Kristin Bell vs. Rachel Bilson by The Walkin’ Dude

The Cabinet of Curiosities, Wolf Lake Colorado. Early in the card...
There was a dull, almost muted sounding THUD as Alexis Bledel’s tortured back met Amber Tamblyn’s bent knee. The sound was immediately swallowed up by the blue-eyed brunette’s piercing wail of pain as she did her best to fight off the debilitating effects of the hold. In turn, her cries were cut off as Amber deftly shifted her grip, pressing one splayed hand on the plane of Alexis’ thigh while the other lay across the brunette’s chin, pushing her head down at an awkward angle. In firm control of the situation, Amber took the moment to catch her breath and blow an errant lock of dirty blonde hair off her face. Her face aglow with sadistic determination, she tightened her grip and shoved down even harder, bending Alexis’ spine at an even nastier angle. Thoroughly enjoying the muted cries of pain coming from her foe, Amber dug her fingers into the shelf of Bledel’s chin and yanked from side to side before making her statement.

Letting Alexis finish her moaning (at least for the time being) Amber cooed in a sweet, totally insincere tone, “Just give up Alexis. I’ve worked your back all night long and it’s not gonna take much longer to snap you in two. If you want to have a career in the ring after tonight, I suggest you say ‘I QUIT AMBER’ as loud as you can so the ref and all these people know the match is over.”

Alexis’ face twisted in a combined grimace of pain and anger at the implication of her opponent’s threat. Focusing her thoughts on escape, Bledel curled her right hand into a claw and whipped it upwards in a quick arc that ended in Amber’s mane. Before Amber could formulate a response to the counter, Alexis jerked and twisted her foe’s locks as hard as she could trying to force Tamblyn to release her grip. Even though her back was killing her, the blue-eyed brunette managed a slight smile hearing Amber’s cry of pain.

She twisted the knife a little, hissing, “What’s the matter Amber sweetie? Don’t like having those nasty dye job roots torn out of your head?”

Snarling in rage, Amber relinquished her grip on the brunette’s thigh and balled her hand into a small, hard fist. Bringing it even with the side of her head, she glared down at Bledel with fury in her eyes and said, “You’re in no position to taunt me Alexis, now you’re gonna find out why!”

Amber’s hand began it’s short brutal journey downwards, a journey that ended in the center of Alexis’ trunks. The brunette’s blue eyes went wide with shock and agony…then she suddenly went limp on Tamblyn’s knee.

Biting her lip to keep from screaming, Alexis moaned, “Ohhhhhh you nasty, cheating bitch…”

Amber ignored the brunette’s barb and held Bledel in place across her knee for a few more seconds before shoving her free, allowing Alexis to hit the canvas and roll onto her stomach with a decidedly sweaty smack. Getting slowly to her feet, Amber stopped for just a moment, taking the time to make an adjustment to her red and black bottoms. Ready to go back on the attack, she stalked over to where Alexis was sprawled and bent down, grabbing a wicked handful of her rival’s ebony mane.

Hauling Bledel to her feet, Amber went nose to nose with the wounded girl and teased, “Glutton for punishment are ya? That’s fine baby cuz I love dishin’ it…ERRRGHHH!” Her taunt was never completed as Alexis’ hands exploded upward and slammed into her jaw in a series of quick, stinging jabs.

After about six of these shots, Tamblyn was rocked back on her heels for a moment and Alexis took the opportunity to crack her mouthy foe across the chin with a perfect European Uppercut. Amber sagged back leaning wobbly butt in the ropes as Alexis pressed in against her, grabbing the blonde’s wrist.

Taking a deep breath, Bledel whispered in the dazed girl’s ear before tossing her across the ring. “You talk too much.”

She sent Amber loping across the ring to bounce off the ropes. As her prey stumbled back towards her, Alexis bounced off the ropes and charged forward to meet her. The brunette was moments from decapitating Amber with a Clothesline when Amber pivoted on one foot and brought her knee up, burying the hard joint in the smooth plank of Alexis’ belly. The brunette’s own force didn’t help her any and she was flung forcibly Amber’s knee, landing on her back and immediately curling into the fetal position. Standing over the groaning form of Alexis, Amber put her hands on her hips for a second before slipping her thumbs into the sides of her briefs and snapping them back into place.

Having finished her display of her dominance, Tamblyn purred, “All right you wuss, let’s finish you for good.”

She bent down and pulled Alexis to her feet before forcing the brunette double and wedging her head between her thighs. Holding Alexis in the stall position for a Pile Driver, Amber used one hand to pull Alexis’ midnight blue briefs up in a wedgie while the other rained taunting slaps on the helpless girl’s rear. Pleased with herself, Amber released her grip and wrapped both arms around Bledel’s slick waist. Her grip steady, she hauled Alexis up and held her there long enough to turn in a slow circle, allowing the whole of the audience to see Bledel’s impending doom. Not bothering to boast, Amber just smiled widely and fell back, spiking the crown of Alexis’ head into the mat with the Pile Driver. Savoring the shudder that coursed through the brunette’s frame, Tamblyn released her grip on Bledel’s waist and pushed her onto her back, only to immediately go for the cover. She hooked both legs and put all her strength into the pin but Alexis still managed to kick free before the final count. Sitting on her knees beside Alexis, Amber slapped the mat in frustration before pulling the brunette to her feet.

Getting a firm grip on Bledel’s wrist, Amber cooed, “All right you stubborn slut, I’m gonna wring your skinny little neck.”

Not receiving an answer, Amber hurled Alexis into the corner and waited just long enough to make sure her victim collided with the steel post before taking off after her. With only a few feet separating them, Amber left her feet and hurled herself forward, meaning to crush Alexis into a sticky goo. Tragically for the blonde, Alexis pulled both legs up and pistoned them out, slamming them full force into Amber’s chest. The air exploded from Amber’s lungs in a single hard gasp and she staggered away, both arms crossed tightly across her torso. Looking up from her place in the corner, Alexis saw her opening and took it!

Pushing herself up, Alexis sat on the top buckle with her feet on the second rope and waited for Amber to back up a step further. When the injured blonde obliged her, Alexis leapt off the top in a perfect front flip over Amber’s head. As she passed over her rival, Alexis reached down and cupped her hands tightly under Amber’s chin, pulling the blonde off balance and slamming the back of her head into the canvas with a beautifully executed Blockbuster. Amber cried out, both hands flying to the back of her head as she rolled onto her stomach, both legs kicking weakly against the unforgiving canvas. Catching her breath, Alexis stood up and allowed herself a moment to adjust her briefs, snugging them into a more comfortable position.

Satisfied with the state of her attire, Alexis looked down at Amber and sneered, “Wring my neck huh? How ya gonna do that with your own in several dozen pieces?” Not caring if she got an answer, Alexis pulled Amber to her feet and marched the weak-kneed girl towards the center of the ring. Holding her by the hair, Bledel pressed her forehead to the blonde’s and purred, “Should’ve figured it out by now Am, I always get the Last WOR…AAAHHHH!”

Amber’s knee in her crotch brought Alexis’ missive to an end with a whimper, the brunette’s legs turning to water as she sagged to her knees. Her pretty face contorted in a snarl Amber gave buried both hands in Alexis’ mane and jammed the brunette’s head back between her thighs. Not wasting time with a taunt, Amber wrapped her arms around Alexis’ waist and hauled her up onto her shoulder. Holding Bledel tight, Tamblyn shifted her grip carefully, placing one hand in the crook of Alexis’ armpits. Almost ready, Amber pushed up hard, cinching Alexis in place for the Sit-Out Powerbomb she’d dubbed ‘The Amber Alert.’ Holding her intended prey aloft, Amber roared in triumph as she exclaimed, “You’re finished dumbass, I’m gonna cave in your miserable head.”

Listening to Amber’s proclamation, Alexis drove all thoughts but escape from her mind. At the same time as Amber was beginning to toss her down, Bledel pulled forward and slipped free from Tamblyn’s grip, landing neatly behind the blonde. Spinning to face Amber, Alexis waited a split second before leaving her feet and driving both boots into Amber’s back. The surprised beauty gasped and stumbled forward, stutter stepping into the ropes before bouncing off the cables and limping back towards the brunette. Amber’s drunken stagger lasted a grand total of about two seconds and that was all Alexis needed to put the match away.

Recovering from the Dropkick, Bledel dropped to one knee and extended her right hand, quietly begging Amber to take one more step forward. In the next instant, Amber did just that and Alexis leapt again, wrapping her arm around the blonde’s neck at the apex of her momentum. As gravity began to do its thing, Alexis yanked down, pulling her rival off balance. Amber was jerked off her feet and driven to the canvas with Alexis, her face and chest slamming wickedly into the mat. Alexis’ ‘Last Word’ finisher had connected perfectly and Amber was left face down on the canvas, her arms and legs flopped limply at her sides. Rolling to one knee, Alexis soaked up the cheers of the crowd as she crawled over to the blonde’s knees.

Gripping her foe’s ankles, Alexis voice crackled with satisfaction as she said, “Time to practice the art of persuasion Amber baby.”

