Renee O'Connor vs. Catherine Bell (w/Katie Holmes & Lucy Lawless) by S.P. Eider 16-Jul-2000

The crowd roared as Renee O'Connor delivered an unstoppable uppercut to the chin of her opponent, Katie Holmes. The buxom blonde's boxing glove connected with a jarring thud, knocking the young woman's head back on her slight shoulders, the sound of her teeth cracking together reverberated throughout the arena. Renee watched as the young brunette staggered drunkenly around the ring. The girl was clearly finished, her legs just didn't know it yet.

Intercepting the girl's erratic stumbling, O'Connor lifted her left arm, placing her glove on Katie's forehead. The girl stopped moving and stood stock still, her arms hanging limply at her side. Renee laughed in amazement. She had only meant to steady the battered bimbo long enough to deliver a final, concluding punch. Instead, Katie was now leaning against Renee's glove. All Renee had to do was take her glove away and the brunette would doubtless fall crashing to the canvas. For a second, the busty beauty considered doing just that. Then she remembered how cocky the little bitch had been at the start of the match, a staggering four minutes beforehand.

Renee lowered her fist from the head of the young boxer and waited as the dark haired youth began to fall slowly forwards like a felled tree. Moving faster than her opponent's rendezvous with the canvas, Renee quickly raised her knee. Focusing her aggression into one last blow, Renee powered her knee up between the beaten girl's white-shorted thighs. There was a muffled thump as Renee's knee found its target, plunging deep into the girl's groin. Katie let out a pitiful gurgle as intense pain woke her from her stupor just long enough to acknowledge the agony she now felt in her bruised pussy. She collapsed to the mat and curled into a ball, sobbing quietly to herself

Renee looked down at the beaten bitch and shook her head slowly. It did not take the crowd long to show their approval of the blonde battler, chanting her name at the top of their assembled voices. The 29 year old actress smiled and gave them what they wanted, walking a victory lap of the ring so that all could appreciate her voluptuous physique. For someone who had just been in a kick-boxing bout, she was as comely as ever. Her short blonde locks were barely a hair out of place and the only marks on her face were those of the make up she had applied before the fight.

She wore only the briefest of red boxing shorts, tight enough to perfectly accentuate the lines of her shapely behind and the curvature of her crotch. Above the shorts, her flat toned stomach glistened with a slight layer of sweat, as did her ever matchless breasts. At the centre of each, Renee's nipples stood erect, stimulated by the recent victory.

Completing her lap of honor, Renee returned to her corner where Lucy Lawless was waiting. The admirable second was quick to show her appreciation of her fighting pal.

"You were unstoppable," she said, gently sponging water onto Renee's ample bosom (and thoroughly enjoying herself in the process).

"Wasn't I," sighed Renee.

Lucy frowned. She had known Renee long enough to read her moods better than anyone. She was normally ecstatic after a victory but today she seemed uncharacteristically muted.

"What's up?" asked the brunette, her voice naturally softened by her native New Zealand accent.

"Nothing," said Renee, less than convincingly.

"C'mon," pressed Lucy, "this is me you're talking to. I know when something's bothering you, what's the matter?"

"Her," replied Renee, indicating the still stricken girl at the centre of the ring. "And not just her, all other women I've taken on recently."

"What are you getting at?" asked Lucy, already guessing the problem.

"1 need a challenge," said Renee simply. "All my fights lately have been too easy."

From anyone else, Renee's comments would have bordered on conceit. Lucy knew better though and much of what the blonde beauty had said was the truth. Lucy's solution came quickly.

"OK," she said. "There's a woman who's been making some noise recently, you really want a challenge, she'll give it to you. Her name's Catherine Bell."

* * * * *

Lucy made the necessary phone calls and after a few weeks of training in both camps, the day of the fight finally arrived and the select crowd took to their seats around the ring. The atmosphere was electric as supporters of both fighters needled one another about who would win the fight. Renee's fans believed the younger woman's ring experience would give her the edge, whilst Catherine's admirers knew that Renee had never experienced anything like Ms. Bell.

A sudden hush descended over the hall, as though covered by a heavy blanket. Renee O'Connor was stepping into the ring and words no longer seemed necessary to debate the fighting woman's prowess. If she was as tough as she was beautiful (as Lucy Lawless knew she was), there could only be one winner in this match.

