Kate Beckinsale vs. Evangeline Lilly (rematch) by The Lopper

Evangeline woke up bruised and alone in the empty hotel room. She knew Kate had some fun with her after she had passed out, but thankfully for her, she couldn’t remember any of it. The thought of Kate humiliating her filled Evangeline with unspeakable rage, she swore to get her revenge on Kate, but quickly realized that she needed a massage for her aching body. She shower and retrieved what was left of her clothes and snuck out of the hotel.

Evangeline left the hotel and headed for a nearby massage parlour, she got there and they told her that the earliest available open appointment was the next day. Evangeline argued a little bit, but reluctantly agreed to come back tomorrow. She arrived the next day and was led to an empty room, before Evangeline could reach, the closed and locked the door. Behind the door stood Kate Beckinsale. “We need to talk.”

Shocked, Evangeline responded, “Uh..’scuse me?”

“Look, we had our differences, we fought, it’s over. I have no desire to get into another fight with you.”

“It’s not that simple Kate, you ARE going to pay for what you did.”

“Oh, Evie, do you really want me to put these on your face again?” she asked, pressing her arms together in front of her, squeezing her breasts to push them up and together.

This visual reminder of the last thing Evangeline had seen in their previous encounter - Kate’s full breasts descending on her face - sent a shiver down Vangie’s spine. She looked furious, but Kate could tell she’d definitely unsettled Lilly.

“We’re gonna settle this right here and now,” Evangeline huffed. “You got lucky last time, but you’re NOT leaving this room until someone calls an ambulance.”

“Is that so?” Kate asked, her lips curling in a devilish smirk.

“Let’s find out, shall we?” Evangeline snarled.

She grabbed Kate’s hair, pushed her head down and kneed her in the face. Kate stumbled backwards until she hit the wall. Kate looked up at Evangeline and without a word ran at her full speed. As soon as Kate put her head down, Evangeline stepped to the side and let Kate run face first into a shelving unit.

“Does poor wittle Katie’s face hurt?” Evangeline purred as she stomped the downed brunette.

Evangeline continued stomping until Kate caught one of her feet and sent one of her own feet rocketing up into Evangeline’s pussy. The force of the kick lifted Evangeline off the floor for a moment before she fell down to her knees, silently moaning. Kate struggled to her feet and brought Evangeline up as well. “I didn’t even want to fight, but if you insist, I will gladly give you another nap beneath my tits.” With that, she brought Evangeline’s protesting face into her cleavage. She wrapped her arms around the back of Evangeline’s head and scissored her legs around Evangeline’s waist. Evangeline struggled and struggled, until Kate decided to let her go to toy with her.

As Evangeline was sucking in air, Kate mocked her, “That was just a taste of things to come, dahling.”

“Yuh…you...ju…just made…a...(cough) big...mis…take.”

Evangeline got back to her feet staring daggers at Kate. They made their way towards each other and Evangeline sent her fist towards Kate’s stomach, Kate caught her wrist and twisted her arm around behind Evangeline. Now Kate had both arms in a Chicken Wing, swinging her from side to side and forcing yelps of pain. With Evangeline’s arms still Chicken Winged, Kate lifted her completely off her feet, putting tremendous pressure on her shoulders and back. Evangeline screamed in equal parts pain and anger, until Kate dropped to one knee.

She slammed Evangeline onto her posted knee, spreading her legs as she drove her knee into Evangeline’s pussy. Then she fell forward holding Evangeline’s arms behind her and slammed her face into the floor! Evangeline rolled onto her back and lay moaning from the pain in her face, her breasts, her shoulders, back and belly. Not giving Evangeline any time for respite, Kate straddled the groaning Evangeline and pinned her arms under her knees. Kate began bouncing on Evangeline’s very toned stomach, getting a pained grunt from Evangeline every time her ass made contact with Evangeline’s abs.

Once Evangeline was thoroughly exhausted, Kate sadistically said, “You’ve had the appetizer, Evie, now it’s time for the main course.” Evangeline began thrashing and bucking wildly at the thought of being forced to succumb to Kate’s breast smother for a second time. “Just settle down little one,” Kate laughed. “You can’t go to sleep without your dinner, Evie,” she snickered.

Kate slowly lowered her boobs onto Evangeline’s flushed face and completely blocked her breathing passages. She held the struggling Evangeline whose struggles grew more intense with each passing second, then after they reached a plateau of feverish activity began to fade, growing less and less powerful as her body depleated its stored oxygen and her muscles began to refuse to obey her brain’s commands. Just as Evangeline’s body gave up the struggle, Kate pushed herself up and lifted her sweaty breasts from Evangeline’s blank face.

