Catherine Bell vs. Meg Ryan by Scott

Cat feared no woman; in fact, she had an open contract meaning she agreed to fight anyone. Meg Ryan decided she’d like to give wrestling a try and agreed to wrestle whomever the Commissioner matched her against. The Commissioner thought it would be neat to have “America’s Sweetheart” perky blonde Meg go up against the actress who portrays an American hero each week on television. That of course being Cat Bell from the popular series “JAG”

The bad news for Cat was that the match would take place in Connecticut, Meg’s home state so fans who might have been neutral, or even pro-Cat, in other parts of the country would definitely be pro-Meg at this location.

Cat was introduced first and she entered the ring carry three flags. One was the US flag for she was as patriotic as John Wayne. Cat had become a US citizen and considered it a privilege to play Marine Corps officer on TV. She also had the flag of Great Britain, her birthplace. Her father was English and she adored England as well. The third flag was the Iranian flag. Her mother was Iranian and Cat loved the Iranian people for she knew the majority were peace loving good people like her beloved grandparents, and only a few radicals and government leaders gave the country a bad reputation.

A few fans didn’t appreciate Cat carrying the British flag but many more took a severe dislike to having the Iranian flag paraded in an America arena. Still, most of the fans cheered her anyway although a few booed her star and the majority just gave her a polite round of applause. Their booing disappointed Cat for she’d hoped all the fans would be more tolerant of people from the Middle East, especially knowing the kind of person she was.

Moments later, Meg entered and got a roaring, standing ovation! Her film career filled with her portrayals of lovable characters had made her one of America’s favorite actresses. Cat paced uneasily in the ring as she waited for the match to begin. The crowd reaction was already mixed on her and she wondered what it would be after she beat Meg for there was no question in her mind she WOULD win. But she needed it to be a clean win as Meg was popular in this part of the country.

When Meg entered the ring Cat had another reason to be nervous. Meg looked a lot bigger in person than Cat had expected. Maybe playing opposite tall actors like Tom Hanks and Nicolas Cage made her seem small but Meg was about 5’8” still 4” shorter than Cat, but bigger than expected. In preparing for the fight Meg had trained hard for several weeks and while she had a little muscle on her arms, her legs looked firm and well defined when Meg took off her robe to reveal a surprisingly fit body. Meg was in a red, white and blue leotard; Cat, a bikini that did little to conceal her curvy bottom or succulent breasts.

The women met in the center of the ring and shook hands, then the bell rang and the two combatants locked up with arms and elbows in a test of strength. To no ones surprise, Cat easily backed Meg against the ropes. The ref. called for a clean break and Cat raised her arms and stepped back. Again they locked up and once more Cat forced Meg back into the ropes. This time, Cat broke clean, but as she did, she pinched Meg’s cheek and patted it lightly in a disdainful show of smug superiority. Meg didn’t appreciate that and she came off the ropes and planted both hands on Cat’s chest, shoving her away. Instead of retreating to the center of the ring, Cat moved into Meg and caught her in a side headlock.

Meg was bent over at the waist with her hands on Cat’s hips trying to push her off but she couldn’t budge the powerfully built brunette. Meg did eventually manage to trip Cat and they both tumbled to the mat. Cat maintained the headlock but Meg was able to roll her onto her upper back and pin her shoulders for a ‘two’ count before Cat released her and kicked out avoiding an embarrassing quick loss.

The two women scrambled quickly back to their feet and again Cat pushed Meg back against the ropes. But this time, instead of breaking, Cat whipped Meg across the ring to the opposite ropes. Meg bounced off and leaped into Cat with a cross-body block, knocking the surprised big brunette to the mat and landing on top of her. Meg only got a ‘one’ count before Cat threw her off.

This time Cat got to her feet a little quicker then Meg and she quickly got a hammer-lock on her, twisting Meg’s arm behind her back. But the blonde quickly reversed the hold and, as Meg applied pressure the surprised Cat pulled her toward the ropes forcing a break. Like the good sport she was, Meg released Cat’s arm and backed away.

