Catherine "Cat" Bell vs. Jeri Ryan: "Best Four of Seven" by simguy (+ others) June-Aug 2008 FCBA Board

Fight One:
"We both always got paid more to fight Charlize than we ever got to fight each other," Bell explains. "That's business - that's boxing - but I know I always measured myself against Jeri and knew she was a threat to me. I'm so glad I'm getting the chance to make a definitive statement against her at last. It's important to me; I don't want to retire and leave the Jeri Ryan question unanswered."

"I always felt that Cat got more attention than she deserved, and was a little over-rated, even at the peak of her career," Ryan says at the podium. "Now's my chance to expose her for good and all. She had a great promotional team behind her, and she did have some fighting ability, but I've said before, and I'm saying right now - she's never been on a Jeri Ryan level."

Ryan in crimson bikini; white gloves. Bell in electric blue bikini; white gloves; hair in messy ponytail with bangs.

Round 1: Bell locates Jeri with a pair of jabs in the chest, then hooks her to mouth: Ryan's startled. Right hand, Cat - clipping Jeri to chin; wide, slapping hook pasting Jeri's face as blonde's backing up wide eyed. Cat hops in, leans lanky, claps a wide right upside Jeri's head; Cat pops hips-right, claps a fat left hook wide to jaw, driving Ryan to ropes. Jeri staring, lips parted - she's stunned, hands shoulder-height as Cat moves in big girl. Brutal, thudding beatdown issued: Bell squares away, battering Jeri with strapping lefts and rights - brunette twisting in shots, arching her back, just a-slopping it to Ryan. Jeri taking the pasting of a lifetime - hands up, but loose, not protecting her as she soaks up tremendous lashing clouts to her face. Ryan slumping into ropes, curvy legs holding her up: Bell spends the last minute cleaning up on the body and jugs, getting in there thick and methodical. Round ends to the sight of Bell bouncing whiplash hooks off Ryan's waist, then doubling up to defenceless jugs. Ref moves in to enforce the break as drooping Ryan appears out on her feet. 10-8 first without the knockdown sends Cat smouldering to her corner, pumping her fist.

Round 2: Jeri all busted up, flat footed, but rallying - she steps to midring, looking to pump her jab. Cat cautious, also setting up flat footed - chin is tucked, right hand's tight to cheek as she too pumps stick. Minute mark, Jeri jabs jug, turns over a short, sharp right hand, clipping Cat to chin: delayed effect as Ms. Bell's legs give a shimmy - she stumbles to her right, suddenly wobbly butt. Ryan forward with a wide, slapping left hook, clouting Bell to mouth: follow up right cross pastes Cat to chin, chasing her back. Bell hits ropes in disarray, stooping forward in peek-a-boo as Ryan stomps-to. Dreadful pay-back beatdown issued to Cat's flanks: big, whacking thump sending tremors down Cat's legs. Gasping Bell reaches round Jeri's hip to hug her close, getting ref's break: Ryan immediately stepping back in, bouncing a thick right hand off Cat's belly to fold her forward again. Back and forth like that: Ryan shellacking a rocked and badly shaken Cat; Bell clinching, mouth open on Jeri's shoulder until ref pries 'em apart.

Round 3: Cat comes back. Bell flat footed, haggard, but firm: she spruces Ryan up a brace of jabs to take initiative. Methodical boxing - Cat pumping stick, stepping to the left, looking Ryan over. Jeri turning, face kicking back from regular poke: she's got right hand near her chin, left at her hip. Ryan pawing the jab, smudging at Cat's breasts: Bell's poke much stiffer and more mean-spirited, punching Jeri's face or pounding her jugs. Ryan pulling the trigger on right hands, but coming up short: Bell doing a nice job pivoting around blonde bombs, then cleaning up on the counter. Shutout Bell sends Ryan to her stool with visibly swelling around the eyes.

Round 4: Jeri crouching slightly, doubling the up-jab to close: Cat clinching, walking Ryan around before blonde can trigger her right hand. Cagey stuff: Ryan vexing Cat with poke, scoring stiff; Bell walking Jeri in, tying her up, walking her around as long-legged beauties show a little glute-strength in walking clinches. Bell warned for holding and hitting inside: brunette looking to scrape a right uppercut while holding Jeri behind the head. Patient, stop and go stuff- very methodical action: down the stretch, Jeri flicks out the jab, twitches a short, pulverizing right off her shoulder as Cat's sliding in to clinch. Women fall in together, then Jeri steps back as CAT WILTS TO CANVAS! Bell sliding down Jeri's long body - brunette pooling at blonde's feet, facedown. IT'S OVER! One punch KO4 - Jeri Ryan.

Afterward: Bell fast asleep - as though simply switched off. Ryan glowing - strutting the ring, pumping that diamond-cutting right hand: bread-and-butter punch puts Jeri up 1-0 in this historic best of 7.
* * * * *
Victory never felt so good! Jeri Ryan's victory strut around the ring was the sexiest that anyone had seen in years. Wearing her trademark red bikini, the proud blonde took her time sauntering around the perimeter, savoring every moment. Bruised far from beaten, she was the spitting image of a conquering heroine. Jeri kept her arms raised in an indisputable sign of victory, pausing occasionally to show off her beautiful body to an adoring crowd. Most telling of all, she smiled - it was a grin of absolute delight, and it never left her face. Not only had she won her first boxing match in over a year, it had also been against her most hated rival, and by knockout no less. It was a picture perfect finish, one that could only have been topped by a round one KO. Perhaps also, Jeri mused, if they had been wearing black gloves instead of white... but at this point, it was a minor detail to quibble about.

Out of the corner of her eye, Jeri noticed Cat Bell starting to stir from her slumber on the canvas in the center of the ring. The brunette lay face down on the mat in a delicious sprawl with her arms framing either side of her head. She was starting to move her arms and legs again, but she wasn't going to be getting up anytime soon on her own - Jeri had seen to that. The blonde calmly returned to her corner to get her gloves removed, and then made her way over to her fallen opponent. Her hands were placed defiantly on her hips and she had a confident smirk on her face. It was time for her to claim her spoils.

Jeri remembered the exact feeling of her gloved fist smashing into Cat's face. She remembered how it felt as Cat collapsed against her, and the sensation of Cat's face and torso dragging along the length of her body as she sank to the canvas. These memories were still fresh, but they were good ones, and the blonde savored them completely.

Standing over the brunette, Jeri bent over and reached for her hair, stroking it for a moment. She then reached for the band that held Cat's ponytail together and pulled it off in one swift motion, freeing Cat's disheveled locks. With a firm grip in her opponent's hair, Jeri pulled Cat up to her knees and slapped her gently on the face, intent on reviving her fully. Despite her grogginess, Cat immediately knew what had happened once her eyes met Jeri's. The blonde smiled as the brunette burst into tears, and cupped her hands on both of her rival's cheeks.

"Hey there Kitty Cat," Jeri purred. "Looks like you got knocked the hell out!"

Cat tried to regain her composure, but the emotional weight of her loss had sunk in and she couldn't keep the tears from streaming down her face. Giggling, Jeri yanked Cat to her feet and wrapped her arm around the brunette's waist for what would certainly be the most satisfying Walk of Shame of the blonde's career. Cat still felt the effects of the knockout blow and stumbled as she walked, but Jeri ruthlessly pushed the pace, keeping them walking along the ropes.

"I'm going to make you show the proper respect," Jeri cooed as she stopped them in a corner to wave and show off her prize, "Believe me, I'm just getting started..."

"You fucking bitch..." Cat moaned.

The two ladies continued their march around the next side of the ring. Jeri's pageant roots were starting to show in her step as she strode proudly along. Cat, on the other hand, staggered along like a drunk. The blonde kept up the pace, allowing the brunette no respite and no room to recover. Leading them to her corner, the second, Jeri paused their march once again. She stood straight and thrust out her chest, showing off her fabulous breasts for all to see. The pose she struck silently encouraged the audience to compare her chest to Cat's. Though both racks had suffered in four brief rounds, Cat's appearance won her no converts as Jeri put her on display. The walk soon continued to the next corner.

"Believe me, it gets worse," Jeri whispered in Cat's ear. "This fight's the first, and I'm just getting warmed up... I'm going to take everything I want from you by the time I'm done with you..."

"Fuck you," Cat mumbled, breaking down in another round of tears.

Cat's cries were cut off as Jeri squeezed her arm tightly around the brunette's waist. The third corner saw a repeated display of the second, and Jeri led them on to the fourth and final corner, Cat's. Letting go, Jeri shoved Cat into the corner, pressing her back against the turnbuckle. As the brunette slumped against the post, Jeri closed in, pressing her firm tits against Cat's face. The blonde giggled as she rubbed her chest back and forth against the pretty features of the brunette's face. Cat struggled meekly to escape, but Jeri's hands pinned her wrists to the top ropes. Time and again, Cat had been a victim of Jeri's devastatingly effective breast smother, and now she was going to suffer the indignity once more...

...and then, Jeri relented. The blonde lifted her chest off of the brunette's face, and relinquished the grip on her arms. With nothing left to keep her up, Cat slid back down to a seated position. Standing over her with her hands once again on her hips, Jeri smiled for a moment, before finally turning away to return to her corner.

"All in due time, Cat," Jeri purred. "All in due time."

It took an enormous amount of willpower for Jeri to relent on her smother, but she was nonetheless satisfied as she left the brunette. First blood was hers.

* * *

"I felt it in my back and shoulder," Jeri grins in her postfight press conference. "I knew she was out when she fell into me. That's the big difference between us: Cat can't take my punch. She hit me with everything in her arsenal in the first round - I was hurt, I'll admit - but I wasn't close to going down. After that, she was done - she knew it; I knew it. I walked her down and finished her, and that's exactly the statement I wanted to make to open this series. Three more, and I think we'll be seeing the last of Cat Bell in a boxing ring!"
Fight Two:

"I never thought this was going 7," a brazen Jeri says in prefight, intense eyes daring any to argue. "I crushed Catherine's spirit in the first fight: I've already won the war of wills. Her body may put up some resistance in spots, but mentally, she's already given this thing to me."