Kate looked down at the girl’s ruddy face and sincerely said, “If you give up now and end this madness, I’ll let you up and we can walk out of here hand-in-hand.” After a moment of hesitation, she got her answer - Evangeline spit in her face.

Wiping the saliva from her cheek, Kate rubbed it in Evangeline’s face as she said, “Fine! Enjoy dessert!”

“Wha…wait…” Evangeline gaped as Kate leaned forward again.

“Nope, Too late for that now,” Kate snarled.

“Please, Kate…I…I’ll do whatever you want, just…don’t do that again,” Evangeline sobbed.

“Alright. Promise not to try anymore of this shit and I’ll let up. Then we’ll go get a drink and I’ll explain the rest of your penalty for forcing me into this.”

“Uh…I…er…,” Evangeline stammered. “OK, I promise,” she sighed, her body going limp in surrender.

Kate stood over Evangeline and extended her hand. Evangeline took it, but instead of letting Kate help her up, she yanked and pulled Kate down, smashing her in the face with her rising elbow! Kate went for a loop and landed hard on her back. Barely aware of what was going on, she could vaguely make out Evangeline’s figure towering above her but she couldn’t quite make out Evangeline’s words.

But Evangeline could make out Kate’s mumbled, “Why?”

“Because,” Evangeline replied. “I told I was going to at least get even, maybe even tip the score in my favor.”

Evangeline brought Kate roughly to her feet by the hair, then standing in front of the barely conscious Kate, she grabbed the back of Kate’s head and pulled Kate’s face down into her cleavage. While nowhere near as full as Kate’s breasts, the maneuver was no less humiliating. And, had Kate been aware of what was going on, it may have even been more humiliating. Evangeline was really going to town, scrubbing and grinding Kate’s face into her tits.

“I wish you were fully awake so you could realize how this feels.”

Evangeline let go of Kate’s head, and she fell back to the floor on her knees, grabbing her aching head. Slowly gaining awareness, Kate began to sob, “Please, Evangeline, Can’t we just stop this bullshit already?”

“I’ll tell you what Kate, when I’m finished here, we’ll set a date to get that drink, OK?”

Evangeline realized Kate wasn’t going to put up much much of a fight for much longer, and realized that a drink with Kate didn’t sound so bad. She decided that she’d keep her word and set a date to have a drink with Kate without a brawl breaking out. But she had to prove to herself and to Kate, that she wasn’t one to be badmouthed. With that Evangeline brought Kate up to her feet and slammed her face-first into the wall. Evangeline pressed Kate’s face hard into the wall, and then let her slide down onto her knees. With Kate still kneeling against the wall, Evangeline sat down behind Kate and put her feet on the back of Kate’s thighs, pushing her against the wall. She then leaned forward and grabbed Kate’s arms, bringing her back into some sort of variation of a sitting surf-board.

With Kate bent backwards, Evangeline hissed in her ear, “I’ll take you up on that drink, but first I’ve got to teach you a lesson.”

She grabbed Kate by the hair and stuffed her head, upside down, face first into Evangeline’s crotch. Kate’s back was arched up with her legs pinned against the wall and her face wedged against Evangeline’s pussy. Evangeline began grinding up and down on Kate’s face, opening Kate’s shirt and fondling her tits. Not mauling them, Evangeline was massaging Kate’s breasts and nipples. Kate struggled to get out of the hold as the pain in her back was unbearable and she couldn’t stand being humiliated by Evangeline like this. She struggled mightily, but Evangeline wrapped her legs around the back of Kate’s head, keeping it wedged firmly in her crotch as she continued to grind. Kate was still struggling and Evangeline was still grinding, until, just as Kate stopped struggling, Evangeline climaxed with an incredibly powerful orgasm.

Kate, her back still arched and her face still stuffed tight in Evangeline’s crotch, lay motionless; the only sign of life was the rapid, heavy, rise and fall of her breasts. Evangeline released her legs from around Kate’s head, and let her unconscious body roll off to the side. Evangeline lay on her back, panting, with Kate’s body sprawled on her back between her spread legs.
After she caught her breath and the waves of her orgasm had subsided, she got up and wrote Kate a long, sincere note, giving her a date and location to meet her for the drink she’d agreed to have with her. Taking a last look at Kate’s spread-eagled body, Evangeline felt an odd tingle go up and down her spine and she knew they would share more than just a drink the next time they met.