Walking to centre of the ring, Renee displayed her figure for all to see. Her short golden blonde hair was immaculately styled and her beautiful face had most of the male audience looking towards Lucy with envy, although not for long. Their gaze was quickly drawn back to the shapely blonde whose presence in the ring had made them forget their respective wives and girlfriends. Renee drew in a deep breath, enjoying the unanimous adulation from the crowd. As she did so, her breasts raised slightly upwards, as did the temperatures of every man present, including those who had come to support Catherine.

Below Renee's glorious bosom, her flat stomach was smooth and toned, a sure sign the woman had been working out for the ensuing confrontation. Her red thong was tight enough to be mistaken for sunburn from a distance and left nothing to the all-too-fertile imagination of much of the audience. You did not need to be Clark Kent to see through what little thin red material there was and visualise the blonde babe's tempting crotch. Her outfit was completed by nothing more than...... nothing more. After a final nod to the crowd, Renee returned to her corner where Lucy imparted words of encouragement as everybody waited for Catherine to appear. They did not wait long.

As the sounds of The Prodigy's "Firestarter" began to blast from the arena's antiquated sound system, the 31 year old, goddess made her entrance. Catherine leapt into the ring over the top. As soon as her bare feet hit the canvas, she danced to the centre of the ring, throwing jabs and gymnastic kicks to an imaginary opponent.

If Renee's fans had been stunned into silence by the blonde woman's beauty, Catherine's were just the opposite. Immediately half the crowd was on it's feet, cheering for their champion. This wasn't to say as many eyes weren't admiring Catherine's figure as had done so for Renee. Her constant activity meant there was a lot to look at, not least of all her bouncing breasts. Although slightly smaller than Renee's, they were no less impressive, especially as they were now. Catherine's ducking and weaving shook her boobs in every direction, causing many of the previously standing men to suddenly need a quick sit down.

Catherine's dark brown hair was tied back behind her head and she looked as gorgeous as ever. Her tanned waist and stomach were slimmer and flatter than Renee's and the Jag actress's legs managed to be both athletic and sensuous in equal parts. Catherine's G-string was made of a golden lycra material and hid little of the London born woman's most revered areas. Catherine finally stopped dancing, gave an exaggerated bow to Renee's supporters in the crowd and returned to her corner.

Across the ring, the two actresses glared at each other. It was clear to anyone present that this would not be a friendly match. Both Catherine and Renee were vicious fighters who enjoyed causing as much pain as possible. Eventually, and after what seemed like more than two and a half pages of build-up, the match began.

"Go on baby, you know how to hurt her," cried Lucy to her blonde bruiser.

The two women approached each other cautiously, an accomplished kick-boxer herself, Catherine was well aware of Renee's expertise in the same sport. She soon became considerably more aware. Renee feigned a quick jab at the face of her opponent and Catherine bought her fists up quickly. Like a medieval guard raising a portcullis, Catherine had given the enemy easy access to her castle and all within. Renee's forces arrived immediately.

Catherine gasped as Renee's fist smacked into her exposed midriff simultaneously stinging the flesh and stealing air. Caught off guard, Catherine was unable to prevent two more power punches thumping into her midsection, each slightly lower than the last. The brown haired 'Mac' was in trouble and desperate to stop Renee's early attack. Acting without thinking, Catherine dropped her hands from her face, hoping to protect her stomach. The medieval analogy again rang true as Catherine lowered her proverbial drawbridge and invited Renee's troops in for a second assault.

A harsh right cross crashed into Catherine's face, briefly distorting the girl's attractive features. Renee continued to press her advantage, unleashing an equally powerful left hook that thudded into Catherine's reddening cheek. Catherine staggered back from the blow, firing a wild shot of her own that hit nothing but thin air. Easily dodging the older woman's hopeful punch, Renee quickly executed three swift jabs with considerably more success then her opponent. Each punch cracked into Catherine's nose like gunshots from a rapid firing pistol and Catherine continued to be forced backwards under the onslaught of the skilful Ms O'Connor.

The sudden feel of the ropes against her back was one distraction too many for the battered Bell. Catherine instinctively looked behind her and instantly realised her mistake. Turning back quickly, but not quickly enough, she heard a rush of wind as Renee's fist cut through the air on course with her chin. Such was the impact of the blow, even Renee felt a little discomfort in her own arm. Of course, this was nothing compared to what Catherine felt. Her head flew backwards as her teeth cracked together disconcertingly. Catherine's entire body was practically lifted from the canvas and she would surely have fallen to the canvas if not for the ropes. She clung to them as desperately as if she were hanging from a great precipice. In many ways, she was. Renee looked at the struggling woman and shook her head.