Cat spun around and shook her arm as she slowly made her way back to the center of the ring. Meg came rushing toward her and Cat extended her hands to fend her off, but the smaller blonde grabbed Cat’s arm and flipped her over her back onto the mat. Cat rose quickly but Meg hip-tossed her over again. Cat kept rushing Meg each time she got to her feet but Meg kept flipping her onto her back. After the 4th time, Cat decided to take a breather and climbed out of the ring to catch her breath and re-think her strategy. The crowd was cheering loudly for Meg and Cat appeared perturbed by the success Meg was enjoying in the early going.

When Cat started to climb back into the ring, Meg came to the ropes to meet her. Cat used the ropes to give her added momentum as she rammed her head between the ropes, pounding it into Meg’s stomach.


The headbutt knocked the wind out of Meg, allowing Cat to re-enter the ring unmolested. Cat approached the staggering blonde and applied the hammerlock again. For a moment, Cat thought she had Meg trapped when Meg tried to reverse the hold but was unable to. A smile lit up Cat’s face but it quickly turned into a frown when Meg again was able to reverse and trap Cat once more in a hammerlock.

Meg was applying a lot of pressure to Cat’s arm and again Cat headed for the ropes to force a break. Meg tried to keep Cat in the middle of the ring but the big brunette had too much power and she slowly pulled Meg with her to the ropes. The ref. asked for a break and again Meg complied, releasing Cat’s arm. Cat shook her arm to get the circulation back as she looked at her opponent with surprise and renewed respect. Had she underestimated this blonde?

Meg was waiting in the middle of the ring for Cat to make her move. Both women raised their arms up as if to lock up together bit as Cat approached her, Meg ducked under her arm and got behind her. Cat spun around and Meg landed a series of rapid kicks to Cat’s stomach and chest. The blows weren’t all that powerful but the had enough wallop to drive Cat back.

Meg pursued her, landing a forearm to the face. Cat kept her feet, but she was wobbling! Meg shoved Cat against the ropes and landed a drop-kick to the chest, knocking the big Cat down. Meg quickly pulled Cat to her feet, swung her around and sent her into the ropes again. As Cat rebounded toward her, Meg ducked her head intending to lift Cat up and toss her over her head, but the big veteran saw it coming. She stopped on a dime and kicked Meg in the jaw dropping her to the mat.

Cat brought Meg to her feet and clamped on another headlock, really grinding the hold as she applied crushing pressure. Meg tried pushing her off, but Cat could not be budged. Meg tried to trip Cat again, but this time Cat made sure her feet were firmly planted and Meg just didn’t have the power to move her sturdy gams.

Cat could hear Meg groaning and she felt the blonde beginning to slump a bit in her muscular arms. After a few minutes of the headlock, Cat thought she had Meg worn down enough to go for the bulldog to set her up for her finishing move. But Meg was expecting it and she managed to squirm out of Cat’s arm just as Cat was about to jump in the air. As Meg squirted free, she gave Cat a push in the back sending her headfirst into the ropes. When Cat bounced off, Meg tripped her and the tall brunette crashed hard on the mat.

Meg dropped beside Cat and wrapped her legs around Cat’s waist in a body scissors. Trying to break the scissors, Cat began swinging her elbow at Meg, but she had her body positioned so Cat couldn’t reach her target. Meg had fairly strong legs and she soon had the Big Cat grunting in pain as she tried to pry her legs apart. If it weren’t for Cat’s tight abs, she might have been finished.

When she was unable to pry Meg’s legs apart, Cat started to inch herself toward the ropes. Meg just wasn’t strong enough or heavy enough to keep Cat in the middle of the ring. Slowly, inch by inch, Cat was able to work her way to the ropes dragging Meg with her. When she reached the ropes, Meg was forced to release her hold.

Fair-minded Meg allowed Cat to get to her feet. The JAG star rose slowly to her feet massaging her side trying to ease the pain in her side. A little upset with her performance so far, Cat charged Meg but the smaller woman dropped and tripped Cat as she rushed past. As Cat fell forward to the mat, Meg caught her by the leg and bent it backwards. Cat yelled as pain shot up her leg. She countered quickly, however, swinging her free leg around to hit Meg in the head knocking her away.

Cat rolled over on top of Meg and stretched the blonde’s arms out on the mat above her head as she pressed her lush body against her smaller foe’s. Cat tried for a grapevine, but she had trouble wrapping her legs around Meg’s. Every time she thought she had one of the actress’s legs wrapped up, Meg would slip it free. Frustrated that she couldn’t grapevine Meg’s legs, Cat moved up to go for a breast smother.

