Kate Beckinsale vs. Evangeline Lilly by TheLopper

Kate Beckinsale had said in an interview that she loved the show ‘Lost’. As the interview went on, the interviewer asked Kate what she liked about the show. Kate replied by saying that she enjoyed everything about the show, everything except the character played by Evangeline Lilly. Kate said that Evangeline couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag and didn’t deserve to be working in Hollywood.

Evangeline got wind of this and was obviously not too happy about it. After a few weeks she finally ran into Kate at a Hollywood party and confronted her about it. Kate said that it was not the time or place to discuss it and gave Evangeline her hotel room number and a time to meet her, and briskly walked away. Evangeline was irate.

Evangeline found the room, and with the door slightly ajar, she made her way inside. Evangeline had been wearing an elegant top with a short black skirt. She removed her top and had replaced it with a tight white tank top before making her way to Kate’s hotel room. Kate had been waiting for her wearing a tight buttoned up dark red shirt and a black skirt. She stood up to meet the slightly shorter Canadian. The two stood face to face in silence for a good 30 seconds before Kate chidingly said, “I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show, and ruin my evening of destroying your pathetic ass.”

The only response she got from Evangeline was a quick punch to her left cheek, followed by a left, another right and an uppercut that sent Kate sprawling down to the floor. “You? Destroying Me? Ha! Look at you, I’ve been here less than two minutes and your already on the floor.” Kate quickly realized she had vastly underestimated her shorter foe.

Kate quickly got back up to her feet and put her fists up in a defensive stance. Evangeline stood in front of her with her hands at her sides almost taunting Kate. She fired a quick jab at Evangeline’s head, which she easily avoided, Kate sent another punch towards Evangeline’s face which ended in the same result. Evangeline seemed to be thoroughly enjoying this, “Come on Kate, at least give me a challenge.” Enraged, Kate through a hard right that connected with Evangeline’s open hand, Evangeline grabbed Kate’s other arm and dragged her in close. As she looked at the taller brunette, Evangeline drew a quick breath and lifted Kate into the air, dropped to one knee and deposited Kate on the other. The look of agony on Kate’s face brought a smile to Evangeline’s as she shoved her onto the floor.

“My God, you really are pathetic. I don’t know why I wasted my time.” Evangeline huffed as she turned and started toward the door.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going, slut?”Evangeline turned around and saw Kate getting slowly to her feet. Evangeline walked over, drew back her foot and kicked Kate squarely in the jaw...at least she WOULD have except Kate caught her foot and dragged her down on the floor. With Evangeline surprised and on her back, Kate straddled the Canadian beauty, pinning her arms above her head. Kate looked down at the finally immobilized brunette and declared, “This fight is far from over sweety.”

Kate brought Evangeline’s hands down by her side and pinned them underneath her knees. With Evangeline pinned and her arms free, she started slapping Evangeline’s face. First a right, then a left, then a right and a few backhands for good measure. As Evangeline’s head was knocked from side to side she frantically tried to escape. Her legs kicking and hips bucking, but all attempts proved unsuccessful. Until she was able to bring her legs up and wrap her legs around Kate’s head. With Kate’s head between her legs, she quickly brought them, along with Kate, down to the floor, smashing the back of her head into the carpet.

Now Evangeline was straddling Kate and started punching her in the face.














She ended with an especially hard straight that caused Kate’s head to bounce off the floor. Kate was nearly done for and Evangeline knew it, so she decided to play with for a while before putting her away. She turned Kate over onto her stomach and sat down on her ass facing her legs. She bent Kate’s legs at the knee at crossed her ankles, she then held Kate’s legs in place by placing the back of her over Kate’s crossed ankles. Still sitting on Kate’s bottom, she reached back pulled Kate’s head off the floor and locked her arm around Kate’s neck in what can be described as a combination reverse camel-clutch choke hold. Kate was bent in an extremely painful “U” shape while Evangeline taunted her rival.

“...Gggettt offfa.. m..mmee s...sssllutt!” Kate cried.

Kate’s arms were free, but because of the position she was in, she could not get a strong enough hold on Evangeline to topple her. Her legs were also useless as they were trapped under Evangeline’s leg. With her hope and consciousness fading, Kate had only one shot to get out of this predicament, she forced her upper body backwards toward Evangeline, who was caught off guard by the unexpected maneuver. Both ladies tumbled off of one another and rolled away from each other.

Evangeline was quick to her feet. “Damn, I guess your not as dumb as I thought. Unfortunately that’s not gonna make much of a difference when you’re unconscious.”

