Rivalry: Catherine Bell vs. Jeri Ryan by SamDog

Jeri Ryan circled slowly, looking for an opening. Standing across from her in the empty, spacious bedroom, Cat Bell did the same, her fists raised and ready for action. The blonde made the first move, throwing a pair of left jabs to the brunette's face. Cat blocked easily, but was caught by a right hook that smashed into her cheek, snapping her head to the side. Recovering quickly, Cat came forward and slammed a left/right to the blonde's belly. Gasping as she hunched over, Jeri couldn't stop Cat's right from crashing into her eye, sending her stumbling back.

Smiling as she pursued her wounded prey, the brunette was suddenly stopped in her tracks when the blonde snapped her foot up and pounded it into her belly, doubling her over. Smiling, Jeri threw a right, a left and then another right to Cat's jaw; the last dropping the dazed brunette to the floor on her hands and knees.

Though their paths usually never crossed, Cat and Jeri hated each other with an almost unmatchable intensity. Similar in size and physique, the comparisons were always there. Each thought it laughable when someone suggested the other had a better body. Insults often flew back and forth, each calling the other a two-bit whore on a lousy TV show. But the rivalry escalated when the ladies graced the covers of opposing magazines, Jeri on Maxim and Cat on FHM. The subsequent war of words pushed them over the edge. The two ladies quickly agreed to an all-out catfight, neither willing to stop until the other was a sobbing wreck. When Cat arrived at Jeri's house, the two stripped down to bras and panties, blue with dark pantyhose for the brunette and black for the blonde.

Cat sat back on her haunches rubbing her jaw as she glared up at the blonde, "Bitch! You kicked me!"

Smirking, Jeri replied, "I sure did. Just like how I'm going to kick your ass!"

The brunette quickly pushed herself up to her feet, but she wasn't quick enough to prevent the blonde from landing a pair of blows to her face. Struggling as she flicked a pair of jabs out at Jeri's face, Cat got rocked by a powerful uppercut to her chin. Still, the bigger, heavier brunette managed to counter with a punch to the belly that made the blonde groan in pain. Throwing another pair to her body, Cat aimed higher with her third punch, an uppercut under Jeri's right tit. Moaning as her orb was almost knocked out of its cup, the blonde's breasts were suddenly at Cat's mercy, being rocked back and forth by the brunette's flashing fists.

Jeri fell forward in an attempt to clinch, but was met with a knee to the stomach. Smiling as the blonde's angular body slumped against her own, Cat shoved Jeri away and slammed a right hook to her jaw, spinning her around and dropping her on her butt on the floor. Cat smiled as she watched the blonde struggle to get up. On all fours, Jeri tried to crawl toward a wall. Then Jeri groaned as Cat's foot crashed into her belly, knocking her back down.

"Let me give you a hand, bitch!" Cat hissed.

She grabbed Jeri's hair and pulled her to her feet. Screaming the entire way up, the blonde groaned as Cat's punches dug into her kidneys before slamming her forward into the wall. Turning her around, Cat tore off Jeri's bra and grabbed her full tits and squeezing. Screaming in pain, the blonde clawed at Cat's bra, forcing Cat's breasts up and out of their cups. The bigger woman grimaced as Jeri expertly squeezed and kneaded the soft, plump orbs. Cat was unable to stifle her screams as the blonde twisted the flesh back and forth.

Jeri simply smiled as Cat frantically pulled on her breasts, taunting, "You like that, tough girl? I'm gonna rip these saggy boobs of yours down to size!"

Jeri began slamming Cat's big tits together as the dark-haired beauty's agonized shrieks filled the air. Cat's fingers lost their grip on Jeri's boobs and darted to her wrists in an attempt to pry the claws from her breasts. Her efforts were to no avail though, and the blonde began to yank down on the brunette's boobs. Howling, Cat slowly succumbed to the pain, sinking to her knees.

Grinning maliciously, Jeri planted a foot on Cat's forehead and pressed, shoving the brunette over onto her back. Straddling her, Jeri began to slap Cat's flushed face, snapping her head back and forth. Aiming lower, Jeri's hands cracked Cat's breasts as the bigger woman squealed in pain.

"I hope you're not too fond of those saggy boobs, bitch," Jeri snarled. "You won't have much of anything left to be proud of after I'm finished!"

The blonde sank her fingernails into the brunette's breasts, gouging and squeezing as Cat howled and bucked, drumming her feet on the floor. Almost in tears as Jeri wrenched her tits back and forth, Cat desperately reached up and grabbed the blonde's boobs in her hands, squeezing and pulling. Moaning, Jeri screamed in agony as Cat raked her nails down her fair flesh. Her attack was almost forgotten as Cat twisted and pinched her nipples. Jeri grabbed the brunette's hair and began banging her head against the floor. Groaning with each blow, Cat's grip loosened until her hands dropped from the blonde's breasts and her arms flopped on the floor at her sides.

