Mother's Milk (aka "Mother's Little Helper"): Catherine "Cat" Bell vs. Cindy Crawford by bocarat

Catherine Bell was off for the holidays! She had finished most of her commitments for her 'JAG' TV series and was enjoying some well-earned time off. Her publicists had just called to tell her she had tickets for the Lakers Game on Sunday and said, "It would be good for you to go; get out of the house away from the husband and kid - plus you'd get some exposure."

"But…" Catherine protested. "I'm not really into basketball; plus my husband's leaving in a week for a location shoot and I was sorta hoping to… know….!"

"Go have a good time," the publicists said. "I'll come over and watch your brat," she kidded. "You two can get it on after the game. And did I mention they're REALLY good seats!" she continued with a wink!

Cat finally agreed and her publicist arranged for her to pick up her tickets at will call at the Staples Center. She arrived early and after picking up her tickets, she and her husband made their way to their seats. Catherine was shocked to see as she looked ahead to see that they would be sitting next to a tall, beautiful brunette. While Catherine got comfortable, Cindy was watching the pre-game scene intently as her husband yakked on his cell phone. Catherine and the brunette briefly exchanged glances when Cat sat down and got settled in. Her daughter was with her publicist while she and her husband, like millions of other couples, were making an evening out of the event. Catherine looked at the woman to her right and smiled, as did the brunette. They exchanged words of how crowded the arena was, and hot nice it was to be indoors after all the rain LA has had the last couple of days.

Right after tip off the brunette introduced herself by extending her hand and saying, "Hi! I'm Cindy Crawford!"

Cat nodded, finally recognizing the internationally famous face and introduced herself. Cindy said, "I know, I recognized you as soon as I laid eyes on you coming down the aisle. I just LOVE you on JAG!" Then she added, "So, when are you and that Harm guy gonna get together?"

Catherine just laughed and glanced uneasily at her husband who frowned, having harbored some jealousy about his wife and the other actor's "on screen chemistry" - especially since Cat had (reportedly) arranged to have the actors wife written out of the script; killed off in fact, to ensure she didn't pop up again later. Of course, those kinds of rumors were standard in Hollywood whenever a character left a show for any reason.

Cindy rattled on, "Since the kids, I've been home a lot more on Friday nights now!"

Cat said, "I know what you mean, I have a twenty month old at home myself." Then she added, "I didn't know you liked basketball?"

"Oh I LOVE hoops!" Cindy gushed, then babbling on and on about the game, the Lakers, Kobe and Shaq - who's now with Miami.

But Cat couldn't hear nor really care about all the news about basketball. She looked into the eyes and face of the former supermodel, noticing how bright her eyes were and that famous mole and her lips; her full, sensuous lips. Cindy talked and talked, punctuating her sentences with comments about the game or a basket as she spoke to Cat, yet kept track of the game. Cat sat back in her seat, and relaxed and actually begun to enjoy the game, especially with help from the commentary from Cindy.

It was half time, and the husbands of the two gorgeous women went to get food, and place cell phone calls to important clients, or contacts. The two women chatted away at the half time, and the network camera caught and identified the two women at the game. Several times the cameras panned the crowd, and would focus the cameras on the two women talking and laughing. The husbands came back, and provided their wives with food and drink, as Cindy introduced her husband, and then Cat reciprocated the gesture. The second half started, and both women were not more intent on the game, and occasionally talking to their husbands.

Cat would glance at Cindy during the game, she was checking out her long legs, which were covered in faded jeans, and at her chest, which was also covered by a loose fitting red sweater. Cat remembered that she was not known for a large chest, but she has probably put on a few pounds since giving birth twice, and probably has added some size and dimension to her chest. Cat in comparing the body of the supermodel to her, Cat assured herself that her chest was larger, firmer and just more spectacular than Cindy's. Cindy's thighs appeared to match up well with Cat's as she flexed her leg and thigh alongside Cindy's. Cindy noted the flexing, and said, "these seat are just too confining for tall girls like us huh!"

