Catherine Bell vs. Rose McGowan by none 2-9-02

Rose McGowan continued to dominate the fight scene in Hollywood. Her wild nights and drunken assaults had gotten the better of many young Hollywood starlets and Rose loved it! She fucked like an animal, fought like an animal and partied like one. She loved to live up to that reputation. She had become virtually unbeatable. That's why Rose couldn't resist jumping at the chance when a friend called her and said some people wanted to arrange a fight between her and a "surprise opponent."

There were about fifteen people in the deserted movie studio when Rose got there - people she recognized but wasn't overly familiar with. The studio was hot and the lighting was poor at best and the air was stale, but there was an electric quality emanating from the people awaiting the fight. The wood floor was dusty but otherwise clear of debris.

Rose was wearing her usual Goth make up with bright red lipstick, a skin-tight black lycra tank top cut off just below her breasts and a pair of black leather pants. She quickly began to shimmy out of her pants, realizing that wearing them wouldn't be a good idea in the oppressive the heat of the building. She slid the pants down over her wide hips, exposing her black thong along with her creamy white ass cheeks and firm thighs.

Just as she got her pants off ,the door at the far end of the studio flew open with a bang and a group of about fifteen people came storming in. She could barely make them out given the size of the place but soon she could see that they were all women and they were storming towards her. They were making a lot of noise but she could barely make anything out. As they came closer, Rose began to worry she'd been set up. Soon, she could discern one voice above the rest and she recognized some of the starlets she had beaten up. She didn't recognize the voice until the crowd was closer, then the separated and Catherine Bell stepped forward in a brown camouflage bikini top and black leather pants. Cat looked over at her and Rose heaved a sigh of relief that she hadn't been set up to be ambushed after all.

"Hey skank!" Cat yelled, "We're gonna get this on as soon as I get out of these pants. Then I'm gonna kick your ass!"

Cat began to shimmy out her leather pants too, showing a brown camouflage thong that emphasized a perfect ass and full, soft thighs. Rose smiled.

"You scrawny bitch," Rose mumbled, "I'm gonna put such a beating on you, you'll wish you never came here."

Cat was almost out of her pants. She'd had several fights in her life and was rumored to be quite tough. Most of the Hollywood starlets who had suffered Rose's wrath were anxious to get back at her and concluded that Cat would be their best chance. A large circle of people surrounded the two fighters, Rose standing ready and Cat bent over at the waist pulling off her pants.

Cat knew she was in trouble before it happened but she couldn't do anything about it. Rose attacked swiftly and without mercy just as Cat got her pants down around her ankles and was still bent over. Rose slammed her foot into Cat's soft tummy and followed with a double ax-handle to her back as she doubled over gasping for air. Rose had knocked the breath out of the tall, busty actress and her first knee was quickly followed by a second to Cat's bulbous bra that stood her upright.

Cat tried to recover but Rose was quick and threw a flurry of punches into Cat's body as her supporters gasped in dismay. Cat stumbled backwards, stepping out of her leather pants and freeing her feet, but she could do nothing except try to cover up as she backpedaled away. Rose hawked after Cat as she retreated, landing punch after punch, punishing Cat simply for entering the fight. The crowd of starlets was suddenly deflated as their champion was being brutally bullied and embarrassed by their arch enemy. Cat staggered and dropped to on one knee as Rose's onslaught continued. Everyone could see the ex-model was in trouble after just a few seconds.

Cat looked up from her position as Rose poised to attack again. The actress was desperate, the onslaught of her Goth foe had already been brutal. As Rose closed in on her, Cat finally attacked. Her surprise punch landed perfectly, right in that soft spot just beneath Rose's little belly button. Cat's cadre of supporters cheered as Rose stumbled back, the wind knocked out of her. Cat got to her feet and shook the cobwebs from her head, her face flushed and sweat already popping on her brow. Rose smirked.

"How you doin' down there chub?" Rose quipped, eyeing Cat's smooth round belly as she approached her cautiously.

"Why don't you come over her and find out, you sneaky bitch," replied Cat between gasps, bracing herself for more battle.