Jeri pinned Cat's wrists to the floor under her knees as she shimmied her shoulders, shaking her fabulous breasts back and forth. The blonde then bent over and slammed her tits down onto the brunette's. Gasping as her boobs were flattened under the weight of Jeri's heavy breasts, Cat was horrified when Jeri lifted her chest up and repeated the move again and again.

The brunette's cries filled the air after each blow.

Jeri bent over and whispered, "Your tits are so pathetic. I could keep this up all day!"

Cat moaned in pain as Jeri began to twist back and forth, knocking her breasts from side to side as the blonde laughed wickedly in her ear. Jeri's boobs started to feel the effects of the constant pounding, so she let up and rose to her feet. Then she reached and grabbed Cat's dark locks, pulling her to her feet as the big brunette shrieked the entire way up.

The blonde wrapped her arms around the brunette's slack body, putting her in a bearhug. Cat gasped as their four big breasts mashed together and oozed out the sides between them. Cat wrapped her arms around Jeri and clasped her hands at the small of Jeri's back, returning the bearhug; but she already had difficulty keeping up as the blonde gave her a hard squeeze.

"Leggo of me, bitch!" Cat screamed. "And I'll rip your tits off for this!"

"Dream on, slut," Jeri replied, giving Cat's body another hard squeeze. "I'm gonna kick your ass and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it!"

The blonde began to rub her hard nipples back and forth across Cat's, the brunette screaming aloud as the tough fleshy nubs stabbed into her soft flesh. The dark-haired beauty moaned as her breasts were forced back against her chest, the soft flesh in no shape to match the blonde's younger, firmer orbs. Getting desperate as her knees started to buckle, Cat brought her leg up and rammed her knee into the blonde's cunt. Jeri's eyes went wide as she was forced up on her toes and screamed in agony, letting Cat go as the brunette dropped to the floor on unsteady legs.

Sobbing in pain, Jeri went to her knees, then groaned as a kick rolled her onto her back. Diving on top of her foe immediately, Cat began punching Jeri in the face and breasts; her fists plowing mercilessly into the blonde's flesh. In a daze as the brunette pummeled her, Jeri shrieked when Cat's strong fingers found their way to her breasts as the big brunette's sharp nails tore into her breasts, her fingers gouging the pliable flesh as Jeri screamed in pain.

Bucking and twisting beneath her rival, Jeri reached up and grabbed Cat's nipples and began to pinch and pull. Gritting her teeth, Cat couldn't stop Jeri from grasping her ample bosom fully in her hands without releasing her own grip on Jeri's tits. Brunette's flesh oozed between the blonde's fingers as she squeezed and pulled on her breasts, Cat's assault hesitated as she screamed and bent over to ease the pain in her chest. Her angry visage was twisted in pain while Jeri's had changed from anguish to satisfaction as the blonde grabbed a handful of brunette hair and pulled Cat off to her side.

The two women rolled across the floor, struggling for dominance. Hair was pulled and breasts were attacked as the lovely ladies' screams filled the room. Jeri finally broke the stalemate, slipping a hand into Cat's sweaty panties and attacking the bigger brunette's womanhood. Screaming as her pussy lips were suddenly and brutally pulled and twisted, Cat grabbed at Jeri's wrist, painfully prying the hand away from her crotch. But Jeri simply jerked her hand from Cat's grasp and ripped off the brunette's panties, then dug her fingers back in, clawing and raking the bigger woman's insides.

"Cunt!" Cat screamed, "You slut... I'll kill you!"

"Does that hurt, bitch?" Jeri chuckled. "How about this?"

The blonde jammed her fingers deeper into her foe and found the brunette's erect clit, pulling and twisting it as Cat howled and tears began to flow down her pink cheeks.

"No... No... No!" Cat begged. "Please... stop!"

She was desperate - nearing the end of her rope. In a last ditch attempt to stave off defeat, Cat grabbed Jeri's hair and snapped her head forward. The blonde's cry of pain echoed across the walls as Cat's forehead cracked into the bridge of her nose. Briefly knocked senseless, Jeri lost her grip and fell away.

Even though her body was racked with pain, Cat was determined not to give Jeri time to recover. Rolling behind the blonde as she lay on her side, Cat brunette brought her legs up and wrapped them around Jeri's waist, squeezing with all her might. Cat smiled as Jeri screamed in pain, her gorgeous legs crushing the blonde's slender middle. Twisting back and forth and grabbing at Cat's legs in a futile search for relief, Jeri clawed the brunette's thighs, scratching and tearing Cat's nylons.