Cat quickly agreed, then tried hard to concentrate on the game. The 3rd quarter had come to an end with the score still close between the Lakers and the team from Denver.

Cindy looked over at Cat, and asked, "You have any plans for tomorrow?"

Cat said, "Not really!" Then looking over at her husband - who was still on his cell phone, asked, "Why, what's up!"

Cindy replied, "I have an appointment at a spa down near San Diego - some promotional thing I got - and I made an appointment for a friend and myself. This afternoon, my friend backed out and I was wondering…would you like to go with me?"

Cindy looked at Cat as she thought, then Cat shrugged and said, "Sure; why not! I'd love to!"

Cindy said she'd give her all the details after the game, adding "It's just too loud in here. You never know who might be listening." Then she turned to her husband, who was also on his cell phone and said something. He nodded, probably not even hearing her. The game continued to be close, and in the final minutes the Lakes pulled out a 99 to 91 win over the Denver team. As the fans stood and cheered, then begun to file out of the arena, Cindy and Cat sat back down and exchanged cell phone numbers and addresses, then went over the plans for their adventure. Cindy said she'd pick Cat up early in the morning, then they'd head down towards San Diego to the intimate coastal town of Del Mar, about twenty miles north of San Diego where the spa was located.

The next morning, as promised Cindy arrived in a large black SUV and pulled into Cat's driveway. She didn't need to get out, or even honk the horn…as Cat was waiting and ran out the door, avoiding the raindrops of a slight drizzle. Cindy smiled, as she leaned across to open the door and said, "Good morning!" as Cat slid in and said 'hi' back.

Cat tossed her 'overnight bag' in the back seat next to Cindy's and Cindy pulled out of the driveway, preparing to take on the LA traffic. The two women were in no hurry, as the Spa would be very gracious and honored to have the two beautiful women as their guests. Besides being wet, the weather was also chilly, and each woman was dressed casually: Cindy in a knee length black skirt and a short sleeved blue top; Cat a shiny blue pullover blouse with a V-neck and matching pants. Each wore heels and both had light jackets.

Cindy maneuvered around traffic and caught I-5 South toward San Diego and the Del Mar Spa. Along the way the two women talked about raising families, their careers and the different directions and parts and roles they had chosen. How some actress requested a C-section so that they could get back their shape and figure sooner. They also talked about their mother's, and families and Cindy spoke wistfully about a brother she lost when she was only ten.

As the two beauties traveled down the scenic interstate towards San Diego, the conversation turned to lighter subjects such as clothes, prior relationship and music. As if on cue, Cindy turned her current favorite song up and started singing; off-key of course. Cat joined in, and was surprised at how at ease and how really down to earth Cindy was. The two women sang some more, laughed and told some off-color jokes.

After an hour, Cindy changed the subject to careers, "I'm sure acting in movies and TV is a lot like modeling, huh!"

"What do you mean?" Cat said.

"You know, the bitchiness, back-stabbing and catfighting," Cindy said.

"Oh yeah!" Cat nodded. "Early in my career I had to call out a few bitches and set them straight," she continued. "Mostly it's over small parts and brief on-air appearances. But since I've been on 'JAG' I've only had one instance where I really wanted to mix it up with another woman."

After a moment of silence Cindy finally asked, "Well….are you gonna give me the details?"

Cat smiled, "We weren't able to finish it...but maybe someday. Like most of our gender, I don't forget!" Then after a brief pause, Cat asked Cindy, "And how about you?"

Cindy looked at Cat and involuntarily scratched her thigh, revealing some of the most expensive real estate in the world. "There's a few whose skin is still under my nails. I've had some 'disagreements' with other models. Why do you think that titless skank Theron quit modeling and fled to Hollywood?"

Cat asked breathlessly, "Ohhhhh, one of my favorite subjects! You MUST give me ALL the juicy details!"

"Maybe later!" Cindy said. "But for now I'll give you some other names!"