Cat glaring - under pressure following the knockout at Jeri's hands last time out. "I have to answer," Bell acknowledges, "and I will. Jeri's big mistake is in thinking that because she got to me once, she'll always win the shootouts - but it doesn't work that way. She thinks she can walk through me, and that's why I'll catch her. Unlike her, I DID think this was going 7, so I'm prepared for the hard yards. As soon as she encounters stiff resistance, she'll be exposed as just another fair-weather blonde, and we'll see how willful she is then."

Jeri in black cotton Jockey bra/panties, white gloves. Cat in scarlet Hanes cotton two piece, white gloves. Sullen stare down during ring instructions as neither girl blinks.

Round 1: First punch - right cross Jeri: CAT GETS BUZZED! Bell clipped clean - staggering to her right all rubbery-legged, eyes moist with stunned tears. Ryan hopping forward, trying to put more right hands on target, punching Cat to ropes. Bell in stupor, butt-in-ropes: she stoops forward behind her mitts, mouth open. Jeri: swinging left hook thick to ribs; swinging left hook thick to ribs - taking Cat just underneath her right elbow. Jeri: easing her left forearm into Cat's guard, pressing brunette upright, then clouting Cat a short right hand upside the head. Jeri: fitting a short left hook into Cat's jugs as Bell's guard comes apart; right cross POUNDS Cat's chin as Bell sags against ropes, right hand stacked atop left at her tummy. Bell staring, swooning: Jeri licks a wide, slapping left hook upside the head; leans into a clean-up right hand, blasting away on Bell's face. Jeri tilts to her right, slapping the wide left hook to cheek again; tilts to her left, driving in the cruel right hand. Bell's head jerking to-and-fro, face blank: Cat paws out a straight right to Jeri's face, then turns on a lanky hook, CATCHING JERI FLUSH! Jeri staring, legs suddenly shook; she pushes a weak right to Cat's chin, catches a much sharper, heavier right to her own chin in return. Cat stumbling forward, eyes dimly registering opportunity: she swipes a hook across Jeri's jugs; leans into a drifting right, punching Jeri's head back. Ryan stamping back on her heels, hands stacked right atop left at her tummy: SHE'S DIM WITH SHELLACK! Ryan grimly digging in, fetching Cat a robust, swinging right to paunch, then trading hooks to chops: BOTH sets of proud legs buckle and shimmy. Cat spills into Jeri, pushing her backward, then labelling her a right to chin. Ryan's head swivels - she steps back groggy, lifting a right hand off her thigh to miss the answering uppercut. Cat jabs straight off her shoulder, punching Jeri's mouth; Cat leans in on left (lead) leg, carrying a vicious right hand heavily in under Ryan's right breast. Jeri sobs, cringing forward behind her mitts. Cat licks a fat hook across the waist, trimming the line of Jeri's trunks; Cat taps the back of her left hand against Jeri's guard while bringing the left hand back; Cat LICKS the right uppercut to chin. Jeri clipped, frozen a moment on the spot, torso lolling forward. Cat pushes her left hand into Jeri's guard, wedging it apart; Cat POUNDS the right hand home, driving in between blonde mitts. Jeri absorbing, tilting forward: Cat braces her girl with a supportive left shoulder/extended left forearm, then RIPS the right uppercut up underneath, taking Jeri in her solar plexus. Ryan's mouthpiece shoots off teeth - she pitches forward, jacknifing face-first to canvas with her buttocks high in the air for a moment. Blonde sprawls flat, conquered glutes jostling side to side as she relaxes into unconsciousness. KO1 in savage fashion - Cat Bell!

Afterward: Cat roaring, hands high - all but out herself, she staggers the ring in woozy triumph. Ryan rolled to her back and carefully adminstered to: proud bully who dogged Cat throughout prefight and up to the opening bell now a limp, helpless victim as Bell answers - and answers with vigor!
* * *
The "Curse of Cotton" had struck once again! Cat and Jeri had one of the most celebrated rivalries in celebrity fighting dating back over ten years. They'd fought countless scraps in public and in private; dueled in every style imaginable from catfights and titfights to boxing and wrestling - even one 'La Conquista' - but in that vast repository, an astute observer could find subtle trends and statistical curiosities that had played out over and over - even if the two ladies weren't aware of them on a conscious level.

One such phenomenon had played out to a brutal conclusion in their second best-of-seven boxing match: in any pre-planned fight where both women wore cotton lingerie, Cat always won. No matter the venue, type of fight, or color of outfit, Jeri's win percentage had never improved past a solid .000 while this effect was in play.

Jeri's eyes fluttered open as she slowly became reacquainted with her surroundings. She was lying on her belly with both of her arms sprawled out limply on either side of her body. With her head tilted to the side and her cheek pressed against the canvas, it didn't take her long to figure out that she'd been knocked out, and in the first round no less. Struggling unsuccessfully to fight back tears, Jeri slowly tried to get her arms underneath her body and prop herself up. However, before she could get to all fours, she was met by a hard boot to her ribs, rolling her onto her back. Before the blonde could move, the same boot came down onto her chest, pinning her down to the canvas.

Looking up, Jeri cringed as she saw what she already knew was there: standing over her was Cat Bell, with her gloves held up at chest height and a smile on her face.

"Looks like you're the one who got knocked out this time, Jeri," Cat taunted gleefully, "Ironic, isn't it? After all of those first round knockouts under your belt, you get whacked so easily..."

"Please, no… please don't..." Jeri pleaded weakly.

Cat ignored the blonde and continued to stand with one foot atop her rival like a hunter with vanquished big game. Without moving from her spot, the brunette motioned for one of her cornermen to remove her gloves. With her hands free, Cat flexed her fingers, clearly delighted about what she had in store.

"No beating around the bush," Cat said nonchalantly. "It's time for you to get what's been coming."

Lifting her foot off of Jeri, Cat reached down for the blonde's hair and yanked her up to her feet. Leading her straight to the nearest corner, Cat shoved Jeri back against the turnbuckle. Jeri frantically tried to bring her dukes up to some sort of defensive position, but Cat merely brushed the limp arms aside. She then followed up with her forearm, backhanded hard across Jeri's chest. The blonde cried out in pain and reflexively brought her arms to her jugs, trying to cradle them against more harm. Jeri was crying openly now, closing her eyes as the tears streamed down her cheeks.

Jeri felt Cat's hands in her hair, slowly running through the golden strands to the back of her head. Opening her eyes, the blonde found the brunette's gorgeous breasts inches in front of her face. Jeri opened her mouth to protest, but it was too late.

"You shouldn't have made me angry, Jeri," Cat taunted. "Bad things happen to you when I get angry..."

Jeri's face was yanked down hard into Cat's cleavage. Almost immediately, Cat pushed forward, trapping Jeri against the turnbuckle as she ground her breasts against the blonde's face. Jeri thrashed and struggled to break free, but it was no use. As usual, Cat's breast smothers were perfect when she locked them on, and soon Jeri started to feel the effects. Her hands pawed frantically at Cat's bare belly and succulent hips, but soon they too slipped away as all of her remaining resistance was smothered out of her body. The lights were going out once again. This time, however, Jeri knew that she had the fight of her life on her hands. This was just the beginning.
Fight Three:

"I still like Bell to take the series," says special commentator and interested party Charlize Theron. "She and I were a full cut above Jeri I think, and Cat needs to put this girl in her place. That said, they've been swapping knockouts and basically slugging each other senseless: that's Jeri's game. Ryan will bait you into taking that right hand of hers - even if it means she's getting pasted - I think she likes her chances in that style of fight. I'd like to see Bell impose a little order on Jeri here, make Ryan go rounds and start putting some miles on Jeri's chassis for next time. Can't wait!" Cat in lime green bikini with white strings and fun flower petal print; white gloves; shiny shoulder-length black hair in messy beach ponytail. Jeri in midnight blue satin bra and panties; white gloves; blonde hair straight n' soft.

Round 1: Cat looking to box, planting on her left (lead) leg, right hand close to her cheek as she pumps out the stiff left jab. Ryan dukes up, blocking poke on her mitts; Cat getting off, pivoting to her left - eyes narrowed, movement methodical. Quick one-two a minute in - Bell dropping the right cross sudden off her shoulder: Ryan pounded on her left eye, does a hurtin' stumble-step to recover balance. Bell patient - pounds out jabs, shelling the defences: she's in wide stance - stepping in with the jab, then sliding back half-step after scoring. Ryan rocked, but punching back with authority: she's whacking a straight-arm hook off Cat's ribs, preventing a reckless Bell finishing run.

Round 2: More measured stuff from Cat. Feet wide apart as she steps in the jab; little slide-adjustment backwards to recover, always bringing the left hand back quick. Bell pivoting smoothly around her left foot: elbows in, dukes up around her cheeks, chin tucked. Ryan's left a little low, right hand at her cheek - she's jabbing at Cat's raised defences, looking for openings. Both women trying right hands, dropping 'em sharp off the shoulder, then retracting the punch to reset the guard: classy, rangy boxing from strong puncher's stances. Final minute, Cat pumping left jabs, suddenly slings a vicious right to Jeri's ribs, taking the blonde beneath her left breast: shudder of pain, Jeri: she covers up in a hurtin' peek-a-boo, dukes at her temples. Bell cleans up muscular: dips left shoulder to crank the left uppercut to Jeri's gut; wide, thick right hand dug loud in behind Jeri's left elbow, buckling Ryan's knees at bell.

Round 3: Jeri in wide stance, stepping HER jab in: she starts to find the range to Cat's breasts and face. Bell covering up against strong poke, blocking shots: Jeri deploying right hands sidearm to the body/straight to the head. Bell circling left, scowling as Jeri scores: Ryan becomes the aggressor as her jab supresses Bell's. Final minute, Ryan enjoys Cat at the ropes: blonde pushing her chest into brunette's, Ryan's hands low, lapping lanky at Cat's paunch - Jeri nudging with her chest and left shoulder to keep Cat in place.

