Taking Cat Bell: Cat Bell vs. Jamie Pressly by The Masked Avenger

Brunette beauty Catherine Bell strode quickly through the parking lot outside the gym. Freshly showered after her late-night workout, she was eager to get home and turn in for the night. Her generous melons were packed into a tight white cotton T-shirt and cutoff jeans hugged the curves of her waist, stopping just at the curve of her full, muscular thighs. Her mind was on other matters and she didn't sense the danger around her. The lot was dark, lit by only a few lights, nearly vacant. Without pausing, she fished inside her gym bag for her car keys as she approached her bright red, top-down convertible. She stopped at the passenger side to toss her bag in the back seat and that's when the trouble began! Before she could turn, someone slammed into her from behind and a gloved hand clapped over her mouth, muffling her startled scream. The attacker pinned her body against her car with her head forced down, so her body was folded over the open door.

The hand withdrew from her mouth and Cat started to cry out but before she could inhale enough air, she felt a sharp prick as a syringe was jabbed in her butt. Her knees buckled and a nauseating fatigue swept through her as the injection took control of her system. Her big, firm, strong body sagged, but her assailant held her pressed her against the car door to keep her from falling. Cat's head swam as she started to black out. She was unconscious in less than twenty seconds. The mysterious assailant grabbed Cat around her waist; boosting her up. The attacker walked her around the open car door and dumped her in the back seat with her body laid out so passers-by wouldn't see her unconscious figure. Then the assailant picked up Cat's car keys, crossed to the driver's side, took off a black ski mask, climbed in, started the ignition, raised the convertible top and drove away. Everything happened so swiftly, no witnesses saw Cat's startlingly swift and efficient abduction.

Cat slowly awakened sometime later; blindfolded, sitting in a chair; bound...to the chair. Shifting her weight side to side, she felt a rope around her waist, securing her to the back of the chair. Her hands were strapped together with something coarse and sticky. Duct tape? As were her feet. She struggled briefly, but quickly realized it was useless. Then, as if on cue, she heard a door open and close. Footsteps padded toward her. Nothing for a few moments, then, a single finger softly stroked her cheek.

"Who's there? Who the hell is it?" she called out, getting no reply. "Listen...." she continued, a finger pressed to her lips silenced her.

Cat sensed the other person moving in front of her. Felt the brush of long, soft hair over her knees; whoever it was, was kneeling before her. Probably, a woman! Cat gave a start as hands lifted her shirt and caressed her bare belly. The softness of the touch, the smoothness of the skin, convinced her it was a woman! Cat's body stiffened as the hands slid higher, to her big, soft breasts, caressing the lacy cups. Cat's tits were fondled a bit more, then the cups were slowly pulled down and her full breasts spilled out over the top of their cups.

"Listen," Cat tried again. "What the hell are you do-ING?"

Cat couldn't hold her voice steady, no matter how good an actress she was, for suddenly and without warning, sharp fingernails dug into her tits at the dark areolas. Cat threw her head back and screamed as the tit torture continued! Nails raked the soft flesh one moment, then her nipples were stretched painfully the next. Her world became one of bewildering blindness and pain until, abruptly, the torment ended. The hands returned to caressing, rolling the stiffening nipples gently with their fingertips. The burning in her breasts remained, but Cat felt herself growing aroused. She gasped as she felt the hands lift her shirt; she was groped momentarily, then she felt a woman's face on her chest.

"What the fuck's going on?" Cat called out before she felt a mouth attach itself to her breast.

Warm and moist, a tongue swirled around her nipple as lips pressed against the tit flesh. Teeth latched onto her nipple and pulled gently as the melon was suckled. With a slurping sound, the mouth left her breast, only to reattach to the other one. The sucking became more urgent then teeth gnashed roughly on her nipple and Cat steeled herself for what she knew would come. A few moments later, the mouth bit into her breast and, despite her mental preparation, Cat still screeched and bounced in her chair, helpless in her bondage as her tits were bitten savagely and shaken back and forth. She couldn't hold back her sobs.

