The Making of "Wonder Woman vs. Supergirl: The Movie" w/Jeri Ryan and Cat Bell by The Masked Avenger

Helicopters buzzed; rifles cocked; eyes and arms focused on the bank. The tension was unbearable, then, suddenly, two loud explosions rocked the brick building and screams rang out from the embattled building as smoke and dust obscured the bank. A final explosion sounded, followed by a loud metallic crash. Slowly, two figures emerged from the smoke. One walking tall, the other half-dragging alongside. All eyes strained to see them as Wonder Woman strode out of the smoke and clouds of dust into the clear air. Her face was slightly charred and one cheek was bruised, but she walked tall and confidently. Alongside her stumbled Supergirl who had a glowing green cord binding her wrists and encircling her bowed neck. Her face was in worse shape than Wonder Womans and a long tear ran from the neck of her blue tight-fitting costume halfway down across her substantial bosom.

Reaching the first line of officials outside the bank, Wonder Woman tugged a final time on the Kryptonite bonds enslaving Supergirl and, with a snap of her wrist, forced the slumping blonde to the ground at her feet The proud brunette stood with her hands on her blue star-spangled hips, her spread-legged stance accentuating her own impressive mammarage!

"It's over, commissioner," Wonder Woman reported with a wry smile. "She won't be a danger to us anymore. Of course...." her voice softened as she bent to cup Supergirl's chin in her hand, lifting her head and forcing her face up until their gazes met. "Supergirl will need rehabilitation and I think I can help there," she finished, with a lilt of tenderness.

"....AND CUT! Print it! That's a wrap!" the director's voice yelled.

The movie set erupted with loud applause as the final scene of "Wonder Woman vs. Supergirl: The Movie" was in the can. Grips and gaffers ran across the set, clearing lighting and cabling while the director turned to shake hands with her producers. A circle of cheering set assistants surrounded the two actresses as they brushed themselves off and then, after a long embrace, Jeri Ryan as Supergirl and Catherine "Cat" Bell as Wonder Woman slowly stepped back. Each looked at the other admiringly - but....something else passed between them and they suddenly embraced again. As she hugged Jeri, Cat whispered something, then her hand caught the blonde by the hip as she was turning away, pulled her back and whispered something further. Jeri just grinned slyly and nodded almost imperceptibly.

Separately and together, the pair looked stunning, even in the makeup they wore for this final tumultuous scene. Jeri was resplendent in the blue, mini-skirted Supergirl costume and the statuesque blonde beauty packed all of her delicious curves in the blue and red suit wearing it like a second skin. Her world-famous breasts, even restrained in the specially-sewn top to de-emphasize her bust (in keeping with the character) bulged impressively under the triangle S emblazoned on her chest. Her red cape fell to her tight butt and from there to the top of her red, knee-high boots was the long, creamy expanse of her long, strong, bare legs.

Even standing next to Jeri, Cat was perhaps even more breathtaking than her blonde companion! Her long, well-toned legs extending seemingly forever down from her star-spangled boy-cut bottom and her second-to-none breasts were packed impossibly tightly into the iconic golden eagle-decorated bustier. Her dark hair, worn long for this film, cascaded to her shoulders ala Wonder Woman and, of course, Cat wore red knee-high boots!

That the movie had finally wrapped was something of a minor miracle itself. The plot told how Supergirl, longtime friend and ally of Wonder Woman, had been driven insane by radiation from a freak cosmic storm and the onetime heroine became evil and begun to wreck untold havoc. It fell to Wonder Woman to battle and, if possible, defeat her one-time friend.

But the plot soon took a back seat to the incredible behind-the-scenes story of the making of the film for no one had foreseen Bell and Ryan working together!

They were long-time fierce adversaries who had many memorable fights on the celebrity catfight circuit - the vast majority ending with Cat coming out on top. Countless times the bigger and stronger Cat had paraded Jeri's battered body around after a bout, ushering the vanquished blonde - sometimes bound, invariably topless, often stripped completely nude - around a ring, beach, apartment or whatever venue, relishing the cheers and jeers of the crowd as they washed over both ecstatic brunette and humbled and humiliated blonde.