Rose did, she closed the distance and attacked with incredible speed and agility. But Cat was a strong, experienced fighter and she blocked Rose's punch, reached out and grabbed her shoulders, bringing her close and slamming a knee into her gut.


Cat repeated the knee attack twice more before she shoved Rose backwards. As Rose stumbled back breathing hard, Cat resumed her offensive, raining blows all over Rose's body with exquisite precision and power. Rose tried to protect herself from the onslaught but her body was peppered all over with punches.

Cat was quicker and she landed many more punches than Rose managed to block. Rose's face got flushed as bruises started to dot her body. Sweat matted both women's hair and their clothing began to stick to their perspiring bodies. Rose, on the defensive, suddenly switched tactics and charged into Cat who caught Rose by the hair and hip tossed her, sending the young woman tumbling across the floor.

"Shit, unnnhhh!" was heard just before the young actress landed with a solid THUD on the floor.

By now, in the stifling heat of the studio, both women's curvaceous bodies were soaked with sweat. Cat's clothes were almost transparent because of moisture and both women's bodies were slippery. Cat paused to catch her breath as Rose got to all fours but Cat knew better than to let Rose up once she had her down. Cat charged Rose and landed a powerful kick to Rose's torso that lifted her off the ground.

"Oooh!" Rose shrieked.

Cat attacked again and another kick produced a similar response. Cat's kicks continued until they began connecting with Rose's large, soft breasts. Then Rose began moaning as she tried to scramble away. Cat followed her, her final kick flipping the young actress onto her back. Rose lay on her back, brutalized, rocking back and forth and moaning, clutching her bruised tits.

Cat leaned over and asked, "Not so tough now, are we bitch?"

Rose smirked, "You think?"

Suddenly the battered actress lunged up at Cat, her hands clutching her taller opponent by the throat and hair as the crowd gasped and then roared. Normally, Rose's move would have the effect she'd planned but Cat wasn't one of Rose's usual opponents and wasn't taken off guard. Cat leaned back, grabbed Rose's right arm, and pulled it hard as she slammed her right foot into Rose's side, then planted her left foot rapidly onto Rose's shoulder and dropped to the floor hauling back on Rose's arm and stretching it away from her body using her feet as leverage.

"Dumb bitch, I am NOT one of those bimbo's you're used to bullying around! How you feelin' Rosie?" Cat chided.

Rose wailed, slamming the floor with her free fist as Cat turned up the pressure as she twisted Rose's wrist. Rose flailed about as Cat intermittently kicked her in the tits as she kept the pressure up for several seconds. Finally, Cat released Rose's arm and got quickly to her feet. Rose curled up into a ball, rocking while Cat paused to catch her breath and regain her composure as her fans in the crowd cheered.

Rose just sat there while Cat taunted her to see if she was quitting. Cat attacked again, kicking Rose in the back, but this had little effect so Cat bent over and hauled Rose up by her hair. As the fighters stood face to face, the women in the crowd compared their heaving breasts as each sucked in huge gulps of air.

Rose's face looked beleaguered as Cat began to slam forearms to her chest. Rose stumbled back and fell on her ass with a thud and covered her face. The crowd stood silent as Cat looked for a way to hurt Rose more - she knew Rose either had to be forced to quit or be unconscious before she could be sure she'd won. The pace of the fight had slowed as Cat just pounded on Rose and Rose protected herself. Cat again grabbed Rose's hair and bent her head back.

As she did, Cat said, "Ohhh, Rosie, time to get up! Not feelin' too ...."

But just as she started to speak, Cat looked down into Rose's eyes and realized she'd miscalculated badly.

"Oh Cat," Rose sighed, "a bit overconfident aren't we?"