At length, the tit torture stopped. Minutes passed, then a finger brushed her cheek, sliding across her upper lip to the other cheek. The soft caresses were followed by a stinging slap. Three more backhands followed and pain blossomed across her face. By now, the bound, buxom, beauty was wildly afraid and not being able to see her tormentor only magnified that fear. Worse, her chair was being tipped backward; rocked back and slowly lowered until the back was resting on the floor; her legs in the air.

"What next?" Cat moaned to herself and her answer came soon enough. Cat felt those hateful hands work their way down her body, past her breasts, over her abs, past her navel; releasing the button at the waist of her shorts, then unzipping them. The hand worked its way into her shorts, then under the waistband of her panties. As she arched her hips in protest, a single finger penetrated her. She screamed! The offending digit withdrew after a few moments of exploration and Cat felt her chair tipped sideways on its side. Hands worked behind her back - untying her from the chair. Her still-bound body was rolled out of the chair face down; hands gripped her around the waist and lifted her hips off the floor. Cat knew resistance was futile so she struggled to stay quiet yet she couldn't suppress a whimper as her shorts were roughly yanked down to her ankles. Next, her panties were pulled down over her raised ass and left midway down her tightly clenched thighs.

Bare from the waist down, Cat was rolled onto her back, then pulled to a sitting position by a handful of hair. She was relieved of her shirt, then the hands worked under her and she felt her bra loosen. Suddenly, an unseen fist plowed into her vulnerable and relaxed abs and she gurgled as the air was driven from her lungs. She tried to suck in badly needed air, but when she opened her mouth, something was jammed into it. After she recovered slightly, she ran her tongue and lips over the gag and realized from the feel of the cloth, that her own bra had been stuffed into her mouth.

Her body trembling, bare chest heaving, nude, gagged with her own lingerie, Cat was laying flat on her back helpless before her unseen attacker. Knees locked around Cat's head as she felt her tormentor's body lowering onto hers. She knew what was coming. Her assailant's head forced it's way between her legs. She felt that long, soft hair spill on her upper thighs and a soft, gentle tongue wiggle it's way between her nether lips. The woman on top of her made quick work of arousing her, bombarding her clit with tantalizing tongue flicks.

Cat's resolve had long since melted away and she didn't resist. Her surging breasts thrust into the body of the woman atop her. Her feet strained against their bonds. Her hips rocked. Faster. Faster! Sweat beaded; her pulse raced; her chest strained. Her hips rose several inches off the floor she cried out into her brassiere gag and exploded in a strong orgasm that left her limp body quivering with excitement!

The woman's tongue withdrew slowly, giving her pubes a little pull with her teeth. Then Cat's captor pressed her body on Cat's for a moment before rising slightly, but without pulling away. Cat quickly put together in her mind the scenario she thought would come next: caress, then gouge; stroke, then slap; comfort, then pain. She barely had time to brace herself before a fist slammed into her crotch! Her pussy, tingling with excited pleasure seconds before, burst into excruciating pain. What followed was five minutes of cunt-busting rarely documented. Punching. Clawing. Gouging. From without and within. Several times Cat felt she was on the verge of blacking out, but each time some new sharp pain in a different part of her body shocked her back awake for more abuse.

Finally, a new voice rang out, "That's enough. For now anyway. I think we have Ms. Bell's attention."

The voice was....male!? Strangely metallic, but definitely male. And Cat had the wit left to realize it hadn't come from her attacker (who she knew was female). It was hard to pinpoint the source, but Cat thought it was coming from a speakerphone, not from someone in the room.

The voice continued, "Let's get our guest a bit more....vertical, shall we?"

Cat couldn't be sure, but she could have sworn she felt the body on top of her pause and sigh. The figure rose and Cat felt hands grab her ankles. Her legs were lifted and she was dragged several yards across the rough floor. Being blindfolded and unable to see what was happening was maddening. Her legs were lowered and Cat felt leather straps buckled around her ankles over the binding tape. Below her ankles, her calf stretched downward to her toned, strong thighs. The ultra-perfect gams which had served her so well in many a fight were now dotted with perspiration and clenched together. Her snatch, just above the tapered V of pubic hair, throbbed wetly from the various assaults it had received a few minutes before. Cat's trim abs were sucked in a bit, calling even more attention to her exquisite, full breasts which also glistening with sweat. Both nipples poked out at full alert from the generous soft mounds of tit flesh. Her arms were pulled behind her, her wrists bound with more tape. Her lips pressed together over the strap of her own bra which had been stuffed in her mouth.