Holding Tamblyn’s ankles, she folded the blonde’s legs up, pressing them roughly her butt. Placing a knee on Amber’s crossed ankles, Alexis lay down on her foe’s back and laced her arms around Rachel’s left arm and head. Her hold almost complete, Alexis locked her hands right across her captive’s mouth and nose in a painful cross-face. Leaning back as far as she could, Bledel pulled Amber’s torso up and off the mat, bending the blonde’s neck and back at a agonizing angle. With Crystal Blue Persuasion locked in, Alexis pulled back as hard as she could jerking Amber’s neck to the snapping point. The pain of the hold Amber around at once but it wasn’t a consciousness she enjoyed. Sobbing in agony, Amber reached desperately for the bottom rope, but Alexis yanked back even further.

“Give it up bitch! You’re not going anywhere!” Alexis demanded.

Tears rolling down her face, Amber held on for a few more seconds before frantically slapping the mat to signal her submission. Hearing the bell, Alexis released the hold and got to her feet, saluting the fans as she did so. Waiting just long enough for the ref to announce her the winner, Alexis headed for the ropes and slipped through them, landing gently on the floor.

As she went up the ramp, Alexis slapped hands with the fans at ringside as headed back towards the locker room. She was about three quarters of the way there when she noticed a figure step through the curtain at the top of the ramp. Diverting her attention from the fans, Alexis was started to see Kristen Bell standing directly in her path, a slight knowing smile on the blonde’s pretty face. Dressed simply Capri’s and a black tank top, the blonde didn’t say anything for a moment; apparently content to simply stare at Alexis with the same knowing smile.

After several seconds passed, the blonde mouthed, “Pretty good Alexis; but not good enough.”

Alexis frowned slightly. She didn’t know what Kristen was getting at, but she had been in the ring long enough to know a gauntlet when it was thrown down. Placing her hands on her hips, the brunette fixed her gaze on Kristin and mouthed back, “Bring it babe. I’ll be ready whenever you are.”

Kristen smiled, then replied, “You better be!” Then she was gone, spinning on her heel as she slipped through the curtain.

Alexis watched her go; the same slight frown on her face. “This should be interesting.” she thought before heading up the ramp and headed through the curtain.
Later that evening, time for the main event…

It was the first weekend of November and the tiny Colorado mountain town of Wolf Lake was doing very well. The summer people had left, taking their summer person problems with them and the winter people had arrived. And though the winter visitors brought their own slew of problems to the secluded resort town, the locals just seemed to be in a better mood when the air was crisp with the promise of cold nights and blowing snows. Tonight just happened to be one of those evenings and for those locals looking for a good place to pass the evening with something interesting, there was no better place to head than a nondescript little hole in the wall tavern called the “Cabinet of Curiosities” or simply ‘The Cabinet’ as the locals called it wasn’t merely a good place for a cold beer and a hot burger, it also boasted a large almost theater like room towards the back that was often reserved for special events.

Tonight, the events were special indeed, for on this night in early November, the owner of the Cabinet had come back to Wolf Lake and he’d brought the women’s wrestling promotion with him. For the first time since the hustle and bustle of summer, the loyal patrons of ‘The Cabinet’ were going to witness the savagery and spectacle that embodied the spirit of Richard Fannin’s upstart promotion. And with the stage adequately set, what’s say we head down to the squared circle where the erstwhile Announcer is about to bring out the night’s final pair of combatants.

Bringing the mic to his lips, the Announcer found his breath and called out, “Ladies and Gentlemen it’s time for our Main Event!” Introducing first, she stands at 5’3”… Allow me to introduce, Rachel Bilson!” Marilyn Manson’s cover of 'Tainted Love' bubbles to life as the petite brunette sweeps through the curtain and eyes the crowd. Smiling at some private joke, Rachel brushes a lock of dark hair from her face and begins to strut towards the ring, teasing fans with each and every subtle movement in her delicate stride. As per her custom, the brunette comes to the ring clad in a clingy pink tank-top and a pink and white striped pair of bikini briefs. The bright pink is contrasted by the tan of her skin and the almost blinding white of her pads and boots. Her dark hair hangs loose on her shoulders and as she climbs onto the apron and through the middle rope, it’s obvious that Rachel is looking forward to the fight ahead. The feisty brunette made a name for herself over the last several months by demolishing many of the smaller girls she faced and she relished being able to do the same to her foe for the evening.

As the furor over Rachel’s entrance died down, the Announcer checked his notes and then resumed his shtick, “And her opponent…she stands 5’1” tall… she is Kristen Bell!" 311’s ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ warbles through the club and the capacity crowd doesn’t have to wait long for the slender blonde to make herself known. Standing at the top of the apron, Kristin is sporting her nearly trademark grin, an expression both snarky and endearing at the same time. As she begins the short journey to the ring, it comes to no one’s surprise that the blonde is wearing her usual bright yellow bikini with matching yellow pads and boots. Her golden locks are cut in a short bob that ends a few inches above her shoulders and it’s apparent that she is just as ready to tangle as her foe. After all, Kristen was a young woman with something to prove. She’d been dismissed as a perennial jobber by most of her opposition when she had first arrived. It was only after she started dismantling her rivals with a withering array of suplexes and submissions that they began taking her seriously. Slipping through the ropes, Kristen went to her corner and awaited the start of the match.

DING! DING! DING! As the tolling bell still echoes through the confines of the club to signify the beginning of the match, the increased pitch and volume of the crowd rose to a fever pitch. Eyeing the blonde dismissively from her corner, Rachel pushed clear of the ropes and sauntered to mid ring, waiting with hands on her hips as Kristen moved warily towards her. Kristin may have been a rookie in many respects, but she was not one to make foolish mistakes. She knew Rachel’s penchant for treachery, thus she wasn’t going to simply charge towards her rival with claws flashing.

Stifling an exaggerated yawn as the slender blonde stepped before her, Rachel curled her lip in a derisive sneer as, looking her opposition up and down, she sighed, “Well, well, another perky blonde nitwit for me to carve up. How deliciously predictable. I’m sorry, what’s your name again? All of you tend to look the same after I’m finished so I try to remember you as you were before the match got underway.”

Taking the cruel brunette’s taunts in stride, Kristen stepped closer, making sure her eyes were locked with Rachel’s. Speaking in a low, calm voice she answered, “I’m Kristen Bell. And don’t worry about remembering my name. After the bell rings you won’t have any trouble recalling the ’perky blonde nitwit’ that hung your no talent ass out to dry.”

Rachel’s dark eyes flashed wickedly for a moment, but she quickly reigned in her emotions. Brushing a bit of hair from her eyes, she went nose to nose with Kristin and cooed, “You’re confident now, but are you confident enough to lock hands with me?”

Rachel raised her right hand overhead then and curled the fingers loosely at Kristin, a wordless yet undeniable challenge to the Test of Strength. Flicking her gaze to Rachel’s upraised claw for a moment, Kristen looked back at her opposition and smiled. “I’d never refuse a challenge from you Rachel. I respect you too much.” The word ’respect’ dripped with so much sarcasm the brunette nearly belted her right then, but Rachel held back, savoring the moment when she’d have the blonde at her mercy.

Waiting no more, Kristen raised her right hand to Rachel’s and slowly laced her fingers in between her foes. With one half of the test in place, Kristen brought her other arm up and repeated the process. She had barely clenched the fingers on her left hand shut when Rachel shoved forward and down as hard as she could, bending the blonde’s wrists painfully backwards. Grimacing, Kristen shook her head from side to side and leaned hard into her foe, trying her best to alleviate some of the pressure. Enjoying the contorted features of her rival, Rachel pushed forward and ground her chest into Kristen’s, even as she continued to press down on her captive’s quivering hands. “What’s wrong sweetie? Am I stronger than I look? Now don’t worry, there’s no need to cry. Just give up and I’ll let you get back to whatever rinky-dink gas station or burger joint you usually frequent. Of course, I may spank you first, just for wasting my precious time.”

With the brunette’s taunts grating in her ears, Kristen fought through the pain and in one sudden burst of strength pushed up hard, forcing Rachel’s arms straight out at her sides. Returning Rachel’s grind with a subtle crush of her own, Kristen rested her forehead against the brunette’s and purred back, “The station can get by for a few more minutes without me. But I’d hate for you to have to leave such a primo street corner untenanted for very long. I’ll try to wrap this up as quickly as I can so you can get back. After all, don’t you usually get paid for ending up horizontal?”

Rachel’s face clouded with anger. Incredulous at the blonde’s cutting reply, she was about to hiss a retort when Kristin rose up on her toes and pressed down forcefully. The increased pressure put a slight but steady wobble into Rachel’s butt and thighs that the tanned beauty seemed helpless to control. Whining a little protest, she pushed up with all her strength but it proved useless. Slowly but surely, she sank first to one knee and then the other. Grunting in quiet rage, Rachel was still trying to shove her way to a vertical base when she heard Kristen’s voice coming from above. “I always knew you SoCal girls were pushovers. You may have the looks and attitude of a great fighter, but in the skills department you’re an economy sized tub of nothing.” The pale blonde punctuated this telling statement with another strong shove down that bent Rachel’s wrists to their limit.

Infuriated at the way things were going (Rachel might not have won every match she’d been in, but the brunette was proud and certainly not used to being talked down to) she used the blonde’s stinging words at motivation and surged upwards. The speed and force of the shove caught Kristen off guard and Rachel managed to get to one knee before the blonde even realized what was happening. Regaining her balance, the pithy blonde resumed pushing down, but Rachel had momentum on her side and the brunette pushed to her feet, staring Kris in the eye once more. Choosing to forego words for the moment, Rachel simply grinned nastily as she fought to force Kristen to her knees. Looking for a way to expedite the process, Rachel shifted all her weight to one leg for the fraction of a second it took her to POW! slam a white padded knee into Kristin’s navel.