Kate was coughing and wheezing while struggling to her feet about 8 feet away from Evangeline. As Kate got to her feet, Evangeline started slowly making her toward the wobbly brunette.

“Had enough yet, whore?”

“Please.” Kate said sarcastically.

“Good, I wasn’t ready for my fun to come to an end just yet.” Evangeline retorted.

Evangeline walked right up to Kate and got face to face with her taller adversary. Unfortunately for her, she hadn’t expected Kate to launch a devastating kick between her legs. She let out a soft moan before dropping to her knees, her hands clutching her crotch. With Evangeline on her knees in front of her, Kate drove her knee squarely into Evangeline’s face, knocking her on her back. Still moaning, Evangeline rolled to her side nursing her wounds.

Kate wasn’t about to give her any time for respite, and quickly brought the dazed Canadian to her feet. Barely able to stand, Evangeline slumped against Kate’s body. Kate put her in a front face lock and, too exhausted to do much else, just fell backwards, slamming Evangeline’s head onto the floor.

The result, however, did not turn out Kate had expected. She stood over Evangeline, expecting to see her yes rolled back or closed. Instead, Evangeline had a wicked smile, exposing her pearly whites. Kate couldn’t believe her eyes. She was too stunned to move before Evangeline had wrapped her arm around Kate’s legs and sent her tumbling down.

There were rumors that Evangeline was a little on the crazy side, and she was about to prove it to Kate. Evangeline brought Kate up via her hair and unloaded a barrage of punches, kicks, elbows, and knees to all portions of Kate’s body. No part of her body was spared as Evangeline’s attack sliced through Kate’s weak defenses. Kate’s head was rocked side to side as she was back-pedaling away from the seemingly possessed Evangeline. Her retreat was for naught as an exceptionally powerful blow spun Kate’s whole body around and drove her face first into the wall.

Evangeline saw Kate’s body relax and slump down the wall to the floor before she headed to the couch for a breather. She had been sitting on the couch for about ten minutes, noticing how wet her tank top had become.

She got off the couch and made her way to the door, she was about half way there when she heard,

“Going somewhere, bitch?”

Evangeline couldn’t believe it, but was quick with a retort, “Maybe you are as dumb as I thought, I’m just going to put your stupid ass back down again. But this time I’m going to make sure you’re unconscious.”

Kate hobbled toward Evangeline, while the other brunette sauntered toward Kate. The two women met in the center of the room one last time. Evangeline went for Kate’s hair, but she caught Evangeline’s hands and drove her knee into her tight stomach. Evangeline was doubled over, but brought her head up quickly, smashing Kate under her chin. Both women were obviously exhausted, and they came together again.

Kate went for a punch, but this time Evangeline caught Kate’s fist and stepped behind her. Evangeline held Kate’s hand firm against her own back. She then grabbed Kate’s other hand and secured them both with her right arm. Evangeline unbuttoned the front of Kate’s shirt started mauling her breasts with her free hand. Evangeline’s nails dug in deep and elicited a horrified scream from Kate. Evangeline demanded that Kate give it up, But the British beauty refused.

Evangeline realized that Kate wasn’t going to give up; she would have to end this fight more dramatically. She released Kate’s arms and spun her around. Evangeline unloaded with a right hook that would’ve taken Kate’s head off, but Kate ducked under the swing and got behind Evangeline. Kate lifted Evangeline’s tank top up over her head, but not quite all the way off. The top was wrapped around Evangeline’s arms, immobilizing them. Kate then proceeded to put her right behind Evangeline’s back and over her right leg. She then put her palm under Evangeline’s chin and pushed back, putting her in an abdominal stretch. With Evangeline’s arms wrapped up in her tank top, Kate was able to slip her right leg through Evangeline’s arms, effectively tying Evangeline’s entire body up with one leg.

Evangeline’s back was insanely arched, putting her in extreme anguish. Kate demanded Evangeline to give up, but like Kate, she refused. Realizing there was no escape Evangeline began crying, but she still refused to give up. With both arms freed, Kate grabbed Evangeline by the hair, leaned over her and forced her face into her sweating cleavage. Evangeline protested, but already tied up in modified abdominal stretch, there was no escape.

Evangeline struggled and struggled for a good 2 minutes before Kate felt her body go limp in her grasp. Knowing how this fight had gone, she made sure Evangeline was out by smothering her for an extra minute.

Kate released Evangeline who dropped in a heap at her feet. Too exhausted to do much else, Kate collapsed next to her.