But there was another side to their relationship and the tales of many behind-the-scenes encounters were widely reported; explicit sensual and often brutal encounters usually deteriorating into sexfights which were nearly always dominated by the busty blonde for whom the absence of strict rules and disapproving referees was a definate advantage! In their sexfights, Jeri’s well-known icy frigidy stood her in good stead against the volatile and more easily aroused Cat!

From their first such encounter (++LINK HERE) to the last one only a few months before casting for the superheroine movie began, Jeri always seemed to get the upper hand - and she took great pleasure in exacting humiliation and forcing sexual submission upon Cat whose pleas for mercy echoed in Jeri's ears while she masturbated in her shower to the happy memories of Cat's sobbing mouth or quivering tongue on her clit bringing the victorious blonde to trembling orgasms!

That the two would voluntarily work together seemed outside the realm of possibility when casting began, but the wily producers - knowing the sensational kick having two enemies in the cast together would bring to the film - negotiated with each star separately, getting them to sign their contracts at virtually the same time without either knowing who would take the opposing role before finding out the other had also signed.

As expected, both women seethed publicly and privately when the identity of her costar was revealed, yet as the producers correctly guessed, neither would back away from the project, as neither wanted to forgo the great opportunity her role was likely to give her career - especially since both actresses were getting close to the age when such plum roles would likely not come their way again!

Both trained for the film with incredible intensity for the film would be physically demanding and each was determined to do as many of her own stunts as the insurance company, the producers, the director and the stuntwoman’s union would permit! While the script called for several hand-to-hand fight scenes, the producers had the two train and rehearse separately, using stand-ins for the other. They wanted every drop of smoldering tension that existed to be there when they faced off to be captured on film.

As soon as filming began, tension ruled the set. The two beauties regarded each other icily, each conducting herself professionally - at first! The fight scenes became the stuff of legend, sequences executed with crisp precision although Cat and Jeri rarely spoke to each other aside from their scripted dialogue. After a time, though, the hostility that existed between them crept into their fight scenes. Occasionally a punch brushed a cheek, a fist found ribs although neither was ready to admit that such incidents were most likely accidents.

Things came to a head three weeks into shooting during a sequence that again had the two engaged in body-to-body fighting when Jeri snuck in an uppercut to Cat's left breast. The well-aimed punch drove Cat's jug up and right out of her bustier! Cat knew full well she’d been exposed but refused to be flustered and merely glanced down at her miraculous melon, smirked at Jeri and continued with the scene with her jug jiggling freely. Jeri delighted for a moment at the thought of publicly exposing the brunette's tit, but gulped inwardly when Cat refused to even blush at the gaffe and continued as if she were proud to show her wares.

The blonde realized then that the incident would surely bring severe reprisal and it did…the very next day! The scene called for Wonder Woman to ensnare Supergirl with her magic lasso, then to hip-toss her to the ground and tie her hands behind her back. Cat did indeed rope Jeri - and a tingle ran through both women as the loop settled around the blonde's shoulders and cinched her arms to her side. But when Cat jerked the rope more sharply than called for as she pulled Jeri toward her, Jeri stumbled just as Cat lifted her knee…and slammed it into the blonde's incoming crotch. Pain exploded in Jeri's cunt and she fell to the ground groaning and writhing in pain!

The director immediately called a halt to the scene and Cat stood over Jeri, looking haughtily down over the moaning blonde while Jeri squirmed on the ground, her hands pressed desperately against her throbbing pussy. Filming for the day was ended and Jeri retreated to her trailer to recuperate. The producers - secretly thrilled by the assault - nevertheless read the riot act to Cat, demanding the defiant brunette apologize to Jeri in person that very night or ‘suffer the consequences.’

That evening, Cat knocked on the door of Jeri's hotel suite. As she waited for the door to open, Cat struggled with her feelings, seething at the thought of being forced to apologize to her hated rival. Part of her couldn't acknowledge that she felt bad for what she had done to Jeri as she watched the tears streaming from the blonde as she rolled around on the set that afternoon. As much humiliation as Cat had suffered at the blonde's hands - and legs - and crotch - she’d given that much back to Jeri herself. But there was something - something deeper between the two. Even when Cat had been placed in virtual sexual slavery by Jeri, she still stood somewhat in awe of the blonde.

