Catherine "Cat" Bell vs. Rachel Hunter by jmac

"Uunngohhh" Cat Bell couldn't prevent the painful moan from escaping her parched lips when Rachel Hunter turned up the pressure on her devastating bearhug. She was in real trouble with the big Kiwi plastered to her torso…her face and chin wedged between Bell's huge, exposed, hooters; her powerful, muscular, arms clamped tight just below Cat’s sweat-soaked, naked, udders; crushing her rib cage and making it impossible to get a breath.

Rachel pressed forward, using all her considerable weight to force Cat's already bloody bare back into the wire cage that enclosed tonight's ring. Again, Rachel shifted; left, then right; using the wire cage to cut and scratch the perfect olive skin on the Iranian-American beauty’s exposed back.

Cat tried for the umpteenth time to find relief, pulling Rachel’s thick strawberry-blonde hair as it cascaded down over her prize-winning puppies...but to no avail. The curly tangle of hair was too sweaty - and the tough supermodel had proven able to ignore the pain, and pthen unish Cat for the attempt by applying ever more crushing pressure - just as she’d done every time Cat tried the tactic. It was as if she were punishing Cat for having the hubris to resist her!

Rachel had been using a bearhug as her most effective weapon in wearing down Bell. The first had been a reverse hug that she’d used early; crushing Cat’s massive breasts and draining her resistance. That had lasted almost five minutes. This one had kept the wilting older actress under control for even longer. In between, a head scissors and several Boston Crabs had further weakened Bell’s resistance. Now the bearhug had forced Cat onto her toes, but Rachel cleverly was not wasting energy trying to lift her, in fact she was making Cat's own tired legs do the work of holding her up.

By now, Rachel was almost as famliar with Bell's body as Cat herself, and she could tell the fight was as good as hers. Cat’s once firm, athletic, body - which had offered such resistance at the beginning - was now sweaty and had softened as it weakened.

‘No fight left in this one,’ Hunter thought as she gave Cat’s torso another pulsating squeeze and heard her groan.

"Almost over now, skank," Hunter hissed in Cat’s ear, speaking to her opponent for the first time; her icy tone sending a shiver down the tall brunette's spine.
* * * *
Cat’s oxygen-starved brain began to wander; images flashed in her thoughts; recollecting the events that brought her to this painful situation. The deal had seemed to good to turn down. They’d both danced this dance before - both were unbeaten in over a year (Cat was 8-0 since January 2008 and Rachel undefeated in ten straight back to the fall of 07!). Both had earned a lot of money with this lucrative sideline...celebrity catfighting. For the top women, the winner's share could be over $500,000 and the loser rarely took home less than $100,000 - and any medical costs were covered by the promoter!

One hundred of Hollywood's most powerful men and women had shelled out $25,000 apiece to see this ‘championship’ fight (a cool $2.5 million gate - and all unreported!). They were at an exclusive Hollywood “Gentlemen's” club where, for their money, the punters not only got to witness the fight ‘up close’, but also a pre-fight cocktail party with the fighters, trainers and sparring partners who were ‘guaranteed to mingle.’ Plus a DVD of the fight for future private viewing - but which remained the property of the promoter, ensuring nobody could legally duplicate, trade, give away or sell their copy. Only the ‘chosen few’ would ever see the fight either live or digital!

A good showing could get a girl work - especially if an important person made money on her fights, such as winning bets! More than one woman was a star solely because of her ability in the arena - which replaced the ‘casting couch’ as the preferred route for many: the ‘more adventurous’ actresses - those with some athletic ability - or those with a penchant for inflicting, or receiving, pain! (And there were more than a few in that latter category, Cat had learned to her surprise!) Blows to the face were prohibited (although this was usually overlooked during the fights). This was promoted as being for the benefit of protecting the fighters careers - but in reality was simply to make it easier to find willing women.

Fights were held in different locations - with different martial disciplines - which made Cat and Rachel’s unbeaten streaks all the more impressive. This evening, they were in “The Cage” - a 12x12 wire mesh enclosure, the wire a lot rougher than it should have been - as Cat's back bore silent witness to! Some felt this particular cage was purposely chosen to favor Hunter, although it would never be proved.

The promoter picked appropriate designs for the (tiny) bikinis for each fight. Tonight it was a zebra print hipster for Bell and Rachel in a leopard print thong. It gave the fight the aura of a big cat taking down prey - an apt metaphor since the tiny ring proved to be a huge advantage for Rachel by negating Bell's superior striking skills and her agility.

Thirty seconds into the match, Hunter had cornered Cat and took her to the mat with a well executed leg chute takedown. A good old fashioned wrestling match followed, with Rachel controlling at least seventy percent of the action against the 40 year old Cat who had quickly tired from expending her energy trying to survive Rachel’s vicious onslaught. Cat’s bikini top was an early casualty, pulled off in the first five minutes and leaving an embarrased Bell's flopping titflesh not only free for the viewing - but free for the taking and Rachel had targeted Bell’s big balloon breasts from the start. It had forced Cat to minimize using her hands as she was unwilling to expose her bare breasts to Rachel’s attacks.
* * * *
Cat's attention was painfully, and abruptly, shocked back to the present by a powerful kneelift driven fullforce into her box. A loud “OOHHH” from the crowd drowned out Cat's own scream and many in the crowd laughed at her pain as Cat tried to slump to the floor. Rachel pinned Cat to the cage wall, holding her with a forearm across the throat for three more beefy knee strikes to the tall brunette beauty’s vulnerable groin…ThuD..thuD..thuD! Sobbing, Cat tried to submit, but with no air left in her, she couldn’t get the word out…and the pain was too much for her to get her breath. Weakly, Cat tried to tap out, slapping Hunter's back. The ref saw it, but with the excitement of the crowd, decided to ignore it and not to risk their anger; , instead he chose to give the crowd a little more show!

