Estella Warren vs. Catherine Bell + Jeri Ryan by The Masked Avenger (Jun 2000)

[Author's note: This story was largely inspired by Seaking's Femfight page ( which has some incredible pictures.]

Estella Warren brought the jump rope to a stop. The sound of what she thought was a door closing echo through the darkened private gym. Maybe some of the staff returning for something, she thought. She had been alone in the gym for 15 minutes after closing time, jumping rope in the center of a boxing ring. The model wiped away a bead of sweat rolling between her breasts and resumed skipping rope.

She caught her breath a few seconds later, though, as she saw two dark figures making their way along the dark wall toward her.

"Who's there?" she called out.

No answer. As the figures neared her, she could see both were female.

The figures finally became visible as they stepped into the pool of light surrounding the ring. Estella recognized the actresses Jeri Ryan and Catherine Bell. She had see both around the gym, but had never spoken a word to either.

"What's up, ladies?" Warren asked, relaxing a little. Neither actress spoke. Instead, Jeri boosted herself up onto the apron and crawled through the rope. Cat Bell followed.

Estella stopped skipping. Her chest rose and fell inside a sweat-soaked white tank. Her breasts bulged between the suspender-type straps of her half-leotard. She stared, confused, at the two still silent actresses. Bell wore a grey workout-style half-shirt, which threatened to expose a fair amount of "Australian cleavage" if she were to lift her arms. Bra-less, Bell also wore nothing underneath her tight grey shorts of the same style. Jeri wore short black shorts and a modified maroon sports-bra. Each cup seemed to rise only centimeters above the nipple, suggesting that her breasts might pop free at the slightest pressure.

The two actresses, still not having spoken a word, looked at each other, nodded, and advanced on Estella.

"Hey, what the hell is going-"

Estella's voice was cut short as Jeri threw a half-closed fist into her windpipe. The model coughed roughly, dropped the rope, grasped her throat, and bent in half. Bell cocked her right arm, jumped up, and crashed her elbow into Warren's arched back between her spine and shoulder blade.

Bell hauled Estella to her feet, pulled her the model's back to her chest, and immobilized Estella's arms behind her back. Jeri tugged on the model's shirt, finally rending the wet cloth. Ryan stripped the tattered cloth off the model's chest. Warren gasped and squirmed, but remained immobilized in Bell's iron grasp. Jeri noticed that the straps of the leotard lay over her impressive, otherwise bare breasts. The actress grabbed the straps, stretched them away from the model's chest, and released them.


The straps snapped against Estella's breasts. Estella cried out.

Catherine nodded, silently suggesting, "Again!"

Jeri complied, snapping the trapped girl's tits time after time until crimson marks formed around Warren's nipples at the point of contact. Jeri finally stopped, at which point Estella slumped in Catherine's grasp, sobbing. Ryan brought her knee up sharply into Estella's crotch. Nearly passing out from the pain, the model sagged further in her captive's hold, her legs no longer able to support her.

Bell stooped down behind Estella and pulled her down over the back of her shoulders. Bell strapped one arm over Warren's chin and secured her legs with the other arm. Bell stood and pressed her arms down, painfully arching Warrens' back over her shoulders. Jeri admired how the maneuver thrust the model's nubile tits outwards. Bell started to spin, eliciting a moan from her opponent. After a while, Bell boosted the model over her shoulders and head, sending Warren flying. The girl landed with a smack in the center of the ring.

Estella laid motionless, face up on the mat. Catherine and Jeri, still not having said a word, slapped hands and approached the fallen model. Estella attempted to roll over, but Jeri stepped firmly on her midsection. Cat circled around the model's body and sank to her knees, pinning Estella's head between her knees. Bell brought the leotard straps over Warren's shoulders, and handed them to Ryan. Jeri continued to pull the straps down her body, eventually peeling the leotard bottoms from the model, exposing her neatly trimmed pubic hair.

Catherine rose and knelt on the moaning model's shoulders, immobilizing the girl's upper body. Bell leaned forward and began to alternately lick, suck, and softly bite Estella's still sensitive breasts and nipples. Jeri, meanwhile, spread Warren's legs, keeping them spread by bracing her knees against Estella's thighs. She leaned forward and pressed her face against the model's groin, and began to flick her tongue against Estella's clit.

The domination stretched on for several minutes. Only the sound of sucking, slurping, and increasingly heavy breathing could be heard. Warren began to moan-softly at first, then more loudly as she cannot control her rapture. She orgasmed with a cry.

"Good, now it's my turn!" Catherine told Estella.

It was the first time that either of the actresses had spoken. She rose briefly, slid her shorts down her gorgeous legs, spun and sunk to her knees. Her pubic area hovered a few inches above Estella's face. Bell lifted her the blonde's head toward her waiting groin.