The sound of clinking metal, followed by the whirring of a motor, hinted what was coming. Cat felt metal links against her legs, then the motor started again. Her legs were hauled upward, not by hands but by a strong metal chain, strung through a mechanized pulley, that had been attached to the leather cuffs on her legs. A few moments later, her legs were completely off the floor....then her ass until only her shoulder blades remained on the floor. Finally, her entire body was suspended in the air, upside-down, swaying slowly back and forth.

The room was in total silence for a few moments, then, the voice again, "All right! I think we've kept Catherine in the dark, so to speak, long enough. Let's give her a glimpse of who she's been entertaining."

Cat blinked, her eyes trying to adjust to the dim light of the room, as she strained to make out the identity of her tormentor. She could make out a fuzzy image a few feet away from her. She blinked more, but could not quite see the woman clearly.

"Who...." she tried to speak, but was unable to with the bra jammed in her mouth.

The figure approached her, and dropped to her knees. Blinking desperately, Cat could make out short, blonde hair, as the figure pulled the lingerie from her mouth, grasped Cat's head in her hands, and planted a full-mouth kiss on her. Caught off guard, Cat squirmed and gagged as a foreign tongue briefly invaded her mouth. The kiss held for several seconds, ending as the other woman's teeth pulled firmly against Cat's lower lip. Back into Cat's mouth went the gagging bra. Her assailant moved away. Cat could see clearly now. Upside down, it took another moment to process the image, but suddenly Cat's body ran cold with dread. A blonde powerhouse stood before her, wearing a gym-style grey T-shirt that left her toned arms and abs bare, and a brief black bikini bottom.

It was Jamie Pressly! Cat knew her reputation and realized she was in a world of trouble. Jamie's relatively small frame belied the ferocity she was capable of. The blonde dynamo had dominated many larger starlets who'd been unfortunate enough to cross her path. Jamie liked to humiliate her foes sexually as much as physically. She'd left Jeri Ryan chained spread-eagle to a Los Angeles parking-lot fence, badly bruised, buck naked, with a vibrator buzzing inside her. After beating Nikki Cox in a closed-gym, late-night, woman-to-woman boxing grudge match, Jamie had folded the defeated redhead over the ring ropes, cuffed her hands to her ankles, stripped her and then called the police to report a break-in. She'd shoved a nude, hog-tied Shannon Elizabeth out the back door of a limo at a Hollywood movie premiere. Cat was hardly surprised to find it was the blonde's hands that had assaulted her and she shuddered visibly at what was to follow.

"Ah, Catherine," the disembodied metallic voice said. "I can see from your reaction you fully realize the extent of your dilemma." Cat could feel perspiration building on her forehead and torso as The Voice continued, "And I'm sure you're eager to know exactly what this is all about." Jamie started slowly walking around Cat who panicked briefly as she lost sight of the cruel blonde. "We all know you've had an illustrious career in fighting in public."

Cat sensed that Jamie had circled around and had stopped behind her. This was confirmed as she felt a finger press against her shoulder blades and slowly trace down her spine toward her waist.

"And," the Voice continued, "you must realize that you have a very large and particularly loyal fan base." At the word loyal, Jamie smacked Cat's bare ass. *Hard.* The Voice continued, "I count myself among the most ardent of your admirers."

Another stinging swat at the word "ardent". Jamie began to gently stroke the smooth skin of Cat's butt.

"I've chosen over the years to invest myself financially in your fights." Jamie's hand started to drift from Cat's backside to between her legs. The brunette tried to clench her upper thighs together more tightly. Yet the hand deftly gained her crotch.

"Now, I have definitely profited from wagering on your fights." Cat shuddered as Jamie's hand tightened into claws at her crotch. She did not inflict any damage at this point, but the threat was there. "And yet, in your biggest fights, when coincidentally, I had invested the most, you inexplicably faltered." A single finger poked in between Cat's pussy lips. "You have lost against fighters that we all deep down know to be inferior to your abilities, Catherine." The finger swirled, tickled her clit then slid out.