Jeri had a body like no other woman she had experienced - and Cat had experienced many. Those breasts - Cat could absolutely lose herself in Jeri's breasts. And she herself occasionally thrilled at bringing Jeri to orgasm, even when it was done under duress. So it was with an incrementally moistening pussy and a noticeably heaving chest that Cat knocked on Jeri's door that evening. For several seconds Cat prayed the door wouldn’t be answered. But it was!!

Jeri flung the door opened and for a few heartbeats she just stood glaring at Cat before wordlessly turning and walking back into the apartment, leaving the door open should Cat wish to follow. Before following Jeri inside, Cat could see Jeri was still walking gingerly, the effects of her low blow that afternoon apparently not yet completely faded. Not a word had yet been spoken as Cat stepped inside and turned to close the door.

"Look, Jeri," she said, turning back around. "I'm sor....."

Cat didn’t get to finish! Jeri had suddenly turned back while Cat’s back was to her and she seized the brunette by the hips as soon as Cat turned back from closing the door. Pulling Cat to her, Jeri drove her knee up into Cat's pubic mound, returning the favor from earlier in the day. Cat almost collapsed herself, but Jeri caught her by the throat and slammed her back against the closed and locked the door.

SMACK! "YOU…" Jeri slapped Cat's defenseless face.

CRACK! "…STUPID…" she backhanded Cat's cheek.

WHACK! "…WHORE!" Cat's face exploded from Jeri’s third consecutive stinging slap.

Jeri raised her hand to deliver one more blow, then she stopped and held her hand raised as the two locked eyes. Cat tried desperately to blink away the tears and her lip quivered from the pain as Jeri's eyes bored into hers. Slowly, in some impossible unison, the faces of both women softened and Jeri's lips parted slightly. Instead of slapping her, Jeri’s hand gently brushed back a stray strand of dark hair from Cat's forehead.

"Catherine," she whispered. Their faces came together with startling suddenness as two sets of sensual lips locked together and fluttering tongues invaded welcoming mouths. Four full, firm breasts mashed together and four hands desperately pawed at two incredible bodies.

Jeri finally broke the kiss but already, after only a few seconds, both woman were panting uncontrollably. Jeri leaped in the air, locking her legs around Cat's slim waist. Somehow the brunette was able to block out the pain in her crotch, finding some deep reservoir of strength to hold Jeri under the ass as she carried her across the living room to the bedroom of the suite. Jeri thrilled at being carried by Catherine for, in places she wouldn’t acknowledge - even to herself - Jeri had always marveled at the brunette Amazon. Cat possessed sheer strength that Jeri did not have but she delighted in the way the Cat strode so easily through the suite; as if the weight of the blonde's clinging body meant nothing.

On more than a handful of nights, Jeri had sat bolt upright in bed, her body damp with sweat from an erotic dream of Cat - and some included Cat carrying her exactly like this. When Cat reached the queen-sized bed she threw Jeri down. The blonde bounced on the mattress and as her body settled on the mattress, she peered up at Cat and smiled.

Climbing on top of Jeri, Cat easily ripped away the white tank top Jeri wore, then bending down she grasped the pink bra which barely contained Jeri's mammoth rack in her teeth and raised up, pulling at it. Jeri gasped as the filmy lingerie was torn from her chest with such apparent ease.

Cat tortured herself by not diving immediately into the blonde's bare, heaving breasts, instead raising herself up on her knees to peel off her own shirt and bra. Jeri sat up to unfasten and pull down Cat’s jean shorts, then dipped her hand into Cat's French-cut panties and found her clit, stroking it ever so teasingly before she withdrew and tore the panties from Cat's hips.

Cat, now nude and boiling with raw sexual energy, pushed Jeri back down on the bed and, eyes blazing, she focused on Jeri's tits as she unconsciously licked her lips hungrily. Jeri knew what was coming and decided to play a little. She coyly covered her breasts with her hands, shaking her head.

Cat smiled and nodded as if to say, "Oh, yes I am....." and grabbed the blonde's wrists.