"Excellent" Cat replied, smiling and licking her lips.

Cindy ran off about a dozen names, mostly all the top models you'd expect, plus a couple of 'Euro-trash' wannabe's, plus an actress or two she'd crossed swords with during her brief and undistinguished 'acting career.' The talk about catfights was getting Cat excited and she wondered where the conversation might lead. After driving for an hour and a half, Cindy pulled off to stretch and use the restroom at the Interstate rest area just outside San Diego. Cat and Cindy both got out and stretched, cleaned off the car and went to the restroom. Each had to pee from the morning coffee and Cat was more than a little excited.

She was riding to a spa with an A-List celebrity while she was barely a solid B-Lister herself! Both women washed, left the restroom and inhaled the mid-morning air, redolent of the fresh ocean breeze as they took in the spectacular view of the ocean and the vegetative cliffs. After a moment, they climbed back in Cindy's SUV to resume their journey.

Cat began talking first this time, and brought up the subject of marriage. Cindy took a deep breath, and stated that a while back was a tough stretch. Allegations about infidelity with regard to her husband really hurt - especially when splashed on the local supermarket rags. She said that things were better now as she now concentrated on parts of her "...remaining career..." and, of course, her kids.

Cat apologized. "I know how that can be!" she sighed, recalling that her own marriage was considered a sham and she and her husband were both rumored to be gay!

Soon, Cindy pulled off the interstate and Cat read the directions to the spa to Cindy. After a few hairpin turns, some doubling back and jokes along the way, they arrived at a beautiful spa, set on the Pacific Coast highlands with plants and flowers surrounding it quite spectacular. Cindy tossed the valet the keys to her SUV as the women were greeted by the staff, then escorted to their own cabana-like room where they were given a special tea. After relaxing a bit, they were asked to undress, and slip into robes and slippers the spa provided. Then they were told to shower before starting their 'treatment'.

When the two women entered the shower, they disrobed in front of each other each noticing the curves and assets of the other. Cat noted how strong Cindy looked with strong abs, long, strong thighs and calves. Then they entered their showering area, and applied thickly the scented soaps and crèmes to their bodies. A woman was waiting to provide service for anything the celebrities wanted, but after looks and stares from the two, she got the message and left them alone. The two women glanced at each other and smiled. The multiple jet shower provided comfort and stimulation to their luscious bodies. Cindy finished first, and moved out onto the common area, and Cat soon followed. After their shower, they came out ready for a day of pampering, skin treatments and massages.

While toweling off, Cindy stared at Cat's full, firm breasts and said, "Wow! What boobs "

Cat smiled and nodded, bragging, "Well, they ARE my best assets!"

Cindy then approached Cat and asked, "You mind if I touch them? I've never seen such a magnificent pair."

Before Cat could say, 'Yes,' Cindy had her hands cupping Cat's massive mammaries, her thumbs flicking the hard nipples. As she fondled them, Cindy moaned, uttering little "oooh" and "ahhh" sounds, almost as if purring happily as Cat's nipples swelled and became so hard she could have drilled holes in the ceramic shower wall tiles. Cindy continued to move closer, as her robe opened up to reveal her own magnificent mounds and Cat decided to give Cindy some of her own medicine. She began to roughly handle Cindy's breasts and nipples as they stared deep into each other's eyes. As the intensity picked up, ther bodies moved together, their stomachs and thighs and the fringe of their pubic hair meeting. Cat, feeling anxious and nervous, tried to push Cindy back against the tile shower wall as she noticed Cindy's eyes light up with energy.

Cat whispered, "Fight or fuck!"

Cindy gasped, "Yeah!" in a soft, sensuous tone.

Cat waited a second, drew back a couple of inches, then extended her arms, pinning Cindy's back against the wall. Just then, the attendant's voice outside the door interrupted them, "Ms. Crawford, Ms. Bell; are you ready for your treatment?"

Cat released Cindy's arms and they exchanged a look! Cat backtracked and got her robe and slippers on, then joined Cindy as they walked out together.