"Hey, wait a minute!" Jeri objected. "I got her off, so she can get me off."

Jeri reached forward and shoved Bell in the back. Catherine lurched forward, off of Estella, and winced as her cheek skid against the mat.

Jeri smirked she scooted forward on Estella. She felt a twinge of vindication as she looked at Bell on her knees, bare ass in the air and face planted on the mat. Now the little tramp Warren would service her.

Jeri rose from her knees and bent over to peel her shorts down. Straightening up, she saw stars as pain crashed through her brain. Cat had lashed her right leg backwards, smashing her foot into the temple of her former partner. Ryan blacked out and collapsed atop of Estella.

Catherine rose, rubbed her cheek, strode toward the fallen actress, raised her foot and brought her heel down into Ryan's abs. Ryan moaned and clutched her stomach, telling Catherine the actress had regained consciousness. Bell bent down, grabbed Estella's discarded leotard, then clutched Jeri under her arms. She dragged the blonde to her feet and wrapped her right arm around Jeri head.

She guides the blonde shakily over to the corner and propelled her head into the turnbuckle. Ryan collapsed to the mat. Bell grabbed her former partner's ankles and lifted them up, up, until they reached well above the top rope. Cat draped Jeri's knees over the top rope. The brunette pressed Jeri against the rope, keeping her suspended as she tore one of the straps from the leotard. The brunette tied her legs together beneath the turnbuckle, then lashed them to the top.

Similarly, Cat gathered Jeri's hands behind her back, then bound them to each other and the bottom rope. Catherine knew that the bondage wouldn't last forever, but reasoned that it would keep the blonde subdued until she finished with Estella. Bell grasped the bottom of Ryan's bra and lifted it over the bound actress's breasts. Jeri's breasts fell toward her face. Cat cupped the right tit with her hand, and then slammed her fist into the captive flesh. She did this several more times before switching to the other breast.

Satisfied, Catherine Bell stepped back to admire her handiwork: the gorgeous Jeri Ryan, her fabulous body stripped naked, suspended upside down in the corner of the ring.

Catherine Bell turned and walk back to Estella. The actress could tell that Warren was shaking off her grogginess, as she was propping herself up on her elbows and shaking her head. No problem, Bell thought, I'll just put the little harpy out of commission and be on my way. Bell drove her heel into the model's still sore abs, Estella collapsed to the mat again. Cat eyed Warren's jump rope, considering binding the fallen blonde up. She decided against it, opting instead for a quick breast smother. Bell sank to her knees, sat on Warren's abs, and lifted her half-shirt over her head. Catherine was now totally naked, the last of the three that had a stitch of clothing on. Seeing Catherine bare her magnificent chest, Estella knew what was coming.

Bell grasped the models forearms, pinning them to the mat. She lowered her chest onto Warren's face and pressed down. Estella shook her head desperately, trying to maintain an airway. Her thrashing suddenly brought an unexpected opportunity. Her face had scooted under Bell's right breast. While the tit flesh mashed down on her face, Estella maneuvered her face a bit more, opened her mouth, and bit down as hard as she could on Bell's bare nipple.

The brunette shrieked and rose up, bringing her body off that of the model. Her right shot up to her chest, cupping the injured breast. She looked at her tit and saw teeth marks surrounding her nipple, but fortunately no blood. "Why you..." she started as she returned her gaze to Estella. Not soon enough. The supine model took advantage to Bell's pause to lift her knee up into the actress's crotch. There was not enough force in the blow to do serious damage, but it caused the brunette to drop her hands to her bare groin. Warren sat up quickly, then lurched her head forward towards Bell's. The resulting head-butt shot the brunette backwards, landing on the mat with a thud that made her sweat-coated breasts quiver.

Estella stood quickly, grabbed Bell by her short dark hair, and hauled her to her feet. The model saw the actress's eyes were open, but could not focus. Warren kept her hold on Cat's hair and circled around her. Estella dropped to a knee as she yanked down on Cat's hair. Catherine fell backwards, arms flailing helplessly. She landed with her back crunching across the blonde's waiting knee. Bell gasped in pain. Estella braced one arm across Bell's luscious thighs, and propped her free hand under the brunette's chin.

Warren pressed down with both hands. Bell's back arched and her tits jutted sharply from her body. She moaned loudly as the pressure along her back increased. Satisfied with this degree of revenge for the earlier back-breaker spin, Estella slapped Bell's straining chest with her right hand. She cocked her left arm and drove her elbow into the actress's exposed midsection. Bell's body spasmed with pain. Estella shoved the pain-racked actress off her knee. Bell fell with a thud to the mat and laid motionless.