"You were supposed to be a challenge," she said, barely concealing her disappointment. "Instead you're just another little bitch with a chip on her shoulder." Renee's expression took on a more resolute air. "Well, you made your bed. Now you're gonna cry yourself to sleep in it."

With that, the buxom beauty drew back her right fist slowly, as though pulling back on a catapult. Her target was obvious and it was clear that leniency was a concept Renee no longer had the time for. There was a moment of silence. Renee fired.

Renee powered her fist into Catherine's left breast with such venom that Catherine was nearly forced through the ropes. As Renee's fist mashed into Catherine's mammary, the woman let out an ear-piercing scream, loud enough to drown out the cheers of Renee's many fans. Renee smiled and executed an identical punch into the actress's right breast. Catherine screamed again, pain flowing from her throbbing bosoms and throughout her body. But Renee was not yet finished and continued targeting Bell's ample bosom. Powering her arm up from the shoulder, Renee thudded a vicious uppercut to the underside of Catherine's right tit, causing the substantial mound to fly upwards.

Holding back the tears that so desperately wanted to flow down her face, Catherine folded her arms across her chest, forming what she hoped would be an impenetrable barrier. It would have been too, if Renee had not had more than one target to choose from. The position of Catherine's arms now left Catherine defenceless, both upstairs and downstairs. Renee's fans knew where their blonde battler would be visiting next. She didn't let them down. Renee gave Catherine what she thought would be the last look of the match.

"Stupid bitch," sneered the younger woman and mercilessly drove her left fist deep into the brunette's pussy.

Catherine's response was a loud "Aaaaarrghhh," as Renee's fist found it's mark. Renee wanted more and punched the screaming woman again, immersing her right fist between the older fighter's tanned thighs. A suppressed thud signified the punch had hit home and any doubt was quickly waylaid by the sobs of pain coming from Catherine's mouth. The tears she had hoped to quell were now flowing freely and everybody could see it was clearly all over. Everybody except for Renee.

It wouldn't be over whilst this little bitch was still upright. Drawing all her strength, Renee again powered her fist up into the Bell's raven pussy. It thumped home with an intensely satisfying noise, like a rock hitting sand. The blow was punctuated by the sound of Catherine's shrill scream as the punch connected, giving way to a low groan as the aftermath of the punch began to take effect. Catherine wavered for a few seconds before sinking slowly to her knees.

Renee smiled as she grasped the back of Catherine's head and forced the beaten girl's face against her crotch, rotating her hips and grinding her pussy into Catherine's features. The crowd roared it's approval and Lucy could barely contain her excitement, her hand moving between her legs, slowly rubbing her moistening sex. Renee had almost reached the peak of ecstasy, the feel of a beaten opponent against her pussy, the noise of the crowd, Lucy's provocative actions were all contributing to the blonde's heightening pleasure.

When Renee screamed suddenly, few assumed it was in nothing less than total joy. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Renee's scream grew louder and soon all were aware it was a scream of pain, of sheer anguish. A closer inspection of the scene revealed all, Catherine had her teeth firmly clamped on the red material that contained Renee's single most sensitive area, one that was growing increasingly more sensitive each tortured second.

Biting harder on Renee's throbbing sex lips, Catherine drew strength form the cries of torment above her. Renee wrenched herself away from the "bare"-trap that had ensnared her with a yelp, her vagina still smarting intensely. The brief respite allowed Catherine time to get to her feet, her strength returning slowly, but significantly.

Once more, the two woman approached one another, Catherine exercising caution after her previous beating, Renee impatient to finish what she had started. The blonde confidently approached the seemingly anxious brown haired woman. "I was gonna go easy on ya," mocked Renee. "But now the gloves are off bitch!" Feigning a punch to Catherine's still sensitive crotch, Renee waited till Catherine's guard dropped and quickly changed course, aiming an uppercut at the girl's inviting chin.

It took Renee less than a second to realise she had missed and by then it was too late. As Renee's fist flew upwards, Catherine's own clenched hand imbedded itself into the unsuspecting woman's gut. Renee wheezed as Catherine finally made painful contact with the pale blonde. Caught totally off guard, a victim of her own over-confidence, a winded Renee now found herself on the defensive against a skilled opponent who was not quite as talentless as she had first appeared.