Round 4: Cat in wide stance, pumping the jab off her shoulder: loud spank of the blows off Jeri's gloves shows the power. Bell starting to stamp jabs to Ryan's breasts as well - pivoting left - using poke to break down sturdy blonde defences. 1:20 in, Cat twitches in the quick right cross off the jab, bouncing her fist off Jeri's temple: blonde legs give a shimmy as poor Ryan's hurt again. Bell loping forward, chin out over Jeri's left shoulder as Cat hoists a thick left hook to gut: Ryan buckling, doubles forward behind her mitts. Bell strong on her girl: cruel right hand stamps flat above the hip - Cat's right elbow out to the side as she drives the punch home. Carving left hook snatches at Jeri's belly, driving her backward. Ryan hits ropes - keeping her elbows in, hands up at her temples. Bell squares away, beats her girl without mercy: strong, whacking blows shivering her arms as she bats away on Ryan's flanks.

Round 5: More Cat; brunette imposing her will. Ryan busting up: she's discouraged, giving ground now as Catherine's jab pounds relentlessly at the defences. Bell walking her girl down - every so often slinging that cruel right hand to Jeri's ribs, ripping in underneath the left breast, then hammering the jab to keep Ryan from countering. Jeri mouth-open, shopworn: she starts circling to her right along the perimeter, shying away from Cat's healthy right hand. Down the stretch, Bell steps in a crisp jab to Jeri's mouth, startling her: chopping pair of right hands rings off Ryan's left temple as she's folding forward hurt. RYAN TAKES A KNEE! Jeri's back (right) leg gives way: she's panting, discouraged as ref barks the count. Bell smouldering, deeply satisfied at Ryan's plight.

Round 6: Jeri recovers well, but she's clearly the shabbier through 6. Ryan's defence starting to wilt: jabs pound at her face, stamp at her breasts with increasing success. Bell's cruel right hand stroke to the body continues to harm Jeri, forcing Ryan into wincing retreat. Every step back from Jeri clearly tearing her heart out, but she just can't take Bell's systematic, well-schooled punishment. Cat's footwork so nice here: that little step in from the wide stance; the little slide-back to create distance: Ryan having a tough time pulling the trigger on her right hand as Cat won't cooperate.

Round 7: Jeri with a quick one-two early - right hand finally penetrating to jaw: Bell's knees buckle - she covers up hurt. Ryan hooks Cat savagely across the waist, then really pops hips-left to stroke an even harder lash across: Bell blurting in pain, eyes squinting in agony as she back away. Ropes: Jeri crowds in chest-on-chest, using her left shoulder to control position while dangling her hands low. Ryan lapping at Cat's tummy here - lifting the mitts and cuffing at brunette paunch, strapping brunette ribs. Bell grimacing, mouth wide open: she palms Jeri's ribs, trying to push her as the girls grind away shoulder to shoulder. Ryan firm with Cat, unyielding: blonde keeps brunette pinned down/on the receiving end bell to bell.

Round 8: Cat shakes it off, gets back in control. Bell's jab a wonder tonight: pounding in on Ryan's defences, smashing at chest and face as Jeri bravely faces into it. Bell pivoting left around her left leg, pushing off that back (right) big toe - this is glorious stuff from a real master. Jeri's face busting up: she shifts to a loose crossed-arm - right at her left cheek, left across her gut - trying to roll Cat's poke with the left shoulder. Bell takes advantage of Jeri's new posture with a heartless buggywhip right hand chopped in above the left hip: Ryan cringing, suffering in silence as Bell circles and beats her bell to bell.

Round 9: Ryan fighting with desperation, forcing the fight: Bell able to fade, wait, and nail Jeri some gorgeous right hand counters to the face. Ryan repeatedly staggered early - Cat drilling her, then sidestepping right to turn Jeri's left flank - but Jeri undaunted. Middle minute sees Jeri paw her jab successfully to face, then drop short right hands to chin, squaring Cat up. Final minute toe-to-toe brawling: women reaching in to knuckle each other's arms aside, swatting away at close range to offending jawlines. Bell content to counter-off-the-block late, trying to nip Jeri with uppercuts in between blonde's clubbng wallops. Break: Jeri slapping away wide left hooks and drilling hardhearted right hands: Bell swiping back hooks to breast and clipping right uppercuts - ref has to jump in as seething beauties won't stop.

Round 10: Jeri shows chin early, walking through Cat's intercepting right hands to muscle Bell to ropes. Second minute a brutal grind as Ryan seeks to subjugate Bell at ropes: blonde chesting up with hands low, working the tummy with rising, licking lefts and rights. Bell grunting in pain, trying to push Jeri off by her shoulders: Ryan won't have it, constantly squirming to get her left shoulder into Cat's chest and jostle her into ropes. Constant swatting, clouting work to the midsection has Bell's legs trembling down the stretch - Theron on her feet, screaming for Bell to clinch: RIGHT UPPERCUT, JERI RYAN! Cat jolted, slumps into ropes, head lolling. Jeri reloads, chops the right hand to chin close in, swivelling Cat's head around and PUTTING HER DOWN! Ryan looming over brunette rubble, roaring down - ref bodies her back. Blubbering Cat pushes up to hands-and-knees - reaching pathetically for ropes: SHE BEATS THE COUNT! Bell swooning, eyes glassy, lips parted - she's all but out when the round ends, robbing Jeri of her finishing run. Comes back UD10, Cat Bell!

Afterward: Bitter aftermath: disappointed Ryan pushing against Cat's people while shouting at still-woozy Bell. Catherine rallying - shouting back - officials holding her back as proud beauties want more. Theron flushed with excitement, delighted with the outcome. "She made it more exciting than she needed to,"chides the super-blonde, "but the old-nag pulled through. I knew she could outclass Jeri - I knew it. But Cat outgutted Jeri tonight and that was great to see, because frankly, I didn't know if she still could."
* * *
Jeri Ryan mumbled numbly. "I don't... believe it... I...I beat her..." Standing in her corner at the end of ten long, hard-fought rounds, the gorgeous blonde was frozen in place by shock as the decision was announced. It was plainly obvious to everyone that her opponent, Cat Bell, was all but finished at the end of the 10th. Knocked down and all but out in the dying seconds, Cat would've been done. A few more precious seconds would've been all that Jeri needed to beat her hated rival...

But somehow, Cat survived. On her feet at the bell, the decision was hers. Jeri had lost the fight. Her gloves already removed, Jeri covered her mouth with one of her taped hands and tried to fight back tears of disappointment as the emotional weight of the defeat cut to her very core.

Across the ring, the brunette was seated on her stool being attended to by her cornermen. Still feeling the effects of the knockdown, Cat was clearly still out of it, barely even able to acknowledge her own victory. Disappointment and sadness gave way to anger and resentment as Jeri saw the state of her foe.


Jeri marched across the ring, determined to face her rival once more. Pushing her way into Cat's corner, the blonde grabbed the brunette by the straps of her top and yanked her to her feet. Seething, Jeri locked her arms around Cat's back and squeezed tightly, crushing her in a bearhug. She allowed herself a faint smile as Cat groaned in pain, and slowly began to walk her foe back to the ropes. Jeri's smile, however, soon turned to a scowl as she forced eye contact with Cat. There was something unsettling in the look in Cat's eyes...

Jeri soon found out as Cat's arms snaked around her waist and squeezed with a bearhug of her own. The blonde threw her head back and howled in agony as her midsection, well-worn from constant attention in their fight, was crushed mercilessly.

"Ooohhh, your ribs felt that, didn't they," Cat purred, "Looks like I'm not quite done after all, huh?"

Jeri frantically adjusted her grip, trying to press her magnificent breasts against Cat's and push the brunette back, but to no avail. The blonde cried out again as her waistline took another brutal squeeze. Her own hold was faltering, and she could only squeeze with a fraction of the strength that Cat possessed. Jeri whimpered as she felt her legs buckle. She could no longer hold her ground.

"Looks like someone miscalculated," Cat cooed, "Hurts to know you're not as tough as you think you are, doesn't it?"

"Fuck you," Jeri blubbered, unsuccessfully trying to keep her composure.

"No, fuck YOU!" Cat retorted. "I've put up with your games for ten years... I'm finishing you here and now..."

It felt like an eternity, but Jeri was finally forced across the entire length of the ring and pressed with her back against the ropes. She could no longer hide the suffering that Cat was forcing her to endure. Her arms were still clasped around the brunette's waist, but were totally devoid of their former strength. The blonde let out another anguished cry of pain as her rival's arms squeezed her waist again. There was nothing keeping her up but the ropes and Cat's sheer malevolence.

Finally, Cat let her go. Jeri stumbled forward and slid down to her knees, collapsing in front of the brunette. Feeling Cat's fingers in her hair, Jeri winced as her head was yanked back, forcing her to look up at her foe standing in front of her, but she had no willpower left to resist. Tears were welling up in the blonde's eyes as she saw the wicked grin on Cat's face. For a woman in Jeri's position, that look on Cat's face was one of the most heartbreaking expressions in the world. Jeri didn't have long to dwell on it, however, as Cat bent down and planted her breasts on the blonde's face in a standing breast smother. Jeri's cries were muffled beneath Cat's flesh, but she did not resist. After a few moments, the brunette lifted her tits up, leaving the blonde gasping for air.

"Tell me who's better," Cat commanded. "Do it, or you're gonna get more jug."

Jeri was silent. Cat waited for a few seconds for a response, but not receiving one, impatiently bent over to reapply the smother. Before she could continue, however, fight officials were moving to restrain her. Apparently, the powers that be had seen enough.

"Looks like we're done for now," Cat giggled as she gave Jeri a not-so-soft slap on the cheek. "Just wait til next time, bitch... Next time, no one is going to save you..."