The unassuming blonde gasped as the air rushed from her lungs and she offered little resistance as Rachel shoved down and forced her to both knees. Wrenching her captive’s wrists at an insidious angle, Rachel flipped some hair out of her eyes and taunted, “Those peroxide fumes must have eaten away at whatever passed for your brain. If anyone in this ring is destined to lurk on some blighted street corner in Bag of Assholes California, it’s you bitch! If you give up now, I won’t make ya stay on your knees for any longer than it takes for you to pucker up and kiss my ass.”

Angry and indignant over the cheap shot, Kristen flipped some hair out of her face and glared up to spit at Rachel, “As much as I’m sure it would titillate you to be the head slut in some tacky girl on girl action…” Here she paused to take a breath and explode upward, coming face to face with her startled foe. Her smile a candy coated razor blade, Kristin finished, “The only one kissing ass tonight is you Bilson. And you’ll be kissing that plastic, tan in can Barbie butt of yours goodbye.”

Irritated that the blonde was refusing to go quietly, Rachel fired back, “Don’t you worry Kristen. You’ll be an expert on my ass before I’m through with you.”

As the last word passed her lips, Rachel dropped into a low crouch and then literally sprang into action, leaping upwards while her hands were still clasped with Kristin’s. Scissoring her legs open, the brunette snapped them shut around her surprised foe’s head and twisted backwards, taking the blonde off her feet with a quick Hurricanrana. Landing easily on her struggling captive’s chest, Rachel held Kristen’s wrists to the canvas and rubbed her butt across Kristin’s chest as the ref made the first count of the match. He had just passed “TWO!” when Kristen was able to force the brunette off of her. Scrambling to their feet, Rachel and Kristen took a moment to adjust their ring attire before squaring off once more.

Wondering if the blonde was as dumb as she looked, Rachel raised her left hand and asked, “Wanna try again slut?”

Kristen looked wary, but she wasn’t yet fully aware of the brunette’s talent for dirty tricks, so she stepped forward to lock hands once more. The second test was only half locked in when Rachel blasted her right hand forward and slapped Kristen across the face, sending her backpedaling with a surprised and angry hiss.

Chuckling, Rachel stalked forward and said, “God you have to be the dumbest blonde I’ve ever met. And that’s saying something.”

Grabbing Kristin by the sides of her head, Rachel pulled her prey in close and tucked the crown of her skull under Kristen’s chin. Without missing a beat, Rachel leapt into the air and then spread her legs out, allowing herself to land hard on her butt. The landing was mildly unpleasant for the brunette and downright nasty for the blonde as her jaw was cracked wickedly against the top of Rachel’s head. Popping to her feet, Rachel spied Kristen only a few feet in front of her, the slender blonde doubled over in hurt and clutching her battered face. Seizing the moment, Rachel sprinted forward and trapped Kristen in a hastily applied Front Face Lock. The hold was barely in place before she was twisting to the side and falling down, wrenching the blonde’s neck painfully with the Swinging Neckbreaker. Kristin hit the mat with a groan, both ands going to the back of her head as she tried to fight off the pain of the brutally basic maneuver.

Selectively adjusting her pink and white bottoms, Rachel got to her feet and posed over the injured blonde. With a confident leer on her face, she bent down and slapped the back of Kristen’s head a few times, mussing the blonde’s shoulder length mane in a gesture that might have passed for friendly in any other venue. But this was the squared circle and the open hand quickly became a clenched talon that hauled Kris to her feet.

Yanking the other girl in close, Rachel applied the Face Lock a second time and smiled prettily, “Once is never enough for me, you mouthy twat.” She fell to the mat again, administering the second Swinging Neckbreaker in as many minutes. Dropping to her knees beside her injured adversary, Rachel shoved the other girl onto her back and sat by her head. Looking into Kristen’s pain wracked face, Rachel flashed a mock pout and said, “You know I was supposed to be having an appointment with a tanning bed this evening, but I graciously cancelled it so these people could watch me destroy you. Still, I wouldn’t mind getting the best of both words.”

While Kristen continued to groan, Rachel crawled forward and sprawled across the blonde’s prone body, her head facing towards Kristin’s feet. Resting her weight on one hand, Rachel looked over her shoulder and used her free hand to guide Kristen’s head up and between her thighs. With the blonde’s nose mere inches from her tightly clad cheeks, Rachel snapped her legs shut, locking on a crushing Reverse Head Scissors.

Wiggling her hips seductively, Rachel turned her attention back to the unguarded treasure trove that was the rest of her rival’s body and resting her hands on Kristen’s upper thighs, said, “Normally I’d apply a Leg Stretch to go along with this, but a whore like you probably has her legs spread so far and so often that it wouldn’t do any damage. Oh well, I’ll do it anyway. Let these good people have a glimpse of the VD they’re missing out on by skipping your corner.”

Through with words for the moment, Rachel gripped Kristen’s thighs right above the kneepads and slowly began to push the limbs apart. She had spread Kristin’s legs to just past 45 degrees when the blonde began to struggle and buck in an attempt to toss her off. Holding her position steadily, Rachel stretched the defenseless gams even further apart when her world exploded in pain. Crying out in shocked surprise, Rachel released her grip and scrambled away, getting some distance between her and Kristen before letting her hands investigate the crescent shaped welt that was even now growing more prominent on her left butt cheek. Scowling as the blonde got up on wobbly feet, Rachel was about to hiss her rage but Kristen cut her off.

Grinning in spite of the pain she had already endured, Kristin quipped, “Well Rachel, I may not kiss your ass tonight, but I certainly didn’t mind taking a bite out of it!”

Circling the blonde like an enraged lioness, Rachel snarled, “You like biting huh? That’s good cuz’ I’m gonna chew you up and spit you out.”

Never one to leave a potential retort unsaid Kristen shot back, “Funny, the way I hear it, you never spit anything out.”

The snarky remark sent Rachel ballistic and the brunette stalked forward to lock up with the taunting blonde in a shoulder-clawing, forehead grinding clench. Stamping and stumbling around the ring, Rachel looked to keep control of the fight and she proceeded to do so by grabbing hold of Kristen’s wrist and whipping her hard into the corner turnbuckles. She hardly waited for Kristen to hit the thinly padded steel before taking off after her, intent on crushing the mouthy blonde in the corner like so much worthless garbage.

Unfortunately for Rachel, while she was well aware of the blonde’s technical prowess (though for strategic reasons she chose not to acknowledge them) she had forgotten that Kristin could fly when she wanted to and this was one of those occasions. As Rachel roared towards her, Kristen calmed her nerves and grabbed the top rope on either side of her. Curling her legs she rested her feet on the middle turnbuckle for a moment, and seconds before Rachel would have slammed into her, Kristen pushed up fast, leaping into the air a few feet above the top turnbuckle.

This move caught Rachel off guard, but she was savvy enough to put the brakes on before she crashed face first into the pad. What she wasn’t ready for was Kristen stomping down between her shoulders with both feet and then using the brunette like a springboard to soar through the air and land easily in the center of the ring. The force of the ingenious counter pushed Rachel forward and this time her face did go into the buckle, hard enough to leave her stunned and hung up in the corner in fact. Coming out of her leap, Kristen whirled on her heel to see Rachel dazed and open for attack in the corner.

Setting her feet, Kristen arched an eyebrow and said to herself, “Brace yourself Rachel. You’re not going to know what hit ya.”

She streaked forward, heading towards the corner at a dead run. With very little room separating her from the unknowing brunette, Kristen left her feet and proceeded to plant both boots in the back of Rachel’s right shoulder. The propped up brunette grunted as she was shoved rudely forward and compressed against the steel. Moments later she stumbled free of the posts and made it a few wobbling steps when she wandered right into the grip of the awaiting Kristen Bell who snaked her left arm around Rachel’s trembling middle while her right arm cinched Rachel in a Half Nelson.

Pulling her dual grips tight, Kristen brushed her lips against the brunette’s ear and then whispered; “Now the dissection of Rachel Bilson can begin.”

She lifted Rachel off the ground and fell backwards, doing her best to make sure the brunette took the brunt of the Half Nelson Suplex on the right shoulder that Kristen had chosen for demolition. The throw was delivered high and tight and Rachel did indeed land hard on her right shoulder. Gritting her teeth in agony, she rolled over onto her belly and curled into a loose ball, trying to protect the tenderized joint. Sitting on her haunches, Kristen sidled up to Rachel’s right side and grabbed her wrist. Pulling the limb taut, she placed one boot on the side of Rachel’s neck and the other on the brunette’s ribs.

Rubbing her victim’s wrist lightly, Kristen tilted her head to the side and said, “Let’s see how long it takes you to start crying. I’m betting it’s less than two minutes. If you prove me wrong though, I’ll make sure to sign your cast.”

