Cat Bell vs. Karen Cliche by 2xifpkd

Catherine "Cat" Bell waited nervously in the corner of the ring. Stretching her long legs and occasionally tugging at the top of her blue bikini, she wondered how she let herself get drawn into this match. She was the top catfighter in Hollywood. She had nothing to prove, yet here she was awaiting the arrival of an upstart syndication queen. At last the door to the gym opened and in strode a tall, blonde. Cat was surprised at the size of her opponent, yet knew she could win- after all, she'd beaten Charlize Theron many times and only lost a few and this woman was about the same size - and she was a natural blond which Cat knew gave her a big advantage! She watched intrigued as Karen Cliche peeled off her sweatsuit to reveal a tiny leopard-print bikini hardly covering any of her tight young body.

"I'd almost given up on you!" Cat nervously spoke. "Is a show on a real network worth the beating I'm going to give you?"

Karen confidently grinned. She had beaten bigger and stronger girls, now she had to beat the best. "Is your pride worth the things I'm going to do to you, bitch? Maybe you should've asked Jenny O'Dell how I treat my victims - haven't seen her around lately have you? I've got a little something special planned for you tonight so let's get started."

Cat nodded in assent. "Come get me bitch!" she roared as she slapped Karen.

"Looks like I've already got you!" Karen chirped as she drew a handful of Cat's tresses into each hand. "OOF!" she cried as Cat slammed her forearm into the gut. "AAAAAAAH....UNNNGGH!" she grunted as Cat monkey-flipped her to the mat.

"Who's got who, slut?" Cat giggled as she rolled up and slid her fingers around Karen's throat. "Feel like quitting, or shall I leave you here in a heap for the janitor to clean up ?"Cat growled as her fingers tightened on her gurgling foes neck. "Give up or I'll... bitch!" Cat's gloating was interrupted by a punch to the tit.

"Now this ends when I say it do...AUCH UNNNGH!" Karen wrapped her hands around Cat's throat mid-sentence and the two rolled around trying to gain the upper hand in this chokefest. Karen drew a hand in Cat's hair and pushed her away.

Both girls rose to their feet. Catherine also grabbed some hair and the two tugged away with no regard for their own pain. As Cat attempted a trip, Karen spun around and snap-mared her older foe to the canvas.

"Get up bitch!" Karen demanded as she hoisted the winded brunette up by the hair. "Back down!" Karen laughed as she rammed her knee into the small of Cat's back. She loved tormenting her opponents and couldn't wait for the tears and whining cries to come from the mouth of "The Big Cat."

"This is the best in Hollywood? This turd laying at my feet? What's the matter can't breath? Cat's got your tongue? Love that one. Get up slut!" Karen giggled as she slapped her foot off the firm ass of her slumped over foe, sprawling Cat to the mat. "Come on-let me help you." Karen chirped as she yanked Cat to her feet by the hair. "You're late for your flight!"

Cat screamed as she was monkey-flipped by her younger tormentress, then groaned as she slammed back to the mat. How much more could she take? How could she deal some punishment back to this bitch? "AAAGH!" Cat's thoughts were broken by her hair being pulled up again. "OH!" Karen ripped a punch to Cat's cheek.

"Huungh!" Karen cried as she felt her legs swept out from underneath her. Cat desperately grabbed hair and tugged on her stunned foes scalp. Karen relieved the pain with a punch to the kidney of her legendary foe, then drew another gratifying groan with a forearm to Cat's back.

As Cat wobbled on hands and knees, Karen wrapped an arm around Cat's head and pulled at the buxom brunette's nose with the other. As Cat tried to free her nasal passage, Karen pushed her forward to the mat. Karen slid atop the prone girl . " My what large jugs you have!" Karen giggled as she pinched the side of Cat's breast.

"Let go of my tit!" Cat demanded.

"Stop me if you can." Karen growled as she playfully let Cat keep her hands off her chest. "I guess you can't!" Karen hooted as she forced her fingers under Cat's arms to the tender orbs under her.

