasn’t far behind as she slid down the wall and came to rest on her hands and knees.

This fight had obviously been more than either woman had bargained for and it was definitely showing. Their hair and bodies were soaked with sweat, their clothes torn and their bodies bruised and bloodied. Jennifer was the first to reach her feet, but Kate was up an instant after. The women stood on opposite sides of the disheveled room staring death into the other’s eyes. They both removed their torn and sweat soaked shirts, leaving Jennifer in a black bra and black skirt, and Kate in a white bra and black slacks.

The two women ran at each other and met in the center of the room, Kate threw her weight into a feinted punch, which Jennifer expectedly dodged, Kate’s other fist found Jennifer’s temple and she went down. Hard. Jennifer was laid out on the floor and Kate was quick to sit on Jennifer stomach, bouncing up and down a few times to bring Jennifer back to reality. Jennifer opened her eyes just in time to see Kate lowering her breasts onto her face. Kate grabbed the back of Jennifer’s head and squeezed it tight against her bosom. Making sure there was to be no escape from Jennifer, Kate brought Jennifer off the floor and sat on her lap, scissoring her legs around Jennifer’s waist. Jennifer struggled and struggled mightily, but it wasn’t long before she stopped struggling and Kate let her head fall to the floor. THUMP!

“Finally!” sighed an exhausted Kate.

She got up and went into Jennifer’s bathroom and washed the blood from her face. When she came out moments later, however, she say Jennifer was no longer laying where she’d left her. Just as she turned to look for her, she doubled over from a hard kick to her pussy.

As Kate dropped to her knees doubled over in agony, she heard Jennifer’s voice from behind her snarling, “You think you can beat me in my OWN house?! NO! That is NEVER going to happen. Not tonight; not Ever! You hear me bitch?”

Jennifer was infuriated as she picked Kate up, held her across her chest, then dropped Kate across her knee in a Backbreaker! Again, she lifted Kate but this time she turned her upside down before introducing her head to the floor with a Piledriver! Kate lay sprawled spread-eagled on her back, barely conscious, unable to offer resistance as Jennifer stepped across her body, straddled her, then dropped down and sat on her stomach.

But Kate quickly snapped out of her fog when Jennifer gave her a few hard, cuffing SLAPs. With absolutely no fight left, Kate sobbed, pleading with Jennifer to let her go, “Please Jennifer, you can have the movie, I don’t care anymore, just please let me go.”

“Wasn’t it you who said the role didn’t matter? That I was a good for nothing slut? Well, now I’m going to show you how it doesn’t matter to me either.” She started to scoot up Kate’s prone body, drinking in the sound of sobbing from the quivering lips of the beaten woman between her thighs as she continued her journey upward until she was sitting on Kate’s breasts, flattening them under her butt cheeks as she squeezed Kate’s head between her thighs. She looked down, staring deep into Kate’s tear-filled eyes, then leaned over and whispered softly, “Don’t worry, this isn’t going to hurt, but it’s going to humiliate you even more than it’s going to please me!”

A maniacal laugh followed as her last move rose her body up and slithered it forward before she settled down, her crotch covering Kate’s red face. Jennifer began a slow grinding, her hips rocking back and forth, one hand in Kate’s hair making sure her face remained in full contact as Jennifer’s wet pussy slipped, slid and slithered up and down. After a long, slow, humiliating grind, Jennifer gasped, bit her lip and ran her free hand through her hair as she arched her back, threw her head back and let out a long, loud, moan as her body released its fluid down over Kate’s ruddy countenance.

Jennifer slowly clambered up off the now unconscious Kate, staggered weak-kneed to her purse and took out her digital camera which she used to snap several pictures before dragging Kate’s limp body out and dumping it on the front lawn. She went back inside and emailed one picture to the director of the film, printing the rest and putting them in her scrapbook with the rest of her private collection - keeping the digital copies to use for blackmail in the unlikely event Kate ever dared to badmouth her in the press.