Disappointed at not getting an answer, Kristen tightened her grip and pulled back hard, trying her best to hyper-extend Rachel’s elbow and wrench her shoulder out of joint with the Arm Stretcher. The pain of the joint stretching hold brought Rachel out of her stupor, but contrary to Kristin’s assessment of her character, the brunette was no wuss. She beat her feet against the mat and twisted wildly to get her free hand under the bottom rope, a task she accomplished with no small degree of difficulty. Wrapping her hand around the cable like a lifeline, she shouted angrily, “I’m in the ropes ref! Tell this bitch to get off me!” Milking the count, Kristen pulled back on the hold and then released it, rolling to her feet and Rachel pushed to hers.

Watching the brunette roll her shoulder with a smug gleam in her eye, Kristen asked slyly, “Whatsa matter Rachel? I thought your arm would’ve been stronger from all those hand jobs you give out. Guess you must be a lefty.”

Snarling at the slight, Rachel noticed her tank-top had ridden up well past her navel and as she tugged the garment back into place she hurled a retort of her own, “My shoulder may be sore now, but it’ll be nothing to how your face is going to feel after I grind your nose right the fuck off!”

Hoping to catch the blonde off guard, Rachel surged forward and locked up with Kristen in a Collar and Elbow Tie-up but Kristin wasn’t to be taken so easily and, after a brief clinch with the tanned brunette, she grasped her victim’s wrist and stepped back quickly, yanking down hard as she did so. Fire raced up Rachel’s elbow and she wailed audibly as the pain drove her to one knee. She had been down for only a second when Kristen wrenched her arm again, forcing her back to a standing position.

Putting as much pressure on the Arm Wringer as she could, Kristen cooed, “Really starting to hurt isn’t it? Why don’t you just give up ya collagen inflated bitch?”

Glaring at the blonde with fury in her eyes, Rachel growled back, “I don’t just give it up on the first try; that’s really more your department!”

Kristen’s brow creased in mock hurt, “Ouch! Well, I don’t have any response for that, except…”

She never finished her sentence. Instead she twisted Rachel’s arm in a quick, violent circle and then dropped to the mat, slamming the exposed limb into the unforgiving canvas. Rachel was taken to the mat with her and she bit back a loud scream as her already wounded joint was forced to take even more punishment. Scooting over to Rachel’s head, Kristin rolled the brunette onto her belly and took control of her right wrist yet again. Placing her feet on the mat, Kristen got her free hand under Rachel’s chin and forced the brunette to look up at her.

With a fire smoldering in her blue eyes, Kristen said sweetly, “You liked wrapping your legs around my head? Liked putting your butt in my face? Well, let’s see if you’re as good at TAKING what you love to GIVE!”

Over Rachel’s grumbling protests, Kristin pulled the brunette’s right arm tight under her own windpipe and then scissored her legs around Rachel’s head. A simple locking of her ankles completed the Triangle Choke and all the blonde had to do was lean back and squeeze while her thighs and her victim’s own arm started to strangle Rachel into red-faced submission. Rocking on her butt, Kristen was all smiles as her opponent was forced to suffer oxygen deprivation and the added indignity of having her face mere inches from Kristin’s sunny yellow briefs. Fighting off the nausea and dizziness brought on by the choke, Rachel pulled madly backwards, trying to get her feet under the ropes while her good left hand slapped feebly at the blonde’s belly and chest. Reaching up a bit higher, her hand managed to find the swell of Kristen’s left breast and she sank her talons in deep, squeezing and mauling for all she was worth.

Biting back a snarl at the pain in her boob, Kristen bore down tight on the hold and hissed, “Not on the first date you tramp.”

She was pleased to feel Rachel’s grip on her asset weaken considerably, but she was less than thrilled to see the resilient brunette get her feet under the bottom rope. Listening to the drone of the ref just enough to avoid disqualification, Kristen finally released the hold and scooted over so that she was kneeling next to the gagging Rachel. Grabbing a handful of hair, the verbally vindictive blonde yanked Rachel’s head up and stared her right in the face. Going nose to nose with her sweating captive she purred, “Aren’t you just precious? Brunette’s are so cute when they’re fighting back tears.” Then she dropped Rachel’s head and backed off, watching carefully as the ebony haired girl fought to her feet.

Brushing a tangled lock of hair behind her ear, Rachel rolled her right shoulder as she glared death and destruction at Kristen. Finding her voice, she whispered, “I’m gonna wear you out and grind you down. You’re going to beg for mercy, but I’m not going to grant it. We’ll just see who’s sobbing like a little girl when the bell rings.”

Rolling her eyes, Kristin shot back, “Hell, I’m willing to beg right now…beg you to just stop talking!”

“You’ll beg for more than my silence!” Rachel roared as she stalked toward her blonde rival.

The two beautiful rookies met in another tight lock-up at mid ring that quickly degenerated into mindless slugging as the drove petite but heartless fists into any and every available target. After a hard blow to Kristen’s kidneys, Rachel pulled back and shot her arm forward to smash into the blonde’s chin. But Kristen dodged the blow at the last moment and stepped closer to the brunette, threading a hand through Rachel’s thighs while another slipped over her shoulder. With a slight intake of breath, Kristen hauled Rachel off her feet and inverted the brunette. Wrapping her arms around Rachel’s waist, Kristen grinned out at the audience as she displayed the brunette’s wriggling rump for all to see.

Arching an eyebrow she called out, “You’re not impressed by this are you? It looks like a wax apple! Hell, it tastes like a wax apple too!” Laughing along with the crowd, she rose up on her toes and then dropped to one knee, crushing Rachel’s tenderized right shoulder against her posted joint. A frame jolting quiver ran through the brunette and she tumbled bonelessly off Kristen’s knee as the blonde posed over her. Slapping her own rear with an appreciative smile on her face, Kristen said clearly, “More impressive right? Certainly no wax here!”

Invigorated by the response of the crowd, Kristen hauled Rachel up and scooped her into position for a second Shoulder Breaker. She was about to rise up on her toes again when Rachel drove her knees back and smacked Kristin in the forehead. The blonde grunted and staggered back, slightly off balance. This was enough for Rachel to lean all her weight back and upend Kristen completely, landing on her feet while Kristin was now trapped in the same position the brunette had just occupied.

Holding the blonde’s waist tight, Rachel looked down at Kristen’s exposed derriere and spat, “Your ass may not be made of wax, but it has plenty of cottage cheese!”

Not caring for a response, Rachel dropped down and hit a Shoulder Breaker of her own, letting the blonde feel the special agony that comes with having a joint targeted for dissection. Holding her right arm close to her midsection, Rachel reached down and pulled the blonde up with her left hand. Yanking the stunned girl from side to side, Rachel planted a Knee Lift in Kristen’s belly before adhering a temple crushing Face Claw to the blonde’s forehead.

Digging her fingers into Kristen’s skull, Rachel jiggled her hand nastily and sneered, “Bout time we covered up that ugly mug of yours. I think I’ll soften it up before I take it for a ride. Hope you don’t mind. No wait, I hope you do mind. That makes it more fun.”

Not allowing time for a response, Rachel slammed her victim down flat on her back, smashing the base of Kristen’s skull hard into the canvas. Giving the blonde’s cranium a final taunting squeeze, Rachel stood up and pulled her pink and white bikini bottoms snug over her hips. Smiling smugly at the response of the crowd, Rachel sauntered around her downed rival and proceeded to drive short, hard stomps into Kristen’s face and chest. The injured blonde tried to move away, but Rachel moved with her, picking her spots with practiced ease to batter her victim senseless. Tiring of the simple but brutal assault, Rachel bent down and hauled Kristen to her feet. Yanking the blonde into her clutches, Rachel trapped her in a Front Face Lock, making sure to use her injured right arm to trap the blonde’s head while her healthy left arm grabbed a handful of yellow briefs. Holding her victim in place, Rachel did a little bump and grind, wiggling her hips as she held Kristin helpless.

Tired of the tease, Rachel purred, “Let’s flatten out that lumpy little face of yours shall we?”

Springing her plan, Rachel lifted her opponent up high, nearly hoisting her completely overhead. But before Kristen could be inverted above her, Rachel sat out and tossed her opponent down, slamming Kristin’s face and chest full force into the mat. The Facebuster Suplex rattled Kristen’s whole frame and she flopped onto her back as Rachel straddled her waist. Leaning back, Rachel put hands on her hips and wiggled teasingly as the ref went to make the count. His hand was coming down for the third time when Kristen managed to shove the brunette off her.

Mildly aggravated at the blonde’s continued resistance, Rachel scrambled off her opponent and then shoved her onto her belly. Moving into place, she quickly straddled Kristen’s lower back and grabbed hold of the struggling girl’s shoulders. Lifting up, she pulled Kristen’s upper body off the mat and threaded the blonde’s arms across the smooth expanse of the brunette’s thighs. Her hold almost complete, Rachel shifted her grip, allowing one hand to snag a handful of Kristen’s hair while the other slid slowly along the blonde’s chest. Smiling smugly as the crowd roared their approval, Rachel began to knead and maul her rival’s breasts viciously.

Twisting and pinching through the thin material of Kristen’s top, Rachel brushed her lips against Kristin’s ear and joked, “Remind you of something? If this were taking place in the backseat of a filthy jacked up Trans-Am it would be a pretty accurate recreation of your post prom activities. Of course, this is probably a little more painful than that was, but I figured you weren’t the type to complain about getting groped in front of a drunken mob.”