"You’ve also been wildly inconsistent against your biggest foes. Debbe Dunning. Jeri Ryan. Charlize Theron. Coming up short against them has kept you from claiming your due superiority. Worse, it has cost me heavily."

Jamie slid her hand from between the brunette's legs and circled back around in front of her. She placed her hands on Cat's stomach and started sliding them down. Cat could guess the destination.

"It has become fairly well known that you have an Achilles' heel," Jamie's hands were on her breasts. "Two of them, actually!" Jamie seized Cat's tits and started squashing them. "Your breasts, spectacular as they are," the Voice continued. "Are often your undoing. Just look through the transcripts or watch the replays of your fights. It is inescapable; a soon as someone puts their mitts to your 'mouth-watering melons,' as they have been described, the fight - at least in part - goes out of you. At times, you have been completely hammered into submission as soon as your opponent begins working you tits." The Voice was growling.

Tears started to stream from Cat's eyes. Jamie was giving her chest a real work-over. Yet it was more than the pain. She knew the Voice was right. As modest as she was, Cat could not help to be proud of her puppies. And yet, when her jugs were roughed up in a fight - was it the pain? Humiliation at being struck there? - Her concentration lapsed, at the least.

"And so," the Voice went on, quieting down again, "I thought it would be beneficial to call your attention to this shortcoming, in a way that you wouldn’t soon forget. I have no intention of failing to help you overcome this obstacle. When the right offer was made, Ms. Pressly jumped at the chance to help in your.... re-education on this point. I'm paying her well, and I'm sure she’ll receive some extra....fringe benefits." With a final squeeze, Jamie released Cat's tits, though only for a moment.

"Jamie herself has come up with a little exercise that will drive my point home. We must try to teach you to overcome any abuse that comes the way of the most-inviting targets that you offer. Jamie, you can begin At the least, we’ll toughen your tits up a bit!"

Jamie gripped both of Cat's nipples between her thumb and forefinger. For several moments, she rolled the nipples between her fingers. Then she tugged the nipples sharply to her left. Cat winced at the pressure put on her tits. The breasts stretched to the left into distorted cone shapes. Then, the blonde pulled the nipples to the right, then back to the left. With each pass, Jamie pulled a little harder, until Cat started to sway: side to side, left to right. Soon Jamie started to take steps to the side as she pulled Cat's nipples. After a minute, Cat was swinging several feet from center. Jamie finally released the nipples, and let Cat swing free. It was really a sight to see: the buxom brunette, helplessly suspended from the ceiling, sailing through the air from side to side, sweat-dappled thighs clenched together, generous tits bare and topped with reddened nipples, her arms uselessly tucked behind her back.

Jamie centered herself at the mid-point of the Cat pendulum in a fighter's stance. The blonde let Cat swing by for a few passes, and then, as Cat sailed passed, Jamie punched. The fist buried into Cat's meaty right jug. Cat gasped as she absorbed the blow, and kept swinging. The next pass, Jamie's fist plowed into Cat's left breast. THWACK! Cat's right tit was socked. BIFF! Jamie slapped at her left melon. SLAP! As Cat soared by again, the blonde executed a combination: first she touched up the right tit, then slammed one home into the left. BOFF-WHOP! It continued like that; whenever Cat's side-to-side momentum slowed too much Jamie would simply latch onto her nipples and yank them to start her swinging again.

Occasionally, Jamie would sink a fist into Cat's abs, or smoke one into her unprotected crotch. But Cat's trademark tits received the vast majority of the attention. As this went on, Jamie grew increasingly aroused. Her loins stirred at just the sight of the magnificently helpless brunette. She loved the feeling of the meaty thud that resulted with each blow to Cat's jugs. Each time she thwacked a fist into the suspended woman's breast, it became more difficult to not take the moist, beaten melons in her hands and fondle them.