Catherine moved fast, thumping another powerful punch into Renee's stomach. Renee's toned midsection collapsed under the force of Catherine's blow, doubling the younger woman over. Stooped forward, Renee saw Catherine's knee approaching her face and just managed to pull away just in time. Catherine was not about to let Renee regain her advantage and buried a third crashing blow into Renee's tummy, driving the punch in hard, fast and deep. Renee's rump shot outwards as the impact again doubled her over. This time Renee could only watch as Catherine's knee quickly approached her face, connecting with a squelching smack as Renee's nose burst and instantly began to shed blood, down past her mouth and chin. The blow straightened up the dazed and bloodied Renee and a rejuvenated Catherine began to pick her targets with ease.

"I love kick-boxing. You know why?" asked Catherine.

Renee's answer was a right cross to Catherine's face. Unfortunately Renee's weakened condition meant her punches were lacking the earlier power and Catherine defiantly took the blow against her cheek, grimacing slightly at the stinging pain that accompanied the strike.

"Because," continued the beautiful Bell as though nothing had happened, 'I'm very, very good at it."

Renee threw another punch, hoping to shut the woman up. This time Catherine parried the blow and responded with a powerful high kick. Catherine's bare sole crashed into Renee's face and rocked the blonde on her heels. Catherine followed with a left that smacked into Renee's eye, bloodying the Xena star's eyebrow. Renee's punches were becoming increasingly more erratic and serving little more purpose than to give Catherine the openings she so clearly craved.

"See?" said Ms Bell, "I told you I was good at it!"

A glint appeared in her eye as a thought came to her. Suddenly, Catherine's left fist flew downwards in a smooth arc, impacting at the centre of Renee's thong. Renee's response was instant and she groaned loudly, her hands dropping to protect Catherine's new target. Too slow.

Catherine altered the arc of her fist and this time punched upwards into Renee's weakest spot. Renee let out a yowl as Catherine's strike drove up into her crotch, knuckles squelching into Renee's most treasured area. Raw pain coursed through the blonde's body, starting at her groin and spreading outwards like branches of a river.

"I think," said Catherine, "I still owe you one more."

By now, Renee's hands were firmly placed at her crotch, as though nothing mattered more than protecting that area above all others. Catherine's frustration at being denied her target was brief and quickly resolved.

"Fuck this!" Cat said and moved in on the protesting O'Connor.

Renee struggled as Catherine grabbed the blonde's fists in her hands and forced them above her head. They stood for a second, breast to magnificent breast, Catherine holding Renee's arms aloft by the wrist. Looking into Renee's eyes, Catherine said "Now I'm gonna have some real fun."

Catherine instantly raised her knee sharply. It thumped into Renee's pussy, jerking the blonde woman's entire body. Renee did not scream this time, the pain was too intense. Instead she could only make a choked gurgling noise as her crotch was wracked with pure agony. Catherine felt Renee's body spasm against her own, their bosoms still pushed tightly together. With their faces only inches apart, Catherine was able to fully appreciate the effects of the blow from the expression on Renee's features as her face contorted into a mask of anguish. Hearing a noise behind her, Ms Bell executed a spiteful headbutt to the bridge of Renee's nose and turned away from Renee as she sank to the mat.

Lucy Lawless had dived into the ring, no longer able to stand by and watch Renee's beating. Normally a skilled fighter herself, Lucy's focus was clouded by her reaction to seeing Renee suffer. She charged at Catherine, thinking only of revenge and, unfortunately for her, not technique. Catherine lifted her leg quickly in a smooth swift arc, timing the strike to perfection. Catherine's bare foot intercepted the approaching Lucy's chin with clinical efficiency, stopping Lucy dead in her tracks. The stunned amazon was now an easy target for a merciless knee to the gut by Catherine that expelled the air in Lucy's lungs and bent the brunette double.

Wheezing for breath, Lucy was powerless to prevent Catherine grasping handfuls of her long dark hair in her hands and smashing her knee up into the Kiwi's previously attractive face, once, twice, each blow impacting with bone crunching clarity. A third knee strike completed the assault, knocking the bloodied Lawless onto her rump in the corner of the ring. Red rivers streamed down from her nose and she sat back against the corner post, barely conscious.

"Sit tight," smiled Catherine. "I'll be back to deal with you later."

Turning on her heels, Catherine returned her original playmate.

"And now for my closing argument," said the grinning Bell.