Jeri almost came as her hands were pulled with measured force from her bosom and Cat's face immediately mashed into her breasts, covering the quivering mounds with her hot kisses. Cat moved her mouth to cover Jeri's right nipple and sank her teeth in surrounding the areola. Jeri cried at this sudden sweet tingle of pain as Cat continued her breast adoration for what seemed like an eternity.

At length, Jeri rolled Cat off of her, rolled up on top of Cat and pinned the impassioned brunette's wrists to the mattress. Fixing her loving gaze on the woman, Jeri slowly lowered her chest over Cat's face and Cat froze momentarily, recalling many other times when Jeri's descending jugs had sealed her defeat. This time, Jeri defused the moment by playfully swinging her soft tits side to side, slapping Cat's face, then she pressed one breast to Cat's mouth and the suckling resumed.

Eventually, Jeri slid down Cat's body and began performing oral sex on the brunette who eagerly spread her legs wide to give Jeri access to her. Cat's brain exploded repeatedly as Jeri worked her magic but the cruel blonde would bring Cat to the very edge of release….only to teasingly back off and force Cat to wait a few moments before resuming the pleasureful assault.

As Jeri’s flitting tongue teased her over and over to the point of insanity while denying her the climax she needed, Cat's hands clawed the bed's headboard as sensations coursed through her body. Finally, Jeri allowed Cat to orgasm and she stuffed her wrist in her mouth and bit down as she screamed and bucked wildly.

Even before the post-orgasm glow had totally faded from her body, Cat got up, sat on the edge of the bed and her legs dangling over the side. She caught the slightly startled blonde around the waist and pulled her to her, draping Jeri over her lap and letting her upper body drape over Cat's legs. Jeri tittered as she realized Cat had smoothly positioned her so that her waist was squarely on Cat's lap. Cat playfully spanked Jeri's firm, nicely toned, slightly raised butt a dozen times before she turned her attention to Jeri's shorts - which along with the underlying panties were the only stitch of clothing either still wore.

Jeri’s shorts and panties were quickly discarded and Cat ran her hands over Jeri's silky-smooth bottom. One hand soon found its way in between Jeri's legs but Jeri, being coy, clamped her thighs together, blocking the hand from the entry it sought. Cat played along, reaching around Jeri's torso to sink the claws of her free hand into Jeri's dangling tits. Jeri gasped and quickly opened her thighs, allowing Cat’s fingers in where they delivered vigorous stimulation.

Between the fingers swirling inside her pussy and Cat's other hand having its way with her breast, Jeri's body shuddered and bucked. Where Jeri had teased Cat and denied her an orgasm, Cat drove Jeri straight through to a grand release…again and again!! Finally, Cat let the blonde collapse to the floor and stood over Jeri, her eyes twinkling as she beheld her sweat-sheened body as Jeri lay curled in a fetal ball; thighs squeezed together; disheaveled blonde hair matted to her face.

Cat went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Returning to the bedroom, she stooped down and pulled the spent blonde up, holding her by the hips, then letting Jeri topple forward as Cat dipped her knees and drove up under Jeri as she folded over. Cat slung Jeri her over her shoulder and wrapped her hands around the backs of her thighs as she carried her into the shower with Jeri’s long blonde hair swishing softly back and forth across Cat’s butt.

They spent the next couple of hours bringing one another to rapture using soapy hands, fingers and tongues penetrating, orgasms given and received until at neither could stand and they collapsed on the shower floor, their legs intertwined, their breasts rising and falling, forgoing words which couldn’t begin to capture what had transpired since Cat's arrival.

They slept through the night in one anothers loving arms, waking often to play with each other. Of course, they missed their call on the set the next day, choosing instead to continue their torrid affair. It wasn’t until the day after that they returned to the set, both blushing uncontrollably while the director and producers read them the riot act. The hours dragged on until they wrapped for the day, then the two stars dined together, making small-talk to pass the time before they headed back to Cat's room where they resumed their erotic workouts. And so it continued through the remainder of the shoot, former blood enemies now consumed by fierce intimacy. Those on the set noticed the palpable change between them although Jeri and Cat tried hard to put up a front on the set, trying to act as though the animosity still existed, yet the tenderness they felt toward the other crept into their in-scene contact.

