Catherine Bell vs. Andrea Parker (c) by John J. 17-Dec-99

Andrea Parker made a very successful television character with her Miss Parker character on "Pretender." Likewise, Catherine Bell had achieved a lot of success as Major Sarah MacKenzie on "JAG." The producers of "JAG" approached David and Catherine about bringing Andrea back from time to time in a small role. David had no problem with it. He enjoyed working with his original costar a lot. Catherine's view on the situation wasn't nearly as upbeat.

She said in a venomous tone, "Why do you need that bitch here? She's got her own damn show!"

Catherine was outvoted and they decided to talk to Andrea about a small recurring role for her original character, along with a possible love interest role with Harm. Catherine was livid. That night she called Andrea on the phone.

She said in a firm tone, "Andrea, this is Catherine. The people from JAG are going to be calling you soon about a possible small return part on the show. Tell them, no!"

Andrea bristled at being told what to do, "And why would I do that? You know, rumors say that I might even become Harm's girlfriend. What if I want to accept the offer. "JAG" was a lot of fun."

Catherine said a little more angrily, "Perhaps I didn't make myself clear. I said that you're not interested! There's no room for two female leads, and I'm not about to give that up to a little bimbo like you! Are we clear?"

Andrea replied angrily, "Abundantly! And what if I am interested? Are you afraid of a little competition?"

Catherine hissed, "Competition? From you? Give me a break! Listen. You tell them no, or you're gonna be sorry."

Andrea said, "Oooooooo. I'm SO scared! Is that a threat, honey? Are you threatening to beat me up? Do you want to fight? Get your pathetic ass over here right now, and we'll settle this then."

Catherine flustered a bit that Andrea had just taken control. She replied, "I'm on my way."


Catherine rushed over to Andrea's house. Andrea opened up the door as Catherine arrived. The two beauties walked over to the den. Andrea had Catherine help her move some furniture out of the way; giving them a decent sized fighting area in the den.

As both women removed their dresses in preparation of the fight, Catherine said, "You don't have to get hurt, slut! Just tell the producers that you aren't interested, and it's over."

Andrea snarled back, "Did you come here to fight or hear yourself talk?"

Catherine said, "Fine! If that's the way it's gonna be." She stood with her fists raised, wearing a red bra, panties and heels.

Andrea matched her pose and raised her fists as well. Her attire was a black bra, panties and heels.

They slowly began to circle each other, fists raised defensively. They both fired some ineffective punches, which were easily blocked, to test the other woman's responses. Andrea landed the first real blow as she snapped Catherine's head back with a jab to the chin. Catherine backpedaled and raised her fists. Andrea compensated and pounded a left into Catherine's midriff. Catherine grunted, but stood her ground and countered with a hook to the jaw that staggered Andrea. Catherine chased after Andrea and backed her into the wall with a combination of punches to the face and tits. Andrea escaped as she blocked a right from Catherine and countered with a solid right uppercut into Catherine's cleavage. Andrea kept after Catherine as she pounded her tits with a flurry of unanswered blows.

Catherine surprised Andrea as she suddenly stopped her retreat and lunged forward. Catherine grabbed a fistful of Andrea's hair and pulled her rival off her feet. Both ladies crashed down to the floor, with Catherine on top.

Andrea gasped as Catherine allowed her full weight to hit Andrea as she fell. Andrea snarled, "Lose some weight, you fat cow!"

Catherine responded to that comment as she raised herself up and slammed her weight back down onto Andrea's body. Andrea groaned again. Catherine grabbed her hair again and started to whack her head against the floor. Andrea started to feel her head throbbing with pain with each blow. She ripped off Catherine's flimsy bra and sunk her nails into the tender titflesh in retaliation. Catherine howled in pain as her boobs came under attack. Andrea sunk her nails in and twisted just a little more with each pained moan from Catherine. Andrea pulled Catherine's sore boob to the side and flipped her over. As Andrea attempted to straddle Catherine and gain a dominant position, Catherine kicked her away.

Both women scrambled to her feet fast and squared off again. They circled each other, claws extended. Each woman looked for the chance to strike and hurt her adversary. In a blur, both women lunged at the other. They latched their hands into the other woman's hair and a fierce hair-pulling battle began. They danced and wobbled across the floor as each tried to lessen the pain in her own scalp, while increasing the pain her rival felt. Their heads bobbed from side and side and back and forth as they struggled. Catherine saw her chance and gave Andrea's hair a hard yank. Andrea's head whacked against the wall and bounced off as Catherine lunged for her enemy. Catherine grabbed Andrea's hair as her head bounced and then forced it down into her own knee, giving Andrea a wicked kneelift to the face.

Andrea moaned as cleared the stars in her vision. She quickly realized that her nose was bleeding, and tried to stop the flow. As Andrea got to her knees, Catherine put her down again with a high heel to the ribs. Andrea winced in pain and rolled away from Catherine. Catherine gave chase and hauled Andrea up by the hair. She pulled Andrea into a headlock. Catherine was all set to bulldog Andrea, when Andrea grabbed hold of her hair and yanked it back hard. Catherine was shocked as she suddenly went down. Catherine didn't let the shock last long. She did a leg sweep and took Andrea down. Catherine lunged at Andrea and the two beauties began to roll over and over, each trying to gain a dominant position and control the fight.

Andrea managed to stop the rolling, and perched herself atop Catherine's chest. She bounced her ass into Catherine's tits a few times. She banged Catherine's head into the floor repeatedly as well until she turned glassy-eyed.

Andrea snarled at Catherine, "That hurts, doesn't it, bitch!"

Andrea decided to put an end to the fight. With Catherine still groggy from the head bashes, Andrea turned around, and planted her firm, round ass over Catherine's face and smothered her. Catherine snapped back to alertness as she found herself out of breath. Catherine dug her nails into Andrea's thighs and raked her nails down the thighs as she attempted to free herself. Andrea yelled in pain, but didn't budge. Catherine found herself getting weaker from lack of oxygen, and she knew that she needed to escape quickly. She did all she could think of and bit down hard on Andrea's crotch. Andrea screamed in pain and quickly scrambled off Catherine.

Andrea was furious and lunged at Catherine without thinking, and she slammed right into Catherine's raised high heel, which caught Andrea in the crotch again. Andrea screamed in pain as she dropped to the floor and clutched her damaged crotch. Catherine coughed and gulped down air as she scrambled to her feet to use the advantage that she had in the fight. Catherine grabbed Andrea's legs, and stomped her in the crotch twice. She delivered a knee drop to the crotch as well, as Andrea sobbed in pain. Catherine grabbed Andrea by the hair, and pulled her up to her knees and trapped her in a standing headscissors. Catherine put her down with a neckbreaker. She hoisted her rival up again and this time put her in a bearhug. Andrea grunted with each squeeze as Catherine crushed her ribs. Catherine planted her knee and gave Andrea an atomic drop.

Andrea cried out in pain, "Please stop!"

Catherine said, "Almost sweetie. I'm not done having fun yet."

Andrea sobbed, "Please! I won't accept the contract. I promise."

Catherine sneered, "No, I'm sure you won't."

Catherine hauled Andrea up one last time and put her in a standing headscissors. She drove Andrea's head into the floor with a piledriver and knocked Andrea out cold.

Catherine grabbed her stuff, and got her clothes back on and left, closing the door behind her with Andrea still out cold.

From her car, Catherine called Andrea and left her a message on her answering machine, "Oh, Andrea dear. I did so enjoy our little girl-talk session. I really do understand completely why you don't want to accept the contract for 'JAG.' I know David will be heartbroken. I'll pass your decline along to them. Bye now."

The end.