Renee had staggered to her feet but was clearly struggling to remain vertical. The effects of Catherine's earlier head butt had not yet dissipated and the blonde barely knew where she was. Catherine was soon kind enough to remind her, she was still in a fight. Moving in fast, Catherine unleashed two severe punches to Renee's gut. Renee grunted as each blow hit home, her body jerking with the violent contact. If the gut punches had hurt, Catherine's subsequent knee strike to Renee's pussy was considerably more cruel. Bell's hard knee bone thumped into the soft, pliant flesh of Renee's love box, churning the blonde's insides and causing the kind of nausea that only accompanies truly agonising pain.

Taking great pleasure in the torment she was causing, Catherine grasped Renee's nipple's between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and began to slowly twist the blonde's trapped teats. Renee's constant groans of anguish rose a pitch to a shrill screaming as Catherine allowed her nails to dig into Renee's sensitive reddening flesh. The bright lights of the auditorium caught the sheen of tears forming on Renee's eyes which only made Catherine twist more spitefully.

Still abusing Renee's red-raw tits, Catherine yet again took the fight below deck and powered her knee upwards, a space-rocket on course for planet pussy. It crash landed on the planet's mushy surface to the screams of the planet's sole inhabitant. Catherine was in total control and thoroughly enjoying herself. She pulled Renee's nipples outwards, stretching the malleable pink areola to their limit and beyond. Renee's clawed ineffectively at Catherine's firm grip but was somewhat distracted by the presence of Catherine's knee reacquainting itself with an old friend.

Renee's could only offer a gurgled "nnnghhhh-" as her pussy was targeted for the umpteenth time in the match. But this time there was no respite, as Catherine kneed her again...and again...and again. The crowd began to stamp their feet and clap in time with every relentless collision, Catherine dug her nails deep into her victim's flesh and set about systematically annihilating the blonde woman's sex. In less than a minute Renee was beaten, a sobbing, quivering mess of blood and tears, still standing only because of Catherine's vicious grip on her nipples. Bell finally released her prey's bloodied teats and sent the blonde to the canvas with an unnecessary, but immensely satisfying, uppercut.

Sprawled out on the canvas, breathing slowly and barely conscious, Renee looked up through blurred vision and saw the triumphant Catherine standing above her. Catherine placed a foot at either side of Renee's head and whipped off her golden thong and tossed it into an eager crowd. Her lush brown pubic thatch matched her hair and Renee was soon getting a much closer look.

Catherine slowly lowered herself downwards until she was in a squatting position, her tingling pussy almost touching Renee's sobbing face. "So," asked the dominant beauty, grasping Renee's blonde locks "was this challenging enough for you?" Any answer Renee might have been capable of giving was lost as Catherine lifted Renee's head from the canvas and buried it into her welcoming pussy.

A shudder rocked Catherine's body as Renee's nose made initial contact with her vagina, flesh touching flesh. Arching her back, Catherine rocked on the balls of her feet, drawing the protesting Renee deeper into her sex lips. Renee's weak protests only served to further stimulate the increasing rapture of the dominant Ms Bell and she continued to grind herself across Renee's sweat soaked face, the blonde's moisture adding to her own wetness.

Allowing Renee's head to fall back to the canvas, O'Connor was able to draw just one breath before Bell dropped to her knees, her damp pussy completely engulfing Renee's mouth and nose. Renee offered a weak "mmmffff..." her mouth full of dark hair and the taste of Catherine's victory. Catherine begin to rotate her hips, slowly, sensuously moving her crotch across Renee's face, ensuring the blonde's nose probed deeply into her sex and sent wave after intense wave of pleasure coursing through the dark haired woman's captivated body. Catherine's breath grew faster as her pleasure increased, as did the movement of her hips.....

Soon her short, quick breaths became yelps of ecstasy, as she rode Renee's face to a point of absolute bliss. As her body was wracked with the utter joy of orgasmic perfection, Catherine jerked Renee's face deeper into her pussy than before, completely smothering the beaten blonde with her moist vagina as she came in triumph onto her conquest.

Satiated at last, Catherine stood from the beaten and used O'Connor. Bell's hands were at her recently satisfied pussy, caressing the wet flesh delicately with her fingers. Already, the hunger for more pleasure was upon her. She turned to the still dazed Lawless, attempting to stand after Catherine's earlier takedown.

"Oh good," said Catherine with a ravenous grin. "Now that I've finished the appetizer, on to the main course."

Fin (Bell beat O'Connor 293-105)