Rose slammed her fist up and buried her knuckles perfectly between Cat's cunt lips. The big brunette gasped and as her hands dropped from Rose's hair to her crotch. Rose turned her body as she drove her elbow into the side of Cat's knee. Cat yelped and collapsed in a heap as her knee buckled. She was stunned at how much punishment Rose had taken and how, despite it, she was able to strike back with such sudden, shocking force. Unable to rise on her injured leg, Cat started to scramble away on her hands and knees as Rose clawed at her back, leaving a series of deep red furrows. Rose's hands raked down Cat's back until her fingers caught in the waist of Cat's thong. Cat, scrambling frantically away from the she-devil, crawled right out of her thong and rolled away, leaving Rose holding it as a trophy.

Cat wasn't as quick to her feet because Rose's elbow to her knee was causing her trouble. She was barely upright as the two fighters faced one another. Cat realized she was still feeling the effects of her attack on Rose and that she may have a problem with her knee. Rose closed quickly and the two women traded powerful body blows. Close quarters punching produced audible rushes of air from both women with every blow that connected.

Unlike their initial exchange, this time Rose's punches were landing with more force as Cat began to lean in more and more. After several minutes of trading punched, both fighters had to slow the pace. Then Rose ducked under a Cat right hand and pounded a hard right to Cat's left breast that brought a squeal of pain from the big brunette. As Cat desperately tried to get her feet straight and cover up, Rose dipped her knees again and once more uppercut Cat, this time her fist sinking deep into Cat's lush, tanned torso just above the dark fringe of her exposed pussy. Cat doubled over, bending forward in agony, holding and clinching around Rose's shoulders and neck as she struggled to remain upright.

With her teeth clenched tightly, Rose really went to town on the older brunette, her hard little fists beating a tattoo that made Cat's heavy body shudder with each punch. Occasionally, one or the other of Cat's feet would be lifted off the floor as Rose fist dug into her big, soft body.

The only sounds coming from Rose were her grunts of exertion as she put her whole body behind each punch while the sounds from Cat were the pained sounds her breath being driven out of her by Rose's exquisite body work.

"Arrrrnh!...." "Unnnnnn.."

"Arrannh!...." "Ooomph.."

"Arrannh!...." "Oooooofff...!"

"Arrrnnnh!..." "uuuuuunnnn...."

Rose battered the weakened big Cat until she collapsed on her knees. The women backing her let out a disheartened groan as their champion went down under Rose's flying fist just as so many others before her had gone down. Grinning for the first time in the fight, Rose grabbed Cat up under the arms and heaved her back up to her feet. With Cat slumped over leaning on her, Rose resumed punching Cat's soft body again, driving her stumbling and staggering backward across the empty studio toward the crowd watching her display of cruelty with silent awe. After several more body punches, Cat collapsed again. This time, Rose leaned over, grabbed a handful of wet, auburn hair and bent Cat's head back.

"You done Cat?" Rose sneered.

Cat didn't answer, just gasped a lungful of air, so Rose slammed her fist into Cat's face. Blood ran from her nose as Rose picked her head back up and hit her again, this punch splattered Cat's blood over Rose's flat abs.

Rose hit Cat again.

And then again.

"Are you done Cat?" Rose asked again.

Cat sat on her haunches, her long legs folded under her and just stared glassy-eyed without responding.

"Oh Ca-at?"

"F...fffuuuuccckk..........y-y-y-ou....," Cat gasped, then spat her blood on Rose.

Rose tried to shove Cat over, but the battered actress just rocked back up on her knees and came back upright. Frustrated, Rose threw another punch at Cat's face, but without Rose's hand in her hair to hold her in place Cat was able to turn her head. Instead of her face, Rose's hand hit the back of Cat's head.

"OWWWWWWW!" screamed Rose as she stumbled away holding her hand.

Cat toppled forward and fell to the floor where she lay motionless as Rose jumped around in obvious pain shaking her hand while Cat lay without stirring. As she shook her numb hand and massaged it trying to restore feeling, Rose began to exchange verbal barbs with the crowd of starlets at ringside, all of whom she had at one time or another brutalized. Her hair was matted and her face flushed, she had welts and bruises all over her body but she was still able to talk trash.

Rose was so busy taunting and teasing the other women, she didn't notice Cat starting to stir - and certainly no one was going to warn her. Rose didn't realize Cat was awake until after the battered actress had already gotten to her hands and knees.