Just as Cat shifted her weight, Meg arched her back and powered her arms up off the mat forcing Cat’s arms up. Fearing Meg could gain the advantage, Cat rapidly lean her weight further forward onto Meg’s chest trying to pin her down again. But Cat was unbalanced, and Meg was able to lift her upper body and roll the bigger woman off her. The two women grappled for position on the mat until Meg was able to get on top and pin Cat’s arms at her sides. Meg pretended to go for a grapevine of her own and Cat arched her back in an attempt to buck the smaller woman off. As soon as Cat lifted her body, Meg slid a leg underneath Cat’s waist and re-established her body scissors.

With Meg’s knees pressing into her already sore ribs, Cat let out a mighty scream and Meg squeezed her legs for all she was worth. Cat desperately tried grabbing Meg’s hair but the blonde leaned away and made sure she stayed clear of Cat’s powerful arms. Once again, Cat tried to pry Meg’s legs open, but Meg was determined to maintain the hold. Sweat was pouring off her face as Meg put every ounce of strength in the scissors. Cat’s face began to show her desperation as she couldn’t pry apart Meg’s strong gams. As minutes went by, the mighty Cat began to weaken, her energy evaporating. It looked like Meg Ryan may pull off a gigantic upset.

Both women were grunting with effort. Meg as she increased the pressure and Cat still trying to pry apart the blonde’s legs. Cat felt her abdomen being constricted as if in a vice, her ribs feeling like they’d break at any second.

‘DAMN this girl’s legs are strong!’ Cat thought.

Every time Cat tried wedge Meg’s legs apart, Meg increased the pressure and Cat would grunt, then slump back to the mat coughing and struggling for air. The referee would start to count every time Cat’s shoulders were on the mat, forcing her to continually turn her torso to lift one or the other. The big brunette JAG star was on her back breathing hard, trying to get air in her lungs and the crowd was cheering loudly for their favorite. Meg raised her arms in victory acknowledging the crowd as she turned to them smiling and waving. Big mistake!

Although hurt, Cat wasn’t nearly in as dire shape as she seemed to be. When Meg turned her head, Cat lifted her torso and grabbed Meg’s hair, then pulled her face down into her cleavage. Meg continued to keep the body scissors even as Cat’s huge knockers covered her face. Both women were grunting with effort as they applied their holds. Unfortunately for Meg, she was being deprived of air and her scissors began to weaken. She tried pulling away from Cat’s smothering breasts but Cat’s powerful right arm was wrapped around the blonde’s head holding it in place.

A few minutes later as Meg’s legs loosened, Cat was finally able to slide out from between them. Cat rolled over and wrapped both arms around Meg’s head as she clutched her pretty red face tightly to her bosom. The crowd, although shocked by the turn of events were in awe of how rapidly the tide had turned. Meg began bucking and flailing, kicking her legs as she became desperate to get out of the smother before she passed out. The crowd grew silent, listening to Meg’s muffled cries as Cat rolled her onto her back and laid atop her as she maintained the suffocating breast smother.

Meg’s hands slapped Cat’s shoulders as she squirmed and bucked under her. Meg tried wrapping her legs around Cat’s waist again, but without air she could apply little pressure. Her screams faded to low moans and within minutes her arms and legs were spasming and jerking. The crowd could only see the top of Meg’s head as Cat’s huge breasts covered the blonde’s face. Finally, Meg’s arms and legs flopped and lay without movement except for an occasional twitch. She wasn’t quite out when Cat lifted her breasts from her face, hooked her leg and got the easy three count for the victory.

Then Cat stood over her fallen opponent, looking at her with a new-found respect for she had given her a spirited fight.Cat helped the unsteady blonde to her feet, then went back to her corner and brought over the three flags. She held the flags in the air with one hand and raised Meg’s arm with the other, almost as if saying to the audience that people of different cultures can unite and be friendly with one another. Most of the crowd applauded wildly but those who hated anyone not an American, especially if the were from the Middle East or Western Asia, remained silent.