Still on her knees, Jeri shuddered and wrapped her arms around her tortured midsection. Her own handlers were rushing out to her aid in mid-ring, but Jeri ignored them almost catatonically. Her gaze remained locked on Cat as she watched the brunette saunter away. "Next time..."
Fight Four:

Ryan smiling - confidence undiminished despite being down 2 to 1 in the series. "I'm feeling stronger as this goes on," Jeri boasts in prefight, "and I know that's not the case for Cat. She fought her heart out last time - I'll give her that - but I can tell from pushing against her, that her legs aren't really there and she's starting to wear down. She's definitely not taking my punch well: every time I even graze her chin, her legs go all funky-chicken. So I may be down right now, but I'm feeling good. Cat's on her last legs!"

Bell pursing lips throughout, now no longer even looking at Jeri if it can be helped. "I've fought Jeri enough to know that she doesn't believe half the crap she cooks up," Bell asserts at the podium. "I've seen her - especially in our wrestling matches - start to get scared and disheartened, and she's definitely starting to give me that look in this series. That last fight was all about me grinding out the rounds and breaking Jeri's spirit. I wouldn't say the work is complete, because Jeri IS combative - but I think I've turned the corner on her. It's all about breaking Ryan down now, bending her to my will. I'm starting to taste it, and I'm not going to let up one bit!"

Bell in electric blue top/lime green bottoms with the white floral print (mixing and matching her JAG bikinis); white gloves; messy puncher's ponytail. Ryan in black lace bra and panties; black gloves; hair loose, long and soft.

Round 1: Bell pumping stick: Jeri shows a new look. Ryan crouching forward, left side angled towards Cat, hands open - Jeri's looking to slip the jab, reach in to palm Cat's arms, chest up, body her to ropes. Bell grimacing, getting compressed to cables: Ryan immediately shrugging a close-in right forearm to Bell's jugs, then a pair of mauling lefts to tummy before clinching up tight. Ref's break - girls stride back to midring: once again, Ryan negotiates her way in, palming Cat's biceps, chesting up, struggling to walk her to ropes, then mauling her tummy to tummy as Bell squirms to tie up. Pattern repeats - Cat rudely walked back, bullied, scuffed and worked over in a series of engagements. Ryan slamming away cheap forearms and shoulders in close, drawing warnings; Ryan plugging fists to tummy, jamming away to jaw with short chops - immediately smothering the receipts. Bell flushed, confused - she's in constant retreat, taking Jeri's weight, then her punches. Final minute - Bell ropeside once again: she turns her left side into ropes, doubling forward, resting her haunch on the rope, covering up. Jeri methodical, pushing her hands on Cat's right shoulder, then leaning in close, pounding the right hand up and in, up and in. Ryan dredging up tummy as Cat shudders against ropes - blonde riding her left hand atop Cat's back to help anchor the wallops. It's all too much: groaning, shellshocked Bell sinks to her hands and knees, face pinched; ref has to body a seething Ryan back.

Round 2: Cat already disheveled, punished - once again she lifts mitts to chin, looking to box: once again, Ryan won't have it. Jeri jabbing a little from her crouch, but all she wants to do is lock up midring, then make it a test of legs as blonde resolutely walks brunette to ropes. Crude mauling follows - Ryan pushing on Bell, tying her up. Jeri rough with her head, bumping her shoulders, liberal with her elbows - anything to scuff Cat up. Bell grimacing, pushing against strong Jeri, or lowering her shoulder and trying to body blonde back - to no avail. Healthy right hands continue to ply the Bell midsection - Jeri leaning in with her chin on Cat's right shoulder while packing in righty underneath. Occasionally, Cat doubles over, arms crossed against her body: Jeri leans forward, cheek to cheek, lapping away long-armed rights and lefts to thighs, tummy and unintentional trunks. Ref issuing steady stream of warnings and breaks: Ryan doggedly bodying up, walking Bell back, and resuming the sloppiness. Not pretty, but through 2 - Cat's already mouthbreathing; has a nice mouse forming under her left eye; has a bad case of tummy-tremble.

Round 3: Cat swings away early, trying to deny Jeri inside access: Ryan swaying her torso with the blows, punching-with. In the melee, Ryan slips in under a Bell right hand; licks a vicious left hook off the ribs, bringing the mitt back quick to her own tummy. Bell visibly body-rocked, tries a weak left hook: Ryan cleanly beats her to the punch with a crisp, biting hook to chin, swivelling Bell's head and PUTTING HER DOWN! Cat dropped hard to her glutes, spilling onto her back, eyelashes a-flutter: Ryan stomps past, smouldering with satisfaction as shaken Bell tries to rally. Bell beats the count, digs in: Ryan wades forward, encounters the stiffest resistance of the night so far as Cat refuses to wilt. Jeri not smothering, wanting room to punch: both girls elbows-in, dukes at chests, dipping side to side while snapping off savage clout. Crazy back and forth punching - gloves caroming off hunched shoulders, sweat-matted skulls, pain-wracked ribs. Both vixens bringing mitts back to their chests to reload, staying professional. Ryan won't yield position, keeping Cat on the apron throughout, but it's a brutal, expensive sequence for both beauties.

Round 4: Brutal trade of the third continues as Ryan hounds Cat to her own corner; Bell stiffens, answers. Non-stop work - girls in fighting crouches, keeping elbows in, hands up - just slamming away at the defences. Lots of rangy, side-to-side punching, punctuated by jagged uppercuts and occasional doses of close-in chugging bursts to offending breadbaskets. Girls adept at reaching the left hand in to push a defending hand or arm down, then drifting short, chopping rights to face. Down the stretch, Cat begins to wilt: Jeri able to extend arms to push her rival, get her covered up, then really set hips and get off with stroke. Big, thick, healthy whacks - strapping rights and lefts administered to Cat's waistline and flanks - have Bell slumping butt-in-ropes, face-in-gloves at the break. Ryan glowing: she's rarely applied this much leather - this one-sided - to the problem of Cat Bell.

Round 5: Bell stubborn early - jabbing Ryan effectively, walking her into clinches, then turning her as Jeri tries to push forward. Seconds tick past - Jeri's the stronger: Bell's back touches ropes at the 1:10 mark, followed by a crammed-in right to the pit of the stomach and a hard forearm-smash across the back as Cat pitches forward. Ref's breaks no longer see the girls regroup midring: Jeri just backs off a few paces, mops her brow, then wades on in as Cat sags into ropes. Ryan enjoying longer and longer stretches where she can push off, set her hips and really unload, swinging thudding rights and lefts in measured rhythm to Bell's flanks and body. Cat weeping into her gloves, often doubling forward, trying to use her elbows to block body-blows, but she's taking a terrible drumming. Jeri glorying in Bell's collapse - reaching in under Cat's arms down the stretch, chesting her upright, then plowing those melons some god-awful shellack until sobbing Cat can tie up. Grim bludgeoning leaves Bell swaying, wobbly butt, busted up: Ryan beaming en route to her corner, winking and cocking her right fist.

Round 6: Ryan mauling Bell on ropes early, shoulder bumping her way clear to land a tic-toc right/left to chin, buckling Cat's legs. Bell desperately clinching - tying up around Ryan's head as Jeri palms Cat's ribs, straining to push clear - ref has to work hard to unsnare blonde from brunette clutches. Second minute: Bell sliding to her right along ropes, left shoulder pointed at Ryan: for the first time, Cat starts intercepting Jeri on the way in, turning into sneaky right hands, or falling into ropes while hooking Jeri's ear. Ryan still coming forward, but getting potshotted, then tied up: Bell doing a good job chipping away even as Jeri takes her 6th straight round.

Round 7: Fight takes place midring for the first time; Bell working behind her jab, stepping left as Ryan takes a breather. Cat able to extend on her jab, keeping the right at her cheek - good textbook poke here, keeping Ryan outside. Jeri looking to time right hands home to chin - getting there on occasion - but Bell quick to tie up for ref's breaks after any contact. Catch-and-release boxing from Bell: nice elastic punches straight from her chest, scoring to Ryan's rack and face, keeping her under control through seven.

Round 8: Pace slows. Long stretches of girls prowliing to their respective rights, circling each other. Hands up, elbows in - same sort of straight, relaxed one-twos flowing from the chests of both women - each pumping an educated stick. Bell in particular turning over a fine right cross on occasion - leaning in with it, twisting it off her shoulder and driving it to Ryan's chin. Jeri's legs taking the blows well - but gaudy face-spank probably gives Cat a thoughtful 8th.

Round 9: Cat pinpointing Jeri with the jab early, startling Ryan's face; crisp, twisting right cross plows through to buckle Ryan's knees at the minute mark. Jeri stepping in fence-post holes, staggering to ropes for balance: Cat grim, walking her girl down and lashing her a cruel, sidearm right hand limber to the ribs. Cat immediately pops hips-right, turning her torso and shouting aloud as she drags in a savage left to Jeri's waist: Ryan sobbing into her gloves, sits into ropes, legs paralyzed. Cat reaches in under Jeri's arms, stacks her up: thudding jug-busters pound home as Bell exacts coldblooded retribution. Jeri clinches - mouth open on Cat's shoulder, eyelashes fluttering as ref issues break: Bell pushed back, but her eyes never leave Jeri's face. Cat striding back on in, dips down to pull a looping right over the top, POUNDING Jeri's head back over top rope and loosening her terribly. Crowd shrill as Ryan skids to her right, hitting her own corner in disarray: Bell stepping-with, reaches the left palm to Jeri's right shoulder, then DRIVES home a cruel straight right down into the body. Ryan shouts in pain - mouthpiece shooting off her teeth: she crumples forward, butt-on-turnbuckle as Cat squares away. Bell digging deep, going at Jeri with every ounce in reserve: brunette holding hands loose at her chest, elbows in, just stroking away with her thickest, most muscular blows to Ryan's glossy flanks and trembling tummy. Sumptuous thump sounding out as Cat digs in - she'll dip her left shoulder, rip the left off Jeri's gut, then bring the mitt back quick, resetting and dipping to the right to work the other side. Cat just a girl at work here - often extending one hand to Jeri's shoulder while deploying the off-hand. Ryan battered terribly - but refusing Cat satisfaction: Jeri stooped forward, face-in-gloves, grimly soaking up the best Bell has to offer. Break: Cat staggering back, mouth wide open, hands dangling at her sides - she wanders back to her corner utterly spent. Ryan hugging her throbbing ribcage sits gingerly down: corner works feverishly to ice up those ribs and rub-down those numbed legs.