She laughed then and raked the blonde’s assets sadistically, enjoying the angry, humiliated yelp that passed from Kristin’s lips. Fighting back the tears that were forming at the corners of her eyes, Kristen bucked frantically against the Camel Clutch and was able to pull one arm free of Rachel’s painfully imposed contortion. Quelling the urge to slap blindly at her tormentor, she reached for the ropes, which were only a few feet away. Dragging the weight of her adversary was a challenge, but Kristen had great motivation and several seconds later she was able to grip the bottom cable and loudly demand that Rachel release her torturous hold. Sneering in disdain as she peeled off the blonde, Rachel reached down and yanked Kristin up by the hair, not allowing the wounded girl any time to recover. Dragging her weak kneed rival to the middle of the ring, Rachel situated herself behind Kristen and bent her backwards to trap her chin in Rachel’s armpit, locking in the awkward looking and deceptively painful Inverted Face Lock. Holding her for helpless, Rachel brushed her free hand through her dark mane and fluffed it, a haughty show of domination.

Ceasing the theatrics, she looked down at Kristen and spat, “This is getting boring. I’ll toy with ya for a few more minutes and then it’ll be time to put you away. I don’t get paid by the hour after all.”

In one smooth motion, she twisted around so that she was now standing back to back with her opponent, with the back of Kristen’s head being nestled snugly against Rachel’s left shoulder. Rachel hadn’t even stopped moving when she jumped and sat out, landing on her butt in relative comfort while Kristen’s neck was nearly snapped by the ingenious application of the Reverse Neckbreaker. Pushing the twitching beauty onto her back, Rachel lay across Kristen’s chest and hooked both legs. Smiling sweetly at the crowd, the confident brunette mouthed the count along with the fans only to be cut off at the last second when Kristin was able to shove her off. Cursing openly, Rachel pulled her prey to her feet and treated the woozy blonde to several disrespectful bitch slaps to the face.

Dark eyes flaring, Rachel hissed, “You’ve got nothing Kristin! Give it up now before I really have to hurt you!” She was pulling back for another shot when Kristen’s eyes cleared and a furious blossomed on her face. Before Rachel could deliver her slap, Kristen drove a fist into her belly followed by several more cold-hearted punches to her rival’s face!

Staggered back against the ropes, Rachel was trying to clear her head when she heard Kristin taunt, “You’re the only nothing in this ring Rachel. The packaging is pretty I’ll give you that much, but when I show everyone the box is empty, you’ll be on the trash heap with the other pretty plastic people!”

Looking to make good on the threat, Kristen yanked Rachel into her so that they were standing belly to belly. Reaching down, she looped her arms around the brunette’s elbows and pulled tight, extending Rachel’s arms out uselessly in front of her. She was about to begin the lift that would complete the Inverted Tiger Suplex when Rachel fired a knee up and slammed it into the blonde’s trunks. Kristin uttered a silent scream of pain as she stumbled back clutching vainly at her injured center. Taking a split second to shake off the nagging pain in her right shoulder, Rachel stalked forward, got behind Kristin and reapplied her Inverted Face Lock!

Looking down at Kristin’s deliciously helpless form, Rachel said acidly, “Jealousy is an ugly thing Kristen. Don’t hate me cuz I’m beautiful, hate me because I’m going to put your not talent ass out of this business forever.”

She was in the midst of preparing for the fall that would complete the Reverse DDT when Kristen suddenly tensed up and fired a quick punch up into her chin. Rachel grunted and saw stars. She tried to maintain the Face Lock but Kristen rocked her with another punch and she was forced to release her grip and stagger away as she tried to clear her head. Free of Rachel’s clutches, Kristin spun around and zeroed in on her stunned opposition. Not bothering with a taunt, she stepped forward and bent low, wrapping both arms around Rachel’s waist while she forced her head in between the brunette’s right arm and torso. Setting her feet, the technically gifted blonde bridged up and fell tossing Rachel nearly halfway across the ring with a Release Northern Lights Suplex. Shrugging off the aches and pains brought on by the Suplex, Rachel rolled to her feet and dropped into a tense crouch.

Glaring daggers at the equally tense blonde, Rachel hissed coldly, “I’m just about through fucking around with you Kristen.”

Crouching even lower for a second, she roared forward, sprinting at Kristen in a dead run. Watching carefully, the always-aware blonde waited for just the right moment and then leapt up in a short hop as Rachel was bearing down on her. At the apex of her momentum, Kristin scissored her legs out, aiming not for the brunette’s head, but her right arm. Seeing her legs thread over the limb, Kristen clamped her legs shut and locked her ankles even as gravity began to drag her back towards the canvas. The extra weight jerked Rachel off balance and she went down with her opponent, only to find herself trapped in a heinous Cross Arm Breaker the moment she landed. Feeling her nemesis writhe in her clutches, Kristen leaned back as hard as she could, trying to dislocate Rachel’s weakened shoulder.

Hearing the trapped brunette scream in agony, Kristen smiled and said loudly, “Sorry to hear you’re almost through Rachel, because I’m only just now beginning to fuck with you in earnest. Of course you could just give up, but that’s for wusses and you’re not a wuss are ya?

Rachel’s only response was a scream of pain and frustration, coupled with a nasty clawing at Kristen’s thighs with her free hand. Gritting her teeth, Kristin ignored the clawing for a while but then it got to be too much and she released the Arm Breaker if only so the brunette couldn’t carve her legs up any more.

Getting to her feet, Kristen surveyed the damage done to her gams and was still taking stock of the situation when Rachel got up and stalked towards her. Meeting the brunette’s seething gaze, Kristen said blandly, “How’s the arm?”

Lips curling up in a snarl, Rachel responded, “Just strong enough to let me tear your face off.”

That was the end of the banter for now as Rachel simply waded in with both fists flying, taking aim at any part of Kristen that looked open or vulnerable. Soaking up Rachel’s fists, Kristen fought back with punches of her own and the two young women were engaged in such fashion for the next several seconds. The complexion of their war changed once again when Kristen ducked a looping left from Rachel and delivered a receipt from early, burying a knee between the brunette’s thighs. Not allowing her opponent to fall, Kristen bent Rachel double and quickly grabbed the brunette’s left wrist. Keeping her bent over, Kristin pinned Rachel’s wrist behind her back, pinning it between her rival’s shoulder blades in an excruciating Hammerlock.

Working carefully to keep her victim under control, Kristen used her free right arm to apply a Front Face Lock, snagging the brunette in a pair of basic yet painful holds. About to demonstrate her gift for the technical once more, the blonde lifted up and fell backwards, depositing Rachel on her back with the Chickenwing Suplex. Feeling the throw connect, Kristin bridged up on her toes and pressed down, trying to keep Rachel’s shoulders on the mat for THREE! She was two thirds of the way there when Rachel was able to roll a shoulder free.

Not deflated by Rachel’s escape, Kristen continued to work the game plan that had continued to pay dividends throughout the fight. Bringing Rachel to her feet, Kristen stood in front of her and applied the Hammerlock to the brunette’s arm once again. Still maintaining the hold, she bent down, wrapped her arm around Rachel’s waist and then threaded her head between Rachel’s left arm and her torso. Holding her prey tight, Kristen bridged up and fell back once again, hitting a second Northern Lights Suplex, with this one having the added bonus of dropping all of the brunette’s weight onto her weakened right arm. Kristen felt Rachel groan and sputter beneath her and she could only hope that the bridge would hold for three seconds. Unfortunately for Kristin, Rachel’s left arm was still strong enough to get free of the mat before the final slap of the mat. Sighing heavily, Kristen got to her feet and took a breather while Rachel was moaning on the mat.

Watching the brunette with a curious gaze, Kristen wondered, “Sheesh, am I gonna have to rip her arm off before she’ll stay down? Something makes me think Rich and the other suits up front would frown upon that kind of tactic.”

Standing at a safe distance as Rachel got wearily to her feet, Kristen started forward and joked, “Vapid and tenacious. Two characteristics that don’t usually come paired together. I’ll admit I’m a just a little imp…ERRRGGHHH!” The brunette’s well manicured talon raking across her eyes stopped the blonde’s backhanded compliment cold and made her easy pickings for Rachel as she trapped Kristin in another Front Face Lock.

Knowing she needed to put Kristen away fast, Rachel still couldn’t resist the taunt as she grabbed a handful of yellow tights, “I know I’m impressive Kristen. But shutting your big mouth, that’s gonna be the most spectacular moment of my career to date. Prepare to be amazed.”

Cinching her grip, she lifted up fast, hauling Kristen into the air over her head so she could fall back and smash the blonde’s head with a Brain Buster. But Rachel had made a mistake in setting up the move. She’d used her weak right arm to do the majority of the lifting and as Kris was almost directly overhead, the limb gave out and she released her grip, leaving Kristin to land on her feet in an awkward sprawl. Rachel’s face was still etched with pain when Kristen regained her senses and booted the weary beauty right in the gut, doubling her over.

Stepping forward, Kristen trapped Rachel’s head between her thighs and wrapped her arms around the brunette’s waist, telling her, “I may be gullible, but I don’t make stupid mistakes. That’s something you might want to look into.”