Hunter spun Cat’s limp body in her arms, releasing her bearhug in excange for clamping on a full nelson, working her arms up under the English beauty’s armpits and locking her hands behind the world's most beautiful neck. Again Cat got rammed into the skin-shredding cage, only this time it was her face and breasts taking the abuse.

Huge gasps from the fans as Cat’s soft titflesh was slowly pushed through the diamond grid wire mesh. Any sense of relief Cat migh have felt was tempered by knowledge much worse abuse was in store. Her face and breasts could feel the wrath of the biting metal grid as her huge, soft, tits oozed through the cage like sausage through a meatgrinder!

"Please…duh…don't…" Cat rasped, her voice weak and rough from screaming; hoping for mercy; knowing it wouldn't be given.

"Sorry bitch,” Rachel chuckled. “We gotta give the money boys the show they pay for." She laughed at Cat's plight.

Truth be told, Hunter was enjoying destroying “the most envied chest in Hollywood” - which was how Cat’s lezbo lover Charlize Theron had been describing them since Theron had smashed Jeri Ryan’s rack during a fight several months ago. Rachel didn’t really care - she'd do Cat’s tits for free - because she was one of those women who enjoyed it! She began to scrub Cat’s amazing rack back and forth along the wire mesh - which did it's job all too well! Cat's screams echo off the walls as her perfect tits were ground down by the uncaring wire.

At ringside, Cat’s lover Charlize burst into tears at the sight - then passed out in the lap of Catherine Zeta-Jones who, with her husband Michael Douglas, were flanking Theron in the ‘luxury’ seats. Zeta-Jones laughed as she gently stroked Charlize’s hair - and screamed at Rachel, urging the big New Zealander to, “Go on an’ shred ‘em, hon!”

There was blood everywhere...Rachel's own ample breasts glistened with blood smeared on them from Cat’s back. And Cat’s ravaged rack was a crimson mass; her blood, sweat - and tears - mingling in a stream down over the curve of her rapidly pumping belly to disappear down the front of her bikini bottom.

Suddenly, Cat’s screams stopped as the game actress succumbed to the excruciating pain and - mercifully - passed out! She gave a little gurgle and then became deadweight in Hunter’s arms. Rachel knew her night of fun had come to an end. But instead of just dropping Cat, Rachel tossed her in a heap at the middle of the ring, then kicked her over onto her back. Cat’s arms flopped over and she lay spread-eagled, the only sign of life the rapid rising and falling of her magnificent, bloody, chest under the bright, hot, lights as her overwhelmed body struggled to replace lost oxygen.

Every eye was fixed on the breathtaking sight…which pissed Ms. Hunter off no end! ‘Not one bloody cheer for the champ?’ Rachel seethed. She’d been upstaged by pair of broken boobs? That was just so, so, wrong!!

"You like her floppy tits?” Rachel screamed. “Well, kiss ‘em goodbye!"

She mounts Cat’s tight belly and, in a jealous rage, starts to rain down a hurricane of punches into Cat's left breast; each fist slams in fullforce with a SPLOT sound. Bell’s once proud left tit is beaten black and blue until the soft sack slipped down the left side of her chest and settled under her armpit.

Satisfied at last, Rachel turned her ire on Cat’s right tit! SPLOT…SPLOT..SPLOT!

Cat was shocked back to consciousness by the searing pain and awoke with a moan; her eyes wide in shock; pain shooting across her entire chest. Terrified, she tried to squirm and wiggle free - which brought the crowd to its feet cheering her - and spurring Rachel to even greater cruelty. The SPLOT turned to SPLAT as the once proud right mammary of Ms. Catherine Bell was battered into jelly; then it too slipped under Cat’s right armpit much as her sister had moments earlier.

The mighty Cat had already passed out again by the tenth punch, and with Theron already unconscious at ringside, there was no one else who even cared!

Like a jungle cat, Rachel sinuously uncoiled as she arose off her prey, straddled Cat’s limp body and then slowly pulled Cat’s blood-streaked zebra print bikini bottom down her unresisting legs to her ankles, lifted her legs and whisked it off; her limp legs dropping with a couple of soft thumps.

"I’ll take THIS to remember you by,” she chuckled. “And here’s something so you’ll remember ME!"

Rachel delivered three brutal heel stomps on Cat’s exposed pussy. Her big body shook and shuddered, but she never uttered a sound! Rachel tossed her hair, turned and left the cage to collect her prize money. An ambulance crew rushed in and wisked the devastated, nude, Cat off to the hospital where she had a lengthy stay recouperating from her beating and undergoing surgery to restore her battered breasts to their ‘prefight’ magnificence. Cat vowed she’d be back in action “…after my convalescence.”

A week later, Charlize Theron called a press conference in which she denounced Hunter for “unnecessary brutality” - then challenged Rachel to face her in a ‘no holds barred’ fight as soon as possible. She wanted to get revenge for the pain and humiliation inflicted on her lover, Cat Bell. The world awaits Rachel’s reply…