Round 10: Oh. They. Bang. Away! Both forms seriously degraded - both fighters walking on their heels, hands low. Staggering, they plant and trade power shots ala Norton/Holmes - each rocking the other, then getting rocked in turn. Crazy, clapping shots - rising from thigh-high to smite busted up, staring faces. No rhyme or reason until the final minute: Cat starts to outpunch Ryan, backing her into ropes. Jeri exhausted, folds forward into her gloves: Bell open mouthed, rides her left hand atop Jeri's back, while slamming home thick, rising rights to weeping blonde midsection. It's over: Bell still beating mindlessly at Jeri; Jeri still soaking it up as the ref moves in. Comes back UD10 - Jeri Ryan.

Afterward: Rare show of emotion from Bell as she breaks down into wracking sobs of despair: gallant late charge just not enough to overcome Ryan's huge lead. Both girls shabby with damage - each sporting tensered up ribcages and battered faces. "They said I couldn't take a decision from Cat," Jeri says with evident satisfaction. "They said I couldn't beat her down - that I'd need a lucky punch to get Cat out of the fight. Well, I hope everyone got a good look at what I did to Cat Bell tonight: I outsmarted her first and foremost, then I dismantled her - how many people can say they did THAT to her?"
* * *
Jeri Ryan purred as she ran her ungloved hands over her breasts. The texture of the lace bra felt so good... it was a sentiment that felt all the better with the sweet taste of victory. Her fourth fight against Cat Bell had been a paradoxical mirror of the third. Unlike that fight, however, their roles had been reversed with the blonde dominating early then surviving a late Bell rally to prevail.

Jeri's eyes met Cat's as they stood in opposite corners; Cat's glare full of hate as though she felt she'd been terribly wronged. Jeri replied with a smile. To her credit, Cat did a better job of maintaining her composure, but deep down she must've been heart-broken by her loss. All the blonde had to do was drag it out into the open.

Jeri marched over to Cat's corner, totally self-assured as she went to claim the spoils of victory. Cat was still defiant as they met, facing each other down.

"No one is going to save you," Jeri proclaimed. “I hope you remember those words."

"Screw you!" Cat retorted flatly.

As in their previous encounter, Jeri reached around Cat's back and pulled her in, locking on with a bearhug and, once again, Cat responded with one of her own. Jeri let Cat have the first squeeze, wincing as the brunette's grip tightened about her waist; then answering in kind. Unlike the previous encounter, Cat threw her head back and groaned aloud in pain. Her midsection, given plenty of attention by Jeri during their fight, was betraying her and it succumbed to the pressure.

"Not this time bitch," Jeri crowed. "This time, you're mine!"

"!" Cat gasped.

Before she could say more, Cat let out an anguished cry as the pressure from Jeri's arms increased sharply. Jeri smiled as her hold garnered the exact response she wanted. Cat's arm strength and resistance was ebbing rapidly.

Leading her out of the corner a few steps, Jeri slammed the brunette back, stacking her up against the ropes. Jeri pressed her forehead in the crook of Cat's neck, forcing her head backward as she continued to bearhug her. Cat whined and unsuccessfully tried to push her way off of the ropes, only to have the blonde give her waist another tight squeeze. Cat groaned loudly and Jeri felt a shudder run through Cat's body. The blonde simply smiled and continued to squeeze until she felt no more pressure coming from Cat's arms.

Standing up straight, Jeri adjusted her hands higher on Cat's back and pressed their foreheads together. Leaning Cat back against the ropes, Jeri put her weight on the brunette and hugged her again, focusing her pressure on Cat's chest; mashing her jugs onto the brunette's. Jeri worked the hold, grinding her tits into Cat's until, after a few minutes, she heard a loud, anguished groan escape from the brunette's quivering lips.

"Looks like the bra's on the other pair as they say," Jeri purred. "Hurts to know my girls are firmer and better than your saggy old tits, doesn't it?"

Cat bit her lip, struggling to maintain her composure but Jeri knew it wouldn't last. Sure enough, as Jeri continued to apply crushing pressure Cat screamed, gave a gasping shudder, then broke down; crying in pain and humiliation. Her breasts, badly abused by Jeri's jug mugging during the fight, couldn't stand up to the blonde's awesome pair. Cat felt her breasts soften rapidly and then, suddenly, almost in the blink of an eye, they collapsed, yielding completely to the overwhelming power of Jeri's magnificent mammaries.

Jeri grinned as her breasts mashed Cat's flat. Sure, Jeri's own jugs were feeling significant pain as well, but that was a small price to pay for the physical and mental agony she was inflicting on Cat.

"Who's got the better tits, bitch?" Jeri asked. "I wanna hear you say it."

Cat shook her head silently, willing herself to resist. Jeri, her lips curled in a sneering grin, flexed her biceps, inhaling deeply as she forced her hard nipples deeper into Cat's wilting wonders of nature.

"YUUHHHHH..." Cat gasped. "Yuuu...yours..." she sobbed, tears streaking her flushed cheek.

"SAY IT!" demanded Ryan with another pulse of power.

"Yours are better..." Cat finally conceded, turning her red face aside, unable to make eye contact.

Relinquishing her bearhug, Jeri lifted Cat's limp, unresisting, arms and draped them backward over the top rope. Then Jeri wrapped her hands around Cat's head, grabbed two fistfuls of hair and plunged the beaten brunette's face down into the deep canyon between her bulging tits. Jeri smiled as her breast smother did its work.

Most times when Jeri had breast smothered Cat, there was a great deal of resistance... now there was barely any at all. She could feel Cat's face nuzzling her cleavage in a weak, vain attempt at escape - but there was nothing more beyond that one, brief, struggle.

Finally, mercifully, Cat's body went limp. Holding her a little longer and hamming it up, Jeri finally let go, raised her arms overhead and stepped back. Cat's limp arms slithered over the ropes as she slipped down in an unconscious heap, slumbering at Jeri's feet.

The blonde simply smiled and nodded muttering, "Guess that makes us even, doesn't it?"
Prior to fight #5:

The series between the two veteran lightweights was now all tied up at 2 wins apiece. That made this fight very important. Skip believed it was Charlize Theron's win over Jennifer Garner in the fifth fight of their series that had been the decisive moment in that epic series of bouts. Both Ryan and Bell knew it, too.

"I have Bell on the run now. I'm going wrap her up in this fight and then finish it all in 6 - just like Theron!" Jeri said confidently.

"Jeri forgets Garner won fight #4 to even it up. Then Theron beat her in #5 and Jen couldn't get over it. She couldn't even get to a full seven fights. Now, I'm not saying I can end it in 6, but whoever wins #5 could and I want that to be me," Cat told Skip.

Skip asked both fighters about the post-fight humiliations. They both got grim expressions.

"Cat has earned everything I've ever done to her. That's all I'm going to say," Jeri snapped.

"Jeri deserves even more than I've given her. I intend to make sure she gets it," Cat said with equal bluntness.

Feelings were running high between Jeri and Cat. Skip could shudder at the prospect that faced the loser of the remaining fights, but he didn't doubt for a minute that many a paying customer would enjoy watching every appalling moment.
Fight Five:

"I told you guys Bell's legs were shot," a confident Ryan grins in prefight. "I took her into deep, deep water last time out - used her up good: there's less and less Cat Bell for me to worry about as time goes on. Truth is fellahs, I carried Cat last fight - carried her - just to put a little extra mileage on that broke-down chassis of hers and get her prepped for this beating. She's just not built to sustain the constant grind of a best-of-seven, and I think we're finally going to see the wheels fall off for Cat in this fight." Bell controlling herself - tempers frayed by the long, intense confrontation - there's no sign of even the frigid cordiality that used to exist between these two.

"I didn't think it was possible," Bell says, "but I actually hate Jeri Ryan just a little more than I did before she opened her fat mouth today. She carried me. That's what she actually expects you to believe. If by 'carry', she means letting me beat her to a pulp down the stretch last time, then yeah - she carried me all right. Listen: this fight is crucial - this fight has the potential to be a backbreaker for one of us, and I'm going to make sure it's Jeri's back on the line. I'm looking to decisively defeat Jeri and break her spirit. I want the sixth fight to be a foregone conclusion: my plan is to win the series for all intents and purposes, right here, right now." Bell in black bikini; black gloves; shiny black hair. Jeri in crimson bikini, black gloves.

Round 1: Jeri backs Cat up with right hands to upperchest and breasts, stoutly delivered: Bell able to firm at the ropes, forming earmuff. Ryan squares away - twitching her torso side to side, pounding short, clubbing lefts and rights off Cat's arms, shelling away at the protected skull. Ryan dipping either shoulder down on occasion to strap the waist: heavy, lanky licks. Bell oddly passive - grimacing as she's shelled in her foxhole - keeping her guard together, not doing much. Down the stretch, Ryan systematically slamming rights and lefts across the waistline, finally gets cringe from Bell: Cat's guard loosens and she eats an opportunistic right uppercut from vigilant Ryan. Quick, nasty clean up: Jeri eyes-wide as she clocks Cat a wide hook, drills her a straight right hand: Bell slumps into ropes, blinking in stupor - round ends before Jeri can capitalize further. One-sided shellacking first, Jeri Ryan.

Round 2: Cat's warmed up: she takes midring behind a fearsome jab, forcing Ryan to duck-and-cover. Cat deploying vicious right hands to Jeri's left flank - tight-arc roundhouses with plenty of hips and legs behind 'em; knuckles plowing in flat, Cat's right elbow out to the side. Jeri grimacing - straightening up, walking away: Cat walks her down, staying in touch with thrusting poke from the shoulder. Midway through, Bell stalking patiently - suddenly she hops forward - right hand at her hip; she twists torso-left, turning into the short right hand to Jeri's gut, pounding the breath from her foe. Ryan moaning, hugging her body and backing shabby to ropes: Bell's turn to advance, square up, and bash away. Jeri rudely battered for a few moments, but she rallies: withering trade develops as Ryan's slinging back from her hips, rocking Cat in turn. Crowd roaring as tall, strong beauties set themselves and slug toe-to-toe: big, caroming blasts bounce off skulls, flatten jugs, thump against ribs in shellacking melee. Both girls wobbly butt, stunned at the bell: Ryan's back still on the ropes leaves no doubt it's Cat's round.