Her efforts ended when the bigger woman gave her waist a hard squeeze, making the blonde groan in pain. Grabbing Jeri's hair with one hand and yanking her head backward, Cat reached around with the other, grabbed her breast and clawed!

Sobbing as Cat assaulted her entire body, Jeri started to go limp. Sensing the end of the contest was near, Cat released Jeri's hair and loosened her scissors, giving Jeri just enough air to scream in agony when she grabbed both of her tits and squeezed again just as hard as she could.

"Don't pass out on me yet, whore," Cat taunted. "I'm only starting with you!"

Relinquishing her breast claws, Cat got to her feet over the sobbing blonde. Beaming, she grabbed Jeri's hair and yanked her to her feet as the blonde beauty moaned in weak protest. Folding Jeri over forward, Cat pulled her head between her legs in a standing head scissors. The blonde gasped as Cat's twin pythons went to work, slowly squeezing the life from her as she weakly grabbed at the back of the brunette's thighs.

"You've been a very, very bad cow today," Cat cooed as she caressed Jeri's free swinging breasts. "It's time that somebody milked you!"

Cat's fingers sank harshly into Jeri's boobs, squeezing and yanking as the blonde screamed in agony. Showboating more than anything, Cat's scissors weren't strong enough to completely incapacitate Jeri and she'd pay for the mistake, screaming in pain as the blonde's sharp nails suddenly buried themselves in the back of her thighs and buttocks.

Letting go of Jeri's breasts, Cat brought her arms up and clasped her fingers together, driving ax-handles into the blonde's back over and over. Her clawing attack on Cat's ass stopped by the first blow, Jeri groaned as successive blows broke her resistance and drove her to her knees. Cat gave her one final squeeze with her legs before letting go, letting the blonde's body slump forward on her knees on the floor.

Kicking Jeri over on her back, Cat laid down on top of her, grapevining her legs. The brunette's big breasts mashed the blonde's full pair flat, although not nearly to the same extent Jeri's had flattened hers earlier - much to Cat's displeasure. Reaching down, Cat grabbed the band of Jeri's panties and yanked up, giving her a wedgie as the blonde moaned in anguish. Much to Jeri's relief, the brunette released the hold and tore the panties from her body.

Using her hand between their tightly pressed bodies, Cat began to slowly massage the blonde's pussy, bringing languid gasps from Jeri's open mouth. She then slid her fingers inside the blonde and began to pump them in and out as Jeri moaned in pleasure.

"Are you feeling... amorous... tonight?" Cat asked as she felt the blonde's wetness. "Well, don't worry bitch, I'll make you scream my name all night long. But until then, I'm just going to make you scream!"

Cat gouged her fingers into Jeri's cunt and made the blonde live up to her prediction. Straddling Jeri, Cat grabbed the blonde's tits and began to pierce them with her sharp nails until Jeri's screams became sobs as Cat wrecked her once magnificent breasts. Jeri was totally at the brunette's mercy.

"How can you be so proud of these?" Cat asked as she gave Jeri's boobs a hard squeeze, "They're so saggy and weak!" Then smiling, she added, "Who's the better woman, bitch? Say it and I'll put you out of your misery."

Getting nothing but tears in reply, Cat backhanded the blonde, rocking her head to the side, then she slapped her, then another backhand in rapid succession.

"Answer me, slut! Now!"

Jeri continued to bawl as Cat angrily gave her one last slap, convinced she couldn't get anything else out of the blonde. Grabbing Jeri's hair, Cat flattened herself out full length on the blonde and pressed her soft breasts over her face. Cat smiled as her soft bosom molded itself to the blonde's pretty features. Jeri had thought that Cat was more than a match for her; now Cat enjoyed herself as she proved the blonde wrong and made her feel her wrath.

But suddenly, Cat screamed in agony as wave after wave of pain spread through her. Out of options, at the end of her rope and desperate to survive, Jeri opened her mouth as far as she could and bit down on the brunette's left tit. Almost hysterical in her pain, Cat's attack faded to nothing as she frantically grabbed Jeri's hair trying to pull the gnashing teeth from her tender breasts.

Summoning a second wind, Jeri pushed up on the brunette's shoulders, rolling them both over so she was now on top. In tears as Jeri ravaged her, Cat gave up her futile hair hold and tried punching the blonde in her face; hurting her enough to free her breast but Jeri simply sank her bite down into Cat's other breast with an even better hold and, again, the brunette screamed in agony!