Cat took the American flag back in her corner, leaving the woozy Meg holding the British and Iranian Flags. Before Cat could return for the other flags, she heard laughter from the crowd. She turned around and saw Meg leaning against the ropes. Her legs were still unsteady and her head wasn’t clear, but Cat didn’t realize that. Meg was resting on the ropes holding the British Flag but she was sitting on the Iranian Flag. Unbeknownst to her she had a goofy grin on her face and had the “finger” pressed on the staff of the flag. Then, to make matters much worse, Meg involuntarily farted - right on the Iranian Flag!

Cat was steaming. Meg didn’t mean to do these things, of course; she was half out of it, but Cat wasn’t thinking about WHY Meg was acting this way. She just saw this as disrespect to her parents’ home countries. Cat charged Meg who still wasn’t aware of what she’d done. Cat’s running clothesline flipped Meg backward over the top rope and she crashed to the floor. Cat also tumbled over the ropes to the floor beside her.

The buff actress got to her feet quickly while Meg barely managed to get to her hands and knees. The Big Cat got Meg to her feet and slammed her head into the steel ring post knocking her back to the floor. Again she picked up the blonde and threw her toward the steel barrier between the fans and the ring. Meg went headfirst over the barrier into the audience! One of Meg’s fans tried to help her to her feet and hold Cat away but before security could reach him, Cat landed a kick to the side of his head, knocking him out.

She then grabbed two handfuls of Meg’s hair and held her steady as she head-butted her. Meg would have fallen but Cat kept hold of her hair and wouldn’t let her drop. Indeed, Cat head-butted Meg two more times, busting her nose open. When Cat finally let go, Meg dropped like a sack of bricks at Cat’s feet.

“So, waddaya think of your precious little sweetheart now?” the angry Bell taunted the crowd.

Outraged Meg Ryan fans began throwing food and beverages at Cat. Bravely, Meg struggled to her feet but Cat grabbed a paper cup full of beer from one fan, took a mouthful of suds and spit it in Meg’s face. Then Cat smashed the rest of the beer filled cup in Meg’s face as she was wiping the beer from her eyes. Meg hit the floor with her face soaked and her eyes stinging. Security, fearing they couldn’t protect Cat from the frenzied crowd, or vice-versa? - begged Cat to re-enter the ring. She did, dragging Meg back in with her. First, Cat tossed Meg back over the steel barrier with Meg landing hard on the cement floor. Then Cat grabbed Meg by the hair and the back of her suit and tossed her under the ropes into the ring where she lay writhing in pain.

Cat hopped in the ring but hesitated a moment as she bent at the waist when she felt a sharp stab of pain in her ribs. Meg’s earlier scissors had done some damage. Cat went over to Meg and lifted the beaten woman to her feet. A kick to the stomach doubled America’s sweetheart over, then a kneelift to the nose snapped her back upright as more blood gushed from her broken nose. Cat whipped Meg into the turnbuckle so hard that she bounced out of the corner back to the middle of the ring where she hit the canvas as a charging Cat caught her across the throat with a clothesline.

By this time the crowd was really giving it to Cat; even the ones who’d cheered her earlier were booing the amazon. All along Cat felt she was justified in punishing Meg for disrespecting the Iranian flag and couldn’t understand how the fans would fault her for teaching their beloved Meg a lesson.

As the crowd continued to throw things into the ring. Cat decided she didn’t care what they thought of her at this point and began to yell back at them while Meg crawled back to the corner and used the ropes to pull herself to her feet. Meg had lifted herself to the second rope when Cat turned her attention back to her. The buxom brunette repeatedly stomped away at the cute actress, knocking her on her butt leaning back against the corner turnbuckle. Still, brave Meg tried and pull herself up but Cat kept her down, stomping away until Meg slumped back over the bottom rope; blood pouring from her nose, totally beaten. Meg had no more energy or will to fight left.

Still, Cat got the punch-drunk woman to her feet and whipped her into the ropes. Meg nearly stumbled and fell, but she hit the ropes and as she rebounded, Cat caught the blonde, lifted her in the air and then dropped her down on an outstretched knee in a backbreaker!

The sound of Meg’s back cracking on impact with Cat’s knee could be heard throughout the silent arena. Cat smashed a double ax-handle to Meg’s gut causing her head to jerk upward. Cat grabbed Meg’s hair and knocked her to the canvas with a vicious right to the jaw.