Round 3: Ryan holding her left low, right at her cheek - she's up-jabbing early, pawing at Cat's face. Minute mark sees Bell counter over top Jeri's jab with a ringing right cross: big blonde head-swivel shifts initiative to brunette. Cat steps in behind her jab, driving Jeri backwards; another right cross scores, turning Ryan's head - chasing her ropeside. Bell coldblooded as she wades in - twitching her torso side to side to club short, pulverizing lefts and rights off Ryan's flanks and breasts. Blonde's lips part in astonishment as Cat's simply slamming away head-on. Jeri buckling - right under her chin, left at her gut, elbows in - shuddering as Cat unleashes a methodical, clobbering beatdown to torso. Heavy bag work for Cat through the second minute - but as she tires - once again, Jeri proves resilient. Ryan hurt, but able to reach in to clinch around Cat's ribs, then tuuurrrrn Bell slowly into the ropes. Jeri crowding - using her left forearm to push back Cat's throat, then clock her right hands over the top. Ryan belly-to-belly, mauling Cat at the ropes, does a good job of answering Bell's thudding haymakers late.

Round 4: First-minute boxing from Jeri - she pivots flat-footed to her left, exploring Cat with snappy up-jabs. Ryan's left hand still low - bell slowly keying on it - timing it - dropping right hands over it and scoring to Ryan's chin. Accumulation loosens Jeri's knees - she covers up earmuff iin the middle minute, trying to regroup. Cat has her way - fronting on Jeri, scraping muscular right uppercuts across the guard, then slinging the wide hook around - breaking down the defences. Ryan stumbling - hits ropes: Bell stalking, hops in and gets another of those short, pounding right hands from her hip to Jeri's tummy, doubling Ryan over with a shout. Cat dips down, stacks Jeri upright - pulling her arms out of the way and POUNDING that rack! Crowd roaring as Cat bares her teeth, taking a moment to humble her rival's hulking jugs with smashing, side to side shellack. Groaning Ryan absorbs, then droops forward to clinch, tying up around Cat's ribcage. Bell stamping on the spot to maintain position - jamming away punches around Jeri's outstretched limbs, taking Ryan in above the hips. Ref's break: Cat punching Jeri's nose a set up jab, then driving down into the body with a harpooning right hand. Bell carrying through with her right shoulder touching Jeri's tummy, crowding the blonde to ropes with follow-through: Ryan sobbing out - eyes shut tight, mouth in a wide "AHHH" as she soaks a tremendous blast to the midsection. Trace of a smile on Bell's weary face at the break: she takes a moment, looking Jeri over.

Round 5: Ryan circling to her right, still wincing/cringing slightly: Cat walks her down. RIGHT HAND, JERI RYAN! Cat on the march - Jeri times her - both girls try for right crosses but Jeri's is first, shorter, straighter and on the button. Cat's head flings back, knees buckle - she stays upright, but she's rickety, stumbling back into ropes. Jeri wades in, knuckles together at her tummy, elbows out to either side: she sets up a workmanlike side-to-side slugging rhythm from this posture - bouncing mitts off Cat, then bringing 'em back to her own tummy to reset. Bell earmuffed up, sitting heavily in ropes: she takes a first minute shelling she'll never forget as Jeri simply plows home the leather. Desperate - on the verge of collapse - Cat reaches to clinch: Jeri stacks her up, chesting her brunette into ropes, then squirming to yank hands free. Ryan dirty-boxing when she's tummy-to-tummy - shoulder-butting Cat's mouth, getting the elbows up, head-scrubbing her - anything to struggle free of Bell clinches. Ryan using her forearms to push Cat's hips back, creating room underneath for swinging, full-blooded body shots, doubling Bell up in pain. More stack-ups follow - Ryan reaching under Cat's arms and heaving her into ropes, then it's savage pay-back to jug - Ryan determined to answer each and everyone of those rack-busters Cat hit her with, in kind. Bell's head lolling, lips parting, eyelashes fluttering - it's gut check time - she's wilting badly, just trying to tie up. Ryan squirms atop her girl, savagely pouring the leather to Bell, but can't get her to go. At the break, a mouthbreathing Jeri chests up, shouting in Cat's face: "IT'S OVER! YOU'RE FINISHED!" Until ref pulls her off.

Round 6: Cat? Beat up: straggling off her stool, face swelling, eyes wincing. Jeri's banged up, but fresher - she takes the fight to Cat. Ryan steps close, reaching in to push Cat's arms apart, then it's a clipping right uppercut; tidy left hook in close, toggling Bell's chin. Cat sleepy in response - swaying slightly, but banging back: rangy right/left bounces loud off Jeri's abs, drawing grimace. Ryan reaches in again, pushing the arms aside, then smites Cat a tight right cross inside, chopping at her chin. Still in close, Ryan dips left shoulder, tucks a short, heartless left uppercut to sternum, draining the colour from Cat's face. Bell retreats a step, walks Jeri into a tight hook off the right foot, then exchanges a short right uppercut for a Ryan left hook. Both tall woman nice n' compact at close quarters, shortening up stroke. Back and forth - grueling, bruising, professional fare. Always and everywhere, it's Ryan hammering her way forward, willing to pay any cost to get Cat moving backward. Break: Bell panting, eyes half shut; Ryan as badly worked over, but livelier, clearly happier about the way things are going.

Round 7: Similar workmanlike fare: Cat assuming her stance, dukes up, ready to box; Jeri reaching in, stepping close, slamming away after first disrupting Cat's guard. Women wander around the ring - Jeri advancing, Cat retreating sullen: Ryan constantly at her girl, banging her body, clipping her chin, strapping away thick to jug. Bell offering back effective bump-n'-slug in spots - as well as walking Jeri into pre-emptive shots - but Ryan's busier, more aggressive. Late the round, Jeri's grinning as she systematically pushes forward, whacking sidearm right hands over and over to Cat's waist as Bell retreats. Cat ashen-faced at the break, stepping gingerly back to her stool; Ryan breathing hard but loving the sight of Cat's slumping backside.

Round 8: Cat: right hand at her mouth; left chest high - she rolls her left shoulder as she steps, then pumps in a refreshed, popping jab. Ryan's advance slowed by howitzer poke: she covers up, crouches slightly, trying to weave her way in. Bell banging away one-twos up top, then dipping the left shoulder, licking the hesitation hook like a baseball bat across Jeri's stomach. Ryan spends an abortive first minute trying to wade forward: she's soundly thumped as Cat dictates terms. Middle minute sees Cat step up the pressure midring: now SHE'S reaching in, pushing aside Jeri's arms, then clippin' her cute on the inside. Jeri's head snaps back from ringing right uppercuts and biting left hooks. Jeri's breasts bunch up and jump at Cat's bashing touch - groaning blonde reaching 'round brunette shoulders, but failing to tie up as Bell thrashes away to belly. Final minute sees Bell systematically go at Jeri along the perimeters - pounding jabs up the middle disrupting the defence, setting up crashing right crosses and carving left uppercuts. Ringsiders screaming as Ryan's head lolls late - her legs locked up and stiff, just grimly propping her up. Break: Cat seething, but exhausted, battered face betraying her disappointment at not being able to get Jeri off her feet.

Round 9: Shabby vixens lurch up off stools, blinking in stupor, then mindlessly trudging towards each other, lips parted. It's crude, ponderous slugging - the women reaching in with pawing lefts, hoping to locate the opponent for sloppy, hamhanded rights. Neither has the legs or defensive reflexes to make the other miss: crowd shrieking when a face is punched, and the girl stumbles to the side, seemingly oblivious to her own destruction. Frequent, sloppy clinches as the girls fall-in on borrowed legs - touch of offending tummy galvanizing the fighters to immediately twist and turn the other off balance on sheer instinct. Backsides jostle about as numb legs stamp; drowsy faces bump together, or slide across sweat-tacky upperchests as vixens use each other for support. As groggy mauling goes on, it's Jeri on her heels, getting backed up, accepting extra punishment in the exchanges. Bell just mindlessly stumbling forward, willing herself to outwork her foe. Break: both girls slapping at each other in a loose clinch - ref tugging 'em apart, giving each a worried once-over.

Round 10: Same again. Neither girl has the legs to get cute or work a stratagem: they paw for each other, swing from the hips, fall in together, wrestle. Much panting and whimpering in the clinches - both women agonized, exhausted, yet hating the feel of offending warm belly or breast pressing against flesh. Clean chin-clouts back and forth - more screams from the crowd as each woman looks ready to go, but always, the fighters reel, firm, struggle forward for more. Dangerous exchanges when both miss right hands, leaning far forward on follow through - then both attempt lashing comeback hooks with big, sweeping deliveries. Down the stretch, one such exchange sees Cat's hook swivel Ryan's head, sending Jeri stomping back on her heels with a distressed expression, her jugs a-jumpin' until she hits ropes. Cat wades in - right hand at her hip; she turns into that pulverizing short right, splashing away to Jeri's jugs with a succulent spank. Ryan sobs out, sagging into ropes, her head lolling back, baring her long, sweat-tracked throat - her hands falling to her waist. Cat setting herself to bank insurance, but there's the bell: ref pulls Cat away, sheltering broken Ryan from the coup de grace. Comes back UD10 close, Cat Bell.

Afterward: Hard to tell the winner from the loser: both in agony, senseless with punishment and exhaustion. Standing ovation from a thrilled crowd - including many hard-to-impress lightweights who know only too well what this fight has cost these women. HBO quick to slap in the Swan Lake tape - fearing the worst. Doesn't stop whatever's going to happen, from happening, however.
* * *
This was a heartbreaking decision if there ever was one! Unlike the previous affairs, this one came down to one or two rounds - however, those rounds made all the difference! Those one or two rounds separated a winner from a loser. Jeri cried openly, unable to hold back tears of disappointment; she'd given her all; subjected her body to intense punishment and, ultimately, it wasn't enough!