Cat whispered, "Looks like this will be an interesting day!" Then she smiled at Cindy and winked and Cindy gave her a look back showing her determination and acceptance of whatever was to come later.

The women sipped more tea, and chatted to the caregivers and each other about the spa and the events of the day, but nothing about what happened in the showering room. The two women continued to be pampered, and serviced with skin and facial treatments, and a delicious lunch. It was time now for the massage, and each woman was placed on a table in the courtyard of the private room where they showered initially. The masseuse worked on both the sexy and beautiful woman. The masseuse was female for both celebrities, and was tall, strong and very good at their work. Cindy masseuse commented on her beautiful strong thighs, Cat hearing this started dreaming about engaging those thighs in a very personal massage of her own. At about an hour the massage was over, and the attendants left the women to absorb the sensation of being relaxed and stimulated. Cindy looked over at Cat and smiled, content and stimulated both at the same time.

"I guess things got a bit out of hand earlier today, I'm sorry," Cindy said.

Cat said "Oh, forget about it."

But while she said that to Cindy, Cat didn't want to forget; in fact, she wanted to resume it. She looked over at the long, lean, sexy body of the supermodel and imagined what kind of fight they would have, and how she could resume the contest. As Cat lay on the table taking in the aromas of the flowers outside, the sound of the ocean roar, and the vision of this beautiful woman next to her, she began to feel aroused at the prospects that lay ahead. She convinced herself to let Cindy initiate the next move, but that she'd certainly not back down and jump in and dominate the supermodel.

Cindy closed her eyes, and breathed deeply and exhaled a deep sigh and near orgasmic moan. Cat got up first, wrapped her massage towel around her chest and upper thigh and walked out toward the garden gazing at all the beauty. She made sure to be in Cindy's vision, as she lightly walked and sauntered around. Cat glanced back, and saw Cindy looking at her. Cat flexed her legs, and stretched in taking in the air and aroma of the environment around them. Cindy sat up on the table with the towel around her like Cat, and crossed her legs, then stretched out her arms and again took in a deep breath of fresh Southern California Oceanside air.

Cat turned to walk back to the massage area, stopped in front of Cindy and said, "I'm sorry too about how I acted."

Cindy who was now kicking her feet while sitting on the table, wrapped them around Cat's knee and thighs.

"So what do we do next?" Cat said as she moved between Cindy's knees, her hands under the back of Cindy's thighs.

Before either woman could respond, move or tear the towel off the other, the attendant looked in and asked, "You two need anything"

Both responded in unison, "NO!"

The attendant apologized for interrupting and left saying, "Have a good day ladies. It's been a pleasure servicing you."

The two women were now along, but knew that it was time for them to leave the spa for the last thing either wanted was to be caught on the floor in a compromising position. They looked at each other, and separated and dressed taking the casual sweat suits and sneakers they had packed in their respective gym bags. Each collected their clothes, as they stole glances at the other doing the same thing but neither spoke a word. Cindy settled with the spa and provided generous tips for all involved with their day of pampering and enjoyment. The valet brought Cindy's car up, and Cindy tipped the valet as well. Soon, they were on their way home, driving in silence as Cat tried to think of something to say and Cindy concentrated on her driving as the two pulled onto I-5 heading north for LA.

Finally, Cat broke the silence and said, "Thank you for a wonderful day, Cindy…"

Cindy replied, "Yes it was wonderful, but...."

Before she could finish Cat interrupted, "…but not very satisfying!" After a moment of silence, Cat burst out, "I've got an idea! Pull off at I-10 and go West. We're gonna get our happy ending yet!"

Cindy was able to maneuver the SUV onto the appropriate lane, then simply followed Cat's instructions. Cat was excited, nervous and giddy as Cindy continued driving West until they saw their destination - the windmill farms - ahead. It was late in the afternoon when they pulled up as Cat directed Cindy to pull off and take an access road up the hill. Cindy followed Cat's directions until they arrived at their destination.