Two days after they returned to work they were filming the scene in which Wonder Woman manages to cast her magic lasso around Supergirl. The script called for the Amazon to tug the captured Maiden of Might toward her and crack her on the chin, felling the superheroine, then drag Supergirl by her heels off the set. Cat played the first part of the scene as written, expertly roping Jeri. When it was time to pull her close, however, Cat couldn’t help noticing how the rope was cinched around Jeri just below her breasts so that her arms were pinned at her sides, slightly in back of her.

So instead of throwing the scripted punch, Cat reached out, cupped both of Jeri's breasts and squeezed. Trying to stay in character, Jeri fluttered her eyes and sank to the ground on her knees before ‘Wonder Woman.’ Cat knew the scene would have to be reshot, so she continued to have her fun, reaching down and pretended to pull the blonde up by her hair. Once Jeri was on her feet, Cat gave her a wink and scooped her up, tossing the busty blonde over her shoulder and striding off set. Mouths dropped open among the workers as no one could believe the transformation that had occurred between the former foes. Jeri was both embarrassed and titillated as her mind flashing back a few days to the sensation of her bare breasts slapping Cat's back and her hair swishing against Cat’s ass as the powerful woman carried her slung over her shoulder the exact same way as she had to the shower.

But such transgressions weren’t only limited to Cat! A few days later they were doing the famous scene where Supergirl literally threw Wonder Woman through a brick wall. The Amazon's entire upper body was supposed to crash through the wall, leaving only her legs sticking out. Then Supergirl was to tear the power belt from the waist of the incapacitated WW, robbing her of the source of her fabled strength. Employing a move they’d carefully rehearsed many times, Jeri took Cat by her hair and the back of her shorts, then propelled her toward the dummy wall. Cat barreled through the breakaway portion of the wall and draped herself as best she could over the real brick wall that supported her midsection.

Jeri advanced as per the script and tore the prop ‘power belt’ from Cat's waist, but instead of turning back to the camera displaying her trophy as called for, she stopped and stared at Cat's perfectly proportioned legs and ass dangling helplessly from the wall. Her pulse raced as she remembered Cat's bare behind as it rubbed sensuously on her crotch when Cat had performed a scintillating lap-dance on her. Jeri couldn’t resist!! She stepped up behind Cat, hoping to shield her actions from the main camera. But the second unit camera on the side of the set captured what followed!

Jeri took Cat's ass in both her hands and rubbed it slowly. Her fingers dug in, her nails threatening to scratch right through the star-spangled fabric of Cat;s Wonder Woman shorts. Moving south, Jeri worked a finger under the strip of fabric between Cat's legs. Cat's incredible thighs, between which Jeri now stood, attempted to clench together as Jeri moved her finger in excruciatingly slow increments ever closer to Cat's already-moist pussy. Cat screamed into her hand which she clamped over her mouth to stifle her cries. Jeri had no intention of stopping and wouldn’t had not the director, realizing Jeri had begun to pull Cat’s shorts off, screamed “CUT DAMMIT!”

Jeri and Cat endured a high-volume, closed-door ass-chewing from the director and producers, who berated the blushing actresses for the events of the past several days. Cat and Jeri, listened to the lecture as politely as they could, blushing, winking and leering at each other the whole time. After the meeting broke up, they hurried back to Cat's suite, where they reenacted the scene in private, infusing the action with their own erotic twists - as they’d done any number of times since the affair began.

The bosses' hearts weren’t really in it, however, and although they closed the set for the rest of the shoot trying to keep word of the startling new relationship from leak out, rumors DID get out and they created an even greater demand for the film! Filming resumed and at length was concluded. Each scene they filmed, however, fueled the passion the women shared for each other. The final scene, in which Wonder Woman emerged victorious from the bank with a bound, defeated Supergirl in tow, was bittersweet as Cat insisted on tearing Jeri's blue Supergirl top, partially exposed the blonde's breast, with her own hands.

When the final line was delivered, a wrap was called and the set erupted in shouts and applause. Jeri stood and worked her hands from her green bondage, then blonde and brunette embraced and each felt the other's full breasts mash into her own as they hugged.