Tears welled up as Cat tried to pry the twisting, mashing, scraping fingers from her chest. "Let go !"she sputtered. "Aurgh!" she sobbed as Karen wrenched her chest off the mat by the melons in her hands. Cat sank her fingernails into Karen's forearm but the sexy Canadian wouldn't release her tithold. Instead Karen pulled Cat up to her unsteady feet and drew her to the corner.

Cat whined pathetically as her chest erupted in fire as she was drug along the ropes. "How's that feel you miserable harlot! Had enough?" Karen taunted as her ears were filled with the melody of a broken foe. She stepped back and watched as Cat flopped to the mat one proud tit escaping the confines of its holder.

"Fuck you!" Cat moaned through the teardrops as she placed the battered orb back in place. Grabbing the feet of her foe Cat wrenched Karen down with her.

"Atta girl! Lets see the heart of the famous Catherine Bell - Hollywood's hardest hellcat." Karen mocked as slammed her forehead into Cat's tit .Cat managed to wrap her legs around her straddling foes waist and squeezed with all her might. Karen simply ignored her exhausted opponent's hold and pulled at Cat's bikini top.

"No!" Cat pleaded.

"Yesssss!" Karen gloated as she freed the two battered orbs and once again went to work. Karen sank her teeth into Cat's firm titflesh and twisted the nipple like a puppy with a chewtoy. Cat's fierce cries turned to slurping sobs as Karen released the chewed chest.

"Had enough bitch?" Karen queried. "Just tell me I'm the better woman and away you go."

"Never." Cat whimpered as she released her futile scissors hold and vainly tried to buck off the mammary mauling Musketeer.

"Wrong answer bitch!" Karen chortled as she spanked her fingers back on Cat's swollen chest. "Maybe you can't feel anything through all this plastic." "Here-This is what real tits are like." Karen sat back and slowly undid her top, her lust building as she watched her panic stricken foe feebly try to slide away. Catching Cat by the shoulder, Karen forced her back to the mat. "It's your turn to be on the receiving end! Jeri said you needed another faceful of tit; said she'd do it if I couldn't!"

Then Karen lowered herself onto Cat's face and enjoyed the feel of humiliation coming from below. As Cat stopped fighting , Karen raised up and rammed a fist into the semi-conscious babe's titflesh.

"Please're the better woman." Cat's slurred words brought a quizzical smile to Karen's lips.

"Stupid fights don't end with a breast smother! Now beg my forgiveness!" Karen demanded as she stood up and placed her foot on Cat's tear soaked face.

"Please. No more." Cat sobbed. "Please..."

Karen gazed down on the shattered, sobbing, spiritless soul under her foot. How could she end this match to ensure her fame? Karen bent over and once again grasped a tit in each hand. Karen pulled up but soon lost her grip as Cat flopped back to the mat. Reapplying the hold, Karen got her shoulder under Cat's neck and pulled the exhausted woman to her feet. Dragging the broken beauty to the corner, Karen propped Cat up against the post. "How's that Marine Corps flexibility pussycat?" Karen guffawed as she grabbed Cat's ankle and forced her right foot to her right ear.

"AGGH. No more please." Cat groaned. "Please."

"Almost done loser!" Karen churlishly smiled as she pressed her body against Cat's quivering hulk. "You'd make a good sex toy if you weren't going to be knocked out soon. Anyhoo...back to my surprise for you." She rammed her shoulder into Cat's groin. The simpering groan from Cat made Karen want to prolong the agony. "This bitch thought she could keep me from any auditions for a year - we'll see when she tries for a part again." Karen thought as she slowly worked her fingers and tongue over her trapped victims body.

"Well, well, well, what have we here? Not much left at all I fear! Why what's that fishy smell, Why the stench of Cat Bell. How did she so dumb get ,now you learn you foul strumpet! Made that up in your honor you fake-boobed bimbo!" Karen mocked as she climbed the ropes while holding Cat in place. Karen gave Cat a kiss on the cheek "Sweet dreams skank." she purred as she gave a gentle push off of the post and Karen rode Catherine to the mat in an bone crushing split.

Karen pulled the dangling bikini top from Cat's shoulders and placed it in her own as a trophy, then she drove the barely coherent girl to her back with a kick to the tit.

Karen stomped the prone girl's tits as she left the ring. "Love to stay and play some more, but I've got some auditions to prepare for."