Cat said, "We're here!" as Cindy pulled her SUV up to an gated fence where the windmill farm's were located. They women gazed at the amazing technological spectacle of windmill towers 4 to 5 stories tall…..'hundreds' of them. The windmills were used to produce energy using off shore wind to turn turbines providing electricity for thousands of Californians. Cat thought that if they hooked her up, she had enough 'juice' to light up a few households herself!

"This is where I wanted to fight that bitch on 'JAG'," Cat said, opening the door and swinging her legs out. "We'd just finished filming at the San Diego Naval base and I needed time to think and clear my head so I took the long way home, and drove out here!" Cindy looked at Cat as she finished her story. "The next day I challenged the bitch, but she ended up being a 'no show'!"

"So you won!" Cindy exclaimed.

"I guess," Cat shrugged. "But I'd rather have fought her!"

"Well, I won't let you down!" and Cindy as she opened the SUV door and jumped out, then looked around.

Cat pointed to a spot where the two beautiful vixens could battle, "Over there!"

Neither woman really had a reason to fight, but then neither really needed one. Both wanted the contact and the thrill of fighting her equal in beauty and sexual desire and this clearing provided a good view of the giant windmills as dusk began to settle on the Southern California landscape. Their 'battlefield' was still damp from the sporadic rain that had fallen all day, and the ground was cushy with soft, healthy grass. Cat looked up at Cindy and again saw the beautiful eyes filled with anticipation and energy. Cat nodded and the two Amazons readied themselves for battle to a climatic end.

"How do you want to start this? With me kicking your sorry ass and ripping those big tits off your chest?" Cindy with a tight grin.

"You're jealous of a REAL woman with boobs any babe would love!" Cat sneered.

"Fuck you bitch!" Cindy responded as they slowly circled; their arms out in front of their sexy bodies, ready to strike out with their hands.

"If you want them so bad, come and get 'em bitch!" Cat said.

With that, the fight began! Cindy struck out first as she grabbed Cat's top and began to pull. As she struggled with the top, trying to pull it off, Cat went after Cindy's sweats and her top. Soon, both women were down to tank tops and the temperature was beginning to cool. Cat could feel her nipples hardening, both with anticipation and because of the drop in mercury. Finally, Cat proudly stepped back and stood with her hands on her hips and thrust out her proud chest as the two women separated, breathing heavily.

Cindy said, "Well Miss Cow Tits, what're you waiting for?"

Cat slowly moved towards Cindy and tugged on the waistband of Cindy's sweat pants, "What about these? Ashamed to show your skinny legs?"

"You wanna take me on naked?" Cindy asked, sounding surprised.

Cat answered, "Oh yeah…I do….or are all you model types just talk - and easy fucks in the back of a stretch limo?" referring one of the fights Cindy had told her about in the drive down to San Diego.

Cindy quickly stripped the rest of her clothes off, no way she was going to back down to some second-rate hack actress. Cat followed suit, and soon both were in just bra and panties.

Then in a break from her tough girl character, Cindy noted the effect of the cool night air on their nipples as she purred, "It's kinda cool out here isn't it?"

Cat nodded, then lunged at the supermodel. The two stammered around, pulling each other's hair, and locking hands. This continued on for a few minutes, until Cat shoved, then pinned Cindy against the chain-link fence that protected the windmills. Cat craved the contact with Cindy, and soon felt the goose bumps on her wind blown skin. Cindy too craved the warmth of Cat, and grabbed the ass of Cat with both hands, and pulled up the bottoms of her panties and squeezed. Cat felling the hands on her bare ass, bore down with pressure on Cindy's chest with her own, and groped with her thigh the inner recesses of Cindy's inner thigh.