As they were about to part, Cat whispered into Jeri's ear, "My place. Tonight. Eight o'clock. We'll celebrate." Jeri winked and was about to turn away when Cat caught her by the hip. "Wear your costume," Cat added, referring to Jeri’s Supergirl outfit. Jeri beamed and nodded silently. While many nights they’d reenacted the scenes they’d shot during the day to fuel their passionate after-hours encounters, they’d never incorporated the costumes into their sexplay until now.

Early that evening, Jeri made her way to Cat's suite wearing a long trench coat. She ignored the raised eyebrows of people she passed and who found the star's choice of attire odd on a warm evening. By the time Jeri reached the door of Cat's suite her whole body was tingling with anticipation. She slipped the coat off as she knocked and as she waited for Cat to answer, she clutched her breasts and gave them a little shake. There was no answer so Jeri tried the knob. It was unlocked! She opened the door slightly and called out, but there was no answer. She opened the door fully and stepped into the dark room.

"Cat?" she called, slightly concerned over the apparent absence of her close friend.

The blonde gave a start as the door slammed behind her and before Jeri could turn around, a rope was looped over her head and shoulders, then with a sharp tug tightened about her upper arms, trapping them at her sides. Jeri turned to see Cat, a vision of splendor veritably bursting from her Wonder Woman costume, emerging from hiding behind the door. In her hand she held one end of the ‘Magic Lasso’ that completed her costume. The other end was, of course, tightly binding Jeri.

"Finally, princess," Cat hissed. "I’ve managed to catch you." Jeri blushed as she realized the brunette was speaking dialog from the film, matching the point in the script when Wonder Woman had in fact subdued Supergirl with her Lasso. "For the time being, at least, you’ll do no more evil."

Jeri was trying to remember her line to continue the dialogue, when Cat stepped toward her and swept her up in her arms. As Cat carried her across the room, Jeri nuzzled her face to Cat's breast. In the bedroom, Jeri was lowered onto the bed, then Cat pounced on her immediately. A long kiss followed and Jeri delighted in how hungrily Cat's mouth sought to possess hers. The kiss was broken, then Cat brought her knee up to Jeri's twat and pressed firmly as she rose slightly and locked her gaze on Jeri.

Cat grasped the lasso and tugged, "Now, before we drive out whatever evil has possessed you, I must insist you acknowledge defeat at my hands." Cat said as she slowly pulled her golden-eagle emblazoned bustier down off one breast. Jeri fought the urge to lick her lips as she admired Cat's huge round areola as she lowered the breast to Jeri's slightly open lips. "Suck my breast, Supergirl…" Cat said with what had become an a familiar sexy rasp that told Jeri she was fully aroused. “…so I know you submit to me."

Jeri extended her tongue and slowly ran it over Cat's erect nipple. Cat closed her eyes as Jeri suddenly caught the nipple between her teeth and bit down slightly. Cat sucked in a breath sharply, shivering at the sweet stab of pain. Jeri alternately bit and suckled for several minutes, then opened her mouth wide and took more of Cat’s salty flesh into her mouth. The bound actress worked Cat's jug for several minutes more until, opening her eyes, Jeri could see on Cat's dazed face how lost in pleasure she was.

Jeri decided it was time to change the rules of the game. Sitting up, Jeri knocked Cat from on top of her and as Cat rolled over onto the mattress, Jeri threw herself on Cat and pinned her. Jeri shook and shrugged her shoulders, working the lasso down her arms until they were free. Then she grabbed Cat by the back of the neck, lifted her head and slipped the lasso around HER, working it down until it encircled Cat’s heaving chest.

"Well, Wonder Woman," Jeri said with a slight mocking tone. “It appears your uncontrollable passion has once again proved your undoing. Now, I’ve ensnared you with your own lasso, so you are completely at my command." Cat transformed her expression into a fearful one, pretending to be afraid of what would happen - when in fact, she could barely contain her excitement! Jeri realized that she wanted to freshen up before she got too far into the exercise that lay ahead, so she rose and said, "I’ll return in a minute to continue my domination of Wonder Woman. But first....." She grabbed Cat's blue-and-white starred Wonder Woman shorts and jerked them down to her knees, then she took Cat's hand and placed it on Cat’s pussy. "In my absence, Wonder Woman," Jeri continued. "I command you to pleasure yourself." She rubbed Cat's hand on her pussy and Cat, accepting the suggestion/command, started to dip her fingers in and stroke her clit.