Cat brought her legs up and wrapped them around the blonde's midsection, squeezing in a frantic bid to free herself. Waves of bad memories flooded Jeri's mind as Cat's strong legs started to work her over once more. Determined not to succumb to the brunette's assault this time, Jeri shook her head, working Cat's tit like a dog with a juicy bone until....screaming at the top of her lungs, Cat's legs went limp. Her feet dropped flat on the floor, her raised knees leaning uselessly against Jeri's sides. Jeri slowly released her bite from the brunette's tits and grabbed Cat's ankles, prying her legs apart and getting to her knees between Cat's slack legs.

"I believe I owe you this, you whore!" Jeri said wickedly just before she rammed a knee into Cat's pussy.

Howling in pain at the devastating blow, Cat was blinded by her tears when Jeri repeated the knee three more times. Satisfied at last, Jeri dropped Cat's legs and straddled her. She reached down and dug her fingers into Cat's already red and abused breasts, gouging the sensitive flesh as she squeezed mercilessly.

Intent on humbling the brunette, Jeri twisted and shook her tits back and forth. When Jeri let go at last, she began punching Cat's raw and swollen boobs. The dark-haired beauty's last resistance faded rapidly under the blonde's fistic assault as Jeri's fists turning her into a physical and emotional wreck. Sobbing as her once fabulous breasts were left in ruins, Cat groaned in pain as Jeri slowly walked her punches up her body, undercutting her breasts, then pounding her knuckles straight down onto the nipples, then beating the upper part of both breasts. Jeri moved higher still, betting Cat's upper chest before she moved on to her face, rocking her head with punches that snapped her head back and forth.

With what little strength she had left, Cat weakly begged, "Please stop... You've beaten me... No more..."

Her pleas were cut off though when Jeri's hand shot forward and grabbed her jaw, clamping her mouth shut as the blonde's fingers pinched her cheeks on both sides.

"Shut the fuck up, bitch!" Jeri shouted, "This isn't over until I say it's over!"

Cat's screams were muffled under Jeri's palm as it closed over her mouth while the blonde pinched and twisted her nipples with her other hand. The brunette just closed her eyes and let her tears flow down her cheeks against her will, her screams turning into muffled sobbing.

Finally letting go with both hands, Jeri ran her hands through Cat's dark hair, twisting her head back and forcing her to make eye contact as she sneered viciously, "So bitch... Where were we?"

Cupping Cat's left tit fully in her right hand, the blonde gave it a squeeze as the brunette arched her back and cringed in pain.

"Who do you think the better woman is?" Jeri asked with a menacing pinch of Cat's swollen nipple.

Seeing Cat hesitate, Jeri pulled and repeated, "Say it NOW!"

"You," Cat gasped. "You're the better woman!" she blubbered. "Please... No more. I give up..."

Jeri smiled as she gave the brunette a light slap on the cheek, "That's my good girl. You'll get your reward soon enough," the blonde said. "You had it right on the mark earlier. I AM feeling amorous tonight!"

Grinning as the fear of realization spread slowly over Cat's face, Jeri added wickedly, "You should probably practice saying 'Jeri' over and over, cause I'm gonna make you scream it ALL NIGHT LONG!"

She strongly emphasized the last three words, making the brunette break down into another fit of sobbing. Scooting forward, Jeri dangled her breasts over Cat's head, unable to keep the smile off her face. The brunette, on the other hand, couldn't keep from crying as she realized what was about to happen. Bending down, Jeri pressed her beautiful breasts over Cat's face, grinning as she mashed her assets against the brunette's red face. Jeri enjoyed the sensation of the brunette nuzzled against her chest, struggling beneath her in a fruitless effort to breathe. Cat weakened rapidly as the blonde's breasts ground down on and cut off her airways. Too exhausted and too badly beaten to resist for long, the brunette Amazon finally succumbed, her squirming and writhing slowing until her body lay limp and still beneath the blonde.

Jeri was ecstatic as she continued to grind her big, soft breasts on her defeated foe's face for a few more seconds. Sitting up, she ran her hands up her body and caressed her boobs, proud of their accomplishment. She had to admit she'd been lucky; Cat almost had her. But it was that almost that separated the two - she was conscious, Cat wasn't. Grabbing a handful of Cat's hair, Jeri pulled herself up onto Cat's face, giggling as she scrubbed her pussy on Cat's face and nose, arousing herself more and more with each passing second.

Groaning in delight, the blonde was a little disappointed that Cat wasn't actively participating but she took comfort in knowing Cat would do so later; reluctantly certainly, even resisting perhaps, but then that would make it ten times better. Those were her last thoughts as her body tensed and she threw back her head and screamed in ecstasy as she satisfied herself, the first orgasm of the night hitting her hard!

As she caught her breath, Jeri was determined to make sure that Cat had long night ahead of her. She couldn't wait to get started!