Estella rose. She wanted to put this brunette slut away for good, but she didn't think that she could do it herself. She approached the bound blonde actress in the corner. Warren took a moment to doubt the wisdom of freeing Ryan to help her with Bell. Still, Ryan would no doubt want revenge on Bell also. Also, Warren's loins tingled when she remembered the job that Jeri had done on her with her tongue.

Warren knelt down and untied the straps that bound the gorgeous, upside-down actress. She rose and untied her legs. Jeri fell head-first onto the mat. The model helped her fellow blonde to her feet.

"Thanks there, cutie-pie," Jeri breathed. "Just give me a minute......"

Jeri put one arm across Estella's shoulders and bent down, as if to catch her breath. Estella's sense that something was wrong was a moment late. Jeri drove a fist into Estella's unprotected stomach. Warren folded over.

Ryan grabbed her blonde head, spun her around, and delivered the betrayed model into the turnbuckle. Jeri felt Estella's legs start to sag. She braced her arms under Estella's and locked her hands behind the girl's head. Ryan dragged her over to the ropes, boosted Warren up so that her breasts lay across the top rope, and moved the model from one side to the other. The rough coating of the rope instantly burned the sensitive underside of Warren's breasts. She began to thrash and wail mercilessly. After what seemed like hours of the torture, Estella felt Jeri pull her away from the ropes.

Guiding her captive several feet backwards, Ryan suddenly fell and lurched forward, driving both of them to the ground. Ryan's body compacted with that of the helpless model as Estella landed on the mat. An audible gasp could be heard as the air was driven from Estella's lungs. Her hands still locked behind the model's head, Jeri grabbed her hair, lifted her head off the mat and drove it back down onto the mat again. Estella cried out in indescribable pain. Jeri repeated the move three times. The first time she heard her prey cry out, but the cries became weaker each time. The final time, the model just whimpered.

Jeri dragged Warren to the center of the ring, dropping the model on her front. She pinned her opponent to the mat by pressing her knee into her back. Jeri reached over and grabbed the jump rope Estella was using earlier. Tying one end around the model's left wrist, Jeri coiled the rope around her right ankle, then up to her right wrist, finally tying the rope off around Estella's left ankle. Then Ryan flipped the hog-tied beauty over.

Estella's head lolled from side to side, her jutting breasts softly rising and falling as her arms and legs were folded under her back. Jeri looked from Estella to Bell and back, and knew how she wanted to put an end to this fiasco......

Jeri stepped over to where Cat Bell was moaning softly and stirring slightly. The blonde grasped the brunette's ankles and dragged her over to where Estella was lying, dropping the actress near where Warren's head rested. Jeri flipped Bell onto her belly, grabbed her under her arms, and dragged her down Estella's body. Jeri laid Catherine down on top of Warren so the actress's head laid in the model's breasts, and vice-versa.

Jeri was about to attempt a double breast-smother. Jeri climbed on top of Catherine, pressed down on Catherine's head to bury it into Estella's bosom, and down on her shoulders, as to force Cat's breasts into the model's face. Jeri's plan seemed to be working. Both women started to thrash, trying to get oxygen. Jeri tried desperately to keep atop of the wriggling women, finally gaining stability by sliding her legs on the outside of Cat's arms, pinning them to the brunette's body. After what seemed an eternity, Catherine's body went limp. Estella continued to struggle, but after a few more seconds, the blonde's body also quieted.

Dripping with sweat, Jeri Ryan rose. She was weary and sore. She could still feel burns on her wrists and ankles from where Catherine had bound her. She could not believe that she had let Bell talk her into this....

Jeri had met Catherine when she first joined the gym. The two had seemingly formed a fast friendship......a little too fast, Jeri had thought fleetingly at times. Soon Catherine had confided to the blonde how she detested Estella Warren, also a member of the gym. Jeri reasoned that Bell may have resented the model's body - Warren did have a habit of parading around the shower room nude. Estella's ego became even more noticeable after she appeared on the cover of GQ. What finally brought Ryan around to Catherine's way of thinking was the model's frequent bragging about how she was going to break into acting. The last straw came one afternoon when Estella, taking a sauna, told one of her friends that apparently all that it took to begin an acting career was "knowing who to sleep with."

A sly glance in the direction of Catherine and Jeri, also in the steam room, was not missed by either actress. Jeri stood up to object, but Bell grasped her wrist and shook her head. In the parking lot that evening, Catherine proposed that they "take Warren down a notch." Catherine outlined a plan to corner Warren late one night when she was working out alone, as she was known to do.....

Having turned her back on the fallen women, Jeri now wished that she had never gone along with this. She scanned the mat, looking among the scattered clothing for something to wear out of the gym. She bent down to pick up Catherine's grey shorts and shirt. Turning back around, she almost screamed. Catherine stood in front of here, glowering.