Jeri smiled at the splendid sight, turned and crossed the dark room toward the bathroom. Near the door, she stumbled against a desk and a manila folder fell to the floor, spilling its contents. Jeri stooped to pick up what fell out, and as she straightening up she looked down at several photographs and studied them in the dim light. Then, Jeri froze in shock! In her hands she held more than a dozen photos of she and Cat during their ‘private’ passionate moments.

Jeri's brain crackled as she leafed through the pictures. There was one showing Cat on her back on the bed, her legs spread wide and sticking straight up. Another showed Cat standing, her head thrown back, her hands in Jeri's hair, holding the blonde's face buried in her crotch. Another was a close-up of Jeri's face as she suckled Cat's breast and yet another photo showed the full length of Jeri's body, up to her face, with her tongue stuck up toward Cat's pussy as it descended toward the blonde's face. The brunette had Jeri's nipples clasped firmly between her fingers and was tugging Jeri's breasts upward.

Emotions tore at Jeri's mind and body; she could feel her nipples harden as the photos brought back delicious memories but her face blazed dark red with anger. Cat had somehow taken these pictures while they made love and that was a terrible betrayal of her trust! She looked back at Cat, her eyes flashing angrily, but the wanton brunette was so lost in her own pleasure as one hand stirred her pussy and the other groped her bare breast that she was completely oblivious to Jeri’s discovery! Jeri opened the top drawer of the dresser and, sure enough, found a camera with a small tab with buttons which she correctly guessed, was a remote control device for the shutter. Cat had been secretly taking pictures of their erotic encounters.

"THAT GODDAM WHORE!" Jeri’s mind screamed! "Was this all I meant to her? What the hell is she going to do, sell these? Hang onto them to blackmail me? Is this how she thinks of me?" The fact that all the photos showed Jeri in the submissive role didn’t escape her notice. As her anger grew, Jeri’s tits heaved in the tightly restraining fabric of her Supergirl outfit. "She’s gonna pay for this!" Jeri growled to herself.

Jeri tossed the pictures on the table and crossed back to the foot of the bed. The sight of Cat's body arching and writhing in sexual arousal according to her command - that body which had brought Jeri such sweet pleasure in the last weeks - almost overpowered her anger. Had the photos not flashed through Jeri's mind again, she might have sought a gentler course with Cat but the images flooded the blonde's brain and filled it with renewed fury! She climbed on top of Cat, pinning the brunette's arms at her sides with her thighs, then gently brushed Cat's cheek with her hand, which had the desired affect of making Cat open her eyes.

" Wonder Woman," Jeri cooed, tracing her finger over Cat's full lips. She traced the finger down to Cat's throat, opened her hand and encircled Cat's throat with her fingers. "I saw the fucking pictures!" Jeri screamed as she started squeezing.

Cat's expression changed from rapture to surprise then to pain and finally to stark terror! "Je…Jeri…." Cat gasped as her airway was being crushed. "It's not….it's not….(gak) let…me…explain..." she wheezed.

"How could you betray me? I TRUSTED you!" Jeri cried as she punctuated her sentence balling her fist and smashing it into Cat's chin. The brunette's head snapped back and her eyes fluttered, opening and closing several times. Cat might have passed out but for the hot stab of fresh pain in her chest as Jeri dug her nails into Cat's exposed breast; her fingers wildly pinching, raking, kneading and gouging the fleshy mound.

"Jeri! Please! Listen to meeeee!" Cat whimpered.

"I'm through listening to you!" Jeri barked as she reached behind her and grabbed the shorts she'd stripped from Cat who struggled to say something, but her words were cut off when the fabric was stuffed in her open mouth. Jeri ignored Cat's pleading eyes. "If you think I’ve kicked your ass BEFORE...." she said, referring to their many sexfights during which she'd thoroughly dominated the brunette. "...that’s gonna seem like picnics after I finish with you tonight!"

Up to this point, Jeri had been working Cat's one bare breast, but to continue her torment, she grabbed Cat's Wonder Woman top and rent it open down the middle. She could already see the difference between the two tits; the newly exposed orb stood pure and pristine while the one she'd tortured was flushed red and streaked with welts. Jeri spent the next several minutes inflicting damage across Cat's wondrous rack; scratching, gouging, pinching and squeezing while keeping her long, strong legs clamped in a tight vice about Cat’s writhing, squirming torso.