At last, the Voice sounded again. "I can see you're getting tired, Jamie." Indeed, Jamie's arms were getting heavy. "You've done excellent work, and I believe that Catherine is getting the point. Why don't you take some time to cool down and....entertain yourself."

Cat had opened her eyes as the assault ceased. She saw Jamie's head, which had been drooping as the Voice spoke, suddenly perk up.

Jamie stepped forward so she was directly in front of Cat. Raising her hands over her head, she peeled off her sweat-soaked shirt. Under her shirt, she wore a garment of what looked like chain-mail, penny-sized rings of metal joined together. Cat noticed that both of the blonde's nipples poked rigidly through the rings. Jamie knelt before Cat so she was at eye level with Cat's breasts. She leaned in so that Cat's face pressed against her own flat abs. Jamie took both of Cat's wonderful tits into her hands. She sank her talons firmly into the meaty tit flesh. Cat's nipples spontaneously hardened in anticipation. Jamie drew her nails inward on the breast so they surrounded each nipple. She shifted position; keeping a hand on Cat's right breast while her other reached up to fondle Cat's love mound. She lowered her mouth to Cat's left tit. At once, she began simultaneously fondling and suckling the defeated brunette's breasts, while at the same time she buried her fore- and index fingers knuckle-deep in Cat's dripping twat.

"Excellent!" cried the Voice. "This is marvelous!"

Indeed it was. The nubile blonde powerhouse knelt prostrate before the bound brunette, her hands and mouth driving the captive toward ecstasy. Moaning softly, Cat swayed, stirred and bucked as nipple, breast and cunt were simultaneously aroused. Every time Jamie sensed Cat neared orgasm, she withdrew her fingers from within Cat, not letting her release. She continued cupping and slurping Cat's chest until Cat's loins cooled somewhat. Then she would plunge in again. Both women hardly noticed, but there was a sudden machine-like cranking sound.

From its hidden vantage, the Voice offered an explanation: "You two look to be getting along so well, perhaps you'd be more comfortable if we made this affair a little more.... horizontal. I think we've kept Catherine strung up just long enough."

True to the Voice, though the blood pounding through her head, the fire in her loins and the throbbing in her boobs, Cat felt herself lowered to the ground. First, her head touched down, then her shoulder blades. Her back was flattened against the ground when the whirring stopped momentarily, leaving her folded in an L shape with her legs suspended above her. Finally, the cranking sound started again, and at last Cat lay completely flat on the ground. For a while, Jamie paid no notice. Her body followed Cat's as it was lowered down. Her hands and mouth continued their work. The petite blonde seemed as intent on extracting pleasure as she had been administering punishment. She paused, stretched along Cat's body, and removed the chains that had hoisted Cat up. She tried to move her legs, but her ankles were still bound with the strong tape.

Jamie raised herself up on her knees and removed the mail shirt she wore. A thin layer of sweat formed sheen on her torso that glowed in the soft light of the room. She stood, and, holding Cat's gaze with a purposeful look, shimmied out of her thong. Cat looked up at the blonde towering above her. Relishing the pure sensual and physical dominance of the moment, Jamie put her hands to her own groin. Her fingers teased in between her nether lips briefly. She brought her hands up, brushing over her neatly trimmed bush, over her navel, caressing her abs to her tiny waist, then back inward, working their way up to her tits. The generous globes, mounted like jewels on her taut frame, glistened as she cupped them. She squeezed her breasts hard, making the outer part of each breast bulge outward. One hand continued up and ran through her hair, while the other trailed behind her and played on her own backside.

Jamie sank back to her knees, then lowered her body further. Bracing herself up with her hands, she brought her chest down to just above Cat's head. Slowly, Jamie began to brush her chest back and forth across Cat's face. Cat was powerless to do anything as she felt a breast move across one cheek, across her mouth and nose, and down the other cheek. Cat desperately wanted to tear into the tormenting mammary with her teeth, but her own bra remained stuffed in her mouth.