Cat rolled Meg over on her hands and knees and placed her head between her powerful thighs. She lifted Meg up around the waist and flipped her onto her broad shoulders before slamming her back down to the mat. Meg bounced in the air and flipped over, then laid spread-eagle totally out cold. Even then, Cat still wasn’t satisfied! She had to humiliate Meg for what she did. Cat went over to the American Flag and tore the flag from the staff then broke the piece of wood in half over her knee. She kicked the blonde over onto her back and stood over her with her feet on either side of Meg’s body. Cat slowly took off her bikini, stripping down to the buff as the crowd booed loudly, sensing what was coming next.

Cat eased herself down on Meg’s chest then slid back so her ass was covering Meg’s face. Then Cat ripped off Meg’s clothes leaving her naked as well. Cat began rubbing Meg’s pussy which woke Meg but she was far too weak to do anything to prevent what was about to happen and what she didn’t even know yet, since she was unable to see with Cat’s ass on her face.

Cat wiggled her fingers, inserting them slowly into Meg’s sex, then began pumping them more rapidly. Cat was careful not to rest her full weight in Meg’s face since she wanted her awake for this. Still, it was no picnic for Meg. Cat had made sure to pin Meg’s arms under her legs so she could only move her legs and her fingers. Plus, having Cat’s ass with its unpleasant odor pressed on her face was causing Meg to gag beneath the large woman.

Cat could tell from Meg’s muffled moans she was about ready. Ready, that is, for a long shaft of wood up her love chute! Cat pushed the smooth, round end of what was the flagstaff between Meg’s pussy lips and pushed. She eased the wood in fairly easily since Meg was already primed and wet and the wood slipped in easily.

Meg’s lower body jerked in a reaction to the violation and seconds later her entire body was quivering as Cat pumped the wood in and out slowly at first, then more rapidly. Some in the crowd were in tears at seeing their sweetheart being violated in such a violent manner; others were outraged and tried to charge the ring, but security kept them away. After a few more minutes, Meg climaxed and Cat mercifully pulled the shaft out and held it up, showing the fans her juices dripping from the moist wood.

Meg’s legs flopped on the mat as she experienced aftershocks of her violation and her body spasmed a few more seconds before she lay still. Yet her ordeal wasn’t over yet! Now Cat pressed her full weight down on Meg’s face, wiggling her but to wedge Meg’s nose tight between her beefy cheeks. Already turned on, it didn’t take long for Cat to get in a steady rhythm as she rode Meg’s face. Cat reached a hand back, pressing on Meg’s jaw up making sure she couldn’t breathe in any air.

Meg’s legs kicked frantically in the air for a few moments, then their thrashing slowed and they slowly lowered to the mat and jerked a few times before her toes turned outward and stopped moving altogether.

Meg had lost her battle with consciousness again and Cat began riding Meg in earnest. She kneaded Meg’s perky tits as she moaned in pleasure and continued to hump Meg’s face. The crowd was stunned but silent watching the amazing specimen of a woman take away Meg’s identity. Minutes passed before Cat let out a loud moan and came on her victim violently. Cat sat on Meg’s face, slowly rotating her hips and smearing her juices over the blonde’s delicate features. Then she just sat rocking slowing back and forth, savoring the moment.

Watching on the TV in the dressing rooms was Michelle Rodriquez, the young star of ‘Girl Fight’ and ‘Resident Evil.’ The 23 year-old was scheduled to be in one of the later bouts. Michelle was of Puerto Rican-Dominican decent but was actually born in Texas. Besides Texas, she spent part of her youth in the Dominican Republic and Jersey City. At 5’ 6” Michelle was considerably shorter than Cat but she packed plenty of power in her compact frame. Recently, she’d been in the news for beating up her female roommate. Michelle didn’t know either Meg or Cat, but she was jealous about how some fans went ga-ga over Cat’s fighting ability and her beautiful looks. Michelle felt she was not only more beautiful than Cat but was certainly a better fighter. She trained so hard for “GirlFight” that she’d been asked to fight professionally. She couldn’t stand seeing Cat dominate anyone and now she was humiliating Meg. Michelle thought it was uncalled-for! She’d seen enough!