Cat was in a panic! One moment, she'd been happily masturbating, trying hard not to come until Jeri returned to her, lost in pleasure and eagerly looking forward to hours more of even greater thrills. The next moment it seemed, Jeri had descended on her, raining hellfire on her body. Cat cursed herself for having been so foolish as to have left the pictures out!

Suddenly, Cat realized Jeri had stopped torturing her breasts. For a moment, she hoped Jeri was going to show mercy, perhaps swayed by the many sweet moments they'd shared recently. It was a foolish hope! Without changing position, Jeri reached behind her and began to work Cat's pussy. She tried to claw inside Cat's cunt until the brunette clamped her thighs tightly together, making access difficult….but Jeri had a simple-enough solution; a fist slammed down on Cat's cunt.

Jeri chanted, punctuating each word with another blow:

"Open...” THUMP!

“your....” THUD!

“legs...” THWAP!

“you....” THUNK!

“whore!" SMACK!

Finally Cat couldn’t take the pain any longer, it was just too great and she reluctantly spread her thighs. Jeri wasted no time as she grabbed Cat's pussy lips with her thumb and forefinger, then squeezed and shook as Cat wailed into her gag. Forcing three fingers inside, Jeri took her time brutalizing Cat's sensitive vaginal area while Cat faded in and out of consciousness. Her breasts were on fire; her groin throbbed; hot tears streamed from her eyes soaking her face. Finally, Jeri paused, withdrew her fingers and wiped them on Cat's cheek. Cat opened her eyes and lifted her head. Jeri could feel her pleading with her eyes.

But Jeri just hissed menacingly, "If you think I'm done with you, you're dead wrong!!" She slid her blue top off one shoulder, then the other. "I've seen how entranced you are by my tits, Catherine." Jeri continued. "I don't blame you, they have to be the best fucking tits on this or any other planet!" She pulled the top down and bared one breast. "And you should know because, they've kicked your ass in our encounters...I don't know how many times." Now both breasts were out of the top. Cat winced, knowing what was coming when Jeri paused to cup her rack, gently massaging her boobs, thumbing her nipples erect. "Yeah, you know they have your name on them. Once I put you out, I'm going to take you home and those pictures…boy, are you gonna pay for those!"

Cat kept her eyes squeezed tightly shut, fighting the temptation to open her eyes and watch the magnificent globes descending on her face as Jeri leaned forward and began lowering her boobs onto her face. Jeri still loved watching Cat's beautiful flushed face disappear beneath the mountains of her pale breasts. Cat struggled against panic to clear her mind, knowing well Jeri's fury and shuddering to think what could happen once the blonde bombshell had her incapacitated. Jeri had used her breasts to knock her out many times, and Cat knew she’d have only one brief glimmer of hope.

As Jeri lowered her breasts onto Cat's nose. she shifted her weight forward slightly. Until then, Jeri's lower body held Cat's arms pinned firmly to her sides, but with Jeri’s slight weight shift, Cat could now move her arms. Perhaps Jeri thought that the lasso she had wrapped around Cat would keep her immobilized, but it was no lower than Cat's breasts, leaving her arms free.

Keeping her composure paid off from Cat and just as her airway was sealed off by Jeri’s sweet-smelling flesh, Cat brought her arms up, clasped her hands together and slammed them into Jeri’s crotch! Jeri screamed as Cat hammered her wide-open pussy and Cat held her fists there briefly, noticing how damp Jeri's pussy was for (apparently) torture kept the busty blond beauty well-lubricated.

Jeri had no time to react before a second crushing blow smashed into her groin. She threw her head back and wailed in pain as Cat wrenched her body upward, slamming her forehead into the blonde's chest, knocking Jeri a little further backward. Wriggling her arms from the lasso, Cat shoved Jeri aside as as the blonde tumbled headfirst off the bed, Cat pressed her advantage. Tearing the gag from her mouth, jumping off the bed and kicking the felled blonde in the crotch as she lay in a tangle of arms and legs on the floor.

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