Jamie rose again to her knees, and scooted forward. She positioned herself so that her crotch was directly above Cat's nose. Cat's eyes widened as she realized what was coming. She shut her eyes tightly, and tears squeezed out from them. Jamie slowly spread her knees apart so that she sank further toward Cat. Positioning herself carefully, she dropped her groin directly on Cat's nose. Jamie wiggled back and forth, pushing her cunt down so that the bound woman's nose pressed in between her pussy lips. The blonde through backs her head and laughed. Cat did the best to breathe out of her mouth. Keeping her head back and raising her arms so that she ran her hands through her hair sensually, Jamie continued her slow grind.

Jamie continued this latest form of dominating humiliation for several minutes. She savored the feeling of Cat's nose poking inside her just right, and relished the trembling of Cat's body as she sobbed. The bitch had taken all sorts of abuse, Jamie thought to herself, but I've finally broken her!

The blonde was completely unprepared for what happened next. Cat stirred greatly beneath her, rocking hard to her left and then her right. Before Jamie could register what was going on, she felt two arms reach up and encircle her, and lock behind her back. Cat's hands were free!

"What the hell..." Jamie got out, before she was pulled forward, and then thrown to her side. In a second, Cat had rolled on top of her. Cat's knees were pressing down on her chest just above her breasts. Jamie raised her hands and started clawing at Cat's thighs, but the brunette grabbed her wrists and pinned them roughly to the floor.

Jamie looked up and saw pain and rage stitched across Cat's tear-streaked face. Cat closed her eyes and drove her head down, delivering a well-aimed head-butt onto Jamie's forehead. The blonde's eyes fluttered then closed, and her head lolled to the side. She was out. Panting, Cat rolled off. Her body was racked with pain. She tried to sit up, and she pulled the bra from her mouth.

"Excellent work, Catherine!" rang out the voice. "I see that I correctly estimated what you were capable of." Anger flooded back into Cat's face as she looked around, trying to identify the location of the Voice. "I knew that if I gave you a chance, your fighting spirit would guide you out of such a sticky predicament. When I bound you, I left just enough play in the tape around your wrists that would let you eventually work them free. I knew that when you were properly motivated, you would free yourself."

This was true: while suspended in midair, between blows to the chest delivered by Jamie, Cat had started to work her wrists back and forth. The tape had given slack very slowly, and she was sure that her wrists were rubbed nearly raw by now. She had not freed herself by the time that she was lowered to the ground, though, and was beginning to doubt that anything would come of her efforts. New desperation set in when Jamie began her nose grind, and Cat eventually freed her hands from the tape. Cat dropped her head, embarrassed that she had been played so well. She shook her head to clear her mind. She had to get out of here. Her feet were still bound together, and tied more tightly than her hands had been. She sat up and started picking at the tape. She worked desperately, but then froze. She heard Jamie stirring. Cat glanced over her shoulder where the felled blonde lay. Jamie was sitting up, hand to her head.

"What the fuck was that?" Jamie cursed as she looked around and saw the frozen Cat frantically trying to free her feet.

"Bitch, you are so dead!" Jamie called out, as she rose woozily.

Her big chest heaving, Cat realized she wouldn't have time to free her feet so she pushed herself up and stood, though very shakily, with her ankles still taped together. Brunette turned toward blonde. Cat could see Jamie was still stunned, yet she could see the rage building in her pert frame.

"You think I rode you hard before," Jamie growled through gritted teeth. "You ain't seen nothing. You're gonna be begging to kiss my ass just to put you out of your misery."

"Perfect!" cried the Voice. "I couldn't have asked for more! Frankly, I wouldn't want to be in either of your shoes right now. So much fantastic pleasure and pain extracted so far! Only it has been so one-sided. But now, we will have a genuine fight!"

Yes, there would be a fight and Cat tried to brush off a feeling of impending doom as she steeled herself. Jamie charged toward her and Cat braced herself, knowing she wouldn't be able to fight effectively with her feet bound together. She timed her blow as the blonde streaked toward her...closed her eyes and swung as hard as she could! Anticipating the punch, however, Jaime ducked under her arm and popped up behind Cat where she easily decked the big brunette by driving hard punches to both kidneys. The pummeled Cat crumpled to her knees holding her back and arching in pain, allowing Jaime to grab a handful of dark hair and use it to jerk the busty brunette over backward, folding her head back over her bent legs.