Cat looked up at Rose as the Goth girl started closing the distance between the two. Cat's face was bloody and her hair was caked with sweat and blood. She was barely able to get to her feet before Rose reached her.

Suddenly, the JAG star leaped at the Charmed actress and slammed into Rose's upper-body, tackling her foe around the shoulders and slamming her to the mat. Although Cat was battered, she straddled Rose and began wildly pummeling her with both fists. Rose was stunned by this attack and instinctively she covered up. Still, her body was being punished so she began to buck trying to throw Cat off of her. Cat was too weak to hold her and after a few bucks, Rose was able to unseat the big brunette and throw her off. As Cat tumbled off to one side, Rose rolled away, injured, to the other.

Although weakened, Cat was determined! She got to her feet and attacked Rose swiftly, the two hellcats rolled back and forth on the mats shrieking and squealing. The were intertwined in a tangle of arms and legs as they clawed and kicked at one another. Suddenly, Cat screamed in pain. When they stopped rolling, the women in the crowd could see Rose was biting Cat's cheek. Cat desperately clawed at Rose's face until she freed herself from the jaws of the wild woman.

"You skanky whore!!" hissed Cat as she sat back holding her hand to her cheek.

Rose cackled as she dove at Cat who, somehow, dodged her attack and was able to hip toss Rose down. Cat dropped down straddling Rose's back as the actress hit the floor. She grabbed Rose's hair and began screaming angrily as she slammed her head into the floor. Rose flailed about while Cat hyper-extended her neck as well. Cat herself was still in anguish as she returned to slamming Rose's face on the floor. Veins popped out on her neck as her sinewy muscles strained against the power of Rose's torso.

When blood suddenly spread on the white skin of Rose's face, Cat abruptly stopped banging Rose's head on the floor and let the dazed actresses head drop with a thud. Cat got up. Rose did not move so bell went to work. She began stomping Rose's body as the prone actress convulsed with each blow. The crowd was stunned at the sudden turn of events and the became even more excited when Cat called over to them asking for something.

Cat kicked Rose in the chest to roll the young actress over onto her side as one of Cat's starlet friends brought out a duffel bag that they'd brought with them specially for this occasion. Cat staggered over to it and took out a huge dildo. Rose was still dazed and barely moving as Cat returned with the dildo, grabbed the actress and flipped her onto her back. Cat bent over and pulled off Rose's thong and spread her legs, standing between them.

Cat stomped Rose's unprotected dark bush as Rose's eyes shot open and she let out a voiceless moan as she clutched at her crotch in pain. Cat pushed her hands away as the young actress protested. The actress, still barely able to function after the beating Rose had given her, took the huge dildo and began pounding it into Rose's cunt. Rose writhed and her body convulsed with each thrust, screaming either in agony or perverse pleasure.

Rose's muscles tightened and her back arched as her pussy was pounded by the massive cock. Her wails built into a crescendo as she suddenly convulsed, shuddered and then collapsed. Rose, defeated, clawed at the huge dildo trying to pull it out. She whimpered frantically and barely reacted when Cat, standing over her threateningly, asked if she wanted to get up and resume the fight.

Rose didn't say anything. She knew she was beaten. Later, when the starlets would retell the story to their friends, they would say that Rose was crying like a baby, but that might have been a bit of an exaggeration.

Cat stumbled over to her friends as the crowd began to disperse. She never got there though as her body quit and she collapsed to the floor. They came running over to the aid of their heroine, surrounding her as they knelt to check on her condition. Cat was propped up by the time Rose pulled the cock out of her pussy and dragged herself over to her things. Rose quickly got dressed and hobbled out, glaring back over her shoulder and muttering dark threats about 'revenge' that few took seriously.

Cat tried to smile as her girlfriends congratulated her, but it hurt too much. She was proud of herself, although she'd paid a steep price for her success. Her cuts and wounds would take several weeks to heal before she could return in front of the cameras. Still, she'd defeated Rose McGowan, previously known as the toughest girl in Hollywood.