Michelle ran out of the locker rooms and headed for the ring. Cat saw her coming and got off of Meg’s face.

“This isn’t your business. Get out of here” Cat demanded when Michelle reached the ring apron.

“Well, I’m making it my business!” Michelle snapped. “You’ve had your fun, but its time to stop,” Michelle said, unafraid of the bigger woman

Cat was already exhausted from her fight, not to mention the powerful orgasm she’d just experienced and she also had sore ribs. Still, she refused to back down from this youngster.

“You’re starting to believe all those freaks who think you’re so tough,” Michelle said, shaking her finger at Cat. “Well I’m here to tell you, you ain’t all that! Hell, I could beat you on my worse day,” she boasted

“You’re welcome to try, douche bag,” Cat laughed as she wiped some moisture from the inside of her thighs and flicked it at Michelle..

Michelle took that as an invitation to fight and charged Cat. The two women threw punches wildly at each other. For a few moments neither was gaining any advantage until Michelle ducked under one of Cat’s wild swings and landed a solid right to Cat’s left breast that made her to stumble backward. Cat used her kickboxing skills to land a sidekick under Michelle’s chin. Luckily for Michelle, Cat was a bit off-balance and the kick didn’t land full strength. Besides, Michelle was tough and she could take a punch. All the same, the kick sent Michelle stumbling back a few steps. They exchanged more blows, then Michelle backed off and landed a sidekick of her own - right on Cat’s sore ribs!

Cat groaned and held her ribs as Michelle tee’d off, landing a series of punches to Cat’s head until Cat threw her arms up. Michelle then landed another side kick to Bell’s ribs and Cat doubled over, pain resonating throughout her body. She was having difficulty breathing and the young actress was quick to take advantage!

Michelle charged forward, driving blows to Cat’s tender ribs and her soft abs. Cat was tired, her arms were getting heavy and she was breathing hard. Each time Cat to protect her body, Michelle would land a punch to her face. Cat was reeling, being forced to backup trying to fend off her attacker. Occasionally, Cat would still land blows, but they lacked the power they’d have had if she were fresh. Then another punch to the ribs doubled Cat over gasping in pain.

Michelle grabbed a handful of Cat’s hair, pulled her forward and gave her an uppercut to the face that knocked the actress back on her heels with her arms windmilling as she struggled to remain on her feet. A short, sharp jab to Cat’s breast brought her hands down and a solid overhand right dropped the big Cat to the canvas.

The big brunette rolled over and tried to get up, but when Cat was on her hands and knees, her arms trembled and she dropped back to the canvas on her chest, groggy and totally exhausted.

Michelle accepted the applause of an appreciative audience as she helped Meg to her feet and led her to the ropes where security took her back to the dressing room. Michelle stepped back into the center of the ring and continued to accept the applause from an appreciative crowd. She had her backed turned to Cat who by this time had gotten back to her feet.

Cat charged Michelle but the crowd alerted her and Michelle shot her foot back up behind her, nailing the on-rushing Cat full in the belly. Cat staggered doubled over as Michelle turned around and slammed her clasped fists down on Cat’s back, dropping the actress to one knee. Michelle straddled Cat’s head, clamped it between her thighs and pulled both of Cat’s limp arms up and locked them behind her back. Michelle dropped to her knees, driving Cat into the mat headfirst.

The spent brunette lay face down on the canvas, barely conscious, her big, soft bare butt looking like two smooth round mountains. Michelle kicked Cat in her sore ribs and rolled her over on her back, then stood over her with her foot on Cat’s heaving chest, pancaking one of her large boobs as she raised her hands over her head and soaked up the approval of the fans.

While Michelle could claim she knocked out ‘Cat the Great’, it had been a tired and injured Cat she beat. Even as she stood in the center of the ring, Michelle was wondering what would happen if she met Cat with the athletic actress at full strength?

Several minutes after Michelle had left the ring, the nude Cat staggered to her feet and grabbed a microphone.

“This isn’t over by a long shot Rodriquez,” Cat hoarsely shouted. “You shouldn’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. We’ll meet again and next time I’ll be ready for you.”

As Cat was mouthing off, more trash was thrown in the ring. Cat Bell, once admired, had become a despised villain - all because of a simple little misunderstanding.

Cat vs. Michelle