"You didn't think that stupid stunt of yours would work, did you?" Bell hissed. "You stupid cow, all I had to do was hold my breath!"

She advanced on Jeri and pushed her hard on her chest. Ryan stumbled backwards into the rope.

Rebounding off the rope, Jeri threw her left fist at Bell's face. Calmly, the brunette caught the fist in her open hand and clenched it. A wave of panic flooded through Jeri. She cocked her right arm and threw this fist as well. Barely moving at all, Catherine reached up and caught the right fist, too. Jeri gasped, feeling as if Bell was crushing her fists.

Catherine raised Ryan's hands above her head, pushed her hands backwards to make her elbows bend, and began to push down on her hands. Not wanting to have her hands forced all the way down, Jeri fought for leverage and began sinking to her knees. Moments later, Bell's display of superior upper-body strength was complete: She stood over the kneeling blonde, Jeri's wrists pinned together over her head, her arms shaking from the strain Catherine placed on them.

Keeping the pressure on Jeri's arms, Catherine circled around the kneeling blonde. Bell knelt down, placing her knees on Ryan's calves which were extending behind her. Jeri could not move at all. Cat quickly released the actress's wrists and grabbed her blonde hair. Bell pulled her head backward. Because her legs were pinned to the mat by Bell's legs, Jeri's back began to flex backward and Bell continued to pull. As her breasts jutted out from her chest, the blonde felt pain shoot through her back. She flailed her arms around, but could find nothing to brace them on to relieve the pressure. Bell released Jeri's hair and pressed down on the top of her shoulders. Had she not known it was physically impossible, she could have sworn that the blonde's back was about to snap in two.

Catherine slid her hands down Jeri's chest and clutched her straining breasts. The blonde's shrieks continued as Bell mauled her mammaries. Bell pinched, kneaded, and fondled Jeri's remarkable assets, failing to notice that she was letting up on the downward pressure on Jeri's torso. Perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not, the blonde's flailing hands, which had been searching for a source of support to ease her back, latched simultaneously onto the brunette's tits. Jeri sunk her nails into Bell's breasts and squeezed as hard as she could.

Startled by the sudden pain snaking through her chest, Bell gasped and brought her hands to her chest. The immobilizing pressure suddenly free from her upper body, Jeri contracted her abs to bring her body vertical. She lurched forward, freeing her legs from Bell's pin. She swung around to face the brunette. Jeri managed to duck the fist that the disoriented Bell had weakly thrown. Jeri unleashed a jab into Bell's abdomen. The blonde followed this up with an uppercut into Cat's chin. Bell fell back, her upper body folding over her legs.

Ryan reached under Bell's thighs and grasped Catherine's' ankles. Having pulled Bell's legs so they stretched straight out from her body, Jeri grabbed Bell's ankles and pressed outward. The brunette's strong, luscious legs began to tremble as Ryan moved her hands up to Bell's knees and continued forcing her legs wider apart. Cat wailed as a fire-like sensation spread from her thighs into her crotch. Just as the tortured woman thought she could not bear any more, Ryan dove forward and slammed her head into Bell's groin. The brunette's torso spasmed upwards into a sitting position. Jeri cocked her fist and uncorked a right into Catherine's jaw.

Bell collapsed onto her back with a cry. Jeri looked over her shoulder. She was a few feet from the corner of the ring. She climbed through the ropes and behind the turnbuckle. Once standing on the floor, she reached under the bottom of the rope on either side of the turnbuckle. She dragged Cat toward her until the supine brunette's knees were even with the turnbuckle. Bell lifted her head and saw what was about to happen.

"Mercy," she whimpered.

"Sorry, bitch," Jeri answered, "I'm fresh out."

Ryan lunged backwards, pulling on Bell's legs. Catherine's groin smashed into the turnbuckle. Ryan pushed forward, backing Bell away a few inches. The blonde pulled backwards, again compacting the brunette's nether region into the rubber-covered steel. Ryan concentrated solely on her revenge, deaf to Catherine's screams as she pulled Catherine's groin into the turnbuckle one final time.

Catherine's body spasmed once and lay still. Jeri watched her chest rise and fall as she climbed back over the ropes. The blonde actress imagined a merciless coup-de-etat to her former friend: hanging the brunette from the ropes as she had Jeri; hauling her out to the dumpster behind the gym and dumping her body in the trash. Jeri was too sore and weary for anything extravagant. She merely collapsed on Bell, mashing her breasts over Catherine's face. Jeri pressed her chest down. She felt a shudder run through the brunette's body, then felt Bell still. Making sure to avoid her earlier mistake, Jeri kept the oxygen seal in place for another full minute. Finally satisfied, Jeri rose, collected Bell's clothes, climbed out of the ring, and made her way out of the dark gym.