Jamie straddled Cat's head between her knees and then slowly knelt until Cat's shoulders were pinned on the floor, once more helpless. Jaime took her time, leaning over Cat's arched body to pound away at her exposed crotch as Cat flailed her arms in the air over Jamie's body in a frantic, but unsuccessful attempt to deflect the punishing punches. Her arms tiring after a while, Jamie opened her knees and stood, pinching Cat's nipples and using them as handy handles to tit-haul the gasping Cat to her feet. Dazed, her eyes fluttering, Cat seemed to have finally been broken!

Jaime pondered for moment, then began to swing away with both fists, pounding Cat's breasts. At first, Cat barely seemed to react to the pain as the hard little fists buried themselves in her soft pillowy boobs. Cat wouldn't, or couldn't, fight back; her eyes were glazed and her jaw remained slack as her head lolled on her shoulders while Jamie's mean knuckled fists continued to plow deep into her prized jugs. Suddenly, however, Cat recalled the taunting Voice! She blinked to clear her vision, and took in the surreal sight of the petite powerhouse blonde swinging away with both hands, targeting her proud tits just like so many others before had, opponents who'd beaten her boobs to sap her strength in fight after fight! Going from catatonic to cat-like, Cat grabbed Jamie's fist as it impacted her right boob.

Jaime looked up in alarm, realizing something was wrong. Frantically, she threw her other hand at Cat's left jug. Cat caught this hand too and for a moment, she glared at Jaime, her arms crossed at the wrists holding Jamie's hands. Suddenly, Cat pulled, bringing Jamie reeling toward her just as Cat lunged forward. Their head met in a crunching head-butt but it was the much smaller Jaime who sagged to the mat.

Cat circled around to Jamie's head and dropped to the mat on her knees. Jaime moaned and stirred slightly, still unconscious as Cat gathered Jamie's legs in her arms, lifted them up and folded them forward, over onto the weakly squirming blonde - putting her in a matchbook pin!

By now, Cat was somewhere between giddiness and exhaustion but for the first time in the whole ordeal, she had the upper hand. Not merely upper, she held the 'dominant' position. But before she could escape the ordeal, she still had to free her feet. With Jamie folded completely in half and weakly pawing the floor, Cat knew if she got up off the blonde's legs, she could come storming back so she kept one arm across Jamie's legs pinning them to the floor while with her other hand, she picked at the tape binding her ankles.

Loosening the sticky material was a long, slow task and as she worked at it, Cat could feel Jaime's struggles growing stronger. She'd only managed to pull the tape below one ankle when the blonde hellcat began to curse and struggle harder. Cat realized she just couldn't free her legs using only one hand. With no other alternative, she released Jamie's legs, hoping to free her legs before Jaime was fully recovered. It almost worked!

Cat had one foot free and was about to free the second, when she felt the blonde's arm encircling her throat. Jaime had risen to her knees and spun behind Cat. While one arm crushing Cat's throat, Jamie's free hand gouged and clawed at her left breast. Cat was almost oblivious to the shredding pain in her tit as she gagged and fought for breath, trying in vain to pry the blonde's arm from her windpipe. Cat's arms began to flail and her vision grow dark. Reaching back, she grabbed the blonde's hair and Jaime let out a screech as Cat pulled. Jamie increased her pressure on Cat's generous jug, hoping to tame the frantic woman before she broke free.

Cat's second hand reached up and grasped Jamie's head. Nearing blackout, Cat lurched forward and, using what little strength she had left, flipped Jamie over her shoulder. The small blonde thudded to the floor on her back a few feet in front of Cat, her tailbone bearing the brunt of the landing. She rolled to the side wailing in pain as dropped to the floor in a fetal position, cradling her breast and gasping for air.

Both women remained down for several moments but Jaime recovered first and fury burned in her as she staggered to feet. Only moments before she'd been feasting on the succulent body of the helpless brunette; now, she herself was taking her licks. She stepped over to Cat and bent down, grasping Cat's juicy jugs by their stiff nipples and forcing the gasping brunette to rise to her knees. Cat was still struggling for air when Jaime grabbed her chin and slapped her until tears welled up in Cat's eyes.