The two were having their own intimate dance, when they briefly broke away, and Cindy was able to throw and pin Cat against the chain-link fence. The two women could feel the hot breath of their rival's against the smooth skin of their neck. The grunted, and groaned as Cindy was trying to force her legs between Cat's legs. Cat then bent herself at the waist and leaned into the security fence, and used it like a sling shot to propel her body into Cindy's, and she knocked Cindy off of her and onto the wet, cool grass. Cat followed her move up with straddling and pinning Cindy down on the grass, but before she could leverage her weight and strength, Cindy kicked up her leg and kicked Cat in the chest with her heel, knocking her down on the grass also.

The two women were not battling with their legs kicking, and trying to catch and twist the other woman's leg with their arms and hands. Cindy kicked and hit Cat in the shoulder; Cat bounced on the grass, and came right back up and started to bite the left ankle of Cindy's. Cindy screamed, but of course due to the desolate location and the increasing darkness, now one would hear and no one would come to her aid. Cindy then maneuvered her legs around Cat's neck, as Cat pulled up her legs from Cindy's reach and wrapped her strong legs around the legs and thighs of Cindy. The two looked like a pretzel, as each grunted and strained against the legs of the other.

Cindy and Cat lay on the increasing cool, wet grass as their legs become undone from each other. Cindy would rise up from the grass, and attack Cat's chest with her outstretched hands. At times she would latch on, and pull and tug at the large breasts, hoping to hand on to the nipples for increased discomfort to her victim. Cat kicked free, and then leaped on top of Cindy and forced her chest down hard on Cindy's chest.

Cindy grunted, as Cat said, "You wanted them so much, now take a good look at 'em!"

Cindy screamed, as Cat dropped her chest on Cindy's several times, before Cindy was able to squeeze with all her might Cat's chest. Cindy rolled Cat over, and the two rolled again, and again down a slight embankment in the clearing they had chose to fight in. Cindy was now on top, and still continuing the pressure and pain on Cat's chests. Cat then wrapped her long, python legs around Cindy's trim waist and squeezed. Both women could feel the wetness between their legs, and this excited them both. Cindy used her right arm to pull Cat's hair, and her left hand continued to maul Cat's right breast. Cindy pulled Cat's hair up, and tweaked and pulled Cat right nipple.

Cat screamed, "You fucking bitch! Leggo mmmyyy tits you freakin' whore!"

Cat was able to do some damage of her own by attacking Cindy's chest and pulling her hair. Cat was able to flip Cindy over, and as the two women flopped over and rolled they were now facing away from the other's face. Cat spanked Cindy's ass hard with several hard, wet slaps. Cindy yelped, then gave Cat some of her own medicine. The two women tired from the pain and strain of fighting a physical equal. They rolled away from each other, seeing each other with the aid of the powerful security lights from the windmills. They could hear the car and trucks traveling below, and could hear the sounds of the windmills slowly spinning above them.

Cat said, "Are you ready for another round."

"Yeah!" Cindy said. "I'm anxious to see how this ends."

Both women stoop up, then Cat approached Cindy slowly and cautiously. Cindy backed up, until once again she was up against the security fence for the windmills. Cat reached out with her arms, but Cindy broke the hold and Cat fell forward. Cindy reached up and grabbed hold of Cat's hair and forced her back down to the cool, wet ground, she then moved her pussy to Cat's face and with two hands in Cat's hair jerked her face into her love mound. Cindy ground away on Cat's face as Cat wrapped her arm and hands around Cindy's thighs and pulled her panties down around her ankles.

Cat massaged and kneaded Cindy's perfect ass with her strong hands. Cindy moaned and kicked off her panties, as Cat could feel Cindy skin become populated with goose bumps and continued to lick and suck the supermodel mom's pussy with her mouth. Cat could smell the fragrances they received from the spa, and the musky smell of Cindy's love organ. Cindy massaged Cat's scalp and would pull on her hair when she came close to orgasm. Cindy was smiling, and giggling as she looked down on the beautiful dark-haired Amazon eating her out.