Jeri was a stark contrast to Cat Bell who, although equally savaged, was giddy with excitement as the decision was announced. The taste of victory seemed to reinvigorate her battered body - just as the taste of defeat equally drained the blonde of any fighting spirit she had left and it wasn't long before Cat came to claim her spoils!

Taking a firm grip on the string of Jeri's bikini top, Cat tugged, leading her to mid-ring. There, cocking her free hand back in a fist, the brunette smashed a picture-perfect cross to the blonde's jaw. Jeri groaned as the punch knocked her senseless, toppling backward flat on her back.

"Damn, that felt good!" Jeri foggily heard Cat exclaim. "Where was that when I needed it twenty minutes ago?" Gleefully dropping to straddle Jeri's waist, Cat began to slap the blonde with one cuffing blow after another. Jeri groaned with each slap; a seemingly unending stream that lasted almost a full minute. Cat's blows purposely lacked the strength to knock Jeri out, intending instead to keep the blonde dazed and helpless. "Don't pass out on me!" Cat shouted. "Don't you DARE pass out on me!"

Bending over to recline herself atop the blonde, Cat first grabbed Jeri's wrists to pin them to the mat, then snaked her legs around and inside Jeri's in a secure Grapevine. Jeri struggled and squirmed under Cat, but lacked the strength to unseat her. For her effort, Cat rewarded Jeri by cranking up the pressure of the Grapevine, spreading Jeri's legs wider and wider as Jeri groaned in pain until she ceased to struggle - cowed by the realization she was totally at Cat's mercy.

For her part, Cate merely giggled at the sight of Jeri's broken spirit as she began to grind her chest on Jeri's. The blonde moaned as her battered breasts were crushed by the heavy weight of the brunette's. Cat slid her chest up and down; her tits acting like rolling pins, mashing the blonde's bulging breasts flat. She occasionally lifted her body up off of Jeri's, but only to drop back down, slamming her breasts onto the blonde's. The punishment was seemingly endless, and it wasn't long before Jeri was reduced to tears as her proud rack was subjugated to merciless torment.

"Don't worry, I'm letting you off easy this time," Cat taunted, "Next time though... I'm saving all the good stuff for next time!"

"Screw you!" Jeri moaned, able to focus her resistance coherently for a few precious seconds, "You're never going to beat me again."

"Oh please," Cat laughed, "I won best out of three, and now I've won best out of five. I'm gonna win best out of seven too. You can't stop me from taking what I want... everyone knows you're my bitch!" Jeri didn't reply. Cat forced eye contact with her she broke down crying, tears welling up in her eyes. "That's right," Cat continued, "You're NOT my equal. You're *nothing* compared to me... I'll always be better!" Letting go with one hand, Cat started to fondle one of Jeri's breasts. The blonde squealed in helpless outrage as the brunette groped her. "Wear this red number next time we fight," Cat whispered in Jeri's ear, "I know it's your favorite... Wear it next time so that I can strip it from you and mount it on my wall!"

Jeri snarled at Cat's words and tried to buck her off, earnestly resisting for the first time since the fight had ended. Cat merely laughed and again captured Jeri's wrists and pinned them to the mats. Then she slid forward and dropped her breasts on the blonde's ruddy face. Jeri continued to fight to the end even as the breast smother, mercifully quick this time, used her up and put her to sleep.

Next time, however, would be another story and both knew Jeri wouldn't be so fortunate if Cat won. It was do or die time!
Fight Six:

"It's got to be harder for her," says Cat Bell in prefight, sizing up the fight from her rival's POV. "For me - I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. A handful of punches could give me this thing - I'm almost there. Jeri's got such a long road in front of her - that alone has to be weighing on her. But the other thing that I've been here before - with Theron. I know what it takes to dig deep, deep down into yourself and win these kinds of events. Jeri's had some bitterness between herself and Ali maybe - but it's nothing compared to what Charlize and I have put each other through. I'm tempered by those fights; I know where this is going. Jeri's just fighting on instinct, HOPING she's got enough. I wouldn't want to be in that frame of mind going into this fight."

Ryan non-plussed, casting baleful glares about the room throughout Cat's speech. "Everytime Bell starts waxing philosophical - or plays the Theron card - or talks about how she's done things that I haven't - I get stronger. She's such a stupid cow - you'd think she'd know by now that giving me any extra juice is suicide. I love that she thinks she's got this thing wrapped. The seventh fight is going to be a formality: once I break Cat in the sixth - the rest is just a parade."

Round 1: Cat aggressively at Jeri with a one-two up top - blocked; Bell's long, lashing hook takes Ryan square amidships with a beefy whack. Cat pivoting to her left, weight planted on her front (left) foot - she sweeps another long-armed hook - big, cranking shot - taking Jeri in her waist. Ryan grunting, tight-lipped - she turns on the spot, unable to answer as Cat hoists another thuddiing hook home. Another pivot-left - more hooks - Bell arching her back, sweeping in the shellack - right hand up around her ear as she tests the Ryan midsection. Jeri backing off, runs Bell onto the jab, then trades blunt right hands up top: Cat absorbs her first chin-check, dips her left shoulder, rips hook-to-abs once again. Ryan hounded to ropes, her dukes up in rigid high guard: Bell sails into the midsection with a thudding series of long-armed rights and lefts - just galloping up and in. Jeri breathless, pressed into ropes - she hooks at Cat's breasts, then brings her elbows down, protecting her ribs. Bell squares away, rings a tic-toc right/left off Jeri's hips, then brings her mitts back to her chin, leaning forward, head to head with Jeri now. Grueling tit for tat evolves as Jeri firms at the apron, quick-snatching at Cat's torso with either mitt, then reforming guard with dukes under her chin. Bell banging the flanks - long, straight-armed blasts shivering on contact, then coming up top with rigid left uppercuts and pounding right crosses. Ryan repeatedly beaten to a seat in the ropes, but rallying well: she's hard pressed, but answering back enough to keep ref at bay. Down the stretch, Cat unleashes a series of torrid hooks, raking Jeri across her breasts and taking her breath away. Ryan swooning, eyes staring at the bell as Cat finishes up strong.

Round 2: Cat initiating, banging away one-two up top, then following up a cheeky right cross, catching Ryan on the button. Jeri covers, crouches: Cat dips left shoulder, lifts the hook in loud, reaching down Jeri's body to fit it in behind right elbow. Cat doubles that hook - she's punching superbly off that front foot - then she eases onto back (right) foot, neatly evading Jeri's counter-hook. Cat pivots left around a series of jolting left jabs - brunette knocking at blonde brows - keeping Jeri defensive. HARD straight right flows off Cat's shoulder as she bends in and down, pounding the mitt off Jeri's stomach; Bell pivots left around a pair of those lanky, sweeping hooks hoisted up and in. Ryan grimacing from sustained body-licks: she backs away, looking to regroup. Bell stalks forward - jabbing up top (blocked) then diving in and down, pounding that straight right off Jeri's sternum again. Ryan beaten to ropes, covers up as Cat leans in on her front foot to beat that body: another series of lashing rights and lefts thrash at Jeri's ribcage, buckling her legs. Ryan rallies, hooking Cat, then crossing at her: Bell bobbing low, slips the worst of it, while staying in close on her front foot. Ringing hook to ribcage rocks Jeri - Cat's lips tight with the effort of tearing into her foe - brunette body poised on that lead left foot, back arched as she works supple left hands underneath. Ryan chops a short right hand, taking Cat inside her left shoulder; both girls exchange rangy left hooks up top, toggling both chins. Cat maintains her position, left at her chest as she crams a tuff right hand into the pit of Jeri's belly, then throws the left forearm into Jeri's chest to stack the blonde upright at ropes. They trade rights to chins again - ripping blasts - then come back with hooks: Bell's just beating Jeri to blows, taking the steam out of blonde punches. Ryan's knees give, then recover - she dips left shoulder to hook at Cat's midsection, then leans back into ropes, right hand at her chest. Bell paws her jab, leans into a right cross up top, then drops her right (back) foot back a smidge before unleashing another glorious, rangy hook up into the body. Jeri grimacing in pain, body throbbing - she swipes back a hook off her heels, unable to get her weight into the shot. Bell shifts weight to right (back) foot while dragging a hook across Jeri's breasts, then pours forward again, right hand smiting Jeri's jaw. Big blonde head-swivel, but Ryan won't give - she tilts forward, chugs away a series of rising lefts and rights until Bell clangs away left/right to chin in tight. Crowd roaring as proud beauties belt away without restraint, remorse, or mercy. Huge punching second draws to a close with both girls slugging away, Cat on top of Jeri at the ropes.

Round 3: Cat: one-two up top (blocked); sweeping left hook to waist while pivoting left. Jeri crumpling slightly, ashen faced - Cat's committed body assault visibly wilting statuesque blonde. Bell dips-n'-rips another hook home to midsection, then tips to her right to muscle a right hand up underneath. Ryan sobbing aloud, stooping forward: Bell palms her shoulders, pushes her backward, walks her down. Near the ropes, Ryan pushes out the left hand, loading up her right; Cat dives in, pre-empts Jeri's right with a crashing right to chin and DOWN GOES JERI! Ryan well softened by thunderiing body work, crumbles under the clean chin-check - she spills to all fours, suddenly shipwrecked. Bell actually stoops, right elbow up as she's set to deliver into Jeri's vulernable back: brunette checks herself, coming to her senses just before hitting her downed foe. Creaky 8 Jeri Ryan - eyes brimming, legs trembling: she's shabby goods at the ropes.