"I still own your sorry ass," Jaime growled. "You're gonna be so sorry you ever tried to fuck with me!"

Jaime punched, swatted and chopped Cat's face, neck and shoulders, then she stopped. She laughed out loud at Cat as she saw the brunette's face was a mess; red patches blooming and her cheeks ruddy and streaked with tears as her head rolled around on her shoulders. Leering, Jaime reached down and dug her fingers into Cat's soft, bare breasts.

"I'm gonna have a fun time tearing these off your chest," she said as she sank her nails deep into the titflesh, pulling and turning her wrists. Before the pain began to register, Cat had felt broken, no longer wanting to resist. But the searing pain sparked a reflex in her and she drove her balled fist right up into Jamie's crotch. The blonde froze, her eyes bulging as her hands slipped from Cat's tits to her groin as she slowly sank to the floor on her knees. The crotch shot had ruined the blonde - Cat knew it! She crawled over the crumpled Jamie, lowered her body onto Jaime's and drove her knee hard to Jaime's groin.

Jamie's prone body jerked and spasmed upward against Cat's. Cat bowed her head and viciously bit down on Jamie's left breast. The blonde still hadn't stopped wailing from tat when Cat dropped her big tits on the blonde's face and her cries were muffled, then the air as Cat's voluminous breasts engulfed Jamie's face. She struggled but knew it was no use. Cat was bigger and heavier. Jamie knew she was mere seconds from succumbing.

Suddenly, Cat's body stiffened, then went limp and slid off of Jaime. Jamie inhaled deeply, blinked and looked up to see a tall figure, dressed in black, wearing a ski mask, looming over her. While the two women had struggled, this third figure had entered the room unseen by both. The black-clad person had approached Cat and walloped her on her head with a blackjack which she still held. The crushing blow had knocked Cat out cold.

"Well, Jaime," the Voice started. "Looks like I intervened just in time."

"I was wondering how the hell far you were gonna let this go on," Jaime gasped, fighting for a breath. "The bitch about had me. Why the hell’d you set me up anyway?" she growled.

"More entertaining this way," came the reply.

The words had barely registered when the blackjack came crushing down on Jamie's temple. The blonde had no chance to deflect it or duck and her body slumped down beside Cat, also out cold.

"Yes," the Voice continued. "Much more entertaining!"

The black-clad figure straightened and slowly peeled back the mask, revealing the face of....Shannon Elizabeth! The actress pulled her black turtleneck down a few inches and removed the small metal box taped to her throat she used to disguise her voice.

"In fact," Shannon laughed, admiring the device which had transformed her into 'the Voice', "I couldn't have asked this to go much better." She rubbed her crotch as she gazed down at the two unconscious, naked women. Watching Jaime tear Cat apart, Shannon had gotten herself off twice. "That was worth every bit the amount Cat cost me losing her fights," she muttered in her own voice. "Even what it cost to get Jamie involved!"

Shannon hated to end the fabulous spectacle, but she had things to do. Still, she’d leave them with a reminder of their struggle. She dragged Jaime over to Cat, picked up the petite blonde and dropped her head-to-toe on top of Cat in the 69 position. Taking out a roll of duct tape from her waistband, Shannon spent a few minutes securing their arms and legs so that their faces were each burrowed deep in the other's crotch. Regretting only that she wouldn't be there to see what happened when they awoke, Shannon chuckled, turned and left the darkened room. She had several calls to make for this was only the first step in a devious, involved plan.

Shannon returned later - without her disguise - and freed Cat who Shannon knew wouldn’t rest until she got revenge on the one who'd set her up. Shannon had already plotted the next step of her plan and she'd chosen her target with care; studying her weaknesses and vulnerabilities just as she had Cat's. She knew with a little nudge in the right direction, Cat could be persuaded to go along with her just as she had Jamie Pressly! Cat's ‘new good friend’ Shannon would be there for her, ready and willing to help her gain revenge against the one Cat would be fooled into thinking was behind the attack. That would be step two of Shannon’s plan. But there were many more, and better, steps ahead….all leading to the ultimate confrontation!

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