Cindy came and yelled out an horrific scream, it came from so deep that Cat figured that she wasn't being serviced at home and the pressure had built up until it final release. Cat too was hungry for some servicing, and Cindy was going to pay up. Cat moved away from Cindy as she orgasm, then got on her feet, and pulled down the lovely supermodel back on to the grassy carpet. Cat mounted Cindy, using her legs to rub the thighs of Cindy with her own to cause the friction she craved between the two women.

Cindy said, "Let me do you, you horny bitch!"

Cat laid down in front of the supermodel and Cindy lowered her face between those long, smooth beautiful legs, pulled her panties down and proceeded to service her! Cat could feel the pressure building up of a strong orgasm, Cindy was licking and fingering the hairy pussy of the actress. Each stroke or lick was bringing Cat closer to the edge, but she wanted the bodily contact with Cindy. She craved it, she wanted to feel her body against hers when she came. Cat pulled Cindy up to her, then rolled her over and proceeded to hump the supermodel. After a few well-placed humps, Cat came in one of her greatest orgasms she could recall. Cat and Cindy held each other as they continued to hump and grind each other to smaller orgasms. Cindy just laid there on the ground, as Cat rolled off of her as the final one subsided.

Neither Cat nor Cindy were completely satisfied. This contest or competition had to do with a desire to prove which woman was the best of the two. The final verdict wasn't yet in.

Cindy made a move for her clothes, but Cat stopped her, "I'm not finished yet!"

Cindy looked at her as if she were some sort of sexual marathon runner. "What!" Cindy said.

"I came up here to have the fight I never got to have!" Cat hissed.

"So, now that we've fucked, you want to fight more now, huh!"

"You sound just like my husband!" Cat gasped.

Cindy said, "I ain't your goddam husband, but you wanna fight, so let's fight!"

Cindy got up and approached Cat slowly and Cat mirrored her movements and gestures. Cindy made the first move, and once again tore into Cat's chest. Cat followed by wrapping her legs around Cindy's and pulling at her beautiful but disheveled hair. Both women screamed at the pain, and the pleasure that they had once given each other, was of no consequence. Their legs were wrapped around each other, as they tried to trip the other, and hands were relayed from hair to chest to hair and back again. Pulling, tearing, scratching each other's once beautiful, soft skin.

Perhaps it was Cindy letting herself be distracted by her attention to Cat's chest, or just the strength of the younger, taller actress but Cat was able to force Cindy to the grass. They struggled briefly as it was evident that Cindy was running out of stream, as Cat was living her dream of gaining revenge on the former JAG actress who had hurt her earlier in her career. Cindy was screaming, as Cat pulled and tore at her breasts and hair. Cat couldn't feel the pain in her chest as Cindy was using her remaining strength to squeeze the breasts that had once nourished her daughter. That didn't matter, only revenge on the imaginary woman who'd refused to let her seek satisfaction.

Cat worked herself into such a trance that she was now fucking the supermodel with all her might and strength, and the realization of who she was fighting was attained briefly before she and her victim, Cindy Crawford had achieved another gigantic orgasm at the site of so much power being generated to the communities and citizens below. Cat slowed down her movements, craving and yearning for the warmth of Cindy's body against hers. She lowered her tormented chest and love mound to the embracing Cindy, as the two women just held each other for what seemed eternity.

Cat apologized for her crazed behavior, and Cindy said, "You must of really wanted to kick that bitches ass REAL bad."

As she still struggled to catch her breath. Cat rolled off of Cindy, and tucked herself into a ball, clutching her legs and thighs in her long, strong arms. Cindy rose up too. She sat up, perched on her ass looking at the contemplative actress.

"Come on, it's cold, it's dark and we're naked. Let's get out of here before someone catches us," Cindy said. As the two women made their way back to the SUV, Cindy asked, "By the way, what DID that woman say to get you so riled up?"

"She said my big tits were my only talent and only good getting me acting parts; not providing mother's milk," Cat replied.

"That bitch!" Cindy gasped, then they walked holding hands back to the SUV and headed, finally, back toward LA.