She lifted Rachel off her feet and into the air, bringing her to rest on the blonde’s shoulder. Shifting her hands, Kristen placed them in Rachel’s armpits and lifted her up even higher, holding the trapped girl up with both arms extended out at her shoulders. Feeling her arms begin to waver, Kristen sat out hard, tossing Rachel back first into the mat from a height of several feet up. The Crucifix Powerbomb nearly drove Rachel through the canvas and she only shuddered lightly as Kristen went to make the cover. The zebra’s hand was scant inches from the three when Rachel managed to get an arm up. When Rachel kicked out of the Powerbomb, Kristen felt the first real pangs of frustration begin to creep in. Shaking her head in quiet disbelief, the slender blonde pushed to her feet and looked around.

Spying the corner, she smiled brightly and muttered, “Well Rachel if I can’t keep you down by myself, perhaps my old buddy gravity wouldn’t mind making an assist!”

Ending her reprieve, she headed to the corner and quickly ascended, waiting patiently as Rachel got her feet under her again. Crouching silently, Kristen’s attention was zeroed in on her foe and as soon as Rachel turned to face her, the blonde leapt into the void, flying towards the brunette at full speed with a Cross Body Splash. Tragically for Kristin, Rachel’s senses were still working quickly enough to formulate a counter and when she saw Kristen dive at her, Rachel crouched and then executed a leap of her own, one that ended with her driving both boots into Kristen’s defenseless gut with a Standing Dropkick. The air exploded out of Kristin’s lungs and she hit the mat with a wet crash, gasping and sobbing as she tried to cradle her impaled middle. Pushing back to a vertical base, Rachel stumbled back several paces and simply collected herself while Kristen was occupied with the agony the brunette had inflicted.

After several seconds, Rachel began to feel much better (though the pain in her right shoulder was still quite troubling) and she started to stalk the downed blonde. Creeping around behind her foe, Rachel assumed her crouch and waited for Kristen to get back up. Moments later, her wish was granted as Kristen pushed first to her hands and knees, and then finally to her feet. As soon as Kristin was standing, Rachel sprinted forward, not worried if she saw the whites of the blonde’s eyes or not. Kristin was still in the process of turning around when Rachel left her feet and lashed her left foot out, catching her rival across the side of the face with a wicked Running Enziguiri. There was loud SMACK as the bridge of Rachel’s foot slapped Kristen’s face, knocking the blonde for a loop; her lithe legs coming unhinged as she crumpled face first on the canvas.

Sauntering over to where Kris lay sprawled, Rachel smiled viciously and said, “Playtime’s over. Now all that’s left is to roll you up and put you away.” She bent down and pulled Kristin to her feet, spinning her around so she was facing away from her. Then the brunette stepped in and applied a Full Nelson. Grinding her pelvis on the blonde’s butt, Rachel purred, “Let’s hope your skinny ass can take a rough landing.”

She jerked Kristin off her feet, pulling the blonde high into the air, then with Kristen’s legs soaring helplessly outward, Rachel sat out and drove the blonde’s butt into the mat with wicked force. Holding the Full Nelson for a moment longer, Rachel snaked her legs around Kristen’s waist and locked her ankles, securing a Body Scissors. Releasing the Nelson, Rachel started to twist in a tight circle, rolling the disoriented and wounded blonde around on the mat several times. Eventually Rachel came to a stop and planted her hands on the canvas. Pressing up for increased leverage, she looked over her shoulder to make sure that Kristen’s shoulders were firmly on the mat and seeing that was the case, she counted aloud, “One…two…thr…”

Still, Kristen somehow managed to wrench out of the Body Scissors and save herself from defeat at the last possible instant. Rachel shoved to her feet and roared at the ref in disbelief. No one had ever kicked out of the California Roll before and she hated to think that this mouthy blonde pip-squeak had been able to resist one of her finishers. Getting nothing more than a patient admonition from the ref, Rachel soon turned the full force of her fury back on the decimated blonde. Yanking Kristen up by the hair, Rachel forced the blonde’s head between her thighs as she locked in a Standing Headscissors.

Running her hands over Kristin’s quivering rump, Rachel grabbed the yellow bikini bottoms in both hands and said, “Looks like your ass had more padding than I thought. Is your face equally resilient?”

Not waiting for a reply, Rachel dropped to both knees, slamming Kristen’s forehead into the mat with a uniquely applied Facebuster. But if the suffering blonde thought her troubles were over for the moment, she was in for a shock for Rachel’s demeaning and painful dismantling of her was just beginning! Sitting comfortably on her knees, Rachel’s butt was resting on the back of Kristen’s head, a position the brunette enjoyed very much. Rubbing her hands together, Rachel laid her hands on Kristen’s bottom again and closed her fists, taking a firm grip.

Pulling up very lightly, Rachel cooed, “Let’s see you manage a smart ass one liner when your own is about to be ripped in two.” Then she pulled back with everything she had, watching with sick satisfaction as Kristen’s briefs all but disappeared in the crack of her ass. Sawing the hideously tightened garment back and forth, Rachel bounced on the back of Kristen’s squirming head and sneered, “Scream my name bitch! Scream it out loud as you’re tapping like a little slut!”

Nearly mad with agony as Rachel tortured her, Kristen refused to be beaten by such an ignominious maneuver. Biting her lip to block out a scream of surrender, she felt around wildly with her hands until she felt them scrambling across the curve of Rachel’s backside. A firm believer in eye for an eye justice, Kris grabbed hold of Rachel’s briefs and administered a Wedgie of her own. Thanks to her poor position, Kristin’s wasn’t nearly as nasty as her tormentor’s but it was still enough to surprise Rachel into releasing her grip. Spitting her rage, the brunette scrambled away and tended to her distended togs as Kristen did the same.

Wincing in pain, (and a bit of embarrassment) Kristen pulled her briefs back into the proper alignment before fixing Rachel with a withering stare, then finding her voice, whispered, “I’ll get you for that Rachel.”

Pleased at a chance to verbally one up the blonde, Rachel shot back, “What’s the matter slut? I thought I was doing you a favor. After all, buzz around the locker room is you like your lovin’ that way.”

Rachel was about to continue when Kristen pounced on her, throwing wild punches slaps and claws at anything that moved. Unprepared for such explosive violence from the usually contained blonde, Rachel was caught off guard and she found herself eating a series of cruel punches and crosses that knocked her head from side to side. After she staggered Rachel with a jaw-cracking Uppercut, Kristen grabbed hold of her foe’s wrist and tossed her hard into the corner. Taking a second to collect herself, Kristen shot towards the corner; intent on making sure that Rachel’s stay was not a pleasant one. But Kristen had made a mistake in taking a respite (no matter how brief) because as she charged in to squash the brunette, Rachel grabbed hold of the rope on either side of her and suddenly pulled her legs up, slamming them shut around Kristen’s neck as she approached the corner. Stopping the blonde cold, Rachel rubbed her thighs against Kristin’s cheeks and grinned into her started features.

Her voice openly taunting, Rachel said, “Gawd I love that look! I hope it’s the last one I see right before sitting down on your cute little face.”

She pushed out of the corner and twisted her hips, tossing Kristen onto her back with the makeshift Hurricanrana. Getting quickly to her knees, Rachel scrambled over to Kristen’s splayed form and covered her, hoping the innovative counter would be enough to keep the blonde down. Alas, she was still able to shove Rachel away before the three count was administered. Rolling her eyes, Rachel got to her feet and pulled Kristen to hers. Marching the dazed blonde over to the corner, Rachel maneuvered around so that her back was resting comfortably against the posts while Kristen was resting drunkenly against her chest, facing towards the ring. Wrapping her left arm tightly around Kristin’s neck, Rachel pulled herself up so that she was sitting on the top turnbuckle while the blonde was standing on the canvas. Keeping her grip firm, she pulled back as hard as she could, yanking Kristen several inches into the air while she choked the life out of her. Wrenching the Strangle Hold tighter, Rachel smirked as Kristen’s legs flailed frantically for purchase in nothing but thin air.

Crushing Kristin’s chin in the crook of her elbow, Rachel said teasingly, “I bet this is a strange sensation for you Kristen. I mean, your legs are kicking wildly and you’re choking, but there’s nothing in your mouth! Every day brings new experiences huh?”

She was about to continue her discourse when the writhing blonde shot both hands up and dug them into Rachel’s hair. Rachel grunted and tried to jerk free, but Kristin kept her talons firmly in place. Managing to get her feet on the ground, Kristen pulled forward and limped out of the corner with Rachel astride her back in some bizarre parody of a piggyback ride. Before the brunette could torture her any more, Kristen simply fell to her knees, letting Rachel’s chin crack wickedly against the point of her shoulder. The jury rigged Stunner lived up to it’s name as Rachel's grip weakened and she fell back to the mat, moaning and cradling her bruised jaw.

This would have been a good time for Kristin to go on the offensive, but she was still suffering the effects of Rachel’s last attacks and she could do little more than get to her hands and knees and gasp for air for the better part of a minute. Eventually, both ladies seemed sufficiently recovered and both began to get slowly to their feet. Spying the hateful brunette in front of her, Kristen shoved the pain aside and stepped forward to drive a callous, thudding Judo Chop to Rachel’s tenderized right shoulder. Rachel’s eyes watered and she sank to her knees, clutching limply at the wounded limb. Standing tall in front of her kneeling opposition, the normally playful Kristen looked remarkably vindictive.