On comes Cat Bell! Quick jab up top screens the driving down-and-in right hand to sternum: crashing blast bouncing off Jeri's taut body, sitting her groaning in ropes. Cat straightens, left hand bracing Jeri in her right shoulder while Bell sets her hips to whack right hands home to midsection. Bell beating at her foe, then shifts weight, palms her right hand to Jeri's left shoulder to lift left hands in underneath. Sumptuous, thudding barrage just a good old fashioned Cat Bell beatdown: she's operating on Jeri here, processing her. Ryan unravelling - tries to clinch up around the hips: Cat muscles her upright, stacks her against ropes, then POUNDS rack a series of jackhammering straight rights and lefts in criss-cross pattern. Jeri's head lolling, lips parting - Cat comes off the breasts to tuck a savage right/left deep to gut: ragged blonde sloshes forward, arms draped around Cat's neck. Bell bodies up, shoving Jeri into ropes, pushing arms out of the way and PASTING Jeri's face. Rigid, scraping left uppercuts; crashing, full-bodied right crosses; Jeri's head on a swivel as her body relaxes into ropes, proud legs holding her up as her systems shut down. Ryan's hands drooping - groggy, vacant face just staring into punishment - Cat's energetic, rhythmic uppercut/cross combos simply hammering Jeri senseless and THE REF STEPS IN!

Ryan out on her feet, lolling helpless in the man's arms: Catherine Bell wins the fight - and the series - 4 brawls to 2.

Afterward: Bell sobbing when Dani Fishel rushes the ring to embrace her former teammate: the two hugging and bawling as Bell's new confederates give them room. Cat simply undeniable tonight, driving in on Jeri from the opening bell, crippling strong blonde body and long blonde legs in preparation for the finishing fusillade in the third. Poor Jeri: she's gimpy to her corner, stunned and battered; weight of her foe's momentum simply too great to overcome as Ryan suffers a decisive defeat. Swan Lake quickly cuts in as HBO execs fear the worst. A Bell KO to end the series in dominant fashion could very well be the prelude to something unspeakable.
* * *
There would be no coming back from this one!

Sitting on her stool in her trademark red bikini, Jeri Ryan was a wreck. She had been badly beaten and used up over the course of three short rounds. It was arguably the most important fight of her life, and she had gone down quickly in defeat. Worst of all, she would no longer be able to claim that she was superior to her most hated rival. Jeri broke down and began to cry.

Standing over her in her trademark blue bikini, Catherine Bell couldn’t help but smile. Reaching for the blonde’s hair, Cat pulled Jeri to her feet and led her to mid-ring. Pulling her right hand back with flourish, the brunette teed off and smashed a gob smacking right cross to the blonde’s face. Jeri groaned as the punch violently snapped her head back and knocked her down, leaving her sprawled out in picturesque fashion. Shaking her head as she struggled to come to, Jeri could hear Cat standing over her and counting her out. Jeri desperately tried to push herself up and deny Cat the satisfaction, but the strength and will to struggle wasn’t there anymore. The blonde collapsed, lying tits up on the canvas.

“Eight... Nine... Ten! You got knocked the fuck out, bitch!” Cat crowed a she stood over her fallen foe. Reaching down and pulling Jeri to her feet, Cat forced the blonde back into her corner. Propping her up against the turnbuckle and draping both of her arms over the top rope, Cat grasped both of Jeri’s breasts in her hands and fondled them playfully. Jeri cringed as she saw the wicked gleam in Cat’s eyes - she knew what was coming, but was powerless to prevent it.

Jeri bit her lip, holding back a scream as Cat’s first punch slammed into her right tit. She couldn’t hold back any others though as the brunette connected with another blow, and then another, and then another. Jeri’s cries escalated in volume and their level of anguish as Cat put her famed crisscross jug mugging to work for a full minute - what started as achy groans and moans quickly evolved into full-fledged screams of agony. Cat changed her punches and began to throw hooks, her fists slamming into Jeri’s jugs on their outer sides for about another minute. Jeri’s screams became sobs as Cat changed tactics once again, hammering uppercuts into the undersides of the blonde’s breasts. Jeri’s eyes were brimming with tears - her chest was absolutely humming with pain and it took all of her willpower not to beg for mercy.

Cat capped off her ransacking of Jeri’s chest with a pair of right hands, one slammed head-on into each of the blonde’s jugs and flattening it against her chest. Jeri’s legs couldn’t hold her up any longer as Cat finally let her slide out of the corner, and she collapsed. She didn’t fall though - Cat caught her before she could drop to the canvas and locked on with a tight bearhug. Jeri bawled as her tits were once again subjected to intense pain, this time from Cat’s pristine jugs mashing her own flat.

“Please... Please stop,” Jeri cried, overwhelmed by the pain. So much for willpower.

“Are your weak little titties sore?” Cat taunted. “Maybe I should relieve them of that tight top holding them in...they’d like that, wouldn’t they?”

“Oh God, no...p…please…don’t,” Jeri begged. The blonde clearly remembered the brunette’s threat to strip her naked in front of everyone.

Cat responded by tightening the bearhug, grinding her jugs into Jeri’s and drawing another anguished cry from the blonde. Cat smiled and purred, “You’re not in charge here... You’re my prey, and I’m going to do whatever I want to you!”

Releasing the bearhug, Cat twisted Jeri’s arm behind her back and marched her like a prisoner around the ring’s perimeter. It was a humiliating walk of shame as Cat put Jeri on display, all the while whispering one taunt after another in the blonde’s ear. At the end of the first walk, Cat kicked Jeri’s legs out from under her, dropping the blonde to her hands and knees. Taking a firm grip on her hair, Cat led her around a second time, using the grip on Jeri’s locks like a short leash on a dog. Jeri obligingly crawled along in tow, taking a firm and painful yank on her scalp when she fell too far behind.

Leading Jeri to mid-ring, Cat pulled the blonde up to her knees. Brushing away the golden locks around the nape of Jeri’s neck, the brunette ran her hand over the upper knot of the blonde’s top, musing, “Four knots, Jeri... They’re all that stand in the way of me stripping you...”

“Please, I’m begging you,” Jeri cried, “Don’t do it...”

“Worship my body,” Cat ordered. “Use that slutty mouth and do a good job...”

Jeri had no choice but to comply. Pulling her face closer to Cat, she kissed the brunette’s inner thighs, sucking on her tanned, toned flesh. Moaning in delight, Cat ran her hands through Jeri’s hair and guided the blonde’s lips up to her midsection. Jeri kissed Cat’s taut stomach, running her tongue in her belly button. Cat gasped in pleasure, clearly enjoying Jeri’s skill. For her part, Jeri couldn’t possibly have been more distraught. Her enthusiasm was not those of a lustful admirer, but of a broken woman consigned to her fate. Bending over, Cat brought her breasts to Jeri’s face. Jeri ducked her head into Cat’s cleavage and ran her lips up and down the insides of her boobs. A shiver went up Cat’s spine and she moaned with delight as Jeri kissed every square inch of her breasts, both covered and uncovered, before she was finally allowed to stop.

As her face was buried in Cat’s cleavage, Jeri shrieked as the brunette’s hands clamped onto the back of her head and pulled her in for a breast smother. Jeri thrashed about frantically trying to escape, but to no avail as Cat pressed down with her weight. Jeri pushed on Cat’s hips with her hands in a desperate but useless effort to break free. It wouldn’t be long before Cat squeezed all of the breath out of her...

Cat relented. Jeri gasped for air as the brunette released her. She was a helpless rag doll as Cat yanked her to her feet and shoved her against the ropes. Pressing Jeri into the strands, Cat locked on again - this time she had her forearms pressing into the back of the blonde’s head and neck. Jeri could barely turn her head, and no matter how she moved, she couldn’t find anything that weren’t Cat’s hot and sweaty jugs. As she weakly pawed with her hands on Cat’s ribs, she could hear the brunette’s taunts, but couldn’t understand the words - she was growing woozier by the second.

Cat released her once again, this time only for the briefest of seconds, as they reversed positions. Leaning with her back into the ropes, Cat had her left arm locked around Jeri’s neck while her right hand shoved the blonde’s face down into her bosom. Cat rested her chin on top of Jeri’s damp hair, relaxing and enjoying the tender moment. Though Jeri’s face wasn’t visible, the effects of jug-shock were starting to become visible - her hands were now grasping uselessly at Cat’s thighs, and her own legs were starting to tremble as the strain of staying on her feet was getting to be too much.

Cat released Jeri and pushed her away, letting the blonde collapse to the canvas on her back. Her eyes closed, the blonde’s chest rose and fell as she gulped in the air that had been denied her. Her brain was barely functional at this point, and she was on the verge of unconsciousness. An untrained observer might have seen this act as a show of mercy, and after all that she had endured, no one would’ve blamed Jeri for hoping the same thing. However, mercy was the last thing on Cat’s mind. Straddling the blonde, Cat pinned Jeri’s wrists to the mat and bent over, dropping her tits down onto the blonde’s face. Jeri’s body squirmed by reflex, but the endless stream of breast smothers had sapped her of her strength. This was the end - Cat finally had Jeri dead to rights.

Cat lifted her chest up again, another tortuous pause in a relentless game of catch and release. The brunette slapped the blonde’s cheek, clearly wanting her conscious, and hissed, “Who’ my bitch, Jeri? Huh? Who’s my bitch?”

“I am... I am,” Jeri mumbled, clearly wrung dry of all resistance.

“Fuckin’ right you are,” Cat snarled. “And don’t you dare forget it...”

Cat once again took Jeri’s breasts in her hands, fondling them. Bending down and staring straight into the blonde’s eyes, she whispered, “Remember how I said I’d strip you? I changed my mind. You can keep your stupid bikini. But you’re never gonna wear it ever again... You’ll never wear it again without remembering how I destroyed you here tonight... Without remembering how I humiliated you in front of the whole world... You’ll never be able to live down the fact that I proved once and for all how I’m better than you are...hurts, doesn’t it?”

Staring up into Cat’s eyes, Jeri broke down in a final round of sobs. This time, the brunette’s mind games cut to the bone with decisive authority. Feeling Cat’s hands in her hair, Jeri didn’t resist as the brunette lowered her chest and buried the blonde’s face beneath her triumphant jugs. The breast smother was mercifully short this time, and it wasn’t long before she succumbed to the darkness.

Jeri Ryan was defeated, once and for all!