Her eyes tossing sparks, the blonde hauled Rachel to her feet and shook her around by the roots before pulling her in close, then in a voice barely above a whisper, said, “You wanna talk facial expressions? Well right now, yours is saying ‘I’m a blubbering quitter on the verge of sobbing my surrender’. I’ll gladly accept your submission Rachel, but it may take a while for it to reach my ears. After all, you did some pretty nasty things to my head.”

Not caring if there was a reply or not (there wasn’t) Kristen pulled Rachel back towards the corner, positioning herself so that she was back first against the buckles while Rachel was facing her, the brunette’s head lolling weakly on the blonde’s bare shoulder. Deciding to pay back the attack in the corner with one of her own, Kristen hopped onto the top buckle and sat there comfortably, still holding Rachel in place. Pulling Rachel in even closer, Kristen grabbed hold of the brunette’s right arm and yanked it up, holding the limb tightly in place across her chest. Looking at Rachel’s pain-wracked face, Kristen was about to hurl an insult when she thought the better of it.

“Actions do speak louder than words. And this one damn near screams!” she thought as she sprang her trap.

Pushing out of the corner, she twisted her frame around 180 degrees and then fell straight back, all the while maintaining her grip on Rachel’s arm. The hapless brunette was taken along for the ride and driven face first into the mat, not to mention the fact that her injured arm was almost tore out of joint in the landing. The Single Arm Tornado DDT drew an appreciative roar from the crowd and Kristen smiled a little as she muscled Rachel onto her back and hooked both legs. The ref was very close to three, but not close enough when Rachel barely got her good shoulder off the canvas. More than a little perturbed, Kristen glared at the ref and was about to unload on him when she decided against it. Better to keep her ire focused on the brunette instead.

Brushing some hair off her forehead, she turned back to Rachel and dragged her to mid ring. Kneeling behind her foe, Kristen pulled Rachel into a sitting position and then grabbed Rachel’s left wrist in her right hand and vice versa. Pulling the brunette’s arms up, Kristen jerked back and drew them across Rachel’s throat, strangling her with a Cross Arm Surfboard.

Smiling prettily as she watched the brunette squirm and turn red, a bit of Kristen’s old humor came back. “What’s the matter honey, can’t breathe? Well don’t worry this is just another one of those situations where soft rich girls like yourself always tend to choke. Although this one doesn’t involve any bodily fluids so I guess that’s a plus for ya.”

Rachel gurgled before she pulled back even harder on the brunette’s wrists, drawing a muted but sharp cry of pain from her captive. Listening to Kristen taunt her while the blood pounded in her ears, Rachel refused to let herself be beaten by this trashy blonde nothing. Gritting her teeth in an almost feral display of defiance, Rachel summoned her reserves and surged upwards, managing to get a knee under her before Kristen could pull her back down.

Galvanized by success, Rachel dug deep once again and shoved once more, this time getting to her feet even as Kristin was still choking her with her own arms. Knowing full well that this might be her last chance to win the match, Rachel shoved all other thoughts from her mind as she brought her foot up and then crashing down on Kristen’s unguarded toes. The sadistic stomp caught the blonde off guard and her grip weakened considerably but did not fall away. Complete retreat came moments later when Rachel fired her foot up and back, booting her hated adversary in the groin with a blatant Low Blow. Kristen shrieked and released the Surfboard before taking a few halting steps backwards and collapsing to her knees. She was still in that vulnerable position when Rachel strode up to her and forced the blonde’s head between her sweating thighs. Hauling Kristen into a better position, Rachel’s hands once again found their way to the edge of the blonde’s bikini bottom.

Grabbing a double handful of the material, the brunette sneered hatefully, “You say you hate this, but you let me do it so much I’m beginning to think you like it. Let’s see if another application proves me right!”

She delivered yet another Wedgie, this one so strong it pulled Kristen off her feet and partially inverted her. This was precisely what Rachel had hoped for and even as she continued to pull on the blonde’s briefs, she sat out and spiked Kristen’s head into the mat with a Wedgie augmented Pile Driver. Finally releasing her death-grip on the slick material, Rachel shoved Kristen onto her back and went for a domineering cover, placing both hands arrogantly on the blonde’s heaving chest. Rachel should have known that such a lackadaisical pin wouldn’t get the job done but she still found fault with the ref’s count, screaming at the poor dope when Kristen kicked out a fraction before the three. Her patience finally reaching an end, Rachel pulled Kristen to her feet and marched her into the ropes.

Pressing into her prey she grabbed the blonde’s wrist and said, “After all the pain you’ve put me through, I’m gonna grind my ass all over your face in a few minutes. And I’m not even gonna think about stopping until you scream for mercy. Remember that next time you think about running that fat mouth of yours.”

She whipped her opponent into the ropes and then bounced off the ropes nearest her, heading for Kristen at top speed as the blonde rushed back at her. When the distance was right, Rachel left her feet and soared at Kristen, hoping to finish her off with a simple Cross Body Splash. There’s an old adage that says great minds think alike and if it’s true than Kristen and Rachel are truly brilliant because both ladies attempted the same move at the same time. Their execution was perfect only problem is they slammed full force into one another in mid air and then fell to the ground in a sweating, moaning heap.

Watching as the two exhausted warriors clutched and groped at their wounded bellies, the ref began the slow, monotonous ten count that could end the match in a disappointing draw if neither was able to answer it. He had just passed “seven” when both girls rolled onto their hands and knees and then pushed to their feet. Circling one another like two extremely weary lionesses, their bodies may have been spent but their minds wouldn’t allow them to falter at this stage in the contest.

Bringing her claws up, Rachel beckoned Kristen in, saying, “Let’s finish this. No more taunts, no more games, just the end. Let’s find out who’s better.”

Kristen kept her gaze locked with Rachel and nodded. The next second she was in motion, lunging to lock up with the brunette for a final time. But Rachel didn’t want to go into the clinch just yet, a point she illustrated by raking her talons across Kristen’s eyes. The blonde cried out from the Face Rake as she staggered back, swinging blindly, only to be booted in the gut and doubled over. Limping forward, Rachel remembered her previous mistake and took pains to apply the Front Face Lock with her weak right arm while the left arm grabbed a hold on the waistband of Kristin’s tights.

Holding the weakened blonde close, Rachel purred, “It was never a question Kristen. I was always better than you.”

She lifted Kristin off her feet and held her aloft directly overhead. Rachel managed to hold her in that position for a good five seconds before her legs began to tremble and she simply sat out, driving the top of Kristen’s skull into the mat with a match ending Brain Buster. The mob cheered its approval as Rachel shoved Kristen’s dead weight onto her back and went for the cover, hooking both legs this time.


Kristen rolls a shoulder off the canvas so late that even the crowd thinks the match is over and it takes the furious gesticulations of the official to stop the timekeeper from ringing the bell.

Howling in frustration, Rachel pushes to her feet and yanks Kristen up by the roots of her hair. Going nose to nose with the teary eyed blonde she screams, “STAY DOWN YOU STUPID BITCH! OTHERWISE I’LL MAKE SURE TO SHRED EVERY LAST LITTLE BIT OF YOUR DIGNITY BEFORE YOU LEAVE THIS RING!”

Not getting a cogent response, Rachel scooped Kristin into position for a Body Slam and proceeded to march her back towards the corner. Reaching her destination, the brunette deposited the blonde in the buckles, tying her to the infamous Tree of Woe. Satisfied her victim wasn’t going anywhere; Rachel backed up to the opposite side of the ring and posed for the redlining mob. Doing a slow little grind, she grinned slyly at the capacity crowd and then ran right at her inverted foe. Reaching the point of no return she leapt into the air and spread her legs wide, meaning to ram crotch first into the blonde’s face with a devilish modification on the old Bronco Buster.

However, it’s called the point of no return for a reason and Rachel found that out first hand when Kristen managed to pull herself up and stay there for the short time it took for Rachel to ram groin first into the unpadded steel of the ring post. Rachel shrieked to wake the dead, but it was all she could do as her legs had turned to water and her will had all but vanished. She was still covering her mangled crotch protectively when Kristen pulled free of the corner and landed on her feet right next to her. The brunette was beginning to understand the gravity of her situation when Kristen yanked her to her feet.

Limping toward the middle of the ring, Kristen kept Rachel from simply falling by wrapping her in a loose Bear Hug the with her lips against the brunette’s ear, she hissed, “YOU’RE the one leaving this ring with her dignity in tatters Rachel; I’ll make sure of it.”

Looking to make good on her words, Kristen scooped her victim up and brought her to rest laying stomach first across her shoulder. Taking a breath, Kristen placed her hands under Rachel’s arms and hoisted upward, so that Rachel was lifted up as high as she could go. Smiling as the crowd buzzed, Kristen finished the move by suddenly pushing the brunette up in the air, letting her float a few feet above her head for the second or two before gravity rushed in to claim Rachel. As the brunette fell towards the ground, Kristen acted fast and caught her victim's head in her arm, tucking Rachel’s chin against her shoulder. Simultaneous with that movement, Kristen sat out, driving the point of the brunette’s jaw deep into her shoulder. Rachel’s head snapped backwards violently as the Absolutely Incredi-Bell knocked her into a stupor and the used up young woman lay spread-eagled on the mat as Kristen got up and stood over her.

Knowing that the match was hers, Kristen refused to go for the cover, She hadn’t spent the whole night dissecting Rachel’s shoulder only to win via pin-fall. Straddling her foe’s waist, Kristen grinned coyly as she injected some theatrics into the proceedings. Reaching down, she grabbed the bottom of Rachel’s pink tank-top and slowly pulled it up and over the brunette’s slick torso, leaving her in only her pink and white bottom and a skimpy pink bra. Holding the discarded garment in one hand, Kristen dabbed her forehead, then her armpits before rubbing the shirt in Rachel’s face; her smile growing wider as the brunette struggled pathetically against the onslaught.

Tossing the top away, Kristen said, “You did pretty good Rachel. But I always wreck the curve. And now, the curve is gonna wreck you.”

Muscling the moaning brunette onto her belly, Kristen found a perch on Rachel’s back and leisurely immobilized both of Rachel’s arms by trapping them between the blonde’s arms and then locking her hands in an unbreakable loop. Almost done, Kristen suddenly flipped forward and landed on her feet, holding a high bridge while she still had Rachel’s arms in her grip. The brutal simplicity that was ‘The Bell Curve’ had just been applied and the explosion of pain in her shoulders and neck quickly brought Rachel around, but it was a reality she wanted no part of.

Shrieking in agony, the brunette tried to tap out only to realize her arms were locked behind her. Out of options, she began to slap her feet wildly against the mat, while she sobbed, “LEMME GO! LEMME GOOOO! OHHH GAWWDD I GUHH-GUHH-GIVE UP!” Hearing the surrender, the ref called for the bell, but Kristen only increased the pressure of the bridge. Hearing the wails of her beaten adversary increase, Kristen demanded, “What’s that? I can’t hear you.”

Choking on shame and tears, Rachel pleaded, “I SUBMIT! PLEASE I’M BEGGING YOU LET ME GO!”

That was all that Kristen wanted to hear and she promptly released the hold, allowing Rachel to curl into a tight ball and weep as the victorious blonde got to her feet. Strutting around the ring, Kristen soaked up the cheers of the crowd for a moment before turning her attention back to the humbled brunette. Remembering the blistering pain of the repeated wedgies, the blonde’s hands unconsciously went to her butt and rubbed the abused flesh gently. A cold look forming on her usually pretty face, Kristen whispered to herself, “Let’s talk about dignity for a second shall we?”

Stalking over to the human wreckage that was Rachel, Kristen nudged the moaning girl onto her belly again, sitting down on her back facing Rachel’s feet. Cracking her knuckles, the blonde reached down and grabbed a huge double handful of the striped bikini bottoms. Ignoring the droning protestations of the referee, Kristen smiled out at the audience and proclaimed, “Rachel wanted to sit on my face, but by the time I’m done with her, I think sitting is gonna be the last thing she wants to do!”

Anything else she may have said was drowned out by the adulation of the mob, so she shrugged and went to work. Leaning forward the tiniest bit, she pulled Rachel’s bottom up and then reared back as far as she could go, delivering a heinous payback Wedgie for all the indignities that Rachel had heaped on her throughout the course of the match. Grinning vindictively as Rachel sobbed and squirmed beneath her, Kristen jerked the distended panties back and forth; pulling so hard she actually lifted the brunette’s lower body off the mat. Releasing one half of her grip, Kristen used her newly free hand to rain hardhearted, taunting SPANKS down on the taut flesh of the brunette’s nearly bare buttocks.

This domineering display continued for the better part of two minutes and the crowd ate up every second of the post match drubbing. Kristen was just about to cease and desist when the rumble of the crowd increased in pitch and intensity by quite a lot. Knowing full well what that meant, Kristin looked up and glanced toward the entryway fully expecting to see a horde of zebras storming the ring to break up the party. Instead there as only a solitary figure - and it was no referee!

It was Alexis Bledel, the very girl Kristen had stared down much earlier in the card. The slender brunette had apparently not bothered to change out of her ring gear yet as she was still clad in the midnight blue tankini and white boots that she often wore to the ring. She was watching Kristen’s dismantling of Rachel with mild interest and her gaze didn’t falter when Kristen locked eyes with her. Kristen’s smile got a little brighter and she whispered, “perfect.” before releasing Rachel’s briefs and getting off the quietly crying beauty.

Holding up a finger to Alexis, she muttered, “Wait there just one sec.”

She went to the edge of the ring and motioned for a microphone. The Announcer handed her one in short order and seconds later the diminutive blonde turned to her visitor and said, “Good to see you Alexis. If I’d known you were coming I would have cleaned up a little bit more. Don’t worry though, we can still talk, just let me take out the trash.”

Then she returned her attention to Rachel, picking the helpless girl up in one quick motion and tossing her through the middle ropes to the outside with all the care one would devote to dumping a literal sack of garbage. With the ring now to her liking, Kristin turned back to Bledel and said, “C’mon on in Alexis.”

Wary but not afraid, Bledel strode forward and slipped easily under the bottom rope. Keeping an eye on the blonde, she went to the corner and obtained another mic from the Ring Announcer. Suitably armed, she turned back to Kristen and was about to speak when the blonde cut her off.

“Congratulations on your win tonight Alexis. Amber is a tough chick and beating her is no easy feat. Still, you pulled it off with style and aplomb, no little thanks to that amazing submission of yours.” Then Kristin waited, wanting to see how the brunette would respond.

Choosing her words carefully, Alexis responded, “Thanks. You won in pretty convincing fashion yourself. But as impressed as you say you are, your comments a little earlier on have me a bit baffled. You said my win was ’good but not good enough.’ Well Kristen Kristin, I’m out here to ask you one question. What exactly, am I not good enough for?”

The brunette’s blue eyes got the tiniest bit cold then and she waited rather tensely as Kristen just smiled and shook her head. Taking several steps forward, Kristen cut the distance between them to a little less than two feet. Looking up into Alexis’ face, she brought her mic up and said softly, “You’re not much for subtlety are you?”

Alexis shook her head. “Call it a character flaw.” she responded, equally grave. Her smile fading, Kristen answered the brunette’s question. “All right, I’ll put away the chessboard for the night and settle for the simpler pleasures of checkers. You are certainly aware Alexis, that both of us utilize a submission as our primary means of securing a win. These people just witnessed another successful application of my Bell Curve and a little earlier in the evening they saw you spring Crystal Blue Persuasion on poor little Amber. You’re probably also aware that our wacky boss recently posted a poll on the promotion’s website asking folks to vote on which of our respective holds was the most effective. As of early this evening, voting was dead even. And that’s where my cryptic remarks stem from. You see Alexis, you beat me earlier this year and I want to even the scorecard. But I don’t want a pin, that’s not very fun and definitely not as decisive as I’d like. Bluntly put, I want you in a match. An ‘I Quit’ match where the only means of garnering a win is by applying our respective finishers. I want to slap the Bell Curve on you and show everyone in the stands and in the locker room that I have thee most devastating finish in the federation today. So now it’s all out there. Whadda ya say Alexis? Willing to put your rep and your finish on the line? I know I am.” Finished with her explanation, Kristen took a deep breath and released it, waiting to see how Bledel would answer.

A smile crept across Alexis’ face as she purred happily, “All you wanted was a match? No need for subterfuge Kristen, you’re on! I beat you once and I can do it again. Whenever you’re ready, I’ll just have to persuade you into admitting that I’m the better wrestler, even if I have to by it my force. I must say, I’m a little disappointed though. Given your proclivity for the dramatic, I was expecting something a little better than a simple challenge.”

Kristen smiled and inched closer to her next opponent. Bringing the mic to her lips, she said softly, “Don’t be disappointed Alexis, I wasn’t done yet.” The words were barely out of her mouth when the small blonde dropped the microphone and blasted Alexis across the face with a brutal open paled slap. The blow staggered Bledel back a few feet and she was still off balance when Kristen scooped her up and lifted her into position for the Absolutely Incredi-Kristin.

The blonde was a microsecond from completing the toss into the air that would’ve spelled Alexis’ doom when the brunette wriggled free and dropped to her feet behind her surprised attacker. Grabbing Kristen’s shoulder, Bledel whirled her around and slapped on a Three-quarter Face Lock, the stall position for Alexis’ Last Word finisher. The blue eyed beauty was about to jump and drive Kristen’s face into the mat when the blonde got both hands on the small of her back and shoved Bledel away, leaving the brunette to stumble into the ropes.

Given her already exhausted condition, Kristen decided that discretion was the optimal choice and quickly slipped through the ropes, heading back up the ramp with her eyes locked on Alexis. Regaining her balance, Alexis whirled to face the retreating blonde and stalked toward the edge of the ring. Grabbing the top rope in both hands, she leaned forward and fixed Kristin with a hard stare.

Speaking barely above a whisper, Alexis still managed to make her intentions perfectly clear. “You’ll regret that Kristen. You’ve tapped to me before but you’ve never begged for my mercy. That’s going to change.”

Holding her ground, Kristen ran a hand through her hair and glared back at the seething brunette. Smiling knowingly, the slender beauty responded, “Don’t bet on it Alexis. Something makes me think I can persuade you to change your thinking. The Bell Curve is coming for you sweetie. And you just won’t make the grade.”

Then she turned her back on the brunette and sauntered up the ramp, leaving Alexis Bledel alone in the ring to contemplate the forthcoming encounter and the trials it would surely bring.